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Big Brother 15 – Weird Week Coming To A Close


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I know this is a bit late, but with my daughter starting school this week, my sleep has been all out of whack.  Not only that, my cat doesn’t know what to make of it, so he’s meowing for food at random times…  not that anyone cares, but that’s my exciting life.

So before I begin on the feeds, I finally caught up with the last 2 shows of Big Brother.. Sunday and last night.  As far as Sunday’s episode goes, people need to relax with the conspiracy theories.  Like I said on Thursday night, she was clearly getting sprayed by the hose, and it showed it on the episode.  Don’t believe everything you read from random people on different sites.

The veto show, well that was a typical zingbot episode. I am in camp McCrae, we both think the zingbot is incredibly annoying and I’ll be shocked if he has more than one decent zinger per season.  The best zing of the night came when Amanda said both the zingbot and Elissa are made of plastic, but then when you realized Amanda has fake boobs, it kind of kills that joke.   Speaking of Amanda, they sure made her look pretty crazy, and well, she pretty much made herself look crazy.  It was a mediocre strategy at best (to piss off Elissa to get GM up for some reason), and it was so poorly executed that Amanda made herself look like a huge ass who needs to get out of the house.

Way to go, Amanda.  Your strategy made little sense, and it made you hated by the fans that much more.  If that’s what you were going for, then congrats?  (this is clearly the downfall of a once powerful alliance, and it’s kind of sad to see it go out like Hurricane Jessie)

Regarding the feeds yesterday, well this thread speaks for itself. The biggest news is that Aaryn and Judd shared a little kissy kissy sometime around 6:15pm, and then snuggled a bit in bed around 3am.  Keep working that vote, Aaryn… oh wait, you ‘stopped’ campaigning.

I’ll keep an eye on the feeds throughout the day, but honestly on Thursday the house is mostly staring in the mirror getting ready for the live show tonight.

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  1. Comments (357)

    I agree Steve! I don’t get live feeds, but when I saw Amanda’s behavior on last nights show. I was appalled! She just keeps digging a hole deeper and deeper for herself! SMH

    • Comments (357)

      Also, how awkward was the conversation between Amanda and MnCrae last night on BBAD? McCrae really not wanting meet or his parents to meet Amanda’s parents? RED FLAG Amanda! In other words…he’s just not that into you!

      • Comments (453)

        Their conversations were sickening after BBAD, want Amanda on the block and voted out like two weeks ago!

      • Comments (86)

        I didn’t see that. It would make my day if Spencer told Amanda that McCrae sort of has a girl back home and he isn’t sure if he will stay with Amanda after the show.. (I’m not sure if he said that to Spencer or Judd) She would flip out and have a total meltdown.

      • Comments (357)

        Last nights conversation confirmed my suspicions. I doubt that the girl back home would have anything to do with him after this show!

      • Comments (86)

        I don’t think Amanda or McCraes old flames would take them back. You are right kecker Amanda was upfront about having someone back home. I forgot about that. I don’t think I will ever understand her loosing a baby and then what maybe 2 or 3 weeks later be sleeping with another man. And on t.v. I feel bad for her. I truly think she needs allot of metal health dr.s to help her. She is in for a rude awakening when she re-enters the real world. I hope she doesn’t read about herself on the internet.

      • Comments (610)

        Amanda seems quite full of herself so I think she will be reading all the stuff on the internet as soon as she can. As you said Jackie, she’s in for quite a rude awakening.

      • Comments (651)

        The other day after she got her meds went back Demanda said “They” (we don’t know who they are but)said I shouldn’t search myself on the internet for at least a year. Who are “They” and why are They telling her this?

      • Comments (118)

        Production more than likely

      • Comments (293)

        If he wins, she might.

      • Comments (293)

        I don’t see the message to which I was replying, but my answer “If he wins, she might” is a response to McCrae’s girl back home taking him back.

      • Comments (158)

        Well hasn’t Amanda said something to the same respect. That she sort of had a guy back home and she’s going to have to deal with that when she gets home. Granted she told that to McCrae so at least she’s up front about it.

      • Comments (768)

        I posted three links on here to the Amanda freakout that are on You Tube and I guess Beans didn’t like them because they were awaiting moderation and now they are totally deleted. What’s up Beans? You prefer that people pay for the live feeds instead of watching things for free on You Tube?

      • Comments (4)

        It actually is posted!

      • Comments (120)


      • Comments (2)

        LOL…so it wasn’t just me that felt the cringe of McCrea’s lack of response to Amanda’s “Meet the Parents” plan….and the sad part is I don’t think Amanda even had a clue…perhaps she needs to watch the live feeds lol…the look on his face was PRICELESS!

      • Comments (8)

        Amanda is TOO OLD for that kid. She should be ashamed. She’s using him too.

    • Comments (25)

      I’m not an amanda fan, but it did feel wrong when Elisa couldn’t help but laugh at Amanda when amanda wanted to talk game. I think that is what pushed her over the edge of sanity.

      Amanda went too far, but I can’t stand Elissa. I wish they would get in a fist fight and both get kicked out.

      • Comments (302)

        Amanda had just made an ass of herself screaming at Elissa & Gina Marie in the kitchen … questioning what they were talking about and the accusing them of plotting against her. Then Amanda gets Elissa in the HOH room chastising her for conversing with Gina Marie saying it’s so obvious GM is just kissing Elissa’s butt because she’s HOH. Then Amanda starts in on nominating McCrae and begins her fake crying act. I would of freakin’ laughed in her face too. It is amazing how McCranda try to turn these slights that they bring upon themselves into being disrespected. Hell I lost respect for this power couple months ago.

      • Comments (86)

        I am far understanding Amandas logic for why her and McCrae can’t be nominated and put on the block. Why does she think they are sooo special?? They are not a power couple. A power couple imo wins all the time.

      • Comments (77)

        I agree Jackie. They are not a power couple. When Brenchal was in the house, they competed 100% and they didn’t send others in to do their dirty work. The same thing with Jeff and Jordan. Jeff competed 100% and Jordan (bless her heart) tried to compete. They did not send someone else in the do their dirty work either.

      • Comments (120)


      • Comments (120)

        I just saw a picture from today of Amanda & Mcgrea taking
        a shower together. This girl has no SHame or no CLASS
        THE AMANDA SHOW?????????????????????????????????

      • Comments (34)

        I agree! I was so irritated that Amanda was getting SO worked up over Elissa and GM talking in the kitchen and having a potential “alliance”…. How dare ANYONE else in this game have an alliance. Give me a break.

        It also annoyed me so much when Amanda started giving Aaryn crap about picking Judd for the Veto competiton. It is an ALLIANCE… not Queen Amanda and her minions (though in her mind it is..) The truth is Aaryn DOES have to save herself, especially when put against her own alliance member and she shouldn’t be made to feel like crap for it.

      • Comments (77)

        But Meagan, you notice that Aaryn ran right to Amanda trying to say she was sorry because Amanda was mad. At least Aaryn was picking the best competitor that was left.

      • Comments (34)

        Yeah, that’s what I mean. Amanda got mad at her and Aaryn had to go apologize but what kind of alliance is that. Aaryn shouldn’t have to explain herself to Amanda for trying to save herself, Amanda never does that. All I’m saying really is that it annoys me how unequal their alliance is. I guess that’s how it goes….

      • Comments (233)

        Exactly! I cringed when Aaryn apologized. Amanda said something like “you were not thinking about what’s best for the alliance”. What? If Aaryn is supposedly part of 3AM then choosing Judd to fight for her by winning veto would be helping the 3AM alliance. We know Amanda’s lying to her, it’s really 2AM. Yet Amanda acts outraged–she can only think of herself yet pretends it’s all for the team.

      • Comments (25)

        Elissa was so excited that she thought she was going to back door amanda, then about started crying when she won pov. Both these women are horrible. I want them both gone, never to return.

      • Comments (14)

        Taxman your as well liked as Amanda you two should hook up your such a ass like her you two would make a purrrfect couple.

      • Comments (20)

        I don’t know about a fist fight between Amanda and Elissa. There’s something strange about Amanda; she walks like a man, she talks like a man, she smokes like a man, she even eats like a man. Remember: if it quacks like a duck etc etc, it is a duck. I think Elissa suspects the same.

      • Comments (768)

        She also gets the top all the time too! What’s up with that? 🙂

      • Comments (453)

        Because McCrae gets dizzy if his head is off the pillow! (expiration point)

      • Comments (768)

        LMAO good one! 🙂

      • Comments (6)

        There’s something dreadfully wrong with our society when the worst thing you can say about someone is that they are like the other gender. Men are accused of being like woman to humiliate them…and when women are loud or large (or both) they are accused of being like men.

        As if there’s something wrong with men or women. Why is that a put-down?

        As a transgender woman myself I’ve heard it my whole life. Thank goodness I’m in a world of friends and family who don’t feel there’s something intrinsically wrong with me for displaying characteristics of both genders.

        Men and women generally like each other…love each other… Why would you use a comparison to the other gender as a put-down?

      • Comments (1)

        you forgot shes shape like man

      • Comments (2)

        A-Man-Da! LOL!

      • Comments (120)


      • Comments (56)

        Moms see tears all the time! It get easy to ignore the plea when I child begs for something you are not going to give them. Amanda is still a child begging for candy at the check out counter, she was told no and when crying didn’t work she moved to screaming tactics…neither worked.

      • Comments (2)

        I wish all of you would realize that Amanda is fed up with all the stupidity of the house. I did not see anything wrong with how she treated Elissa. Elissa who makes comments about weight and how a person looks. She was the one making comments about her being better than everyone else. Elissa is the wack job and needs mental health care stat. Amanda is just more aggressive than most, if she was a guy they would say she is aggressive, but because she is a woman she is a bitch. I have not seen at anytime where I think she is as bad as Helen adn Elissa made her out to be. Grow up people. Elissa feels everyone is beneath her. Aryn was the same way in the beginning. I wish Aryn awould stick with her alliance ans well as GM, gert rid of Andy as everyone LOVES Andy and he would get every jury vote.

      • Comments (1)

        I agree. Why don’t you ever see anybody bitching about how Elissa acts? I like Amanda and I defend her. Just BC she said mean things about Elissa doesn’t mean anything. Elissa talks about Amanda being fat and ugly and she is dar from being fat or ugly. Plus you don’t say shit about a woman losing her baby like that. I would’ve punched Elissa in the face if that was me. I’ve lost a child you don’t want it thrown up on your face like that. I’ve heard CBS is making Amanda apologize and leave the show, but what about Elissa apologizing to her? At least Amanda had the guts to say it to her face elissa just talks shit behind her back and runs away. Plus I think the whole racism and homophobia comments was way worse and aaryn is still saying and acting racist and homophobic by her words and actions, but GM and Spencer were making fun of Asians right along with her last night, or the other night whenever it was. Plus Amanda stood up for Candice when the racism comments started.

      • Comments (34)

        First of all, the mere mention that Amanda may have lost a baby is completely suspect. I, too, have lost a baby, and I cann assure you that starting a reality television series was the last thing on my mind in the days and weeks following. So for anyone to question that, is totally understandable; especiall since she had no problem hopping into bed with McNasty so soon afterwards!

        No, I would not appreciate that being thrown back in my face either, but nor would I put myself in a position with anyone else where they would even think to throw that back in someone’s face.

        Secondly, how is it that you feel that Elissa’s mention of that is crossing the line, but condone attacking someone’s living children and threatening to kill them in their sleep and bathe in their blood? Please help me understand that logic???

        Amanda is a vile human being. She has pushed everyone’s buttons in that house for weeks. She has attacked them personally with racist comments and attacked their familes. I am not a fan of Elissa either, but she is the ONLY one who has stood up to Amanda in that house. She deserved whatever Elissa threw back at her and then some.

        I sincerely hope your support of Amanda does not reflect your moral compass. I would hate to think there are too many more like her breathing the same air as the rest of us who have a problem with bullying and death threats on live television!

      • Comments (407)

        InsAgent if you would like to see how “aggressive” Amanda is and has been throughout the season, go to amanda zuckerman and check out the list of videos for yourself. Not only does it show how badly she has acted, but the rest of the hg’s as well, even Judd on #8 calling Candice names.

      • Comments (407)

        oops..this doesn’t bring up the site I wanted it to, so you need to type it in and include the name Amanda Zuckerman so it brings up the correct page.

        type– amanda zuckerman and it is the first site.

      • Comments (77)

        InsAgent, what you saw on TV was maybe 10% compared to all that Amanda did to Elissa. What was shown on TV would have been considered normal compared to the entire tirade that Amanda showed.

      • just another fan
        Comments (48)

        The thing is, in terms of class and character, she is above them.

      • Comments (52)

        I think Elissa’s response was perfect. There is no better way to deal with a whining brat upset because she’s not getting her way than to laugh in their face. If that laugh is what pushed her over the edge then that fault is Amanda’s and needs to be addressed in a mental health setting.

        (And, just for the record – you can rant at me or laugh in my face all you want when $500k is on the line I’m not ‘fist fighting’ anyone.)

      • Comments (357)

        Oh yeah! That will solve everything Taxman(NOT)!

      • Comments (8)

        Amanda used HOH to get rid of who she wanted out. Elissa won by working for it. Amanda was too old to play her own game.

    • Comments (768)

      Anytime you miss something like that you can usually watch it on You Tube within a few hours of it happening….

      • Comments (407)

        Rob, why does production let Amanda get away with blowing this horn when any other hg even sings a line of a song, they tell them to stop singing?? That makes no sense to me, but of course, we are talking about Amanda and production.

      • Comments (768)

        You’re asking ME to explain it?? LOL I do know the reason they won’t allow them to sing… it’s because if they do then CBS has to pay a royalty to the publishing company and we all know how cheap CBS is when it comes to this show. They can’t even buy decent dressers for them to keep their things in and instead use old filing cabinets??

      • Comments (407)

        Yep, you’re right, never thought about that. I have heard Happy Birthday sung on shows and the comment made “that will cost us money!”

      • Comments (1162)

        Thanks, Rob

    • Comments (6)

      Her behavior was even worse on the live feeds.

    • Comments (1446)

      Totally disgusted by Amanda’s racist remarks(yet again) about Asian people on BBAD last night. Even Aaryn was sort of embarrassed at first, but then joined right in – with McCrae laughing the whole time. God, these people are ignorant!!
      Later, they(GM included) trash Jessie and Candice discussing how they are in the Jury house performing sex acts on each other( and Amanda says she is tuned on by it).
      And does Spencer ever stop thinking about pornography??
      Where did they find these idiots?

  2. Comments (19)

    I can’t stand Aaryn, but because McCranda wants Aaryn out over Andy I hope Andy goes home this week. At the very least it will piss off Amanda, and then possibly Aaryn can win HOH and put up McCrae and Amanda, since she wins a lot.

    • Comments (120)


      You are right on the money Andy should go tonight but the people in the
      house this season are stupid. They are just the extras in the Amanda
      Mcrea Show not Big Brother

      • Comments (19)

        I know. Nothing has been exciting at all. I thought at first maybe Elissa could flip things and get rid of Amanda but her original nominations really were stupid thinking. This should have been an exciting week, instead Amanda decides to win something and Elissa screwed up her own game with nominating McCrae and Aaryn.

  3. Comments (453)

    Weird week one ending, weird week two beginning.

  4. Comments (45)

    I was shocked when I saw Amanda making disparaging racial comments regarding Asians last night on BBAD. I thought this would be breaking front page news! It was horrible on so many levels and am disappointed that CBS has not booted her out the diary room door. McCrae made a comment that indicated he knew what Amanda was saying was very wrong yet he did nothing to stop it.

    • Comments (407)

      McCrae was probably thinking…I wonder if Julie Chen is watching this??

    • Comments (43)

      I caught a youtube clip of Amanda saying she wanted to rape Jessie and kill her with a butter knife when Jessie was still in the house, I’m not really sure how the show can keep her on after this, especially how the houseguests get so fired up and angry, I have watched bb since season 2 but can’t remember the exact season when a male houseguest put a knife to a female guests neck and whispered he was gonna kill her, he was evicted from the house that day. Anyone remember that? point is, she talked about doing it while she was angry, not much different, and she is unstable, Amanda should have been kicked out after that. And did anyone else feel awkward and embarrassed watching her make a fool of herself in her grandmom bathrobe last night?

      • Comments (26)

        I agree with you, Amanda is definitely the most unstable show contestant I’ve seen in some time. So disappointed in CBS for not releasing her from the show.

    • Comments (120)

      AMANDA HAS GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (120)

      VOTE HER OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Comments (86)

    All Amanda accomplished was making herself look like a damn fool. I’m not a pro/Elissa fan but I would love to see her outlast Amanda, McCrae, and Ratboy. Elissa showed she has very thick skin and is here to stay till the end. If she was going to self evict it would have happened the other day. I have never been more anxious to watch a t.v. than I am now waiting to find out if the rumor is true about Amanda leaving the show tonight. Just a few more hours. My head is spinning with all the possibilities. If she does leave the show will they still vote out Aaryn or Andy? I would prefer to still evict one of them.

    • Comments (4)

      I don’t think that rumor is true. It’s similar to the ‘Amanda is the predetermined winner’ rumor. People will believe what they want to believe.

    • Comments (158)

      Elissa is pregnant.

      Spencer is really a girl.

      Judd has a tail.

      Andy has a under-formed siamese twin still attached.

      These are all totally true. I have a friend that works for NASA and they have a spy satellite aimed at the house and they can totally verify all of these.

      If you can’t trust an anonymous person on the internet who posts bizarre rumors without any shred of evidence, who can you trust, am I right?

      • Comments (407)

        Kecker, I’m beginning to think CBS created the rumor of Amanda leaving just to generate high ratings this week. So many people have said they no longer watch the show, and I think this is their way of getting people to tune in. I would be very surprised if there is any truth to it, although I can hope.

      • Comments (610)

        I agree jojo, I was thinking the same thing.

    • Comments (120)

      I AGREE WITH YOU 100%.

  6. Comments (316)

    I really dislike this season. What if they bring back EVEL DICK to join this years cast in the final hour? Let him battle it out until the end with the remaining houseguests.Does anyone like this idea?

  7. Comments (45)

    Why does a comment have to await moderation?

    • Comments (610)

      That happened to me the very first time I posted something. I assume there is some sort of verification process to ensure we are ‘regular’ people & not some robo-computer commentary user id/email address. Totally just my guess though.

  8. Comments (16)

    Amanda was SO out of line!!

    They didn’t even show the bulk of her evil rampage that day. Amanda also sat condoms all over Elissa’s room w/ milk in it. That along with laying out sanitary napkins and laying red sauce on them. Just random meanness around those lines. The feeds then went off for a while. I do think that the Wednesday showing did a nice job at giving the viewers the gist of what happened that evening.

    • Comments (18)

      Why is Amanda allowed to continue her torment on House guess while in past seasons house guess who have done far less got the boot pronto. right out the Diary room door. Do not pay her off for bad behaviour and do not give her a eviction nom., just remove Amanda from the game completely. Media is saying that Amanda Zuckerman’s family are being targeted well as I don’t agree with that action either, maybe Amanda’s family will understand what kind of torment their daughter has been to the other house guess. If the tweets and rumors are true about Amanda self evicting tonight on live feed and getting moneys for keeping quiet I would like to see that production all get penalized for allowing the Bullying, Threats and Torment to go on for several weeks now. CBS Should re-evaluate their contract with Big brother should Big Brother keep Allison Grodner and her staff at the helm. Just my Opinion!

    • Comments (120)

      Amanda is a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Comments (1)

    Boy, Amanda was really strapping on the old feed bag last night!

  10. Comments (12)

    Amanda is really a nasty person . I don’t like her ,but I thought for someone that had never won anything before the last POV ,that she was playing a good game . I don’t watch the feeds ,but her behavior last night was just so hard to watch .I really hope someone has the guts to put up Mcranda together .

  11. Comments (610)

    I read the title to this particular blog & my brain read it as “Worst Season Ever – – Coming to an End”. Wishful thinking I suppose, lol.

  12. Comments (45)

    I have heard from my friend who has an uncle who is a cameraman at CBS say that GinaMarie is related to JoJo from BB14.

  13. Comments (1)

    Last nights evil and vindictive rant of Amanda’s against Elisa and Gena-Marie was Verbal Abuse and Bullying. Therefore Amanda should be removed from the game. No one should be subjected to that kind of treatment.

  14. Comments (79)

    The production crew needs to refill Amanda’s prescription for cramitall.

  15. Comments (24)

    Just being honest here, I LAUGHED SO HARD I CRIED WHEN ELISSA STARTED LAUGHING AT AMANDA HAHAHAH, good for her, let me tell you, what she does this week may get her canned next week but by gosh she is having the best HOH of the season, and rubbing it in too, Love the now you know how it feels comments, and I am so glad she made it to the time of Jury, She was dammed from the start just for being Rachels sister, and now she is showing them….. GO ELISSA GO. I would play the same way….

    • Comments (453)

      Amanda had the audacity to flip out over Elissa laughing when she was crying, but during GM’s nomination speech she called Candice a rat and Jessie a flip flopper and Amanda sat there laughing her a$$ off with Judd, and this was on the show. Why shouldn’t Elissa laugh, she knew Amanda was just telling another lie.

    • Comments (34)

      I loved that too. After weeks upon weeks of living with Amanda on her high horse I wouldn’t have been able to contain my glee either. It’s great to see Elissa on top for once and I’m so happy that she’s not falling for any of Amanda’s BS.

  16. Comments (10)

    You would think Julie Chen would be quite irate about their comments & reactions last night. She was pretty mad at the comments made before & last nights were even worse! Amanda came right out & said “I hate Asians! ” smh. Can’t believe they’re letting her & the others get away with the stuff they do.

    • Comments (610)

      Amanda has made enough comments about various people groups, I think she’s offended almost all of them. Now tell me how she’s gonna be able to sell any houses after she gets back to the real world. And try for any job with any kind of background check or security clearance…probably not gonna happen.

  17. Comments (56)

    Love reading comments and catching up and thanks to Rob for the links. My husband thinks Amanda is one of those people who does whatever she wants and asks for forgiveness later. Me, I look at her and say “Yikes!”. I’m not afraid of her, but I wouldn’t give her something important to deliver to our boss if we worked together. She’s the type to shred it and when asked where it was say “Oh, I’m sorry I must of shredded it by accident. I’ll tell the boss you didn’t get it done.” Elisa and GM handle her well by just laughing her off. Me, I might just go off on her and accomplish nothing but making myself look as bad as her. No win situation.

  18. Comments (85)

    ha-ha Amanda the chin, you know like crazy Jimmy the chin? wearing the bathrobe acting all crazy and whatnot! LMAO! I just love that girl and her tramp stamp! I really hope she goes to the end, whoever goes against her is guaranteed to win!

  19. Comments (16)

    They really dropped the ball on casting this year, they had the potential to make a good message out of all the bullying but didn’t. In the last few years there has been so much media coverage on bullying in and out of schools that bb could have used this opportunity to display that bullying would be met with consequences but they didn’t instead they’ve just showed that it will get you far in the game. They should give their heads a shake and crack down on the idiots in the house

  20. Comments (610)

    So it appears that Aaryn is out the door tonight (but I’m not 100% sure). I wonder if she will get a real, live audience tonight, or if it will be another CBS staff fill-in audience??

  21. Comments (2)

    Aaryn’s behavior last night is appalling…I hope that Judd is smart enough to see through her little about desperation…..I wonder if she would be so “affectionate” if Judd wasn’t caucasion…I don’t know how this predudice little girl has stayed this long in this house…hopefully today the house will get it’s act together and do the right thing and say a fond farewell to Aaryn!

  22. Comments (74)

    Aaryn: “when I get out of the Big Brother House I’m going to establish my career.” LMFAO

    I laughed when Elissa spit her drink out. She’s so much more likeable than her sister. Now Amanda trying to do an Evel Dickish bit was cringe worthy! It didn’t work for her at all and I loved how they showed Elissa laughing the entire time. I hope Amanda is so embarrassed when she watches herself!!!!!!!

    They went back to race-bashing again last night on After Dark. You would think since Amanda is Jewish and her religion and culture have been a target for that sort of vile that she would be more empathetic?????

    This was the most disgusting season of pathetic low lives minus a few.

    I lost respect for Judd being attracted to Aaryn knowing what she is. Horny or not MAN the F UP!!!!!!!!

    Proud Team Elissa 🙂

  23. Comments (407)

    GM seems to be in a lot of pain from her back injury, so let’s hope the HOH comp will not be physical. She or Judd really need to win this week (that is if their alliance with Elissa is real.)

    • Greetings from Spain
      Comments (5)

      Oh, I hope she gets better! Not only is she part of an alliance to dethrone McManda, but also the only one who actually stands up to Amanda. I like GM a lot now. Wow, I’m shocked…

  24. Comments (1)

    I’m not sure if anyone has mentioned this or not, but has anyone noticed how McCrea to always seems to be in a fetal position? No matter where he is, on the couch, in the chair, or where ever he is, he is curled up biting his nails? I was so thankful to see them take a shower last night…at least I knew he bathed in the last week!!!

  25. Comments (1)

    i do not like amanda she was ok at 1st but she has gone 222222 far she is a brat and i hope she sees all these mean coments and mayb she will change….. o wait amanda will never change cause shes a stuck up snobby brat who runs the house 4 some reason(mayb cause shes a big scary what ever she is cause she sure as hall aint a human being, maybe she works 4 the devil) and she cries when she doesnt win something…..and she calls elissa the baby well i think every1 can aggree with me when i say elissa is not the cyrbaby its her….. truth hurts…..

  26. Comments (9)

    Starred watching the hoh comp everyones wearing bunnie ears did ya see amanda pull hers off ought to be a automatic your out anybody have comments on this

  27. Comments (8)

    Just get her out of that house, please.

  28. Comments (8)

    Go GM, give Amanda some NY style loud talking back to. Goooooooooooooo Gina M.

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