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Big Brother 15 – Another Wild Night In The House


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I’m going to put it right out there, this is the most entertaining season of Big Brother in a few years now.  Yea, I know some writers have had their wet dream over bashing the show for some of the comments made, but I am enjoying it especially after random blowups like last night.  The afternoon Elissa meltdown was mentioned on two of my recent posts, and if you flashback during any one of the re-tells from McCrae or Andy, they explain it pretty nicely.  To summarize that, Elissa thought McCrae and Andy were making fun of her and her religious views (they weren’t), and she went off on a tirade about it for hours.

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I live blogged most of the afternoon and parts of the evening before taking a break to play a video game.  I figured the house was going to just remain tense, but not blow up until at least (today) or Thursday. Out of nowhere, twitter started blowing up and I crank up the feeds to see a house meeting in one of the bedrooms.  Howard, Spencer, Judd, Helen, Elissa, Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jessie (sitting in a corner) all trying to clear the air on the rumors that were going around yesterday.  Those rumors were that Kaitlin had aligned with Spencer/Howard to form an alliance that would start going after McCrae, Helen, Elissa, etc.

During the afternoon session (before the tirade), Team McCranda convinced Elissa to vote out Kaitlin this week.  She was on board, but clearly uncomfortable with the decision due to her absolute hatred of all things Aaryn. I think this is why Elissa was tense the rest of the day, which resulted in the tirade against McCrae/Andy as well as the house meeting blowup.

Around 7:20pm or so, Elissa decided to take matters into her own hands and confront Kaitlin on the alliance.  At this point, Elissa decided she was going to just go rogue and vote however she wanted instead of how her alliance wanted.  I understand many will say she has that right, and she does, but like others in her alliance said, if you want to advance further in the game, sometimes you have to suck it up for a week or two. In fact, sucking it up is exactly why Elissa even has a chance to vote this week because people were ready to just get rid of her two weeks ago.  The reality is, for Elissa, the smarter move would be to vote out Kaitlin and worry about Aaryn when the numbers are more secure in her favor.

After about 40 minutes of buildup, the meeting started around 8:05pm with Elissa denying any involvement in anything, and putting the blame squarely on Aaryn.  The pair had some words during the meeting until GinaMarie stepped in and started rambling about god knows what.  The meeting was supposed to resolve the rumors, but it did nothing of the sort as the house was still as confused as it was prior to talking.  Elissa was expecting Helen or Judd to fall on their sword and take the heat for all of this, but when they sat their silently, the meeting ended with a lot of tension still in the house.

During many of the re-tells, Candice woke up and was told the story of the night by Helen.  Candice started passively blaming Amanda without naming her specifically, but then got more blunt as the conversation continued.  Amanda and Elissa were in the shower talking during the HoH lockdown earlier in the day, and Candice felt Amanda was spreading rumors about Kaitlin, alliances, Howard, etc.  I didn’t see the entire shower conversation, but from what I did see, Amanda was still chatting with Elissa about the religion/andy/mccrae issue.


When Amanda got wind of Candice constantly trying to stir the pot, she started to rage a bit but was also to contain herself while around her alliance.  The problem was when Amanda got called to DR and then went for a smoke, she no longer had people calming her down.  Outside with Candice, Amanda walked up to her on the hammock and confronted her about the whispers. Candice denied saying anything which forced Amanda to leave shouting things like ‘nobody in the house has any balls to say stuff to someones face’.

(Flashback to around 11:10pm to watch Amanda go off on Candice/Kaitlin)

I know that was a lot of reading, but I tried to describe it as best I could, and sometimes I babble.  If you’re wondering what it all means, this is what I gathered…

– Elissa completely alienated herself from the house. She will be lucky to make jury at this point
– Aaryn somehow has been made to look good by comparison
– There is a LOT of tension between Amanda and Candice/Howard, expect more blowups soon
– Aaryn still as the 5 votes required to stay in the house, unless someone flips (Helen, Andy, McCrae, Amanda, Jessie)
– People wondered if Elissa was just trying to get herself evicted for contract reasons

I have to run and do a few errands, but I’ll be watching the feeds as much as I can today.  Follow me on twitter to see if anything happens, or keep checking back here!

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  1. Comments (158)

    Bear me out here, as it involves some BB conspiracy level stuff.

    I’m wondering if CBS was feeling some heat from the racism stuff and at one point inform the House that racism/sexism/*-ism…basically any discrimination wouldn’t be tolerated and announced some new policy for dealing with/penalizing houseguests who went too far.

    Elissa in her quest to be as bat-shit crazy as her sister, decided to use this as a weapon and saw an opening when she thought she could spin McCrae/Andy as making fun of her religion. Basically the blow-up was to either try to force more comments by them, or else to create a situation where Big Brother steps in to punish McCrae/Andy/Amanda.


    • Comments (228)

      I agree. If u check ‘jokersupdate’ site and scroll down you will see a link where a employee of cbs was part of putting this show together. and leaks information that Amanda knows Allison Grodner very well and BB 15 is geared for Amanda to win. Elissa was put in the house only for a distraction. I knew something was fishy about this years BB.

      • Comments (51)

        now Amanda has a huge target in her back. a much bigger target than Elissa. Amanda has the brains for scheming but requires McCrae for competition (because she sucks at this).

        1. what happened when live feeds goes fishies?
        2. in the double eviction, how many nominees are on the chopping block?

      • Comments (158)

        Not sure I believe that the winner is pro-ordained, but I do think that the CBS lawyers told production they need to get the discrimination under control. Relaying how that’s going to happen to the house guests might be part of the fishies/lockdown stuff.

        And given the cut-throat nature of the game it’s not surprising that at least one person in the house would think “Hmmmm, how can I turn this into a weapon??”

        It’s also not hard for me to believe that Mrs. Bat-Shit Crazy herself has a sister who is crazy enough to think “OH! I know how!!!”

      • Comments (71)

        OK – in the beginning I thought this BB was DULL! But now I’m enjoying all the twists and turns – probably more than ever. Heck, I never ever became so interested in spoilers as I am this BB season!!!

        Born2shop says that Amanda knows someone connected to BB & that the show is geared for Amanda to WIN!! Yeah – I want Amanda to win – regardless of being rigged or not – she is sooooo entertaining!!!!

        And if Born2shop is correct – does that mean that Amanda has some inside information about McCrea???? Did Amanda know coming into the house that McCrea is some sort of genius because of her inside information???? I watched some of the live feeds on the TVGN thing and when McCrea and Amanda were in the HOH bathtub (with swimming suits on) McCrea asked Amanda how much a ticket to Florida cost. And then he said something about having a lot of “cleaning up to do back home” and Amanda asked him if he meant a girlfriend – and I think he said “yeah, sort of and other things.” So — if born2shop is right on and Amanda has inside info — maybe McCrea is more than what he claims to be? or not?

        McCrea and Amanda keep me entertained and I’m team Amanda and then Judd and then McCrea. As far as Elissa goes — I don’t get her at all.

        Yeah Amanda (my #1 pick) Regardless if she’s a plant or not!!!!!. Yeah Judd (my #2 pick). Go McCrea (my #3 pick). Yeah Andy (my #4 pick) Yeah Jessie (my #5 pick). Yeah Howard (my #6 pick). Yeah Candice (my #7 pick). the rest can go home.

        Oh – and I read somewhere — maybe here? someone commented that they think Andy has a twin playing??? I think that’s a long shot.

        Yeah, Amanda!!!!

        born2shop : July 24, 2013 at 11:23 am
        I agree. If u check ‘jokersupdate’ site and scroll down you will see a link where a employee of cbs was part of putting this show together. and leaks information that Amanda knows Allison Grodner very well and BB 15 is geared for Amanda to win. Elissa was put in the house only for a distraction. I knew something was fishy about this years BB.

  2. Comments (51)

    I’ve heard that conspiracy theories regarding Elissa craziness.

    1.Elissa purposely gave Kaitlin a heads up to ensure Aaryn go home.

    2.Elissa was instructed by production to stir-shit to ensure Aaryn goes home.

    3.Crazy & Stupid is Elissa middle name.

    4. According to Amanda, Elissa’s on a PMS Rampage.

    • Comments (228)

      I agree..CBS is under so much pressure and I would like the camera and mic’s to be in the DR room. Now that would be entertainment. I know that production influences each BB houseguests everytime they go in the DR. Last years winner Ian was on ‘Evil Dicks’ radio show and Ian spoke about one of his DR sessions where production was begging him to save Dan. Ian said they had 2 producers begging him to save Dan, but Ian said noooooooo….I’m guessing it was about Ian taking Dan to the end….

      • Comments (158)

        Agreed, plus we know they’re doing that this year. We already caught on the live feeds how production basically told Helen she couldn’t put up Howard.

      • Comments (768)

        They also showed it on BBAD, which was kind of surprising.

  3. Comments (10)

    Anyone see this? Elissa’s Brideilla appearance on Anderson…

    • Comments (228)

      she looks so different there. I didn’t even recognize her…Plastic surgery????

      • Comments (10)

        Could be. The fact that she had her bridesmaid take off her braces so they wouldn’t show in her wedding photos – and then changed her wedding date – shocked me. I actually saw this Anderson show but didn’t know who Elisa was at the time. I think she kept changing her wedding date even tho pple had already booked airline tickets, and so they lost their money when they had to cancel flights . Anderson should have given her bridesmaids the free trip to Mexico instead of Elissa!

      • Comments (1439)

        OMG I saw that Anderson too but didn’t realize until now that it was Elissa!! And did anyone see the David Tutera show where he planned Rachel and Brendon’s wedding? What a diasaster!! Elissa and her mother acted like divas and Rachel got so drunk that she hid under a bar and her sister-in-law had to carry her out of the reception.

      • Comments (39)

        is there a place i could watch that episode online???

      • Comments (228)

        Yes I seen the freebie wedding David did for her and she was such a pill to deal with. She was so drunk at the end and ended up under the table. How embarassing. Well I guess not for her because apparently she feels entitled.

  4. Comments (1)

    Hey… sorry I’m just a guy from ireland who hasn’t a clue, and this may sound stupid, but what is the HoH lockdown? can anybody explain?

    • Comments (453)

      when BB sends all of the house guests in to the hoh bedroom and they are locked in while production is doing something that the house guests can’t see.

  5. Comments (78)

    Elissa needs to go!!! She is awful. I don’t want to watch her anymore.

    • Comments (1162)

      “I don’t want to watch her anymore.”

      Then, stop watching Big Brother!!!

    • Comments (39)

      I don’t either. that doesn’t mean I don’t want to watch big brother, because I love the show. but I am at the point where I get aggravated for whoever is having a conversation with her, because it is like talking to a brick wall. She is an entitled brat! People seem to think if they aren’t team Elissa than they are Aaryn supporters, but I am neither. It’s a shame because I liked Elissa alot at the beginning but she is really bat shit crazy.

  6. Comments (1439)

    Helen doesn’t like drama and then she runs to Amanda to tell her what Candice told her out on the hammock about Amanda? What a biotch!! Candice has Amanda pegged exactly right and yet the rest of them seem to be under some sort of Mcranda spell – I don’t get it.

  7. Comments (1162)

    ELISSA blew a gasket!!!

    Right now, she isn’t in a good position inside of the House, however I have a feeling that the
    Amanda – Candice situation is about to take over the House – BIG TIME –
    and spare Elissa a bit of grief.

  8. Comments (453)

    Good for Elissa telling Kaitlin that everyone including Helen was lieing to her about being safe. Elissa finally woke up and realized that they are all just using her for a vote, ‘she wears her heart on her sleeve’ and is really too sensitive to be on such a cut throat show. To one person, Helen, who only likes the truth when it benefits her defends Elissa, and to another she pushes the hatred. Amanda is just as bad with the slurs and disgusting remarks against others, especially what she said about Elissa which shows what a sick mind she has.

    • Comments (1)

      Are you serious? Elissa is a cowardly, lying skank. She has absolutely NO game of he own. She is riding the coattails of her disgusting sister Rachel and Helen the Lackey. She needs to be evicted as soon as possible She is a totally disgusting excuse for a human being. I would take Aaryn over this complete phoney!

  9. Comments (3)

    I love how Judd seems like he is always just visiting his own HOH room!!! He is low key but come on…it’s YOUR HOH room!

    • Comments (768)

      LOL So true! The way McRae and Amanda just basically took it over irks me. I can only guess that the way he’s handling it is part of his game play… I hope anyway!

      • Comments (195)

        All night last night whenever anyone asked to use his shower or bathtub he said no problem you don’t even have to ask. He is a humble and beautiful human being. I felt so sad for him how Amanda and McCrae took over his room. He was just too nice to say anything…..but come on…this is his HOH and if people like us do not watch live feeds or read blogs they would think one of those two were HOH. So disrespectful IMO!!

  10. Comments (38)

    Can anyone tell me if this is true about Amanda? The date should be July 15th:

    “During this morning’s live feed, she was commenting about how dirty her hair was and how she has only been able to “washcloth clean” herself. Then she said: “I’ve taken like 14 Puerto Rican showers”. I think Andy said something about that comment being racist, and her first reaction was to say: “We don’t have any Puerto Ricans in the house”. Like that should make a difference. Then she laughed and said she was just joking, continued to laugh and said: “It’s just that Puerto Rican’s are smelly”. She kept laughing and McCray called her out telling her that her comments were racist. She said they weren’t, and said she was just joking again. Then she said: “Whatever, if the Puerto Rican alliance want to come after me, then they should shower more” These comments can be verified in the live feed. 9:15-isham house time, camera 3.”

    • Comments (453)

      She said it and what is more disgusting is her comment about Elissa, “she should have her throat slit so she doesn’t have a voice box to scream when she gets anal sex”

      • Comments (38)

        I don’t understand why CBS is making Aaryn and GinaMarie out to be such villains and Amanda has said just as many inappropriate things? Don’t get me wrong. What Aaryn has said was definitely inappropriate and mean, but she said it to 3 girls in her group after she was mad her bf got the boot. The things Amanda is saying are just as bad, but what makes it worse is they’re unprovoked. Why is she not being exposed like the rest of the girls???

      • Comments (528)

        Production apparently has a hard-on for Amanda. Some people are thinking she’s already been slated to win.

      • Comments (38)

        If Kaitlin goes home tomorrow, I’m going to stop watching the show and if I read that Amanda won, then I’ll stop watching CBS and tell anyone who will listen to me to stop watching the station.

      • Comments (51)

        yeah i’ve heard rumours in multiple website that bb15 is rigged for Amanda to win. Elissa is one of the show pet who’s purpose is to stir shit.

        and if Amanda does win, it also prove all those rumours with Allison Grodner, a prominent BB staff.

      • Comments (30)

        I completely agree with you and will follow your lead.

      • Comments (27)

        I have watch this show from the beginning and I have never been more appalled at the cast like this year!! is really sad that this people are getting away with this. Sad!!

      • Comments (233)

        Oh, I thought she said ” anal TASER.” , which completely horrified me. From that second on, I have disregarded Amanda. How pitiful that she thought that was funny.

      • Comments (30)

        What is wrong with this woman Amanda? How proud her parents must be of her and her tactical movements in her game……She has a disgusting mouth ….. McCrea is not who he appears to be….the two should be voted out asap.These 20 something adults are immature, lack class, and certainly have no idea how to diplomatically play this game without the slurs,racists remarks, and I firmly believe they have forgotten they are being watched ALL THE TIME. By the way folks, Elissa’s husband watches this show.

    • Comments (682)

      I just checked the feeds and on July 15th Amanda and McCrea were on the hammock talking and the video jumped from 9:21 pm to 9:41 pm. So it seems if it was said at that time BB deleted it.

    • Comments (682)

      I take it back. She did say it at 9:15 AM.

    • Comments (195)

      Yes I posted down below how Amanda is just as racists as the rest of those imbeciles……but of course she is kidding. People have forgotten because of the ignorance team how bad Amanda was too because they think she is playing a great game. Yes she talks a lot but what the heck has she won….those two have to go too.

  11. Comments (1)

    This is off topic but a friend and myself are trying to figure out which former bb cast member appeared very pregnant on the screen. It was in an early episode this season.

  12. Comments (195)

    Hmmm here’s a thought. Maybe because they have talked about production so much they got Elissa to melt down to take away from all the negative comments that had been made and focus on other drama.
    Now don’t get me wrong a couple of days ago I even posted how bizarre Elissa’s behaviour was with Judd but then I got to thinking. This girl who was targeted for no reason other than she was Rachels sister right from the beginning and then had to listen to all the racial, homophobic, women bashing comments for weeks has had enough. I believe she has morals and that is why she is hating on Aaryn so much and wants her out. It is very difficult and I know it is just a game but for a person who has morals to go along with not evicting a evil b##ch like Aaryn is making her skin crawl. I am sure she does believe that Kaitlin is the bigger threat but being in the house with Aaryn is just too much for her. And at least she is keeping these issues about racism in the forefront as everyone else seems to be forgetting what horrific people these three girls are…..(and Spencer)….but Aaryn the worst. I applaud her for sticking by her morals and am hoping that is true but can not see it being not…… because she does mention all the time about the racial comments and I think she does this so these people don’t forget that this has happened….so hoping I am right about this.
    Now, I like how Amanda called out Aaryn last week but she is no better than the other racists. I am sure a lot of you have seen the montage of footage on the internet where she is basically calling everyone the R word. Now for me that hits close to home as I have a child with special needs and I know before you call me on this that in the dictionary it is called mental retardation. It is still not acceptable these days to label anyone and she needs a refresher course in this as you do not go around calling everyone a re###d. If I was going to buy a house in Florida it would definitely not be from her. In fairness I know she thinks this is kidding around but she needs to grow up and know it is just as hurtful to my daughter and others in the same way as if she was spewing racial and homophobic comments.

    Thanks again for letting me do my rant. lol

    • Comments (453)

      Right on, you said it exactly as it is. Having had relatives who were mentally challanged, I look at it this way, they are God’s special angels and anyone who uses the r word or any negative remarks against them are the devil’s kin.

      • Comments (195)

        Thanks Peggi, you made me smile. My daughter has Down Syndrome and brings so much love to everyone she meets. My Dr. told me that these children are born to special mom’s but omgosh I am the lucky one. These children are put on this earth to show us how to love and accept unconditionally! As you can see she is the love of my life and so hated hearing Amanda’s comments!

      • Comments (453)

        Sambella, you are blessed and so is your little angel.

      • Comments (195)

        Love u xox Peggi and that is from my daughter Isabella as I read your comment to her and she said oh mom you always say I’m your angel so I said see other people think so too! She thought that was pretty neat and she has no idea what this blog is about but I like to read to her anything nice and positive people have to say. So then because Peggi you are so nice she asks me …can she come to my party? Her birthday is on Tuesday and I said well honey she lives far away but I am sure she wants you to have a very happy birthday and then she says ok mom but make sure you send her a hug….got to love this girl of mine lol.

      • Comments (195)

        Oh yes and when I saw your comment it was during a commercial on BB and she says mom big brother is back on lol and I said I am still typing lol

      • Comments (195)

        So for my hopefully last comment tonight…lets hope the live show tomorrow night is everything most of us is hoping for!!

  13. Comments (195)

    PS…just so you know I do not want Elissa to win…kinda pro Judd right now

    • Comments (228)

      Have to agree with you. I was disappointed with the way Elissa kept putting Amanda down tonight when they all were going to just have some fun celebrating McCrae’s birthday. I find nothing wrong with one-piece bathing suits. Apparently, Elisa found it appalling. Amanda was just having fun with the outfit she had on and I found her entertaining. But Elisa had to make nasty comments to Amanda which killed the fun everyone was having. Amanda was so personally upset she sat on the toilet crying until McCrae comforted her. Elisa should look in the mirror because something is terribly wrong with her face around her mouth which looks distorted from too much Botox and Juviderm. If Amanda wanted, she could of attacked Elisa’s funky fake face features and put her back in her corner. (wish she did that). I think the bloggers are going to be hating on Elisa tonight because of this. But I guess the real her is coming out.

  14. Comments (651)

    At work today a co-worker said she loves Amanda and she doesn’t say anything that everyone else says in real life. I told her not in my world. She gave me a weird look. So I responded the only way I could “A racist joke is by definition racist”. She didn’t say anything more.
    If you want to see the true Amanda watch the YouTube Supercut below:

    • Comments (30)

      Just watched it. Filthy. ..almost all of them…How can Andy put up with the humiliating comments…right to his face? These people have no morals.

  15. Comments (9)

    Ellisa UGH!!!
    Disgusting !!!!!!!!

  16. Comments (12)

    Actually having many friends in the alternative lifestyle communities I want to clear something up. In some of the communities fag hag called a gay man a fag is not insulting. It’s a lot like an African American using the n-word to another African American. My ex wife is a fag hag so I’ve seen how the culture works. After all they are called FAG hags. One of our friends would introduce her by name and say she’s my hag and I’m her fag.
    Now a guy calling a gay man a fag is an insult. Which is why I say a gay man so not to insult anyone.
    Having said that I’m not a huge fan of Amanda’s. But hate her for the right reasons.
    As for the rigging of the game, in the 1950s after the game show scandals the American Congress passed a law which makes fixing a contest illegal. IF BB has fixed the game they are in for a huge amount of trouble.
    In Canada it can cause huge fines and even all contestants being awarded makeup prizes.
    Losing their license, huge fines etc, the drop in ratings wouldn’t really be worth it just so Amanda wins.
    Influence or ask for more drama, set up people, sure but set it up for one person to win nope not a good idea.
    I do think there will be a huge shock when people get out of the house. but here is what is going to happen.
    Aaryn is going to be horrified at how she is perceived. She is going to end up admitting how horrible she was and go into seclusion. Then enroll in some BS sensitivity training. She will go through it and be praised for it. Then she will star in a campaign to end racism. Right up until she forgets herself in public and calls some Hispanic maid a Spic. Oh and I used that example being hispanic myself.
    You saw it here 1st 😉

    • Comments (38)

      Since you’re Hispanic, is it also alright for Amanda to say, “I’ve taken like 14 Puerto Rican showers.” Then justify the comment by saying, “We don’t have any Puerto Ricans in the house.” Then try to reason that, “It’s just that Puerto Rican’s are smelly.” Finally, finish up her joke by saying, “Whatever, if the Puerto Rican alliance want to come after me, then they should shower more.” I know the term Hispanic covers all Spanish-speaking people and you may not be Puerto Rican, but I wanted to know your opinion.

      • Comments (123)

        Hi Rocky…i want to thank u for posting the remarks from Amanda…I had no idea she had said that and im on the Feeds all the time…she is so disrepectful and i wish she would leave now sooner then later…. 👿

        as u can see by my avatar, i am a brown skin puerto rican woman who has faced racism all her life living here in NYC and to listen to Amanda talk that way…Drove me Nuts… 😯

        so Thank You Rocky… 🙂

  17. Comments (1)

    U are all to sensitive

  18. Comments (12)

    Racism is a horrible thing. It doesn’t matter who the target is. No one should kid themselves that it you are not a target of it by someone.
    Seeing a white person being called a cracker is as hurtful as being called a pork chop because I’m Portuguese or being told all of “us” are alike or that people from that part of the world are all dramatic and over emphasize pain, the implication that when one of us is injured at work we use it to take more time off work. That was from a doctor believe or not.
    How about being told I must be a leftist blank blank because I’m a Canadian?
    Yes there are things about me you can guess at based on my ancestors.
    I have darker skin then some people, I have brown eyes and I hate some of the passion that comes with the upbringing of that kind of house. No I do NOT like wine, fishing, beer or even hockey.
    Amanda’s comments were not anything I haven’t heard before. I’ve heard it about people of many cultures. Sometimes it is based on the diet of the people. Certain foods leave a scent. Garlic is one of them. The people of the mediterranean area eat a diet high in garlic. One other thing about it is high diets of garlic and some other related plants seem to lower the risk of cancer by up to 30%. Just a side note lol. I have had friends called names over the scent of garlic from their diet. We turned it back into a joke saying at least we wouldn’t have to deal with vampires.
    It was laugh, cry or fight. We didn’t do a lot of crying.
    Back to the original question… ANY discrimination hurts. I understand that some people think its just joking and that some of it is. But the second the person being targeted says stop then that’s it. If it doesn’t end there and then it crosses the border of poor taste and is discrimination.
    What’s in good fun? Well how do you stop a Portuguese wedding? Yell out cement is ready. Most of us Portuguese will get a laugh out of that. But if someone doesn’t then the joke stops.
    Oh and for the one person who says that I’m not a minority there are about 200 million of us worldwide. Out of almost 7 billion. Yeah I was told I am not a minority but one very ignorant person because I can pass .. pass for what?

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