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Big Brother 15 – Wednesday Updates

A picture of Elissa doing yoga.. just because
A picture of Elissa doing yoga.. just because

Quick note – If you read my last post, I said that Brendon was given immunity for a week when he returned to the game.  I was wrong, he was voted out the next week in a backdoor move.  It doesn’t make much sense to allow them to get booted right out, but we’ll see what happens this Thursday night.

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It’s the last full day that Helen can campaign for her safety this week, but as the days go on, I just feel worse for her.  She’s clearly hurt by her own ‘trusting’ gameplay, and upset Amanda was able to make the first move.  It’s understandable, but as a fan of the show, after 14 seasons of watching it, she should have known better.  It was a bad game move, and she’ll forever regret it assuming she doesn’t win her way back into the house tomorrow night.

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Updates – 

9:30am – House is still sleeping, no surprise there.  Feeds did just go to fish, so they could be getting a wake-up call as I type this.

10:00am – It was the wake-up call, some houseguests are starting to make their way out of bed.

11:00am – Nothing has happened in the past hour. Nothing at all.  I guess mornings are like this, but makes for a slow work day!

11:35pm – Elissa and Aaryn talk about how important it is to evict Spencer this week because they’re going to get picked off one by one if they don’t.  Good to see the fight in Elissa/Helen instead of how Candice and Jessie handled their eviction.

11:50pm – Helen reveals that she has further plans beyond this game.  She wants to eventually run for a public office, but can’t do that if she’s known as a liar or a cheat.  Here I was thinking Helen knew politics…


Now my feeds are all crazy and it’s showing last night for some reason…

12:45pm – Feeds were crazy for a little while, and I come back to hear Helen crying to Aaryn about the same stuff she’s been saying all week.  Helen has a professional job, and her husband has a very professional job…. (what I hear is = I don’t need the money).

1:05pm – Aaryn is going along with the plan, but we’ve heard this all week.  As soon as the girls leave, Aaryn will be back on team Amanda.

I'm a mom of 2 kids, I can do no wrong!
I’m a mom of 2 kids, I can do no wrong!

1:15pm – Elissa FINALLY jumps in with what we’re all thinking.  She tells Helen to stop freakin talking about America and start playing the game and working on Andy.  Very impressive by Rachel’s Shadow… seriously.   She is jumping up a few notches in my book this week.

As soon as she leaves, Helen thinks Elissa is mad at her for not trying hard enough.  No, she’s mad because you’re campaigning up the wrong tree.  Stop with the America crap.

1:25pm – Elissa comes back, tells everyone that she doesn’t care what she thinks, etc.  Aaryn then leaves and Elissa apologizes to Helen.  Her strategy is that she wants Aaryn to feel she has an equal relationship to Helen as Elissa does.  Interesting.

1:30pm – Andy comes up to the HoH room and Elissa starts right away ‘I know you’re voting out Helen’.  Andy is waffling and trying to talk his way out of it.

Elissa and Helen are now resorting to the bully tactics to threaten Andy.  They’re saying if he votes out Helen, all the girls in their little alliance are coming after him.   Helen, stop being a freakin’ hypocrite!!!  It’s so frustrating for her to mention America, Heroes, etc in one breath, and then threaten Andy in the next.  Someone call on  her this – PLEASE

1:40pm – Andy does it!  He said they’re not going to sway his vote by threatening him.  Elissa jumps in that it’s part of the game, but she should tell her ally that.

1:45pm – Elissa was bashing Amanda and as she was saying the line ‘You’re letting a 28 year old real est…’, Amanda walks in to join the party.  Fun times ahead

Amanda catches Elissa in a lie. Elissa short circuits
Amanda catches Elissa in a lie. Elissa short circuits

1:50pm – Andy jumps in again to mention how he’s annoyed about being threatened, and Elissa just sticks to her guns that it was a ‘game move’.  Andy raising his voice was apparently threatening, but saying he’ll be voted out wasn’t.  This is hilarious.

Elissa is leaving saying ‘I’m going to talk to my DR and tell them everything is going on’ – (yes, her friends in production)

1:55pm – McCrae joins the conversation and Andy asks whether or not Elissa’s comments were a threat.  McCrae says yes, absolutely.

1:58pm – More bashing of Elissa going on as Aaryn comes in the room to re-tell all the nasty things Elissa has said to her.  Amanda jumps in ‘Just so you know, she got permission from the DR to sleep with the comforter’ (cut to fish)…. yes, Amanda is the one with connections, not Elissa….

Aaryn – ‘Elissa said that production will work to keep her here if she’s put on the block because she’s Rachel’s sister’

1:05pm – The group is now telling Helen that her best friend in the house is a bully.  It was only a matter of time until they saw it.  Elissa completely destroyed Helen’s game and I doubt she gives a crap.

1:12pm – Things break up for now… that was a very interesting little spat, worth a re-watch.

3:30pm – McCrae, Aaryn, Spencer and crew are in the HoH still talking about how bitchy Elissa has been lately.  They also keep mentioning how many favors she gets from production.

4:30pm – Things have quieted down, but Amanda is already playing nice to Elissa to work her for next week.  Gotta give her credit, Amanda never stops playing.   Big Brother is on CBS tonight, so I’m going to watch that and update this later on if anything happens

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  1. Comments (158)

    Elissa doing yoga? Gee, what a surprise. Pretty conclusively sums up her entire summer so far.

    • Comments (1162)

      Beats Amanda and McCrae staining the bed sheets!!!

      • Comments (407)

        Totally agree MM, plus the F word isn’t spewing out of her mouth all the time like it is some of the others. At least when she carries on a conversation you can understand what she is saying because it isn’t getting bleeped constantly.

      • Comments (20)

        and elissa speaks real s l o w l y makes time for fun faces!

      • Comments (407) I can guess where the 2 thumbs down came from. Thanks.

      • Comments (20)

        There’s no bleeping at all on BBAD when I watch it on Slice. I’m so sick of the profanity….I can handle some but it is ridiculous this season….especially from the young females (I won’t call them ladies). I hate the C word and it comes out of these girls mouths all the time….disgusting!! Their families must be so proud!!! 🙁

      • Comments (5)

        Isn’t that the truth!! I am sick of seeing those two constantly in bed. WTF, are they crippled?

      • Comments (88)

        Rather watch her do yoga then the rest watch b**** all day like high schoolers. God the cw should make a show about these house guest. (I wouldnt watch it)

    • Comments (228)

      Just read this on jokers update:
      8:42 PM Amanda was telling her pregnancy story – she discovered she was pregnant during pre-show finals process.. she miscarried it

      And she is already boning McCrae every chance she gets. No wonder why she has an infection.

      8/22/8:42 p.m.

  2. Comments (17)

    That yoga picture make me happy in pants!!

  3. Comments (316)

    Hi Beans in your donate section you say it helps pay for random costs. What does that mean exactly? I do enjoy your work here but was just wondering.

  4. Comments (610)

    Off topic, but hey Stevebeans, do you blog other reality shows too? Like Survivor or Amazing Race?

  5. Comments (79)

    Elissa’s ass, mmmmm…

  6. Comments (13)

    This is the most boring season evvverrr!! Where is zingbot, Pandoras box, twists, expect the unexspected…blah! Let’s bring back Evil Dick & iron man Jessie to shake some crap up!

    • Comments (316)

      oh no, please no Evel Dick.

      • Comments (2)

        I love Evel Dick however I hate Jessie OMG I want to poke my eyes out and stab myself in the ears so I don’t have to see or ear the guy.

    • Comments (110)

      I can’t wait until Big Brother is off can’t wait until Survior and Amazing
      Race come on at least production has nothing to do with these show please
      get Amanda she makes me sick at my stomach I hope whoever come back in the
      house they will be able to get Amanda out I wonder how does McCrea parents
      feel about Amanda they might want her away from him she is bad for him and
      and his game. When Jeff was on couple weeks ago Julie asked him who in the house is playing the best came he said McCrea I don’t think so he needs to
      get rid of Amanda then he can play a good game.

    • Comments (228)

      Bring all jury members back and have double evictions…

      • Comments (4)

        @born that would be EPIC and finally something unexpected would happen but I don’t think that will ever happen

  7. Comments (13)

    Sorry but I cannot feel sorry for Helen when she was HOH she kept saying it was not time for a big move so now she gets to live with a very stupid move

  8. Comments (7)

    Is there enough votes to get spencer out? Is that a real possibility? Because I was under the impression no big moves could be made because there aren’t enough votes?? Plus is that what the house wants? surely they don’t want to go against the house that would be against this season’s motto of do what the house wants!!

  9. Comments (1162)


    11:28 AM, BBT

    Amanda is freaking out. She can no longer get her Xanax because her Rx is
    no longer valid.
    So unable to bear up alone under this “great anxiety,” she attempted to wake-up
    McCrae and Spencer. No Go!
    They’re not interested.

    She went back to bed, however she just may end up hiding out behind the
    garbage can for the rest of the day, lol

    • Comments (316)

      Hey wait a minute, didn’t Rachel cry hidden in the bushes in her season??

      • Comments (1162)

        Yes, she did.
        At least, Rachel had better taste in Real Estate ( Shrubbery ) than Amanda ( Trash ) does.

      • Comments (80)

        Oh nooo lol Rachel in fact did hide behind a trashcan at least once that I can recall after a failed attempt at winning a comp.

      • Comments (80)

        why the thumbs down?!?!? i’m not hating??

      • Comments (80)

        wow you guys are ridiculous.

      • Comments (1288)

        The Brenchel Army drones have no interest in the truth.

      • Comments (158)

        You criticized Elissa, and Rachel’s brainwashed minions will not allow that. Rachel is God and Elissa is Jesus in their eyes.

      • Comments (7)

        If your not hating, then I take my thumbs up back….I am VERY VERY VVVVVEEEEERRRRRRRYYYYYYY anti Rachel!

      • Comments (1162)

        You may be right.
        Do you recall exactly when?
        I remember the shrubbery but not the trash can.

      • Comments (178)

        I don’t remember seeing Rachel crying in the bushes during her season(s); but if she did, she certainly had enough reason to do so. She was treated horribly for most of her time in the house. The fact that she had Brendon gave her strength; but she was still quite a competitor in her own right. I still believe that Elissa has some of her sister’s competitive genes and she’s been playing it very cool these past few weeks in an effort to stay under the radar. Once Helen is out of the house, look for her to make a very strong stand on her own–either in getting HOH(s) so she can evict The Red Queen and McCrae (and, hopefully, Stoolie the Toad) or in winning POVs in order to save herself when she is either directly put up on the block for eviction or she suspects a backdoor attempt to evict her (and they will definitely be targeting her because they suspect she is a fan favorite).

      • Comments (286)

        Yes Rachel got reemed by Jeff after a comp.because Rachel felt Jordan was not a competitor and Rachel was doing all the work for their alliance and got annoyed with her.

      • Comments (178)

        I agree with that comment, Painter1. Jordan was a sweet girl; but she coasted 3/4ths of the way through her seasons. Initially, she was carried in the game by Jeff and then when Jeff was voted out, Rachel carried her. At the very end, however, when she needed to, Jordan won a competition or two.

    • Comments (651)

      Back to the subject of Demanda can’t get her meds!! She’s already having issues controlling her mouth around Aaryn and pretending that Aaryn is not just a pawn. This should really get her going crazy.

      Is wanting to see Demanda lose her mind mean that I’ve turned into a Mean Girl? Yoda? Is this the Dark Side calling me?

      • Comments (40)

        I noticed something was up with Demanda the last couple nights, she looked like it was the end of the world. Detached in a weird way, sad and depressed. Let me see…. No meds, a week full of slop, no alcohol, no buzz, sleeping in the cock pit room alone, not being liked more than McCrae or other house guests, counting votes in her head and being on the loosing end. Just a few of reasons why I guess. Ha!

      • Comments (22)

        This Wednesday’s episode, I mentioned to my family that I could see the bags under her eyes..

    • Comments (610)

      If she truly needed it for an ongoing issue, you’d think she would have made sure she would have an adequate supply and that her RX would not expire while in the house. (i.e. make sure it would be re-fillable)

      • Comments (610)

        oops, and some of those types of meds should not be stopped cold turkey…or there can be some really bad health issues.

    • Comments (228)

      Amanda’s on xanax and adderall, Aaryn is on adderall GM also I guess is on meds. They are so young and so medicated already

  10. Comments (30)

    I can’t imagine them getting Spencer out unless Andy is on board. And he is just a weasel who runs and tells everything to Amanda, so there’s fat chance of that. Would love to see them pull it off however, and then Candice or Jessie wins the re-entry and HoH. That would make next week spectacular. lol

    • Comments (178)

      If Stoolie the Toad was evicted, Spencer would RUN to seek an alliance with either Aaryn or Elissa. He knows he’s only being used by The Red Queen and McCrae as a vote, and McCrae certainly wouldn’t choose him for the final 2 over The Red Queen. Spencer would be apt to win the big prize if he used the argument, “Look how many times I was put up on the block for eviction and survived!” So perhaps, after getting rid of The Red Queen, the house needs to consider getting rid of Stoolie the Toad, who is probably the least trustworthy person in that entire house.

      • Comments (401)

        I think if McCrae wanted to write himself a check for a half mil he’d pick Spencer. He knows against Amanda he’s second place.

    • Comments (110)

      I believe it will be Judd or Helen back in the house they have a better chance then Jessie and Candice even thorough I like Jessie and Candice but
      they haven’t won nothing while they were in the house and I know that you
      will say that Jessie won the Veto but she didn’t Judd won and gave it to
      Jessie because he wanted the $5,000.

      • Comments (65)

        I would love to see Candice come back just because it will piss off Amanda, Aaryn, and GM. But given what those girls put her through, I don’t want her to go back, just to get treated like scum and then get kicked out again….there is no way those girls would let her make it too far, so why put her through their stoning.

      • Comments (30)

        Best case scenario is Helen is evicted and come right back in and either her or Elissa win HoH. The house would be falling all over themselves trying to get back in Helen’s good graces. That would make next week the best for the season.

  11. Comments (30)

    Amanda will be so big by the time BB is over she will have to wear her wedding gown/ bed sheet to the finals.

  12. Comments (1)

    Hope Hellen will win HOH and Ellisa POV

  13. Comments (195)

    My feeds are acting all crazy too Steve!:(

  14. Comments (42)

    Toooo late babe..

  15. Comments (22)

    If Aaron flips and is able to flip the rat on Amanda, I would even vote for her to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This would be the biggest and only move of the season. I pray that Aaron sees the light!!

    • Comments (651)

      If Aaryn flips Rat Boy that just means that what everyone else has been telling her finally sunk in. A big move is not the last chance move. A big move would have been her last HoH. Now that Demanda’s told her if she goes up she stays up, Aaryn is scrambling for her BB life while she’s HoH and put up who Demanda told her to.

    • Comments (220)

      If ANYONE takes Amanda out, they deserve to win. I’m actually warming up to Amanda’s grip of control. There is something to be said that a woman took charge of an entire season! And she has kept them paralyzed in fear. For that, kudos.

      (I am eating my words, because I have written several posts where I would not praise Amanda’s game, claiming its because this cast is so weak…which I still feel is very much true).

      But game is game. If that is what worked in the 15th season, then it is what it is. Amanda is controlling the whole thing and she is the one to beat.

      And another power player, Helen, also a woman who dominated for a while. Sad to see her go. I wanted those 2 to go head to head. Hopefully the twist will allow her to.

      But for entertainment purposes, please give me some fireworks. Anyone who does it, earns that 500k, in my book. That is all I am basing it on from this point on.

    • Comments (228)

      Aaryn doesn’t have the brains to do it. All of her HOH’s has been decided by Amanda. What a fool…The only thing she is capable of doing is being hateful…

  16. Comments (42)

    BB should have more tasks for HGs..just two in a week is boring for viewers as well as HGs..BB in India has money tasks which runs for days..

  17. Comments (7)

    Wow, I started watching Big Brother Canada. Thank you to those of you who recommended it! I’m barely on the third week and it is 10X more entertaining than this American season! American producers should have taken notes.

  18. Comments (126)

    It’s quite simple Amanda was playing BB chess, while Helen thought it was a game of checkers. It’s not like Helen didn’t want to make the first move, its that she loss the power to do it after America’s vote.

    Helen was trying to keep Amanda upfront to bulldoze away the floaters, but losing the very voting power needed to eventually breakup the power couple McAmanda. She trusted Andy way too much and couldn’t smell that fishy 3some with Helen, McCrae and Rat Fink Pink as but a big joke on her.

    Oscar goes to Andy for his acting role as the best two-face ever so far.

  19. Comments (1288)

    Awwww, let’s have a pity party for all the butt-hurt Brenchel Army drones who can only criticize Andy’s game by calling him names and saying nothing about his game choices. He was aligned with McCranda before Helissa and has done his best to stick by that alliance as far as it can go.

    Helen would not be going out if the idiotic bag of protoplasm known as Eloser had stuck by the alliance who discovered her only value in this game [shoe-in for MVP] and kept her around for that. But Eloser could not go with the plans that would have gotten her and Helen to the F5, she instead had to play personal and target the people she despises even when they were working with her.

    First she clued in Kaitlin about her impending doom and then later kept agitating to flip and get Amanda out. Helen is headed out thanks to this moron because Helen forgot she no longer needed her. Eloser should have gone out the week Howard did and maybe then Helen could have tied Aaryan to her side and been able to stand up to McCranda.

    The part that disturbs me the most is Eloser has made it far enough in to start looking like an excellent F2 candidate because everyone, including GM and Spencer would win against her. So maybe she will get a lesson in playing with someone you don’t like: you grit your teeth, drag them along and collect $500k.

    • Comments (158)

      Prepare for downvotes. Rachel’s brainwashed army will not tolerate any criticism of Rachel or Elissa. Rachel is God! Elissa is Jesus!

      Nevermind that Rachel was annoying and that Elissa hasn’t even played Big Brother until today. Her biggest assets so far were given to her by virtue of birth, being Rachel’s sister and being MVP.

      • Comments (1288)

        Ah yes, the farce is strong with all the koolaid drinkers hereabouts. The thumbs down let me know I am doing well because that is the only response they have. Maybe someone told them it is better to be quiet and thought a fool rather than opening your mouth and removing all doubt.

        Eloser totally sabotaged Helen’s game. Helen who has been very intuitive about so much else developed a blind spot for her. If Helen does get to come back maybe she will have that “come to Jesus” moment about how Eloser has dragged her down and flip on her.

    • Comments (487)

      My down vote has nothing to do with Rachel or Elissa. Helen had 3 chances to get Amanda out. Candice told her at least twice to get Amanda out of the game. Helen kept saying it was too early. Helen never tried because she thought she could work with Amanda. But she was not paying attention to Andy and his manipulation/lies right to her face. Helen brought all this on herself. This vote with the house crap is not real game play. Because ‘voting with the house’ created a group of floaters, Andy, GM, Spencer and Elissa that have no chance of winning the $500K if they don’t step up and when HoH or POV.

      • Comments (1288)

        Helen could have worked with Amanda if Elissa hadn’t backstabbed the alliance and put herself and Helen on McCranda’s radar. Backstabbing can work but never when you fail at it. Elissa tried three times and failed all three.

        Helen, Andy and McCranda were the ones deciding who the House wanted out so why wouldn’t they vote that way? Do you think some little green martian named Kazoo popped in and told everyone how to vote?

        It is kind of hard to argue with success. This is the first week someone is going out who Helen did not want out. But her success ends here and Andy’s and McCranda’s continues.

      • Comments (178)

        DandaMan, I don’t agree that Helen was always involved in the decision-making as to who would be evicted each week. The decision was almost entirely that of The Red Queen and, occasionally, McCrae. Stoolie the Toad always knew firsthand who The Red Queen had targeted because he made certain to always be THERE when they were conferring and talking game, just as he always listened in on the others when they talked strategy. Helen was informed by them after the fact, basically in order for her to get Elissa on board with the vote. Elissa attempted a smart move when Candice and Jessie both suggested The Red Queen and McCrae be targeted in that she concurred and wanted Helen to agree as well. It was Helen’s false sense of security (and poor game play) that has brought about her own eviction from the house. Yes, Elissa has her supporters (and not just the “Brenchel Army”)– for the same reason that some people love to bash her for no reason other than the fact they disliked her sister, Rachel.

      • Comments (65)

        Can someone tell me why Amanda is the Red Queen? I get the queen thing…I think…but red? What am I missing?

      • Comments (14)

        I was also wondering the same thing for a while now. If she was a giner or had a burn sure but no… unless they are reffering to her colour when she had to go through the tanning booth.

      • Comments (1288)

        I think someone was being quite creative and pulling out an apt allusion.

        However Amanda is not reserved enough, her blow-ups are more Queen of Hearts’ish.

      • Comments (1288)

        Andy has been in an alliance with McCranda since day 5 or so, so it only makes sense that he was there during strategy discussions. Helen and Elissa were added to make a F5 alliance when the best strategy concerning MVP was finally identified by McCrae.

        He was thoroughly on board with the backdooring of David even though it left 2 people he had put up for eviction in the house. While annoying they were not very threatening. The group’s early targets were those most threatening that were not in their alliance: Nick and Jeremy. They were able to engineer the eviction of Kaitlin without their alliance having the HoH and despite the efforts of Elissa to F up their plans. This is when they saved Aaryan and replaced their no longer working secret weapon [no more MVP freebie nominations] with a competition beast. Helen should have dropped Elissa from her F5 plans and replaced her with Aaryan.

        With Aaryan on board it pulled in GM and they were able to now get rid of those people who were untrustworthy and to erratic: Howard, Candice, Judd and Jessie. Yes Amanda was up as the MVP nominee but Helen had no way to know that was America’s vote. She, like everyone else in the house thought it was someone from outside of their F5 alliance.

        The next three weeks should have been GM, Spencer and Elissa. That would have brought them to the F5 and they could have played it out from there. The returnee could be a bump in their road but they still would have had the numbers to control the vote. Andy was doing a great job buffering between the two couples and they should have made it as a team to the F5.

        Targeting her own alliance and failing before that F5 is Helen’s true mistake. And that was pushed for by Elissa. Elissa has given plenty of reasons to dislike and dismiss her without any family connections. My early money was on Helen and I am disappointed she was led astray and made such flawed choices.

      • Comments (1092)

        Great summary. I too thout she would win because of her early manipulations, and her pplitical experience.

        But your su.mary shows how well Amanda, McRae &Andy have played the house. With Aaryn winning 4 comps, she deserves a final 4 with them, which sooner or later it has to be 2 against 2.

        The big thing will be if the returnee can form an alliance against 2am, bringing in Aaryn, or is she going to be loyal ho 3 am, and lose.

  20. Comments (18)

    I’ve said it for the last couple of feeds so I think ill just keep it going. I think i’m in love with Aaryn!!!!!!

  21. Comments (40)

    I can’t wait for tomorrow nite, and I want Candice to go back into the house. If she does, I hope she says what Rachel did when she went back in, “I’mmmm backkkk bi—essssss! Ha!

    • Comments (651)

      I want Julie to say House Guests expect the unexpected and here is your new HoH. In walks Candice who says Its Candyland!! Happy Birthday GinaMarie!

      • Comments (220)

        I want to hit the thumbs up 1,000x. I just hope whoever returns makes it count and not waste it. I hope they break up the couple. Or after Andy. Andy has never been on the block or targeted in anyway. He needs to feel some of that.

        Maybe we’ll start to get some real push back out of these players, if the returning player brings it!

        I liked Candice and wish she could have pushed more strategically and reacted less. If she comes back, maybe go split up McCranda, or any 3AM member, and gain some allies after that.

        Jessie was a bit cocky at first but I warmed up to her when she became an underdog with some bark. She at least let it be known to Helen, a power player, that she was not taking her BS. I liked that sass. I hope she can split up 3AM.

        The more I type, the more I realize Andy and Amanda are the two most powerful players thus far. They have influenced a lot of strategies in the last few weeks. Even when Helen mentioned taking out Amanda during Andy’s HOH, Andy proved to be quite skillful. Taking either one of these two will be a bold move.

      • Comments (651)

        That’s why they should put up Demanda and McMinute. Then let it be known that if one Andy doesn’t win the POV and one of them comes down Andy goes up. If Andy wins POV and pulls one of them off then Aaryn goes up.

        That would be just perfect. Watching GM, Aaryn and Amanda all going psycho at the same time.

      • Comments (286)

        If Helen goes out how cool would it be for her to come back and tell Amanda “nice try”. Amanda would just lose it.Separate the duos should be the main agenda for who ever comes back in and we can watch Amanda or MCcrae walk out the door.If only

      • Comments (1162)

        Don’t forget – Amanda Rx for her Xanax is done.
        Empty Pill Bottle!!! lol
        Her high anxiety will be unreal and so much fun to watch.

  22. Comments (18)

    Does anyone have a feeling that McCrae will turn on Amanda at some point? I have been reading some comments and haven’t seen any posts that bring up this question.

    New to the site, and love BB.

  23. Comments (3)

    Regardless of who anybody is related to, anybody (including Elissa) deserves to win over Spencer, GM, McCrae, or Aaryn, if based on gameplay. Spencer has done nothing but keep the block warm week to week. GM got lucky and won an HOH, other than that she has been crying over a guy who has most likely used his life savings to change his name weeks ago after he was evicted. McCrae is only still relevant because he was picked by Amanda to go along with her all season and then she will win beside him in F2. Other than that, McCrae has not done ANYTHING. Of all these people, Aaryn is the only one who has managed a win or 2 (the others were handed to her by chance or another HG)(Sorry Aaryn, you will never be a “Janelle.”). Even with these wins, her entire game has been controlled by other HG’s. Elissa who has attempted moves with the small power she had, Helen who controlled some aspects of the house (but fumbled the timing), Andy who hasn’t done much but if you are able to remain two-faced this far in the game, hell, you did SOME gameplay, or Amanda who has managed to manipulate nearly everybody and never win anything—-any of these people deserve to win (forget this related to Rachel B.S. and the Amanda-Alison Grodner supposed relationship) and look at the game!

    Finally, I am just ready for this season to come to a close. It has NOT been an entertaining season and the bad PR has just ruined the reputation of the franchise. Close out 2013, fire a producer or two, fire the Robyn Kass from ever casting for BB again, and start over in 2014.

    • Comments (228)

      would love to know what’s going on behind the wall of the DR w/production. They must feel the heat from all of the viewers how awful this season is.

  24. Comments (682)

    Anyone know the time Elissa supposedly said she deserves to be there because she’s Rachel’s sister and she should be paid more than all of them? Aaryn keeps saying she said these things but I couldn’t find it.

    • Comments (453)

      Aaryn made up a lot of things that Elissa supposedly said to cover her butt because if her bad mouthing the MCCrappers.

      • Comments (682)

        Aaryn’s meds must not have kicked in yet. I’m not an Elissa fan but I thought Elissa made good points.

        And all this “threat” talk is making me ill. Amanda did the same thing 100 times.

      • Comments (18)

        Or maybe Elissa is just going around bullying people, like the bully she is. #TeamAaryn<3

  25. Comments (453)

    Just read another Amanda low on Jokers, Elissa was campaigning for Helen and Aaryn went down and twisted it all around and told McCrappers that she was threatening her. Big hassle when they run up to HOH to make sure no one is teaming up against them. Elissa leaves and they all including Helen start bashing her. Amanda said when Elissa is evicted she will tell her to say hi to Brenden’s dick. So sick of that low class scum. And since I am on a rant, makes you wonder what relative Amanda has hopped in bed with, or should say, how many.

    • Comments (30)

      Rachel may bitch slap her for saying that.

    • Comments (1162)

      At the conclusion of tonight’s show, Amanda bragged about how she
      always gets what she wants………. Ha!!!!

      Wait until she leaves the BBH – she’s not going to want the s–t she’s going to
      get and so richly deserves. SWEET!!!

    • Comments (228)

      Do you think her parents are proud of her behaviour?..LOL!! Or better yet her bf she left behind before coming into the BB house. His friends are probably teasing the hell out of him..How embrassing for the families.

  26. Comments (83)

    Hope they vote Helen out as planned, cause if they don’t she will probaly win HOH, then Amanda can kuss her nasty ass goodby, I would love to see Amanda go, but helen needs ti go this week, and not come back in, Judd or Jesse need to get back in, and turn that house upside down, I would love to see Andys cry baby ass be on the block next to Amanda.

    • Comments (14)

      Judd would not turn anything around. He was loyal to amandaa and believed it was amanda behind his eviction but in reality, amanda suspected he was mvp and put a thought in qulible helens head to make her think that judd was a threat and get him out. If he goes back, that is one more handing Amanda the prize.

  27. Comments (30)

    Bet there are a lot of “DICKS” out there that could say hi to ho-manda

  28. Comments (86)

    I wish El would wise up and go into the HOH room with everyone stand on the dresser and tell Aaryn how Amanda said to El she hopes El wins the nesxt HOH to put up Aaryn and Gm. Just call Demanda out infringe of the entire house already!!!! Why oh why has not one person did this yet??

    • Comments (1288)

      Aaryan would laugh her ass off because Amanda has already relayed that convo. She explained to Aaryan that if Eloser does that they have the votes to keep Aaryan safe and send GM [not part of 3AM] home. Aaryan was not happy and that is why McCranda is worried she is more interested in GM than in 3AM.

      3AM has set up numerous fake side alliances so in case someone outside the alliance wins HoH they can make sure that no more than 1 member of 3AM go up. That way they have the votes to send out the non-alliance person. Aaryan is having trouble grasping this strategy and that may lead to 3AM becoming 2AM.

      Of course when somebody walks back in it may shock Aaryan into running for the safety she has known the last few weeks and making up with McCranda.

  29. Comments (18)

    I was wearing the exact same colored shirt that Aaryn was wearing during the POV meeting. I think it’s fate. #InLove

  30. Comments (18)

    Amanda is ANNOYING!!!

  31. Comments (3)

    Is it just me or does McC look like Shaggy from Scooby Doo?

  32. Comments (651)

    4:15pm Aaryn says “I do have one of the prettiest faces but I’m an overt racist.”

    Well she finally admits it!!

    • Comments (1162)

      Amazing…….but, also
      too funny —–only a few hours earlier she was telling anyone
      willing to listen to her that the one thing her family taught her was to
      NEVER make anyone feel less of a person.

      Perhaps her family did try to teach her some morals but ……..they clearly failed.

      • Comments (1288)

        Check out my overnight nugget below, her dad’s attitude is called into question.

    • Comments (228)

      Someone needs to hide her eyebrow pencil. Her eyebrows are drawn completely wrong. She may see pretty on the outside, but we all see her ugly from the inside

  33. Comments (1162)

    Watching Elissa win the POV Comp was fantastic!1!
    Boy can she run ………..
    Too bad Amanda the Bed Weight wasn’t playing too. She would have
    never made it up to the top of the waterfall. lol

  34. Comments (1)

    Can I just ask how Aaryn actually hopes to win BB by following every decision she has ever made in the house with something that relates to being forced to do this? I personally can’t stand her but she was right on when she talked about it being Amanda and McCrae show.

  35. Comments (316)

    Look at the little green creature beside my name..Does it look like a male or female? Also, is that a propeller on its head?

  36. Comments (5)

    Dam! why wasn’t the nomination ceremony at the point when aaryn was drunk, so she could put Amanda on the block before she gets sober up!!!

  37. Comments (55)

    I’m so done with watching Big Brother. After Amanda’s comment “I get what I want”, was enough for me. Aaryn you could have made a huge move. Why did these people come on BB if they all want to be led around by the nose?

    • Comments (286)

      For real,Aaryn said she was afraid to put Amanda up because she would get her .HOW? Aaryn had the numbers in GM/Elissa/and Spencer to get Amanda out.She would not come back because she cant win ANYTHING.Once she is gone Mclazy would have no support,no one is afraid of him.Just don’t get why NO ONE can see this in the house. Scripted reality show at its worst.

      • Comments (166)

        I totally agree..Really Aaryn YOU HAD YOUR CHANCE & YOUR DUMBASS BLEW IT!!! Yes they had the votes to get her out!!!

        Umm BB rules 101:

        1) Freakin get out showmances!!!!
        2)Get out STRONG players!!!!
        3)Be in total control of your own alliances, not what others tell you!!!
        4) There is always a rat, eliminate them!!!!
        5)Align with floaters, you can make BIG moves with them!!!!
        6)You will have to piss people off, ITS PART OF THE GAME!!!!
        7)You will never see these people again!!!!
        8)YOUR PLAYING FOR $500,000
        9)YOUR PLAYING FOR $500,000
        10) YOUR PLAYING FOR $500,000

      • Comments (302)

        Bravo Annette – It always amazes me that some players seem to forget about 8,9 & 10.

    • Comments (35)

      Amanda’s own father said, with what seemed like a pained and disgusted look on his face, that Amanda gets what she wants..can you imagine having her as a daughter…how awful…she is disgusting.

      • Comments (228)

        They have to be extremely embrassed. Especially since they are in real estate business and deal with the public. You think they can find a hole big enough to stick their head in.

  38. Comments (15)

    How many “comps” have the bedsore couple won ?

  39. Comments (35)

    Dear Baby Jesus

    All I want for Xmas is for it to turn out Mcrae has been using TransManda this whole time and he humiliates her on TV in front of millions.

    Thank you

  40. Comments (1)

    This is the budget basement “Jerry Springer ” version of Big Brother. I used to look forward to thoughtful discussions of strategy but this year is just another version of “The Real Housewives of anywhere ” with all the over the top profanity, sexuality, racism and general nastiness. Production has ruined this season for me but with ratings being high, I guess a lot of people are looking for this kind of crap to entertain them. America I despair for you if this is a true representation of your society right now

  41. Comments (302)

    It’s just incredible how much Gina Marie hates Candice. At least a dozen times a day she brings up how much she hates her. Maybe some of you have watched a lot of live feeds and know better than I do. Did Candice ever do anything that offensive to GM? I just can’t remember anything other than trying to defend herself during the bed toss and then while being voted out(both sides got in their licks on that one). Now in the middle of conversations that have nothing to do with Candice – GM tosses in how much she hates Candice. It’s peculiar & disturbing behavior.

    • Comments (228)

      I just think GM and Aaryn are hard core racist and do not like black people at all.

      • Comments (166)

        Thats very obvious..when players have been out of the house this long & you still talk down about them..maybe GM should start playing the game & talking strategy & figuring out her next move..haven’t seen that at all..major floater!!!!!

    • Comments (86)

      GM is bat shit crazy!! BB is making her see a shrink in her D.R. sessions. I hope they have security for Candice if she makes it back in the house. I think gm will attack her. It is disturbing how she still talks shit about her.

  42. Comments (343)

    Helen destroyed her OWN game, not Elissa. Helen had power for two weeks to evict Amanda….and did nothing. Don’t blame Elissa for Helen’s stupidity. Some politician Helen will make….another dumb one.

  43. Comments (35)

    i think amanda is mentally disturbed..i mean joke

    • Comments (875)

      I totally agree with you! I may be wrong, but I believe Aaryn, & Amanda are also Bipolar! How else do you explain such craziness! And GM, she has some serious mental issues.

      In all my years of viewing Big Brother, I have Never ever seen a cast that is so Looney Tunes, you might see 1, or 2 people in a season, but the whole cast is koo-koo. One minute you think Aaryn is open to getting rid of Amanda, then you turn around, and she is exposing the whole plan to Amanda! And the sad part is that Aaryn Knows Amanda, & McCrae is using her!

      Amanda craziness is insanity…Tonight she took of her bra in front of all the male HG, and said look how big my t*tties are!?!?

      As for GM…there are no words, this woman really needs to seek help when she gets out of the house.

      The rest, Helen Elissa, Spencer, McCrae, & Andy feed off of the Craziness from the characters listed above. Elissa is fighting for Helen to stay in the House, and when she leaves the HOH , Helen starts throwing her under the bus, because Andy said she threatened him…ugh

      • Comments (1288)

        I am surprised at the number of people on medications on the show. Perhaps the Americans with Disabilities Act prevents them from excluding players on those grounds.

  44. Comments (35)

    i am just floored that amanda cannot figure out why elise cannot stand aaryn..BECAUSE she is a racist….these morons cant even get this on their radar…that maybe SOMEONE finds their behavior unforgivable…what idiots..make this season end so they can see what the rest of the world thinks of them

  45. ashamed to be watching
    Comments (12)

    I keep hoping that they will find a way to fix this mess. I really wish that they would give these so called players some booze they will get drunk and run their mouth and just maybe Andy will hear with his own ears that he and Aaryn are the next targets .Maybe then he will do the right thing and tell Aaryn and the will come together vote out Spencer.That way Helen can stay and (judd ,jessie or candice could come back,and they could work together to get out amanda. Then they could take out andy and get on with the game ! I know it would never happen but that is what I keep hoping for ! Thanks for listening

    • Comments (77)

      The only problem with Judd coming back in, he will be on the Amanda and McCrae wagon. I think the same thing about Jessie. I would hate for Candice to come back in and face all the racial slurs she would face with GM, Aaryn and Amanda. That will only leave Helen that might come back in and make a move assuming she or Elissa would win the HOH.

  46. Comments (610)

    Wow, after watching tonight’s show, I’m just stunned, smh. Helen and Aaryn both had clear opportunities to make HUGE moves in the game by getting Amanda out. But noooo, they went with the “house” (Amanda). Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! I would like to see Aaryn switch it up & everyone vote out Spencer tomorrow, but that’s about as likely as me winning the lottery.

  47. Comments (610)

    Hmmm, on jokers site it says Aaryn was holding her nail polish remover bottle & just tipped it back & drank from it. Apparently her HOH crew saw it happen & asked what was up with that. Aaryn said she thought it was her water bottle. Obviously she went to DR for medical attention.

  48. Comments (1288)

    Oh my, from the nice people over at Joker’s

    12:53 AM Aaryn said the black llama had a white baby. Spencer asked if they named it James Earl Ray. Aaryn didn’t get the joke. NT
    12:48 AM Aaryn has a black llama named Martin Luther. Andy was surprised & Aaryn got defensive, saying she didn’t name it. Her dad did. NT

    I guess the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. And Spencer while still not PC is actually getting funnier, that was quick.

  49. Comments (15)

    lets see if they come up with a comp where Elissa can use her yoga as an sdvantage…like doing tasks while upside down

    • Comments (1288)

      Or maybe something like balancing on a log…oh wait.

    • Comments (1162)

      Tonight’s Comp – Endurance

      “Do YOU Have the Balls to Win BB?”
      No music –
      While hanging on to slippery, rotating balls through rain, wind and snow, the HGs will
      hear taped comments said by each of the HGs which might help provide personal
      motivation for them to HANG ON AND PLAY THE DARN GAME!!!
      Let it all hang out. Racist comments. Backstabbing. All of it.

      “She said THAT about me?”
      “He said THAT about me?”
      “What the hell!!”
      “You’re NOT my friend!”
      “I’ll NEVER let YOU WIN!!”


      “The Truth Shall Set You Free!”

    • Comments (1162)

      Comps favoring Amanda.




  50. Comments (1288)

    No idea about tonight’s game but a complaint in general. They need more comps that expose alliances and alignments. Something along the line of Helen’s BBQ win. They would be less effective now with the herd thinned but they might have opened some eyes earlier. Something like winner and 3 people get to watch movie screening in BY with all the trimmings. You saw how Jessie freaked over almost missing the BBQ. Pokes like that could have got the house buzzing.

  51. Comments (35)

    I finally figured out why TransManda gets under my skin…she is like a lower class (if possible) Bethany Frankel…..ugh…grating voice, narcissistic, a user, a permanent victim..look at me, look at me….maybe she can start a line of Chubby Girl liquors…

  52. Comments (15)

    I’m hoping Helen comes back and wins HOH and puts up Amanada and Aaryon!!! that would be such a huge game change and it will make Amanda sweat a bit since she has soo much control over everyone!!!!!!!

    • Comments (77)

      She would need to put up Amanda and McCrae. Just in case McCrae won the POV, he could only save himself. Then put up Andy. I think the majority of the house like Andy better than Amanda so then she would go. Aaryn and GM would save Andy and so would Elissa. That would be enough votes.

  53. Comments (2)

    Did ANYONE else notice Elissa CHEATED during the VETO comp??? If you listen to the rules, it CLEARLY STATES THE HG HAVE TO SLIDE DOWN ON THEIR BOTTOMS. Fast forward to the “Candice” ( I think it’s the 3rd or 4th) answer & you’ll see everyone BUT Elissa slide down on their bottoms but Elissa RAN down the slide giving her the tiny bit of s lead. I caught it right away but to be sure, I watched it again & sure enough…what we saw was right….SHE RAN DOWN THE SLIDE. I do like Elissa, but still FAIR is FAIR. I did notice someone twittered this fact to CBS but I think they cared. Any ways – just wondering if ANYONE else noticed the same thing???

    • Comments (1288)

      I missed that, not surprising as she has gotten special privileges the entire show.

    • Comments (1162)

      I didn’t catch that and Amanda and McCrae in
      the Cheering Section surprisingly didn’t too.
      : 0

      Since we already knew Elissa won, I was watching for her running up
      the slide because so many of the HGs had been talking about that part
      of the comp..

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