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Big Brother 16 – Derrick Continues To Rule The House


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There is one thing I’m fairly certain about this week – Zach is going home. What I am not certain on is whether or not he’ll know before Thursday night.  If he does, great.. earlier drama. If he doesn’t, even better.. blowup before he leaves (I hope).  One of the most entertaining things in the house is when someone leaves upset. I just love it. Call me childish, immature or whatever, but it’s the best. That person can play for me any day. Why?  Because they’re upset they lost and can’t just give everyone fake hugs.

For most of these people, it’s their once in a lifetime opportunity to win a quick half a million dollars over a summer, and I want to see them take it serious. Btw, we may see 1-2 of these people back somewhere along the lines, but most of them will be a distant memory once they’re gone. During dinner yesterday, my girlfriend and I were talking about a redemption type of season where all the early evicted players get a chance to redeem themselves. I had to remind her who Joey was. Needless to say, I think a lot of people would be like that for an ‘early evicted redemption’ type of season.  Who?  Who?  Who?  I do think next year will be an All-Star season, but I doubt the Jodi’s, Joey’s and surfer dude from BB15 (David/Spicoli) would be back.

Another problem with an All-Star season is that they wasted many players during BB13 and BB14.  Would Dan, Brittany, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, etc come back for a 3rd time?  Who would you like to see for an All-Star season?

Enough rambling, back to the game. The big word around the house last night was Zach’s eviction, while keeping it from Zach.  It’s to the point where even Frankie is likely on board, although he’s still telling Zach he’s safe. One common theme I keep hearing is how the house thinks America wants him gone and they’d be ‘pussies’ not to evict him. Actually, from what I gather, the house wants him to stay. He’s the only remotely interesting player left, and when he’s gone, production is going to have to manufacture some drama.

Speaking of, a comment from the thread yesterday brought up a good point. Where are all the twists?  The promos for BB16 promised this to be the twistiest twist that ever twisted, but nothing has chanced since the dual HoH/BoB twist was revealed.. oh, and Team America.  Is that it?  Did BB16 blow their load early?  Or do they have much more up their sleeves for when the house returns to a single HoH?

Stick around for my live feed thread which I’m sure will be crammed full of people sleeping.

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  1. Comments (68)

    I really hope they have some twists lined up for us. Nothing fun seems to happen this season.

  2. Comments (1)

    All star season – all 16 previous winners in the house – 1 million dollar prize

  3. Comments (843)

    Julie announces the most exciting, twisted BB every year and every year nothing happens.

  4. Comments (1446)

    I was away from technology for 4 days last weekend…need to catch up.(It was wonderful, everyone should try it)!

    Do the Detonators still exist??

    Does Derrick have a “deal” w/ everyone in the house??

    Have Jacosta or Zach done any campaigning?

    Yes, where ARE the twists?? Wondering if they have a lot of new production staff at the show. Big Brother is 1/2 way thru one of the most boring seasons ever, you would think they could come up with something, anything, please…

  5. Comments (401)

    Speaking of AllStars, Caleb said last night he’d like to come back for that. Right, because he’s such a contender this season.

  6. Comments (21)

    I was actually thinking about this the other day. What if we brought back all the first evicted houseguests, or the first 2 evicted house guests of every non-all-star season of Big Brother?

    I mean most of those people were in the house for a week at most and they had they’re summer/chance of 500k ruined. The first person out of Big Brother never had a chance to play the game and we might have missed out on some Dick, Dan, Will, Mike, Jeff, Rachel, Janelle, etc…

    It seems that BB is focused on creating celebrities and then having them come back over and over again, but they might have ignored a few diamonds in the rough.

    • Comments (68)

      I think the worst was in Big Brother 14 when Jodi was evicted on the first day without even having a veto competition or a vote for that matter. Dan lost the HOH comp and had to eliminate a Team Dan member and he chose Jodi.

      I think he’s excuse was that he didn’t feel as if she would fit in his group, but the sad part is that he formed his group and then decided that one of them wasn’t a good fit. Talk about bad luck.

    • Comments (1)

      No, they had their shot. Remember how all you guys said Joey and Devin were the worst player ever. Also see Francesca on survivor. Good riddance.

    • Comments (332)

      BB doesn’t let HG back in unless they go to jury so that will be a couple of weeks from now. One of the first four to jury, there is a vote for one to come back in. So if Zach goes to jury he could be voted back in.

    • Comments (9)

      I have also thought about the first evicted getting a second chance. If they are going to bring back repeat players why not the ones we have maybe forgot about and give them a second chance.

    • Comments (832)

      Funny, I’ve been thinking for the past several weeks that they should have a season with all the HG’s voted out first or early on i their season. That may be more entertaining! I too am waiting for some twists.

      • Comments (4)

        What happened to your knees? 🙂

      • Comments (832)

        I had both of my kneecaps removed. So, I still have my knees sans the caps!

      • Comments (383)

        wow. I’ve been wondering, too. Are you still able to walk? I don’t want to be nosy, just curious.

      • Comments (832)

        I can still walk, rather slowly. After have 11 knee surgeries I also developed a chronic pain condition. So, with having mobility issues, I enjoy my BB summers. Happened onto this site last year & enjoyed the banter so am back this summer. At least it gives me an escape from the pain & everything else! So a big thanks to sb & all you guys for giving me a “summer escape!”

  7. Comments (492)

    Who would you like to see for an All-Star season?
    Well since you asked…. The old past people chicken george, the old 70 year old guy, old. Old red headed lady, give them a shot. But I guess they are too mature for the show. But I bet it would be good!

  8. Comments (1)

    Where is Zigbot? Where is Pandora’s Box I thought sure they would bring at least one of these back

  9. Comments (25)

    I think Derrick is an idiot for getting rid of Zach. This error will become very obvious as the game continues. Zach would never nominate his bro’s, where others would.

  10. Comments (18)

    What is the “TLA” ? was that an alliance ?

  11. Comments (220)

    This season is a SNOOZE fest.

    I never liked when they brought vets back into the house. But now I see why.

  12. Comments (162)

    Im back again wanting that awful girl Christine out of the game. I cant stay to watch how she throws herself at Cody.. It’s gross and I agree there needs to be some excitement in the house. Maybe with the double eviction that will stir some crap up..

  13. Comments (83)

    I have to say I am going to miss zach as well.
    It’s the same every year where they always take out
    The strong players that actually play the game and the
    Boring good for nothing floaters just float on by.
    This is stupid if zach goes.

    • Comments (1446)

      I think the viewers will miss him but on BBAD last night it was said that he never showers or brushes his teeth. Yuck, that would be gross to live with – they said he smells bad.

    • Comments (383)

      Annette, I don’t know why your posts always appear with each new line starting with a capital letter, but I like to read it as poetry. It’s kind of beautiful. 🙂

  14. Comments (57)

    I honestly think people at Big Brother don’t “what if” every scenario. I bet you they were hoping to have two sides of the house in opposition becoming the two HOH’s and there being a power struggle between the two sides. I bet they didn’t think that EVERY week the two HOH’s basically form an alliance for a couple days and agree on the eviction. That and the lingering “what the house wants” mentality is killing this season. Just like they got rid of MVP last season when Elissa kept winning, they should have gotten rid of Battle of the Block and kept 4 nominees up there to create more dissension and call out loyalties quicker. Can you imagine Donny or Hayden winning HOH and having four Detonators up there. How quickly would they turn on one another? Would have made for better tv than this.

    • Comments (162)

      that would be great to watch.

      • Comments (162)

        they do talk it to death, have some fun round the dice and stop talking everything out. Derrick has made alliances with everyone in the house but Donny and Jocasta. Cant wait to see them all start turning on each other. And its boring tv if we already know who they are going to vote out by Monday night..

      • Comments (843)

        It is a little strange to watch Sunday and Wednesday episodes on TV when we are so far ahead of what’s happening.

  15. Comments (45)

    I know this is kind of off topic but how did survivor have one of there best seasons yet. I remember the season before the last you were saying how its boring and less people were watching it. This season I enjoyed watching surviror cayagan. Tony made a lot of big moves. A big rilvary started between him and spencer. Kass was being a an annoying b*tch. Woo was being woo. Tony deserved to win. How did survivor choose an exceptional cast like that and its so hard for big brother to do the same. I will be heated if zach leaves, and if he does. Im not going to be as interested cause its boring. I know survivor is a different game but I felt like every week was interesting and I loved tony personality. Why is it so hard for big brother to find an interesting cast. I know last season went terrible but you cant lie it was interesting til the final 3 werethere. I also liked bb14 too. Just wish frank could of won.

    • Comments (407)

      I heard it was a good season, and I really wish I watched it. I stopped watching midway through blood versus water even though I heard that was pretty good as well.

    • Comments (152)

      I had a love/hate for Tony! I just loved to hate him. He was crazy but in such a way you couldn’t stop watching him. And yes, Zach is the same way. I just love his crazy antics. Keeps things going!
      I hate to see him go especially over Jacosta, good grief. She is a crying babbling idiot!

    • Comments (110)

      I think the cast of survivor is better because they don’t pick people just for looks like BB does for the most part. I should give up rooting for people thought because who I like on either show hardly ever wins.

  16. Comments (46)

    Here is Christine caught playing with herself (hands down her pants “frigging” herself) she is staring at something and I bet it has something to do with Cody!

  17. Comments (332)

    I think BB overplayed the slop, they are all dragging around this week on slop, I think only like two are eating food. Nicole and Donny.

  18. Comments (332)

    I am so tired of the whole house vote. So I hope it is 4 to 4 and Nicole is put on the spot to cast the vote. She did not look to happy with Christine mentioning that. But girl if you want Zach out than you have to OWN IT THURSDAY!

    • Comments (401)

      I thought I heard them discussing it at one point and her saying she’d love to do it.

    • Comments (469)

      Karen – the reason the house is in “panic mode” right now is the direct result of Nicole’s bold move in nominating Zach – yes with the support of Hayden she was the first HOH to make the “big bold move” – so I have no doubt that she will have no problem looking Zach squarely in the eye and telling him bye bye — I would also like to repeat what I said in the previous update – some want to give Donny some credit for creating the present unrest in the house – as much as I love Donny – he did nothing- he refused to put up a strong player in fear of being targeted – he challenged Nicole to do it but he went with a safe nominee in Caleb – you nomed me I nomed you – well guess what the little farm girl showed there is one person in the house with the grapes to step up – and at the nomination ceremony when she gave Zach her reason it was one of the more memorable moments of the season – and remember that their goal was to backdoor Frankie – Christine prevented that by not using POV – but she and Hayden have not backed down on their quest to evict a strong player and set the house on it’s ear.

      • Comments (224)

        Nicole did exactly the same thing that Donny did, she put up the person who nominated her-Zach. How’s that a bold move for her, but not for Donny?

      • Comments (469)

        Because Caleb is a non issue in the house – Zach is one of the “untouchables” – that is why Donny wouldn’t put him up – he feared being targeted – he said it himself – Nicole said she wanted to be the first to make a big move and shake things up even knowing she was exposing herself to retribution – she had the opportunity and had the guts to act on it – that is why it is very different – and to this day she has not backed off of her decision – in fact it was so game changing that it has put Derrick on damage control – meaning it has changed his game plans significantly

  19. Comments (332)

    I think they should hook them all in pairs for a week. That would be fun to watch all of them chained to someone random and try to get along. Like a week long foot or sack race. Now that would be hilarious.

  20. Comments (332)

    Or make them draw like snow white and the seven dwarfs and each has to play a part for a week. Then America votes for a “treat” for the person who acted the best as their character.

    • Comments (46)

      For the “most twisted season” we have not seen much! There are so many ways to make the game more interesting with prizes, trips, things to entice players to make decisions. I think BB has become quite stale. I hear tales of other BB (Canada and UK?) that have more things going on. I have never seen if we as fans can think of so many things that would make the game more interesting you would think the “brains” @ CBS who get paid to come up with it could have done better then this 2 HOH and BOB crap! In their defense I can see where they would think it would have created more of a divide in the house and it didn’t work like they planned. the last two years of “vote with the house” and people afraid to make a stand for fear of someone “coming after them” has created some very weak game play.

      Remember the years of two or three groups or alliances fighting for control and to keep their numbers? Shopping sprees, Pandora’s box, HOH twists with secret rooms? Please BB come up with some new things.

      Did I hear that maybe BB UK you can’t reveal your vote? A point system or viewer vote to put people on the block? I would like to see some of those ideas in BB USA

  21. Comments (843)

    Double HOH would have worked better if the losers received a punishment–24 hr. isolation,. they wouldn’t have been so quick to throw the competition. Hide prizes around the house, 5 minutes after wakeup call give the HG who are up a clue. All snoozers lose! Even the activity trackers are a bust this year since they’ve figured out a way to get mileage without moving. CBS should have a site where viewers can send suggestions.

    • Comments (9)

      A viewers suggestion site would be great! I have suggested to anyone that will listen to get rid of the stupid Have Not! I have complained how messy the house is and I think they could have HGs do chores around the house for punishment. I read where the BB house designer was so proud of this years house. How can we see it with clothes and dishes piled all over it. He has something to do with Overstock, so they could give prizes from Overstock for rewards. Anything would be an improvement!!

  22. Comments (400)

    I wish they would do a “Where are they now?” style episode. BB has been on 16 seasons. Sure, everyone knows updated stuff on Rachel, Brenden, Janelle, Jeff, Brittany, Ian, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, and some of the more recent houseguests, but what about all of the others that we watched. I would love to see updated stuff about a lot of them. I spent 16 Summers watching these folks.

  23. Comments (61)

    UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT: I’d take back all five of the evicted HGs just to get rid of Derrick. He’s the reason this season is so boring. It’s like watching the Globetrotters.

  24. Comments (158)

    To be fair to production (did I just say that?!?), the Team America thing is sort of an ongoing twist. Each mission is sort of a twist. Yeah, that’s a stretch but I have a feeling that’s how production is viewing it.

    • Comments (152)

      I hate the TA. America is always voting for them to do something that could ruin someone’s game. Like Derrick encouraging Zach to go off! That was “FOR AMERICA”, yet now, the house is against him because he does stuff like that. They try to pin things against the others in the house. Have them do funny pranks that cause no harm and couldn’t cause someone to lose the game. Donny was smart to do what he did on the last challenge. Have it be fun stuff that doesn’t cause hurt feelings, blow ups or game changing moves. That ruined it for me!

  25. Comments (832)

    I think “slop” could be done away with. Production could make havenots something different every week so Hg’s don’t know what they’re going to get as a havenot. Maybe if a person is a havenot, they can’t play in the veto comp, even if on the block. Go back to havenot competitions & give HN’s punishments that aren’t fun or fair. Production doesn’t seem to mix things up very much so things stay pretty predictable.

  26. Comments (65)

    Going off of the finale air date (9/25) I am thinking someone will come back after they are evicted. If they don’t, this will be the only DE of the summer

  27. Comments (1)

    I wonder what Christine’s husband thinks of all this flirting between her and Cody. Aren’t they newlyweds?

  28. Comments (110)

    I say that to my husband almost every week. Why don’t these people tell off the other houseguests. Really say what they think. And forget the fake hugs, I’d tell them all to get the heck away from me. Amber for instance, yes her exit was classy but I’d have preferred she tell them what she thought. And if you know you are going home, take that time to really get stuff off your mind. No speech will make them keep you and I never buy the how much you care about these people speeches either.

  29. Comments (2)

    Did Julie say it is going to be a double eviction on Thursday? So does that mean Zach and Jocasta is going home at the same time?

    • Comments (832)

      DE means they do a week’s worth of play Thurs night. They will have the vote to evict Jocasta or Zach & that person leaves. They then have an HOH competition, nominations, play a POV & another eviction. They then begin another HOH competition, which is typically an endurance competition & end Thursday’s episode before HOH is finished. I’m guessing the “oh so popular” days of 2 HOH’s is over – YAY!!

  30. Comments (5)

    I love Zach and think they should keep him…they need to think ahead and kick JoCasta to the curb. Although I do love her they have to get the Donny fans out and get him OUT! They aren’t playing the game who wants to go to the end with HIM? He is a sweet man but he is playing them and I LOVE Derrick, he is playing a smart game except this move here****he needs to keep his numbers and he needs to keep the eyes off him at all cost… Play smart, play safe,

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