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Big Brother 16 – Right Around The Corner!

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Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who live in the southern states, it’s been a very long and cold winter. I’m sure as you were shoveling mounds of snow, not many were thinking about McCrae, Aaryn, GinaMarie and the many other houseguests who kept us very busy last summer. Although, to be fair, my girlfriend nearly drank from her nail polish remover bottle and I instantly missed the fun times had last year…


Ahh yes… good ole Aaryn. Seriously one of the most entertaining people to have been on the show in a long time, and that was completely by accident.  TV shows typically cast the David’s or McCrae’s to bounce around and do stupid stuff. Aaryn was likely cast as the pretty blonde from the south, but we were treated to a whole lot more.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t agree with the garbage that came out of her mouth, but it was certainly entertaining to watch.. just to see what she would say next. Let’s hope Big Brother 16 doesn’t disappoint us there, although sadly it will probably be toned down a bit. Sure, they’ll cast all the stereotypical roles (the funny one, the jock, the nerd, etc), but the unexpected racist was something nobody saw coming.

As the season nears, I will be wiping the dust from the blog and getting things going once again. I am very rusty, but I’m sure things will be cranking soon enough.

Big Brother 16 begins on Wednesday, June 25th, which is the second season in a row that will have started before July. Hopefully that’s a good sign that the controversy from last season had no long-term impact on the show.

Anyway, I’m rambling already. Stay tuned for more updates as the show nears!  It’s going to be a great summer!


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    Hi Steve…great to see the site up again..im hoping for a Fab BB Season… 🙂

    testing the new comment section… 🙂

  2. Comments (124)

    I just heard June 25th is the start date and I’m already hyped up to see the cast of characters for this new season. As before I expect the most meaningful discussions will happen here … Can’t wait!

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    Can’t wait for the new season!!!

  4. Comments (85)

    My cousin tried out for BB16, really hope she makes it. wish they would do a follow up show with what happened to some of the past contestants. Lawd knows Brandon and Rachel have been on like every one of that other reality show about trekking miles across country’s ect.

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