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Big Brother 16 – Will Donny Use The PoV?


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This is a question I have been asking myself since I learned the news that Donny (of all people) won the power of veto yesterday afternoon. Will he use it?  Is it worth it? Sitting on the block right now is Caleb and Jocasta. Donny currently has a big role to play in the next 24 hours that could change the course of the game for the rest of the season. His initial reaction was to say he plans on using the veto to save Jocasta, but will he?


Donny is in a real weird position right now. He has a pretty uneasy relationship going with Team America (I don’t think he trusts Derrick very much). He lost his best friend in the house (Paola) to someone he made an uneasy alliance with on day 2 (Devin). To top it off, he holds the power to pull a friend from the block (Jocasta), yet he knows doing so is pretty much a guarantee to send Devin home.  While I’m sure he is still upset about Paola, after his uneasy alliance with Team America, Donny really has nobody with Devin gone. I suppose he’ll have the backing of Jocasta, but if I had to choose someone to go to battle with, it would be Devin over almost anyone in the house. He is a beast, and his target is so big the shadow from it would make Donny nearly invisible for as long as Devin remains in the house.

Last night, Devin has been sitting with Donny and doing some serious ass kissing, as he realizes the only chance he has of remaining in the house now is Donny simply not using the power of veto. Typically it’s easier to convince a 3rd party to simply not use it rather than use it, but in the case, I have a feeling the pressure will be on Donny to use it and safe Jocasta to get rid of Devin.

I’m not saying this will completely seal his exit from the house, but at this point, Donny has a better chance at going further in the game by keeping Devin rather than getting him out. People may not like hearing that, but Donny has slowly been alienating himself over the past week, and he can either correct that aspect of the game, or stick to his guns and go out fighting with someone like Devin.

What do you think Donny should do?

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  1. Comments (46)

    I say don’t use it and get rid of Caleb this week. It is a bit of a gamble but there are enough “outsiders” that he can get together who all want Caleb out first anyway. Makes the BS squad weaker and Devin will continue to be a target to the house. Donny can make Devin his bitch and make him promise anything (hopefully Devin would honor any deal he would make with Donny to stay) say he tells Devin he will save him this week and if Devin wins HOH he puts up two people Donny selects. I personally think Devin will start to settle down a little with getting over paranoid and over playing. He can be a good asset at this point. If he knew that Derrick was talking so much shit and stabbing him in the back he would make that play.

    • Comments (1799)

      Devin still sees himself as a puppet master if he stays At no time has Devins word been worth anything Ask Donny his first alliance ( D&D) Paola throw comp and I will take you off and work with you till jury time She’s backstab and gone Devin will never nominate a bomb squad member Hello Zach Still think best put Devin up get him out control Calab with his queen I think HoH comp will be more brains soon than brawn

      • Comments (1288)

        Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me – I bet Donny knows that one. Devin may attempt to keep his word this time but his ineptitude at playing the complete game will surely show up again. If Donny does not use the veto he will be solely responsible for keeping Devin around and shoulder all the blame that will surely ensue.

        Now the rest of the house might consider keeping Devin and sending out Caleb – that would cut the BS to 6 with the non-BS at 6 and Devin careening out of control like the proverbial loose cannon.

    • Comments (339)

      Problem is, the house has been making dumb moves all along. Getting rid of patsies instead of potential strong players.

  2. Comments (43)

    Hmmm…was thinking that he will surely use, but was thinking even though Caleb was a pawn that he might pull Caleb off. Caleb will last longer in the game than Jocasta. This move might make Donny look good in Caleb and some others eyes. Also was hearing brief talk of the rumor that TA was to start, do you know more?

  3. Comments (1)

    I hope he doesn’t decide to go further in the game with Devin. I want Devin back doored… I don’t think he’s trustworthy at all and he’s proven that he’s all over the place. He already lied to Donny several times and if Donny “saves” him this week from going up I truly don’t think Devin will keep his word to Donny long term. Love Donny though, so whatever he does I hope it works out for him. :):)

  4. Comments (162)

    I believe Jocasta may have to go home this week because she is so sick. That would solve the problem with who needs to go and would keep Devin and Caleb in there longer. I think TA should be able to tell the guts who to vote for. Come on guys let’s rattle some heads.

    • Comments (610)

      I don’t recall any HGs in any other season who have gotten so sick & not been able to participate in a challenge. I am also wondering if Jocasta might have to leave the game because of her illness. Not sure if CBS can even show much of that on tv due to all the HIPPA laws.

      • Comments (469)

        If jacosta is only suffering from dehydration she should be up and around soon – but if you remember only a few days ago she was also ill – don’t know what from – she seems to be frail and will possibly continue to have health issues throughout the summer – BB needs to get medical opinion (they may have already) and figure out if this BB experience is too much for her . — I concur with all you Donny fans like myself – I hope his descision will benefit his game – he is one great guy and I would love to see him win>

      • Comments (1288)

        Heard that the dehydration was due to overuse of laxatives so the problem should be easily corrected and not game-ending, girl just needs more fiber.

  5. Comments (110)

    To win the game you need to make some moves and have some allies. If he is friends with Jocasta and said he would use it on her then he should. If he gets to the end he can say look at the move I made. Devin has proven he can’t be trusted and is not really a friend to Donny and Donny owes him nothing. What is sad to me is that Team America can’t work together and be friends. They can win a lot of money and its complete bs for them to be acting this way. Whatever Donny does he needs to stop alienating himself and removing Jocasta would be a step in that direction.

  6. Comments (110)

    Not related to this post at all but as someone who doesn’t watch the feeds I have always wondered how so many people survive in a house with 1 toilet. Yet on the tv shows there never seems to be a line for it. No one ever goes in there. It is only my husband and myself in my house but I would never dream of having less than 2 bathroom for the 2 of us.

    • Comments (124)

      Although it still seems like not enough toilets, there is a second one in the HOH room.

    • Comments (610)

      I wondered that too…especially at the beginning of the game when there are so many people in the house. One would think there would be a constant line waiting for their turn, ditto for the showers.

      • Comments (610)

        Oh, and maybe Stevebeans can answer this question: how big is the actual house (like square feet)? It’s so hard to tell the size of the house because of the way they do the cameras. Are the HGs all crammed into a super small space, like less than 1000 sqft? I don’t recall ever seeing that kind of info anywhere.

      • Comments (406)

        Yea, the house is actually pretty small compared to the way it looks. The backyard is pretty tiny as well. Here is a pretty good post on it


      • Comments (610)

        Thank you stevebeans, that was very interesting & very helpful!

      • Comments (610)

        So while we’re on the subject of the actual house, why, oh why, don’t they have a dishwasher?! With that many people in the house, one would think a dishwasher would be a necessity. It seems like every year there is a problem with people not cleaning up after themselves, piles of dirty dishes etc in the kitchen, etc. So why not have a dishwasher, right? And, what’s up with the ongoing ant problem in the house? The last couple years at least, the HGs have talked about all the ants. CBS should spring for pest control before they use the house.

      • Comments (1799)

        No dishwasher adds to the chores So one more thing to get under people’s skin I know at my house it gets under my skin every time I need to wash dishes at my house Even tho I have 4 kids over the age of 18 Remember when Devin complained to Britney about the dishes Just adds to the tension

    • Comments (406)

      Like Kate said, there is the HoH bathroom. One thing to note, the toilet is just that. Just a room with a toilet. The bathroom, however, is huge. Often times you’ll see up to like 4 girls fixing themselves up in the mirrors while another 2 people shower. (assuming one wants a cold shower)

      • Comments (110)

        yeah someone commented the other day how they go in the bathroom to eat and thats just so weird to me too. Talking in there is ok. Although I could never be in that house cause I like privacy way too much and even the showers don’t look all that private.

  7. Comments (124)

    I think Donny’s best move is to keep Devin in the house. He’ll always be a bigger target and makes a pretty big shield. If the rest of the house makes a big stink about it .., which I’m sure they will … Then at least get some assurance that your safe for the next week or two if you do use the POV to send Devin home.

    • Comments (110)

      You can’t trust those assurances though. I have seen people make all kinds of promises to get what they want and then not honor it.

      • Comments (610)

        I think that’s where the “things turn on a dime” comes up every year. I think the viewers are just as surprised as the house guests…we think we know what’s gonna happen, and then out of nowhere, something or someone, makes a change at the last minute and we sit there going what just happened.

  8. Comments (2755)

    I think Donny will use the veto on Jacosta, because if he doesn’t there is a chance that she will go home. I’d love to see Caleb go.

  9. Comments (16)

    sorry Dan i wouldn’t trust him

    • Comments (46)

      I know, I know! Like I said it is a gamble but he can’t just sit back with Derrick, Zach, Cody, Caleb all ready to stab him him in the back. They are ready to send him home. He is behind those 4 as well as Frankie and Amber. Even Christine and Nicole rate higher with Derrick and the gang. So Donny should just sit back and get kicked out. You have to keep shaking it up when you are not the top 4 or 5.

  10. Comments (19)

    I honestly think Donny should keep the Vito. Sure Devin is someone nobody likes, but by saving him Donny would have Devin in the palm of his hands. First Devin feels bad for assuming things of him, now if he keeps him safe (And more so, if Devin wins HoH) Donny wouldn’t have anything to fear about. Not only that but since Devin IS a much bigger target people will focus on him, especially since Donny is building a decent PoV win record now, he’s gonna start being seen as a bigger competitor.

    • Comments (1799)

      Devin would turn on Donny in a heart beat I think most other house guest would view Donny as unreliable and untrust worthy Donny would be a bigger target neither side will trust him

      • Comments (19)

        I doubt he would, I’m pretty sure Devin knows his number is up and he could use an ally, why turn on the one person who could save you? How would he turn on Donny? People want Devin out so it’s not like they’ll be making deals with him. Not to mention devin felt compelled to become honest and noble all of a sudden due to his daughter, I doubt he’s gonna flop in the eyes of his little girl.

  11. Comments (49)

    This makes sense to me. I think that either way Donny is their target now because of Derrick. So seeing that anything he chooses will make him a target, imho, he should save Devin. A

    Then again Devin is all over the place and so not reliable, he really can’t guarantee that Donny would have his backing. He may say it but that doesn’t mean squat later down the road if the pooper scooters decided to use and manipulate Devin to get out Donny. Aka “we won’t come after you if you do such & such regarding Donny.”

  12. Comments (469)

    OK my 2 cents worth. Donny has proven to be a man of his word – he told Jacosta he would save her – so it will happen-period. — I don’t know for the life of me what Derrick has in mind by targeting Donny-my gosh he’s part of TA for starters. But I believe there is a huge possibility that Derrick’s lies are going to catch up to him before he can do much more damage to Donny-and that will put Donny in a much better position with the house. And as far as Devin keeping his word to Donny – remember when he tearfully appologized for doubting Donny and throwing him under the proverbial bus – well he’s once again telling people he still doubts Donny’s background. — There are two schools of thought in the house for eviction – some want Caleb gone-some want Devin gone – Donny’s best move is honor his promise to Jacosta – Devin will go on the block and let the two sides knock heads on who will go first.

  13. Comments (875)

    The plain old truth is that these HG are boring, and they can’t have alliances because they all are rats?! They can not keep their pie hole shut!

    The best advice would be for Donny to keep Jocasta, which he is going to do, put Devin on the block, and evict Caleb. Will these dummies do this…NO!

  14. Comments (10)

    First of all, it’s really irritating me that the very first time Donny starts playing the game instead of “floating” they all jump him. I’m sorry but that’s what he’s there for. Okay, now that’s out of my system…saving Jocasta would be the safe and yes, honorable thing to do. However, saving Devin would be very smart, and very ballsy! If Jocasta and Caleb are both left on the block, the house would most likely vote Caleb out and with “Cowboy Beast” out, Devin would be target #1 but would also provide Donny with protection. Derrick has, over the past few days shown that he is double crossing both Britt and several others. Just the fact that Nicole put Donny up on the block irritated me at her. So at this point, Donny has to do what Donny has to do for his own game–everyone else is. I say, he should go for it. Work with the devil for a week…it certainly saved Britt! The ones who are getting targeted are the ones who are actually ticked off about the alliance of 8–how dare they! The “Bomb Squad” including Derrick are acting like people like Britt and Donny don’t have a right to be angry or distrustful. Get real! This is after all–Big Brother. Every man for himself!

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