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Big Brother 16 – This Is The End



I am writing this now because my live thread tonight will likely be a mess and I won’t be able to properly compose any thoughts.

Another great season of Big Brother is going to be over in a few hours, and then we’ll be left with another long, miserable winter before we finally get to do it all over again next summer.

While the drama was certainly toned down from BB15, this season had it’s highlights, fun moments and creepy moments… and you can thank Caleb for almost all of those. It was definitely a predictable season as the guys banded together early and just dominated the house from start to finish, but for some reason it all pieced together to be a pretty decent season, at least on CBS.


Unfortunately the feeds were dull about 95% of each day, and the only time they spiked were like 5am my time, but to give credit where it’s due, the editors did a pretty damn good job with what they were given this year. Nearly every episode was fun to watch and every non-feedwatcher I spoke to really enjoyed the season.

You can also tell a good season when fans start shouting stuff over the walls. When nobody shouts, that means nobody cares, and when nobody cares, nobody watches. The twists did not live up to expectations (not like they ever do), and the cast was fairly dull, but you can always be happy saying at least it wasn’t as bad as BB15.

On another positive note, we’re guaranteed a winner who isn’t a douchebag. I can honestly say I won’t mind if anyone in the final 3 wins it all. It will be an upset if Victoria wins, but she’s not a horrible person, just really bad at competitions.  This isn’t a final 3 like Spencer, GinaMarie and Andy or Rachel, Porsche and Adam.  Imagine Spencer, GinaMarie, Adam or Porsche winning it all?  (to be fair, Adam and Porsche weren’t awful people, just bad players who got carried to the end)

Ok, time to wrap this up. I have seen a bunch of people asking me to blog Utopia this fall, but is it worth it?  From what I have seen so far, the ratings have been brutal.  It’s losing to reruns on crappy stations.  Will the show survive long enough for me to even get a blog up about it?  Or should I just keep working on my catch-all blog and write about Utopia if it’s still alive when I’m ready?

Remember, the live show is on at 9:30 tonight! Be there!


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    Don’t tell anyone SteveBeans but I detest utopia. But I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. This blog has been a god send for me this summer. I’m sure I’m not the only one that feels like you make my otherwise mundane life livable. I love the people in here, the strategy talks the jokes. I will definetely find you next year again. Wish I had done it sooner. Now everyone break on four and let’s have a great last show tonight. Love you guys.

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      Steve, I love Utopia. Maybe it doesn’t come out that well on the episodes because there is so much material to cover and just two hours a week to show it. But the free live feeds that I watch are gold. You could just report on the two episodes and open a thread for us to talk about the show. That’s why I love your blog so much, because you tell us what we really need to know and we get to talk about it with others. If you don’t want to do it right away maybe wait a month to see if ratings pick up. I find the show so interesting because of the interactions between people and because we get to learn about the garden, the animals, construction, etc. It’s very entertaining.

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    lol, jim morrison and the big brother 16 logo. this is hilarious.
    now, he would make an interesting houseguest?!
    Anyways since i havent postet anything this seasons: thanx for the best big brother usa blog!

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    Watching “The Talk’ -promo for tomorrow……Frankie Grande from Big Brother. Really??????!!!!!!

    • stillstandingpam

      I saw that too. whats that about.

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        Is it possible the ladies will call Fakie out on all his horrid comments toward the women on the BB show?

        Betcha Sara has a few choice thoughts on the whole lesbians chose to be gay comment.

        Wishful thinking I know …but anything is possible

      • danmtruth

        It would be nice but I am sure it will be a well scripted No conterversy on this show. They will talk about his sister the STRESS he was under. Needing to keep this state secreat The money he will give to the charity.

      • Avatar

        I think Frankie’s contract with BB probably said he was going to be on The Talk. And That’s just because he is Ariana Grande’s brother. If it was Hayden building schools in Africa they wouldn’t care.

      • JD

        More proof it was the Fakie/Mango show? Even his exit was given extra time and a taped audience. Imagine if he had come out of the house throwing glitter & a real audience was there booing him. Each year I keep hoping for a better year actual twists and CBS drops the ball again. Stevebeans as always awesome blog! Didn’t have to subject myself to Fakie because you covered BB so well. Too many of you thank you for a great summer conversing about BB. Hope to see you all next summer or (fingers crossed) another SB blog. Franko I don’t know if you will see this but I hope your health improves. I will be thinking & praying for you. You’re a special man. You’ve touched so many of us.

      • Avatar

        Thank you so much for your comment! What a very kind and thoughtful thing to say to me. I appreciate the prayers and need them really badly. several people on this blog have made a huge difference on how I felt on many days recently, they have lifted my spirits in ways that will never know.
        again, thank you so much!

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      Seriously?! We will have the winner of BB 16 and their going to have Frankie on. Is there no end to CBS cramming this guy down our throats. Well I had set it to tape last week but not if they want to have him on. He didn’t win. It would be nice if he came down with laryngitis.

    • kneeless

      I hope there are at least a few folks in The Talk audience who will give Frankie his well deserved BOOs. I know he has connections to CBS but really, haven’t we all had more than enough of Frankie. At least we know about his appearance early enough that we don’t have to waste time watching The Talk tomorrow.

  4. stillstandingpam

    thanks again sb this site. it’s been great. while I have been a bb fan for awhile, 1st time on this site.

    2 points: while watching ‘The Talk’ Julie did a promo for tomorrow”s show with Frankie being a guest. doesn’t the winner usually appear on the talk the day after the winner is announced. AND Utopia is really boring

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    “Great season”, are you serious? This season was awful.

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    SB, looking forward to your catch-all blog, how about “TV Tonight (or Tonite)”. I have my fingers crossed for a slow work night so I can be around during the live show tonight.

    Derrick still has his no hitter going, one batter left between him and perfection. I do hope he gets it done, he seems a decent enough guy.

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    I would love to see a Walking Dead blog, please make this happen! As for utopia, don’t bother wasting your time with it. Pointless theme, no reward, overly dramatized not to mention horrid Fox cinematography. Maybe I’m a little biased, but CBS has by far the most appealing camera work out there for reality shows. I can’t wait to read your walking dead stuff!

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    Gonna have to say, I was really disappointed in this season but your great site stevebeans and all of the awesome commenters here made me stick with it! I’m hoping for a Derrick win tonight and Donny for AFP! See you all next summer!

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    Bye, Bye Y’all
    See you next season.
    Great site Stevebeans!
    Thanks for doing it.
    I pray that you have a Happy Marriage!
    I pray that your parents will get healthy again!

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    Jim of the Doors, BB and their 1/2 million dollar Door, nice image SB.

    A winter season of BB would be cool, here in California weather, a light sweater will do for the BY.

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    not sure if this will work …jury deliberation …Dr Will gives advice to jury

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    thank you for the great blogging! second season i’ve followed your blog, wish it was the 16th. how about a survivor blog in keeping with a similar show?

  13. danmtruth

    All star dead BB : John Belushi ultimate frat boy crazy, Janis Joplin girl who can be one of the boys.Heath Ledger will he play the game like the joker or William Thacher from A Knights Tale
    Who do you want to see

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    Maybe BB does need to try two seasons a year again? Hmm thinking about the last time, maybe not.

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    y am i rooting for victoria now! maybe its because it may just be justice for a horriable player to win in the most horriable bb season.

    • Avatar

      It would be the most horrible if Victoria won. Oh or Frankie. That would be terrible. I wouldn’t watch that even if it was the last thing I could see on earth. No lord just take me away now. Lol

    • Avatar

      if its cody and victoria victoria will win. yes i said it. not a misprint. i said tthis 6 weeks ago. if derrick gets third. vic wins it all. the worst player wins the worst bb ever. how fitting. if derrick is in the final two. he wins hands down. cody taking vic would look like a cowards way out. derrick will convince the jury of that if he is third.

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    Stevebeans, I’ve watched a few of the episodes of Utopia, and while I think it is a cool idea, I’m for sure on the fence. The idea of a year round live feeds show to watch seems like a great one, however, so far, I can have a hard time sitting through the show. If they can’t keep everyone’s interest for an hour, I don’t see how they will keep it on the feeds or for a year of show. Maybe if they had started it earlier in the Summer, when there are less shows to compete with it would be doing better.
    However, whatever you write about I’ll be trying to watch. You know we love your blogs. Thanks again, for another great year. I’ve been with you since the get go, and will be until you or BB stops.

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    Thank you to Steve for all the work you have done with your blog. I really enjoyed coming here getting BB info. Congratulations on your marriage many years of happiness to you both. I pray improve health to your parents.
    Let’s just hope next years BB will be worthy of such a great blog as this.
    Again thanks for all the work

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    Thanks SteveBeans for a great summer.. and to all my fellow posters..

    I had a great time reading and posting with all of you. Here’s to a good BB17!

    Go Derrick, go Donny!

  19. g8trgirl

    I have been hanging out on the fringes only commenting here and there, going mostly unnoticed for the summer. But, I have been here, going to radiation treatments twice a day, taking my friends:
    Stevebeans, mom, franko, Sandra ftsm, Willie Jones jr, dandaman, ofcourseudo, damntruth, mouse and everyone else with me. This blog has made my days easier. Thanks, Steve.
    I’ve been a quiet Zach fan having attended the same school as he. Every time he wore his shirt and did the Gator “chomp” I jumped out of my chair.
    I’ll be back next summer as soon as I’m done kicking cancer ‘ s ass. Hope to see all of you here too.

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    “The End” by The Doors. Perfection.

    On “Utopia”: don’t waste your time. It won’t make it past its debut season. Simply an awful attempt at reality TV. Go. Away.

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    Thanks stevebeans, I appreciate all you have done for us.

    I wish the best for your parents

  22. Avatar

    TY…be back in2015!

  23. Avatar

    I as well wrote a blog comment on The Talk – CBS – regarding having Frankie as a guest and asked why CBS is still cramming him down our throats – did no one watch the live feeds hearing how he was even violent thoughts towards Victoria and making the gay community go back decades with his groping all the straight guys on the show – maybe if enough people blogged they would think about it more – I said at least have him booed.

    • Avatar

      Maybe he’ll get booed tonight.
      They can’t shield and pretend for hIm forever.

      • leafhopper

        Maybe “at the end of the day” The Talk will be the show that exposes him for what he is….Asks the hard hitting questions, the ones that all the bloggers and true BB fans want the answers to. It would certainly continue the talk about BB now that it is over, and boost CBS ratings. It is the $$ that they are chasing.

    • Avatar

      Sorry to double dip. Someone at CBS, in their PR department .. probably some poor intern.. reads those posts. They have to know how Mango is.

      I’m not sure if “hire ups” see the actual footage. I think they leave it to the producers, writers and editors to make something out of nothing… or vice versa..

      I don’t know why he’s getting the treatment he is getting. Its ridiculous. .

    • Avatar

      I just think having Frankie on The Talk (with Julie Chen, of course…) is such a slap in the face to whoever actually WINS Big Brother this season (as well as whoever wins America’s Favorite Player.) Why the heck should they have to play second fiddle to that twerp??

      As I mentioned in one of my previous rants about this, if anyone had any doubts about CBS/BB’s special treatment towards Frankie all season, this should pretty much end any speculation.

      Makes me sick.

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    To SteveBeans, Willie Jones Jr., Sandra ftsm, Mouse, Mom,danmtruth and anyone I missed. Thanks for making BB16 bearable. It was great reading everyone’s thoughts about the HGs and BB Production. Hopefully BB17 will have some true fans of the show who are really ready to play Big Brother. See ya’ll next June! — Julia W.

  25. danmtruth

    We can only hope Willie sir Frankie talked about his media empire and giving shout outs to the people on Jokers . So I’m sure he will check in and see just how dislike he was . Like in last place for the majority of the time he was their

  26. Avatar

    Thanks, so much, Steve for this great blog. I didn’t find it until the BB season was almost half over, but will definitely make sure I’m here from the beginning next season.

    Is there any chance you’d consider doing a similar blog for Survivor or Amazing Race? I saw several here who watch one or both of those, so it would be a great way to enjoy the show with familiar “faces” from this blog.

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    They just showed Donny backstage, and after he said “hi” to everybody, he also said, “Say goodbye to the beard!” It will definitely be a surprise if he actually goes through with that for tonight’s finale, but from the pics I’ve seen online of him without the beard, he’ll look adorable! 😉

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    OMG 25 mins I can’t wait!! TEAM DONNY!!

  29. Avatar

    Julie Chen I thought said not to much

  30. Avatar

    Usually “super fans” make the worst contestants. They know that the best way to stay in the game is not to make waves, and most of the cast this season was comprised of “super fans” I hope that they work next season to screen that type out so that everybody doesn’t end up playing it safe all the way to the end

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    I do hope ppl in the house slap a lawsuit on Skankie for sexual groping.This is not a family show!I thought I would start watching The Talk but again so disappointed with CBS and Julie Chen,how dare they give that person anymore air time,Why couldn’t!t they have pulled him out of the show earlier .I have watched every BB.Two yrs in a row of crap.This may be the end.Too bad you allow ppl like this to ruin our love of the show,all for money.Money is not everything and what goes around,so CBS another loyal watcher is leaving you

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    Hi Sarah (the one that likes Utopia), mom, damamma and everyone.
    I moved already to this thread, can we keep talking here?
    It’s less crowded, the other thread had more than 500 comments.
    It’s late now on the East Coast, I’m going to sleep. But I’ll be back tomorrow.
    Good night! 🙂

    • Avatar

      I am here too. The one who likes Utopia. Lilly did you get a chance to watch the live feeds yet? I haven’t yet today. It is Sunday and I move slow on Sundays. I will watch the feeds later and let you know what is going on. Oh ya when the midwife came to Utopia she told Amanda that it might not be the right place to have her son. She insisted that she wanted her son to be born in Utopia. I don’t know if that is such a good idea myself. What do you think?

      • Avatar

        Hi Sarah! I haven’t watched the live feeds today. I’m trying to control myself because if not I’s have to move to Utopia. I don’t think the baby should be born in Utopia. It’s not too clean there and there’s no air conditioning. Also the baby will be crying at night and I think the Utopians will get upset. Aaron might ration the baby’s food and the others will not want to spend money on the baby! I really feel bad for Amanda.
        The more time passes the less I like some people there. Now I just like Hex, Rob, Ernesto, Amanda, Josh and Nikki. And I can tolerate Red and Bella more than the rest I haven’t mentioned. I just don’t like people that lie, steal, deceive, and bully others.

      • Avatar

        I forgot to say some are lazy and gossip too much.

      • Avatar

        I really like Amanda as well. Most of the time she seams to be the most thoughtful of other people. But her having the baby in Utopia is crazy. Not only do they not have air conditioning but from what I can see there is no heat. Utopia is in CA but we still get very cold in the winter. I can’t see that being very safe for the baby. As far as Aaron goes I agree with you he is something else.

      • Avatar

        Okay Lilly because of you I went back and watched Utopia last week. Still don’t know about that show. It just doesn’t seem real to me and whoever that guy is that does the voice overs is creepy. I think it would be better if he wasn’t constantly interupting the show.

      • Avatar

        Watch the live feeds if you can. I didn’t care for the first show. But with the feeds as with BB you can see what happens and who these people really are. It can be very interesting.

      • Avatar

        Sandra, the show is not the best, but the live feeds are much better. I just have the free ones. Utopia is much more complicated than Big Brother. There are going to be about 15 people there all the time and someone is going to be voted out every month but the person will be replaced. So there’s a lot to cover. People have to work in the garden, construction, with the animals, doing businesses to raise money, etc. Just two hours a week is not enough to cover all the important things that have happened. I agree with you about the announcer guy, he is creepy. Maybe they should have Caleb as the announcer (with a cowboy hat), I really think he’d do much better!

  33. Avatar

    Hey guys I came backwards. But I’m fixing to go to bed too.

  34. Avatar

    Goodnight Lilly. I have a grandaughter with that name. I like it.

  35. Avatar

    Ok, I am here now, am I at the right place?
    I get lost easily.
    Anyway, I have set my VCR for CBS 1:30. To 2:00. Bold and beautiful
    Can’t wait for 10/30 and 10/ 31

    I watched the final over. At the end Caleb
    Took ambers and and held it real close to him before a commercial.
    She must have got scared??????

    Off topic.

    My son is moving to Nevada
    Oct 8th … He is 23 … College degree in business . Any jobs out that way???

    My heart is breaking. He is good kid…. Better than Zach
    ….I know,,,, but nice and handsome like Zach

    • Avatar

      Good morning to all. How are you this beautiful Fall day?

    • Avatar

      I’m sorry Mom. I know it is hard when you young’ns move out or away. Try to be happy for him.

    • Avatar

      mom, I can just think of all the casinos in Las Vegas. I guess they always need business people. You are a great mom and you raised a good kid who will triumph in the world. God bless you.
      I’d like to know more about how Amber and Caleb’s reunion went. I’ll look in her twitter to see if I can find anything.
      In the Jokers website they have links to articles about the HGs and links to pictures, very interesting.

    • Avatar

      Two of my daughters are gone. Have been for awhile now. It really hurt when my one daughter moved. She was gone and so were my two grandchildren she took with her. One of them is named Lilly. Lillian Grace actually. I used to call her my Lilly Pad when she was a baby. I have one grandchild still in town and my daughter who is disabled still lives me and will I guess until one of us dies. She’s a good kid, well most of the time. Lol. So I know your pain mom. Took me a long time to let go.

  36. Avatar


    Hope all is well with you!

    • Avatar

      Yes it is. Thank you. Today I am happy happy happy. I feel great. First time in a long time.

      • Avatar

        Sarah it’s great that you are so happy. It’s not often that I hear that from people. Hopefully it’s contagious.

      • Avatar

        I try to stay positive. It’s hard sometimes.

      • Avatar

        Happiness is contagious. Have you ever gone in a store or a fast food restaurant and the person helping you is in a foul mood? I always kill them with kindness. It’s hard to be mean to people when that person is extremely happy. Try it. Works more time than not and makes you feel better if you make someone else happy.

      • Avatar

        How cute my mom just said that same thing to my sister yesterday. Your right it works.

      • Avatar

        It does and you feel good spreading it around and for those that just refuse to be happy it just makes them look alittle silly. I believe in karma. If I put good things out and treat people the way I would like to be treated it comes back to me. Doesn’t always prove to be right but most of the time it does. I think that’s what is wrong in our country. Everyone is perpetually unhappy. You know the saying fake it till you make it. Lol

  37. Avatar

    Well I’m off again for awhile. Be back later to check in with y’all.

  38. Avatar

    Utopia update, Hex and Taylor have split. She said he was invisible to her. From what she said they moved in together in the barn or something and they had a huge fight and he moved back into the mail building with everyone else.

    • Avatar

      Is that the guy with all the abs that came in last week?

    • Avatar

      Sarah, I think Hex and Taylor’s relationship is a joke, as well as Bri and Chris, and Mike and Dedeker’s. They all moved too fast in their relationships (first or second day they met or first week, that’s crazy!) I like Hex, but she was doing better before she met Taylor. I have to find out why they split.
      Some people said they didn’t like Jon the Pastor. I liked him very much, he was a voice of reason to the Utopians, and since I’m a Christian (Catholic) I guess I was biased to like him. I sure hope he comes back.
      I was hoping that Aaron was the one that was nominated by America so the Utopians would have known that there’s more bad things about Aaron that they don’t know. I wanted him to leave first. That way people could cook in the kitchen without being afraid, and probably they could eat more than what he serves them. Let’s see who they evict, I think Bella, Red, and Bri are the candidates. Like they say in BB: “I vote to evict Bri.”

  39. Avatar

    Hey gals!

    That’s for all the advice,
    My kid will be ok. It’s just that we are so close. Oh got to go he asked me to play basket ball!

  40. Avatar

    My first one move out, he lives near us. But my SteveO
    And I share a close bond. I guess this is a good thing.

    So, when I encounter rude ppl I just smile and count them as my grace growers for the day. And be as polite as I can.
    I usually ask them how I can help them and let them know I am not in a rush( although I might be). And just keep thanking them politely and genuinely. Empathy
    Is good. You ever know
    They are going through tat that moment.

    I don’t usually tell the truth when people ask me how I am doing . I say” great, couldn’t be better”. 1. Because, I don’t think they care. 2. It’s not their business and I don’t fell like telling them. 3. They are too busy in their own head to even listen , truly listen to my real reply. 4. It is where God wants me to be for the moment, so yes, I am great!

    Ok, now I am rambling


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      I really like you mom. You are a hoot.

      • Avatar

        That is a good thing.

      • Avatar

        Aw! Thanks Sarah,that is kind of you… I had lots of pity parties back in the day ( with hats and party blowers) , but I was the only one who showed up. So, I stopped throwing those parties. Lol
        Decided to find my inner strength, and just be nice and give to other!
        Bingo! This worked for me. ….
        Anyway, I just try to have fun and laughter is good!

        I am going to miss this blog…

        Lilly, have a blast with your pink Zach cap and Zach gator shirt!!

        Oh! My advice to other, be good to yourself! Treat yourself!! Other forget to….. Lol


    • Avatar

      I have always liked you mom, you’re really nice plus I love your name.

      • Avatar

        Lots of people have my name…..lol mom
        I hear it all over the mall……

        Mom, mom, mom,

      • Avatar

        Are you kidding two of mine are gone and I still hear it all the time at home. But I wouldn’t change it. My middle daughter still calls me mommy. I love it.

      • Avatar

        Sandra ftsm ,
        That is real sweet,,,,mommy……I like that!!!

      • Avatar

        Yeah she’s the one that I really have a good relationship with. She always address’s my Mother’s Day and birthday cards to mommy. She’s 30 but I hope she never stops calling me that. It would break my heart.

      • Avatar

        I’m 47 and I call my mom “mami” (that’s mommy in Spanish) all the time.

      • Avatar

        You know what’s weird mom? When your at a mall or something and you hear one crying and you turn around because it sounds like yours did when they were little. Or does that only happen to me? Probably.

      • Avatar

        I have two daughters that are grown as well as a 10 year old who is special needs but anyone calls out for mom I start looking also. I am feel bad I have a hard time remembering that I am a grandma. So when my grandkids call out for me it takes a few calls before I realize that it is me. Terrible isn’t it.

      • Avatar

        No that isn’t terrible. I’ve been a Memaw for awhile now. The hardest thing for me was not taking over when mine were born.

  41. Avatar

    Hey Franko Is on the other thread, he might come and join us!!!!!
    Oh what fun!!!!
    I will send out a signal so he can find us.
    There we go….. Can you see us now Franko????

  42. Avatar

    Sarah and Sandra, this is a link for someone that posts Utopia videos of the live feeds:


  43. Avatar

    We’ll tell Franko I said hi and I hope he feels better. I’m calling it a night. I’ll be back out I’m sure but I’m tired. Going to shut it down for awhile. Love to you and yours everyone.

  44. Avatar

    Hello to everybody!!!!
    I found you!!! Lol
    just to catch you up, I’m feeling better, much better. I’m having some major problems with my blood pressure though.it keeps getting really high so I take extra meds as the doctor instructed me to do before I left the hospital if that happened but I have to be very careful because they make me very sleepy at times. I go to the cardiologists tomorrow and have some tests run and some blood work done so maybe they can get it straightened out and I’ll feel even better. I have some meds that I’m supposed to be taking that I have not started taking yet that were prescribed by the pulmonary guys. I just can’t wrap my head around what I’m going to have to do when I start them. I’m not doing well at all when it comes today stopping smoking I’m sorry to say. Nobody is more upset about that than I am. So, that’s what’s been going on this last week or so with me. It is really good to see that some people are still staying in touch.
    ****Sarah, I have gotten your email and I apologize for not answering you. Two of them actually went to spam and I just happened to be cleaning out the file and saw them.
    hope everybody’s doing well and I will continue to check in because I really enjoy hearing from you all and I appreciate all the care and concern you have shown me!

    • Avatar

      Hey Franko. I actually got back up because my blood pressure is up right now. Making me feel kinda ugh. Just started on meds about a week ago. Trying to get mine sorted out. Quitting smoking is hard. I quit last year with the patch for over a month but I got stressed out and went back to them. I just got on a better diet for my blood pressure so I’m trying to get used to that first then I’m going back on the patch. I know what being disappointed in yourself feels like. Don’t beat yourself up, just try again and again if you have too. It’ll work eventually. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.

    • Avatar

      Hi Franko, I pray that you are feeling better soon!

  45. Avatar

    Well I’m gonna try this whole going to bed thing again. Hope it works this time. Good to hear from you Franko.

    • Avatar

      thanks for the encouragement. Every time I light a cigarette I think I don’t need this but then I go ahead and smoke it and feel bad the entire time because I can’t make myself stop. I’m not giving up though! I have bought the patches but I just haven’t started using them yet because I know I absolutely can not smoke while wearing one. I hope you get your blood pressure under control soon!

      • Avatar

        I am a smoker as well. Quitting is not easy. I have tried myself even with no luck. There is a pill that you can take, they say really helps with whole process. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know. Ask your doctor for information about it. Maybe it can help. I know you can do it. Maybe not the first or second time but you will kick the habit.

      • Avatar

        I tried that pill. It has a lot of side effects and it’s expensive. But I react weird to a lot of medications so it may work for you. I also tried the gum years ago it wasn’t bad.

  46. Avatar

    Hey, I can’t read all this now, I am off to work, hope this blog is up and running when I get home,
    Love you all!!!!
    Glad Franko
    Found his way home (here)

    And yes, we need a blog of our own

    How can we do this???

    • Avatar

      Goodmorning Mom. Have a good day!!! My work is at home has been for thirty- six years. I wish I could get out in the world and talk to people. It gets mighty boring at home. I love my daughter to death but I get so lonely sometimes.

      • Avatar

        I am a stay at home mom, teacher to my son he can’t make in regular school. Not entirely his fault the school district in this area is awful for a child with special needs. My son has autism spectrum dis., ADHD, AND a few other problems. So I teach him at home take him to OT, Speach other appointments. But it is nice to be around adults and have adult conversations. I miss it too. Don’t get me wrong my husband and I adore our son. I just get lonely for other adults. So thank you all for the company.

      • Avatar

        It’s hard to be at home all the time. I live in a forest so my neighbors aren’t just right next door. It’s hard for me to get my daughter up and dressed and in her wheelchair much less get her out of the house. That’s a feat all in itself. We go to doctor appointments for me and her and once a month I get out to get her everything she’ll need for a month. That’s about it.

      • Avatar

        Sarah, I could be wrong , but I thought it was the law to provide all the service for your child in an iep?
        In NY we have this thing called a “part 200”. IDEA. And parents get a lawyer if they are not happy with their child’s program.
        It must be real hard for parents. My sons had ot, pt, and speech, they are find now, . One is a little on the spectrum but fine. I kept on pushing until we got what was good for them. Individualized program!
        Don’t back down. Speech even came to the house.
        I can on and on about special
        Education…..so let me stop here. But ask me about NY rand maybe I can help???

      • Avatar

        We ended up going to a different school district it is an hour and a half away. This new school has given him an IEP and are working on testing him to see if there is anymore services they can provide for my son. We don’t go to the school itself except once a week and for testing and meetings. We meet with his teacher once ever 20 school days. I would like for him to attend a regular school but that is not going to happen where we live. Thank you for the advice. It is so bad here that the district was sued last school year for mistreating a child in special ed. The child’s mother who is on some board “advocating for special needs children” told me about it. The things that happened to her son was horrible. She won an undisclosed amount of money and enrolled her son in the same school as mine. She also said if you want your child to have an education do not send to any school in this district. Again thank you for your advice.

      • Avatar

        Sorry to hear all of that. Sad situation.
        Sounds like you are on top of it all. I have seen lots of good program where I live.
        I hope for the best for your son.

    • Avatar

      Hi Mom and Sandra…How are you guys? I wish I knew how to set-up a blog of FB community. I would call it BB Withdrawal. LOL It’s a shame how we get so hooked on something and don’t want to let it go. I’m already looking forward to BB17. But for now I am watching Amazing Race. I am not a fan of Utopia which seems like a week smash up of BB and Survivor. Catch ya’ll later.

  47. Avatar

    Hey everyone. Im stopping by.

    I’ve been looking online for the aftermath for the HGs. What happened when Christine went home?
    When will Frankie get his reality check? What about Donny? Or Caleb? Or Derrick?

    I haven’t seen anything. ..

  48. Avatar

    Hi, to everyone still hanging out on this thread. I’ve enjoyed reading all your comments and have kept Steve and Franco in my prayers.(although this is the first time I’ve left a comment). Franco, I just wanted to say I was a heavy smoker for several years, and smoked clove cigarettes. I had a hard time quitting until I tried an electronic cigarette. I had a very bad cough that is gone now. I don’t know if your doctors would approve, but it might help. I tried smoking a regular cigarette recently, and it tasted awful and I kept thinking I prefer my e-cig, so I put it out and doubt I will try it again. Anyway, just wanted to give you the suggestion. Best wishes to you and I will keep you in my prayers…

  49. Avatar

    Hello everyone! Please someone let me know in this thread (hopefully it won’t be deleted soon) if Steve is going to blog about Utopia. I don’t have Facebook, and his Facebook is not open to everybody so I can’t see what he’s up to.

    Hello franko! You sound better. I’ve never smoked but have heard that it’s very difficult to quit smoking. My cousin has had many heart problems and had a surgery but he can’t quit smoking. But his sister who is about 45 had a heart attack and she got so scared she quit that day. So everyone is different when it comes to quitting smoking. franko, maybe when you start with the patch, everytime you feel the urge to smoke you can chew gum. It gives you something to do that’s not as bad as smoking. Maybe that will help you. Buy yourself a huge bag of bubble gum or the chewing gum you like, and if it’s not sugarless be careful with your teeth!

    • Avatar

      I suck on werthers candy when I quit. It’s that hand to mouth thing that makes it so hard to quit. Not the actual withdrawal. It’s hard.

    • Avatar

      It didn’t sound very promising from Steve that he would blog Utopia so I doubt it.

    • Avatar


      I dont think Steve is going to do a Utopia blog. He said he didnt think it would be very good and wasnt sure how long the show is going to last. It really does have some bad ratings. I like it and watch the show and sometimes the threads. I get irritated because the threads either wont play or freeze up. So I just give up on watching them. I do think Red needs to go first, but then I think about how he does help out. Bri sleeps all day and used to be attached to Chris. I thought I saw someone said they do not like Aaron and knows some bad things about him. Spill the beans please

      Glad you are all still chatting and found the thread. Franko glad you are feeling better. Good luck on the quitting smoking there are a ton of items to try, you just need to find the best one for you.

  50. Avatar

    Franko and Willie I hope y’all check back in.

  51. Avatar

    Franko glad to hear you are feeling better. My first comment didnt take so if by some reason it duplicates sorry.

    I saw that some people said they would like Aaron to go home first, and that they knew some bad things about him. Please spill the beans, I want to know too. I tried to watch the live feeds, but they keep freezing up or wont even play. So I just watch the show and try to read some of the news information on fox.

    • Avatar

      I want to know too. We’ll have to wait on Sarah or Lilly to come back. Their the ones in the know.

      • Avatar

        I think Lilly said Aaron stole, under fed everyone and ate while he was cooking and then with everyone else. So the rest of the people are being under fed but he isn’t. There is probably more but I’m not sure what. Maybe Lilly will tell us.

      • Avatar

        I did hear something to that affect. Also something about he lies about how much each person eats, He says they eat more than what they actually do.

    • Avatar

      bbfan15, I don’t know exactly the situation, but there’s a thing with Aaron and a $65 food order that he made for himself that he took out of the community money. It seems that Mike and Dede knew about it and they cooked the books so no one will notice. Someone that visited Utopia yesterday told Josh something about it, and abut 2 days earlier someone called Utopia and I think it was Red who got the phone and the person said that Mike embezzled money. Then Josh told Mike about everything and Mike and Dede were working on the books and then called Josh to come and take a look at them. Josh looked at everything but told them he didn’t know what he was looking at. (He is not into accounting, and I probably wouldn’t have understood either). I think they should get someone who knows about that stuff to look at the books and check everything thoroughly.

      In the following two links you might find current information about Utopia:

      Utopia updates:


      Utopia discussions:


      • Avatar

        Also Aaron lies about people. The other day he told Amanda that Nikki had four pieces of French Toast before yoga in the morning, when Nikki had only one piece after yoga. Amanda told Nikki what Aaron had said. And Amanda was the one that had saved Nikki one piece of French toast, so she knew Aaron was lying. I read somewhere that he has lied about other things too.
        Also I don’t like that he wants to have control of the kitchen and sometimes people are hungry because he serves small portions (maybe this week they have more food, I’m not sure). He also says he doesn’t eat much like the others, but then I see him cooking and eating while he cooks, while putting the utensil he used back in the pan (disgusting). A few days ago I saw him serving people small amounts of food and then he served himself a huge plate and stayed in the kitchen (so people wouldn’t see his portion, I guess). I also saw him once serving Kristen and Taylor more food than the others.
        I also don’t like that he is a bully, especially to Nikki. I saw Nikki asking him to see if he could better manage the food so they could make better orders and be able to eat more and he blew up on her saying he didn’t want to talk about that anymore, that he was serving enough food. (It seems that Nikki is the one that had enough “balls” to confront him about the situation and he didn’t want to talk about it anymore since it wasn’t the first time she asked). Then when Nikki and Amanda were talking Amanda said she saw Mike, Dede and about 2 more people saying they had lost weight and that their clothing felt loose. Then she confronted these people who were next to Aaron saying that that was what Nikki was always saying and by what they had said about losing the weight they were admitting that they were under fed, but that Nikki was the only one that brought it up to Aaron’s attention. Then Aaron told Amanda that it was true he wasn’t serving enough food. Then Amanda said well Aaron if you had admitted that to Nikki she wouldn’t be asking you all the time, just admit the truth. Maybe the things with the amount of food will resolve soon since they have more money now. But I don’t think Aaron’s attitude will ever change, he needs to be evicted! Hopefully next month America will vote for him.

      • Avatar

        Hmm I agree with you then about Aaron. He needs to go. At first I thought it would be good to have someone watching the food consumption because the amount of money was so small but they don’t need a food nazi.

      • Avatar

        Like the soup Nazi from Seinfeld.

      • Avatar

        Yeah just like him. NO SOUP FOR YOU. Lol

      • Avatar

        Did you ever get Juaelz’s website to work? I couldn’t get on it either That wouldn’t mean a lot if it was just me tho because I’m not the brightest when it comes to that stuff.

      • Avatar

        I liked Caleb’s analogy. That he wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box but at least he was in the box. That’s me.

      • Avatar

        I have a friend testing it out for me. Hopefully I can figure it out

      • Avatar

        Good let me know. I’ll check back later I’m tired going to go lay down for awhile.

      • Avatar

        Alright damn it. I’m going to keep trying this until it post this at the bottom. I have posted four different times and it keeps putting my posts up above another blog instead of the bottom. Goodmorning everybody!!! I’m getting aggravated trying to post this. Where was everyone last night ? I was bored.

      • Avatar

        Ha got it that time but I had to reply on my own posts. Is it just me that it’s doing that too?

      • Avatar

        Good Morning Sandra — I just got to my desk at work. I checked the link, try it again, when you get the chance.

      • Avatar

        Do I have to join hubpages to get on? That web address sends me there.

      • Avatar

        I think you may have to join hubpages. I know that Lilly sent me a comment this morning.

      • Avatar

        juaelz, I left a message this morning on your blog, but now I tried to get back on it and it’s not working.

      • Avatar

        Glad it is not just Sandra ftsm and me. Thought I was just going to miss out on that new blog. Sandra ftsm have you watched the live feeds of Utopia yet? If so what do you think?

      • Avatar

        No I haven’t had time yet. Been busy busy busy at home but I’m watching the show.

      • Avatar

        You have to reply to the last post on the bottom for it to post where it’s supposed too. Weird one of my posts disappeared yesterday too Sarah.

      • Avatar

        It keeps telling me I’m doing duplicate posts. I feel like that Jim Carey movie a long time ago where his whole life was being filmed for a tv show and he pulled away a wall or something at the end and discovered what was happening. I think our posts wall are being torn down. Help!!! Lol

      • Avatar

        How do I get their. Copy and past or what? I’m really not god at tech stuff at all. I had to bookmark this sight or I would never find it again. Please help.

      • Avatar

        I can’t get to that sight. Tried it said that page was no longer working or something like that. help

      • Avatar

        Me too, and I made a comment about it and it stuck my comment back up in the blog. Today is not my day. I tried just typing in the page since I don’t know how to copy and paste on an I-phone but it tells me the page no longer exists. Help

      • Avatar

        I got the same thing. I am so confused. Would someone please help us.

      • Avatar

        I saw him do that ” hole” make everyone else’s plate wait until every one was eating then make his plate turn away for the table and go some place else to eat. Thought that was strange too. That was just yesterday morning. Doesn’t Amanda need to eat more in her condition? Just wondering how healthy it is for her baby?

      • Avatar

        That guys a snake. Amanda needs to eat a lot.

      • Avatar

        Now this post was supposed to be up above. Ay yi yi. This blog is flipping out

      • Avatar

        Well time to go back to work on my kitchen. Check y’all later.

      • Avatar

        I am going to be, not sure why it jumps arounds,
        Nite all.

      • Avatar

        Sandra ftsm,
        You make me laugh….
        I know what you mean.

        We are the same age.
        Some days I can’t even lift my own body off the floor. That’s when in get scared!
        And when my arms get tired just washing my own hair….well, my oh my, then we are in trouble. I just rinse, no soap. Sorry people,

        Call it lazy, I call it priority ….I need my
        Arms to clean the house , not my hair….lol

        Pleasant dream…..

      • Avatar

        It jumped again, I think I need to hit ” reply ” all the time and see where that goes.

        Btw…..I work at a school. I think I meantioned
        That, but I get lazy typing and spelling. I am a special Ed teacher.
        And LOVE It!
        Enough said….. Let’s see where this post lands….


      • Avatar

        Yep, you need to hit reply for it to stick to the bottom.

      • Avatar

        There is no where to post anything any more AAAAAAAAAAa help us all it is going to end. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOL

      • Avatar

        I swear the comment box was gone.

      • Avatar

        If this blog does shut down …and Steve B does not get something else going ….I will miss all you good people , wishing you all love, light and laughs till next summer …the good light not that fake glittery light Frankie shared…

        Please Steve do the catch all thingie for the fall reality shows

      • Avatar

        SUBBAR …I will try and make a facebook page survivor utopia bb amazing race …the bb will be AU … anyways people could post on the wall and comment underneath … a new post for a new episode … whoever can post and start a convo on the shows they watch …
        thats my idea anyways facebookers try subbar damamma combo …the kid set me up last time so it might take me a bit ….but it is the end of the month so this site might shut down soon ….I really want to talk TV and life with you folks

      • Avatar

        If this blog does shut down I want you all to know how near and dear to my heart you have all become. Yes all of you. May God bless each and everyone of you. Take care. Love to you all. If it doesn’t shut down then… the same to you all anyway.

      • Avatar

        No it’s not time yet. Hopefully Damama can set her Facebook up. Does everyone have one? If not get to making one.

      • Avatar


      • Avatar

        It is up …find subbar damamma on face book….friend request to post …crossing fingers and toes ….should have thought of this three days ago

      • Avatar

        It’s up and it works and I found it. I am so shocked that I did it. Wow. You work fast. Dang girl your awesome. Thank you thank you thank you.

      • Avatar

        now everyone come over their.

      • Avatar


      • Avatar

        Shoot Damamma it posted up above. I sent friend request but now I don’t know how to post anything. I know I’m slow but I’ll learn. But I gotcha. Everyone one else please join us. We’ll miss you if you don’t.

      • Avatar

        If our page goes down and your unable to join us on Damamma Facebook I’ll miss y’all. Your such a cool bunch of people.

      • Avatar

        Lilly. Mom, Willie come on and go with us to Damamma ‘s Facebook page. If I forgot anyone I’m sorry, come on and let’s go. She posted her Facebook up above. Franko if your out there come on and break down and make a Facebook page for yourself. Doesn’t take much.

      • Avatar

        I want everyone to stay together. If I had emoticons I would have a sad face right now. Please come.

      • Avatar

        Hi , I did have face book at one time, but don’t want to open it again
        Because , being a teacher in the community
        It is too risky,
        If I do open it up again, my real name is Kathy, or Katherine
        Anyway in my area , it is sad but people were putting teacher private activities in the newspapers and making it public
        So , I have to think about doing a face book page.

        Maybe you guys can help me , with a code name or code???
        I only have one email address and want to ke it that way


        They made fun of one teacher here in NY. Real bad and it was so sad and not good. I don’t want that to happen to me.

      • Avatar

        Can’t you open it under a different name than your own. How about your son?

      • Avatar

        Boy your up early Mom? What time do you have to go to work?

      • Avatar

        Damamma did you get my friend request? Don’t know what I’m doing on Facebook so I wanted to be sure.

      • Avatar

        Did anyone watch Utopia last night? I taped it but was too tired to watch it.

      • Avatar

        I started to watch it, but then the Royals game over ruled and we had to watch that. And I had Math homework to do from class that night. Hoping to watch it soon, but I have to study for an exam thursday night.

      • Avatar

        Yeah I’m busy today. Was going to take my daughter to the doctor for blood work ( her thyroid and liver ) but could not get an appointment for today so Friday it is. But I still have to get out and go to the bank and about four other places. That’ll keep me busy all day. Most people don’t think about how hard it is to get a disabled person out of the house and in and out of a van all day but let me tell you it’s exhausting. Then I have to drive her chair and pull a basket at all the stores. It definitely not for the week of heart. Lol. But first I have to get ready then get her ready and in her chair. Top that off with all the crazy mean drivers in the city and it’s a perfect storm.

      • Avatar

        Sorry, for the hectic day Sandra ftsm. Hope all goes smooth.

      • Avatar

        I did. Boy did I get it wrong. Only one person of the three nominated will be sent out. I thought all three would be. That kind of stinks. All three need to go. Now we have to wait another month for someone to leave. I was hoping that Aaron would leave next month but doesn’t look like it. Maybe, we just have to wait I guess.

      • Avatar

        Mom my daughter has her picture on my Facebook not mine( I don’t like pictures ) couldn’t you put his picture on your Facebook? Just don’t put your job on there. Be a stay at home like me. I admit I know nothing about it my daughter made mine up so I could see pictures of my grandbabies. She’s in a different state. Mine is listed under my maiden name first then my last name. Maybe you could do that if your not already using your maiden name now.

      • Avatar

        Mom you can set up a facebook name under any name you want. My real name isn’t Sarah Smith. It doesn’t matter what name you use just let us know it’s you we all know you as mom. Try to set up an account under the name Mom. That might work. Please try. We will miss you it you decide not to.

      • Avatar

        you don’t have to use a picture at all. My profile has no picture.

      • Avatar

        Yeah I noticed that Sarah on yours. Hope your having a good day. Now that I know where Damamma is all I have to do is figure out how to use it. I’m going to be busy the rest if the week too so I won’t have time for my daughter to give me a tutorial on Facebook. I’ll be popping in and out of this blog until Friday sometime.

      • Avatar

        Goodmorning everyone hope y’all have a great day !!!!!

      • Avatar

        Sorry Guys facebook is blocked at work so I wont be able to chat with all of you!!

      • Avatar

        you can post right on the timeline …or comment on a post I made

        ….started with some basic links …

        … there is also a private chat thingie …bottom right ….for more personal chats …but feel free just to post on timeline if you want to share everyday life with all ….

      • Avatar

        How do you post and read on the timeline?

      • Avatar

        That would work don’t you think? I’m not great at my own Facebook but I can learn. I have a daughter who would help me learn. So we just sign onto Facebook under Subarr Damama?

      • Avatar

        I wish we just had a Facebook page. I think that would make it easier.

      • Avatar

        Mom you are right. I have a few posts all out of order. Even after I read what you wrote I still did it wrong. Guess I don’t follow directions very well.

      • Avatar

        Yeah you have to reply to what ever message is on the bottom otherwise who knows where it’ll end up.

      • Avatar

        My daughters special ed teachers were amazing. It was a catch all school for multi-handicap children. I learned a lot from them. God bless you that’s challenging work

      • Avatar

        Aaron is a snake. I would think Amanda would say something. I know she did in the beginning Aaron said they could only eat twice a day and she said she was not doing that, before she told anyone she was having a baby. But now she is not even eating one and a half meals all together.

  52. Avatar

    Wow a new page.

  53. Avatar


    Saw some posts on Reddit.
    A pic of Nicole and Hayden.. I think he cut his hair. .

    Also pics of derrick at the airport and zach and his family..

    Also a disturbing tweet from Julie to Frankie suggesting a BB Reunion…

  54. Avatar

    Glad to see some familiars.. Franko, mom Sandra ftsm, bbfan15, Lilly, Sarah.

  55. Avatar

    Hi There, I’m watching DWTS with Kevin Hart tonight and decided to try to create a blog. Here is the address. Let’s keep it classy and civil. Here is the link:

    I hope it works.

  56. Avatar

    Cody’s address:
    “BigBrother fan mail for Cody can be sent to Cody Calafiore, PO Box 566, Howell, NJ 07731”

    Derrick’s address:
    “For all my fans who have been asking where to mail, etc. You can reach me at….P.O. BOX 378 Cumberland, Rhode Island 02864”

    Derricks brand new Instagram account:

    Couldn’t find Donny’s P.O. Box which I had posted a few weeks ago, but if I find it, I’ll post it again.

  57. Avatar

    Wow I don’t know what happened but I ended up on a blog from July. Wow wonder how I did that? If I could figure it out maybe we could bounce around the blogs. But I don’t know what happened.

  58. Avatar

    Sarah, Sandra, bbfan15 and juaelz: I was reading the Utopia discussion thread (the one posted on one of my earlier comments) and there are comments about Aaron lying again. Then I just sign in to watch the live feeds and there he is so arrogant. I had to turn the feeds off. I needed something that would make me happy, and Utopia is not right now. When I go to the Utopia site I’m having problems watching the videos and other people are too. I hope the nasty deceivers are voted off soon, or I’m going to have to stop watching Utopia. Hopefully Aaron gets evicted next month and Mike goes right after him. Can’t stand them.
    They have been saying that the ratings are not good for Utopia. Maybe if they listen to the viewer and they change a few things their rating would go up.

    • Avatar

      I agree. I can’t stand Mike or Aaron either. This Utopia experience was supposed to last a year, I don’t think so. Unless they listen to the viewers the show will be a has been too bad. It has real potential. If they would change the announcer and a few of the people their.

    • Avatar


      thanks for the update! I do not watch the live feeds, they keep messing up for me. I cannot remember who Mike is for some reason. Boy the live feeds sound much better than the actual show. Keep us updated if you dare to watch them again lol

  59. Avatar

    Morning everyone,!
    Have a blessed and wonderful day!!!

    Looked for best in all you got / have.
    Complement at least one person.
    Treat yourself to 10 mins of ……
    Be grateful for. 2 things…..
    Look at the sunset tonight

    Be happy at noon

    That’s. All I got



  60. Avatar

    Hey Goodmorning everyone!!! Where was everyone last night? I was bored. Finally went to bed.

  61. Avatar

    I wrote Goodmorning to everyone but for some reason it posted it about 5 posts above. Oh well, Goodmorning everyone!!! Where was everybody last night ? I was bored. I finally went to bed but I checked on the blog several more times when I got up in the night.

  62. Avatar

    Goodmorning everybody!!! This is the third time I tried to post that. Where was everyone last night? I was bored all by myself.

  63. Avatar

    I’m going to keep posting this until it puts it at the bottom darn it. Goodmorning everybody !! Where was everyone last night? I was bored without y’all. If you look at the posts up above you’ll see this posts several different ways in several different areas. It’s not letting post at the bottom. Don’t know what’s going on.

  64. Avatar

    Good morning everyone.
    Id like to join a new discussion.
    Just let me know when its all set up..

    Thanks guys.

  65. Avatar

    Okay what am I doing wrong for Juaelz page? I’m getting frustrated that I can’t do this. I don’t know how to copy and paste on an I-phone but I typed in the address and it tells me it no longer exist. Like I said I’m not the brightest crayon in the box and now I’m thinking I’m not even in the box. Help

  66. Avatar

    Sandra ftsm I was very busy yesterday. My son and I have to meet with his teacher so I had to get all of his work graded and in order. With everything else that comes with Monday’s that made for a very busy day. Anyone up on Utopia today?

  67. Avatar

    Okay I give up. I’ve tried and tried. I can’t even get signed in. Beyond frustrated. Don’t want to even try anymore right now. Just a bad day

  68. Avatar

    Things are being posted here their and every where. I just posted something to Sandra ftsm and it posted in the wrong place. Darn it.

  69. Avatar

    This blog is going crazy with the messages, I’m confused. Also, I had left two long comments about Utopia yesterday, one had two links for discussion and update pages and things that I wrote that happened in Utopia, but I can’t find that comment, the other one was in reply to the one before and in there I talked about Aaron, that one is still here.
    I left a comment on juaelz’s new blog this morning, but now that I tried to go back this afternoon it’s no longer there. I was able to leave a message in her blog without signing in, but then to follow her I had to sign up.
    I’ll try again with both blogs tomorrow to see if things have gotten better.
    See you tomorrow!

  70. Avatar

    Hi guys, hope everyone is doing well. Lilly thanks for the updates on Utopia. I am afraid the show is going to get canceled. always seems to happen when I like a show it gets canceled. Guess I have bad taste. Let me know if site gets working, I haven’t even tried, after reading everyone’s messages figured I would wait.

  71. Avatar

    Donny proposed to his Kristine.
    Cody is back home.
    Ii suppose they are all home now.

  72. Avatar

    Just got home from work.
    I was never able to get onto the new blog. The link above.
    Oh well.
    Anywhere else we can meet up?

    I got to go to bed soon, got a head ache.
    To much affirmation
    To other today.

    • Avatar

      Amen Mom!!! I’m ready to call it a day too. But it’ll be awhile before I get to. Cleaning my house. Takes me a week to do it. I know y’all are probably thinking that I have a good sized house but I don’t. Just can’t make my broken down body to go. Dead lifted my daughter for years. Now I can barely move because of it. At 53 I have the body of an eighty year old. No joke.

  73. Avatar

    Hey, I posted here last , and it jumped to the middle

  74. Avatar

    I don’t like this iPad
    It spells thinks wrong.
    And I can’t see the mistake
    Until it is posted , sorry.

    Happy I have an iPad

  75. Avatar

    Hi Everyone…The blog site I used has too many criteria, like an internal rating system. So I am going to try something else. I’ll keep you all posted.

  76. Avatar

    It’s back, the comment box. Sorry for my flipping out in the last post. Ha Ha Ha

  77. danmtruth

    Little up date on Hayden and Nichole I just found
    These two did kiss a bit on television but they were just starting their relationship out. Nicole shared that they are officially dating now. Hayden lives in Chicago so this will make things hard for them. She said that she is even considering making the big move to Chicago to be near him.

    Even if this wasn’t a fan favorite season of “Big Brother 16” it looks like one couple found love in the house. I hope they can make it work!

    Read more at http://dailytwocents.com/big-brother-16-update-nicole-hayden-dating/#eIJQ5fTEIATbLthx.99

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    Oh lord if anyone can’t figure out who my text were to let me know. What a free for all huh? Lol

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    Sign into your facebook … write subbar damamma in the upper find friends box …it should take you there
    the page is made …its public for now …ask for a friend request to join in convo ….I think…hopefully… that should work

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    one more try ….sign into your own face book …go to upper find friends box enter subbar damamma … ask to be a friend.to post …I hope this works … If not cya all on Steve Beans next project.

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    It is up …sign into your facebook …find friends SUBBAR DAMAMMA …friend request to post …hope this post works …CYA there …
    scared this is the end after september is done

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    Okay Damamma I sent a friend request but I don’t know how to post anything. I’ve never used my Facebook. I know I’m alittle slow. Sorry

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    This is Utopia’s last episode if you didn’t watch it last night:

    Utopia’s updates:

    Utopia’s discussion board:

    Red was voted out last night. He got 9 votes. Bri got 2 votes (Ernesto and Josh) and Bella 1 (Chris).
    Aaron and Mike say they are going to rattle Nikki’s cage. I guess that means they want to make her life impossible there. They were saying they wanted to put maggots in her oatmeal. Hopefully they don’t. With Kristen knowing, they erased two of Nikki’s emails. One was from a woman that wanted to take a meditation class with Nikki, her name is Kim and she has been to Utopia before. I know it was from her because she writes in the Jokers site and said it was her email they deleted.

    I just got this from the updates today:
    “Aaron whispering to Kristen: “I’m about to rattle the sh** out of her (Nikki). You thought it was bad before? Me and Mike have so much evil stuff
    planned, it’s not even funny. I don’t even care. I just wanna f*** with her” They said after he said this the feeds blurred. I feel bad for Nikki and her family having to watch this.

    I’m so sick of these people. I commented on the Utopia website that I watch TV to get entertained, not to get mad, this isn’t even a game where they are going to win a million dollars, and they are acting much worse than the people on Big Brother. I’m watching a lot less because I can’t stand how evil some of these people are. Bella and Red are saints compared to Aaron and Mike. This morning at about 8:00 am Aaron was still in bed and Dedeker had to ask him if they had to make their own breakfast and he said no, he would do it. What type of a “chef” is he? He doesn’t do anything on time. And the people there are afraid of him, most don’t tell him anything.

    And also this month, I don’t know exactly when, the show is going to be one day a week for just one hour. One hour a week is too little to show what has really happened on the show. I hope they show Aaron and Mike like the disgusting people they are. They owe it to the viewer.

    I had facebook many years ago, but I closed my account since I was on it too much. I really don’t plan on opening up another account.

    To mom, Sandra, Sarah, damamma, bbfan15, juaelz. franko, Willie, and to everyone that has written here I will talk to you all next season in this blog. I’m sad that juaelz’s blog didn’t work out.

    I know we all have difficulties in life or are sick. I will pray for you and I ask that you please pray for me. God bless you all 🙂

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    I don’t know if you can see my message above because it says it’s awaiting moderation. I guess it’s because of the Utopia links that I posted. So here is my long comment again without the links:

    Red was voted out last night. He got 9 votes. Bri got 2 votes (Ernesto and Josh) and Bella 1 (Chris).
    Aaron and Mike say they are going to rattle Nikki’s cage. I guess that means they want to make her life impossible there. They were saying they wanted to put maggots in her oatmeal. Hopefully they don’t. With Kristen knowing, they erased two of Nikki’s emails. One was from a woman that wanted to take a meditation class with Nikki, her name is Kim and she has been to Utopia before. I know it was from her because she writes in the Jokers site and said it was her email they deleted.

    I just got this from the updates today:
    “Aaron whispering to Kristen: “I’m about to rattle the sh** out of her (Nikki). You thought it was bad before? Me and Mike have so much evil stuff
    planned, it’s not even funny. I don’t even care. I just wanna f*** with her” They said after he said this the feeds blurred. I feel bad for Nikki and her family having to watch this.

    I’m so sick of these people. I commented on the Utopia website that I watch TV to get entertained, not to get mad, this isn’t even a game where they are going to win a million dollars, and they are acting much worse than the people on Big Brother. I’m watching a lot less because I can’t stand how evil some of these people are. Bella and Red are saints compared to Aaron and Mike. This morning at about 8:00 am Aaron was still in bed and Dedeker had to ask him if they had to make their own breakfast and he said no, he would do it. What type of a “chef” is he? He doesn’t do anything on time. And the people there are afraid of him, most don’t tell him anything. After Taylor woke up early and had don other things, Aaron orders him around to help him with breakfast. And Taylor doesn’t talk back to him. Taylor just talks back to women, but he is afraid of Aaron also.

    And also this month, I don’t know exactly when, the show is going to be one day a week for just one hour. One hour a week is too little to show what has really happened on the show. I hope they show Aaron and Mike like the disgusting people they are. They owe it to the viewer.

    I had facebook many years ago, but I closed my account since I was on it too much. I really don’t plan on opening up another account.

    To mom, Sandra, Sarah, damamma, bbfan15, juaelz. franko, Willie, and to everyone that has written here I will talk to you all next season in this blog. I’m sad that juaelz’s blog didn’t work out.

    I know we all have difficulties in life and/or are sick. I will pray for you and I ask that you please pray for me. God bless you all 🙂

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    Sandra ftsm and everyone else go to the Facebook page Damamma setup the timeline is at the top. I looked at it for a while and I think I have it figured it out. It looks a bit confusing but study it and play with it then you will get it. It isn’t hard really.

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    Create an email account on yahoo. I used my cats name. 🙂 Then go open a Facebook account using that email address.

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    Evil Dick has HIV.

    Google. Google . Google Google Google!

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