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Big Brother 16 – Eviction Predictions

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In just a few more hours, two more members of the cast will be joining the jury house, but I only know the first person leaving.  Nicole won the competition to re-enter the  house what seemed like 2 months ago, and could not win a competition to save her Big Brother life since that day.  The only surprising thing about Nicole leaving tonight is that she’s still in the house at all. Without the ‘huge’ threat that was Donny, Nicole would have likely been eliminated last week, but she was able to enjoy another week of slop, hard beds, and plenty of alone time.

Since returning to the house, Nicole was made a havenot both weeks and has pretty much talked to only Donny, Derrick and Victoria.  She’d have small talk with the others, but for the most part they avoided her like the plague.  The ironic thing about Derrick talking with her is the day she entered the house, he was the one who rallied his alliance together and told everyone not to spend any alone time with her. That was short lived anyway, but it’s still funny to see him now compared to how he was 2 weeks ago.

Derrick already informed Nicole it will be (hold on to your seats for this) .. another unanimous eviction.  That will make 9 of 11 evictions, and one of those two non unanimous were only that way because Donny and Hayden simply could not vote out Jocasta even though they knew she was doomed (which is also the reason those two are in the jury house).

When it comes to the second eviction, sadly that’s almost predictable as well.  I think there is about a 78% chance either Christine or Victoria will walk out the door behind Nicole. In fact, I will be blown away if it’s not one of those two people.  Entertained, but also blown away.

PS – that 78% is completely random and it’s actually more like 98%. but I gave some wiggle room under the rare chance Victoria wins a competition – hahahahah

My apologizes for a pretty dull prediction thread, but I’m doing the best with the material given to me… and that’s not a lot.

See you in under 3 hours for the live show!


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  1. Comments (77)

    Victoria for the 500K, Derrick 50K
    I think Derrick will ditch Victoria tho cause the Bomb squad have said they wont give each other the win.
    I think Derrick and Cody should be back dooring Caleb instead of Frankie. Its obvious the Jury is uncomfortable with Frankie and Christine, easier win there and Caleb is such a dolt.
    Nicole shouldve been blowing up people’s game since she knew she was out.
    Why is Christine alone taking the heat for the inappropriate touching between her and Cody? Cuz shes married? Cody knows she married.
    Its funny that Derrick might be trying to save Frankie bcuz he think TA is still on, that might be his downfall

  2. Comments (10)

    I hope one of the guys go for the second eviction. Derrick would be shocked if it was him ….. lol

    • Comments (98)

      Yes he would & Victoria would self evict.

    • Comments (11)

      No one in the BB house has the B#%&s to put Derrick up who no doubt is the Puppet Guru/Master Manipulator of the BB game ever played and notice how he changes his psycho looks from being a skinny, baggy clothed facial haired always touching his face person to a clean cut non facial hair put on weight 360 degree turnaround person after Nicole left and wins the only comp. in the whole game. Wow……..bring on Jeff ASAP Derrick needs to meet his match.

  3. Comments (54)

    I hope Victoria leaves 5 Minutes after Nicole.

  4. Comments (843)

    I agree steve beans. Unless Christine wins HOH or POV, she will be out the door because, you know, the Bomb Squad has made such HUGE moves this season. In case Christine does win either of those then Victoria will go. She’s such a threat! LOL I still think keeping Frankie is going to bite them in the butt.

  5. Comments (722)

    About 2 hours to go..
    Time to do nighttime chores..
    The anticipation is killing me. . !!

    • Comments (248)

      I can’t wait ether. I live on the west coast so I have a lot longer to wait. I might cheat and read the blog before it comes on here. My husband hates when I do that. He likes the show too.

  6. Comments (224)

    I thought Jocasta’s eviction was a surprise to Nicole, Hayden, and Donny? They all expected Zach to be voted out. If they were in on the plan to flip the house, Hayden probably would have voted out Jocasta too.

  7. Comments (91)

    it will be a sad BB ending if Derrick gets the boot and Victoria floats in and wins BB.
    oh the humanity.

  8. Comments (182)

    Let the backstabbing begin, it will no longer be about pals but dollars and dreams, that are so close they can smell it. Derrick already knows whom to F2 with; Nicole help when she confess to him who she definitely won’t vote for in jury, which could very well mean that Donny, Hayden and Jocasta will follow suit.

    That’s four votes just one shy for 500K. Caleb will be Derricks biggest competition in F2, so he will be Derrick’s target soon right after DE. Sure it’s just a game, but that ain’t monopoly money they are playing for, it will get bloody.

    • Comments (1443)

      Nichole knew Derrick was running show as did everyone in jury. Plus Donny told her also. She just let her heart take over her brain this last week because Derrick didn’t ignore her like others. She ended up liking Vic and since Vic attached to Derrick she spent time with him also. But before Donny went it was just Nichole and Donny. When Nichole gets in house she will get straight again after talking to Hayden. Donny and jacosta. And sacks big mouth probably has already spilled the beans. Remember Nichole already accused Derrick of being in alliance and playing her and he jumped all over her. She knows. But they still might all vote for Derrick to win thinking he played best game. And I guess he did but he played game with no big moves. No fun for fans when there are no big moves. And unless Chris wins hoh tonight there will still be no big moves

  9. Comments (24)

    I think it will be Christine if she doesn’t win HOH or POV but if she does I don’t know who will be voted out. I think Derrick will try his best to keep Victoria safe, and why not, she does whatever he says. It’s like Derrick has two votes as long as Victoria is in the house. I think the others may be smart enough, I know that’s a stretch, to realize that they can all win over Victoria in the the final 2. Seriously, unless she is the smartest BB player of all time and is just letting us think she is that clueless, which I doubt, she has not done anything the whole season and everyone realizes that.

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