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Big Brother 16 – Well, That Escalated Quickly


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Last night after watching the veto episode and blogging the recap, I was certain Zach was screwed. Christine had it out for him and the detonators were going to blow up this eviction. A new happy, friendly alliance formed with a terrible name (‘the rationale’, really?) and the little country girl was going to take some power after being screwed over by her friend all season.

Then I turned on the feeds. (and you can watch them too, for free!)

The house had their midway party around 6pm, and alcohol was indeed served. This was the perfect time to get the house lubed up because they all had a feeling this is going to be a pretty big eviction week.  It had to be.  There has been nothing all season, and we’ve been long overdue for an endurance or double eviction. Additionally, lines were going to be drawn in the sand and Derrick/Cody had to finally commit to an alliance once and for all.

All it took was Caleb questioning their decision again to evict one of their numbers (which still made zero sense to Caleb, Christine and Frankie but they were doing it anyway). This little seed quickly sprouted into a full grown tree within an hour or so, and Derrick realized he had a solid thing going with his former alliance.  Sure, they were more douchy and much more untrustworthy, but they’ve been with him and Cody since the beginning and turning on them now (as we head into jury) is bad if and when they’re sitting on the final 2 chairs.

Jury members have been known to be more bitter than respectful of a good game, so managing the jury is almost as important as getting to the final 2. That said, the damage has already been done for Derrick and Cody by forming an alliance with Nicole and Hayden and then breaking it a few days later. At least by voting Zach out, they had the approval of the detonators, but voting out Jocasta should spin some heads.  Will it be a good move?  I guess we’ll only really find out at the end of the season, but tonight is easily going to be the biggest night of the season to date.

Once the wheels were spinning in Derrick’s head, he chatted with Cody about it who also got a bit worked up.  When Derrick was called to the diary room, Cody instantly ran to Nicole and confronted her on all the rumors he’s been hearing this week about him and Derrick being targets. Christine told him they were indeed targets and to screw off – just kidding.. Christine denied it and Cody believed it. By the time Derrick got out of the diary room, Cody, Christine and Frankie were all buddy buddy again, and operation Keep Zach was in full swing. All they had to do was tell Caleb and it would be on.

Did I fail to mention how Cody thinks Donny is a super genius and the mastermind behind getting Derrick and Cody to flip on their alliance?  You would think if Donny did that, he would have something to gain, like being in the ‘Rationale’ alliance with them.  I guess Donny is just 5 moves ahead of everyone else and had that figured out somehow (sarcasm intended).

So, after the first eviction tonight, the HoH competition is going to look like this…

Caleb, Christine, Cody, Derrick, Zach, and Frankie all playing for one goal with Hayden, Donny and Victoria all playing to stay alive. Considering Victoria is pretty much a floater and doesn’t really have a side, the competition will be 6 versus 2.  Not very good odds for Hayden and Donny.

I am likely going to open a live feed thread a little later because I have a feeling there will be some last minute talking, and maybe some drama before the show. Typically I take Thursday afternoons off, but this week may be worth sticking around for.

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  1. Comments (1)

    Sometime I wonder if these people actually watched Big Brother before. When you have a dangerous player on the block VOTE THEM OUT. Bet now Zack and Frankie will be final two and the house guest deserve it for being stupid.

    • Comments (138)

      Yeah and that’s how floaters end up winning a lot of seasons. If your alliance members see you’ve been unfaithful to the alliance, the alliance might not be faithful to you. Better to stick with the safety of numbers and get yourself a spot in the final 6.

    • Comments (7)

      Of course then there is the fact that BB is some what scripted 🙂

  2. Comments (1446)

    I would LOVE to see Nicole confront Christine about her “stories” in front of the whole house. Very disappointed in Cody.
    Torn about who I would like to see go home tonight – while Jocasta staying would be better for Nicole, Hayden and Donny, has the woman done ANY campaigning to stay?? She just seems to me to be playing the game about as much as the fish in the HOH room. Sorry, but she just doesn’t deserve to be there.

    • Comments (412)

      Jocasta is a joke.

    • Comments (50)

      I feel the same. I want Jocasta to stay because I’m rooting for Nicole, Donny, and Hayden but she’s a bore. And Zach is more entertaining 🙁 But if Zach stays he’s for sure coming after N & D….

    • Comments (42)

      I’m just tired of what I believe is production interfering w/ the game. All of a sudden everybody has this magic dawning I think we need to keep Zach the night before eviction, just because isn’t boring. If Zach stays I’m done because it’s all fixed

      • Comments (22)

        I know production can be involved ( just look at big brother 15 ) but this time there not. Because people talk and when they talk they find out Nicole , Hayden and yes even Donny.
        They finally put 2 & 2 together and realize it is a trap. Trying get them out. Thank gawd for derrick who tells everybody how, when , and where everything took place. Yeah For they Detonators!
        now Derrick and Colby for sure.

      • Comments (332)

        They all know the process of elimination except Caleb…so yeah, Caleb realizes they are after him and he wants safety in numbers.

      • Comments (875)

        Something happed at their halfway party that the remaining HG had yesterday. Zack found out someway that he was being voted out, and confronted Nicole after the party one on one, via Jokers. Nicole & Zack squashed their beef, then Nicole in turn told him that he was not going to be evicted (she was not telling the truth, because Nic, Hayden, & Donny want Zack gone.)

  3. Comments (412)

    I really can’t stand Christine and keep asking myself why she’s even on this show. She’s not entertaining. She’s not even nice to look at. I’m sick of her, and now I’m sick of Cody. Why does he trust her so much? Derrick is straight up tripping.

    • Comments (1446)

      I think all of Derick’s game play with everyone in the house is starting to catch up with him and he’s developing a real case of paranoia. He’s told so many things to so many people that pretty soon it may all come crashing down. But he is playing the game hard, so I’ll give him that.
      Christine is the worst. I don’t like to judge people on looks, but she is pretty nasty on the inside – would love for CBS to interview her husband for the show and see what he thinks of her penchant for fondling Cody every chance she gets.

      • Comments (644)

        Jannie, I think Derrick even has a final 2 alliance with the pool table. I mean, he has alliances with everyone and has told so many lies.
        The main reason I don’t like Christine is because she touches Cody and flirts with him, and she is married. Also she is a rat in the house. Cody is clueless and believes her.

      • Comments (1446)

        Lily, I can’t help but think that, in the end, he would like to take Victoria because he knows he could win the 500K against her in the final. Cody, Hayden, Nicole, and Donny would be a toss up. But if he stacked the jury w/Detonators and didn’t get too much “blood on his hands”(ugh) he will win.
        OMG, Christine is gross. I still don’t get why Cody is into her and lets her molest him constantly – hard to watch. It wouldn’t be so bad if she were single, but she’s not.

      • Comments (875)

        In my humble opinion, its time for Derrick to go, so that everyone can play their “own’ game. Can anyone imagine Cody without Derrick?!

        Has anyone noticed though that NO ONE ever says, lets put Derrick OTB??? Only one who has suggested putting Derrick up has been Christine to Nicole, and she did it for FRANKIE?!?! Then Christine lied to Weak behind Cody that she never mentioned putting Derrick & Cody up, and he Believed her!!!

      • Comments (383)

        Lilly that was hilarious! (alliance with the pool table). Priceless. LOL

      • Comments (152)

        UGH…Christine is a rat! no doubt. Nicole needs to call her out in front of the house. DE! Maybe she will go. Depends on who gets HOH. OH MY! Zach might stay with makes me really happy though. Jacosta has GOT TO GO!

    • Comments (50)

      I can’t stand Christine either. I haven’t watched a single live feed but I hear so much about how awful her laugh is and how annoying she is haha. But I just generally don’t like how she’s playing the game. I wish she had stayed loyal to Nicole & Hayden 🙁

      • Comments (332)

        Christine is kind of a giggly chit chatter. She is OK, but she tries to hard to meander up and manipulate. The problem is Nicole was with her and then moved on to Hayden so Christine ended up with the guys. But I have seen her with Donny some. But never the girls.

  4. Comments (412)

    They told Frankie and Christine if she had used the veto Nicole was planning on BD Frankie. Now they are all targeting Nicole, Hayden, and Donny.

  5. Comments (332)

    The alliance decided to get rid of Zach and let Nicole take the heat. That way one of their numbers was down but it would have to happen eventually anyway and why not now why they had the chance to do it and not blame the alliance. But Caleb is able to come in and cause doubt which is shaking all of them up. So who is the head of that alliance. Caleb is not supposed to be in it anymore. So his wisdom is not needed.

  6. Comments (332)

    I agree, Jacosta has done nothing and should go. But she is aligned with Derrick somehow. She is also aligned with Donny and those are two opposing sides. But Christine is aligned with Derrick and with Nicole two opposing sides. And Hayden is aligned with Nicole and Derrick two opposing. So someone has to chose and this is the week they have to choose.

    • Comments (1276)

      Derrick is aligned with EVERYONE. Nicole was staying true to Christine, until she started seeing through Christine. Hayden will stay loyal to Nicole and her to him, because they are the only ones that actually do have each others backs in that entire house.

      • Comments (152)

        I agree! They have been loyal where all the others are making deals with the coffee tables! lol

  7. Comments (332)

    It is sad to say but Zach no Jacosta have made themselves beneficial. That is why they are on the block and tonight one will go home. And they still get to play the game on jury. One gets to be the first into jury which could be advantageous in swaying the ones coming onto jury later and deciding the winner.

    • Comments (1446)

      Jocasta won’t be swaying anyone in the jury. She hasn’t played the game yet, so why start now?? Maybe she’ll just sit by the pool and speak in tongues.

      • Comments (332)

        We don’t know until tonight if there are seven or nine on the jury. If there are nine the two tonight go there. If not, there are seven. These two are out. But the feeds seem to think there are nine and the first four to jury will have a vote for one to come back into the house.

      • Comments (152)


  8. Comments (5)

    Finally*********I love Zach and think they should keep him…they need to think ahead and kick JoCasta to the curb. Although I do love her they have to get the Donny fans out and get him OUT! They aren’t playing the game who wants to go to the end with HIM? He is a sweet man but he is playing them and I LOVE Derrick, he is playing a smart game except this move here****he needs to keep his numbers and he needs to keep the eyes off him at all cost… Play smart, play safe,
    ###Didnt know this when I typed this on anther page! Caleb did you come to your senses and bring these boys around?

  9. Comments (21)

    I never knew why the alliance would evict Zach, i mean he was a number on their side and would never put any one of them on the block. I understood the decision to evict Amber because she tried to form an alliance and got caught. However, if Derrick and Cody ever get caught i doubt they will be targeted.

    All this to say, keeping Zach is the best course of action for the detonators/bomb squad.

    I really hope Caleb wins the next HOH, because he will only have like 40 min to do all the nominations and stuff also he wouldn’t be allowed to play in the second HOH which seems to be an endurance competition. I love Caleb and i want him to win, but i also think he can easily defeat anyone in an endurance competition.

  10. Comments (1799)

    Jocosta and her alliance with Jesues is getting old yes she has no other game Zach and his want to be Dirty Dick is just a pale copy Needs to ask his BombSquad /Detanator ally’s why so quick to toss him under the buss That includes butt buddy Frankie Christine I might think she is a rat for telling everyone’s secrets there is one or two every season The fugly and rat face comments are over the top The only thing I would like to see tonight is on the DE HoH don’t let them talk to anyone Have the compatiton so people are knocked out and you can send them to a room no one knows who won till they are all called to the livening room where the he’s HoH calls out the nominees name Than give the save me speech and off to vote Force some indavidual thinking

    • Comments (412)

      If you read my comment from earlier you can clearly see I was trying to be nice and I wasn’t going to call her a fugly rat face today. But just because you reminded me I think it’s a must.

      CHRISTINE HAS A FUGLY RAT FACE! She’s so gross, and absolutely the actual WORST! Can’t stand her. Get her out!

  11. Comments (162)

    I hope that Christine goes tonight in the second eviction. ugh She is so gross. I think Cody made a big mistake too.

  12. Comments (332)

    Instead of a vote for someone to come back in, I think it would be funny for an HOH to take Pandora box and the result is one of them back in the house. That would be too funny. If the current HOH has already made nominations and someone out comes in. Too bad, so sad!

  13. Comments (57)

    Tonight is tricky. If Jocasta goes home followed by someone that isn’t a Detonator in the double elimination, this season is pretty much done. It’ll be Cody and Derek trying to finish off the rest of the alliance.

    • Comments (332)

      Well it will be dog eat dog soon. Leave the Zach dog attack in the house. S**t will be flying around and it will be miserable soon. The bathroom seems to be the hangout, go in the stall and sit, you will learn a lot about all the playing going on. Cause Caleb is boss, Derrick is leader and Hayden thinks he is running the show. Cody and Frankie think is a fun ride and will win on their favoritism. Nicole and Donny are truly playing the young dudes against one another.

      • Comments (1288)

        Good point on Hayden, he is smart but he has played this week way to cockily. They had a nice setup but failed to manage it through to the vote. Thankfully the damage to the Darkside has been done, and yet strangely they seem more focused on Nicole and Donny than Hayden.

    • Comments (22)

      Well that’s it in a nutshell.

      1. Jocasta
      2. Donny
      3. Hayden
      4. Nicole
      5. Christine
      6. Victoria
      7. Zach
      8. Frankie
      9. Caleb

      And the two people are Derrick and Cody

      Heres my predictions name yours

  14. Comments (843)

    Christine is going to find out soon that she is nothing but a rat and a vote for the “BOYS”. I would like to see an interview with HG after they watch the show and read comments from viewers.

    • Comments (57)

      But so was Amber. She was the first one to throw Joey under the bus for the all girl alliance. I never understood why Big Brother doesn’t do follow up shows or 2 hour finales.

    • Comments (332)

      Christine knows where she stands, she made a big move against Nicole this week and for the alliance. She kept Frankie safe and did not play the veto.

    • Comments (644)

      I don’t know how Christine hasn’t noticed that girls are being evicted one by one. Today is Jocasta, and then there will only be 3 girls and 7 guys. What makes her think she is going to win? Yes, she might be the last girl to be voted out, but she’ll be voted out and she won’t even win the $50,000. Anyway I don’t like her and she is too naïve or too trusting of the guys.

    • Comments (875)

      Christine is going to be a Britney Haynes redo, as in with the Brigade. The only difference is that Britney was not a Rat like Christine, & she is Pretty.

  15. Comments (53)

    Bb is sooooo fixed!!!!

  16. Comments (31)

    It’s funny how everyone thinks Jacosta is not playing the game. I think she has done quite well to keep her self safe thus far (alone). She cries at the drop of a dime and even got someone to save her with the whole sick episode. I don’t believe her tears at all and yet everyone works hard to keep her in. There are many ways to play this game. You can be loud and obnoxious like “Zach” or you can keep yourself under the radar and let everyone else do the work for you. If they are smart they should get rid of Zach because Jacosta would be great to take to the F2. Everyone likes her but no one will give her 500K over any other player. So…with that said, Zach should go now!! Then Christine! Then Caleb!! Then Frankie! It bores me that these big alliances all vote together as if no one has a mind of their own. But it is coming soon…very soon!

    • Comments (220)

      That is a very interesting take on Jocasta’s gameplay. Her strategy is to stay cool and out of drama. From a viewer’s perspective, its dull. But a player on the inside can easily take $50k with that attitude. Good point.

    • Comments (644)

      They should make a new rule that not everyone can vote for the same person, at least have one or two votes for the other person. This whole thing of everyone voting with the house is so disgusting.

  17. Comments (492)

    So…… Is my kid Zach staying you think? And I don’t need to cry in my coffe anymore?

    • Comments (220)

      Right? I love Zach. I love his tantrums and his boy-like antics. He’s a harmless villain. A likeable villain. I am so happy to hear Zach is staying.

      So if Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Victoria, and Caleb vote to keep Zach, then even if Christine, Hayden, Donnie vote for Jocasta…Zach is good.

      I like Jocasta as a person, but as a player…womp womp. Sweet girl though. Hopefully she goes to jury and makes money with the weekly stipend.

      • Comments (1288)

        Victoria will be a hard sell, Derrick really stuck some major knives in Zach’s back to Victoria yesterday and had her very po’ed at Zach. Perhaps Derrick can pull some serious Svengali bullshiat on Victoria but it will not be easily done.

      • Comments (492)

        Yes, let’s hope so…..

  18. Comments (266)

    Did anyone catch Cody calling Donny a mother****er?!?! That made him look so disgusting and horrible. Some people nowadays throw that word around lightly, unfortunately, but there is NO good reason to call Donny such a profane and sick thing. Cody you don’t deserve a penny for being on this show. I hope you watch yourself back when you get out of the house and offer a sincere apology to Donny.

    • Comments (3)

      Watch his back when he leaves the house??? Don’t you think you might be taking this show a little too personal??? LOL!!

      • Comments (266)

        No kidding. Just shows how immature Cody is. He is the worse player of all. At least floaters like Jocasta is being classy about being a terrible player. Cody just rides on the back of Derrick and acts like a little wimp.

      • Comments (266)

        Shawn, I said when Cody watches himself back as in: watch back on the show episodes, BBAD, clips of himself saying dumb things, etc.
        Not watch your back. Lol!! I can see how you got confused.

    • Comments (1446)

      I’m sure they have all called each other that…and worse.

      • Comments (266)

        Actually no, I don’t think they all call each other that. Lol… Especially in the derragatory manner that Cody said it. It was when he confronted Christine last night about what Donny told him. And once Christine denied it, Cody got all heated and said it… Wasn’t in friendly banter.

      • Comments (1288)

        Cody also mentioned “wanting to rip that beard off to see what is behind it”. It is a toss-up over who has had the bigger freakout – Derrick or Cody?

  19. Comments (3)

    Why do I get the feeling that the letters written by fans to keep Zach on the show has something to do with the decision to keep in the house??? There’s no way those letters would have anything to do with it. I’m also sure that production had no influence on this decision. That’s not possible.

  20. Comments (36)

    Finally some interesting action. And wouldn’t you know it…the live eviction show is going to be delayed here in San Diego until 2:07am because of a stupid Charger pre-season game. UGH and on DE night too! Now I have to wait. Stupid Chargers.

  21. Comments (412)

    To people who have live feeds: Is there any place in the house that the houseguests can go and not be seen by the cameras?
    Just curious

    • Comments (407)

      The bathroom, but even then there is a camera in there, it is just never broadcast to the feeds. I didn’t realize there was a camera in there until one season someone went in there to freak out/cry and it showed on the cbs episode.

      • Comments (2826)

        I knew it from season 1; they (the ads. for the show) said there was going to be a camera in the bath room. They kind of implicated that that would be seen too.

  22. Comments (22)

    Here is the predictions of who is going 1st – 11

    1. Jocasta
    2. Donny
    3. Hayden
    4. Nicole
    5. Christine
    6. Victoria
    7. Zach
    8. Frankie
    9. Caleb

    And the 50,000 dollar winner and the winner is Derrick & Cody

    Tell me your predication’s

    • Comments (1288)

      Kinda hard to predict without knowing the HoH winners. Sure Jocasta is most likely out tonight but if Donny wins the first HoH and Hayden wins the second (not an impossible situation) your list would look quite different. Why assume the Darkside will go back to winning all the HoHs?

  23. Comments (832)

    Going to be fun to see where Derrick’s paranoia takes things next. You’d think a HG would catch on to Derrick pretty soon. I can’t believe he can make it to the end if his paranoia keeps escalating.

  24. Comments (832)

    I don’t have live feeds, can someone tell me what the other HG’s were talking about last night? BBAD only showed the Christine, Cody, Derrick & all those guys spilling everything. At one point Nic walked in on Christine & Cody & then back out. I’d like to know who she talked with & what else was going on. They had to know how long Christine, Cody, Derrick, Frankie & all those guys were talking.

  25. Comments (1288)

    There are some big questions in the house right now and it sucks they had to pop up on a day when BB cut the feeds early to pre-tape some of the live eviction episode.

    First, how will Victoria react to Derrick changing directions? Derrick spent a lot of time telling her about the nasty things Zach said about her and how Derrick had defended her to Zach. He had her pretty well locked down and now changing that around is going to be hard to explain. He felt assured he could do it last night, but we won’t know until the show tonight.

    Next, how will Zach feel about the Detonators having been exposed to the entire house. All it would take is Victoria telling Zach “the Detonators” aren’t going to saving him for Frankie/Derrick/Cody/Christine having to do a lot of explaining about how they “never” planned on evicting Zach.

    Lastly, Hayden knows about the BombSquad remnants gaslighting Caleb in the Amber situation. If Caleb finds that was the plan even before he became inspired he might feel betrayed.

    As a bonus, even though Christine is vocally onboard with saving Zach, her DR sessions say differently and she may vote against the group and hope to blame it on Caleb or Victoria. If it slips to a 4-4 tie, Nicole will be sending Zach out.

    We just probably won’t be able to find out what has happened until the live show and CBS is really digging that.

    • Comments (50)

      Would love if it turned out to be a 4-4 tie and Nicole sent Zach home 🙂

      And I would love to see Hayden talk to Caleb and have Caleb flip on the other guys. The detonators are just using him and I hope he realizes that before it’s too late. (don’t think it would happen but I can hope!)

      Cody really annoys me.

      I’ll just be crossing my fingers big time tonight that Donny or Hayden win HOH. 🙂

      • Comments (1276)

        I do not like Caleb at all. And really loved the alliance of Nicole, Hayden, Cody and Derrick, but with the way Cody and Derrick just decided to stab Nicole and Hayden in the back, I would LOVE to see them team up with Caleb and even Victoria. NO ONE would see that coming, and they could really do some damage to the other side of the house.
        However, Caleb won’t team up with them, so it will never work. But, if Hayden, Donnie, and Victoria were to vote out Zack, then there is still a chance Christine will stay PO’d and vote him out, giving them 4. Any additional votes would win it, but that 4 would be enough.
        I just hope that at some point, as someone else said earlier, that Nicole and some of the others will do the old annoying house meeting crap and call Christine Out. Make Christine lie to her face, because if they call out enough things, someone will let something slip.

    • Comments (492)

      Oh no!!! Please don’t scare me.
      Christine has to vote Jocasta out.

  26. Comments (1288)

    Last minute talking has started. Zachattck has threatened Victoria with DOOM if she votes him out. Not the best idea considering Derrick’s setup yesterday. Votes are not in the bank yet – either way.

  27. Comments (492)

    Who is Christina going to vote out tonight?

  28. Comments (1799)

    Finally some drama over the vote would be so good if Zach goes than have Derrick and Frankie on the block for the second elimination But sadly it could end up being Jacosta out first No big loss than Nichole and Hayden up for the second That would be disappointing

    • Comments (1288)

      I would surprised if Donny survives the show if the DarkSide wins the HoH. Cody is super sketched out by Donny, they do not credit Nicole or Hayden with anything. “Donny is the head of the snake, chop him off and the rest will crumble.” Seriously paranoid misread. If they were playing clearly there is no way they should leave Hayden around to compete in the 2nd HoH(most likely endurance/physical).

  29. Comments (2)

    How can I try the love feeds for “free”? Everytime I try it asks for a credit card??

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