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Big Brother 16 – Wednesday Live Feeds


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I’m not even going to bother with a recap post from last night because it was completely dull. A lot of people had conversations, some funny, some boring, but nothing really big regarding game talk. Just more of the same – Derrick ruling the house, Zach accepting he’s gone, and Donny completely aware of how screwed he is but realizing there is almost nothing he can do about it.

I expect a fairly slow day in the house, especially considering as I write this (10am est), Cody and Christine are only now going to bed. It’s going to be another day of Donny sitting alone staring at walls.  Luckily, tomorrow night should be very entertaining in the house with the (hopefully) endurance competition combined with someone returning. That’s always good for a nice night watching the feeds. That said, if it’s Jocasta, I think I may just shut down my computer and turn it on next Thursday because that will be the absolute worst possible scenario for a re-enter.  She may be the nicest lady in the world, but she’s also one of the worst Big Brother players I’ve ever seen.

Considering I have a solid 6 hours before anything remotely exciting happens, now is a good time to both beg for money and beg for followers on facebook and twitter.  Hey, I have a honeymoon to pay for, so I’m not above begging.

Ok, time for the updates:

  • 7:00am – Everyone is sleeping, and will be for a few more hours.
  • 10:00am – Still sleeping. I need to think of a good site name for the all-purpose TV show blog.  Any suggestions?
  • 12:00pm – Had to go to the dentist to get a quote. Why are dentists so freakin expensive???   Anyway, Donny and Christine are hanging out in the kitchen chatting. This is an extra, extra slow day.
  • 2:30pm – My parents are in town for a doctors visit (not good news unfortunately), so I am going out to eat with them. Will recap/live feed later
  • 5:30pm – Back for a bit, Caleb is ironing some clothes and a few people hanging around the bathroom.  Time for me to watch the Veto episode. This thread is so dead.  I will probably end this thread, do the recap and maybe do a later thread (if something exciting happens)

Check back for more!

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  1. Comments (8)

    Hello once again Why is Cody getting to stay ? He has done nothing and is the biggest floater in the house how they can not see this is again beyond me !!!!!!! Can one person tell me what he has won? Cause I do not know of any competition that he has played in that he has won. But they want to get rid of Zach.. They are stupid he would be the one you would want to take to the end with you. Come on did any of them not watch how this game is played. Lets just say if Derrick and Victoria is the final two.. Does Derrick really think they are going to give it to him. They are going to realize that he stabbed them in the back and give it to her.. It has happen before. I am not going to watch this anymore if they get rid of Zach at least he plays the game and is funny to watch. I have one more question if Donnie gets evicted does that mean that the American Team would be over ?

    • Comments (28)

      Agreed! Cody is as useless as Jacosta!

    • Comments (1276)

      I do think they will give the win to Derrick over Cody or Victoria if that’s who he’s up against. Just look back to Evel Dick, he not only controled the house and stabbed tons of people in the back, well, he really stabbed them in the front, but was also a complete Jerk about it. He still got the win, because he played the BEST game.
      Derrick is to date, playing the best game. He’s likable, he’s controlling everyone, and is winning when he needs to. Plus, so far, has avoided the block completely. Unless the jury ends up a bitter buch of babies that wold rather give the money to people who didn’t play as well, and didn’t out play any of them for that matter, over someone who to date, is beating everyone in the house or out, Derrick will get the votes.

      • Comments (332)

        I loved Derrick’s plea to Caleb last night of how he was on leave without pay and using all their savings to be in the house. And Caleb thinking he is so famous he won’t even need the money. So Derrick continues with the plea for the money. My wife is doing all she can to hold it financially while I am gone for our daughter.

      • Comments (1446)

        I think Derrick will win 9-0 against anyone he’s up against. He made them all like him before he sent them packing.

      • Comments (79)

        Well… Evel Dick also won because people hated Danielle even more. He was rude in an abrasive kind of way whereas she was equally rude but just in a snobby, petty kind of way. The jurors actually told Zach (the 3rd place guy) that if he had won the final HOH, they all would have voted for him over either Donato. I’m not trying to take away from your point because sometimes the house DOES vote for who plays the best game but a lot of times, they don’t.

      • Comments (224)

        There have definitely been exceptions (bb2, bb3, bb14), but it does seem like more often than not, they vote for the best player. Sometimes jury members will promise someone a vote too, that also plays a role.

    • Comments (1092)

      I think you Nseered your own question.

      Zach is more competitive than Cody. Keep the floaters around now, and you have a better chance of winning instead of coming in second.

    • Comments (50)

      Yeah, I wish they would get rid of Cody over Zach. Cody hasn’t done anything – I think he won HoH though right? But I do think Derrick would win over Victoria at this point. They’d have to be pretty bitter to vote for her haha. They’ve been swayed by Derrick this far, I think he can sway them to give him the money if need be. Plus he really has played the best game. Though I’d still love for Donny to win the most. 🙂

  2. Comments (644)

    It’s clear to see that Caleb sleeps with Frankie because he knows Frankie’s sister is famous and he thinks Frankie’s family will help him to get a record deal or become famous. The things people do for money/fame!
    On the other hand when Zach slept with Frankie it was just because he wanted to, it was genuine. I will miss Zach but I hope Frankie and Derrick leave soon.

    • Comments (1446)

      It will be interesting when Caleb gets home. Last night Frankie told him he should be a stripper at a gay bar in NY. I can’t imagine a lot of his good ole boy hunting buddies will think highly of his relationship with Frankie. So obvious that he is just cuddling up to him to get close to fame. Caleb is in for a rude awakening when he’s not nearly as famous as he thinks he’s going to be outside of the house.
      So sad to see Zach eating his yogurt all alone in the Storage room last night.
      Frankie is just ridiculous. I love me a good gay guy and have a few as close friends, and even they are embarrassed by his behavior. Can’t he just shut it off for 5 minutes and act like himself?? All of the voices and dancing and acting like an idiot – so ready for him to be gone.

      • Comments (469)

        “can’t he just shut it off for 5 minutes and act like himself” – Jannie – this is Frankie 100% through and through Frankie – phony – two faced – deceitful – arrogant – oblivious etc. etc.

    • Comments (692)

      WHAT???!!! all I get to see is the show when its on Sunday Wednesday and Thursday and read this blog. I thought Cody had been cuddling with Frankie. when has Caleb been sleeping with him? I agree I doubt that Caleb’s buddies at home will think highly of that unless he’s been cuddling with some of them. maybe he’s a closet case. As far as him being a stripper in a gay club, I seriously doubt he knows how to dance nor that he has anything in his pants if he’s taking a lot of steroids.

    • Comments (644)

      Look at the videos Will Heuser has made of BB16, they’re funny. On the last one we can see when Frankie reveals his true identity, he’s so full of himself.!events/cee5

      • Comments (401)

        Thanks so much for posting that. I’m not sure how I forgot about his website!

      • Comments (1)

        Thanks for that post it was hilarious. I didn’t even know about that website and I’m glad you posted it, laughed the entire time.

  3. Comments (400)

    SteveBeans, sorry, I’ve cut/pasted this from my post from last night since there are over 100 comments on that discussion and this is a fresh conversation from live feeds. I should have been patient and waited for you to post this morning, sorry:

    Last night we finally had the chance to hear them discuss how much they make for their weekly stipend. Derrick, Cody and Caleb were playing pool during live feeds and several times said $1000/week then the cameras realizing they are discussing the stipend quickly move to Frankie smacking his lips in the kitchen and in the background you can hear the “you are not allowed to talk about production”. $1000 a week is really good money to lay around and sleep/tan all summer long.

    • Comments (407)

      You hear the number thrown around a lot more before jury. Brittany and Devin used to talk about how they just wanted to make it to jury to guarantee the extra $1k a week while in the jury house.

      That’s actually the biggest reason people are so obsessed with ‘making jury’. It’s getting paid 5-6k+ for a vacation.

      • Comments (198)

        BB should pay them less per week and award them so much for every POV BOTB and HOH that they win. This would also take care of ppl throwing comps.

      • Comments (1276)

        My guess is they pay them decent so they can get people from all walks of life. That obiviously won’t cover a dr’s weekly pay, but it does more than pay a good bit high than what most people bring home. So they are able to get more than just unemployeed or tons of others. I know if I was going to go on, I would have to cover my pay, plus things like extra childcare, so I would need to cover more, that’s a lot more, but still.

      • Comments (1446)

        Love Connie’s idea- pay them a little something for every HOH/Veto they win. So tired of them throwing the comps…

      • Comments (220)

        This BOB twist had them throwing comps left and right this season. I want to see people get scrap and compete.

      • Comments (220)

        get SCRAPPY is what I meant to type.

      • Comments (79)

        Why are you against comps being thrown? I never saw it as much of a problem. Dr. Will’s strategy thrived on never having to become HOH and he was brilliant to watch

      • Comments (224)

        Sometimes throwing a comp is the better strategy though. If you win too many, you make yourself a target.

      • Comments (722)

        Sorry about the bad news. Youre in our prayers.

    • Comments (722)

      I saw that too. They were figuring on staying 12 or 13 weeks… also, Caleb and Derrick were making vacation plans, and Derrick said he was on unpaid leave now. He has a cruise coming up and if he wanted more time off, he would have to “appear before the town council”, or speak or petition them (not sure of specific wording).
      Anyways, for me, thats a RED FLAG. Wouldnt a “park ranger” just have to ask his boss? Why would the town council care about a ranger needing time off? Caleb was oblivious of course.

      • Comments (1092)

        Good observation !

      • Comments (722)


      • Comments (1446)

        I noticed that, too. He said he had to “get permission from the Town Council” to make his December vacation plans. The other houseguests are too stupid to pick up on it and, unfortunately, Donny wasn’t around. He would have figured that out.
        I never did know what Derrick told the others he did for a living. So he says he’s a park ranger??
        Then Frankie and Cody are his Yogi and Boo Boo.

      • Comments (722)

        Cody is definitely a Boo Boo.

      • Comments (5)

        He is a police officer not a Park Ranger up north I believe he lives somewhere in the Rhode Island area

      • Comments (722)

        Right. But he did not tell the HGs hes a Rhode Island cop. He told them he was a park ranger

      • Comments (469)

        He said he works for the Parks and Recreation dept.

      • Comments (469)

        A park Ranger would be a State or Federal level job.

      • Comments (722)

        Parks and Rec. Park ranger. Same difference. Its a total lie anyways..
        And no one has come close to figuring it out…

      • Comments (1443)

        You r right. He did say for parks & recreation which is run by most cities. So would make sense he’d have to ask council. Wouldn’t city cop have todo the same? At any rate these HG r too stupid to catch anything that was said wrong esp by Derrick.

  4. Comments (78)

    BB is over paying these HG. I would guess none of the HG make this money outside the house. That’s a lot of money!!!!!

    • Comments (1092)

      Yes, a lot of money. But I find it is on the cheap side.

      First place should be $1million, second 500k, and third 100k

      Hg’s should get 1000 a week to start, then 2500 a week for jury.

      CBS makes a ton off of this show.

      Look at some actors getting paid $1million a week for a half hour show. BB airs three times a week for an hour each time. Those are big revenues coming in.

      • Comments (722)

        Ive always wondered why shows like Survivor have a bigger prize when the actual competition is shorter.

        Fingers crossed that they have a production team shake up for next season.

      • Comments (1092)

        Don’t hold your breath.

        Corporate greed as well as keeping Mr. and Mrs. shareholder happy is all that counts.

      • Comments (426)

        They deal with much harsher conditions in Survivor.

      • Comments (722)

        That makes sense. BB used to have harsh punishments, not quite the same thing…

        Im still holding out hope for a change, but I wont hold my breath.

        But what about keeping the viewers happy? And not just me, but I read a lot of negative reviews of BB. Viewers arent happy but we continue to watch because we like the show. It used to be a good family show.

      • Comments (1276)

        I’ve always read tons of negative reviews about BB. But, I usually read tons of negative reviews from the same people, time after time, and season after season. So lots of the people who do nothing but complain keep coming back for more. So I don’t think CBS will change much about the show, it is in it’s 16th season.

      • Comments (426)

        I think we keep watching because we are hoping and waiting for someone to finally make a big move and stir things up so it will be interesting. (Like when they finally evicted Amanda) It’s kinda like looking at a car wreck.

      • Comments (722)

        Im waiting for fireworks or controversy.
        Im waiting for anything to happen personally..

      • Comments (1443)

        And what else is there to watch in summer anyway? That’s why my family started watching. Nothing else was on!,

  5. Comments (69)

    Answer to the above question – even though people were back stabbed and lied to if it comes down to two players they seem both in BB and in Survivor give it to the player who manipulated the most even if they were hated – ala Rachel???

    You were right last night was boring – Frankie using every flamboyant activity to attract attention from prancing around the house as if he were a dancer to putting his hands between Calebs legs while Caleb was sitting down – Caleb did put his hand over his crotch to protech himself – and then asked for a pillow – will Frankie ever leave

    • Comments (644)

      I can’t believe how Cody and Caleb let themselves be touched by Frankie, unless they really want to. I think the only one that was fine with it was Zach. But notice that Frankie won’t do anything to Derrick or Donny because they won’t put up with it. Frankie talks a lot about inappropriate things. If it were a straight guy doing and saying the same things to girls, BB would have said something to him already. But Cody and Caleb are afraid of Frankie or they like his advances.

      • Comments (722)

        I figured that Cody actually likes it. On the premier, Costs father was kissing him inappropriately. It made me uncomfortable to see.. its not how dads and sons should kiss.. if they even should kiss.. Cody has a feminine stance; he does not exude masculinity. I thought he was gay on the premier. Also, Cody has some.. explicit.. photos online from his “modeling ” days. Straight men do not pose in jock straps and fondling themselves. I’m sure Cody is used to encouraging and not spurring other men’s advances. The “modeling “industry is full of freaks.

      • Comments (400)

        Cody has talked many times about having a man-crush on actor Zach Efron. He goes into great detail about how much he likes his body and how perfect he is.

    • Comments (692)

      Caleb most likely needed a pillow because Frankie touching him got him excited and he was trying to cover up what was going on in his pants.

    • Comments (1276)

      While it’s somewhat strange how the guys act towards Frankie, I don’t get what the big deal is. I think it’s a sign that they are more progressive then people used to be, and that’s a great thing. People don’t need to treat gay people any differently. If it’s harmless flirting who cares? I’m sure if it did make them uncomfortable, they would say something.
      And as far as the comment from Willie about Cody’s “father was kissing him inappropriately”, I have to totally disagree. Some people look at me odd when I kiss my dad on the mouth, and I think that’s nuts. IMO, I think it’s great when parents are close with their kids, and I find it strange when anyone takes offence to it. Sorry if this sounds confrontational, but I think this is how things get blown out of proportion.

      • Comments (1092)

        I am wondering if it is a cultural thing. Cody looks very Europpean to me. Maybe it is just that.

        How about you, Christina, do you have a Europpean background, or is it just as simple as your family is comfortable showing affection to one another ?

      • Comments (1276)

        dmc, I’m born and raised in NC. we have just always been comfortable around each other. granted, I am one of three girls, which i am sure comes into play. But personally I saw that sceen with Cody and his dad and thought nothing but good things. I didn’t even kind of see it as a negative.

      • Comments (722)

        Im born and raised in Charlotte, but we have 2 very different fathers. I met mine only once when I was 7. Didnt go well. He had over 50 kids and passed a few yrs ago.

        Youre a lucky lady to have your dad.
        I meant no offense by my kissing comment and Icontinue to stand by it. Was merely my opinion…

      • Comments (383)

        Willie, I’m so sorry your father wasn’t in your life. I am sure it was his loss.

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks Jenny. I appreciate that.
        I was raised by a great lady who made up for it!

      • Comments (1276)

        I’m sorry to hear that as well Willie. I wasn’t trying to attack you or your opinion in any way, I just don’t think that there is anything strange about Cody and his dad’s kiss.
        Like I said, I’m from NC, and I do have one of the best daddy’s a girl could ask for, he’s always been a rock for us, even when he hasn’t agreed with our choices. I can’t imagine how hard it is for people who don’t have that. But, I think when you do have a great dad, it’s not strange at all.

      • Comments (1092)

        Okay, thanks.

        It was a sincere question, without malice.

        I live in a large city with a lot of Europpean flare. (Montreal). Whenever I see my mom, she gets a hug and a kiss on each cheek. It is the French Canadian type of greeting.

        Anyway, it is sweet that you are close with your family that way. It is a solid foundation that helps build personal contentment, and helps build a better world.

        Cheers !

      • Comments (1276)

        dmc, I didn’t take any offence to it at all. I just think it’s different for different families. if I had to guess, I would guess that cody is at least partially Italian. I’m sure it’s not always the case, but anyone I have ever known from an Italian family has been very affectionate as well. But trust me, I’m sure I don’t speak for the masses, all I can speak from is my personal experiences.

      • Comments (692)

        I find nothing wrong with the way Cody and his dad Express there affection for each other. It is just a sign of an extremely close, loving father/son relationship and nothing gross or wrong with it.

      • Comments (722)

        Weve all had different experiences in life and were all raised differently.

        Thats whats great about the world.

      • Comments (692)

        Willie Jones Jr, I’m sorry you didn’t have a great dad but I’m glad you had a great mom. I was very fortunate to have two fantastic parents who were both very loving and affectionate. Unfortunately, I lost them both when I was 20 years old a month apart.

      • Comments (722)

        Oh my gosh. Im so sorry to hear that.
        Im glad you got some time with them. Dont ever forget the little time you had together.
        Youre in my prayers now Franko..

        **Sorry to be off topic guys, but one highlight of blogging for me is meeting great ppl who have an affect in my day whether they intend to or not..

  6. Comments (722)

    Most of the houseguests these days arent true fans. Ive watched BB on and off since season 2, and for the past 5 summers.
    I know they recruit players any which way they can. *sses filling seats. Thats problem number 1 with production is the ppl they choose.

    Cody is the ultimate floater, attaching himself to a strategist. He adds no value to the overall game and will not win. Fourth place at best.
    He has votes in Christine, Victoria and Caleb.

    Im hoping Zach gets a vote from Donny and Frankie. Its the least Frankie can do and it wont affect the outcome.
    But unfortunately for the past 2 seasons, the unanimous vote is the only way to prove loyalty ( to someone who doesnt return said loyalty)

  7. Comments (57)

    Best option for a re-enter is Zach or Hayden. Nicole knows what’s up but I don’t think she can outlast the guys on the few physical comps remaining. However, Zach returning does nothing to sway the few votes left in the house like Victoria or Donnie. However, a returning bitter Hayden should blow up enough spots that it should turn a few heads.

  8. Comments (69)

    True – but Hayden was always kinda lay back and not get into the mix of things – whenever anyone conversed with him – he always shook his head in agreement – just saying – I did not dislike Hayden – but he did not seem to use his ability to sway anyone.

    • Comments (722)

      Im sure hes forgotten why he was there in the first place, if he ever even knew.. Hes had an entire week alone with Nicole, whos gonna give that up? Jury house seems like a paid vacation compared to the backstabbing and lying in the house.
      Ppl like Nicole but she doesnt have enough votes to win anyways. Zach will be the best bet. Hes a fighter and actually WANTS to be there and win.
      The other 3, not so much. Jocasta definitely not.

  9. Comments (412)

    DONNY’s name is NOT spelled donnie. I can’t stand when people misspell his name. Zach’s name is not spelled with a k and Christine’s name is not Christina. Seriously, people, all of their names are spelled correctly at the top of the page.

  10. Comments (843)

    Aren’t those overalls Caleb wears all the time actually Donny’s? I think they were in his gift basket when he was HOH. Do HG just take items from others that they like? I’m sure Donny wouldn’t want them back after Caleb has had them on. Gag!

    • Comments (400)

      I was wondering the same thing. I know Donny received his “favorite” pair of overalls in his HOH basket for his girlfriend and was so happy. But, I don’t recall ever getting to see him wear them. I do believe Caleb is wearing Donny’s overalls and have wondered myself how Donny feels about it if they truly are his. Any one know for sure about this?

    • Comments (644)

      I think the overalls are Donny’s because he got them in his basket, unless Caleb brought his own. In that house people share many things (like cuddling partners)! Zach used Victoria’s pink cap. I’ve seen the flag tank top on Cody and Zach. A striped tank top on Frankie and Caleb, etc.

  11. Comments (1276)

    Hey Stevebeans… is Couch Potato Taken? For a blog name that is.

  12. Comments (45)

    Stevebeans isn’t it ironic how well police guys have been playing on survivor and big brother. I mean tony was a cop and manipulated a lot of people on survivor. Derrick is also cop and is probably the best manipulator in the house. werid right? guess cops are good at that lol

  13. Comments (45)

    I would love if you blogged about teen wolf. At my age its pretty popular but I doubt any yall watch it

  14. Comments (1092)


    How about BOOBTUBERS ?

  15. Comments (644)

    I wish I could be in the BB house. I’d be talking to Donny most of the time. I’m sure many people feel like me.
    Donny: You might be alone in the house, but outside the house you have your family and friends, and I think you have more fans than any other houseguest.
    We love you Donny!

    • Comments (875)

      I liked Donny from the 1st time I saw his interview with Jeff on CBS.COM/Big Brother! Donny just comes off as a down to earth person, who is decent, honest, & funny. I have a Daughter about the same age as some of those kids in the BB House, I teach her to respect people of a certain age, and she does, but would she hang with Donny….no.

      And I am 100% Team Donny, but this is why I think some of the “youngins” fail to enjoy his company….they are young, and he is older.

      Did anyone catch Donny talking about a Comedian on SNL on BBAD, who had long hair, & was funny? I think he was talking about Dennis Miller, but half of those kids in the BB House were not even born when he was on SNL?!

      • Comments (1443)

        I thought maybe Dennis miller also but was not sure he must not watch fox and o’reilly or he could have said he comes on his show every we’d. Then again the HG have probably never watched the news!!

  16. Comments (1)

    Brittany is going to be tonight at a BB viewing party hosted by Cody’s brother Paul. Rachel is also going to be there.
    I was going to listen to an interview of Amber, Brittany, and Derrick’s wife, Jenna, but the audio wasn’t that good so I quit in 5 minutes.

  17. Comments (53)

    Question for you guys regarding Christink:

    Have any of you seen the vid of her masturbating under the blankets?
    its on youtube
    If so do you think it IS as it appears AND do any of you know sign language; she apoears to repeatedly sign a word over and over towards the…….uh…..end

  18. Comments (843)

    I’ve noticed every year, when they do dishes, the water runs constantly. Do they not have a stopper in the sink? With the water situation in California, I would think they wouldn’t be wasting it like that.

  19. Comments (53)

    Was really sad for Christink’s husband after watching bbad night before last. When she said that “she can make Tim do whatever she says” and relates the story of making him lick his dog “front to back” and then told him he did it wrong; he was ordered to “do it again and lick against the grain
    She laughed with the other hgs at how he choked bc he had SO much black dog hair in his mouth…..
    Was sick and just so sad. Omg. How twisted is this?????
    Tim needs to RUN while shes distracted by Codys body
    Shes a monster.

  20. Comments (6)

    Cody hasn’t done much except be Derrick’s puppy, but I still like him lol. In the Big Brother house you have to use your strengths…and Cody’s is his likeability. But I agree, he’s far far far from being a great player. Derrick deserves to win based on game play and likeability. Donny hasn’t done as well as Derrick, but he’s a great person and has fought hard to stay in the house, so I’d be happy if he won.

    I just want Cody to stick around so that I can look at his pretty face 😛

  21. Comments (843)

    12:20 on jokers Donny is talking to Christine—same convo he had with Zach and Cody. Cody of course ran tattling to Derrick. Christine will tattle too. Donny has known from week 1 they want him out. If he doesn’t win HOH, he’s gone, unless Zach or Hayden come back in and win HOH. POV won’t help because they plan on back dooring him so he doesn’t have a chance to win a competition.

  22. Comments (372)

    Donny planted some very good seeds with that talk …if Christine has half a brain she will think about what he said and shut her mouth.

    • Comments (1092)

      Hope so. I think she has game, and knows time is running out.

      She might want to keep Zach. Or, if she wins hoh , she might have the cahoneys to put up Derrick and Cody.

  23. Comments (644)

    The best thing for everyone’s game is to get Derrick out. I think no one has a chance against him, except maybe Donny, because Donny has fought by himself up to now. But the rest have no chance. Today Donny talked to Christine, and made her see what’s going on, just as he did with Cody (but Cody is dumb so he went to Derrick to tell him everything). I think if Christine is smart, she won’t tell them anything. If she tells Derrick/Cody everything, then she is really dumb. Then Christine and Cody could be Dumb and Dumber, just like the movie. Whoever puts Derrick up with the real intention of getting him out has my admiration.
    And I think Frankie has no chance of winning if he is sitting next to Donny or Derrick. He might beat the others, not because he is Ariana Grande’s brother, but because he has played a good game.
    But as for me, I want Donny to win!!!

    • Comments (644)

      Well, it’s official, Christine told Cody everything Donny told her. It’s like I said before, Dumb and Dumber. These two are so clueless about Derrick and each other. Maybe Derrick studied hypnotism. I don’t know what else to say. The truth is that there are two and a quarter brains in the BB house right now: Derrick and Donny each have one whole brain, and Frankie has 1/4 brain. The rest have no brain. I don’t know what to say about Zach’s brain, he’s a puzzle, but I like him.

      • Comments (1092)

        Unbelievable. What an idiot.

        The more time goes by, and the more we see stupid play like this, the more Derrick has to win even if it is boring.

      • Comments (875)

        If nobody has said it yet I will…Christine is one of the Biggest B*tches, ever to grace Big Brother?!

        Donny sat there, and told this moron the gawds truth about what is going on in the game, and she runs back, and tells Lap Dog Cody!!! I can’t wait until the season is over, so that all this little wet behind the ear morons can see Donny was telling the truth…smh!

  24. Comments (843)

    Christine is as stupid as the others. She and Cody really believe they are playing the game and making good moves by tattling to Derrick when all they are doing is making it easier for him to walk off with all the money.

  25. Comments (843)

    Google Caleb Reynolds the Voice then go to Tamara Tattles. OMG I nearly fell off my chair laughing! Wish I could copy/paste but it is WAY too long.

  26. Comments (426)

    Christine just woke up Cody and is already telling him about talking to Donnie.

  27. Comments (13)

    Can production please do the pandora’s box twist?!?! This season is boring, they need to spice it up (plus I’m hoping that it would somehow benefit Donny!).

  28. Comments (12)

    Your blog does not get updated very much does it? The asking for money thing is a little weird but I can look past it. But I mean the updates you post are very basic and you post more about where you’re going and what you’re doing than about BB. The onlinebigbrother site has WAY more frequent and accurate updates. Shouldn’t you model it more like that to stay more competitive with all the other BB sites?

  29. Comments (22)

    Hope all is well with your parents. My prayers are with you and your family.

    • Comments (644)

      Since Donny knows he has no one in the house, he should just vote to evict Cody. But I know he probably won’t because then they might make his life impossible in the house. It’s so funny that not even one person will vote for someone to stay even if it won’t make a difference. “If you don’t vote with the house you’re a target.” Anyway, Donny has been a target forever. Donny for the win!!!

      • Comments (722)

        I really hate the vote bullying. Its one vote that wont make a difference anyways. Donnys already a target, so he should just put in a vote and hopefully Zach will return the favor..

      • Comments (383)

        It really is stupid how everyone votes for the SAME PERSON every week. Why? What’s the point?

  30. Comments (174)

    Cody and Christine just told Derrick that Donny said he is the mastermind of the house and of course he played it off. They don’t believe Donny at all. They are in for a big shock when they get out and watch the show. Also Frankie said Donny never could be America Favorite. That nut is has no clue how total wrong he is on everything.

    • Comments (174)

      Sorry meant to say that nut has no clue how wrong he is.

    • Comments (487)

      He played it off to them. But Derrick is nervous and getting very paranoid. He wants to confront Donny about the things he said, but Frankie is telling him not to do it. It would blow up both their games. They even told him about the M&Ms and Derrick said that he would walk up to Donny and knock them and the bag out of his hand. Derrick is showing his temper. Donny has really gotten under his skin.

  31. Comments (266)

    If I got a dollar for every time Christine says “ugh He’s pissing me offf” (about Donny) I would probably never need to work again. She always says that to deflect… And ughhh it’s pissing me offf!!!!

  32. Comments (10)

    God Christine, Frankie, and Derrick make me sick earlier they said this

    “Frankie/Christine/Derrick say that neither Donny nor Zach has any chance of America’s Favorite. Frank: “It’s not America’s Fuckup”

    I would love for someone to yell over the fence how those three are the most hated house guest and how much people love Donnie and Zack. Those three are in for a surprise at the finale if Donny is in the jury.

  33. Comments (3)

    I’m so sick and tired of them calling Donny a liar. He is sooooo right about Derrick. He is the only one. Derrick will win if nothing else happens. There will be another house guest coming in Thursday, but they still won’t have the numbers. I’m just going to hope from now to the end that Donny wins HOH and/or POV til the end. lol A girl can hope anyway.

  34. Comments (843)

    How many of you actually knew or cared who Ariana Grande is? Now I feel like this has been grand-slamming advertisement for CBS. She is on every channel, being interviewed all over the place. Donny doesn’t have a chance for Fan Favorite now. Totally disgusted by CBS and BB!

    • Comments (266)

      I’m thinking all her fans are still tweens and don’t watch BB. Think of how many bb fans didn’t know who she was. IMO there’s slim chance Frankie will get fan favorite.

    • Comments (18)

      Why don’t you think Donny has a chance to win Fan Favorite…he is part of the Team America because he was voted by America to replace the first one…Zoey.

      • Comments (843)

        Team America has nothing to do with Fan Favorite.

      • Comments (1092)

        I think it does. The fans picked their favorites to be TA.

        Since then, Donny’s popularity has gone up quite a bit.

        I would bet fan favorite will be between Donnie, Frankie, and Nicole.

    • Comments (91)

      Sorry, CBS used Ariana to lure a younger audience. She had already blown up before BB. CBS needed the scent of a younger demog to remain relevant. No offense, but if you didnt know who Ariana Grande is, that’s why CBS needed her.

      • Comments (1446)

        Ariana Grande is opening the VMA’s this Sunday on CBS.
        Talk about nepotism – she probably agreed to do it if they put Frankie in the house.

    • Comments (644)

      I feel the same mouse. If Frankie is not in the top 2, then he’ll win fan favorite because of all of his sister’s fans. I recognized her name but I don’t know any of her songs.
      I don’t think this is the same case as when Elissa was in the house. I think most people voted for Elissa as fan favorite because many people in the house were very disgusting. In my opinion Elissa and Helen were the nicest ones in the house. Even Judd said really nasty things. Andy, Spencer, Gina Marie, Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae, and Jeremy were the worst.
      Now talking about something else. Derrick said: “Donny’s probably the most manipulative person in the house.” As we all know, Derrick himself is the manipulator, Donny hasn’t manipulated anyone in the house and no one has worked with him.

    • Comments (33)

      I only knew who she was because my daughter used to watch “Victorious” and now “Sam and Cat.” I had no idea she was a singer too. I asked my daughter who Ariana Grande was and she said it was the girl from Victorious and my face crumpled…”Oh, you mean the one with the annoying voice?” Yup. Anyone can be a singer nowadays.

    • Comments (383)

      Yeah, well, I DVR the show and fast forward through the commercials, so TAKE THAT CBS!!!
      Unfortunately there probably ARE a bunch of teeny-bopper Ariana fans who are watching the show because her brother is on it. I remember being that age. Kids that age are idiots. I sure was. If Rick Springfield’s sister had been on a show in the mid 80’s you can be damn sure I would have been glued to it!!! Sad, but true.

      • Comments (722)

        Me too! I still giggle like a schoolgirl when I see him on TV today! Great childhood memories .. playing his 8 tracks in the Grenada! Its 1981 all over again!
        Yeah, i would have watched for the chance to see him or hear those great songs!

        Oh gosh now Im Cody!

      • Comments (692)

        Willie, you just made me smile!!! That was a funny comment. Seriously, I’m smiling!!
        Thank you!!

      • Comments (722)


      • Comments (644)

        I love Rick Springfield. I remember his songs: Jesse’s Girl, Don’t Talk To Strangers, etc. Good memories.

  35. Comments (610)

    ooh just thought of this, what if 2 evicted HGs get to return on Thursday night?! Wouldn’t that just stir the pot royally?! It would certainly make things more lively and cause a few current HGs to crap their pants. Expect the unexpected, right?!

  36. Comments (46)

    every season now I say the same thing Im done with BB

    but I think this season is the last one for me…. it only gets worse every year……

    Zach gone, donny next…….

    my two favorites.
    even if zach comes back hes gone right back out!!!

    like every year now, people are afraid of “numbers”, affraid of making their own move….. frankie had a HUGE opportunity of breaking 3 ppl (derick, cody, and caleb) << frankie is at the bottom between thos 3…

    and keep his strong allie with zach and team america with donny(willing to play with him and zach)…………………..

  37. Comments (383)

    Feel bad for Zach. I didn’t know how much I liked him until I was worried about him getting voted out.
    Hate Christine. Hate Frankie. Not a Derrick fan but have to admit he’s playing a great game. Victoria is starting to look like a drag queen with all that makeup. Cody is pretty but boring. Caleb is a freak. So…GO DONNY!!!! And… I hope Zach comes back and kicks Frankie out.

  38. Comments (18)

    Ok I officaially don’t like production. Tonights show they totally left off Zack stealing the Cue Ball, hiding it in the bathroom trash can and getting caught by Cody and the house. Of course, that missing piece then didn’t make the HG’s looking in the trash can for their items make any sense to the public. Then they left off Zack telling Frankie it doesn’t look good for his game not to put Zack up on the block, making the public hating Frankie. We had 24 hrs of fun and then the last 48 hrs of Zack moping/sleeping and the just boring.

  39. Comments (1799)

    We all sit here knowing about what everyone is saying . All the bitching about other players . All the dirty deals that have been made So many of us start with if these people are smart . Stop there the truth is very few are! No one has question Derrick and his lieing The way the producers edit the show Telling a story that they want to portray by choosing what to show Zach was mostly portrayed as the bad boy frat house guy. Yet I read were he had some long talks with Donny about Donny’s brother Not just sitting and listening but asking questions wanting to learn things Compare to Derrick who in reading and watching him Every conversation he had was all about his game . Trying to manipulate people to not see how he had people doing his bidding Christine is just vile Between the way she seems to just go along with the house Even in making fun of her husband Than trying to justify it by claiming nothing is happening and it’s just game play trying to win 50K The way she makes friends with people only to throw them under the bus Just says nasty things about people The zing from zingbot on Frankie was perfect Talking about hiding in his sisters shadow how true. He takes so much joy in personally hurting people Complains about people trying to back stab him Yet the entier show he backstab everyone he could Caleb was so dullisional and had no touch with reality of what was happening around him Why waste time on Victoria she sat in Derrick pocket all season
    Donny is the one player many people can support By himself all game Tried to explain things to people but was not listen to How many times was he on the bock How many POV did he win Just a great smart guy

  40. Comments (4)

    This shit sucks! You ask for money then go out for dinner? LOL I bet you are BSing about bad news! This whole season you have been lazy to do your feeds!

    • Comments (332)

      Excuse me, I think he is doing a good job, buy the feed if you want more

    • Comments (407)

      I wasn’t going to reply to this, but you’re right. I actually received the bad news last Sunday night, but still stuck to the feeds like glue all week. Tonight, however, my parents were in town so my mother can see an oncologist… I don’t know how much time I have left with her, and I’m not going to stare at feeds during the rare time she can make it into town.

      My only mistake was asking for donations the same day I was not able to focus on the live feeds. If you don’t like my updates, please go somewhere else. I don’t need that shit here. Not this year.

      • Comments (644)

        Sorry Steve that you have to go through all that harassment. Family always comes first. I hope your Mom gets better. I will pray for her. God bless you and your family.

      • Comments (407)

        Thank you 🙂

      • Comments (722)

        Sorry about the bad news.
        Glad to see us rally and share.
        Its quite cathartic.

      • Comments (1092)

        Crappy news. So sorry.

        Went through similar situation with my dad last year.

      • Comments (407)

        Sorry, how is he?

      • Comments (1092)

        In a better place. The cancer overtook his body before the chemo could do any good.

        But, he had an amazing life with no regrets.

        I was very close with him, and was lucky to have been able to spend a lot of time with him over the years.

        Hang in there, Steve, and all the best for you and your family.

      • Comments (692)

        Hope you cherish all the good times you had with him. So sorry for you’re loss.

      • Comments (407)

        I’m sorry to hear, that is very tough news 🙁 I’m glad he had an amazing life and you were able to be close with him. And thank you!

      • Comments (1092)

        Thanks guys !

      • Comments (383)

        I’m so sorry. Screw the stupid TV show. Best wishes to your mother and your family.

      • Comments (692)

        Steve, enjoy any and all time you can have with your mom. As I post Willie Jones Jr earlier to Willie Jones Jr earlier on this same blog I lost both my parents when I was 20years old. My mom was in the hospital with cancer and one month before she died my dad had a heart attack and died. in the years that have past since their deaths I have lost my only sister to cancer, two aunts, three uncles and three cousins to cancer.
        Enjoy any time you have but NEVER NEVER NEVER give up hope. Over an 11 year period there were many times the doctors told us to prepare for the worst and my sister would pull through. I had the greatest relationship with her and enjoyed every minute I had right up to holding her hand as she drew her last breath.
        Be strong!!! God bless you!! Many prayers are with you and your family.

      • Comments (692)

        I’m sorry if that’s just tooooo off topic for some of the readers here. If you’ve never been through something like this you wouldn’t understand.

      • Comments (407)

        Wow, that is terrible, I’m so sorry to hear. 🙁

        Thank you for the support. It hit us pretty hard, but we’re going to be learning more details on it over the next day or two.

      • Comments (692)

        Stay strong!! Never give up!! medicine has come so far over the years and now there is a lot that can be done that could not be done back with my mom passed away. things were certainly different with my sister and she lived some really good years after her first diagnosis. she was always open for new drugs and they helped a lot and gave us much precious time with her.
        Know people are thinking of you!!!

      • Comments (1092)

        Great message, Franko.

        Sorry for all you have been through, too.

        And really, you shouldn’t be appolgetic for getting off topic. It is important to talk or chat about these things.

        Best wishes,


        And Steve, if you happen to scroll back here, maybe you have found another topic for a site, asside from the tv shows.

        It might sound lame, but, some kind of support group site might do a lot of good.

      • Comments (692)

        Thank you!!

    • Comments (487)

      So Christine if you can do it better, why don’t you start your own BB blog. The rest of us with stick with SteveBeans. He is doing us a MAJOR service by managing this site. I appreciate what he does for us. If you don’t go somewhere else or do it yourself!

    • Comments (682)

      Did I miss something? Is this post a joke?

      • Comments (487)

        No Rita it is not a joke. A poster using the name Christine called SB a liar when he relayed the news about his mom and taking is parents to dinner tonight. She did not appreciate him taking the time to take care of his family and also ask for donations.

    • Comments (266)

      Wow get a life you d bag!!

    • Comments (4)

      Wow! Talk about feeling like Zach! I stated an opinion and that was it! Funny how you all suck ass to SB like he is gunna give you a special shoutout! Ahhh! This all made me laugh. BTW Steve I do truly wish your mother well and my above comment didn’t mean any hurt towards her. I really thought you were bullshitting to watch GOT or True. Blood.

      • Comments (12)

        I too am sorry about your mother and of course family comes first. But you don’t update the site very much at all. I used to come here first for BB updates and now this is the last one I check. I appreciate you trying to do it at all but asking for any kind of cash donation feels very inappropriate and weird to me. The other BB sites don’t ask for money as much as you do and they update more frequently than you. My point is if you ask for donations maybe update it more to warrent that or ask a friend to. This site doesn’t give updates enough to be asking for any kind of donation. But that said I am sorry about your mother. That’s awful and you should most definitely with with her and your family and honestly you probably shouldn’t be thinking about your blog or BB or asking for donations for your honeymoon right now at all. Best wishes.

    • Comments (1276)

      Everyone, please note that “ChristinE” is not ChristinA. I would never say or think anything so horrible.

      Stevebeans, I’ve enjoyed your page for years, and comment often. I think it’s great that you had your mother in town, and I am so very sorry she’s having to go through this. And I’m so sorry for you all as well, when one gets cancer, the family has cancer too.

      Please know, as always you are in my thoughts and prayers. Know that we are all sending her our best.

  41. Comments (2)

    Steve thoughts and prayers with you and your family.

  42. Comments (12)

    I too am sorry about your mother and of course family comes first. But you don’t update the site very much at all. I used to come here first for BB updates and now this is the last one I check. I appreciate you trying to do it at all but asking for any kind of cash donation feels very inappropriate and weird to me. The other BB sites don’t ask for money as much as you do and they update more frequently than you. My point is if you ask for donations maybe update it more to warrent that or ask a friend to. This site doesn’t give updates enough to be asking for any kind of donation. But that said I am sorry about your mother. That’s awful and you should most definitely with with her and your family and honestly you probably shouldn’t be thinking about your blog or BB or asking for donations for your honeymoon right now at all. Best wishes.

    • Comments (1276)

      Seriously guys, he can ask for whatever he wants. If you don’t like the way Stevebeans updates the posts, go to the other sites that you already go to first.
      Stevebeans has ALWAYS, for years now, since he started this blog, been on top of everything in that house. He admitted at the beginning of the season that he would have a lot on his plate this year just with the wedding. Now he has major life/family issues to contend with and instead of either saying nothing, or going to another site, you condone his asking for donations and for not posting enough?????
      I’m sorry, but shame on yall. Sounds like some of you have never had any real issues in life that can affect your daily routine… must be nice to live that way.

      • Comments (4)

        Seriously? I thought he was BULLSHITTING about the whole thing! You act like he’ really cares about, when in reality… he just wants your money Honey! So ChristinA enjoy being alone and “standing up” for what’s right… on a Big Brother blog. Cudos and props and zings to you! LOFL

      • Comments (12)

        I think you mean “condemn” not condone sweetie.

      • Comments (12)

        Christin-A that’s directed at you. You wrote condone but condemn. Or you just don’t know the meaning of the word lol. But get off your high horse. Everyone feels sorry for him about his mom but asking people to donate money him when he’s not doing a great job is ridiculous. There are worthy charities that need donations not a silly BB site. It’s very gauche to even ask. ChristinA hope you have a dictionary handy to look that word up.

      • Comments (12)

        Why not ask us to donate money to a cancer charity to honor your mom? That is a much better reason than so you can get an xbox or nice honeymoon.

      • Comments (1276)

        Sarah, sweetie, I just saw this, sorry for the delayed response, but get over yourself. First off, I was a bit annoyed when typing, so it’s called a typo. And, dear, again, if you don’t like it get off the blog. He isn’t making you pay to be on here, you are on here for free, so if he wants to ask for basically a tip, he is more than allowed to do so. And if he’s not doing a great job, then again, go elsewhere. Serisouly, please go.

  43. Comments (2)

    I am very sorry to hear about your mom. I wish you all the best. I think you are doing an amazing job blogging this year (and every year). Especially with such a dull cast, I mean how many ways can you say they are just laying around, nothing going on. I am glued to your site every season. I thank you for all the time and effort you put into your blogging. If people don’t like what you are saying (or apparently not saying 🙂 ) then they should go elsewhere. Keep up the good work. Again, Thank you! 🙂

  44. Comments (21)

    So sorry about your Mom..sending prayers & positive thoughts your way<3

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