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Candice Stewart

This season of Big Brother 15 features a number of models, actors, and for some reason, pageant contestants.  Candice Stewart was the 2002 Miss Louisiana Teen, and 2005 Miss Louisiana, and competed for Miss USA in the same year, but didn’t place in the top 15. (side note, that contest was judged by Micheal Phelps, Sugar Ray Leonard and a few others. That has to be a huge insult to the pageant community, right? Would Michael Phelps like it if some random celeb was judging the Olympics?  Hey Sugar Ray, you’re boxing for the title.. and your judges are Mark Reynolds, Kate Upton, and Kim Kardashian!  Your referee will be Danny DeVito… now fight!)

Candice is another “casual fan” (aka, likely only heard about the show when the casting director called her), so she has pawn written all over her.  I don’t expect a very long season for our former beauty queen, but she could get lucky and float through the summer (despite the ‘no float twist’)

Candice_Stewart2 Candice_Stewart candice_stewart


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    Does anyone know how to contact Candice via email? I would love to know where she purchased and the name of the manufacturer of her black tunic top with silver v-neck and cuffs. She wore it during the 1st or 2nd episode.

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    With a body like that and that perfect attitude I don’t know why she hasn’t got a man in the house yet let me in the house it is on

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    She’s Smart to figure out The moving company

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    Nothing but respect for you, you did what Im sure not one other person on the planet could do and that is refrain from punching that racist pig Aaryn in the face. Your beautiful inside and out and your a great role model for everyone!

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    How does she have 51 dislikes?

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    Can’t wait for u to get booted out of the BB house & I so hope it’s this week please!!! It’s getting so tiresome listening to u keeping playing the race card thing- seriously??!!! U are so dam annoying… Grow up & take responsibility & stop blaming everyone else for ur sorrows!!! So sick of hearing about all this racist crap- it’s just the perfect excuse now isn’t it??!! So sick of hearing it- hope u go home – see ya!!!!!!!

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    Candice is all class….I hope she wins it!

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    Candice merely played the race-card. Those Days are Gone-get Real and Grow Up!

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