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Big Brother 16 – Can Derrick Work Some Magic For Donny?


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Often times we hear speculation of production involvement when a popular player is about to leave the house, and this time is no different. Not only is Donny on the block this week, but he’s in very serious jeopardy of leaving the house.  The house was pretty set on getting rid of Donny so they can no longer worry about the evil mastermind who just wants to eat his pop tarts at a certain time of the day.  However, Frankie and Derrick started talking about possibly keeping Donny, and at one point during their many conversations about it, Frankie hinted DR involvement/pressure.

This is not new to me and doesn’t set off any alarms. I have no doubt the DR tries to steer things a certain way. Why wouldn’t they? They have to worry about ratings otherwise they’re out of work, so naturally they’re going to try and make the best show possible for viewers. From my many years of watching the show, I do know the DR doesn’t always get their way, and that’s because at the end of the day, the players are still the ones making the final decisions (I think I may try to work ‘at the end of the day’ into every post, in honor of the beastmode). I’ve watched many fan favorites, and many entertaining people walk out that door sooner than the DR would have liked, and this Thursday it could still happen again.

Back to the plan.. both Derrick and Frankie are very aware of how America feels about Donny. They’ve picked up clues from the live show applause, hearing people in production cheer when he won BoB, and generally being fans of the show.  Derrick is fully aware that America likes the underdog, and that’s Donny this season.  Between that and the DR hints, while Derrick was speaking to Frankie, he mentioned “If you want a show America, we’ll give you a show. We’ll give you what you want” (non verbatim). All they need to do is convince one person that keeping Donny is a better idea than keeping Nicole, and America will be a happy bunch this Thursday.  Sure, we’ll be sad to see Nicole go again, but this is her second chance.

So who can be convinced to keep Donny?  Here are the voters…

Victoria – Tough call. She bitched about him last night to Christine. She said he’s a mean person and was really rude while she was making him tofu earlier in the day. I think that’s a case of people just getting sick of each other after 70ish days because I heard the conversation and Donny did grill her on the tofu, but also apologized and said he stood corrected. The food was delicious.  Anyway, Victoria is also deep in Derrick’s pocket, so she may be the easy vote if needed.

Christine – Another tough one. She was easily fooled into thinking Nicole was coming after her, and ended up getting her out. However, Christine has been very vocal about her dislike of Donny and said she is relieved she no longer has to pretend to laugh at his jokes.  (note – Good. Anything to get Christine to stop laughing is a positive in my book. Worst.Laugh.Ever)

Caleb – Frankie and Derrick were already working him last night. They warned him that Nicole may go right after the guys should she stay in the house, and could buddy back up with Christine to form some girl thing.  While he did promise Nicole his vote, he is probably the easiest to convince. There is no way he’ll go against his friends.

So, if Derrick wants, he can keep Donny easily.  He may pretend it’s tough, especially if Donny leaves, but that will be a lie.  Derrick can make it a 4-1 vote after a 10 minute conversation with each person.  We’ll find out for sure what Derrick actually wants and what he doesn’t want. What we do know is that Donny’s fate rests entirely in his hands.

We’re mid-week in the BB house and Nicole will likely not bother campaigning a whole lot. Unless Big Brother throws something in (luxury comp, pandora’s box, etc), this will likely be a very slow week… why do I feel that has been the theme this season?

Live feed thread later today, plus maybe a few other things.

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  1. Comments (69)

    ok – here I am the first comment and I vowed that I would not resort to bashing Christine – but I am sorry I have to do it – apparently she does not know how to peel potatoes if you saw the Big Brother After Dark BBAD – I no longer watch the whole thing – I flip channels – can not even look or listen to some of them now – and is that a knot on her forehead – well maybe she is growing a horn – anyway – I will give props to Cody – when Christine was hugging him – he had no shirt on – he did not hug back – just held his hands down to his side – and when Mango tried to kiss him on the lips – he moved his head back and forth to the side like kissing at each other – maybe he got the picture what people at home are seeing – just saying

    • Comments (722)

      Good for Cody starting to wake up. That talk with Donny really helped. Also the ppl yelling over the wall. And probably DR is feeding him info.
      Christine needs to get ready to feel the repercussions of her actions.. comeuppance is coming starting with audience boos and ending in Divorce Court.
      Frankie needs put in his place. Im sure he will overeact and probably cry.. get ready for a performance of a lifetime America!

      • Comments (487)

        As for Christine, I think Judge Hatchett has room on her calendar.

      • Comments (1446)

        Christine and Victoria were THE WORST last night!
        Bashing Donny, saying “I just really hate him.”
        Christine actually ignores Donny when he speaks to her.

        As for Christine/Cody? Did you catch them last night cooking together? They were so utterly sickening! She giggles at ANYTHING any of the guys have to say. Well, except Donny. And when they hugged outside they actually did a “crotch bump.”

        And it seems Derrick/Victoria are getting a bit to close. He was rubbing her head seductively with some sort of stick, while she sat with him in the bathroom caressing his leg.


        AND PLEASE CUT OFF THEIR FOOD SUPPLY! I am so tired of watching them do nothing but fondle each other and eat!!!

      • Comments (1446)

        Did anyone catch Christine saying that her husband Tim, “is the least pickiest person I know.”

        Duuuuhhhhh! He picked YOU, didn’t he??

        Let’s hope he picks her up on finale night and dumps her a** the next morning.

      • Comments (19)

        I remember at some point, they were talking about her husband, and she said something like “oh he doesn’t talk to girls”… so I’m picturing this guy as one of those introverted dudes who’s afraid of girls, has no game, but Christine somehow found him and latched on like a leech knowing she could basically control him. Even got him to marry her. And I bet he has a really good job, cause I’m sure her career as a Starbucks barista isn’t bringing in loads of cash.

      • Comments (1446)

        Sounds about right. How sad for him. He kinda looks like Ian from BB14.

      • Comments (7)

        Oh my god u ppl have no life! Lol u sit n watch a live feed of other ppl living their life while clearly not living ur own! And u clueless trolls have the nerve and audacity to run ur filthy little troll mouths about their characters! Well let me be the first to say all of u r utterly disgusting hopeless sociopaths and u all deserve to rot in hell for the judgement ur passing…lames!!! Lmfao

      • Comments (152)


      • Comments (722)

        I dont understand the constant need to touch each other.

      • Comments (36)

        I feel bad for Donny. When he goes back and watches this stuff and hears what they said about him, I’m sure he will be really hurt.

      • Comments (383)

        I just hope he reads all the stuff we’re saying about how much we LOVE him!!!

      • Comments (8)

        Love…love… LOVE your comment!

      • Comments (79)

        You think so? Frankie doesn’t strike me as a “cryer” at all. When he was getting yelled at by the whole house and everybody was telling him how much of a snake he was, he took it really well and just brushed off the insults.

      • Comments (722)

        Being called a snake and being on the block knowing youre going home will elicit 2 completely different reactions..

    • Comments (1443)

      I thought. What the heck can’t she even peel potatoes

    • Comments (15)

      Sitting in a dr waiting room reading this to kill time. I almost laughed out loud at the “growing horns”. Thanks for the boredom relief!

  2. Comments (130)

    Wouldn’t a Donny/Derrick final two be the BEST finale in BB history?! Both can talk smooth and have plenty of reasons to win. I think that final would be EPIC and couldn’t compete with any other of the finals (maybe Ian/Dan).

    Reasons they deserve to win:

    Derrick- Swayed the votes, manipulated his alliance, and never been on the block (so far). He’s had the house on his palm since day 5.

    Donny – Played loyal, true and pretty honest. He’s the only one that truly sees Derrick for being in charge and somehow survived. He was able to stay alive as the Detonators chipped away at themselves. He played the best game that was handed to him. He played without a single alliance.

    Who would win?

    • Comments (722)

      The best player should win. If Derrick managed to keep his hands clean and let everyone else take the fall, stayed off the block, and manuever everyone out of his way, he is the best player.
      Donny is a nice guy, but he wont win. He hasnt had the easiest time forming alliances or winning comps. Hes a great guy but hes not the best player.

      • Comments (135)

        Regardless of what anyone could imply about Donny’s lack of a so-called alliance (saying he didn’t have the best overall social game), I agree with Smouse’s point about Donny still surviving WITHOUT an alliance. That’s a strong point, and one overlooked, IMO.

      • Comments (130)

        And another point for Donny, he hasn’t sat around and done nothing. He’s tried to sway Cody, Christine, and Frankie to flip the script. He’s been really careful with his wording and hints, trying to create a crack in the alliance. He almost had Zack on his side before he got evicted.

      • Comments (1446)

        I know, I know, I know…here come the thumbs down.
        I actually WANT Donny to go to jury this week. He has had enough, and I actually worry for his mental health. Could you imagine living in there?? Listening to all of that nonsense, day in and day out?? He is starting to look a little numb. He is being ignored, ridiculed and is so alone in the house. And he knows it. I think Nicole leaving again would make it just that much more horrible for him to be totally alone, again.
        He will NOT make it to the final two – he’s a good player, but he is not superhuman.
        I want to see him relaxing in the jury house with Jocasta, Hayden, and Zach. They will be nice to him, they will talk to him. They will play board games, watch movies, and give Donny a chance to decompress and gather his thoughts before finale night.
        As much as we all love him, I think he needs to get out of that house of immature whackjobs. For his own sanity.

      • Comments (21)

        I think Zingbot’s comments killed Donny, cause talking game is what brought up Derrick’s name and everyone ran back to tell him..Donny would have been better off keeping things closer to the vest, then Derrick would have wanted him to stay to keep racking up Team America points….If anyone was able to think for themselves they would have listened to Donny more.

      • Comments (722)

        Thats true.
        And Donny would make a better all star.

      • Comments (1446)

        Donny would be an AWESOME all star! 🙂

      • Comments (722)

        Zach too.

      • Comments (492)

        Is the best!!!

      • Comments (152)

        Agreed! 🙂

      • Comments (692)

        Good morning Willie! I agree with you buddy, 100%.

      • Comments (492)

        Bring back Zach!

      • Comments (722)

        Good morning. Afternoon here now!
        Hope youre feeling better.

        Id like to see Donny and Zach back with a different cast.

      • Comments (266)

        It’s true, who says you HAVE to have/be in an alliance in order to win BB?? That’s dumb talk. If you make it to the end without an alliance you are even a BETTER player for playing solo, like Donny.

      • Comments (38)

        I agree, you don’t need to be in an alliance to win. Alliances are meaningless if you look at people like Christine and Victoria, ultimate floaters, who have done NOTHING in the house to further their game, besides latching onto those who do the actual work. Donny has done a lot in the house without an actual alliance.

      • Comments (19)

        If it came down to Derrick and Donny, I still think Donny would win. Bottom line is, except for this week, he was able to win the BOB/POV when it counted, to save himself. He’s played the game without an alliance. Nobody would ever have expected a 40-something groundskeeper to make it that far.

        As far as Derrick goes, it’s true that the majority of the jury would be his alliance, but all of them get easily butt-hurt the second they hear someone talked smack about them. Come finale night, when they start showing ‘Derrick highlights’ and they see how every chance he got he was talking to (PERSON A) about how/when to evict (PERSON B), but then would go to (PERSON B) later that day and talk about not trusting (PERSON A)… I think his so-called buddies would take it personally and vote for Donny instead.

      • Comments (224)

        The jury doesn’t usually see that information before the vote.

      • Comments (38)

        Donny has still won more competitions than Derrick, and more than Cody, and more than Christine, and more than Caleb… etc etc. He’s the only person who is AWARE of what is going on in the house with the others (ex. Derrick’s manipulation) and of his own behaviour and how we the viewers perceive him. He’s the only one right now (besides Nicole) who is going to walk out of that house with his reputation intact. He doesn’t have to worry about some Joe Schmoe on the street thinking he is a disgusting person because of how he treated others in the house.

      • Comments (1443)

        If he’s in the game at the end he’s just as good and did it all on his own. Would deserve to win

      • Comments (1276)

        I agree, Derrick is playing the best all around game. He’s cotroling the house, barely getting blamed for anything, and has won comps when needed.
        Donny, oh I love Donny so much, but I just don’t see him making it much further, even if they save him this week. I think Nicole has a better shot at lasting longer than Donny. For the house, Donny has always been someone to pick off later.

    • Comments (224)

      The only problem with that, Derrick would be able to say “Donny is only sitting here because I saved him”. AND, most of the jury will be Derrick’s alliance. I think the win would still go to Derrick.

    • Comments (843)

      Derrick. They will never understand honesty and integrity. Zach, Hayden, and Jocosta might vote for Donny.

  3. Comments (722)

    Well, thats what you get when you cast models.
    If they cast more actual fans, we would have some excitement.

  4. Comments (53)

    I gave up on this awhile ago.
    I do still hope they save Donny but this show blows
    And Christine has obviously never peeled a potato in her life; —but if Cody wants mashed……shes sickening. If her laugh and constant snot probs weren’t enough of a turn off she now adds knuckle cracking. Please. Please evict her
    And will Victoria please stop talking about ‘her game’
    Seriously????? How do they keep a straight face when she says that?
    Has anyone noticed that when Victoria cooks she eats some with her hands then sucks
    And licks thumb and index finger and immediately plunges them back into the food. Ugh
    They are all so gross
    If Donny gets evicted can we elect to seal the house up and just leave them there to protect society from contamination?

    • Comments (1446)

      Victoria is gross. I would rather starve than eat anything any of them cooked.

      Joker’s reports that Victoria wants Christine out before Nicole. I guess she thinks that Christine is a bit too close to “her man”, Derrick.

      • Comments (722)

        Does she know hes married to a whole other woman?
        It doesnt seem like hes gonna tell her..

      • Comments (1446)

        Victoria was telling Derrick a story about how she “went crazy” in Florida and either destroyed her apartment, or messed up her room mate(it was hard to hear). She also said her Mom and Dad ended up paying for all of the damages. But she emphasized that she has been known to “get a little nuts.”
        Anyone else seeing a little Glenn Close/Fatal Attraction connection here?
        Hope Derrick’s family doesn’t have a pet bunny.

      • Comments (722)

        Damages? Did the poor roommate press charges? Time to google Victorias arrest /civil record.

        I guess the background checks arent as thorough as they let on…

      • Comments (722)

        Replying to myself…
        I bet they picked her because she had a history of violence and acting crazy

        Of course they did…

      • Comments (1446)

        Or maybe the parents just “made it all go away.”

      • Comments (1443)

        Vic just as two faced as Christine. Talks about how Christine talks about everyone but Vic just as bad. Pretends to love Nichole and would stab her in back in a minute

    • Comments (19)

      Victoria absolutely should NOT be spreading her germs around in the food like that, especially since she’s had that crazy infection.
      Sometimes I wonder about trying out for the show… mainly for the sole purpose of teaching people how to cook. I’m an AWESOME cook, so maybe they’d keep me around a while, LOL.

      • Comments (843)

        I’m sure Victoria’s family is super proud of her now that she’s spouting the F word right and left and threatening to cut people’s throat if they nominate/evict Derrick. I thought Caleb was psycho over Amber, but she’s nuts!

      • Comments (69)

        last night Vic was telling Derrick how she had family members visiting their house and she got so frustated with them that she kicked one of the women and backhanded her – nice person that Victoria

      • Comments (644)

        Rocco, I think Victoria said that she had never been in a fight with her sister, until one time when her sister said something horrible about her and she slapped her sister in the face and their father separated them. She also said that one time she was so mad that she kicked the wall and opened a hole in it.

      • Comments (69)

        thanks Lilly for letting me know – I was switching channels when I heard what I thought I heard – stand corrected.

      • Comments (722)

        Im rather clean and would keep the bathroom and common rooms clean..

        MUGZ is this our audition speil? Cooking and cleaning?

        Id also keep the bathroom well stocked wirh TP and soaps..

    • Comments (412)

      As much as I love Donny. I want him evicted before Nicole. So Christine can go before Nicole, too.

  5. Comments (1799)

    So here also believes that it’s been production people yelling over the fence The players talk about how the hear the production cheering for Donny during comps Outside of the time the plane flew over the house I can’t remember a time when there was this much yelling over the fence All thus done on a closed set Not that I mind that the HG understand what the outside world thinks of them
    Derrick and Donny have been talking about how America voted them to be a team We need to understand this vote was taken early on When people only knew the players on face value Now that people have see who they are Would Frankie and Derrick still get voted in?

    • Comments (1446)

      Hell, NO!!
      Nicole, Hayden, and Donny would have been TA.

      Yep, I am also convinced that it is CBS production yelling over the fence. Who’s their security guard?? Barney Fife?

    • Comments (50)

      That would make sense. Even though I don’t mind what’s being shouted across the fence (because I don’t like Frankie) I have to wonder how the heck people have been able to do this without being stopped by security lol. It’s crazy!

    • Comments (19)

      The house is on the corner of the production lot, next to a street, with houses on the other side. Regardless of if/how/what/when production has security on their lot, technically, the can’t keep people from standing on public property and yelling (especially if those people LIVE in those houses). If the people yelling are really obnoxious or something, the worst that could happen would be police intervention for a noise violation or something.

    • Comments (152)

      Maybe Donny and Derrick. But I think they would reconsider the Frankie nomination. As much as we like to villianize Derrick,these people are stupid enough to follow him like lost dogs. OH…all but Donny! TEAM DONNY! Derrick and his dominoes! They will all fall at his command! They are going to feel sick when they see how he led them around like puppets. AND when they see Donny was just as wholesome as he can be. Christine needs to STHU! OH OH OH…and has anyone else noticed that everytime they vote someone out, Victoria is like “I am so happy to vote out my worst enemy”. She is always way to happy to vote someone out with some rude comment. UGH! I love this show and it has been a struggle to keep watching this year because of the predictability. Someone do something!!!

  6. Comments (71)

    Seems like Victoria & Derrick are just as much a couple as Christine & Cody, or at least Victoria seems to think so? I can see Victoria romantically stalking Derrick after BB is over. Victoria is kind of strange.

  7. Comments (1446)

    From Jokers:

    “4:17 AM – Caleb jumps into Frankie’s bed to sleep. Frankie hugs him.”

    What is wrong with these people?!?!

    • Comments (66)

      I agree! Their love for cuddling and sharing beds absolutely gives me the creeps. If I were on this show, and someone I only knew a few weeks tried to get in my bed, I would absolutely freak out! And I will never cuddle with someone who obviously wants in my pants, but that I’m not attracted to. No thank you.

  8. Comments (10)

    Keep Donny … He has done nothing wrong.

  9. Comments (162)

    I think Frankie is only in the house to promote his sister and is getting paid by CBS the longer he stays without the house guest knowing he is a saboteur. Cause Im sure he doesn’t need the money heck he even told them he is playing for houses in Africa..

    • Comments (19)

      He told the houseguests he was playing for Africa… I don’t remember him saying that any other time, not to the DR, not in his entrance interview, not in his HOH blogs… if he really WERE playing for kids in Africa, I’d think he would have made a bigger deal of it. And I’m sure CBS would have too.

      • Comments (9)

        I don’t know if he’s only playing for the African schools but I do believe he’s telling the truth about that. He does travel and work with buildON and recently got an award from them for his work.

    • Comments (1799)

      No Frankie is in the house to promote himself PeterPan is getting old and needs to find a new way to make a living His days as a hanger on is shrinking looking to become a payed competitor of SteveBeans here I would not give a penny to read his/ her thoughts

  10. BB16 WATCHER 2014
    Comments (6)

    This is what I see. Frankie…constantly plays to the cameras and his DUCK face is getting on my nerves. Get over yourself, you’re not all that. Christine…. is the dirtiest player in the history of BB. I don’t think she ever showers as I see her hair is always dirty looking and she looks like she smells. She is a cling-on, always hanging onto the HoH. The other night I heard her say she hoped Frankie has water as she was thirsty. She didn’t want to leave the HoH room and Cody with the other houseguests alone to talk. I can’t stand that Production has not caught on to her using sign language to communicate with someone at home and stop her from doing so. Derrick…another story…ONE BIG FAT LIAR….FLOATER….more later….gotta go for a bit….

    • Comments (644)

      I also saw when she said that she hoped Frankie had water because she was thirsty. I’ve also seen her using sign language. I’d like to know what she’s saying.
      But first, Zach should be given the cleanest person award, at least the cleanest mouth. I don’t think I’ve seen a HG brushing their teeth more than Zach. He also flossed and used mouthwash. He should do a commercial for toothpaste. I like it that he is such a clean person.

      • Comments (492)

        Yep! Zach is a good kid!

      • Comments (137)

        Are you Zach’s mom?? lol

      • Comments (492)

        No, but I am very familiar with young men his age. I have sons his age. And work with people his age. I have been observing him and he is very nice. Just look at the body language.

      • Comments (722)

        I think Zach is genuinely a good dude.
        Pressures of the game got to him
        Id love to see him back on an all stars or villains or something else..

        Everyone else has no excuse for their behavior!!

      • Comments (492)


      • Comments (722)

        Youre a good lady to take up for the youngsters.
        I feel like Millenials are a lost cause and Ive ranted on here a few times about it!! We have a 4 yr old at the house and I wouldnt defend that age group either!!

    • Comments (53)

      Ive been SO curious about the sign language too. Any of you out there know what shes saying? ?
      Seems often to be the same words or phrases.
      you can clearly see it on the youtube video where she is alleged to be masturbating.
      how can they let her keep doing that??
      (The sign language I meant: who cares how much that dirty slobs wanks…..-and does not wash her hands……..peeled potato anyone????) Lol

      • Comments (137)

        she looks like she is rocking herself. Cant say I think it looks like what you think it is. Havent caught on to the fact she is using sign language.

  11. Comments (400)

    First let me start by saying that I am in no way a Christine fan. I am a Donny and Nicole fan, but have thrown in the towel like most other viewers. I’m not watching BBAD, I am now strictly relying on the blogs to follow because I cannot stomach the show any more. But I keep seeing people complaining about Christine using sign language to communicate and they are upset about it. Again, I am not a fan of hers. I do not understand why everyone is upset if she is actually using sign language to communicate with someone when Derrick, Frankie, Nicold and Donny are talking directly to the cameras all the time. What is the difference if she is talking to the camera in sign language to someone?

    • Comments (644)

      Renee, I’ll tell you the difference. Sign language is like a foreign language and not everyone understands it. Everyone who watches the show understands English. When Derrick and the rest talk to the cameras we actually understand what they’re saying. Imagine if someone in the house started speaking in French, I’d be upset because I couldn’t understand it, it’s the same as using sign language.

    • Comments (453)

      No difference, and it is not like she can see them signing back to her.

  12. Comments (412)

    I can understand why everyone dislikes Victoria, but she’s just an over privileged brat that doesn’t know any better and whose actions are being egged on. Christine is a married woman, who grew up in church, she knows her actions are wrong and yet she does them anyway. She needs to remember this is a game, stop fondling Cody and start thinking for herself. But that won’t happen because of her infatuation with Cody. She’s finally feeling cool because of an attractive model who is cuddling with her. Cody just likes to cuddle but I think Christine thinks he actually might like her. When she was HOH in her letter she wrote that Cody was her bestfriend in the house. Hmmmm…. wasn’t Cody just wanting to backdoor her? Before DEMANDrick squashed that idea. I’m sick of Christine.

  13. Comments (4)

    I can’t stand people who throw comps. Just because someone tells them to. If it was their own game it would be different . But with only 3 weeks to go come on CBS you’ve made us watch ( and I’m done too when Donnie leaves) BB players who have not played this game. This is the only season I did not subscribe to the live feeds. I laugh every time I hear Caleb talk about ” He’s either going to win second place or Americas favorite” it’s just mind boggling . The girls are ALL just sad , sad, sad. Cody is forgettable . And Frankie well, he thought if he kissed everyone’s as they would all like him but it got to be transparent. The 30 year old cop leading the sleep to slaughter, let’s face it these stupid kids with no game had nowhere to go. And Donnie, love able Donnie- when you play this game with no allies, when your partner throws a comp., when everyone is throwing you under the bus but your the only one who knows who the real sabateur is (Derrick), Donnie your the real winner of this game. If the humble groundskeeper is out on Thursday then so am I.

  14. Comments (644)

    Christine’s husbands youtube video about the Cody situation 5 minute video:

    • Comments (38)

      I feel badly for the guy, it would drive me crazy to see my spouse act gaga over some fool on reality TV, but he is not helping the situation by talking about it on social media. He really does seem like a decent guy, I’ve never seen him talk smack to the negative people on Twitter, but he should just go off of it altogether, not respond to people, not talk about it. Because even though he’s defending her, he’s making the situation worse (case in point, look at how many comments he has on that video!).

      • Comments (1446)

        I don’t twitter myself, but I can read his twitter feed online. Sounds like a pretty good guy who’s coping as best as he can.
        I did see one tweet which was hilarious:

        From Aug 22nd @timstinks

        “What if Cody gets a Pandora’s box, but not only is it me, but I’m wearing a skimpy nurse outfit and I have a feathery paddle.”

        At least he still has a sense of humor!

        He also says, “I see what people mean when they bring up how much crap Christine talks about the other HG’s.”

    • Comments (1446)

      Lilly – that was a good video.
      It is also interesting to read the comments section where he tries to answer more questions.
      Sadly, he did say that he has already forgiven her for her abhorrent behavior in the house. I think some time and communication is necessary for that to happen – in a balanced marriage, anyway.

      I get that he has known her for 12 years and they are best friends, but I do get the feeling that she takes advantage of him as a husband. She wears the pants in that marriage.

      • Comments (644)

        I feel bad for Tim. The poor man has to put up with all the nasty comments. I know what Christine is doing is wrong, but it’s not his fault. And Cody being so handsome must hurt even more.
        The story about Tim licking the dog and getting all the dog hairs in his tongue was disgusting. I don’t know why she would tell him to do that.

      • Comments (722)

        She told him to do it because she knew he would do it.

  15. Comments (1446)

    Victoria and Christine are the same age(young – 22/23) and are both self-absorbed, needy, immature little biotches who have no respect for anyone else’s or their own marriage vows.

    • Comments (487)

      So Jannie how do you really feel. LOL I’m right there with you.

    • Comments (13)

      Jannie, I get that Christine shouldn’t be all over Cody, and spoon with him etc., but Cody hasn’t cared this season about Christine’s marriage either because he allowed her to do it and he probably also did those things to her.

      Victoria isn’t married, and Victoria and Derrick aren’t nearly do the same stuff as Christine and Cody have. Imagine anyone locked up in a house for 70+ days. They’re gonna have to at least get “close” to people for mental / psychological reasons, depending on the person. Further, nobody cares about what Derrick is doing, so he doesn’t care about his marriage vows, yet it’s Victoria’s fault??

      It’s funny because according to you, it’s wrong for Christine, a married women, to do the things she’s done with Cody, then it’s wrong for Victoria, a NON MARRIED women, to do the (little / nothing ) “things” with Derrick, a married man. How come Christine being married is wrong for her to do it, but you put no blame on Derrick, who is married, and it’s all Victoria’s fault? WTF? That means that according to you because of what you said about Christine not respecting her marriage, that Derrick should also be painted as not respecting his, and yet you have mentioned anything like that.Sorry if what I said was a little confusing.

      Based on your pasted comments on junkies, you seem to have a biased hatred of Victoria, and blame everything on her. That isn’t fair.

      • Comments (1446)

        Cody and Christine have been more inappropriate, but maybe it’s because Derrick is over 30, a cop, married AND has a daughter that I think ANY way that he would lead Victoria on is pretty pathetic. Last night he was rubbing her head and later she was rubbing the calf of his leg.
        Cody, Christine and her husband are just immature idiots. Never should have gotten married so young.

  16. Comments (2)

    I want Donny to go the jury house and relax and nicole to take these assholes down one by one

  17. Comments (10)

    I could be wrong about this but is it possible that production let derrick in on whats been happening in ferguson? If they did it wouldnt take him long to realize how much any good PR for any police officer anywhere in America is needed right now

  18. Comments (12)

    Donny can go – he does nothing… didn’t want to play the challenges and I was surprised that he was picked as America’s Team – the Gomer Pyle act is old.

    • Comments (10)

      Except he’s one 3 power of Vetos, one HOH, and Three BOB which one of them he had to do himself, so don’t say he doesn’t’ play the challenges. he is the only one that is aware of Derricks manipulating and is the most popular house guest currently as seen on jokers. Honestly don’t talk shit about house guest unless you have the facts to prove he doesn’t play.

    • Comments (832)

      He’s not an act of any kind. In fact he’s probably the most “real” person in the house. He’s done well in challenges & has wanted to participate in the TA challenges. The TA challenges they didn’t complete weren’t 100% because of Donnie, Frankie & Derrick just made it look like Donnie’s fault.

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