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Big Brother 16 – Easy Come, Easy Go


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As most of you are aware by now, Nicole won the re-enter competition and will pretend to have an impact on the game for a week or two until she’s right back in the jury house. Let’s be real, the only person who had any chance of lasting more than a week or two would have been Jocasta, but she’d just be a Victoria-like puppet. Hayden, Zach and Nicole had only one option to remain in the house, and that was to win the HoH (or hope Donny won it). Btw, I have to keep mentioning a week or ‘two’ because for some reason, the house is still up Donny’s butt about going home.  It’s quite rare someone like Donny would pose such a threat to four young and physical guys (one being a cop), but he scares the crap out of that group and will likely hit jury this week.

As soon as the feeds returned from the return comp, Derrick pulled his group of minions into the fire room and told them not to talk to Nicole privately all week. No closed door beehive room chats, no explaining themselves why they put her up, none of that.  He told them they have no reason to explain themselves to her and she’s just going to stir the pot if they try.  To be fair, he’s completely right, at least for his game. Derrick has the house so locked down, it may take an outside person like Nicole to get the wheels turning in other players heads. Derrick’s game reminds me of one reality show situation, and that is the season Boston Rob won Survivor.   He controlled his group so tight, it was impossible for other players to break in and cause trouble.  That’s why I think Derrick is a guaranteed winner unless something drastic happens.

That something could have happened last night, and apparently almost did during the HoH competition. The competition had something to do with remembering certain days events happened in the house. From the retells of the comp, Nicole failed miserably, but Donny was right there at the end and narrowly lost to … Cody of all people.  Cody.  The guy sits around all summer doing nothing and finally wins a competition when everyone is hoping one of the underdogs win. That’s Big Brother for you.

If you’re wondering, yes, Christine was indeed gushing over Cody’s win. That was fun to watch….

Nominations are today, but I’m not sure if anything else is. They could have a have-havenot competition, but I’m unsure. Power of Veto will likely be tomorrow as it has been all season, but one thing is certain, either Nicole or Donny are screwed this week. The only thing that can save them is veto, and that’s just a one week thing.

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  1. Comments (1446)

    I am disappointed that Nicole, who billed herself as a “BB Super fan”, did so poorly in the HOH. She should have known that BB plays an HOH like that every year. Sounds like she knew nothing and was eliminated first.
    The others said on BBAD that Hayden would have done well. Why weren’t he and Nicole studying in the Jury House?
    She came back totally unprepared, which is her own fault.

  2. Comments (21)

    The HOH comp didn’t seem to be fair for Nicole. I didn’t watch it, but it seems that knowing the dates in her position would have been hard. 7 days in the jury house seems eternal and maybe she forgot the notion of time or something.

    For a summer of twist i feel like there wasn’t that many twist. The whole house knew that some was coming back into the house and that the bell was going to ring.

    What i would of loved is if 2 Jury members came back, or if the member who came back was also HOH.

    How about a double eviction night 2 weeks in a row, that would be unexpected.

    How about starting Pandora’s Box, I’m usually against it, but this season seems that it might benefit Donny or Nicole and that this point that’s the only people I’m rooting for.

    Worst of all….only 2 endurance competitions so far and they were both done in the beginning for the first two HOH. That is unacceptable.

    • Comments (19)

      I think that jury comp was a complete joke. Last year it was an endurance challenge, but of course BB isn’t going to do that because they wanted another girl in the house. That comp seemed rigged to allow the girls a good shot at winning it.

      • Comments (21)

        I know, last year with the endurance competition, it also allowed the jury member to be HOH. It almost as if they decided to do everything wrong this season. I really can’t think of one thing that was done right.

        The double HOH twist was supposed to be 2 difference alliances fighting it out each week, but instead we got one huge alliance and a bunch of other people who decided to not do anything until it was too late.

        The bracelet for the have not was a total disaster because people would just move their hands instead.

        The returning Jury member was not a twist at all.

        3 members for Team America was a horrible twist. Joey was out the first week. I believe Donny and Frankie were probably America’s choices back in the beginning, but i feel like Derrick won because since everybody voted for Donny/Frankie, the remaining votes went for him. What they should have done is have a vote, first the person with the highest vote, then do the vote again. I sure if that was the case instead of Derrick we might of seem Zach or Caleb.

        All in all, it was a highly disappointing season but I’m going to keep watching it.

    • Comments (1446)

      Last year the buyback was combined with the HOH and it was an endurance.
      Still don’t know if that would have helped Donny or Nicole.
      So proud of Donny coming in second in the comp! That poor guy always gives it his all and it seems he can never get a foothold in the game.
      If he’s not going to win it all, I almost want to see him go to jury this week – he DESERVES some rest, relaxation, and to finally be released from that house of horrors. Sometimes you see him just looking at these idiots and thinking “Dad gum I just want to jump over this table and slap y’all.”

    • Comments (332)

      Well they have to get a couple of extra out somehow. There are not enough weeks left.

    • Comments (50)

      I agree, even this “twist” has been predictable; for the house & for viewers. It would be nice if this twist actually made the game harder for those still in the house – like you said, entering juror has automatic HOH or two people come back would be nice. Or just something that they haven’t done in a few years (or ever). I’m so annoyed that Cody won HOH and now this “twist” is pointless.

  3. Comments (19)

    I think there’s 2 reasons why everyone is so intimidated by Donny. For one, he’s a veto beast (and hopefully will be this week too, otherwise he’s doomed) and for 2, they all know that if Donny makes it to the final 2, he’s gonna win. Everyone loves him (as a person anyway). Everyone in that jury would pick Donny over anybody else to win the money.

    • Comments (224)

      That doesn’t really make sense when you consider that the jury will be comprised of mostly the people that are so afraid of him! The people that want him out so badly are basically the ones that will determine the winner. In theory, they could just decide not to vote for him and then he’s no longer a threat.

    • Comments (1443)

      None of the detonators would pick him and they will still have the votes at the end. Even zach would not vote donny

    • Comments (61)

      I don’t even think they like him as a person. A lot of the things they say and do to him seem a bit personal.

  4. Comments (43)

    Was so disgusted hearing Derrick talk to his groupies. But then again,cops don’t like to have people coming out of jail (oops..jury house)and be in his sights again, and for the same prize as him. Liked his game play, until I heard him yesterday. Sounded so controlling…hope one of his groupies wakes-up and says “who is he to tell me not to talk to Nicole”. Was surprised to see Victoria wake-up, and play the game…even if it was only to ruin the pink hat. Hope Pandora’s box, comes into this weeks play and throw a wrench into the HG’s thinking. If Donny gets evicted can he say something about TA, before he leaves?

    • Comments (1288)

      If all of TA agrees, they can tell the house. But if they do not agree, they then have to keep the secret. Anyone then revealing the TA twist loses the money they have won with TA.

  5. Comments (401)

    So disappointed that Donny lost especially since it’s been reported it was very close. He’d probably have been out the next time there was an endurance type challenge but at least he could have shaken things up a bit before he went.

    • Comments (1443)

      And he and Nichole would have been safe another week and one of the jerks would be gone. I would have enjoyed it just to have seen all these rotten HG including Derrick come up and be friendly to Donny this week and kiss his butt. Hate I missed that

  6. Comments (332)

    I am still hoping Cody gets a vision and wake up call. He can truly control the house with the girls and Donny. The boys can be sent packing. Christine needs to be talking instead of relaxing in her spot on the bottom of the guys totem pole.

  7. Comments (332)

    If he puts up Nicole and Donny than one can come off and someone else has to go up and the votes can be swayed.

    • Comments (224)

      I think one of them will probably go up with Victoria, and then the other will be backdoored.

      • Comments (1446)

        I think I gave up hope that Cody(or any of the others) could be shaken from the mist of Derrick. It would really be in their(Christine/Victoria/Caleb) best interest to get Derrick and Mango out. Don’t they realize that those two would beat everyone of them in the final? I hope Donny and Nicole make that argument to all three of them – doubt they will come to their senses, but at least they would have tried.

      • Comments (95)

        OMG..I think it is so funny that you call Frankie Mango. He totally does remind you of Chris Kataan’s character on SNL. If any of you guys don’t know what character that is, here:

      • Comments (1446)

        I also thought that Christine reminded me of a grown up version of Mary Catherine Gallagher, but I didn’t want to insult MCG. 😉

      • Comments (50)

        One of them going up with Victoria is probably the best option to have a shot at them both (Donny & Nicole) staying… that’s if they both get picked to play in the POV comp and the one not on the block wins. That’s ideal but pretty unlikely…

      • Comments (224)

        I was guessing they’d nominate Victoria because there’s almost no chance she’ll win veto, so it basically reduces the people playing for it. But maybe they will just put both of them up to guarantee at least one of them leaves.

    • Comments (372)

      If he does put up Don and Nic and one wins the veto …wouldn’t it be Derricks turn to volunteer to go on the block …and prove his trust in his fellow BS members ..he would not have to throw a comp …just put his whole game in the hands of the BSers ….then maybe Don could plant some more seeds, and see if some take root and sprout.

      …Derrick might just blow a gasket … he didn’t handle the return of Nic very well…. till Cody won.

    • Comments (1443)

      No way that happens unfortunatly

      • Comments (372)

        never say never …expect the unexpected …….I really want to see how he handles being on the block

  8. Comments (8)

    I want to know is how all of a sudden Cody wins HOH after Zingbot ousted him out to the whole house that he was the nice guy and had not done anything all summer, other than play with Christine? Nobody picked up on that!!! If I was Frankie and the rest of the house,if I had someone tell me that I could not talk to someone that would throw up red flags as in what does she know the he does want the rest of us to know.. But they are so far up his Butt. That they will be setting in the Jury house, while he and Victoria will be the final two!!! game set match. He confirmed that last week when he did not want to get her out of the house.

  9. Comments (4)

    It seems like every year the Production staff is controlling the house instead of just letting them play the game. This as a fan of the game is very frustrating. I loved Zach just because he stirred up these boring people. I’m a Donny fan to the end but I don’t think BB wants him to win so we’ll be stuck with another one of their choices for the winner like Andy last year.

    • Comments (247)

      IF production is controlling the game they are doing a poor job. Its become boring and predictable. Right now if nothing changes it will be Nichole or Donny this week and next week. I sure hope production does something to shake the game up. It was no surprise to see both Donny and Nichole up I knew that would happen if they did not win HOH. Production needs to flip the game upside down, veto Cody’s nominations and let it roll from that point, if not I think people may lose interest.

  10. Comments (174)

    Donny is talking to Cody. Telling him that that if he sends him to jury that Cody is not far behind him. Donny told him that there is no way they would keep Cody over Victoria, but of course he doesn’t believe it. If Donny goes to Jury i would love for them to show Donny telling others when they arrived told you so and laughing. Of course he is to nice of a guy to do it. But i would rub it in over and over about them being puppets.

  11. Comments (91)

    The house has settled in to Stockholm Syndrome. They are Derrick’s hostages. Right now it makes perfect sense for all the house guests to agree with Derrick so he doesn’t come after them.

    oh. and Victoria….. booooo. :p

  12. Comments (4)

    This has been a very boring season. If they really wanted shake things up this year their were tons of ways to do it that would have been amazing for viewers and the house guests.

    They could not let so much time pass between putting up people and veto and kicking someone out. Make people have to make quick decisions and not as much plotting.

    For example the HOH nominates 4 people to be put up. But the choice of who the actual 2 is up to people who have the live feeds. So they could announce the 2 who are up the night before they vote someone out. Then they can have the veto competition in a way that no one in the house knows who won it. It is then announced just before the vote who won and they have 2minutes to decide before to vote. Talk about screwing with peoples heads and no one would know who’s ass to kiss and so forth. That would be fun to watch.

    As for last night yes I think they should of given HOH to the returning house guest and just let the other house guests squirm the whole time while watching the competition.

  13. Comments (137)

    I am just so disappointed in this season. There has been little scheming going on. And what is most shocking is the fact that the alliance has yet to blow up. It has taken some hits, but has remained intact so far. I think that is one reason why this season has been one of the worst. In theory I think CBS really did think this new twists were going to be great, but because of this alliance not blowing itself up, which mostly I think it is because of the cop involved. why in the world would CBS bring a cop on the show. This whole season has back fired on CBS, I just wish the detonators would back fire and we could get some good chaos going on.

  14. Comments (137)


  15. Comments (162)

    Goodness I hope something changes for the good cause as of right now its just going to Donny, Nicole, Christine, Caleb, Victoria, ….

  16. Comments (92)

    Bye bye Nicole or Donny. Go Frankie and Victoria

  17. Comments (12)

    This should be The Derrick Puppets Show, sad to watch every week, these people are so stupid…. I hate controlling men!

  18. Comments (1)

    I can’t wait for all of these “so called” great players to go home and watch the show! They are in for such a big surprise. Donny is the only one in that house that is a true player. Frankie, Caleb, Cody and Derrick think that everyone out there loves them… Haha….they are only there in the house on this show for their 15 minutes of fame…. Be warned people… The real world really doesn’t like you at all and Christine you are just plain annoying! I hope when it does become Donny’s turn to leave the house he blows up the Team America alliance and I hope he gets Americas favorite player!!

  19. Comments (372)

    Live chat with Jeff Schroeder and Zach starting at 2:00 central.. should be entertaining

  20. Comments (103)

    Best case they decide they have to backdoor Donny or leave Nicole off as a backdoor option, and the person left off gets picked for veto, wins and takes off the other, both safe. That is the only way both Nicole and Donny can stay, it’s a long LONG shot but it could happen.

    • Comments (372)

      I would put money on that long shot… I will never give up hope for the underdogs till the are out for good.

      …hmmm I wonder what Derrick will convince the puppets to do this week.

  21. Comments (412)

    You know what upsets me most about Christine [other than her personality, sense of humor & gameplay] is the fact that she knows America doesn’t like what she’s doing in the house [backdooring Nicole, her inappropriate relationship with Cody] but she doesn’t change. Christine told Nicole before she backdoor’d Nicole that America is going to hate her[Christine]. Christine also told other HGs not to tell Zach that fans were yelling ‘we love Zach’ over the fence, the first time. Christine was the only one to say anything about the crowd going crazy when Zach walked out the door on eviction because America loves Zach. She’s actually kinda sorta smart, and is suppose to be a superfan, so why doesn’t she change her gameplay? Her pretty boy, boy toy crush Cody. She told him right after he won HOH, ‘I’ll be rubbing your feet this week’ Or something along those lines. She’s gross.

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