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Big Brother 16 – America Wants Donny, Not A Play!


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If and when Donny leaves this Thursday night, I’m done with Team America completely. I’m going to stop talking about it, stop writing about it (same thing?) and just pretend whatever Team America segments appear on TV just didn’t happen.  This week, apparently they were given a mission to do whatever they wanted, and America will vote whether or not it was worth the victory.  Donny immediately suggested a ‘Save Donny’ campaign that would have been super easy to complete and give America what they wanted.  Derrick and Frankie, they had other ideas…

A play!

Yes… a stupid play. Getting the house together to put on a play.

They feel doing the ‘Save Donny’ plan would be too risky and expose themselves, but my question is.. TO WHO?  Save Donny would be such an easy $5k it hurts, but Derrick and Frankie are going to pretend they are just going to go along with the house and vote him out.  Note to Derrick and Frankie – You are the house!

Look, if Donny was sitting on the block with Caleb, then I can remotely see a worry, but he’s not. He’s sitting next to a person who was given a second chance at the game and failed horribly at her chance to win HoH.  How easy is that?  I love Nicole, but just convince everyone Nicole deserves to go right back into the jury house. It’s simple, $5k each, America is happy.

However, let’s pretend Caleb was on the block with Donny. What are they scared of now?  Vote out Caleb and it’s Team America plus Victoria and Nicole versus Cody and Christine.  Derrick has Victoria so far up his butt, she tastes whatever he has for lunch, and Nicole is closer to Donny than anyone else.

Even if they voted Nicole out this week, it could still easily be Derrick, Frankie, Victoria, Donny and Caleb versus Christine and Cody.  Caleb is so fiercely loyal to the group, I have no doubt Derrick could easily talk him into siding with them for the numbers.

So, what’s the holdup?  What’s the problem?  It’s simple. Team America sucks and they’re voting out Donny while pretending their hands are tied.  If this mission happens, vote for a success simply to give Donny $5k on his way out, but I suggest all bloggers stop promoting or mentioning Team America after this.  It has been a joke all season, but this is just the icing on the cake.

Ok, rant is over.  My apologies for not being neutral here, but it is just frustrating watching them lie to the guy who America wants them to be working with… all while pretending ‘Ohh, we’re Team America… Team America baby!’.   I understand all three of them are looking out for themselves in the end, and both of them are terrified of Donny, but at least humor us this week.  Don’t perform a stupid play. Save Donny.

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  1. Comments (159)

    Since the point of Team America was to be Americas chosen alliance CBS should penalize (-$5k) any Team America member who votes to evict a fellow member.

    • Comments (682)

      Even better… Give ALL THE MONEY EARNED so far to the evicted Team America player!

      • Comments (1446)

        A Play?? An effing Play??

        That’s NOT a mission – It’s Mango wanting to perform, which makes America sick.

        I can’t wait to see Mango’s face when America votes and the mission fails.

        The entire “Team America” twist was a failure.

        This season was a failure.

      • Comments (2)

        LMAO, Mango….that’s great!

      • Comments (61)

        Imagine Donny’s face when he finds out he couldn’t manage to make an extra 5k on his way out the door, because fans can’t get over their grudges.

        He needs every dollar he can get in this game!!!

      • Comments (79)

        Don’t vote the mission as a failure just to spite Frankie and Derrick. I’m voting it a success so Donny can get some extra cash before they kick him out. That will be like $15 000 for TA + $25 000 for America’s fav + the $7000-$8000 BB gives the HGs for making jury. Donny will be able to go home with nearly $50 000! Almost as much money as 2nd place!

      • Comments (722)

        No. Vote it a failure. Let Frankie know where we stand.

        Voting for it is a slap in the face saying we agree with the decision not to save Donny.

      • Comments (1288)

        Damn straight Willie, Donny is gonna have close to $50k if he wins America’s Fave (already has $15k for TA missions) and this is a real chance to send a message in to Derrick and Frankie. And they might find out before the eviction vote. If they think it should be a success and America votes them a FU, perhaps they would rethink ditching Donny. Frankie, Derrick and Victoria save Donny.

      • Comments (722)

        Thanks man. Gotta look at what message we send. If we vote Yes, its saying we loved the play, love Mango and love how this season went..

      • Comments (1)

        Dont vote yes on the team america mission. Let them know what america wanted. Its just like being able to send them an email. Donny will be happy with his take when its all over. And voting no will give him a better chance.

  2. Comments (682)

    I think Team America should be over once one of them leaves the house. If this play actually happens we all need to vote NO to giving them the money.

  3. Comments (19)

    Stevebeans, I just want to take a moment to thank you for your amazing work and wit. I follow several BB blogs, but truthfully, yours is the only one I actually READ (and look forward to). All the others seem to think their time is better spent transcribing every stupid conversation (with horrible spelling and punctuation, which makes it even worse to read). So, a big THANK YOU is in order to you, sir.

    Go team DONNY! 🙂

  4. Comments (92)

    I just want Donny to stay. He is the only honest player left and is not a Good Ol Boy. He is very smart and deserves to stay.

    • Comments (2)

      I think you’re not the original buffalobill. What happened to your love for Zach, Frankie, and Victoria? You have also been writing different.

      • Comments (1276)

        He’s trying to be funny, and failing. He’s been acting like he’s for the ones that other posters, myself included like, because he claims he’s unjuestly being accused of being a troll.

  5. Comments (98)

    I am so pissed with Derrick & Frankie. This was an easy mission.

  6. Comments (92)

    Go Donny we love you!

  7. Comments (5)

    For Derrick I just don’t think he wants to risk being in the final two with Donnie. He probably feels confident he will beat everyone else and is looking for jury votes by keeping the bomb squad. I feel the rest of the bomb squad are happy with 2nd at best and just want to be able to say they were in the “best alliance of all time.” What they don’t realize is Derrick is probably going take Victoria to the final two. Now Frankie would benefit from from keeping Donnie and trying to get out Derrick other wise he’ll be third at best.

    • Comments (2826)

      I’d love to see Mango finish out of the money.

    • Comments (3)

      I actually like Derrick. He’s been a master manipulator without any real blood on his hands. Keep in mind he was an undercover cop and he’s an observer. I like Donny and Nicole as well but I think those vilifying Derrick and calling him a bad man, as I have seen other posters do, it ridiculous. It’s a game about lying.

  8. Comments (682)

    Donny should tell every one in the house about Team America before he leaves. But I doubt he will because he’s too nice.

    From this clip from the show it doesn’t say there is a penalty if they expose the group.

    • Comments (682)

      Or Donny could just refuse to participate in the “play”.

    • Comments (2)

      Rita, I just watched the link you put up. SO there’s no doubt now, on his way out Donny should blow Team America up. But I doubt he will. And if he does Derrick will cast his spell over the house and they might agree that Donny is a liar. Nothing new.

    • Comments (372)

      Thanks for the TA Donny clip …many more options for him to try and save himself this week without losing his banked cash ….YAY

    • Comments (1443)

      That’s what I remember. Thanks. I believe I read on here that Frankie told them they all had to agree to tell or the person who told would not get their money. I have said all along he should out them or threaten to out them if they did not keep him!!!

  9. Comments (43)

    Well if we get to vote on this mission, if it was successful and or up to Americas standards, I will vote NO. Last year the group of HG;s put on a talent show, and did it just to amuse themselves (no money), was on BB After Dark. So by them going the route of BB Broadway is a total cop-out. By them not achieving this mission, it will let Derrick and Frankie know that they were wrong. They still have plenty of time left to get Donny out, saving him this week, would be a great mission.

  10. Comments (43)

    They should call them (Derrick and or Frankie) in DR room and tell them no play have a hand in swaying the votes for the eviction and save you TA member.

    • Comments (1443)

      I thought they first had to get permission from production to do their idea and if approved then America votes if they think successful. I would think production would want a challenge from TA. A play is not a challenge

  11. Comments (610)

    I got the impression that Frankie basically railroaded his idea for the play & Derrick is going along with it because he doesn’t want to out the alliance(s). When do we get to vote on this stupid play? I wonder if BB will tell them it failed (I’m assuming it will). Before Donny gets voted out, assuming they’re told it failed, or after he’s gone & they get their very rude awakening/comeuppance?

  12. Comments (1)

    See ya Donny! I guess I’m the only one ready to see his nine lives run out.

  13. Comments (8)

    Not that CBS pays any attention to what we say, But a freaking Play !!!! This has nothing to do with BB period it is not a task. It is Frankie wanting to show off.. Saving Donnie would have been a BB task!!! Putting up someone else on the block and sending Nichole back to the jury would have been no big deal. It is not worth giving them the money. Well Donnie deserves it for putting up with these Idiots. Oh by the way since when did Cody wake up and start playing the game? Frankie and Caleb better watch out they are going to be out the door before you know it.. Unless the rumors are true about Victoria leaving the show because of her tooth. If I not mistaken if that is the case they won’t have an eviction because she left. That could be a game changer..

  14. Comments (92)

    I miss Joey. Can you imagine if team America was Joey, Donny and Zach.

  15. Comments (182)

    This is turning out to be a Frankie and Andriana promo show. Since CBS is connected via their record labels to Frankie’s sisters, they should disclose it. I think we viewers are witnessing a new form of advertisement via reality T.V. Cool, just call it what it is, now a Play to show off Frankie’s Broadway ‘talent’ and how many times are we going to here about his entertainment resume, from him

    Backdoor/Backstabbing Frankie would be a huge rating booster, if that is what CBS wants.

  16. Comments (57)

    If some of you are new to Big Brother, I suggest watching Season 8 where Eric was America’s player. America not only chose his missions but also cast his eviction vote and told him who he should try to get nominated. The twist here? Eric actually did it! Whether he was for it, against it, or it was detrimental to his game, he did it. That was America’s player. Team America was a complete failure.

    • Comments (92)

      Team America was Zach. He deserves some of the money won since he did what America wanted.

    • Comments (13)

      I saw that one. I also felt really bad for Eric because America screwed his game to make sure ED and his daughter stayed, even though Eric was on the opposing side of the house. It didn’t give him a fair chance at the game.

      Now with an alliance, you can make moves together and target people for America, without too much blow back, because you have a group and therefore support. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. I think CBS was thinking of Eric when they relaxed America’s control over the outcome of the alliance, but this is just sad. This “alliance” is a disgrace.

  17. Comments (10)

    I’m going to have to stop reading you because it makes me so angry … be fair house people …play with some real balls … get rid of the ones who aren’t doing a dam thing play fair ….. As I have been saying all the time LEAVE DONNY ALONE and just play fair !!!!!!!! Would you do that to your dad … grandpa … have some respect !!!!!! Play the game the right way …. you all have chances. And if you don’t understand PAY BACK IS A BATCH !

  18. Comments (92)

    I’m just hoping Donny stays. He deserves to win. I can’t wait until Cody is kicked out.

  19. Comments (332)

    And if cody doesnt like donny why is he taking him on a preview. He wants their jury vote. And he wants them to tell jacosta and hayden so they will say oh I vote for cody he was nice.

    • Comments (92)

      Great observation Karen. I wonder if Cody was laying low until now. He did win HOH and POV. If Donny leaves Nicole as to win and get rid of Cody. Because if Donny leaves it will be the faught of Cody.

  20. Comments (644)

    I was looking for a place where I could get the flames comforter they have in the fire room. I looked online and they have something similar but not the same. If you find them please let me know. Zach’s pink hat and Gator shirt are easy to find if someone is looking for them.
    I agree with Stevebeans and most everybody that we don’t want to watch a play. It’s stupid. And that is not a mission. It’s just a play. Saving Donny would be a mission. After the play I’ll vote that they don’t deserve the money. But I’ll feel sorry for Donny because he won’t make his $5,000.
    They should stop the two HOH thing, it’s just messing up the game.

    • Comments (61)

      Everybody keeps saying “vote NO” to the TA mission, but if you really like Donny that much, wouldn’t you want him to get every dollar he can get?? He put his job on the line to play this game, if we love him, we should help him win some dough.

      Don’t let your hate for the other HGs overcome why you like Donny.

      Pass the mission!

      • Comments (644)

        I’m conflicted on the voting Hat.
        They should have America’s Most Hated Player and throw some goo on their head. Frankie or Christine might win.
        I just found out about a new Fox show called Utopia. It’s going to be a year long show with live feeds. They say there’s not going to be a prize and every month they can decide if they want to vote out someone and then someone new will come in. There’s even going to be a pregnant woman.
        I’m addicted to BB so I think a whole year for a show wouldn’t be too good for me 🙁 Heeeeelp…………!!!

      • Comments (1443)

        Donnie going out with almost 30000 not to count Americas fav he will get. Voting the mission a success just let’s Frankie and Derrick think they were right. Vote no. It’s not even a mission or challenge.

      • Comments (61)

        I’m not so certain that he’ll win America’s Favorite.

        Never underestimate the power of tweens. They love Ariana Grande, and the ones that actually watch the show LOVED Zach.

        His twitter following has skyrocketed since the eviction. It’s actually pretty creepy.

  21. Comments (18)


  22. Comments (28)

    A stupid play! Really? Is that the best idea they could come up with? I will be voting No, No, No and No! Team America does suck!! Frankie and Derrick suck! The final four are going to be a stalker, a manipulator, Arianna Grande’s brother (whoever the heck she is) and a face picking princess.

    • Comments (1446)

      I get that people want Donny to make the $5K for the mission, but I would rather NOT have Mango think that his play was a success. I want him to think about why the mission failed.
      CBS/Viacom/VH1 – it’s all an incestuous little family. Mango on BB, Ariana opening the VMA’s, they want America to love the Grande’s – no thanks.

  23. Comments (12)

    Ive seen where a few people on here said Donny deserves to stay and to win…WHY? What has he done…won a veto or 2…he has NO game play…hes just a nice guy…thats it…Derrick is the only 1 who has really been playing…This yr has turned into the Frankie show..Evel Dick the winner from season 8 said CBS doesnt do anything that doesnt help CBS…So Frankie is doing just that for his sister & CBS…I think if they put on a play we as America players we should let it be known that we will boycott the show…and another thing….If Frankie was a girl and sleeping with all the guys and rubbing herself all over everyone she would be called a whore…thats just what Frankie is…Ok folks Im done…I`ll get off my soap box now…Have a good Sunday….

    • Comments (644)

      Frankie is worse than a whore. If it were a girl rubbing herself on guys probably all of them would like it. But it’s a gay guy rubbing himself off on other guys. That’s just disgusting because they are not welcome advances.

      • Comments (692)

        Uhhhh, the guys are NOT telling him to stop. Cody, Zach and even Caleb have been kissing him. You can find video of Cody cuddling him and the two of them rubbing all over each other on YouTube.
        Do I think it’s appropriate? No! Frankie is a joke and an embarrassment to the gay community.
        I think zach actually cared about Frankie though. The others only started this cuddling stuff after they found out his sister is a minor Disney star.

      • Comments (644)

        franko I’ve written before that Zach was the only one who genuinely cared about Frankie. But I know the others don’t really welcome his advances. They just don’t want to be singled out. Cody was having a conversation with Christine about how when Frankie hugs him he has to separate a little because he can feel Frankie’s thing.
        I remember Andy from last season and how he said horrible things about women and people, he was 100% worse than Frankie on what he said. But Andy was never rubbing himself off on no one. At least he could control himself in that aspect. People don’t have to be rubbing off on anyone (unless they’re married or bf and gf) be they straight or gay. That’s just disgusting.

      • Comments (692)

        Look at the YouTube video of Frankie and Cody cuddling. Cody puts no distance between them. I totally agree it IS INAPPROPRIATE, tho. As I said he is an embarrassment to all gay men.

      • Comments (722)

        I think that stuff is inappropriate. We dont live in Sodom or Gomorrah, where things like that were normal.. that switch hitting, anything goes, try anything lifestyle.
        Frankie is just too gross. I hate that CBS is pushing that on us. I know the remaining girls are squintable, but thats what you get when you throw the hot ones out first.. but its never a reason to start doing that stuff. ..

      • Comments (92)

        Well of course you think its inappropiate. You think being gay is a sin and Christinia did not disagree with you. Graduating from 8th grade is not higher education Willie or should I say Jethro as in Bodine. Your anti-Gay comments are not welcome. Anti-Gay troll.

        Go Donny. You are a good man that accepts all people.

      • Comments (1276)

        Oh buffalo, you Pill. Sadly for you, the readers on here aren’t stupid little sheep, who will believe the absolute lies you keep trying to push on everyone, so keep claiming that Willie hates gays, and heck, keep saying that I’m also hating gays. Keep contradicting yourself, please, you know, like saying that my name should be Satantina, because of how evil I am, then trying to guilt me by saying as a Christian, I should do this or say this. You are a sad little (I’m guessing little in more ways than one) man.
        We all see that you have an obsession with Willie and I, but please, try, and I know it will be hard, to find other things to bother.

      • Comments (722)

        Yep. Ill be the troll but I served your self righteous know nothing *ss

        I skipped 8 th grade and went directly to my bachelors degree.

        Ok. Ill be Jethro. You be Ellie Mae.

      • Comments (722)

        We are irresistable to him. Maybe he fantasizes about our crazy NC weather..
        I keep telling him I dont want him. Hes a Caleb in disguise.

        I love how he keeps bringing you into this. We met like last week.. youre not my keeper and vice versa…

      • Comments (1276)

        I know, he just can’t resist it. Yes, we might agree on a lot of issues, but I’m pretty sure we haven’t agreed on everything. I honestly just get sick of him going off on anyone on here.
        I honestly think he believes that if he keeps pulling either of us into this crap, then people will start to believe what he says is true. You know the usual political ploy, to pick someone to target, and make look like a villan??? It’s sad, and like I’ve said before, if he wasn’t such a jerk, I would feel bad for him.
        Thank goodness everyone call go back and see what a loon he is. I was telling my BF about some of B-Pill’s posts, and he thinks this nut might just be unstable, which very well might be the case.

      • Comments (722)

        Yeah. Hes definitely a liar.
        Im not sure why he targets us.
        I usually just scan his posts as it just boring name dropping of non impressive things..

        Blah blah bellagio blah blah blonde blah blah
        I see he feigns normal conversations with others. Its so fake.

      • Comments (5)

        “I know the remaining girls are squintable,”

        Squintable…I love it.

      • Comments (722)

        If you squint, its not that bad…

        Nicole is cute. The round face and glasses.. cute. Vic can be cute. If she keeps the yap quiet. But Christine.. I can smell her from here…

    • Comments (412)

      Donny was the very first target in the house. Donny has won 3 veto comps, 2 battle of the blocks[1 completely on his own] and 1 HOH. He’s been on the block 5 times and managed to save himself. This is his sixth time on the block and I think they finally got him.

      Frankie has won 4 HOHs, a battle of the block by himself and a veto. Frankie is a white though.

      Nicole has won 3 HOHs, 2 battle of the blocks, and the battle to reenter the house.

      Derrick has won 3 HOH and has never been nominated.

      Christine has won 1 HOH, 1 battle of the block, and 1 veto.

      Cody has won 2 HOHs, 1 veto.

      Caleb has won 2 HOHs, and I can’t remember what else he has won. Someone correct what I’ve gotten wrong. I seriously want to know. Thanks.

    • Comments (2)

      I agree…he hasn’t done anything that’ll make me say he deserves to win over anyone else in the house..Frankie should be next to leave after him.

  24. Comments (412)

    I agree with you SB. Team America is a joke. I’m still upset that they evicted my boy ZACH ATTACK but now they plan on getting rid of a TA alliance member, which happens to be America’s favorite, Donny. I’m sick of all these fruitloop dingus bustafooligans.

  25. Comments (6)

    The only way CBS will notice anything is to stop watching the show. When ratings go down, then they will notice. My family is watching this as one group so instead of 5 or 6 ratings there is only one. Just a thought.

  26. Comments (266)

    Dankie needs to go.

    Chrody needs to go.

    Nicole needs to win all vetos. There’s still hope.

  27. Comments (372)

    They should steal some more stuff ..and get someone(hopefully Christine) blamed for it …Zach is gone, Nic was not in the house so she would be blame free…
    write on the mirror
    it was not Zach
    I am still here
    That would be entertaining …
    If the bunny slippers went missing Caleb would go bonkers

  28. Comments (2)

    Everyone seems to forget the mission they didn’t complete because Donny said it was to risky for him..he also stated that he didn’t come all the way to big brother to be on a team he came to win for himself..he’s there to win the game alone, which I understand. From that point on Derrick and Frankie haven’t trusted him as far as Team America goes. He wouldn’t risk his game for them so why should they risk not sending him home while they have a chance to. People forget this is a game and u have to be more than nice to win..we all know if Donny makes it to final 2 he’s going to win. They are doing what they think is best for them to make it to final 2 and win.

  29. Comments (1)

    I’ve never posted before but this Team America BS has been pissing me off all season so much that I had to comment. Every time the “choices” are presented they are so unbelievably stupid I have to roll my eyes. Why not give us real choices, not some moronic crap that some idiot at CBS thought up. Fine give the team the option to pick our choices and the let us decide. Of course we would have picked the “Save Donny” option and it would have given them an indication of what we think of them. A play? WTH do I want to watch that crap for?

    Let us have some influence on the game because without the viewers you don’t have a show! At the bare minimum, let us choose the have nots or show them the bottom 2 of the polls. I would LOVE for Christine and Mango (dead on! For whoever came up with that and thank you!) to know that of ALL the houseguests this season that they are dead last (Jokers). I absolutely hated the bigotry and bullying of last season. This is just as disgusting…just another high school click bullying people with no power and it is sickening and ….so completely boring. Why bring someone back, that has no alliance and then give them no power??? To keep us bored for another week?

  30. Comments (20)

    I’ll stop reading this blog at least for this season. Donny doesn’t deserve to even be in the jury. Let’s face it: he is a floater. He didn’t make any alliances, he didn’t make a play even when he could. Top 8 is too far for him.

    • Comments (1)

      Donny does too deserve to be in the Top Eight. He may be classified as a floater, but he is less of a floater than Cody and Victoria. I don’t really keep up with the show that much, I typically just skim through the articles and just see who is HOH, who won POV, etc. So, I don’t really know of all of the alliances he has tried to form, yet I do know he has. At the beginning he formed one with Devin (not long lasting, but still an alliance), and TA counts as an alliance. He also has won a lot of competitions…a lot. He also knows that Derrick is controlling the house, white the other houseguests fail to see how controlled they are,
      Also, not many people in the house have made big moves, which is what makes this season kinda boring. Cody, Frankie, Caleb, and many other houseguests were able to make big moves as well, like getting out Derrick, Frankie, and Caleb, who are all strong competitors (and two of them are rather annoying).
      By your logic, Victoria and Caleb should be gone, because they are worse than Donny. Especially Victoria. Most of the people currently in the house don’t deserve to be in the Top Eight, but Donny is not one of them. He has played a great game, and is a strong competitor. He’s also a nice guy, which makes him 80% more likeable.

    • Comments (1443)

      We’ll that’s your opinion but you are in minority. He has won many comps, no one has brought him along on their coat tails. And he is still there dispite the many times he has been on block and pulled himself off. Has Derrick been on the block. Has Derrick won much of anything? Derrick lucked I to large alliance at start of game with lots of lemmings. Donny has had no one and has tried to get in alliances but been unsuccessful. So Donny more than deserves to be there in my opinion. Not to mention he’s one of few in house who has played clean game with honesty integrity and character something you can’t say about anyone in house except nichole

  31. Georgia Lamberth
    Comments (1)

    They should have sent Zack back into the house and made him HOH, that would sent some shock waves within the house. Why doesn’t someone put Derrick up, he has never been on the block and has he ever told the house he is a Cop. He told Frankie that they were all who they said they were when Frankie told them he had been lying to them about who he was. Derrick is a liar and a back-stabber.

  32. Comments (843)

    Don’t count the America Favorite for Donny yet. All of Ariana’s followers could still get online and vote for Frankie even though they have never watched the show and have no idea what is going on.
    The only way to get through to CBS is to turn the show off, don’t record, don’t watch it later on TVGN.

  33. Comments (843)

    Derrick had the perfect opportunity to get Donny off the block when Victoria found him crying after talking to Donny. Those two plus Frankie would have been enough votes.

    • Comments (692)

      Who was crying? When? Why? What?

      • Comments (644)

        franko, Derrick and Donny were talking. I got this for you on Joker’s:

        After Derr/Donny convo (start 1:20am), Derrick is crying and talking with Victoria and Caleb about how Donny is such a good guy

        He starts tearing up after his conversation with Donny, tells Donny he’s a good guy and Donny says the same to Derrick in return.

        Victoria comes in and asks if Derrick is crying. Derrick tells Victoria that he told Donny that he couldn’t vote for Donny to stay and that Donny is such a good guy outside the house.

        He thanks her for doing the laundry for him and asks where everyone else is.

        Derrick says this game is brutal. Victoria says she didnt know Derrick had a sweet spot for Donny. Caleb then comes in, and Derrick says he had a talk with Donny and said he told Donny that Donny is probably a hero outside the house. Derrick says people do become close with everyone in the house, and he says he loves everyone in the house. Derrick says Donny was spilling his heart out to Derrick, and that Derrick couldn’t give him that re-assurance that Donny was safe. Derrick said he told Donny that he’s got heart and that he’s a competitor. Derrick says Donny basically conceded to it and wasn’t trying to manipulate Derrick.

        Derrick says nothing is changing in terms of voting Donny out, but that it still sucks. Derrick says there is no wavering in his thought process.

        Derrick says his convo with Donny was genuine and that he could tell Donny was defeated. Derrick says it was a good conversation. and that ultimately, if not donny, then it could have been Derrick out the door

  34. Comments (2)

    Donny is great and all, but he turned down a task that would have given them all 5k because he didn’t want to risk his game and made it clear that Team America did not come first.

    So can someone remind me while we are all of the sudden upset at the other two because they refuse to save him as a made up task?
    Their alliance has tried to get him out for weeks. It would be suspicious if they all of the sudden tried to save him.

    • Comments (1443)

      Nobody would be suspicious. Things in that house can turn completely around in a second. All it takes is Derrick to say he doesn’t trust Christine or anyone else and heard her/ him talking about alliance to Donny/ Nichole etc. and all of a sudden Christine upis up and gone. That would be a good TA mission. That’s the kind of mission America wants to see,,

      • Comments (2)

        So America wants TA to screw over the games of other houseguests? Donny wasn’t even willing to split the vote and blame it on someone else, so why should we expect them to do the same?

      • Comments (2)

        If you go through all the scenarios, it looks like the decision to save Donny or not hardly impacts Derrick’s individual game, except probably forcing someone to reach out to ally with Victoria against him, if Donny is not evicted. Donny staying or leaving really only changes the order of which alliance he should target first: Donny/Nicole or Frankie/Caleb. They could very likely get a chance to get rid of Christine AND Caleb or Frankie (Caleb being the smarter choice) before final 5 even if they don’t backdoor Christine this week.

        But it does impact others’ games. It would put Frankie and Caleb in a much more dan cause. It would put Victoria in a safer one, which would be great for him. But it also saves Donny and Nicole indefinitely when they were pretty much dead in the water. Probably the best benefit of saving Donny is the most immediate one: Christine leaves. So it’s all about who they want to target sooner, Caleb and Frankie or Nicole and Donny, and whether making that much of a splash is worth it. Probably best to stay quiet and roll with the alliance that’s not let you down so far, at least just for another week or two.

    • Comments (644)

      Zach, Donny didn’t want to do a mission and Derrick didn’t want to do it either. The only one that wanted to do it was Frankie. But Derrick being quite the manipulator, made it seem that it was only Donny the one that didn’t want to do it. He even tried to fool us on a DR session saying they didn’t do the mission because of Donny. If you only watch the show you would have believed him. But if you watch BBAD, the feeds, and read blogs like this, you’ll find out much more.

  35. Comments (1)

    Frankie game:
    The Act of Charity and Self.

    Frankie will donate his winning money from “Team America and Big Brother” to Charity. Everyone and CBS, knew he was related to a singer, AG except for the BB HG’s.

    Frankie has admitted he would use this information to benefit him, But, if he was in trouble of getting Evicted! Well, Frankie would use the information to save himself and to win the game for Charity.

    Frankie, win or lose, free publicity for him, Zing Bot said, “ Like your tan, but how do you get one when you live in your sister shadow!”

    Derrick game:
    He wants to win the money for his Family.

    Derrick, has deceived the HG’S from day one, he is a Sargent for a Police Department. Derrick has said this would be great opportunity to work on his job skills, Deception, Mislead, Manipulate, Controlling, etc., wait that’s part of the BB game too.

    Frankie cut Derrick off about Donny being Saved, No we are doing a play, period.

    Well, $5,000, is good hardworking money for police officer and a school groundskeeper! Remember Frankie is a player too, Mr. Yesterday, Broadway star, Only his Charity.

    Derrick, HG”S…Who really is in charge?

    Who said it best ZACK, “Well what’s the point playing the BB game!
    Frankie in the game for Charity and he is related to AG.”

  36. Comments (13)

    I hope something crazy like a Pandora’s box occurs throwing a second pov in the game. This could be game changing if Donny or Nicole get it.

  37. Comments (247)

    Stevebeans, I appreciate you putting this together for us BB crazies to easily catch up on the behind the scenes and carry on discussions. Congrats on your Marriage, Monica.

  38. Comments (6)

    The reason they don’t want to vote to keep Donny is because Donny wants Derrick out. We all know Donny has been telling everyone for weeks that he wants Derrick out. If I were in the game, I wouldn’t save Donny either. Why would Derrick save a HG that wants him out?

  39. Comments (17)

    Steve hope your mom is doing better,wish her well.thank you for keepen us tunedinto what we can’t a play huh,bet mangos the queen and derrick the king.haha frankie is disgusting,do they not relieze we do see what they are doing?hagatha(christine)all over cody,&now jealous about nicole chatting with cody!she’s needs go home asap.I’m sick of looking at her fugly face!and hearing her talk two face to everyone.gross woman!

  40. Comments (1)

    I can’t wait for Frankie and Derrick to watch the season back to find out that not inky was Donny picked for TA before them, but so was Joey. One of them wouldn’t even be there of Joey stayed in the house just one week longer. Most of America is not with them.

  41. Comments (2)

    Your plan makes sense for Frankie but not for Derrick. He cam easily roll to final 3 with Cody and Victoria. I wouldn’t trust Frankie or Donny nearly as much, and it’s better to not make waves usually.

  42. Comments (1)

    I can’t remember when someone as kind & caring as Donny has been shunned by the whole house, sitting alone week after week & fighting ALL ALONE to keep himself in the game. I’ve never hurt so much for a guy I’ll never know on a tv show that is a GAME! We all know that production has their hands in every season to a certain extent. To Production: I implore you to do something, anything to help Donny stay at least a couple more weeks. Then it’s up to him to stay longer. And to go head to head with the remaining house guests. It’s down to the wire for him. “Expect The Unexpected.” Throw in a quick challenge that is beneficial to Donny…overnight tonight-give him a power if only for a week. Please don’t let us end up with a Gina Marie & Andy again. I guarantee you NO ONE wants Victoria or even the cheating Christine (& by cheating I mean on her husband & in the game) go home with $50,000. Thanks for allowing my rant. It must be time to stop watching this show since I seem to get too involved & can’t do anything about the situation. #BigBrother…just look at the various polls. It will tell you how the viewers feel.

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