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Big Brother 15 – Another Wild Night In The House

July 24, 2013 | 67 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


I’m going to put it right out there, this is the most entertaining season of Big Brother in a few years now.  Yea, I know some writers have had their wet dream over bashing the show for some of the comments made, but I am enjoying it especially after random blowups like last night.  The afternoon Elissa meltdown was mentioned on two of my recent posts, and if you flashback during any one of the re-tells from McCrae or Andy, they explain it pretty nicely.  To summarize that, Elissa thought McCrae and Andy were making fun of her and her religious views (they weren’t), and she went off on a tirade about it for hours.

Watch the feeds
Use the flashback feature!

I live blogged most of the afternoon and parts of the evening before taking a break to play a video game.  I figured the house was going to just remain tense, but not blow up until at least (today) or Thursday. Out of nowhere, twitter started blowing up and I crank up the feeds to see a house meeting in one of the bedrooms.  Howard, Spencer, Judd, Helen, Elissa, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jessie (sitting in a corner) all trying to clear the air on the rumors that were going around yesterday.  Those rumors were that Kaitlin had aligned with Spencer/Howard to form an alliance that would start going after McCrae, Helen, Elissa, etc.

During the afternoon session (before the tirade), Team McCranda convinced Elissa to vote out Kaitlin this week.  She was on board, but clearly uncomfortable with the decision due to her absolute hatred of all things Aaryn. I think this is why Elissa was tense the rest of the day, which resulted in the tirade against McCrae/Andy as well as the house meeting blowup.

Around 7:20pm or so, Elissa decided to take matters into her own hands and confront Kaitlin on the alliance.  At this point, Elissa decided she was going to just go rogue and vote however she wanted instead of how her alliance wanted.  I understand many will say she has that right, and she does, but like others in her alliance said, if you want to advance further in the game, sometimes you have to suck it up for a week or two. In fact, sucking it up is exactly why Elissa even has a chance to vote this week because people were ready to just get rid of her two weeks ago.  The reality is, for Elissa, the smarter move would be to vote out Kaitlin and worry about Aaryn when the numbers are more secure in her favor.

After about 40 minutes of buildup, the meeting started around 8:05pm with Elissa denying any involvement in anything, and putting the blame squarely on Aaryn.  The pair had some words during the meeting until GinaMarie stepped in and started rambling about god knows what.  The meeting was supposed to resolve the rumors, but it did nothing of the sort as the house was still as confused as it was prior to talking.  Elissa was expecting Helen or Judd to fall on their sword and take the heat for all of this, but when they sat their silently, the meeting ended with a lot of tension still in the house.

During many of the re-tells, Candice woke up and was told the story of the night by Helen.  Candice started passively blaming Amanda without naming her specifically, but then got more blunt as the conversation continued.  Amanda and Elissa were in the shower talking during the HoH lockdown earlier in the day, and Candice felt Amanda was spreading rumors about Kaitlin, alliances, Howard, etc.  I didn’t see the entire shower conversation, but from what I did see, Amanda was still chatting with Elissa about the religion/andy/mccrae issue.


When Amanda got wind of Candice constantly trying to stir the pot, she started to rage a bit but was also to contain herself while around her alliance.  The problem was when Amanda got called to DR and then went for a smoke, she no longer had people calming her down.  Outside with Candice, Amanda walked up to her on the hammock and confronted her about the whispers. Candice denied saying anything which forced Amanda to leave shouting things like ‘nobody in the house has any balls to say stuff to someones face’.

(Flashback to around 11:10pm to watch Amanda go off on Candice/Kaitlin)

I know that was a lot of reading, but I tried to describe it as best I could, and sometimes I babble.  If you’re wondering what it all means, this is what I gathered…

– Elissa completely alienated herself from the house. She will be lucky to make jury at this point
– Aaryn somehow has been made to look good by comparison
– There is a LOT of tension between Amanda and Candice/Howard, expect more blowups soon
– Aaryn still as the 5 votes required to stay in the house, unless someone flips (Helen, Andy, McCrae, Amanda, Jessie)
– People wondered if Elissa was just trying to get herself evicted for contract reasons

I have to run and do a few errands, but I’ll be watching the feeds as much as I can today.  Follow me on twitter to see if anything happens, or keep checking back here!

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