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Big Brother 16 – Dead Girl Walking Live Blog


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Kind of a morbid title, but that appears to be the case for Amber’s Big Brother season. As the girls slowly get picked off, and Big Brother continues to lose male viewers (I kid, sort of), the season is shaping up to be completely dominated by the core of Derrick, Frankie and Cody.  Amber – the one who will likely go home this week – was the person who ran to the guy alliance and told them about Joey’s half-assed “all girl” alliance.  This prompted the alpha males in the house to beat their chests, band together even more and start going after the girls..  Of course as Devin found out, multiple ‘alpha males’ have a hard time co-existing, so he was shown the door when he let the power go to his head. Caleb and Zach will also suffer the same fate eventually, but not before the core have an extreme lock down on everything.

There is still time for the rest of the house to remove their heads from their butts to see what is happening, and also time to save Amber – should they choose. Amber only needs 4 votes when you count Caleb’s guaranteed vote.  Nicole, Christine, Victoria, and Donny have the potential to realize they’re likely going home unless they band together, so we’ll see if Amber can make that happen.

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I want to thank everyone who has sent me a donation this season. It’s such an amazing feeling to know your hard work has made someone so entertained or updated, they are willing to give you even a few dollars. The season has been a tough one to blog as the house has been incredibly boring most days, but I am doing my best to watch the feeds every day and give you whatever highlights I can scrape together. Luckily this week has already been entertaining, let’s hope that trend continues!

Here are the updates:

  • 11:15am – Most of the awake houseguests are hanging around the bathroom talking about Big Brother in general. Recent seasons, competitions, etc.
  • 12:28pm – Caleb is outside talking to Christine. He is going to try and work Victoria for a vote. He will use the angle that he’s the reason Hayden used the veto to save her. He also told her he basically cried his eyes out during the good-bye message.  He still thinks she’s staying and won’t see it though, however he does know something is weird.
  • When he first asked Nicole after the veto meeting, Nicole said she didn’t talk to Amber. Then when she was summoned into the room in front of Frankie/Caleb, Nicole changed her story. Caleb noticed something is up but can’t put the pieces together.
  • Caleb plans to approach Nicole and give her ‘reverse psychology’ by telling her he already knows the answer but wants to hear it from her.  He wants the truth.  Christine gets all excited about that (she is going to run and warn Nicole asap)
  • 12:43pm – Nicole is chatting with Amber about the situation while tanning.
  • They are going over what happened yesterday.  Nicole is upset she was dragged into the whole thing, while Amber is trying to sympathize with her. Amber is feeling confident on having Nicole’s vote, so she’s going to be pretty surprised on Thursday.
  • HoH camera time
  • 2:28pm – Victoria and Hayden are discussing how Amber is going home. She then brings up how Nicole thought Vic was intentionally flirting with Hayden to hurt her.  Vic then asks Hayden if they’re together (him and Nicole) and he said he doesn’t like anyone like that, he’s just a flirty guy. Victoria was shocked considering Nicole flirts with everyone in the house
  • 2:55pm – House on outdoor lockdown.
  • 4:30pm – Had to get my oil change in my car and will be heading to gym soon. Popping in to report the guys are talking about likely telling Caleb about Amber’s eviction before it happens. That’s too bad, I was looking forward to his reaction on Thursday night, but I’m evil.
  • 5:50pm – Caleb is in the HoH room talking to Frankie about how uncomfortable he felt about the Nicole thing (what he told Christine earlier). Frankie is pretending Amber is safe and trying to keep Caleb calm.
  • Caleb is done with the conversation.  He’s pretty convinced Amber is staying, but trying hard to make it happen. It’s going to be an uncomfortable night on Thursday if she does go
  • 6:30pm – Caleb makes his way to Zach to campaign for Amber. He has literally done 4x more campaigning than she has and I bet that trend will continue.
  • 6:43pm – Feeds turn to Zach talking to Frankie “How sad is that? She doesn’t even like him”
  • The house is breaking to eat and will be doing a pool tournament tonight.  Should give me time to watch an episode of Game of Thrones!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Comments (68)

    I still think she has a chance if she’s able to convince donny

    • Comments (332)

      Donny is voting to keep Jacosta, he has already said so.

    • Comments (1446)

      Christine and Nicole are the worst – I really thought I was going to like them this season, but they add nothing to the game but ask the guys what they should do or say next. Can’t wait until they are shown the door. Watching Frankie spoon with Christine in the HOH last night – ewwwwww…
      And really – why is Victoria still there??
      Jocasta will go out the door like a lamb to the slaughter, just like in her Bible. They might as well have cast a potted plant.
      Sad that they didn’t cast a take charge, kick ass girl this season. At his point, Frankie, Derrick or Cody deserve the money.

  2. Comments (57)

    Can’t help but enjoy the irony of Amber scrambling to get the girls together after she rejected Joey’s idea for an all girl alliance. Hope Julie asks her about it.

    • Comments (8)

      Oh come on. Joey might have had an inkling but went about it the wrong way. Remember when everyone was calling Joey the worst bb player of all times? (and the week after that devin and so on and so on)

  3. Comments (162)

    I think she would have had a chance if she wasn’t up against Jocasta with Donny. Donny will stay loyal to Jocasta. He Best bet is to try and get Nicole, Cody, Hayden, and Victoria but I just do not see that happening. C ya Amber…………….

    • Comments (1446)

      Donny will keep Jocasta out of friendship, but if he were really playing the game he would keep Amber and get an alliance going.
      I get it that everyone loves Donny(in and out of the house), but he needs to quit floating and start playing.

      • Comments (42)

        I agree about Donny, he acts like one of the dumb females, Im embarresed for them, Im a female and my head is hanging in shame for how dumb they are.

      • Comments (224)

        Exactly. Being a nice, likeable person doesn’t mean you’re a good game player! I like Donny’s personality, but I don’t like his gameplay (or lack thereof).

      • Comments (138)

        What? Donny has gameplay? I had no idea.

      • Comments (2)

        Donny is playing a really smart game. He is playing “Gomer Pyle” so the jocks don’t see him as a threat. After the women are gone and the jocks start to fight each other Donny can cruise to the end. If nothing else he will make it to the “Jury House” and get paid for the season.

    • Comments (64)

      Charlotte, you make a good point. Donny won’t vote out Jocasta.

      Amber should use THAT to campaign. I’d expose that level of loyalty and make it appear more dangerous than it is. Amber should use her target as a reason to keep her there. She’ll remain a target week after week. That can be an enticing reason to keep someone.

  4. Comments (191)

    This season started off with a bang and quickly went south when Derick went out the door. If they vote out Amber there will be drama for a week until they vote out Caleb. The only way to save this season is to keep Amber and it doesn’t look like that is possible.

    I think you are right about losing male viewers.

    • Comments (875)

      I agree with you, Devin leaving the house opened the door for Derrick, & Frankie to take over. If any of them “ever” had a clue, they’d realize to take someone who is disliked in the house to sit next to you during the finale, like Devin, or Zack?!

      But, I think when Amber is evicted on Thursday a new alliance is going to emerge, with Caleb willing to get out all how set up his lady love. 😀

      • Comments (274)

        Just so you’re aware that makes him #1 on the list. It was HIS idea! Lol

      • Comments (37)

        No Amber was the target from the begining. They were trying to find a way to tell Caleb they were putting her up and that is when he started talking stupid about how they should put her up to “put her in her place” they allowed him to think it was his idea and even take responsability for it (in his mind of course it is all his fault) but in reality he just happened to step in it. He is a total tool! Amber may not be looking but Frankie sure would like the cowboy to take him up to bareback mt.!

  5. Comments (43)

    Devin was evicted not Derrick.

  6. Comments (130)

    Amber has a chance, but approaching it as a Girls vs guys isn’t going to work with Nicole and Christine. You need the realization that Frankie, Derrick and Cody are picking people off and enough is enough. Even if she doesn’t stay, the hope is that something snaps with the rest of the house and next HOH does something about it immediately!

    • Comments (332)

      Amber needs to tell Nicole, who needs to wake up that her partners Christine and Hayden are in the guys alliance. Then she will go ballistic and cry to Victoria who still doesn’t believe there is an alliance and then Amber super woman might save them if they keep her for jury. Dream on Folks. My bet is the boys will fall to Godhead Caleb and keep his girl. Any bets?

  7. Comments (1)

    I feel that Amber has needed to go home a long time ago. Second Nicole and Christine are doing fine. We have to realize this is a game that they are playing and have no idea what others are doing. We shoud not be so hateful when they cannot protect themselves. So as game wise Zac will be next to go home. Derrik and Donny will be final two I have thought that since week one. Just saying. Derrik is playing a great game. Being a police officer he knows what to look for and what to say and how to play people especially working undercover.

    • Comments (30)

      I would love to think that Donny would be one of the final two but let’s be honest….who would want to sit next to him at the finals? I think he is too well liked and for that reason alone he won’t be taken. I haven’t seen Donny do anything to tick the others off. Has he lied or broken trust? Donny just seems like a good guy. Has there been a winner that was truly considered a good person, who didn’t cheat, lie or back-stab? Maybe there is more to Donny that we haven’t seen yet.
      I can only hope that I am wrong and he proves that nice people can win.

      • Comments (224)

        I have not watched every season, but in the ones that I did, I do not recall anyone winning this game without ever having lied. And honestly, the lying, cheating, and backstabbing is what draws people to this show. That’s where the entertainment comes from. It would be an incredibly boring show if they all got along and were nice to each other.

      • Comments (1288)

        Don’t forget manipulation. Some do it through intimidation(Caleb/Devin) and others through gentle persuasion and misinformation(Derrick/Frankie). You can judge for yourself which method works best.

    • Comments (8)

      I see derrick and victoria as much more likely.

  8. Comments (22)

    I really hope they continue to lie to Caleb. I hope he cries. Then I hope he wins HOH so the drama can really start.

    • Comments (130)

      I absolutely hope Caleb wins HOH and starts the payback!

      • Comments (1288)

        Provided he has Donny as the other HoH if it is still in BoB mode. If any of the Detonators are sitting next to Caleb they will think circles around him and most likely lead him into a dumb move. With Caleb the chance of a dumb move is great enough without any help from outside.

      • Comments (1446)

        I agree. Not sure if Caleb is smart enough to truly understand what’s going on, even after Amber is gone. The detonators would be able to lull him into thinking he’s still the king of the Bomb Squad, which doesn’t even exist anymore.

      • Comments (34)

        The guys will convince Caleb they voted her out to better his game. He’ll be upset, but may believe their story.

      • Comments (130)

        If Amber went up to him and riled him up, getting Caleb worked up about her leaving, then I think he would go ballistic. Then no amount of smooth talk will calm him down.

        The next comp will be an endurance one, which works in his favor also.

    • Comments (274)

      I really thought he’d flip out and go ballistic (which is still entirely possible) but honestly, this will seem odd I know, but I really think he will just cry and cry and cry :'( crrrrying in the fetal position, rocking back and forth telling himself “it’ll be okay, it’ll be okay”. I think the shock will tear his heart out,then when everything comes into his head like a twisting tornado will he flake out, beast style and all.
      I just have a feeling he will be both but the crying will come first then maybe we will see serious anger that scares the pooo outta all of them!

      Stupid control freaks never win!

  9. Comments (182)

    Caleb, is mushing into a blind-bat fool, with his crashing campaign for a woman who doesn’t care a whip about his adoration for her. Nobody male or female can respect this, it borders on pathetic, and I bet his cowboy buddies are drinking extra beers in embarrassment of their ex-friend’s 🙂 buffoonery

    He has destroyed his game, where I at one time thought he was the favorite to win it all. He has become a laughing stock in the house and the nation is giggling as well.

    I think Amber needs to go, to shock him to play the game he so enthusiastically came to play before he laid eyes on her. Or otherwise kick him out, while he still has some self-respect outside the house.

    • Comments (682)

      All Caleb talks about is Amber or Caleb. I like how Derrick called him out when Caleb said he went to Westpoint. If Amber goes all he’ll have left to talk about is himself and the house is already tired of hearing him boast endlessly (as am I). If he wasn’t so narcissistic he could have won this season. I don’t see that happening so I agree, kick him out before he really ruins his personal life.

      • Comments (182)

        Yes he is turning out to be his own fierce competition and is doing a good job of defeating himself. I still want him to snap out of it, but you may be right his problem may be deeper then infatuation with a girl, but with a deeper love with himself.

        First Devin now Caleb, where are they finding these problem-psyches, I guess CBS believes it makes for good rating to shake up the house with mix thinkers.

      • Comments (274)

        Yeah scary if the majority were like these guys. Yikes!

        Both of yours and Rita’s comments were not only hilarious but true. It was AWESOME watching Caleb try and be oh so offended that Derrick actually questioned him. Busted yet holding it save face.

  10. Comments (64)

    Poor Amber, she tried to rally Christine and Nicole and Frankie. Her campaigning was cringe-worthy.

    Unbeknownst to her, the triad, Defrody= Derrick+Frankie+Cody are running the show.

    When the others discuss any game, they do so timidly and without any confidence.

    Its as if, Defrody and their minions have made everyone feel as if its a cardinal sin to game against the “house”.

    She needs numbers: “Listen up. We’re being picked off. Observe the folks who NEVER get put up on the block. Derrick has never. Cody has never. Frankie has never.” That should be a sign to some of these players.

  11. Comments (528)

    Watching the girls get picked off like flies must be satisfying to Joey at least. She tried and they went running to the boys, a pattern they continue even now, as they watch the guys pick them off. Morons.

    • Comments (1799)

      Defrody is perfect discription this will be a a 8 – 1 vote with all of Caleb ” alliance friends ” laughing under there breths The exit should be interesting The fake hugs Love you it’s just a game yada yada than to watch Caleb like driving by a train wreck you can’t help but look!
      The only thing I hope is Amber does use her speech time to blow up the detonators Just to see Nichole Haydon Donny and Victoria be slaped with reality Than as someone said have Julie ask if it was a mistake not listening to Joye and doing an all girl alliance

  12. Comments (130)

    Lets look at this from the other end. The Detonators are loyal, committed, and staying focused on being the final 5 in the house. Not many alliances actually stay together long-term. That counts for something.

    AND when it comes time to pick off Caleb, Nicole, Hayden, and Zach, then we can really see some drama and fierce comps. Well, unless they just backdoor them all. 🙁

  13. Comments (332)

    Well right now they are living with the BOB but soon it will be double eviction and one HOH. That is always a shocking and impulsive send out of someone. And then possibly one of the first four jurors might get to come back in and it might get interesting then.

  14. Comments (174)

    This is off topic but i just read this: contestant Jocasta Odom is tearing cast member Frankie Grande to shreds … for saying Jocasta “can kill herself.” Did he really say this. They say fans are going off on Frankie for this. thanks

  15. Comments (383)

    I know how to make this season more interesting. Let’s put a shock collar on all of the house guests, and anybody saying one of the following phrases gets a nice jolt:
    “at the end of the day”
    “blood on his/her/your/our/my hands”
    “under the bus”
    “it is what it is”
    THAT would be fun to watch!

  16. Comments (383)

    Also… watching last night’s BBAD… when Caleb says “I feel like a douche”… LMAO. Congratulations, Caleb, you now know how all of us feel about you.

  17. Comments (469)

    I just went to the 18 second link Rita had posted and listened a number of times — though it was only 18 seconds the context seems clear and he didn’t stutter when he said it — I would ask you ardent fans to take a moment and go back to the update 2 down from here titled – Power of Veto meeting; Live feeds with 126 comments – scroll to about 10 comments up from the bottom and read my comment about previous HG’s and singling out Andy BB15 and Frankie and their abilities to lie – and decide for yourselves if the assessment of Frankie isn’t dead on target – folks this is a young man lacking any scrupples – there has been a great deal of debate about Caleb and his mental fitness – well give this some thought – Caleb at least is out in the open with his “craziness” – hell he tells everyone over and over – what Frankie does is by far the most dangerous – on the external he smiles – and strokes – and speaks of love and caring and unity – while internally there dwells a dark – devious – selfishness that controls and drives him – this is the person this group of people should be concerned about. — Thank you for your time.

    • Comments (528)

      Exactly. It’s called “playing the game.”

      This isn’t the Best Buddies show, it’s Big Brother, that game where you do what you need to in order to win a half million dollars and cut everyone else out one-by-one. People don’t like Caleb because his behaviour appears threatening at the worst and at the very least way creepy and inappropriate.

      But lying and being manipulative? Par for the course.

    • Comments (274)

      Yeah I agree that this goes way past good playing. He is too natural in it. Alot of people have been saying this, not just here. He is making trouble for himself on the outside unbeknownst to him.

    • Comments (1288)

      I am sorry but I just do not see it. Derrick is as much or a better liar that Frankie. Both are very, very good. Even sainted Dan the coach turned out to be a pretty good liar.

      I do wonder about your use of the word “lecher” in your previous post. Combined with the fact that the two people you single out as the worst of the worst are openly gay leads me to wonder if this is simply veiled homophobia.

      …it is not an act or game play it is simply and actually who they are.

      That phrase is bothersome as well. Existing in that house under constant scrutiny is very far from a natural setting. Competing in a game where the objective is to eliminate all but one of the other players calls for a very different paradigm than everyday life. Finally the motivation of a $500k prize (which is why they are all there in the first place) leads to very different actions and motivations than real life. Saying that you know the real player by what you see of the game is like saying you know all about lions because you have been to the Bronx Zoo.

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – using the analogy of a lion in a zoo to explain your concerns leads me to wonder if this isn’t just veiled felineophobia. Dan – in your PC accusation you failed to mention that they are both male – both single – both white – both Midwesterners – both short – did I leave anything out – it seems you have done a dis-service to these people by not mentioning them. How in the hell anyone could possibly read those two comments and immediately decide they in any way were an attempt to “bash” homosexuality is beyond me. The theme of both comments was clearly ones ability and motivation to LIE – as clearly explained some find it necessary to occasionaly be decietful to help them achieve a goal or hide a truth and is most often followed by shame and regret – sadly there is a small percentage of the population who lack the moral compass to experience this shame and regret – it is smothered by their self absorbed ambitions and viewed as an asset in their quest of reaching there desired goals – ME – thus “it is not an act or game play it is simply and actually who they are”
        Dan – remember you are the one who brought homosexuality into this thread – think about this – are there possibly latent negative feelings toward this group of people and you hide or “veil” this by accusing others in order to mollify your own phobia?

      • Comments (1288)

        The language you chose to couch your attack on Frankie in is eerily similar to that used by Fred Phelps and his brand of whackjobs. What does lying have to do with Frankie being a “lecher”?

  18. Comments (274)

    So this thing with Frankie has ne really torn. He did say it. He said it as a way of “just go then” but here’s the biggest problem. If ANYONE else said it to HIM the whole nation would shut down and the president would be saying if he had a gay son it would look like Frankie.
    I’m being 100% serious here, if the shoes were reversed it would stop the globe going round.

  19. Comments (343)

    Caleb campaigns endlessly for Amber, yet people consider him a jerk to her. Weird, upside down world. Note to Amber: Nobody else cares about you.

    • Comments (274)

      Huh? You must not have live feeds or even really watch the show? Caleb PUT HER UP to make her see who’s boss and somehow make her run into his arms to say… thank you? I have a feeling you know this but love rehashing.

      • Comments (224)

        They made Caleb BELIEVE he put her up. They were always going to put up Amber. It was the plan even before the veto competition. Caleb’s just dumb enough to believe that it was all his idea.

      • Comments (843)

        Caleb believes he runs the alliance too and is a huge competitor—-he has won only one competition that required anything but luck. The soccer kick competition was luck. Caleb is a legend in his own mind. Survivor begged him to be on, The Bachelor begged him to be on, Amazing Race begged him to be on, he’s a combat vet who single handedly saved his unit and by now, in his mind, probably the world, went to West Point and on and on and on. He’s a narcissistic, selfish, stalker crazy.

      • Comments (37)

        That was so funny when he assured Amber she was safe and told her “he is running the alliance” Poor dude is going to be crushed when he gets to watch the show and sees what a total fool he has been!

  20. Comments (426)

    I must have missed something. Can anyone explain? Caleb says if Amber is evicted he will take off his bracelet. What bracelet? His activity monitor? If so, why? To self evict?

    • Comments (1288)

      I believe it is a campaign bracelet from his military tour of duty in Iraq. He feels it represents his honor and her leaving will mean he has none.

  21. Comments (76)

    I can’t talke anymore of Fakey ..I mute when I see him starting to say something.He is always on., he thinks it’s the Fakey Show , the other HG’s are just extras for the show

  22. Comments (5)

    I’m wondering how Frankie’s edit differs from his actual game play. I don’t have the live feeds this season, but there seems to be a lot of Frankie hate(even before his recent comment towards Jocasta) and I can’t figure out why.

  23. Comments (469)

    Sadie – you have unfortunately missed the point completely – I was not speaking of the game – I was refering to the traits of a very disturbed individual – Sadie you have been one of the most vocal about Caleb’s “creepy” behavior (much of what you say I agree with) – the reason you are aware of this behavior is because it is out in the open for everyone to see – and what you and everyone sees is odd – dilusional – and childish – to quote you from a day or two ago – “Caleb is a creepy mofo either way and if you don’t see it there is something wrong with you” – you are correct – only a blind man couldn’t see it Caleb keeps it on display 24/7 —- but Sadie the creepist and most dangerous thing going on in the house is not overt – or easily seen or felt – it is malicious and dark and hidden – and it can (and will if given the chance) destroy the very core of anyone who finds themselves in it’s sights or sees it and tries to stop it – it’s is fueled by greed – entitlement and self love. You see Caleb’s maladies because he does not hide them – but you are missing Frankies simply because you are meant to – one is creepy the other is pure evil – you may think that is too strong a word but believe me it is not. The signs are all there it is just a matter of connecting the dots.

    • Comments (76)

      I have been very outspoken regarding Caleb’s actions, he is outright crazy small mindef mess , John,you are dead on about Fakey .

    • Comments (1288)

      it is malicious and dark and hidden

      That is some loaded language there. It seems when you connect the dots they form a pink triangle. Frankie has said he is a avid BB fan and he knows what it takes to win. He left the nice everyday Frankie at the door and walked in as the “I’m Gonna Win BB” Frankie – and that is how he is playing whether you like the style or not. It is certainly competitive. How much do you know about Frankie?

      I realized I didn’t know much so I went looking and found this from 10/26/12, well before he knew about his BB16 adventure.

      10 Things You May Not Know About FRANKIE

      So like millions of American’s he enjoy entertaining people and does desire fame…so freaking what? I just don’t buy that he is a “destroying the very core of anyone” type.

      • Comments (49)

        Well I guess I know who your favorite is.

      • Comments (1288)

        That would be Donny, I like him and hope he can get a chance in the game. But I will not bash a masterful player simply because I do not personally like them as many other posters do. And when I feel any player is being unfairly attacked I am happy to speak up in opposition.

      • Comments (274)

        Why do you have 2 names?

      • Comments (198)

        Why do you have one?????

      • Comments (1288)

        Good eye, I never noticed that. It took a while to figure out but it has to be the difference between posting when (1) I am logged in to WordPress {Dandaman} and (2) when I am not logged on and instead have the name/email fields filled in by FireFox {DanDaMan}.

        When I first started posting here I used the Format with 3 capital letters. However the WordPress sign-up process has something against capital letters and changed it to the one capital letter format.

        I usually start posting and get the DDM name and thenlater when I want to vote on any comments I sign-in and start posting with the single D format until I have a computer restart.

        Again good eye, it took me a while to understand your question. At first I thought you were implying I was posting under 2 totally different IDs. I guess in a way I am.

      • Comments (274)

        So you do know him personally then? I dare ask if you ever been a therapist by chance to possibly see certain signs in people that alert to mental illness? Just asking because there may be people here who do.
        Just a side note you are proving my earlier comment perfectly. It’s OK if anyone says a horrible thing to a Christian but nothing remotely close against a gay guy! John ruth didn’t even say anything about him that’s close to “go kill yourself” but here you are defending him just because you see their comments homophobic. Lol
        Yeah OK

      • Comments (1288)

        So how is calling a guy a lecher any better than calling a women a slut? Using that term brings a sexual nature to the discussion not really relevant.

        As for what Frankie said concerning Jocasta I have not commented as I have not investigated it. From the headlines I have read he did use a phrase that is a common idiom.

        From the Urban Dictionary
        kill yourself – Something that is said to someone because they are very stupid.

        So in game terms he feels Jocasta is a stupid player. When I see religious bigotry I am quick to call it out. I also do the same with racial and sexual bigotry as well.

      • Comments (1288)

        And no, I do not know him personally. I view him as being more of a pop music type and I am a classic hard rock type, so I am not sure we have much in common. But I am not afraid to recognize talent when it is outside my preferred genre.

        And I believe you are reading much more into Frankie’s comment than is really there. He was speaking figuratively, not literally. The kids today – they say the darnedest things.

      • Comments (198)

        I am sorry Frankie is not a kid he is 31 years old.

      • Comments (1288)

        And that idiom is dated 2005 so it is from when Frankie was 22 – a kid.

      • Comments (198)


      • Comments (274)

        Why do you have 2 names?

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – again with the homophobia accuation – to save me time would you be so kind as to read my response to your earlier accusation just a few comments above – thank you in advance – so you know Dan – I too “researched” Frankie Grande through google knowing full well it is a poor research tool but it is all I have for now – I wanted to see if the “real life Frankie” mirrored the “BB Frankie” and with the limited info I found – yes – in spades (oops-you may label me racist for that one) – oddly enough the site you posted – 10 things——- was one bullet that bolstered my belief- this was by Frankie- about Frankie-and for Frankie. The Frankie that you observed on the video in 2012 – is the same Frankie who walked through the door in 2014 – he did not leave one Frankie at the door – there is but one – and you are seeing him as we speak. If you are unable to see this don’t feel alone – because the one “prop” I will give him – he has honed and crafted his deceitful persona to an art form.

    • Comments (49)

      I see it too!

    • Comments (274)

      Just my 2cents-I can see what you’re saying. For the record I don’t believe for a moment you’re suggesting it’s because of their sexuality. How dumb! The statements you made are clearly about their personality and abilities to lie and to be really good at such. Which theoretically,is exactly right on when you say it’s not happenstance. This is WHO they are.
      Serial killers all share basic traits as well as rapists, child molesters, robbers, murderers, LIARS.
      Even mental disorders have the same markers to follow to diagnose. It has NOTHING to do with being gay UNLESS someone reading this FEELS that way themselves!!!and are trying to divert attention away from themselves in order to say their emotions/assessments are really YOURS!

      • Comments (1288)

        If it is not about their sexuality then why condemn Frankie as a lecher? Zach would more closely qualify for that with his rampant onanism.

        Every actor is a very good liar and only a few of them are serial killers or rapists or child molesters or robbers or murderers(aren’t those just underachieving serial killers?).

        Frankie, as an actor, makes a living at lying. Derrick, as an undercover police officer, makes a living at lying. Why isn’t Derrick such an evil, dastardly person as Frankie? Oh, right – like me he has a wife. Nothing to see there folks…move along.

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – in response to your concern for “lecher” – I use the term in a 2 fold manner – first the more common usage – one being over obsessed with sex – I just watch CBS Wed. Thur. and Sun. – and BBAD – Frankies too iften references to sex – his and others penis and balls or nuts – his “hole” – and countless innuendos do – in my opinion – place him in the catagory of lecherous. But that wasn’t really the lechery I was refering to – lust – lusty – lustfull – to lust for anything (an uncontrolable desire for something) – in some circles the term lecher – is used to describe such people. Frankie fits neatly into both catagories. —Dan – an actor when playing a part is not lying – he is pretending – lying is a deliberate Covert act with the purpose of deceit to improve ones own state – acting is an OVERT act of – pretending. When an undercover officer plays his part he is by definition lying to the “bad guys” – but in the end it is done with a positive motive – to protect you and I from the consequences of the “bad guys” actions – so your analogy is moot. ——And lastly Dan your obsession with the continued references to homophobia are in my opinion a cause for concern – just saying.

      • Comments (1288)

        And what is wrong with desiring to win this game? You have slandered and maligned Frankie without providing a single example of his misbehavior. You have shown nothing different in his lies than from anyone elses other than his motivation, the inner workings of his mind, that only you can somehow psychically perceive.

        …….it is not an act or game play it is simply and actually who they are. Of the 2 – Frankie has one upped Andy – he is proving to be a cold – heartless – and spineless lecher willing to decieve-hurt-crush even destroy anyone who find themselves between him and his greedily ambitious goals. He has no concern for those he leaves in his wake – to him it is simply – shame on them for getting in my way…

        …what Frankie does is by far the most dangerous – on the external he smiles – and strokes – and speaks of love and caring and unity – while internally there dwells a dark – devious – selfishness that controls and drives him…

        …but Sadie the creepist and most dangerous thing going on in the house is not overt – or easily seen or felt – it is malicious and dark and hidden – and it can (and will if given the chance) destroy the very core of anyone who finds themselves in it’s sights or sees it and tries to stop it – it’s is fueled by greed – entitlement and self love…

        How is any of that calumny justified?

      • Comments (76)

        Dan as a gay man , I appreciate you defending Fakey because you feel people are judging him because he is Gay .that might be true, I don’ care if Fakey is Gay or a Martian He works my last nerve .I think he is a big phoney .I will say it Zach Fakey & Caleb are all lecherou Gay or Str8 & they all have serious personality issues.

  24. Comments (274)

    Interesting indeedeee, they were actually flirting the idea to keep Amber! Then Frankie slammed the door shut on her. He really has the hold on this house, I was surprised that Derrick wouldn’t see this as an aha moment. If Frankie gets his way with tbis he is going to win this season. He is taking the reigns and plowing through

    • Comments (1288)

      Perhaps, but he might still yet have to face an unfavorable HoH. Say that actually keep it in the dark and bothe Caleb/Amber are completly blindsided. Caleb does hold it together in an endurance HoH and wins with perhaps Hayden with him.

      If Caleb does not buy the damage control planned he may hold Frankie/Zach/Derrick/Cody responsible. Hayden has been talking with Donnie and Nicole, he might be swayed by the “who has not been on the block” argument. He can put up to of those and Caleb puts up Zach due to the Amber exit. Those 4 on the block and Christine or Victoria as replacement if POV used.

      It’s a longshot but it would be a very uncomfortable week for those who have had everything go their way so far. They have played masterfully but have yet to face adversity.

  25. Comments (1288)

    Oh ratfarts. Now quadpolar Caleb is all for sending Amber out. Amber’s campaigning was spot on that there was a strong male alliance picking off the outsiders and women one by one but she tried to sell the warning to Christine[*facepalm*].

    Christine, who is competing to be the Britney to this season’s Brigade, of course ran right to the guys with the 411. Amber then followed up by trying to sell the warning to Cody[*facepalm*].

    Part of her warning included a willingness to even nominate Caleb. And now two people go to Caleb with the “Amber is targeting you” story. Caleb sees the new light and will not be blindsided.

  26. Comments (1799)

    Can Amber go out guns blazing and shine the light on the Detonators explain the whole alliance Explain how Christine runs to rat out anyone who dares to disagree with Derrick or Frankie How fake Frankie is to people How Derrick manipulates the other HG to get what he wants How Cody caved in to do what Derrick and Frankie wanted Explain to the other HG how LONG this alliance has been operating Give these people something to think about before the vote

  27. Comments (843)

    Amber will go out without saying a word, Caleb will claim that was his plan all along, and Frankie will continue ruling the house as he grossly, open mouth smacks while eating. All the other little minions will gleefully celebrate about how awesome they are while blindly waiting to be picked off.

  28. Comments (25)

    I just finished watching BB Australia 2013 and it was exciting and funny all the way to the end. BB USA needs to take a few clues from it.

  29. Comments (843)

    Steve Beans, there are some people who need to be blocked from this site. JMOP Discussion and/or conflicting opinions are fine. Disgusting is not.

  30. Comments (332)

    I agree Mouse, Fred, needs to go back to his site and keep his imaginary issues to himself. And if there is a BB porno sight I think BB should be ashamed if camera men are allowing anyone that kind of pay for view.

    • Comments (37)

      ??? BB has a porno pay per view site? I think they are just talking about sites that show the bikini pics and the pics they catch from the live feeds of people changing or showering. All very tame and not considered porn. Now last year I bet some of Amanda and McCrea’s romps from the live feeds could be considered porn. If I recal I remember them talking about some of the things she was seen doing. I thankfully didn’t see any of that or I would have had to wash my eyes out with bleach!

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