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Andy Herren

Doing a quick run through of the Big Brother cast members, it usually doesn’t take long to find out the fans of the show versus those who have heard of it in passing.  Andy Herren is one of the ‘fans’ as you can tell considering he is not a well built guy straight out of the pages from GQ.   On a good note for Andy, being a fan, and a public speaking professor should give him a little leg up heading into the game.

I think he’s going to try to play the funny, non threatening role, similar to last years winner Ian Terry, and that’s not a bad role to play. He is gay, but that will likely be completely irrelevant, just had to throw that in because some fans were wondering who the ‘gay guy’ was going to be this year  (needless to say, Big Brother is pretty predictable with their casting).

As far as the outcome for Andy, he is an almost certain lock for the jury, and could find himself pretty deep in.  It’s always hard to predict the top 5, simply because the game changes on a daily basis, but I’d feel pretty confident if you picked Andy on your Big Brother Winner charts.

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  1. Comments (22)

    My friend is mad at every one but you

  2. Comments (3)

    ultimate floater I mean all he does is follow in helens lead he can bearly win a have not competition so imagine hoh he is a week by week player he kisses anyones ass thatis hoh

  3. Comments (5)

    Andy is a nice person; however, I truly doubt he has had an original thought since this game started. He is a puppy dog for Helen and she keeps him on a short leash. He is” one of the girls” so to speak and a floater supreme. He could go pretty far in the game but I don’t think he has a prayer of winning as Helen will turn on him like a black widow when the time comes for him to go.

  4. Comments (110)

    Andy won HOH so he needs to play it smart when he put up people he ant to go home like Helen Elissa.

  5. Comments (1)

    andy used a word sounds like ta mulches and i want to no what it means please anybody

  6. Comments (2)

    Andy is a total wimp! He only cares that everyone likes him. He is in for a big surprise when Amanada, Aaron or Helen stick the knife in his back. He is a total disappointment and a spineless wonder. All he had to do was take Spencer off the block, put on Amanda and she would be gone, thank God. Instead, Jessie will surely go to the jury house instead. Andy, you are a total loser!!

  7. Comments (34)

    Wow, Andy! Please remember this POV moment when you are sitting in the jury house wondering how you got there. You had a prime opportunity to make a big move yesterday and possibly land yourself in the top 2…instead, you do exactly what everyone else wanted you to do in order to secure their spots in the final two. You are a puppet; nothing more……and that one move will probably land you among some of the worst players ever in BB history! What a complete joke!

  8. Comments (32)

    Super average end of story

  9. Comments (60)

    Ultimate floater. I don’t care for him. Waste of space in the BB house.

  10. Comments (2)

    As everyone else said– biggest floater I can remember in awhile if not out of all the seasons. Even if he made it to final two, I can’t see anyone in the jury voting for him to win it based on his actions (or lack-of).

  11. Comments (60)

    I have a hard time watching… Andy gets on my nerves!. If they were looking for a gay to put in the house…they could have at least put one in the house with balls!..no pun intended.

  12. Comments (27)

    Biggest FLOATER ever!!!!!!!!!

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    [lease tell Andy to not eat or drink on camera, where are these peoples manners, that little suck suck suck out of that sippy cup….GROSS , and never chews with his mouth closed, I can hardly stand it, I don’t want to see what u r chewing.. NASTY….and I agree worst floater ever

  15. Comments (6)

    You are just sick and gross. get off the show FLOATER i hope you have a lifejacket. weirdo

  16. Comments (2)

    andy is a weasel. i would not want him teaching any of my children.

  17. Comments (4)

    he says “I feel like” as a conversation starter all the time…drives me crazy.

  18. Comments (30)

    Andy, run your mouth about Elissa to her husband, or brother in law. You have gone to far with your mouth.you will have to face up to your actions. You are pig.

  19. Comments (1)

    Andy is a snake, he does not deserve to win, he annoys the crap out of me. He’s a poor excuse for a man.

  20. Comments (1)

    Does anyone feel that Andy looks like Gwyneth Paltrow? His game play is annoying.

  21. Comments (6)

    get andy out

  22. Comments (14)

    Andy is merely a Floater, nothing more or less. Won only 1 competition, floated under everyone else by being a back stabber in all alliances.

  23. Comments (5)

    True floater “rat” I can’t stand to see him win. Rather have Spencer or GM anyday over Andy!!

  24. Comments (1)

    I pray that he looses. He doesn’t deserve it. Queen of the floaters.If not for Helen and Mcranda he never would this far,he played a crappy game on his own,and realised quickly he needed others.Looser !!!!!!!!

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