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Big Brother 16 – BotB Results – House Meltdown


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I have to jump right in once again.  The feeds are crazy right now


  • 9:55pm – Feeds return. Results – Frankie won the botb by himself. Caleb threw it.  Now, Zach is freaking out and Frankie is yelling back at him
  • Zach is blowing UP. He is screaming at Frankie about all the lies he has done this season. Cody and Caleb are chipping in occasionally
  • Every time Zach mentions Christine he yells it loud because she’s in the other room so she can hear it.  He keeps calling her a liar.
  • Derrick comes in the room and tries to tell the group to hash it out in a room privately, but Zach has none of it. He said he handed Frankie his Big Brother life and was shit on
  • Frankie asks them to go into the fire room for what he’s about to say….
    Frankie – “I’ve been lying to you the entire game. I was on Broadway. I am a Youtuber. I am a social media mogul. I have $1.5 million dollars (!!!!). My sister is a mega, mega pop star.  Ariana Grande.
  • Some don’t believe it, but Derrick does
    resume – “It’s been weighing heavily on me since my grandfather passed and it’s why there are only baby pictures”.  Frankie said he has 1.5 million followers (I wonder if that’s what he meant instead of dollars?)… but then he said he has a half a million on instagram and twitter… shrug
  • Frankie to Zach – You told me too much about your game to make me trust you. About your final 3 with Cody and Derrick.  It drove me nuts whenever I saw you whispering with them.  This is an apology.
  • The plan was for me to go to Hayden to vote you out (Zach). Last minute – Hayden goes to Cody and blows my cover. At that moment, everything shifted.  Hayden knows, Hayden’s gotta go.  Literally minutes passed and everything switched
  • Derrick – Let it be known, you didn’t decide that. We did (Cody and Derrick).
  • Frankie – I am building this game for a charity. I build schools around the world and I’m using the money I get from this show for that.
  • 10:09pm – Cody “Why would I be up on the block next to Zach?”
  • Frankie “It’s because  you being on the block, that would guarantee Zach going home. Christine asked me and that’s what I told her

—I am so glad I got an iced coffee on the way home. Could be a long night—

  • Frankie – I am consumed with lies. Consumed.
  • Derrick – “So why are you telling us?”
  • Frankie – “I’m telling you because I’m sorry. I fucked up”
  • Zach – “All I’m getting from this is you wanted me out of the house, you wanted me next to Cody and you wanted to work with the other side of the house. Is that true”
  • Frankie – No
  • Cody – You are fucking all of us or Christine is fucking all of us
  • Derrick – Does Christine know about this plan
  • Frankie (stuttering) – Uhhhh..

After Caleb gets pissed that Frankie is a pop stars brother and walk out, Frankie is puzzled. Derrick said “It’s because most of us are who we say we are”.. someone corrected “We all are”  (umm, oops Derrick)

  • Frankie – It’s all true. I just omitted the past two years of my life.
  • Caleb comes back in – Are you even gay?
  • Frankie – I’m very gay

Donny came in and was excited about Frankie being a Youtuber and social personality

  • Caleb – You as a person is one of the most amazing person I’ve ever met. Knowing that you’ve been hiding all of this
  • Derrick – Imagine me telling you today that I’m not really who I say I am (like a cop)
  • Caleb – I don’t even know who she is (Ariana Grande)
  • Frankie – Well, it’s Frankie’s funeral. I buried the Frankie you know and standing before you is Frankie Grande
  • Frankie – I’m backed against the wall and I have nothing to lose.  I get to walk around the house and be who I am
  • Derrick – I hold no ill will against you

Btw, I don’t normally transcribe conversations but this is a good one. Don’t get used to it!

  • Frankie – My grandfather was basically my father. You taught me how to shave and that’s why I was so impacted because I never learned.
  • Frankie – I am not supported by my family. My sisters money, my families money. It’s not mine. I am a struggling artist.  I am very successful on Youtube, but it doesn’t pay. I don’t get money (Youtubers make money. he has 250k followers so I’m sure it’s a decent amount, but nothing major)
  • Derrick – Weren’t you worried someone would recognize you?
  • Frankie – I think Victoria will shit. I think she knows, and I think this will click something in her head.
  • Caleb – My question is, when we get out of here, will you give me a shout-out?
  • Frankie – I will bring you hand and hand to Justin Bieber’s house. But Cody you can’t go near her.

Frankie goes around the room hugging the guys (except Zach who is still pissed)

  •  10:30pm – Meeting over. Caleb is blown away he’s hanging out with a pop stars brother. Zach is still not taking it well.
  • Frankie is now in the living room telling the girls.  Nicole is blown away by it (apparently she’s aware of Arianna). I think Christine said her husband would be excited.

victoria-reactionVictoria’s reaction to the whole thing

  • The girls are excited he met Justin Bieber. Victoria is excited because she’s obsessed with Arianna and just spoke about her in the DR
  • 10:35pm – The guys are in the bathroom talking about Frankie’s announcement. Cody still thinks he’s lying because he didn’t confess Christine working with him. Derrick said he did this because he has nobody left. He may not need it this week, but he’ll need votes.
  • Derrick gives a reality check.. She’s not Madonna.  You didn’t even know who she was before you went in. She is an up and comer. It’s not like Frankie goes out and hangs out with Justin Bieber
  • 10:50pm – Zach, Cody and Derrick are not impressed about his celebrity status. They’re annoyed an hour ago everyone hated him now the girls are ‘sucking his dick’ about it.
  • Both Zach and Derrick are completely demoralized how everyone loves Frankie now. He is going to promise them tickets to shows, to meet celebs and they’re going to keep him.
  • They also keep saying he’s going to win fan favorite (I think Donny will)

Ok, that was quite an interesting turn of events. I need to hit the sack

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  1. Comments (2)

    Frankie is the thing that won’t die.

    • Comments (1288)

      It may be worse than that if you do not care for him. Besides being safe this week he has pulled the ripcord on his reset plan and told the truth about himself. He is famous, he is playing for charity and he will introduce Caleb to Justin Blahblah.

      Now he can take it easy the rest of the week, let everyone forget how mad they were at him and see what a “regular guy” the faux-celeb is. He will be ready for next week’s HoH and if he wins…

      • Comments (1092)

        This could have been part of his master plan all along. To go as far as he can in an alliance, then if he was to sense he was in trouble, play the confession card.

        He is a smart, sneaky player. Anything is possible with him.

      • Comments (1288)

        Frankie definitely planned this possibility, he is using it as a reset.

    • Comments (383)

      Hey look! There’s another poster named Jenny! Welcome! My favorite part was Victoria SCREAMING when Frankie confessed that his sister is famous. OH MY GAWDDDDDDD!!!!

      • Comments (1288)

        But in what ay be a first she is whispering game talk to Nicole about how it shouldn’t matter who anyone’s relative is, they are all playing a game. Has the sleeper awoken?

  2. Comments (9)

    This “shout fest” is the best thing I’ve seen this season! OMG The entire house is fired up at Frankie! I kept hoping their plan to have Caleb throw the BOB would work…can’t believe Frankie won on his own!!

    And now he’s telling everyone who his sister is and they don’t believe him! lol Cracks me up!

  3. Comments (15)

    Frankie finally told them!

  4. Comments (120)

    Frankie is saying his grandfather dying was the reason he became so paranoid…

    Could he stoop any lower?

    I also can’t believe that Caleb actually failed at losing. HOW CAN ONE DO THAT?

    • Comments (383)

      Beast Mode Cowboy is capable of all kinds of feats that no mere mortal could ever hope to achieve. Amber, come on, tell us you don’t love him NOW. No seriously, you probably need to tell him again. Via your attorney.

  5. Comments (1)

    Oh boy stuff is going down right now.

  6. Comments (138)

    This admission about his sister is all smoke and mirrors by Frankie to take attention away from his deceitfulness. None of this justifies what he’s done.

    • Comments (875)

      And he told Caleb that Nichole “Did Lie about Amber, but he understands, this is Big Brother, she’s a liar!!!”

      I can not stomach Frankie, and if any of his followers still love him…more power to them…ugh!

  7. Comments (1)

    Dear Frankie, your game is Dunzo

  8. Comments (138)

    Caleb is just sitting there saying nothing. I wonder if he realizes now that he hasn’t been running the house?

  9. Comments (75)

    I like Frankie!! What did he do to piss everyone off? I think I missed something!

  10. Comments (138)

    “Are you even gay?” Hahahaaha!!!!!!

  11. Comments (182)

    Funny, that Derrick is giving lecture on honest game to Frankie, but from what I recall Derrick has not disclosed he is a cop

  12. Comments (138)

    And nobody knows who Ariana Grande is.

  13. Comments (843)

    I predicted Frankie would come up with some story about how he is going to use the money for children. Nailed it! Now he’s bringing up his grandfather again. Anything to elicit sympathy.
    That was funny though when he made his big announcement and no one knew or cared who his sister is. And why did it have to be just the guys that he announced all this to?

    • Comments (383)

      I like how he gave the same speech almost verbatim to the rest of the house after he told his bros. What the hell is a Youtube Personality anyway?

      • Comments (5)

        Something he is not. A Youtuber, is someone that is at least pretty well known on YouTube and posts videos consistently. I would not consider him a YouTube personality, considering he only as 255,791 subscribers. Pewdiepie, who I guess could be considered a YouTube personality has 29,525,896 subscribers. Frankie is for sure not as big as he claims, at least on YouTube. I bet some of those subscribers came from the Big Brother fanbase anyways.

      • Comments (383)

        so it’s a fancy name for “unemployed”. Hey, Frankie and Zach have the same job!

      • Comments (1)

        Actually it’s not. A really popular youtuber can make a lot of money.

  14. Comments (843)

    If Donny doesn’t win POV this time, he will be voted out. Zach and Frankie will make up, everything forgiven and we’re back where we were.

  15. Comments (5)

    “I’m gay and my sister’s famous!” BFD. What Frankie really means to say is I have no life skills so I will leach off of other peoples talents.

  16. Comments (875)

    How does that old saying go – “Doing the same thing over and over is Insanity” Nicole is, wash rinse, and do it again…

    How Stupid can you be?!I like Nicole but she can not see the forest for the trees! She actually put up Zack & Donny who are both injured from yesterdays POV Competition, instead of putting up Cody and Derrick, who could have won!!! Nicole needs to play her own game, and stop listening to Derrick & Cody.

    Now Nicole, & Donny could be BD’ed…smh, this poor little girl can’t win for losing?!

    • Comments (1)

      Maybe I’m wrong because I have only been reading about the feeds, but didn’t Nicole put up Frankie and Caleb; and Christine put up Donny and Zack? I think it was smart with the understanding that Caleb was throwing it. It just didn’t work out in her favor. I heard a lot of things said about BB being fixed last season, but wondering if there is any other explanation for Frankie winning a BOB on his own! Just seems like no matter what goes on, he get all the luck on his side. There was also a statement when Frankie and Zack were arguing right after comp. that Frankie would tell them to call Zack into DR while he spoke to all other house guests. He did not want him to be there. How can he even think that is possible?

      • Comments (469)

        Vic – you bring up an excellent point – that little exchange caught my attention also – then I forgot about it amongst all the other BS – but going back and listening it really told volumns – Frankie’s insistance and vocal tone was that of a spoiled child knowing dad was out there and ready to step in and do his bidding – you are exactly right Vic.

    • Comments (875)

      Sorry…Nicole put up Caleb, & Frankie,…but how bad can someone’s luck be geesh.

  17. Comments (1799)

    Do not get live feed how the hell did Frankie win ?!? That whole I build schools is BS If Victoria & Chritine are star stuck by A D -list hanger on like Frankie with his C list star sister who just lost her job those two GIRLs not women are sad empty shell of people Will Frankie try to use this new found fame to influence the house to evict Derric or Cody in a Backdoor if someone wins Po V or does he lay low till the next HoH and resume playing

  18. Comments (1799)

    Looking bad for Donny if he does not win POV now that from all indication Nichole is working with Zach Who is there to vote to save Donny Once more it will be house rules and a 6-0 vote

    • Comments (1288)

      Derrick/Cody/Zach were talking about pushing for a backdoor on Nicole. Don’t know if they know about the agreement between Christine and Nicole to not BD each other. If they pressure her and she spills to Nicole the idea, Nicole will hopefully respond about how they floated backdooring Christine to her last night. That might finally push the ladies into real cooperation. In all the foofaraw Donny has dipped off the radar despite being on the block. If no BD plan surfaces and noms remain the same it is probably curtains for Donny, then only hope is the return twist.

    • Comments (332)

      Production rigged it or Zach threw it. Cause Donny would have won even against Frankie. This is getting totally into the realm of bb picking the winner already.

      • Comments (692)

        Does anybody know what the competition was? How was Frankie able to pull off a win by himself?

      • Comments (1288)

        Derrick and Cody were saying the comp was actually easier for one person to do than both. If Caleb had been actually trying that might have slowed Frankie enough that Zach/Donny would have won. It was apparently a close finish as it was.

  19. Comments (18)

    Where on earth did BB find this group of “boys”? They are more moody than any PMSing or menopausal woman I’ve ever known! I can’t keep track of their emotional rollercoasters. And what is up with Nicole now apologizing for putting Frankie up… worried that Ariana’s fans are gonna hate her? Do these kids know they are playing a game for $500,000??? I’d almost take last years crew over these fools at this point.
    BB, PLEASE do a better job casting for next season!

  20. Comments (469)

    Here’s my professional analysis of Frankie’s “confession” – the biggest pile of horse shit since “read my lips – I did not have sex with that woman” – the very thought that these brainiacs are dumb enough to buy into this farce (especially Derrick as a cop) shows me just how naive these kids are – his preperation before his little performance reeked of an actor just before entering the stage – he had his lines prepared but when hit with an unforeseen remark he would stall-stutter and recalibrate himself before he would respond – I posted the day he read the letter about his grandfathers demise that he would ride that pity horse into the ground – well here we go – think back through the season how many times did he look in the camera and tell us – this is BB – yes of course i’m lying – did you see a hint of paranoia – he is playing CYA – I guess if he can sell it – oh well shame on the HG’s —- I would also concur with those who have pointed out the irony and hypocrisy of Derrick lecturing Frankie on dishonesty – aside from his hidden occupation – he is possibly a more prolific liar than Frakie in the game well such is BB – the only thing holding my interest at this time is seeing if Nicole can recover from another set back – given the latest circumstances it doesn’t look good – but as the old saying goes – Hope reigns eternal.

  21. Comments (120)

    Even though it may seem like Victoria is going to be all over Frankie, she’s just made it clear it’s the opposite.

    She was just telling Nicole:
    1. They are playing because THEY need the money for THEIR personal lives.
    2. Frankie’s sister has millions – let her donate money to Africa.
    3. He is terrible because knowing that his sister has dealt with insecurities, he still attacks people personally.

    Spot on.

    • Comments (875)

      Yeah, I read that on Jokers, Victoria has really grown up, I wish she would just play her OWN Game, for petesakes?!

      Victoria also told Nicole that Frankie’s Sister is a Millionaire, let HER go build houses in Africa with her money!!! I said to myself goooo Victoria!

    • Comments (383)

      If Victoria were really a grown up she wouldn’t think she NEEDS all that money for her personal life. She’s a spoiled princess! Does she have ailing parents who need financial support? Was she close to being homeless before she came on the show? Does she need a trust fund for her hair extensions?

  22. Comments (18)

    And I’m officially done with this season. Enough is enough. Now Nicole and Christine are discussing putting up Victoria if POV is used. WHAT HAPPENED TO PUTTING UP CODY? Jocasta was evicted during Nicole’s last HOH, and now maybe Victoria this time. No need for the guys to do anything, the girls are destroying themselves. Game over. Cody, Derrick or Caleb has this in the bag. Boy, who didn’t see this coming since week 2??? BORING SEASON!!!

    • Comments (120)

      Frankie actually knocked Christine down for suggesting Victoria. He told her “I have her vote definitely to get Zach out!” (Because if his sister) She seemed like she never thought about that, so she’ll end up probably putting someone else up instead.

      • Comments (1288)

        Despite her miniscule increase in awareness, Victoria told Nicole that it was unfair for someone like Frankie to be in the house and it ruined the game for players like Derrick who are fighting for their family [insert Donny’s cricket sounds]. She seems to know which shark’s belly she is attached to. In any event Frankie should not count on controlling her vote. She held her nose and voted to save Zach before, if Derrick says to do it again she will fall in line.

  23. Comments (469)

    the way the season has unfolded – Frankie will have Christine put up Nicole.

  24. Comments (692)

    I don’t get live feeds or get to watch BBAD. what is this going to do 2 the bromance between Frankie and Zack? are they still sleeping in the same bed? I guess there was no celebratory intercourse for the two of them tonight.

  25. Comments (1)

    Well he’s still manipulating..announcing who he is and who is sister is..taking the attention away from his manipulating game..zach can see thru him..

  26. Comments (332)

    I’m skipping a week, maybe till finale cause this just got too odd, predictable and with Americas mission a cbs production already taped show.

  27. Comments (332)

    I’m skipping a week, maybe till finale cause this just got too odd, predictable and taped.

  28. Comments (316)

    Big Brother is losing its luster!! After 16 seasons I must say that this is the first time that I’m starting to lose interest. I don’t even watch BBAD anymore. I’m watching Big Brother UK and enjoying it much more, accents and all. They said that this was going to be the most “TWISTED” season yet. Is it really???

  29. Comments (492)

    They guys… I know every one is busy… But to bottom line it all.
    Do you think Zach will stay???
    I just got to know!
    Any help…

    • Comments (492)

      I don’t like Frankie and what he is doing.. Or Christina… I don’t have BBAD, but do try to read all of you comment. Sad .
      , but this is one of my high lites of the summer.
      Thanks folks. And have a nice day

    • Comments (469)

      mom – it will hinge on who wins POV and if they use it – it does sound like Frankie has Zach in his sights – but as you have observed this season – things change every time a butterfly flaps it’s wings – (I believe Dandaman coined that phrase) – so mom – hold on to your hats and buckle your straps we’re in for a bumpy ride (that one belongs to my late father).

      • Comments (492)

        Nicely put. Thank so much!!! I really appreciate it.
        You are too kind to write back and with such flare! Sorry about you dad, it shows that you truly love him.

  30. Comments (1092)

    Has anyone spoken about what would happen during veto ?

    Is either Donny or Zach considered out ?

    Or is Nicole the backdoor babe this week ?

    • Comments (492)

      Sad to say but I hope
      Donny goes, because Nicole and Zach are playing together

      • Comments (1092)

        Right, I forgot about the Nicole alliance thing.

        I hope he is genuinely working with her and not playing game.

        He is already a douchebage. If he screws her game while she is pretty vulnerable, I will hate him even more.

      • Comments (492)

        Yeah , I know, but I really think he does like her,,

      • Comments (1092)

        You are too romantic, mom.

        But who can blame him. She is a sweetiw. If only I were 20 ywars younger again ! 🙂

  31. Comments (412)

    Stevebeans, you must have been tired. It says Donny under Zach and Donny’s names where it should say nom, or Christine maybe.

  32. Comments (21)

    Cody the ultimate floater.

  33. Comments (4)

    I lost respect for Frankie for so many reasons!!! The way he throws around who his sister is really kind of irks me!!! He already annoyed me but now it’s even worse!!! I really hope someone who actually deserves to win does!!!!

  34. Comments (13)

    get rid of all of the twists and get back to basics like the first year and let the viewers vote out the people and that way they would have to play their game and not float around and use others to advance their game. if only we could have chicken George back

  35. Comments (412)

    It’s official. I want crazy Caleb to win.

    • Comments (95)

      Me too Queen B! Either him, or Donny, but I know it wont be Donny because he’s too nice and honest to be in this game in the first place and he probably wont be around after this week by the way things are looking.

      I do wonder..if Caleb were to win, would Amber come around then? Hmm..

  36. Comments (1799)

    Karen is correct Get back to basic Let the fans vote! And not have a ringer like Frankie in there with a built in voting block Jullie saying this is the most twisted season ever is like the batchler saying the most dramatic rose ceremony ever Very hollow You also hate to bring up that the producers seem to be influencing the game Last week Zach keeps being called into the DR This week after they hear Caleb plans to lay down during BoB they lock players out of the yard longer than normal Saying the game can’t start till the house guest clean the kitchen What ??!?! Still have not heard what the game was but all are saying it was easyer to play as a single That it was more like a POV comp I understand production will edit to add drama and conflict It just seems odd that so many things are falling in favor of certain people

  37. Comments (1092)

    So my big question now, which has been bugging me from week one:

    How much did Ariana’s publicist pay CBS to put Frankie on the show ?

    With him there, both if them are getting all kinds of exposure right at the time that her career is taking off.

    There is no way that he was randomly cast.

    And now Frankie is saying he will be able to introducw people to biebs. That must have been agreed to beforehand. And coincidentally she is doing a duet with biebs.

    The whole thing is an elaborit publicity scheme.

  38. FrankieSupporter
    Comments (1)

    I hate how EVERYONE (In the house & in the BB fanbase) is turning on Frankie, He’s just trying to play his game and has a good heart. He wanted to be himself and just felt this was the time to tell everyone. I still love Frankie and am rooting for him to win!

  39. Comments (78)

    I wish BB would bring back food competitions, change the way the have/have nots are chosen, assign each HG chores to do, set earlier wake up times, provide space for HG to put their personal items & clothes. Compared to season 15, these HG are lambs being driven to the slaughter by Shepard Derrick.

  40. Comments (1)

    I started hating Frankie when BB gave him so much camera time “acting out” his eulogy to his grandfather. Derrick took the high road when his grandfather died. I think Derrick and Cody should go up against Caleb and Frankie. And get Christine out of there with Zack. Donny is a stand up guy….they won’t let him play a decent game.

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