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Big Brother 16 Eviction Episode Recap


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“Caleb calls himself a hopeless romantic, but his relationship with Amber is just hopeless”. Those were the words Julie Chen used to open the live eviction show, and it was clearly foreshadowing what was in store for us that episode.

As per usual, the first 15 minutes of the live show had highlights of the week from the veto meeting until Thursday morning. The veto meeting takes place on Monday, so there is generally good stuff to air that happens between that point and the live show, and this week was no different.

This week highlighted the jedi mind tricks the ‘detonators’ used to Caleb to not only convince him it was his idea to put Amber up, but to also vote for her to be evicted. I seriously thought Frankie was just going to wave his hand and say “Amber is not the girl you are looking for” and Caleb would forget all about her. I still think he has those jedi powers, but he’s likely saving them for a later time this season.

Team America was given the mission to get two people to vote against the house and blame it on other people. This was  a very easy mission as Donny and Derrick simply had to vote for Jocasta. The problem would have been dealing with the aftermath of it. It was an easy $5k for them, but this could have seriously jeopardized their game. Donny, being the kind person he is, apologized for not voting against the house during his brief voting window.  He wanted to do America’s bidding, but he also wants a real chance to win the game.

To the surprise of nobody, the eviction was another unanimous vote – the fourth this season (out of five evictions).  The last time the house was this united was Big Brother 12, which coincidentally is the season of ‘The Brigade’. The mostly all-male alliance that dominated the house before kicking out their female ally near the end (Brittany bb12, Christine bb16?). In that season, only 3 votes were cast against the house all year. 2 of those votes happened in week 2, just like Big Brother 16.  Are we going to see a repeat of BB12?

Once Amber was out of the house and laughed with Julie about Caleb’s obsession with her, it was time to compete for the Head of Household.  The houseguests were given a clear study guide this week when the memory wall displayed loops of highlights from competitions this season. Anyone who is even a casual Big Brother fan knew this was to prep for the HoH competition, so the house studied it, and it showed.

After a shocking 12 rounds, Julie had to pause the competition because the live show ran out of time.  This is the first time I can remember a simple trivia style competition running beyond the allotted live show time.  The endurance and mini-endurance challenges are normal, but never a trivia competition.  When the competition was paused, five people were still alive.. Hayden, Nicole, Caleb, Zach and Donny. Cody was the only person eliminated after round 6 until the competition stopped.  It was quite intense for trivia.

I am sure many of you are wondering who won the competition, and considering it was clearly not meant to run past the scheduled time, I will spoil it for you.  Donny and Nicole emerged victorious.

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  1. Comments (1288)

    I am so very happy for Donny, for once the HoH comp played into one of his strengths. Now we will get a better chance to see his game. I think the other HGs were surprised to see the hottie that is Donny’s girlfriend.

  2. Comments (191)

    Happy to see Donny and Nicole as HOH. I hope they put up Frankie, Zach, Cody and Derrick

  3. Comments (1446)

    Right now on BBAD Donny, Nicole and Hayden talking about showing the back door to Frankie!
    Oh please do it! Don’t back down to the Detonators!

    • Comments (1288)

      That seems to be the popular plan with Nicole right now. Frankie has about a 3 out of 8 chance of being drawn for POV [not sure how many “HGs choice” chips there are].

      Donny has said he promised not to nominate TA but not sure how he would feel about one of them as a replacement nom. I think he would want to backdoor Cody or Caleb, whichever is available. Still a hit to the D-squad.

    • Comments (16)

      Frankie is one of the best players left in the game. I will be pissed of he went home. also the only way for it to work really is if 2 detonators are on the block come thursday, otherwise they will vote for the other person.

  4. Comments (469)

    as TA discussed the new assignment – Derrick agreed with Donny to pass on it – the as he voted on the DR he trhough Donny under the bus to America – which wa squite stupid since America saw the convo. – the way Derrick handled his GF’s death gave me a new found respect for him – until his move to blame Donny for the TA failure. —- I will again point out Frankies dispicable behavior through this eviction process – you can put lipstick on a pig – but it’s still a pig.

    • Comments (412)

      I noticed that too. From what I understand Derrick pulled don’t aside and told him not to do the mission. Then he tried to pin it all on Donny. Coward. I use to like him. Not anymore. Hopefully, Frankie will go home this week. His acting skills in the house is getting worse.

    • Comments (64)

      I like the fact that Derrick is playing such a cunning game.

      But I don’t like the fact that he thinks he is SMARTER than everyone…including America.

      Someone needs to bring him down a peg. He is too smug for my taste.

    • Comments (49)

      JR….I read on other sites that Derrick was not close with his grandfather and also read he did say that in the house, so he did handle it well, as one would suspect. As for him blaiming Donny to America…it has ZERO relevance to anybody’s game, other than maybe Frankie’s. Frankie knows of it…and I am certain that Donny is target number one in Derrick’s eyes, as Donny is the ONLY one who understands that Derrick is the kingpin and actually that Derrick would be coming at him. America could not care less that Derrick blames Donny, as there is NOT a chance that Donny will not win America’s Favorite at the end of the show. By far, thatbvote will be the biggest landslide in Big Brother history.

      • Comments (469)

        Cubby since his statement was in the privacy of the DR you are correct it has zero relevance to anyones game – BUT it certainly does speak to the character of Derrick.

  5. Comments (1288)

    And we have a new target for Caleb’s desire … Nicole’s friend Mariah. Nicole got a picture of her and letter from her, Caleb thinks she has beautiful eyes. She is probably applying for a restraining order already.

  6. Comments (469)

    Since I don’t have live feeds I found a site this year that does a good job of going through the whole day with live feed updates (in printed form of course). Something very interesting is happening in the house – since Donny and Nicole won HOH – the guys Derrick-Frankie_Zach and Cody are dashing from Donny to Nicole and to each other – some panic is beginning to rear it’s ugly head (finally) – Donny and Nicole have agreed to bring Hayden into their descision process – anyway the one snippet at 8:12pm that caught my attention – Derrick was alone with Nocole trying to pump her for info Nicole says no one has made a big move yet and she would like to be the one to do it – Derrick of course asks her what it would be – to which Nicole says getting Frankie out would be a big move – Derrick says if that comes to fruition he would be on board – but then interestingly enough tells Nicole – but don’t tell Christine -if you do she will tell Frankie – They leave that snippet and move to the next – if anyone here knows any more about this exchange please fill us in – it could be huge – Derrick just outed Christine – Nicole’s “best friend” who already screwed Nicole once and promised it would never happen again – remember she got wind of Christine’s second betrayal from Zach and she confronted her – Christine denied-denied – Nicole on solo camera said she hopes it’s true- if not it would break her heart- my hope is first that Nicole caught what Derrick said and second confronts Christine – if this happens the gates of hell could be kicked open and the “guys” game could implode – you can just sit and imagine the scrambling – accusations – back stabbing – lies from the guys to salvage their own game —–and then there was Zach – wacky Zachy would see this as hillarious and be his chance to really shake things up by exposing everyone then sit back and watch the fire works – there is still just enough time and numbers to derail the Det’s but it has to happen NOW – and with Dbl. eviction it is perfect. This was a long post with the hopes that someone has more info on the Derrick and Nicole meet at 8:12pm and any possible after shock that followed.

    • Comments (843)

      What site are you going to john ruth? I look at jokesters and mortys.

    • Comments (16)

      went back and watched their conversation ,to me nocole doesnt trust christine i think christine will be in the dark this week

    • Comments (42)

      What site did you find? SHARE PLEASE!

    • Comments (36)

      There is another long convo between them about game that is on jokers website. It’s time stamped at 4am. It was a good conversation. Derrick didn’t come right out about Christine but definitely dropped plenty of hints and Nichole basically said she would feel betrayed if it turned out that Christine had been lying and that she (Nichole) has been careful about what she has been saying to her lately. They are talking about her putting up Zach and Jocasta with a possibility of backdooring Frankie. She said Donny was putting up Victoria. It sounds like they are making a final 4 deal…Derrick, Nichole, Hayden and Cody.

      • Comments (64)

        Backdooring Frankie would be huge. If Nicole manages to pull that off, I’d be a big fan of hers because Frankie is running this house and every major decision.

        It would ruin Derrick’s game…and to some extent, Zach’s and indirectly Cody’s as well.


        If the Dets feel threatened enough, one of them may spill the beans about her. That would be so great to watch because Christine had a lot to do with why the girls are getting picked off. I don’t like rats.

  7. Comments (95)

    I just gotta say that I am SO happy for Donny. He truly deserved this. He is BY FAR the sweetest, most truly caring person in the house. In a game that usually doesn’t have those types of competitors, its actually nice to see. I am glad he’s able to see pics from home! He’s been a pawn a couple times and lied to several, but I have yet to see him to any real back stabbing. Go Donny!

    • Comments (16)

      he read his letter last night from his wife,i think hes married anyway it brought me to tears.VERY TOUCHING

      • Comments (469)

        Donny is not married – I haven’t seen the HOH reveal yet – but I am guessing the letter would have been from his Girlfriend – if you saw the segment with Jeff at Donny’s family – they showed Donny’s GF and she is a beautiful lady

  8. Comments (343)

    So, Amber has a guy in love with her willing to do anything for her — and doesn’t/can’t use that to her advantage? She deserves to go home. People pray to be able to have someone in their pocket like that; she didn’t know how to use him.

    • Comments (469)

      It seems she was at a disadvantage – she doesn’t appear to be the type of person that uses people – I find that trait admirable>

      • Comments (286)

        Being admirable gets you sent home not 500 thousand richer. As Dan would say you need to leave that at the door and PLAY the game.

      • Comments (64)

        I agree with painter1 and john ruth.

        It seems that Caleb was too intolerable for her to go that route.

        Caleb and Amber are both physically fit. Knowing what we know now about power couples, and this cast full of superfans, would have NEVER allowed these two to go far. NEVER.

        The moment he professed his love for her and showed how far he was willing to go for her….it scared everyone, especially the boys who are in power.

      • Comments (469)

        I knew someone would bring that up after I posted – and I would agree with you from the game stand point 100% – but I was responding to Jimbo’s comment on Ambers inability to “use Caleb”

  9. Comments (16)

    So much for Caleb self-evicting! 🙁 I was hoping there would be more drama from him when Amber left. I wish they would have shown both of his recorded goodbye messages, so America can see another reason everyone thinks he is out of his mind. Didn’t he record one message that he cried through, then record another one, the one they aired?

    • Comments (469)

      Melissa – I believe he told the group he recorded 2 goodbyes while he was “still in love “with her – then Frankie told him about Amber saying he (Caleb) was her target (embelished by Frankie of course) – then he apparently recorded a 3rd when he was “out of love” with her. That is what I got from it – it would have been priceless if BB had mixed the tapes up and played the sobbing one.

  10. Comments (469)

    Amber had 2 classic responses to the goodbye tapes – her choking up during Donny’s (shows how much people care for him – a testament to his charater- and her response to caleb donning the crown proclaiming he is king of the house – she smiles – points and says “you’re nuts buddy”.

    • Comments (49)

      I like you, I really do, I like what you bring here. I just wonder if she said that or what I thought I heard was “your next buddy”. Do you think it could be that? I could be wrong, I just thought that because she had just found out Christine said he was going next.

      • Comments (487)

        I think she said ‘your next buddy’.

      • Comments (49)

        In any case…….either one fits!

      • Comments (469)

        hb – you may be exactly right – I am 71 and my hearing is not what it used to be – next would be logical in light of Christines remarks – but as cubby pointed out both certainly show her feelings for him —- and thank you for the kind remarks.

  11. Comments (110)

    They left so much out of that show. I don’t know why they can’t make the Thurs show longer. Those who read the feeds get a much better look at the picture than people who just watch what BB shows.

    I am thrilled Donny and Nicole won. Whoever they get out I imagine I will be happy about. I hope they stand their ground, do what they want, and have each others back.

    • Comments (16)

      I agree with you. I wish they would make it at least 30 minutes longer. I have friends that ask why I watch bbad & read the rest online. I can’t get them to understand how much they miss out on by just watching the hour long episodes 3 times a week.

  12. Comments (25)

    Don’t expect anything big from Donnie or Nicole. From the feeds last night both said they were going for the safe choices. Donnie even said Zach wasn’t a target, just in case he might come after them. Both were hoping to get first pick to select Jocasta and Victoria. Neither Donnie or Nicole want to make big moves (and they said it).

    • Comments (412)

      Nicole is going to put up Jocasta and Zach(shocker. Not) Donny is going to put Victoria and Caleb. They are hoping to backdoor Frankie. So I think they are already doing better than most.

    • Comments (469)

      James – Nicole has already mentioned several times that she is ready for a BIG move and she wants to be the one to do it – so I disagree with your statement that she said she wouldn’t – now the BIG question is – will she actually follow through with that – I- as I believe all of you- are hoping and praying she will – the shy little cutie from Ubley could be the fuse that will blow the game in a new direction – and I hope Donny is the sidekick in this – this is truly a chance for 2 “country bumpkins” (I use the term with respect) to take down this group of “brainiacs” (I use this term with less respect-LOL) – maybe we could label this duo – Butch and Sundance.

  13. Comments (68)

    I think we all know what’s going to happen….one way or the other, Victoria will be going out the door.

    • Comments (332)

      I don’t think so, they have talked about Cody, Caleb, Frankie or Zach leaving this week. Not a girl!

      • Comments (68)

        If Caleb, Frankie, Cody and Zach are nominated, then 2 of them will be safe.

        For argument sake let’s say Zach and Caleb are safe. You end up having Cody and Frankie on the block. If Derrick wins POV, uses it either one of them, who will be the replacement? Not Jocasta, not Donny or Nicole (which ever isn’t the HOH at that point), not Hayden, leaving you with Christine and Victoria. My guess is that Victoria goes on the block. Then all you need is 5 votes against her, and they are either Cody or Frankie, along with Caleb, Derrick, Zach and Christine.

        This is pretty much how it is going to happen. I highly doubt a backdoor plan will happen because they successfully backdoor Devin and Amber. The odds of having 3 successful backdoors are highly rare in BB history.

      • Comments (49)

        They are BACKDOORING them

      • Comments (64)

        This will be interesting. Finally the ones who are in control feel heat. They will probably give Donny and Nicole some push back. But that is the type of fire we need to start seeing in the house. Jocasta is stepping talking more game with Donny and Nicole. She has a low-key social game. If she steps it up and wins a few comps she may be worth keeping.

  14. Comments (16)

    on the feeds last night caleb now says he wants victoria.please stay away vic he is a stalker and will f your game up to

    • Comments (49)

      I know it is just so obnoxious. He has some issue with not having a girl in his life or having constant attention from a girl. I was thinking he would be every other word with Amber but noooo he had to go move on in what? 5..4..3..2..1..NEXT! He IS however still pinning for her because he believes that holding make-up brushes and slippers as ransom will undoubtedly win her heart back. BARF hey Caleb-crazy called, wants his name back.

  15. Comments (843)

    Caleb tells Donny he taught him everything he knows. Is there no end to his delusions?

  16. Comments (332)

    Hopefully Hayden will win HOH for next week because it is double eviction I don’t want Donny or Nicole gone next week. So who is left as HOH could be a target next week during that whole ordeal.

    • Comments (49)

      Me too. I don’t like Derrick’s move in saying that about Donny. He and Frankie think we must get some serious say in the choices but the choices weren’t much to go from. He will realize how loved Donny is when he gets out and will then see how dumb his comments were. All this aside I do think he will go far if not win. I just hope Donny is one of the last 2.
      Get Frankie show out PLEASE.

      • Comments (469)

        hb – “I don’t like Derrick’s move in saying that about Donny” – please explain -I must have missed something – would love to know.

      • Comments (469)

        Oh – in reading further down – did you mean Derrick throwing Donny UTB during voting?

      • Comments (49)

        Yeah it was how he perceives that Donny failed America. That now Donny is their target. He “would’ve done it but can’t force Donny” he said to Donny that he had valid points, but then turns and does a 180 with us and even Frankie. I just didn’t care for that.

    • Comments (49)

      Karen, did they announce that it was a double eviction….or is that the assumption. I am sure Julie and CBS would tease the double eviction (maybe I missed it), but they ran out of time….but I do not see them not teasing thatbon a live show.

      With 11 houseguests left, it makes sense, since the strong rumor is that they are going back to a seven person jury instead of nine…..if they boot two next week they will have the jury and finalists left.

      Did I miss the tease? Did anyone see it announced anywhere?


      • Comments (487)

        I heard Julie say double eviction next week. So I think it’s coming on 8/7.

      • Comments (64)

        Derrick is so used to playing the HGs like puppets. Donny gave him push back and a flat out no. So Derrick acted like a brat about it in the DR during live eviction. He lost points from me.

  17. Comments (332)

    I love classic Zach, Caleb is all OH Man I lost that competition and Zach was OH Man I threw that one. And now Zach is in the hot seat cause Nicole may not want him out but she is certainly putting him up and quite a few others who vote may want him OUT of the house.

    • Comments (64)

      NO, not Zach. He is too too entertaining to leave now. That house would be like watching painting dry if he leaves.

      • Comments (49)

        Not really because he is isn’t doing the Dan right. Even the house sees it and doesn’t want it anymore. He doesn’t compare so he needs to go, but only after Frankie then Caleb….buuh-by now see ya later fruitloop dingus.

      • Comments (64)

        Maybe you’re right. I don’t put Zach in the same category as Dan. Dan was a great strategist. Zach is the village clown who makes me laugh ’tis all.

    • Comments (412)

      They are hoping to backdoor Frankie. I think Zach will flip s#!t if this process is successful for Nicole and don’t

  18. Comments (412)

    They are hoping to backdoor Frankie. I think Zach will flip s#!t if this process is successful for Nicole and Donny.

  19. Comments (49)

    Derrick is not listening! Nicole is telling him the truth about Frankie gunning for him but he’s claiming she’s lying! Ugh he wants Frankie to stay now and for some reason believes he can get him out later. Yeah Derrick after YOU

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