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  1. I think Nick will make it to the end because has a good social game, housemates like him beside Elissa and he got four strong players on his side!

  2. Nicks the only one besides Howard I like.

  3. I hope this seson a black person wins! Howard or Candice..

  4. are you sure nick isnt leaving im pretty sure the mvp elisa is putting him up and there talking about getting rid of him lets hope they dont

  5. Macrae and Spencer can eat crap and die!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. now that nick is gone, i think elissa will make it really far in the game. it was either last night she goes or never. and i hope that aaryn gets kicked out of the house for what she said. #momsquad ^.^

  7. I think all the negative comments being made, are made in the heat of the moment, they are very young and are just saying what they think at that time.I think in real life they are all very good people.15 people together for 3 months on tv nation wide lots of pressure lets cut them all a break.

  8. I think that Helen will make it very far in the game. She is a big brother superfan and has been watching for years. Also she has made many different alliances. One with Elissa and Candice, one with Andy, one with Amanda and McCrae, and she will probably be making many more. She is playing smart, putting together group, molding them together and she’s going to be the reason Kaitlin, Jeremy, GinaMarie and Aaryn go home. Just my opinion

  9. Lets go Elissa! #momsquad

  10. Has anybody else noticed Judd sneaking around in almost all of the shots when people are talking? I think he knows a lot more than it seems

  11. I like big brother I whach it ever singe day and my mommy deletes the old ones

    • Big brother is the best show that I whach because the people on big brother get to play games and I like the house and I like when the people leve or get a nominated how meny people like big brother but I really want to known so if you like me push the up hand and if you don’t like me push the down hand I like ever buddy in the hole world from Sydney

  12. I just found out that big brother is rigged. They have already chosen the winner. Amanda is apparently friends with Allison, who everyone knows is a big part of big brother, and they have already selected Amanda to win

  13. Olivia, how can they possibly choose a winner? The houseguests must compete to gain power and then again to save themselves. And even if we were to push it and say production rigged it to choose a final 2 (which I seriously doubt), they still can’t control how the jurors vote so that’s impossible.

  14. Go McCrae and Amanda All the way to the End

  15. I think big brother is rigged, all the good players and muscular men are gone! Aaryon is so rude, and Amanda is so sassy!

  16. Yay Judd is back I’m so happy

  17. I really liked Katelyn but she is gone

  18. I for disliked kaitlyn she was very sassy and rude

  19. spencer you are the beast i hope you win you shod not be lowel to amada


  21. How many times has McRae won Hoh

  22. Interesting how the 3 member of the the moving company made it so far to the top 5..I wonder if they will reform that alliance once the exterminators alliance breaks up.

    • Well 2 members of the original moving company…Spencer and McCrae. The other 3 were eliminated very early. (Nick, Jeremy, Howard) Odd…I thought Spencer wouldve been eliminated right along with them. McCrae making it this far is no big surprise

  23. Oh my gosh. I hope McCrae wins the next HOH. I want him to win soo bad!!! 🙁

  24. get this tool out too

  25. McRae – another one of Amanda’s puppets. Never won a competition till Amanda was voted Out. About time Amandas gone, and McRaes Next to go.

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