Big Brother 16 – Afternoon Live Feeds



Welcome, welcome, welcome!  Yea, weird greeting, whatever. I have about 100+ more of these type of posts to do this summer, so I’m sure you’ll find a lot of weird intros.


(in my big brother announcer voice)

Previously on Biiiiiiiig Brotherrr live feeds….

Caleb went around the house telling talking to people about his biggest fan… himself! He then approached his dream girl Amber and spilled his deepest feelings for her.. only to be met with a denial! 

Sorry, I had to highlight that again, it was just too funny and awkward not to. Poor Caleb.

In other news, last season’s winner (Andy) sent out a tweet last night:

and was met with this reply….

I miss last season.  Jessie was so entertaining.  Started out pretty boring, but because one of my favorite houseguests over the past few seasons. Glad to see she is still spicy!

(update: Jessie replied to Andy and Amanda about doing some soul searching. They may find one. Love it)

Ok, enough rambling, live blogging time…

  • 12:30pm – Devin is talking about Frankie being a late night talk show host.  He also mentioned Daniel Tosh being gay (I don’t think he is).
  • 12:45pm – Joey is working Christine for a vote in the havenot room. Not much went on with it, just how she should stay because she can possibly win HoH
  • 12:50pm – The Joey campaign tour continues, this time nice and awkwardly to Caleb. She is asking him for help with the vote this week. She wants him to help convince others to vote for her. He is basically blowing her off.  She does offer volunteering for future havenot so Caleb doesn’t have to.  He said he is going to share it with people… (note: he will, and laugh)
  • 1:05pm – Joey to Hayden “If I am able to stay, I can really help people out. I can’t say what it is though” (Team America)
  • 4:30pm – Had upset stomach, took nap, feel better. It looks like Joey is realizing that her time in the house is numbered, so she’s in the pantry crying about it.  I updated my chances graph on the right to reflect an even bigger chance of Joey going home.  It’s not looking good for the streaking smurf.
  • 5:15pm – Houseguests hanging around the kitchen eating and joking.

Check back for more updates

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