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Big Brother 16 – Damage Control Live Blogging

derrick-christineI’m glad I took some time off yesterday because today may be a busy one for me. It’s not even noon and quite a few people are up, and some are already talking game. While Nicole, Amber and Britt get their tan on, Derrick has been scrambling around the house to do some serious damage control to anyone who is awake.

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If you didn’t read my last post, the bomb squad was exposed last night to Jocasta, Donny and Brittany. Devin has had enough and decided it was time to kill his game by flying solo the rest of the way. Honestly, it was only a matter of time until that happened, but I’m just surprised the alliance lasted as long as it did.  Enough recap, no plugs today, time to get right into the feeds.  Watch along with me by clicking the image below..


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  •  10:40am – Derrick sitting outside with Frankie going over Devin blowing it last night. He reconfirms none of it really matters because the only alliance he really cares about is Team America. He feels honored that we like his game and really wants to do whatever we suggest.  The extra $5k per task is a nice bonus, but he admits it was quite the ego boost to know the fans like you (I don’t blame him there). And yes, they do like you Derrick.  So far, you’re a stand-up guy.
  • As Christine was walking into the house, Derrick called her over to explain about the Devin situation. Frankie already told her, but Derrick wanted to let her be prepared because today may be a rough day for them. He (Derrick) approached Brittany last night to ask what the conversation was about with Devin, and she told him it was just about the PoV. He knows it wasn’t, so he is well aware Britt lied straight to his face and is likely going to stir something up against them. He thinks she’s waiting for more of the house to wake up.
  • Derrick said, bottom line, Devin has to go this week. No more talking to him in the HoH room and tell everyone the Bomb Squad was a one week deal.
  • 10:49am – Derrick makes his way to Amber to let her know about the situation, then is able to catch Brittany for a conversation (he is kind of acting paranoid but he has a right to be).  Meanwhile, Christine and Nicole are in the pantry talking (I’ll flashback and cover that soon).
  • Derrick confronts Brittany about her lying to him last night regarding the Devin conversation. He said it hurt his feelings, but he is willing to let her talk. She said it also really hurt her to find out her closest friend in the house (Derrick) had a secret alliance behind her back.  She cried for an hour about it. Now she feels completely alone in the house. Derrick keeps cutting her off, so I’m trying to do the best I can.
  • Derrick lies to her by telling her he never lied to her and she’s the only person in the house he confides in.  He put the blame on Devin for starting all of this, and is putting the blame on Brittany for not approaching him to clear stuff up. Pretty smooth method really, put blame on everyone else. It’s a strategy that works.
    He is sticking to his one week alliance deal. More ‘not lying’ to Brittany.
  • 11:09am – She is really having none of it.  Derrick is rambling at this point and she keeps saying she needs time and doesn’t want to talk game with anyone. Going to soon check back on the Christine/Nicole conversation.
  • 10:49am – Checking back on Christine and Nicole in the pantry. Christine was just giving Nicole a heads up, but Nicole is already aware of it all. I thought more was going to come from this.
  • 11:10am – Frankie in the beehive doing damage control with Victoria. Putting all the blame on Devin hating everyone. He said Devin is going to go around the house getting everyone against Caleb.
  • 11:35am – Fast forward to catch up a bit. Derrick is STILL talking about the same stuff with Brittany on the hammock. The guy is relentless.
  • 11:47am – Ahh, caught up. The two are still talking while a bunch of people are on the couch. Things settling down a bit, I can breathe again.
    I can tell Britt is getting a little tired of the conversation. She’s starting to stop him from cutting him off (“I’m not done yet”) while listing people she doesn’t really trust any more.
  • 11:55am – A weird pairing, Nicole and Donny are talking about the situation. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen them speak to each other before.  Donny is telling Nicole they need to start talking game otherwise they’re going to be sitting at home.  The floaters are starting to float together it appears.
    Donny thinks they should pull people from the 8 (like Hayden). Pretty aggressive move, but I like it.
    Nicole “I think they’re going around making up stories about the alliance how it’s not true. Victoria is falling for it, but I’m not that stupid”
    Donny “They’re probably going to keep following us around so we can’t talk”
  • 12:00pm – Britt and Jocasta briefly whispering in the bathroom about the alliance.  I have a feeling the whispering is going to continue all day.
  • 12:10pm – The house learns they will remain havenots for another day at least.  Some were hoping it would have only been a 5 day punishment ending tonight at midnight.
  • Cody, Christine and Amber are on the couch outside
  • 12:55pm – Had to run out, I’m back. Nicole is up in the HoH room listening to Devin’s story. I need a collage of faces people make when they listen to Devin. (I also realized I just posted 3 images of Nicole in a row. She’s part of the game!)
    Nicole “I have heard a lot of alliances members say not nice things about you, I never would have thought you were in an alliance”
  • Devin is spilling everything to Nicole. Not like it matters, but I think Devin is just talking to anyone who would listen at this point
  • 1:14pm – Caleb in the kitchen protecting Amber to Donny. He is saying it was all him and Devin and she was just guilty by association. Meanwhile, Devin is watching them talk from the monitor in his room. Weird
  • To summarize, Caleb completely lied to Donny and said that he thinks Devin’s side alliances with people made him think he had a large alliance. He also went and completely fell on his sword for Amber. He was more concerned what Donny thought about Amber.
  • 1:33pm – Hayden and Donny are in the pantry chatting and it comes up about Amber. They both kind of laugh about Amber ‘not being part of anything’.

So much whispering going on, hard to keep up. I may have to start a new thread soon

  • 1:35pm – Hayden is holding on to a bomb for Caleb. When it comes to it, he’s going to tell Caleb how bad Amber talks about him. This will help break them up when needed. Meanwhile, Caleb is in the kitchen falling on his sword once again, this time to Victoria. All he is doing is defending Amber.

The house is calm for now.  I am going to close this thread for now, I will start another if things heat up again.

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  1. Comments (68)

    I don’t get it, is this the season with the most paranoid houseguests?

    Everybody seems to think that they are next…

    It doesn’t help that Julie keeps calling it the most twisted summer ever and having Devin keep exposing secrets here and there.

  2. Comments (138)

    Even though I’ve been defending Devin against some unjustified criticism, I agree that he’s a horrific player. He has no filter between his brain and his mouth and that’s a terrible trait for a person who’s as paranoid and utterly lacking in self-awareness as he is. I’m at the same time embarrassed for him and by him.

  3. Comments (843)

    Devin hated Brittany and was determined to get her on the block and evicted one day and the next he’s in love with her. He and Caleb need a reality check!

    • Comments (143)

      That was my initial reaction but in hindsight it makes sense. Devin is basically a child in an adults body, add Zach to the list as well. When they like a girl, they make them their enemy. Zach secretly likes Victoria, Devin secretly liked Brittany, that is why they were both determine to get the girl out. This is what kids do, they insult and pretend to hate people they like. This is why they say a thin line between love and hate. The irony is, Brittany is convinced that it is part of Devin’s secret dark master plan to make her look like an idiot… unfortunately Devin is just not that smart.

  4. Comments (332)

    HA HA Devin is flying solo, I thought he had been anyway like with the whole change to keep Brittney not Paola. I am not liking Frankie right now. And could not get past those rabbit slippers on Caleb. He is certainly become calm and more of a thinker than his first week as HOH. Zach may just bug everyone to death that he walks out the door. He needs to shut up and leave it alone.

    • Comments (274)

      I’m annoyed with Frankie. He reminds me way too much of Andy from last season. The little rat-tattling sneak. Which is good I guess for his game to a point but seriously driving me crazy. Zach I feel was using Frankie with leading him on to have for future use. Guess that Frankie just isn’t that into him? Either way I like Donny, he seems alot different than I expected. He is smart and has proven to be able to step up to the challenge when needed. Derrick looks like he’s going to go far too, just needs to stop talking now and let others take the heat of Devin’s tantrum.

  5. Comments (332)

    As for Devin being abusive, he is and all the girls have commented they are afraid of him and not just because of his size. Apparently he watches them and follows them and sneaks up on them. I have heard four of the girls state exactly that. So YES, being cooped up has made him weird.

    • Comments (138)

      I watch the live feeds and I haven’t seen or heard anything of the sort.

      • Comments (469)

        me – you still refuse to accept the facts when people honor your request for them – sounds like Devinitis to me.

      • Comments (138)

        Nobody has given me any facts. Just unsubstantiated claims or exaggerations. I asked for examples/statements by Devin threatening to physically harm anyone and people mentioned him doing the same stuff every other player does — threatening to have them evicted and getting into arguments (he did not flex his muscles).

        I know the girls in the house feel physically threatened by him. My whole point is that they have no basis to be afraid of him besides their own personal hang-ups.

      • Comments (469)

        Me – I give up son – I gave you a number of hard facts that actually appeared on the TV screen – dan gave you facts that came off a reputable site that explained his exit from baseball substantiated by his coaches and former team mates – Common sense events that happen in the house such as a group of people in the house are convinced that with the push of the right button will set him off – yet this to you is hearsay, conjecture and paranoia. So my friend best of luck – have a good life – I wish you well.

      • Comments (1276)

        John Ruth, I do see what you are saying about Devin, to some extent. I also think that with as quickly as he changes gears, and his size combined, that it could get ugly if someone hits the wrong button. I think what people are saying is that they just haven’t seen it happen in the house, or at least I haven’t.
        I also will admit that I haven’t read the things about Baseball, but I will go back and read them, so that I can judge with that info as well. But just from what I’ve seen on the show, he really just seems shifty, and I think the girls have made more out of it then necessary. Just my opinion of course, but I’m sure he seems much more overpowering when you are face to face (or face to chest/mid-section) in person with him.

      • Comments (469)

        Christina – the baseball story was new to me until today and I still don’t know the details personally – but dan wrote about it in the previous update and I believe gave the site where it is found. I watch the live shows and the BBAD and sometimes get them confused – but on either tonights show or the last BBAD I think really shows not only Devin’s intimidating mode – but also his backdown and sulking mode when he tried it on Caleb – who didn’t back off and Devin stormed off telling Caleb the the alliance was over – then went to his HOH room and paced and talked to himself – kind of a throw back to “one flew over the cookoos nest”.

      • Comments (1276)

        Yeah, that pacing kinda freaked me out a little. I think he must be used to people doing as he says, so when someone does stand up to him, like Caleb did, he can’t handle it.
        I usually watch the feeds, and have for years, but honestly after last year I wasn’t sure if I wanted to get them again, but I will probably sign back up before the end of the week, but I always watch BBAD. And between the way he TOTALLY over reacted to Zach just saying he really didn’t want Brittany gone, to the way he looked like someone had seriously gone off on him after Caleb calmly talked to him, he does seem unstable.

      • Comments (138)

        You’re lying. No one provided any website. All someone said that they read it on a website somewhere. I Googled my heart out and couldn’t find anything about it. All I saw was that he was suspended for a year around the time he got a DUI.

        Why do you keep telling me that people are afraid of him? I know that they’re afraid of him being violent. My point is that he’s given no reason to be.

      • Comments (469)

        me – I am going back on my word and going to address you again.—–Yesterday you accused Queenbrat of “lying her butt off” about Devin’s baseball records. Today you accuse me of the same thing. Above you stated that you “Googled your heart out and could find nothing about it”. Well if you had googled Devin Shepherd you would have come up with pages and pages of info on said subject including but not limited to his minor league info – his college info – and his several arrest records. I really don’t know what is going on with you – either you are just an obnoxious kid-a belligerent adult- or taking the same stuff Devin is. And in conclussion you are a self admitted thief. Your first message to me was you were not stevebeans you were a bored person at work following the big brother feeds – watching BB while on the clock is stealing from your employer (yes stealing is also one of Devin’s offenses-look it up)

      • Comments (138)

        This whole argument is about whether Devin is a violent person or has given people reason to be afraid he’s going to harm them, not whether he drinks and drives or stole a six-pack in college. Not one webpage says anything about him committing any acts of violence or being aggressive. That is why you and the other poster, queen brat, are liars. What does a DUI have to do with him being a violent person? I won’t even address the idiotic personal attack about me being a thief because I use the internet at work.

      • Comments (135)

        Me, are you a man or woman?

      • Comments (138)

        I’m a man.

      • Comments (682)

        [in-tim-i-deyt] Show IPA
        verb (used with object), in·tim·i·dat·ed, in·tim·i·dat·ing.
        to make timid; fill with fear.
        to overawe or cow, as through the force of personality or by superior display of wealth, talent, etc.
        to force into or deter from some action by inducing fear: to intimidate a voter into staying away from the polls.

        Me – If you watch the live feeds and can say you don’t see Devin intimidating people then you aren’t seeing everything. Some people are afraid of intimidating people. Add his size and the fact they are locked in a house with him, the guy who will wake people up in the middle of the night to talk game (see 12:55 AM today when he woke up Donny) to talk game maybe you can try to understand how some of the girls might be afraid of him. I’m not going to judge how people feel and why they feel the way they do but you can clearly hear the girls constantly saying they are afraid of him.

      • Comments (843)

        Cornering a lady naked in the shower stall and ranting is intimidation. Devin is always telling everyone to be honest and straight up with him, but, if they do, watch his face. He gets this shocked look on his face which immediately turns to a scowl. He doesn’t want honesty, he wants cowing down to his demands and dictates. Ever watched hornets when they get mad? That is exactly the body language Devin uses. He gets in their personal space—watch him with Hayden–physically holds their arm and talks and talks and talks.

      • Comments (343)

        Sorry, but being ADHD in his actions does not equate to scary. The girls, btw, are a heard of cats getting “catty” about Devin, and that’s about it. There has not been one instance anyone can point out where Devin is threatening physically anyone in the house, or ready to throw punches, or pushing women around. All I hear is that girls are “afraid” of him, and this Rita gives a definition of “intimidating.” LOL, in the first place intimidating is VERY different than scary. Why don’t you post the definition of “scary” next! Does that fit Devin? Besides, these girls are all PLAYING the game of BB, and since they aren’t in control of anything in the game, they are all badmouthing Devin, which is BB 101, i.e. you get people against someone you don’t like or want out. Is Devin a jerk? Completely. But turning him into a threatening force is overboard and not a fair assessment.

      • Comments (682)

        I didn’t say he was violent. They didn’t say he was either. They said they are afraid of him and I can see why.

      • Comments (469)

        Jimbo – you laughed at Rita for giving the definition of intimidating – then saying intimidating is very different from scary – not so Jimbo – one is an action – the other is a reaction to that very act- you should follow your own advice and “look the two up”. In rita’s post intimidating is to induce fear-make timid – to over awe – to cow by force of personality and superiority. That is the action. SCARY – according to webster – causing fright or alarm to make timorous (to be afraid). So Jimbo it seems Rita made an excellent point and through your lack of research your point is moot.

      • Comments (135)

        But, Jimbo, intimidation LEADS TO scary. Talking over a woman (as Devin did with Amber in the HOH room) LEADS TO scary. Pacing back and forth LEADS TO the correct observation that someone could blow at any moment. In obsessively watching everyone from the HOH room (moreso than most HOHs I’ve seen), this exhibits stalker-type behavior, which LEADS TO obsession and scary actions. What the women in the house are responding to — and what I see on the show — are the precursors to scary actions, and they have every right in the world to be afraid. Plus, they’re voicing their fear should not have backlash such as this. It contributes to the abuse.

      • Comments (143)

        What is intimidating about waking up someone you are IN AN ALLIANCE WITH to talk game? Me has a point, the claims of fear of devin are not rationally based.

      • Comments (138)

        thank you.

  6. Comments (469)

    stevebeans – I would like to personally appologize for ass/u/me ing “me” was you. I was commenting on you update and the next post was from “me” and I wrongfully thought it was you-so I appologize for that but I will stand by my aknowledgement that you do a great job on this site and you are the reason I returned this year. Please go back to the posts between “me” and myself (damn that’s confusing) if I have confused you – sincerely thanks for your exhaustive work.

  7. Comments (469)

    Stevebeans – the 2 pairs I am really interested to hear about are -the Donny/Devin (double D) – and the Nicole/Christine alliance. Have either Nicole or Donny made any comments about not being told by Devin or Christine about their secret alliance (bomb squad). I have not heard you address this particular issue. I would think both Donny and Nicole feel betrayed.

  8. Comments (1276)

    Hey Stevebeans! It’s great to see you still fueling our BB addictions this Summer!!!!
    I just wanted to say I am not a huge fan Devin, but it’s because of how pushy he is. As a female I can say, that his size does make him intimidating, someone that big that likes to get all up in your grill to talk can seem very overbearing and make people feel uncomfortable, even more so for some women. That being said, I haven’t’ seen him do anything to instill fear in the ladies.
    I think the reason most of them are chatting about it is more due to the way things fester in the BB house. I think when one person says something negative about another houseguest (i.e., one of the people standing between them and the $$$$$) it puts that thought in the others heads, so if anyone can see what they are saying it just spreads through the house. He might shock me, but so far I just haven’t seen the “Scary” side of Devin. Paranoid, loose lipped, not very loyal, super gullible and creepy (when he’s watching Brit move around the house, which BTW, I would totally watch the screen all the time too, just not to stalk a crush, just to know what’s up)… but scary, not so much. Also, I think Brendon Villegas was WAY more intimidating than Devin is.
    I honestly don’t even think he’s that big of a physical threat in the comps. Unless they have a comp that involves overall strength, like a weight lifting contest (which Caleb might win), I don’t see as one of the top guys in the comps. If Cody and Hayden weren’t neck and neck in the last HOH, then neither of them would have rushed so much, and I don’t think either of them would have fallen. Devin lucked into that win.

  9. Comments (343)

    I guess Pao will go home this week…but, really, that is a weak move by anyone in the house. Zach is a bigmouth who works hard socially and challenge-wise. Pao does nothing, and is no threat to anyone in any way. So, you get her out before Zach? Zach is potentially dangerous and Pao is a pushover…leave the pushover in for now. Really stupid.

  10. Comments (343)

    Devin is a lousy player and ADHD in his actions…but scary?! That’s stupid. Just because he is a big moose doesn’t mean he’s ready to clock you…lol.

  11. Comments (692)

    I’m new to following comments on here and certainly I have never posted a comment before the last few days. I’m not sure it’s worth even reading these recaps and certainly not worth reading the comments since a few people want to keep arguing back and forth over the same thing all the time. Is there not anything else to talk about? I understand it’s a big part of what’s going on right now but you’re beating it to death and just continually saying the same things over and over to each other.I’m sorry if this offends you but it’s just my opinion.
    have a great evening!

  12. Comments (682)

    Devin might have been better on Amazing Race, the show he originally applied for.

  13. Comments (1)

    Point – Devin has poor gameplay and should be out next in any decent house.

    Sleeper – Hayden

    Darkhorse – Frankie

    Likes – Donny , Frankie and Derrick with the USA Alliance…

  14. Comments (143)

    Devin is so terrible everytime I watch him I slap my face because it is hard to believe someone is so stupid. His only smart move was putting up Zach after Zach admitted to plotting against him and wanting to throw him out.

  15. Comments (692)

    I missed the show tonight. What happened????!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Comments (143)

      Basically nothing the feeds didnt cover. It showed devin winning the veto, promising powpow he’d take her down if he won, but then he took down brittany and threw up zach. Zach was about to go nuts but then the show ended, so don’t miss tomorrow episode. Lots of commentary inbetween. Man after dark was funny as hell yesterday. Apparently Devin is trying to win over brittany and he is doing all kinda weird stuff like bringing her pickles because there are no flowers in the house and watching her on the hoh cam. he was also trying to take pictures with her that BB gave them. He is still acting psycho and reactive as before.

      Zach told Devin to nominate him and prior to that admitted to Devin that he told everyone he wanted to kick him out/nominate him and send him home. Devin in turn nominated Zach and he acted like a cry baby despite asking for it.

      Everyone is now lying to everyone as to who will be kept. Literally people will change who they are voting out within minutes depending on who is in the room. It is one of the few times in BB when it can really come down to either or. Although I do not understand the rationale for keeping such a strong player physically like zach over such a weak player like pow pow. Why derrick who has so much more influence over devin (trust it, Zach is far more of a loose canon than devin is he literally blew up everyone’s game on the feeds including codys and all those close to him).

      I might be confusing the feeds with the show though because I was watching bb ad then the show started and i went back to bb ad pre recorded on my dvr.

    • Comments (843)

      If you have satellite, it’s on TVGN late at night.

  16. Comments (328)

    Never really noticed before, but do most HOH lock the door to the HOH room? Just thought it was odd seeing that last night. Actually hubby was wantino to know. I mentioned that it is their room for the week so I guess it is their choice to allow others in the room when they want, but I can’t recall other HOH locking the door.

    • Comments (843)

      I don’t recall any other HOH locking the door. Usually it’s a welcome, help yourself to anything place. No one is hanging out in there unless Devin pulls them in for one of his talk/lectures.

  17. Comments (843)

    Keeping Poo Poo would be better for their game because she can be manipulated and, bless her heart, can’t do anything! Keeping Zack will cause lots more drama though. Does Christine’s laugh drive anyone else crazy?

  18. Comments (25)

    Someone ask earlier about showing them facts. If you check the live feeds from a few days ago, Hayden actually says he was intimidated by Devin, then hugged by him as Hayden felt awkward about it and was trying to get away at the time.

    • Comments (138)

      My god! We know weak sheltered people are intimidated by Devin. My point is that Devin hasn’t done anything to warrant that kind of fear. Devin doesn’t know people don’t like him. He’s not trying to scare anyone and I highly doubt he would ever harm anyone. People are just afraid of him because of what he looks like.

  19. Comments (98)

    Devin is out there but I would not consider him anymore dangerous than Amanda last season.

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