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Big Brother 16 – Eviction Prediction Thread


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I’m not going to rush right into this because Thursday’s are always a very slow day in the house (correction, almost always). The live show is tonight, and unless the house is mixed on the vote, they spend the day primping and prepping. That made me think of something I’ve always wondered… has the live show plea to the house ever worked to switch a vote? In the years blogging this show, I’ve never been surprised on who went home because the decision was pretty much made sometimes days before the live show.  Despite quite a few solid arguments in keeping a person over the years, I don’t remember a time when that actually swayed the decision. Oh well, it’s still good for TV. We get some of the best moments from those pleas (and some of the most awkward).


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Another week has gone by, and I want to welcome any new readers to the blog. I try my best to keep you as updated as possible, with as much info as I can squeeze in without flooding you with useless stuff. Needless to say, filtering the interesting from the uninteresting is one of the hardest things to do while writing about the show, because there are a lot of moments where it’s uninteresting conversation.

It was a pretty wild week, and as long as Devin remains in the house, it will continue to stay that way.  A lot of people talk about him, and it’s hard not to. He has his hand in everything and is a huge target by the house now. At this point, I feel sorry for the guy. Watching him sit in the HoH room staring at the monitor, seeing everyone talking and socializing while he was in the HoH room alone… it made me sad. Maybe I am just a pushover, but it would suck to have the entire house against you.  He had Nicole up in the room talking for a few minutes, and she spent the entire time with a bored look before standing up and inching toward the door.


Anyway, the house is pretty set on who it is voting tonight, and that could mean big things down the road. Team America will be doing their thing, Caleb is still obsessed with Amber, and the house is just waiting to drop the bombshell on him about how bad she speaks of him when he’s not around. The ‘Bomb Squad’ is just about dead, and even Nicole+Donny are scrambling to steal some of the good players from that alliance (Hayden, Cody for example).

Big Brother 16 is just getting started!

Here are the votes for tonight:

  • Amber – Paola
  • Brittany – Paola
  • Caleb – Paola
  • Christine – Paola
  • Cody – Paola
  • Hayden – Paola
  • Jocasta – Paola (maybe)
  • Nicole – Paola
  • Victoria – Paola
  • Derrick – Paola
  • Frankie – Paola (maybe)
  • Donny – Paola (maybe)

I am pretty confident on all but 3 of those votes. It was set to be a closer vote than that, but with Caleb flipping over to Team Zach, I have a feeling the rest of the house is just going to vote Paola out and not create any waves.  Frankie was supposed to vote Zach to mix up the votes, but I doubt that will even happen.  My guess is 12-0, but it’s possible you’ll see 9-3 or even 7-4. Either way, Paola is going home.

If anything happens on the feeds, I’ll create a new thread, otherwise I’ll see you tonight for the live show!

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  1. Comments (191)

    I can’t wait to hear what Paola has to say if she believes she is going home. Even Zach may take a shot at Devin for putting him up.

  2. Comments (68)

    I really like Paola, she adds something that no one else adds. However, she really really sucks at the competitions, i don’t even think she threw the BofB comp but more just sucked at it. Also, Zach seems like a future power player so i really hope he stays.

  3. Comments (332)

    Well Zach is throwing competitions and not playing up to his potential. He just thought he could fly under the radar a bit and get to jury. Devin is good at snooping out the lazy folks but he just needs to think more and not speak or act. Caleb is learning that too.

  4. Comments (332)

    I am a bit frustrated with Paola that she thinks her body can keep her in the house. Like wearing little frilly and flirty things will keep you there. Because this is a game and it takes a brain to play it. She should at least be playing a friendship social game and that is missing too. She just is B-oring

  5. Comments (332)

    We were rolling with laughter during the whole Frankie and Hayden dish washing scene. That was hilarious good TV Big Brother camera!

    • Comments (610)

      Was that part only on the live feeds? Or only After Dark? I would love to see it since so many people have commented on its hilarity. Does anyone know if BBAD is available on demand or anything like that?

  6. Comments (332)

    And it is to weird that they all congregate in the bathroom to sit and eat and socialize. Come on people, they must think there are not cameras there or something. We can hear and see you and its gross to be doing anything but bathroom stuff in there.

  7. Comments (16)

    what does everone want team america to do this week

  8. Comments (843)

    I don’t get live feeds so hoping someone can answer a question. With all the bitching Devin does about the kitchen being dirty and dishes not washed, has HE ever cleaned or washed dishes?

    • Comments (4)

      Devin and Amber usually clean alot. That’s how he got under Brittany’s skin. They were cleaning and such and all of a sudden he finds body lotion in the kitchen. He gets disgusted and confronts Brittany about how disgusting house is and she shouldn’t leave stuff around. That was the practically the beginning of that small feud.

  9. Comments (110)

    I really don’t think Paola threw that comp. She said she did but I think she was just bad at it. However it is just wrong on so many levels. You never put your fate in someone elses hands. Do your best to get yourself off the block and even more so when it impacts someone else. For her to even consider it made me lose respect for her. Brittany hates her now and I can’t blame her.Her silly posing at the POV meeting kinda shows her shallow side but I would rather see her use her head and do some actual game playing. She should have said Devin, use the POV on me because you said you would keep me safe! I hope she no longer trusts him.

    All of that being said I am not really a new reader, I was here last year and just didn’t comment. I do really like this blog, you do a great job.

  10. Comments (4)

    Devin and Amber usually clean alot. That’s how he got under Brittany’s skin. They were cleaning and such and all of a sudden he finds body lotion in the kitchen. He gets disgusted and confronts Brittany about how disgusting house is and she shouldn’t leave stuff around. That was the practically the beginning of that small feud.

  11. Comments (143)

    Why keep a competitor like Zach?

  12. Comments (4)

    Because unlike BB 15, the house wants the best competitors left standing. I mean, I kind of like how competitive these houseguests want to be. They want to play the comps against the best competition. With people like Pow Pow, how are you ever going to get a good comp?

  13. Comments (3)

    I want Zach to stay! If he doesn’t, no more #Zrankie 🙁

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