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Big Brother 16 – Eviction Prediction Double Elimination Week


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It’s time! Time for the first double eviction of the season and quite possibly the most important two evictions of the season by far. Whenever a billion alliances are formed, it’s only a matter of time until they all get blown up in the faces of those involved. I believe that will happen tonight after the first eviction.

Nicole’s plan on making a big move this week is going to become a major dud when she hears Jocasta’s name called to walk out the door. That is one of the risks of putting up a weak playing pawn versus the real target.. sometimes the pawn goes home.  To be fair, Nicole did have the disadvantage of being HoH this late in the season while the double HoH twist was still happening. It’s not like she was loaded with options on who to nominate because even if she did nominate two really strong people, they probably would have won battle of the block and saved themselves.

That said, a combo nomination of Caleb, Zach, Frankie, Derrick, and Cody could have put 2 guys against 2 guys with the 5th as the potential replacement nominee should someone win pov. Instead, Donny and Nicole chose a strong and weak player to be paired, and that left a lot of strong guys on the sideline safe yet again. So, Nicole definitely deserves some blame when her plan backfires and one of her ally (yes, singular) walks out the door 30 minutes after Jocasta.

Here is how I think it will go tonight…. (votes to leave)

  • Caleb (Jocasta)
  • Christine (Jocasta)
  • Cody (Jocasta)
  • Hayden (Zach)
  • Victoria (Jocasta)
  • Derrick (Jocasta)
  • Frankie (Jocasta)
  • Donny (Zach)

Jocasta should be eliminated 6-2, which is quite surprising considering the way the house acted all week. Jocasta was a lock to stay until about 16 hours ago when Derrick realized he was going to be voting out an ally over a floater.   I am not sure if it’s the right or wrong decision, but it’s probably a decision that didn’t need to be made. The ‘Detonators/Bomb Squad’ were quite comfortable in the house, but stupid gossip nearly screwed up their chances at making the final 5.

As far as the rest of the night, I have no clue. The HoH will likely be a step up/step down type of competition and the veto a racing / find objects thing. There won’t be time for another HoH competition, so either they’ll set them up on the wall for an endurance challenge, or it will be a quick competition that is held sometime later tonight.

No matter what, double evictions are always fun.  I will definitely be staying home tonight to cover it (I had tickets to Nick Swardson but gave them to my sister in law so I can cover this). In a few hours I will set up the live feed discussion thread and the fun can begin!

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  1. Comments (21)

    Will there be 2 HOH and a battle of the block or just one HOH?

    • Comments (158)

      I would guess this is the end of the Dual-HOH twist. After this week there are only 9 people left in the house. If you still have two HOHs, pretty much every else left is up on the block by default.

  2. Comments (1)

    Typically we’ll see the summary tape of anything that developed, then a super-quick vote and Eviction, and interview, then the HoH, which should be relatively quick. Nominations would be next. I would guess that then they will squeeze in the BoB, and Veto, and then Veto Ceremony, and a lightning quick round of second voting. Expect a short commercial break where the houseguests start running around going ‘Who do I vote for? Who do I vote for??’

    Finally, there will be a second eviction and exit interview. They will more than likely NOT be able to squeeze a second HoH comp in tonight. Live Feeds will be really great after everything goes down.

  3. Comments (158)

    Let me get this straight. Your fiancee bought tickets for you to see a comedy show together….and you gave them to your SIL??

    You live dangerously my friend. This is either a really impressive dedication to the show, or really sad….not sure which yet.

    • Comments (33)

      He didn’t give both tickets to her. I’m taking my sister instead, so I kept one of the tickets for myself. I insisted. 🙂

      • Comments (33)

        To make up for it, I bought us concert tickets to a show he wants to see in November…far away from BB season! lol

      • Comments (1276)

        I’ll take it that you are Stevebean’s fiance??? Congrats to you Melinda! Obviously I don’t know either of you in person, but after a few years on here, following Steve and reading little tidbits about you, I really am happy to hear that you all are tying the knot!

      • Comments (832)

        Congrats MelindaBBJ & thanks! You’re an understanding fiancee, especially since it’s getting close to your wedding. Have fun tonight & have a great wedding! Congrats to you & sb!

      • Comments (33)

        Aww, thanks, you guys! 🙂 The first thing I did when I got home was ask what happened on BB tonight, so I’m just as addicted as he is lol. Nick Swardson was great!…and now I’m off to watch tonight’s episode of BB, since I told Steve to save it on DVR for me. 😉

      • Comments (158)

        Steve you got a good woman on your hands there. Wife her. Immediately.

  4. Comments (95) are a brave, brave soul.

    But, we do thank you!! 🙂

  5. Comments (1288)

    There has been mention that the second HoH bedroom has been sealed off and the sounds of construction in there have been heard, the house is interpreting this as a portent of Pandora’s Box coming up.

  6. Comments (1288)

    I do not believe the votes are sealed down.

  7. Comments (224)

    It might be Nicole herself walking out after Jocasta rather than just her ally!

  8. Comments (332)

    Ok, well at the end how do you vote for a strong player if all they are voting out is weak ones. Don’t get it. But I guess completion, BOB and HOH. Cause this bunch just wants to be buddies all the time. When Zach wins and puts them up, they will be SHOCKED for keeping him. He has no loyalty to any of them.

  9. Comments (332)

    I think Caleb has something up his sleeve. Because he knows he turned the vote this week, and he knows they didn’t bend last week for him over Amber. So I look for him to stir things up soon.

    • Comments (843)

      Caleb doesn’t have a brain just muscles. He honestly believes he ‘runs’ the house and has been instrumental in getting all the evictions done.

      • Comments (875)

        I agree with you mouse…Caleb is not that smart to pull anything off! Only thing Caleb has going for him is that he is “Loyal” and Derrick & Frankie know this…

      • Comments (469)

        Caleb is solely responsible for this new change of plans!

      • Comments (1276)

        Sounds like it was Caleb that planted the seeds that caused all of it. I don’t think he’s some brainiac or anything, but he did manage to turn the house around. Hopefully he’ll put 2 and 2 together and turn on them and start working with Nicole and Hayden 🙂

  10. Comments (332)

    Why would Caleb not want Zach to go when he knocked out his precious Amber, no one is saying that to Caleb to switch his vote.

  11. Comments (682)

    I remembered one of the DE HOH comps was a maze on some long boards, Quick and easy.

  12. Comments (88)

    So I just started this season and I have to this is I really weird season compared to last season. They went from a house of racist and homophobes to I having a very questionable cast. At one point I have gotten a gay vibe off every guy except maybe Hayden. No offense to anyone just a really almost to touchy feely cast. one downside is not enough drama. it seems like the racist and homophobic made the show more interesting. which is sad to say.

    • Comments (875)

      Agreed, this is the first season of true “Bromance” instead of “Showmance.”

      • Comments (88)

        haha I totally agree. it seems like Big Brother tried so hard to make up from last year that they kinda got a cast is little too friendly. they are really going overboard with the friendships and the romances this season. it seems like everybody paired up in one way or another with somebody this season. besides Derek who seems to be the only committed married person in the house and Victoria because I am Not sure if anybody really know she’s there.

    • Comments (469)

      Yeah I agree – Donny sends off a definate gay vibe – NOT

  13. Comments (207)

    Wish I didn’t live on the east coast. Big brother is preempted for preseason football.

  14. Comments (120)

    Zach’s way too much of a loose cannon to keep around the house, for The Detonator’s sake. Derrick told Zach that he should probably talk to people about the vote, but calmly. The next thing Zach does is start attacking Victoria, then he threatens her saying she’s his next target if she doesn’t vote for him to stay. Of course, Victoria then ran and told Derrick about the conversation and Derrick ended up yelling at Zach to calm down. Derrick should be second-guessing himself about this vote.

    • Comments (469)

      Derrick to much into Derrick to second guess Derrick

      • Comments (1276)

        Yep, I can’t see them changing their minds. Common since should kick in and they should realize that Zach hasn’t helped ANYONE’s game, and all he keeps doing is going after people like Victoria, who granted is super annoying, but she has won more than Zach has. There is NO WAY I would give him my vote. And if I were her, and Derrick, who she thinks is her ally, still gives Zach his vote, I wouldn’t trust Derrick anymore. But most of this cast is just going to do what they are told, like good little sheep.

  15. Comments (610)

    So disappointed that Cody spilled the beans to Christine & now Zach is gonna be staying. I was really hoping that Cody & Derrick would work with Nicole, Hayden & Donny. Cody & Derrick may end up watching Zach & Frankie sitting in the final two…

    • Comments (16)

      i agree i hope hayden wins hoh tonight and puts derrick and cody right where they belong

      • Comments (1276)

        It I was Hayden, and did win, I’d put up Frankie/Zach up against Derrick/Cody. Then back door the other, to keep it Zankie against “Corick”? If they manage to save one half, I’d throw up Chirstine.
        This way the house would have to choose between one duo or the other. That should cause some divides and get one side or the other to change their tune and work with Hayden/Nicole.

    • Comments (875)

      I’m personally sick & tired of Derrick flipping the house. His Policeman skills have really controlled these weak, stupid, & dumb HG all season long.

  16. Comments (88)

    I’m really glad big brother steps up its game every season but I felt like this ew battle of the block is a weird one. I haven’t got my head around how it works and it’s kind of confusing. I hope next year they do something else. they should bring back the diamond power of veto. One was a good 1 or whatever happened to Pandora’s box

  17. Comments (88)

    I like Nicole but I cannot stand her voice. I have a weird thing with voices and when Nicole tax her voice sounds like she has something stuck in her throat and needs to hack it up

  18. Comments (182)

    This is so great. It made no sense for the detonators to sacrifice one of their own this early, allowing Nic, Hay, Don, Jo, to power up back at them. They got their senses knock into them like a two by four last night.

    They should put up Nic and Hay, because they make a cute couple up on the block, and for thinking they are so smart

  19. Comments (12)

    This is gonna be good…

  20. Comments (28)

    I am reading that Big Brother is being preempted tonight due to Football, does anyone know, it says to check your local listings? Thank you!

  21. Comments (469)

    I have just attempted to watch last nights BBAD – couldn’t get through it all – to damned aggrevating – it dawned on me as I watched that we bloggers are basing our opinions and comments as if we are watching adults playing the game and how we believe adults would act and react to certain stimuli – where in reality we are watching a group of adolescents – with a few exceptions these people are behaving like 5th graders at recess out in the playground – there is no mature reasoning or logic to the choices they make or the decisions they arrive at – it is strictly knee jerk reactions to situations or rumors (often precipitated by their own childish behavior) – and the constant one upmanship of all of them – I I I – me me me – Derrick taking credit for this most recent change – news flash Derrick – of all people Caleb is the reason for the gut check – Derrick telling Frankie – your welcome we (he and Colby) are the reason you are not on the block – news flash Derrick – the plan was made by Nicole and Hayden before you wedged yourself in the picture and in spite of you afterwards – and Frankie was to be backdoored – Christine unknowingly squashed that by not using POV – and not for logical game play but to quench her hatred for Zach – A TEAM MEMBER – the list could go on and on — so the bottom line is we are watching a group of extremely immature people (with the exception of Donny-Jocasta and to a point { to their credit Nicole and Hayden}) bumbling through a 3 month exercise to see who is the least foolish and egotistical and able to out bully their fellow chums —- the point where I could take no more on BBAD is Cody-Derr.-Chris. and Frankie in HVR talking and giggling – then emoting true horror and disgust when someone pointed out a deceptive act by the other side as if – how could anybody stoop so low to do that to us – we would never—— well I will attempt to make it to the end – but viewing it through a different set of eyes

    • Comments (843)

      I quit watching BBAD too, John. Can’t take Christine’s cackle or rubbing all over Cody, Victoria’s inane ‘daddy’ crush on Derrick, Cody’s immaturity—-just sick of it all. May be done with the entire show.

      • Comments (832)

        BBAD last night was the first time I didn’t watch the entire episode. Cody, Derrick, Christine & Frankie were hard to stomach the whole time. A bunch of paranoid kids! I still say, bring on some of us older folks! And not just a token older person, who’s only 40!

      • Comments (875)

        Same here, I tuned out the last hour of BBAD last night. But to be truthful, this isn’t the 1st time I have turned BBAD off this Season, the HG this season are just not that compelling to me.

  22. Comments (22)

    OK these are my predication’s to the 2b people who are the finalists.

    the first one to go is

    1. Jocasta
    2. Donny
    3. Hayden
    4. Nicole
    5. Victoria
    6. Christine
    7. Zach
    8. Frankie
    9. Caleb

    The finalists are


    • Comments (88)

      I agree with Derek because he seems to be running stuff but as far as Cody I don’t think so because he seems to be finding himself into too much trouble. I also think caleb is going to be voted out way earlier. something tells me that frankie is going to weasel himself into the bottom two.

      • Comments (875)

        Caleb is Loyal to a Fault, and that may be his undoing in the game. Derrick, Cody, & Frankie are going to get found out soon, at least I hope. Christine is ugh, Victoria is hopelessly clueless, and Jocasta knows what is going down, but is a weak competitor. Hayden & Nicole need to open their eyes, & ears, and to stop talking to Derrick & Cody!

        I am keeping hope alive, that Donny makes it to the end, if Donny finds a way to the F2, it will be only the second time a really nice person has won BB. The first time was Ian.

      • Comments (88)

        I agree with everything except you lost me at Ian. I can’t remember but I thought Ian like a miniature Dan. but I guess I am kind of bitter over Ian because I feel like Dan was robbed. all I know is this house needs to start being more Ruthless. All of them. last season they would have ripped each other’s head off over a toothpaste cap this season the biggest fight they have had was Zac confronting Devin at the veto ceremony.

      • Comments (875)

        Ian wasn’t my fave that season, I love Britney Haynes, but he was a true fan of the game, & deserved to win, he also had a very nice personality. Sorry, but I am not a fan of Dan & his “mist.”

  23. Comments (83)

    Omg I really hope Donny doesn’t go!!!! I want Christine or Victoria
    To go up and go home. I’d rather them lose Christine than zach.

  24. Comments (53)

    Tonight’s episode will air on WLNY (which is channel 10 in New Jersey)
    If anyone is interested. 9pm!

  25. Comments (182)

    Derrick is smart enough to lead from behind, thus steering his way to at least the final 4 with a good shot at final 2.

  26. Comments (401)

    I won’t post other blogs here but do a little searching and you’ll find at least one that will have a link to the show.

  27. Comments (1799)

    So all it took was to add some alcohol to stir things up with this group From the sounds of things all this switching happend during the half way party Loose lips sink plans

  28. Comments (92)

    Can’t wait to see the faces of the three stooges Donny, Nicole and Hayden when my Jewish Prince Zach stays. Then I hope the second HoH is endurance and that unAmerican Communist Donny goes home. Yessssssss!!!!

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