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Big Brother 16 – Eviction Predictions Week 4


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The window of opportunity to stay in the Big Brother house is now closed for Brittany as the house is in full prep mode for the live show tonight. Very rarely do people get the chance to actually campaign on Thursday, and often times most people know who they’re voting out by Wednesday night.  Every once in awhile we get a Thursday surprise with some scrambling, but that’s few and far between.  This week is certainly not going to be one of them as the house is so locked in, one nominee hardly campaigned this week.

Britney gave it a try the past two days, but I really don’t think there was much she could have done. As soon as Cody picked Donny as the replacement nominee, Brittany’s time in Big Brother was over.  Even without the Team America twist, it would have required an absolute pro to stay in the house against Donny this week.  Could it have been done?  Certainly.  When there is talk of Donny going home in 2-3 votes (according to their ‘plan’), Brittany could have bought herself a few more weeks.  The only alliance Donny is part of doesn’t even really act like one.  On top of that, their missions are so half-assed, they’re at the point of insulting our intelligence as fans (seriously, Amber is a huge physical threat? Maybe to Caleb’s heart).

The week was full of questionable decisions and poor moves, and tonight when the girls in the house go to cast their vote for Brittany, they’re basically casting it for themselves as well. In a soon-to-be very male dominated house, there will be only two girls who aren’t in immediate jeopardy of going home. One of those girls is so expendable, she’s already been nominated twice and forced from her HoH role the time she won it.  Amber’s short time as HoH was so insignificant, Devin basically picked all four nominees and made sure the person throwing the competition will be one of Amber’s (so she loses her HoH spot).

Note – I don’t mean to make it a gender war, but that’s basically what it has become considering most of the ‘Bomb Squad’ and ‘Detonators’ are guys with two female add-ons. Their goal from the beginning was to send the girls home one by one, so don’t shoot the messenger about constantly bringing up the sex of a player when I talk about the game. 

The reality is, Brittany is one of the strongest female competitors this season, and she is one of the few chances to prevent an all-guy final 5. If anyone had the brains or guts to form together an ‘outcast’ alliance, it would have been her. The guys know it, and that’s why she didn’t have much of a chance this week. Britt’s only hope would have been to sit next to someone more threatening (Caleb), but that didn’t happen.

Here are my predicted votes:

  • Everyone will vote for Brittany to go home

Yup, another unanimous list.

I am also hoping the HoH competition will be an endurance challenge (where they’ll let us watch the feeds), so that should draw some entertainment.

See you in just over 3 hours for the live show!

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  1. Comments (191)

    No question the guys are running the house and the women are blind to what’s going on

  2. Comments (1799)

    Derrick Frankie Zach Cody to me that’s the pecking order as I see it so yes Christine is out in the cold as with all the other women bye bye Brit

    • Comments (843)

      Derrick will never take Frankie or Cody. He will take Zach because he is disliked the most and hasn’t won anything plus he took the trip to Germany over the veto.

  3. Comments (1446)

    I said it after Paola went home – the girls will now be picked off one by one. But there never really was a strong woman in there from the start.
    Crazy as it sounds, I miss someone in there like Amanda.

    • Comments (2826)

      Amanda wasn’t strong, she was in a showmance.

      • Comments (1446)

        Amanda had 100% of the house either scared of her or thinking they were going to the end with her and McCrae. She had no problem intimidating and arm twisting to run the game. Didn’t like her, but she wasn’t afraid to play, unlike the ladies this year.

  4. Comments (412)

    Brittany is definitely going home tonight! Bye bye Brit, TEAM DONNY!

  5. Comments (843)

    Caleb is putting on mascara–Amber’s of course. He is using eyebrow pencil—Amber’s. Now he is using an eyelash curler—again Amber’s. Notice a pattern here? I sincerely hope he is gone before jury. Creepy, douche bag, boast mode cowpie has lost it.

    • Comments (1446)


    • Comments (644)

      I saw the pictures of Caleb applying Amber’s makeup. He acts and says strange things in the house. Sometimes I wonder if he is a mole planted by CBS. Does he really act like that in real life???

      • Comments (5)

        I was thinking the same thing. What in the world must his friends and family be thinking? Captain Obvious please visit the big brother house and give Caleb a dose of reality….Amber is NOT at all interested in anything you say or do. Ugh!

  6. Comments (1)

    The nomination of Amber as a physical threat WAS insulting. TA does not deserve to ca$h in on that one.

  7. Comments (182)

    The females are being picked off because they are floateroos. That assessment was easily made after just a few BBAD. Their conversations are game play weak and go along with guys to get along with the guys.

    No doubt the men are driving the bus this season. Joey try to start something, had the courage but lack the strategy. And the guys pounced on her for daring to think that way, and the girls have feared trying it again. Brittney going out was probably the last rally attempt possible.

    Watch Hayden/Nicole try something soon, when they start to realize they are but ducks in a barrel, and the ducks are few becoming.

  8. Comments (1799)

    Hope it’s not to late for some of these people Watch as they get suck into feeling sorry for Frankie and hand him a HoH this week Dumb Dumb but game play is so poor and many are worried about there image they don’t want to look like a bad person and keep Frankie from getting a photo og his granddad Yet he already got a special letter and was given all that time to vent They forget Frankie is putting wining money above being with his family

  9. Comments (98)

    Joey had the right idea she pulled the trigger too quickly.

  10. Comments (875)

    Big Brother After Dark is a total “Snooze-Fest,” I can not even watch it any longer. If Season 15 of Big Brother was Controversial, & filled with Drama, Season 16 of of Big Brother is a the total opposite. BB-16, boring, boring, boring, and disappointing to say the least!

    When a large alliance all votes the same way to evict, and protects fellow HG in their alliance, with the help of outside allies…It makes for a very boring Season of BB?!

    Best thing about this season of BB is Donny.

  11. Comments (1799)

    Yes she did not understand how to judge who to trust at the start She blindly believed the women would all agree She need to first see how each person was planing on playing the game

  12. Comments (5)

    I like Donny and. Brit. If they vote out Donny it would be so much fun to watch and shake up the game. Too bad they won’t do the unexpected. What a snooze fest. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

    • Comments (343)

      Donny seems to know what is going on. He nailed Derrick tonight as the leader. Trouble is, can he put together a group to take on Derrick’s Army? Doubt it.

  13. Comments (76)

    So tired the direction this season is going, Production is manipulating it for it’s favorites.
    I refuse to vote in Team America or Have Not Choices.I think if more of you did the same it would clearly show Production how over it we are, my only way of showing my disgust., before I disconnect completely .

  14. Comments (198)

    With as much as the live feeds go down
    Why does anyone pay for them.

  15. Comments (343)

    If Brittany was so smart, she would have grabbed hopeless Devin last week and tried to form a counter alliance to take on Derrick’s Army. Instead, she didn’t even give any game support for Devin deciding to save her. Instead of owing Devin, she voted against him two weeks in a row as “thanks.” So, she made her bed and laid down in it.

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