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Big Brother 16 – And So It Begins! Day 1 Live Blogging


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Pick a winner, Paola

Last night at 1:00am est, the feeds turned on as scheduled and the houseguests must have been aware because they suddenly started acting crazy.  As I covered in my post last night, Joey and Hayden went streaking and the rest of the house ran from room to room screaming into the cameras.

If you weren’t aware, the cast went into the house about a week ago and started filming. The two HoH competitions were pre-recorded as usual. After that, we really had no clue what happened in the house until the feeds went live last night, and we were able to get updates since the second HoH competition. The Battle of the block (botb) has been played, and Caleb remains the sole HoH for the week. Frankie’s nominees (Donny and Paola) remain on the block where they will fight to stay in the house in the PoV competition played today.

Correction: I think I’m wrong about the twist. Caleb likely put Donny and Paola up while Frankie put the winners up. Because Frankie’s nominees won, he was punished and removed from the block.  I had it backwards. Apparently the twist is to keep putting up the weakest players to try and keep power. 

As it stands, Donny is the target to go home, but we all know that can change in a Big Brother minute, so I am not putting much thought into that right now.  I covered most of the good stuff last night, so I will just begin today with updates on the live feeds…


  • 9:00am – All houseguests are sleeping. Some had a pretty late night, so this could be the status for awhile, but I will keep you updated.
  • 9:40am – Wakeup call!  Entertain us… entertain us!
  • 10:00am – Feeds back, girls getting ready in the bathroom, guys eating breakfast – Caleb enjoying the girls in the bathroom
  • 10:40am – Not much has changed, people still hanging around chatting casually.
  • 11:00am – Everyone getting ready, it’s PoV day so they’re making sure they look good.
  • 11:03am – Finally a little game talk.  Devin heads up to the HoH room to talk with Caleb and Frankie. Devin wants Paola and Victoria to stick around for awhile because he knows they are still targets. However, he also wants to backdoor Joey, so he’s working the HoH to make that happen.  Caleb and Frankie think Donny is dangerous and will only put Joey on the block if Donny wins PoV, otherwise it sounds like Donny is still a target.Devin is basically confessing to the two that he is a loose cannon and he doesn’t even realize how big of a target he’s putting on his back.  Devin told Caleb to basically babysit him because when he’s alone with his thoughts, he starts getting paranoid and creative.
  • 11:19am – Amber enters the HoH room and breaks up the conversation.
  • 12:00pm – Not much going on in the house, everyone prepping for PoV. I am going to run to the store, be back shortly!
  • 3:30pm UPDATE – The feeds are down. The PoV is likely going on. I am going to close this thread and open a new one after the PoV for the evening.



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  1. Comments (54)

    Ugh I hope paola goes home, her like ego and like sentence structure is gonna like drive me insane.


  2. Comments (4)

    How is Donny’s cricket sound not the most popular thing on the internet right now.

  3. Comments (3)

    Correct me if I’m wrong… but you said,
    The Battle of the block (botb) has been played, and Caleb remains the sole HoH for the week. Frankie’s nominees (Donny and Paola) remain on the block..

    I was also confused by this twist so I re-watched Julie’s explanation a couple times. The duo of nominees that win the Battle of the Block are safe… and then that dethrones the HOH who put them there.

    So if Donny & Paola are still on the block.. then it had to be Caleb (not Frankie) who put them there….. right? 🙂

    • Comments (407)

      Hmmm… I think the way it works is that player A puts up 1+2 and player B puts up 3+4. If 3+4 win, that means they’re off the block and the HoH who put the losers up (hoh A) removes his slot.

      So I would think Frankie would have put up the losers of the competition (Donny and Paola) which is why they are still on the block and Frankie isn’t HoH. I will look into it though.

    • Comments (407)

      Oh wait, I think you’re right. I think Frankie put up Britt and Victoria, and because they won, they were removed and Frankie was punished. Duh, I’m an idiot. Even though my theory would make more sense because the current method motivates them to nominate weak people so they lose and control power.

      • Comments (3)

        LOL… don’t feel bad… I had to swish that twist around in my head many times before it sunk in.

        Yes, they have motivation to put up weaker players or risk getting dethroned and being a replacement nom.

        I also think it makes more sense this way because if it were the other way… then the remaining HOH would have 2 people on the block that they didn’t even put there.. and that would seem odd.

        I think this twist is partially designed to target people who do nothing and don’t do well at comps… yet somehow float their way to the end because “they aren’t a threat”

  4. Comments (182)

    Yea, she tried to sneak that ‘pick’ in, that’s cool we all do it, but without over 100 cameras peering every move. :).

    But, she is one of my first I want out; she is too into who she thinks she is, but is not. Borders fake.

  5. Comments (92)

    Buffalobill loves her jewish princess victoria. Go girl

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