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Howard Overby

Howard Overby is a model, former college football player, and youth counselor.  He is also a really big threat to the other competitors this season on Big Brother 15, and that may work against him.  Howard claims he’s a really big fan of the show, and has watched every season so far.  That will give him a leg-up on the strategic part of the game, and he clearly is going to do well in any physical challenges.

Howard’s downfall, like most strong guys, will be an endurance challenge later in the season.  Women almost always win those, and at that point he’d better pray the winner is in his alliance because that will likely be the time to get him out.

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  1. Comments (32)

    Your a perfect example of a great human being. Im not religious at all so this has nothing to do with religion, I just really think you conduct yourself in a way that everyone should admire and strive for!

  2. Comments (11)

    Great guy!! Def one of my favorites now for drowning that Aaryn bitch with sour milk! 😀

  3. Comments (9)

    I really like Howard & I enjoy the way he plays. Hopeful Judd doesnt backdoor his boy!

  4. Comments (3)

    Love her intellect & lack of drama. Way to represent a Asian woman well. I hope it’s you and Aaryn in the end & racism is really called out with the jury. Let it be known known that thoughts said out loud has consequences. Thank you Candace, Helen & Howard for continuing to play the game well & holding their heads high. This is how you represent people of color, while some of the others: Aaryn, Ginamarie, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Yes you Amanda & Spencer show your true form. Next best would be Howard & Helen in the end for playing but staying classy. I lean upwards Helen bc she’s playing fiercely & doing her thing but not outright lying or backstabbing.

    Side note. Next year new rules like the UK. You bully or say harmful, hateful racist or discriminatory remarks, you’re out if here & called out for it. Replay the video in your exit for the HGs & the world to see. Then you answer for it. And Julie, you’d better be for real. But that’s if the world is as it should be.

    You can’t eliminate all discrimination, but you can teach others by showung that there’s repercussions. We’re living in the 21st century now ya’ll. Let’s get along & if you feel this way, be tolerant or at least intelligent enough to keep your ignorant mouth shut! In the long run, I hope this will be a real education for us all & it’s good we’re talking about this prevalent issue.

  5. Comments (2)

    he should of won

  6. Comments (14)

    There were issues in the house. Racism ended 400 Years Ago. Get Over it, and stop the whining. You’ve never had it so Good.

    • Comments (2)

      Um no rasicm did not end no 400 years ago it still goes on today and no people wont get over it and I wouldn’t niether so therefore your comment wasn’t needed

  7. Comments (2)

    I’m soo sad that you had too leave I wish you were still there,I wish you could’ve stayed and win the whole thing….but you ‘re my favorite bb person out of all the seasons. Hope you can come back another season

  8. Comments (1)

    I wish he was still competing…he truly was such a genuine person. I hope he gets the AFH prize! I love you Howard!!

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