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David Girton

I hate to judge people strictly on appearances, but that’s all we really have to go by before the season begins. With that said, lifeguard David Girton seems like a grade A douchebag.  Of course I could be completely wrong, as David could come across more like a Spicoli and be very entertaining this year.  Heck, I thought Frank seemed a bit shady at the beginning of the season during BB14, but he ended up being one of my favorite players.

Where David will end up is a big mystery, as players like him can be voted out right away, or even win (see: Big Brother 12).  If he remains neutral and likeable, his threat level increases the longer the season goes on, as long as he doesn’t walk around like he owns the house *cough* Frank.

david_girton david-girton-big-brother-15


  1. Comments (2)

    For the week he was in the house I wanted someone to cut off his stupid hair in his sleep!

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      You and me both!
      I don’t like him mainly because anyone who likes Aaryn is suspect. Dude has bad hair and is apparently a terrible judge of character, if he has any himself.

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    He reminds me of that turtle in finding nemo lol

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    Dude, You need to have your Hair cut and styled! Not attractive for National Television. Clean up your Act.

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