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Big Brother 16 – Is Cody Next Out The Door?


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I know this week doesn’t count and everything will reset on Wednesday night, but will the nominations and PoV impact the rest of the season?  Could a Big Brother twist actually be exciting?  It’s doubtful, but there is always a chance.

Cody finds himself in an interesting position this week, as Christine did during the second half of the double eviction.  Sitting next to Victoria has been the kiss of death the past week, and that trend could possibly continue for the next eviction.  If you’re a in a group of stranded people and you eat the weak to survive.. what’s going to happen when the weak are nearly all gone?   Do you eat the remaining weak and worry about your life next, or do you keep some weak people around to help you trap the strong?

Whether it’s Cody, Caleb or Derrick sitting on the block after the PoV meeting, one has to wonder if now will be the time to strike.  Personally I think it is, and think it probably has been (for some), but that doesn’t mean it will happen. Most of the guys still have the guy loyalty thing going, but they’re going to have to think about $500k and sooner rather than later.

I’m fairly confident that Derrick would try to get Cody or Caleb out this week over Victoria. He has to. It’s a no-brainer and if he passes that up, he loses almost all credibility as a smart player.  All Derrick has to do is vote for Caleb or Cody (depending on PoV) and the fate of the season will be in Frankie’s tiebreaking hands.  That is, assuming this scenario unfolds again after the reset button. That’s the potential beauty of this twist.. Cody could realize he is in danger now, win HoH and go after Frankie instead of wasting an HoH on Victoria.

So the biggest question that will come out of this week is… should Cody remain on the block, or should Caleb somehow replace him, are either of them smart enough to realize this is one of the best opportunities Derrick has to get them out of the house?

I guess another question could be… would Derrick end up on the block if Cody, Caleb or Victoria win the PoV?

So many questions, but the answer to all of them is likely going to be the guys will head into Wed night thinking they’re all safe (unless Vic wins PoV) and the reset button will just give them another chance to think they’re safe when they’re sitting next to Victoria yet again.

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  1. Comments (843)

    I think a lot depends on when Julie tells them about the reset. If they vote and announce the vote, the nominees will know where they stand. Not that Victoria can or will do anything about it if she’s voted out. She will be mad that Derrick voted her out but will just cry and/or pout. If they announce the rewind before the vote, they (guys) don’t really know anything other than ‘the guys’ wanted Victoria out, which she is blissfully, woefully ignorant of.

    • Comments (1288)

      It also makes a difference on what happens with the POV, if say Derrick uses it to protect Victoria or if Caleb uses it to save Cody and split up Derrick/Victoria the Rewind will have exposed that. Also there is the issue of the “Brigade and Britney” moment everyone but Derrick wants. By Wednesday night Victoria most likely will no longer be blissfully and woefully ignorant.

    • Comments (1443)

      I read somewhere that it would be before they vote. I also read that Derrick would be able to participate in hoh which I don’t think is fair but it’s another that could win and put Frankie up

      • Comments (692)

        if derrick can play and its before the vote then it’s not truly a rewind of the entire week as as being promoted. I’m not a huge derrick fan but I am rooting for him to win because he’s played a good game and I really did want him to play in the rewind head of house competition mainly to try to get Frankie out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Comments (1443)

        I agree. Another to try and beat Frankie for hoh but not truly a reset if that’s the case. Plus Derrick if he wins might chicken out and be afraid to put up Frankie thinking he has good chance to win pov. It’s going to be hard to keep Frankie from winning at least one of those two comps and saves himself

      • Comments (1276)

        I really think, to date, Derrick should win. He has for sure, played the strongest and most even game. Just the fact that he hasn’t been on the block yet is AMAZING. I want him in the HOH as well, for the exact same reason, to get Frankie Out!

      • Comments (4)

        Frankie is a good player. Derrick is just an ok player, what do you expect out of a follower.

      • Comments (401)

        Julie Chen amended what she first said. It will be a true rewind. Derrick will not be able to play for HOH.

      • Comments (1443)

        Thanks. It’s only fair. I hate it cause it gives Frankie better odds to win but it’s only fair thing to do. Thanks for letting me know. Did you also hear they reset before votes for eviction?

      • Comments (401)

        Read “the two nominees come off the block” which I interpret as pre voting.

      • Comments (178)

        This is starting to reek of Big Brother favoritism towards Derrick. Personally (and I know most of you who post here don’t share my feelings), I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Derrick backdoored and out of the house before the final three. It’s a motley crew left in that house; but I really dislike the game Derrick has played as well as the fact the other house members have willingly (and unknowingly) allowed it. From the beginning I thought Frankie, if anyone, would be the first one to catch on to Derrick’s tactics, since I had the impression that Frankie was shrewd. So I’m disappointed that Frankie isn’t as bright as I initially thought him to be. Apparently, some of the houseguests only catch wise to Derrick’s tactics as they’re about to be evicted. Too little, too late.

      • Comments (383)

        I’m disappointed that Frankie isn’t as NICE as I initially thought him to be. I really LIKED him at first. Apparently so did America since he is part of Team America. Now I can’t stand him. Last night’s BBAD showed him to be a name-dropping fame whore. His whole world revolves around being famous, which in his mind means being NEAR those who are famous. He talked about the time he was starring on Broadway. I’ve seen other comments saying he was no more than an understudy. I don’t care enough to google him and fact-check that.

      • Comments (722)

        We all thought he was gonna be the fun, party gay dude.. positive and peppy. An opposite of Andy, who was a bit of a judgemental downer..
        He showed his true colors though and turned a lot of fans into foes.

      • Comments (1443)

        That’s what I also heard he even said once he never got in one of shows he always talks about

      • Comments (1276)

        Basically, what I have found online is that he started out played Boots the Monkey in a Dora show. Then landed the role in Mama Mia, although I haven’t heard what part he had, my guess would be just a dancer.
        He then directed a few shows, also on Broadway.

      • Comments (843)

        Frankie was an understudy to a minor character in Mama Mia and never appeared on stage. The plays he directed were in theaters on Broadway Street. He does make a lot of money from You tube videos–videos that are border line porn. Lots of money in that industry.

      • Comments (91)

        THANK YOU YES ITA!! I do like Derrick but am frustrated with the way he plays the game. It is NEVER fun when one person calls all the shots.
        Casting needs to select either a 100% dummy house or a 100% Mensa house. But one smart dude running the show is B0-RING!!

      • Comments (1443)

        Favoritism toward Frankie and Derrick I think. I think Frankie would be gone now without help from production. He is not looked in the house and hated by the viewers. Ppl just think he’s not a good or nice person at all. To Frankie it’s all about him. Guess he was raised like that but it’s way over the top. He seemed nice first week or so but then his real self came out

      • Comments (372)

        I liked Frankie at first too …I thought he would keep everyone entertained and share his light
        ….but after seeing the true Fakie … he is more of a black hole …no light will escape from his egomaniac self centered universe.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think the only way it could be viewed as favortism towards Derrick is if he is allowed to play in the HOH (which personally I am hoping for, but it would show them giving him a better shot). If he’s not allowed to play, if anything it could hurt his game, not help it. They are going to tell the houseguest that is leaving before the head out the door, which will show loyalties.
        I personally think it was added to get everyone in the house to “stop playing Big Baby and start playing Big Brother”, as was pointed out.

      • Comments (1443)

        They are going to do reset BEFORE the vote to evict

      • Comments (1276)

        But haven’t they been talking about letting whoever they decide to send home know that they are going home? I think all of them have said they would rather know before getting sent home. So if that’s the case, and say they decide to send Cody home, then he will know before the show starts, and before the rewind.
        So if then Cody were to be ticked off and hyped up enough to win the HOH, his targets will be very different from what they would have been if he thought he was a lock to stay. It would probably keep Vic, and maybe even Derrick off the block. And he would probably go ahead and put up Frankie and Caleb (or shock everyone and put up Frankie and Derrick).

      • Comments (1)

        Did any one see the comment under the pics of the Jeff and Jordan. It said something about Frankie gets to spend time with Jeff and Jordan everyday till the show is over. Is that true… If so that is not fair. I feel like production is trying for him to make it to final 2. The season has been boring , but with getting to the end I am starting to like Derick. He really got on my nerves at first but he really has played a great game . He has manipulated everyone week by week(again the season has been was boring, needed more action . Overall I hope Derick does make it to final two because he does deserve it. I just cant wait to see everyone face when the see feeds and see how much he was behind everything .

  2. Comments (453)

    The reset needs to be Cody as HOH and puts up Caleb and Funkie and Funkie goes home. Cody has wanted Frankie out for weeks now but keeps listening to Derrick.

  3. Comments (37)

    if they reset the week does this mean who ever they vote out this week will stay and they will have to start again. if so this will show everyone’s hand. and it seen the rodent hunt is not for 24 hours, but from derrick is saying they can start it around 2am and it only has to last till 6am. I wish they would have never got another mission.

    • Comments (692)

      I thought rodent it was supposed to last for 24 hours.

      • Comments (843)

        Wear down the competition by convincing everyone there’s a rodent in the house and keep them up all night trying to catch it.
        Stupid mission! They stay up all night anyway and there’s no start or stop time. Basically a handout to them.

      • Comments (610)

        With the filthy house, it’s not really a stretch of the imagination to think about rats in the house…they already have a severe ant problem. Do the HGs think they can let things pile up and become a pig sty just cause they’re on tv? Gross!

      • Comments (248)

        They have an ant problem every year. Don’t know if it is because there are all slobs or if the ants are after water.

      • Comments (610)

        probably both. You’d think BB would have a professional exterminator come in every year to deal with it.

      • Comments (37)

        they also told them they could do it today or tomommow

      • Comments (644)

        Last night they were saying how there were ants when the first group got to the house. So I guess there are always ants there, but that compounded with the dirty dishes, floors, trash, etc., make everything worse.

      • Comments (610)

        Just thought of this, maybe Production should let loose a remote control/battery operated “rat” just to freak people out. Have it scurry across the floor before anyone can “kill” it. Stash a fake, dead rat in Frankie’s make up bag or something. Then he will really scream like a girl.

      • Comments (692)

        I LOVE THAT IDEA!!

      • Comments (453)

        It would be great to watch him pee his pants!!!

      • Comments (692)

        His pantie liner would be SOAKED!! Hahahehe

      • Comments (610)

        hehehehee, franko I almost spit out my smoothie when I read your comment! Way too funny!!!

      • Comments (843)

        They need to let US come up with ideas for the show! Love to see Frankie’s reaction to a rat in his make up bag. LOL

      • Comments (610)

        mouse, I think we commenters can come up with way better ideas then whomever is in charge at BB. I’m constantly laughing at what I read on here & almost all of the ideas would make for great tv.

      • Comments (722)

        That would be fun to watch and be part of..

      • Comments (1137)

        That would be hilarious. Not to let Frankie or Derrick know and send it scurrying across Frankie’s bed!

      • Comments (1443)

        Should have been 24 hours. They already stay up all night. Now whether they hunt for mouse all night is another matter but I bet the win will be just keeping them up all night. They were up all night last night. I guess I should have voted but I was fed up with game and didn’t. I would have voted for other one. No way they could keel them all from eating for 24 hours

      • Comments (426)

        They have to keep them up until 6:00 am. And they have to actually be up out of bed, not just awake.

      • Comments (1443)

        Can they be lying around in bed like they always do or do they have to be out of bedrooms? Probably might not be able to do that

    • Comments (1443)

      It should have been 24 hours. Will be easy to keep everyone up all night. They do that every night. They were up all night last night

    • Comments (1443)

      Supposed to reset before the vote

    • Comments (383)

      Frankie’s reaction to the mission on BBAD was so annoying. AMERICA DOESN’T HATE US!!!!! No, Frankie, we do hate you. And we didn’t come up with this mission. BB gave us 2 options. Some people voted. And that’s the mission that got the most votes. Doesn’t mean “America” is still rooting for you or gives a crap about this mission.

  4. Comments (692)

    Good morning to all.
    To the people who have asked about me, I’d like to say thank you, again. I am feeling better, not good, but better.
    now, to the game, I am hoping that Wednesday the entire process of voting goes as usual and Julie announces the results but as the house guest who has been evicted stands up to leave she says but wait a minute about the button, the entire week is null and void so let’s start this week over!!
    if they do not go through and announce the results of the vote I think this will all be a bust.
    I’m just disappointed that Derrick will not b able to play for the head of household.

  5. Comments (843)

    That would be great, Peggy. Frankie is really good at competitions though, so I’m afraid he’s going to win again and everything stays the same. I think next week, with just the four of them, they all play. Am I correct?

    • Comments (21)

      It may be just the four of them but Frankie won HOH so even with a rewind if they follow the rule of HOH not competing, Frankie could be unable to play. I’m not sure but it’s a possibility.

    • Comments (1288)

      No, during that HoH only 3 compete and so Frankie, or rather whoever the rewound HoH will be, cannot compete. This is one reason Derrick is happy Frankie is this (or was this) HoH. The following week after that with only 3 left in the house allows all to compete – even the previous HoH – because that is the final 3 part HoH comp.

    • Comments (453)

      It’s a good chance that Frankie will win, but Cody has been real quiet and observing others, I think with him being nominated it lit a fire under his butt and he will really go after the win.

  6. Comments (644)

    I got this from Joker’s. Now I know what Cody thought of Christine:

    Derrick to Cody “You would use to sleep, and Christine would stare at you”. Cody said that Christine reminded him of the old woman from Insidious.

    • Comments (1446)

      He sure didn’t seem to think so when she was petting him.
      Seriously, he could have put a stop to her behavior at any time. It was so gross and inappropriate. Kinda sick of him to slam her now.
      There’s something about Cody that made people want to touch him…Christine, Nicole, Victoria and Mango. I have seen all of them rubbing up on him.
      I think he comes from a family of huggers.

      • Comments (644)

        If I were younger I would like to cuddle with Cody too. He reminds me of John Travolta.

      • Comments (610)

        me too Lilly. He definitely looks like a young Travolta.

      • Comments (628)

        I think he’s a dead ringer for Ralph Machio from “The Karate Kid”

      • Comments (1443)

        Cody really liked Christine as a friend. Rubbing etc inappropriate only because she was married but he did some of it also. Tacky and unclassified of him to be slamming her now. I hate it when they get personal and say nasty things about ppl that has nothing to do with game

      • Comments (1276)

        Don’t forget about Amber. And Cody is a good looking guy, great smile and that body is very, very nice. So I think it’s pretty normal for people to be attracted to him and want to, well for lack of a better word, rub on him. That being said, Christine had no business doing so, since she is a married woman.

    • Comments (211)

      Here ya go (until about the 2:00 point):

      Talk about a complete turn around…sheesh. He must be a really good actor. As much as I dislike the way Christine acted inside the BB house, and as much as she says she was just playing a game in respect to her behavior towards Cody, I think hearing something like this will blow her away.

      On an unrelated note, if you choose to watch the rest of this video clip from the live feed (it runs for about another two minutes,) you’ll see Frankie in bed with Caleb and Cody, going back and forth between the two of them trying to feel them both up. (Caleb kept swatting his hands away, Cody not so much…)

      Sadly, it ended with Victoria talking about how much she’s learned about sex while in the BB house, including how the guys there don’t consider oral sex as sex (thank you, Bill Clinton…) *rolls her eyes*

  7. Comments (21)

    The ideal situation would be the rewind happens but Frankir is not allowed to play because he already won. Then it would be four against one. To be fair, if Frankie is allowed to play for HOH, Derrick should be as well. The smart move would be for anyone but Frankie to win and they put him up. Regardless of how much America hates Frankie, I do think he has a chance of winning against almost any one of them in the journey. The reason is because the house guests haven’t had a chance to see what we have seen. They know only so much about his behaviour that they could say he played the best game. I think Derrick would win against any of them but Frankie. Caleb wouldn’t win. Nicole has probably already told the jury that he had the chance to get out Frankie and blew it. That decision killed his game and his chances. Cody has own nothing and made no game moves. No chance for him. Victoria well she’s just Victoria. Ignorance is bliss, gotta love her for that. Lol Derrick needs to snap out of it and use the control he has to get Frankie out now because if Frankie makes it to final 3, he has the best chances of winning from there on out. I wish that guy who keeps yelling things at them would tell something about needing to get Frankie out this week. Maybe then the game wouldn’t be so hard to watch. Otherwise, there isn’t even a reason to keep watching. This twist coul potentially be a blessing in disguise if not wasted, but they’ve wasted every other opportunity this season so I won’t be surprised when this one is wasted too. But pleaseeeee send Fakie the predatory, wannabe rapist out the door! Pleaseeeeee!

    • Comments (1443)

      The reset is to start the week starting hoh over. So a reset says Frankie’s hoh never happened so he should be able to play Derrick should not because if they reset that far his evictions should be void. I want franki out but he is powerful player and it’s going to be very hard to keep him from winning either hoh or pov. Derricks fault. Could have easily gotten him out way before this when franki had no way to save himself but chickened out. Believes franki will also take him to final 2. I think Derrick wins votes against franki in jury because of his lying and ass kissing to those in jury as they went out. Franki got nasty. I don’t want any of them to win but esp want to see franki go out. Production want franki and Derrick final two. TA

  8. Comments (843)

    Gotta go! My ex and his ‘live in’ woman are cooking hamburgers for the ‘family.’ What fun.

  9. Comments (138)

    If everyone makes big game moves every week, we get left with floaters at the end. If the players vote out the weak non-threats every week, we get BB16.

    • Comments (1288)

      The players evicted are not all weak players – some were strong players who did not have an alliance. Devin, Amber, Brittany, Hayden, Nicole and Donny are definitely not weak players. Foolish and showing poor game judgement? Most definitely, but not weak. Plenty of big moves this season, they have just been done by plan so no surprises equals many being bored.

      • Comments (1092)

        That is a great point, and changes the perspective of the season.

      • Comments (138)

        All those players were weak, IMO. In BB, strength comes from the ability to influence people to get numbers on your side, not from the ability to win competitions. Derrick hasn’t won much but he’s the strongest player. Think Frankie’s strong? The minute he loses an Hoh, he’s dunzo. Derrick can lose every Hoh from here on out and he won’t go up on the block.

      • Comments (1443)

        The problem was there was only one alliance. Don’t remember that ever happening. Easy to pick off ppl when they don’t have alliance. You don’t get blood on your Hans and there is no one to come after you. Two hoh ruined the game this year

      • Comments (1288)

        That could be the fault of America, Alliances gather around strong players. If TA had not pushed Derrick and Frankie together the big alliance might have splintered into two rival groups around each of them.

      • Comments (372)

        I wonder who was the last TA member ….Joey, Donny and Derrick would have been cool …the less frankie camera time the better ….IMHO

  10. Comments (1092)

    Hey Steve,

    Best of luck and congratulations on next week’s wedding.

    Also continued best wishes for your parents. I am sure the wait seems long, but just think about what that means. There are sadly a lot of people going through diagnosis and treatment.

    For anyone interested, I recommend the book: Fighting Cancer Through Food.

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    Again, all the best Steve,


  11. Comments (610)

    So we have a reset button for this week, hopefully it will not be a bust. Can we get a fast forward so we can get this game over with quicker? At this point it’s been kinda like watching paint dry. And why hasn’t Frankie learned about keeping his hands to himself?! All his groping is just horrible. One would think MBC & Cody would just deck him!

  12. Comments (9)

    Question: does the jury get to watch the show while in the jury house?

  13. Comments (1799)

    What I could never understand. With a house full of BB fans except for the Bomb Squad . No other alliance seemed to be started .No people jumping from one side to the other. Even when late in the game people talked about starting an alliance . They never told being in the bomb squad and who was in it So players like Nichole never understood all that was going on around her When she made the deal with Derrick and Cody she never ask if they were in any other alliance Even if they would had lied she could have started to put it together Here is where Derrick could have made a big move in joining Hayden and Nichole and Donny flip the house Or play one side a gained the other Get strong players out Instead everyone just sat on the bus and got kick off without any opposition

  14. Comments (30)

    I’ve been trying to suggest they release thousands of cockroaches into the house for the past several seasons. Do it in the form a ‘Pandora’s Box’ thing. Cockroaches in the pantry, the yard, the bedding, the laundry….EVERYWHERE. Gnats would also be fun. Take away all of their soap & deodorant, toothpaste & toilet paper. I would do this about 8 weeks in though……when there are still plenty of houseguests in there that are worth tormenting. They’ll be begging to be evicted…LOL. Make them suffer for that $500,000. Ya’ gotta’ admit, it would certainly boost the show’s ratings.

  15. Comments (610)

    off topic, but just for fun, what product commercials could the HGs do? We all know Donny loves his Pop Tarts, so that’s a given. (btw, yesterday my local store had a prominent display of Pop Tarts near the check out lanes…they never do that, made me think of Donny, lol)
    Frankie could do panty liners and Preparation H.
    Zach could do chips or some such snack as a “Zach attack” for munchies.
    Caleb could do beer.
    Christine could do lemons or some kinda sour tasting product. (she always seems like she’s grimacing).

  16. Comments (191)

    Stevebeans tornado warnings in Haverhill!

  17. Comments (1799)

    Frankie is always talking about how well loved he is. Giving shout outs to Joksters .Well it is day 80 since day 47 Frankie has been no better than number 15 out of 16 players Yes it has been Frankie and Christine as the bottom two for all that time Frankie is so worried about his popularity this is not a good sign . In fact the big 4 of Caleb,Cody, Frankie,and Derrick have all been the bottom of the poll All these attention whores are not going to feel good seeing how unpopular they are

  18. Comments (843)

    Still wish they had a Most Disliked HG in addition to America’s Favorite. Not sure who would win between Frankie/Christine.

  19. Comments (15)

    I am truly amazed that all the people on this that are at home watching the game also never mention putting Derrick on the block. Has he bamboozled everyone. I would love to see him go on the block and go home. I would like to see Victoria and Cody as the final Two and Victoria wins it all. She would definitely beat Frankie in final two but I don’t think he deserves $50 thousand either. I know he said it was going to charity but I don’t believe that for a minute because he is a horrible person from what I have seen. He has molested everyone in the house, he lays and fondles all over the guys and he was trying to kiss Nicole neck but she wouldn’t let him but she did let Cody. Horrible season for Big Brother can’t wait for “Survivor” to come on

  20. Comments (11)

    Derrick just screams cop.hes sneaky,and always watching everything. Mango needs go asap.this worse season ever! Frankie has $(so he says).All others need it love to see Victoria win this.&Donnie will have $ to take home.prob.americas fav.christines face when got booed was priceless.shes a skank, but looking at her hubby, I’d chase Cody too.Haha she’s also fugly inside&out.wish Julie said more about it.

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