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Big Brother 16 – Frankie Is Now Proudly Frankie Grande


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I am going to say, yesterday took a pretty unexpected turn and I’m still trying to digest it. Thursday night, Caleb found out that Frankie was one of the people who manipulated Nicole into exaggerating how much Amber wanted Caleb out.  This set him off because nobody gets between a stalker and his victim… I mean Beastmode Cowboy and his girl. As a way to get back at Frankie, Caleb told Nicole to nominate them together so Caleb can sit down and tell Frankie to complete the BotB by himself.  Nominations came and went, and Caleb’s plan was well underway. The two were paired together, and he (Caleb) let the DR know he was going to sit out and they appeared fine with it (later Caleb would admit there is a rule they have to play in comps, so he was surprised they let him do it).

The day went on as normal, and feeds eventually went down for the competition.  At 9:55pm, the feeds return and the house was all fired up.  Zach and Frankie were screaming at each other. Frankie was rubbing it to Zach that he won the competition alone and he’s not going anywhere (Frankie did apologize to Donny for that because Donny is still on the block). The two sat in the living room screaming at each other like they’ve been married for years, but Frankie kept dropping hints he had to say something that could change everything. Zach demanded he be in on the meeting, and after some hesitation, Frankie pulled the guys (minus Donny) into the fire room for his reveal.

I covered a lot of what was said (as best I could, I’m no transcriber), but now I can summarize here. You can flashback to 10:02pm to see the entire reveal.

Frankie revealed he’s not who he said he was.  He was indeed on Broadway, but that was many years ago. He is now a social media star with over 1.5m followers through all his platforms combined. He has a Youtube channel, Keek, Tweet, Kit, Kat, and whatever else there is. That wasn’t the biggest part. He also revealed his name has really been shortened from Grande Marcioni to just Grande.  Derrick comes out .. “Amanda Grande?” (close enough, Derrick).  Frankie continues with his reveal on how famous and successful and beautiful of a voice his sister Ariana Grande has (yes, the same girl with that horribly annoying voice on those two Nickelodeon shows… don’t judge, my step-daughter is a teen). To be fair, Ariana doesn’t sound like that in real life, it’s just a stupid character, but I’ve never actually heard one of her songs.

Caleb has a tough time absorbing this all. He goes from telling Frankie he would have punched him in the face if they weren’t in the house to becoming his best friend and trying to get hookups in the country music industry. I should note, Caleb said the punch in the face part because he was upset Frankie held a huge secret when everyone else admitted who they were.. Caleb especially, considering he’s a man of many, many, many talents apparently (the only thing Caleb can’t do is play Tennis – according to Caleb).

The guys were a bit shocked by this and had a difficult time absorbing it. The girls on the other hand gushed all over the fact he is related to Ariana. Victoria is a mega fan of his sister, and as you can see above, she lit up with the possibility of meeting her after the show.  Frankie remained with the girls for awhile bragging about his sister because they seemed to care a lot more than the guys did. Cody had to keep reminding the other people how Frankie is not the famous one, his sister is. Zach was worried about America’s Favorite  (but I actually believe that will go to Donny despite Frankie’s fame. They compared Elissa’s win, but Elissa was up against a cast full of horrible people. Donny would have beat Elissa as well).

When the dust settled, Zach and Derrick felt pretty demoralized. They feel Frankie is a guaranteed winner, especially considering he said the prize money would go to a charity. Later in the night, Nicole even said she’d have a hard time getting him out because of his fame, but again Cody reminded her Frankie is not the famous one. This cast is too scarred by Elissa’s massive popularity, but they don’t realize Frankie doesn’t really have the same thing going. While popular, I have not seen a large amount of people caring if he were voted out.  Donny on the other hand… be careful there. I said earlier in the season and I’ll say it again.  Voting Donny out would be like voting out Santa Claus.  The longer the season goes on, and the more Donny remains true to himself, the harder it will be to vote him out and not be hated by BB fans (if that’s what they care about).

Do you think Frankie’s reveal will help him, hurt him or have no impact on his game going forward?  He’s safe for the week, but he’s still a very large target by the guys. Will they be too scared to vote him out now?

Veto competition is later on today and it’s a pretty big one. If Donny wins, it will be a very interesting two days on the feeds until the meeting on Monday.  I may go out for a bit this afternoon, but hopefully should be back before the veto competition is complete.  Have a good day!

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  1. Comments (651)

    I’ve been with BB since season 1. I have the feeds and I’m sure I can even finish out the season much less stick with them next season. Caleb told DR he was going to just sit down in the BotB. He told the HGs that he wouldn’t participate–unless there was a prize. Then ALL day they set up a comp that all HG’s agree is easier to win by a single person and CBS tweets that Fakie has a big reveal. I’m just so sad. I miss the days when it was a game. I stayed with them through the hot mess of last season but I’m not sure I can even watch another day. I know I won’t get the feeds again. No Respect for the fans.

    • super duper bb fan
      Comments (34)

      I agree. I miss the days of real gameplay. These days….the HGs are more concerned with what the next gig will be post bb. What a shame!

    • Comments (88)

      preach sister! yeah I have been with the show since season and it keeps getting worse and worse. I feel like it has become a social show or a popularity contest. it keeps becoming less about the show and more about the fame and money. I remember years ago when they used to do endurance competitions and they stay up there all night. now you would be lucky if they sit up there for an hour. I see more people throw competitions then on any other season. Plus T the show romances are out of control. for god sakes this is Big Brother not the bachelor

      • Comments (383)

        I’d like to see a more diverse cast. The first couple of weeks this season I couldn’t keep straight which white guy with short dark hair was which. And do we really need the token flamboyant gay character every year? Why not a regular person who just happens to be gay, like the majority of gay people I know? Why not represent more of the races and ethnicities and cultures that make up this country of ours?

      • Comments (692)

        Jenny, as a gay man, I would like to thank you for your comment. I have nothing at all against flamboyant gay men but I am NOT one. I’m not closeted but a lot of people do not know that I’m gay because talking to everyone about sex is not my thing. Of course I do talk about sex if it’s brought up and I’m very open about it but flamboyant, I am NOT. Some of my closest friends are flamboyant and that’s fine. I just hope that America realizes that not all gay men are flamboyant Queens. Again thank you for your comment.

      • Comments (383)

        Totally welcome, Franko. My dad’s gay and mostly in the closet. My best guy friend is gay and like you, not closeted, but most people have no idea. On of my best girl friends is a lesbian, closeted at work but accepted by close friends and family. Why not have an all gay cast with a token straight guy? Or an all black cast? Or a cast filled with people of all shades of color with maybe one or two token white people?

      • Comments (692)

        thank you so much, Jenny! I like your ideas, however I doubt seriously America is ready for an all gay cast with a token straight person.
        I wish everyone was as open and receptive to people who live a different lifestyle. Bless you!

      • Comments (469)

        franko – I am a 71 year old heterosexual male – while I don’t agree with the homosexual life style – I hold no animosity toward anyone – that being said it seems to me that as a gay man your biggest concern should not be the flamboyancy of the gay HG’s but instead their character -it is painfully obvious reading these BB blogs that Andy and Frankie are thought of as two of the most despicable people to have played the game – and they happen to be gay – so I pose the question – why can’t BB select a “regular gay person” (Jenny’s words) – to represent the gay community – these two have certainly done a great deal to damage and sully it’s image – if I was gay I would be mad as hell.

      • Comments (692)

        john ruth – I do agree with you and thank you for your comment. I guess what bothers me is that so many people who are not accustomed to being around any gays is that it their idea of what a gay person is like are the ones they see on shows such as Big Brother. It also doesn’t help that they are such conniving and lying people. We “normal gay”, Jenny’s words, are definitely not all like that just as not all straight people are like the ones who do the backstabbing

      • Comments (469)

        couldn’t agree more – franko

  2. Comments (1092)

    How much was CBS paid to put Frankie on the show to be an infomercial about his sister ???

    • Comments (492)

      I know…I never even knew of his sister? Or who
      She was until bb

      • Comments (328)

        I know about Ariana Grande, but didn’t know about Frankie. I like her song (it grew on me because of my 15 year old son). Both my boys know about Frankie because of YouTube and also Ariana because of the two Nickelodeon shows. I was introduced to Frankie’s videos this morning. Pretty funny stuff and his sister is in quite a few videos, and Frankie is in some of Ariana’s videos. I never really saw his bragging of his YES famous sister as over the top, more like over the top proud he is of her. You can see that in the YouTube videos. Can’t really say that Frankie gets on my nerves because I have a son that is as charismatic as he is. I love it!
        Well, back to Big Brother fun and drama for everyone!

      • Comments (12)

        lol I’m 16 and I knew absolutely nothing about either of them…

      • Comments (328)

        How good for you. I only know of her because of my two special needs childeren, so Disney and Nickelodeon are pretty much what I watch through out the day. The Charisma that Frankie has just reminds me of my son was what had made me even complement his funny character.

  3. Comments (7)

    The show is rigged. If Frankie wins this season, I’m officially done!

  4. Comments (332)

    How much longer can Derrick skate by. Truly he is getting as terrible as Frankie. The pon will have to be Nicole, Cody or Victoria and the veto has to be used or Americas Team is toast. Just discouraged that it is now the Frankie show. I expect Donny to come off for AT pon to work.

  5. Comments (120)

    If Donny wins the Veto, Zach will be going. Derrick was just telling Cody that Victoria and Claeb need to stay in the game. He also actually told most of the guys (minus Frankie and Donny) that Victoria is the fifth person of their alliance (I doubt Derrick will tell her though). Derrick and Cody are on board with getting Zach out because they say they don’t know where his head is at now. Christine has also made it clear that if she put up Victoria next to Zach, she would still want Zach out (she even went as far to say she kind of wants a tie in votes so she can evict him).

    • Comments (20)

      If Donny wins the veto, Zach won’t be going.

      • Comments (120)

        He definitely will be going, as of right now.

        What makes you think different?

      • Comments (92)

        That’s right my zach isn’t going anywhere, just like my Victorioa. Are you kidding me comparing Donny to Santa Claus. More like Dumbo. Can’t stand that communist.

      • Comments (692)

        Buffalobill, you’re such a jerk. That’s the nicest thing I can say about you.

      • Comments (843)

        Don’t feed the TROLLS!

      • Comments (692)

        Thank you mouse, I try to ignore him but he’s such a jerk and I’m so tired of him calling Donny a communist.

      • Comments (343)

        Truly the dumbest post Ive EVER read in the few years Ive visited this blog. Communist? What are you smoking, dude?

      • Comments (1288)

        Then most likely Victoria would be the replacement and our resident troll will plotz.

      • Comments (843)

        Dictator Derrick would never stand for that. She’s a pawn and a vote and minds very well.

    • Comments (1443)

      Derrick wants Donnie out Donnie is the only one he can’t read or control so he’s a threat to him. Plus Donnie knows it’s been Derrick controlling game with Cody and Frankie as cohorts. The ones I like never win. I like to see the Jordan’s or the world win

  6. Comments (21)

    Thank you again production for proving this is not a game, but bucks for CBS.

  7. Comments (5)

    Thanks CBS for making sure that Frankie made thru another week! As for who his sister is, I’m in the WGAD corner he can’t be trusted with a spoon!
    I love his personalllity but he isn’t going to donate 100 grand anymore then I’m going to change my name to Grande
    Now that FRANKIE is safe it’s time to kick out DONNY…

    • Comments (682)

      I agree with your post except the last part. However, Donny looks miserable this morning. He compared being there to being in prison. I like Donny and would love to see him stay but it seems like his heart is no longer in it and I don’t blame him.
      He should go shave his beard and “start fresh” like Fakie did.

  8. Comments (1092)

    It is funny, on a Republic Records site, there are all kinds of links to CBS Sacramento.

    Republic Records is Ms. Grande’s label, and CBS is Big Brother.

    With probably tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people who want to be a houseguest, it seems CBS has rollwd the red carpet for Frankie so he can publicize his sister.

    Amwrixa is being more manipulated by this stunt than some of the houseguests.

    • Comments (1092)

      * America *

      • Comments (328)

        I thought Nickelodeon was part of the CBS family. Not sure though but maybe because NickJr. would play on CBS Saturday morning cartoon lineup. So if that is true, then it makes perfect sense that Ariana’s music label have links to CBS Sacramento because of her Nickelodeon ties of being on their shows.

  9. Comments (98)

    Frankie knew his big reveal would change some HGs opinions on wanting him out it appears to be working for some of tbem. They should remember they are there for 500k just like Frankie.I’m hoping Donny wins veto.

  10. Comments (20)

    Ok, I think you’re underestimating these Ariana fans right now. It doesn’t matter how popular Donny, Zach, Hayden or Santa Claus is, these people don’t really watch nor care about BB, but they will make a massive effort to have Frankie winning fan favorite if Ariana asks. They’ll literally spend nights voting even if they don’t really care just because Ariana asked. Believe me, my cousin is a Demi Lovato fan and she’ll do anything for her.

    So it really doesn’t matter who’s the most popular when you have a consistent fanbase backing someone like Frankie. He’s chances of winning Fan Favorite are still huge no matter what.

    • Comments (332)

      Well Donny is fan favorite right now and has been forever! I imagine he will stay the favorite.

    • Comments (682)

      Knowing how unfair this “twist” is to the HGs if there is a prize for America’s favorite this year they should have 2 people win. I said the same thing last year about Elissa and it didn’t happen but if they don’t next year will be worse. Might as well put 16 paid actors in the house.

  11. Comments (162)

    ? So is Frankie the saboteur because he sure doesn’t need the money but has had his hand in a lot of stuff they has happened. As far we know everyone else does need the money for whatever reason.

  12. Comments (692)

    I hope Victoria gets put up!! I don’t want Zack gone yet either!!!
    Hope Frankie is out next week!
    Could CBS please feed us more Frankie/Zack time. I think its kinda sweet. Don’t like Frankie but like them together.

    • Comments (20)

      Donny is not getting evicted. If it happens, it will be in the final 5 or further, when people are already thinking on who to take to the final 2 and no one will want to go againt Donny.

      • Comments (120)

        Donny will be getting evicted if he’s still on the block, even next to someone like Victoria. Everyone already wants Donny gone, so if Zach wins veto then this is the perfect time to get him out.

      • Comments (1288)

        They could be concerned the returning player will be chosen by America. Better to eliminate Donny after the return so there is no chance he would come back.

      • Comments (682)

        Good point!

  13. Comments (220)

    Ariana who? I have kids who know her and even they’re not awed by it.

    Frankie was probably running out of things to ramble about.


    • Comments (91)

      Ariana Grande is a HUGE mega-star. If you don’t know who she is you should at least google her name, check out wiki, twitter or youtube. See for yourself. Ariana Grande is in the Top 35 most followed Twitter accounts with over 17 million followers. Her newest song “Problem” has over 120 million views on YouTube. She has been a very hot and rising young star for years before her brother Frankie was on BB. (She was sitting in the live audience on Thursday night)
      You might be right that the BB demographic may not include a younger audience that knows who she is. And if that’s the case, it shouldn’t matter then right?
      But Caleb and Victoria get it. Only one person will win $500K. But the real prize and takeaway for everyone else is the possibility for personal success and life after this game, and could be found by hitching their star to Ariana Grande via Frankie. Even if just for Twitter followers alone. (In case you didnt know, Twitter followers are kinda important if you want to be a famous anything.) I like Frankie anyway, so this doesn’t change anything for me except I am glad he is still on the show. But if I was in the house I would instantly become the Frankie Grande guardian and BFF.

    • Comments (1276)

      Sorry, I have to jump in here. Ariana Grande is HUGE, with the pre-teen kids that watched her on Nick. And is a pop star, so is like Hanson back in the 90’s, or The Jonas Brothers. The pre-teen kids love her.However most adults, who don’t have kids in that age range, have NO IDEA who she is.
      I had to ask my 12 year old Nephew, who had NO Idea who she was, to then have my 8 year old Neice tell me that she “likes her songs” and loved her on her TV shows.
      I hate to say it, but I honestly have no doubt in my mind that twice as many people know who she is now, than before just from watching BB and trying to figure out who she is. Then we go pull her up on YouTube, look her up on Wiki, google her, all of which add to her fame. So we have all helped CBS/Nick/her lable promote her. Grrrrrrr

      • Comments (328)

        Maybe so, but her fame grew because of the pop song Problem that launch late May and was popular from the start. Well that is how I came to know of her from a music point. I have seen her shows but didn’t put two and two together until my son mentioned it.But oh well, she is a cute girl and funny in her YouTube videos with her brother Frankie.

    • Comments (1288)

      She is a current sensation with a hit song but her Nick show was just cancelled before the end of its first season. She is not on the level of Beyonce and Rihanna, she could turn out to be a Debbie Gibson.

  14. Comments (220)

    Donny, Derrick, Zach, Cody, Nicole (kinda sorta)…

    That’s the order of my faves right now…for different reasons.

    Everyone else…well….whatever. Seriously…whatever.

    They need to make the next few weeks all D.E. episodes to get this season over with.

  15. Comments (412)

    This is a tough one, because I love Zach but I think Donny deserves to be in the Big brother house more than Zach. Donny is out there sweeping the floors with these young bucks. He’s won 3 vetos and one HOH. What has Zach done? No seriously, other than constantly making me smile and laugh. He’s won one HOH, to which he played Frankie’s little bitch. Idk, I love Zach, but poor Donny has been fighting like crazy to stay in the game. If he does get evicted, I hope it’s him to come back into the game.

    • Comments (1276)

      Very True Queen B. I used to like Zach, and he’s winning me over again, but he hasn’t played harder than Donny in Comps.
      That being said, Zach is actually playing a better social game then Donny. While he’s a jerk to half the house, and while they have tossed around getting him out many times, he still has most of the house on his side. I would probably take Donny’s approach of stepping back and letting everyone feed on each other, however, he needs to step up trying to work with others in the house, or he won’t be able to make it much further at all.

      • Comments (1443)

        Donnie had no chance from the start. He was not in the big alliance and his age separated him from the others. He’s talked about how hard it’s been in a house of juveniles. Put yourself in his place being with people 15-20 years his junior. He is miserable. Plus quit his job to go on the show

      • Comments (692)

        Did he have to quit his job?? Are you sure he isn’t just on a leave of absence? Since he’s been there so long he certainly should be able to take a leave of absence I would think.

  16. Comments (843)

    I’ve never liked Zach but, after him saying he terrorized his little brother, knocked him around, threw him against the wall, I despise him. His mother did nothing! What kind of family is this?

    • Comments (1276)

      I didn’t hear that part. When was he saying that? Are you sure that he wasn’t just joking around? It seems like his brother is the ONLY person he cares about, and that they are super close, so I’m just asking if he might of said it in some kind of horrible joke????

  17. Comments (401)

    Listening to the feeds from last night, about the same time that Christine and Frankie are gloating about how Victoria will never vote against him now, Victoria is saying she hates him and it makes no difference in the game.

  18. Comments (1276)

    Does anyone know what has been going on the last few hours? I was just hoping to find out, now that the smoke has cleared, if people are still acting like who Frankie’s Half Sister is matters as far as his game goes?

  19. Comments (88)

    No you were right the first time. I just watched Ambers eviction episode last night and I fee l bad for her. She was literally being stalked on national TV. I laughed so hard when Caleb was watching Amber though the door and he scares Cody. I will say amber kinda did out too herself. She should have told him flat out( no, hell no, never gonna happen) but no she floated around the subject still wanted to be he’s friend. You never become friends with someone who likes you that’s how stalkers are born

    • Comments (383)

      She did tell him she doesn’t have feelings for him like that. More than once. She obviously didn’t know how crazy he was acting. Based on that interview she seemed to think he just had a hopeless crush on her. I had a friend like that years ago, who was always trying to get me to go on a date and I was always turning him down, but we were friends. He was not a stalker. She is probably scared now that she has seen what all went on with him.

  20. Comments (88)

    Ariana Grande is one the biggest pop stars on the planet right now. Not only did she started on TV but I can’t turn on the radio without hearing one of her songs. Personally I don’t like her but very into pop culture. Surprised more people don’t know her. Frankie should have never said anything. Maybe to like Zach to earn back his trust but not the whole house. Come on man. Big brother has proven they don’t give the prize to people they think has money. Cuz sadly for most them it’s about the money and not the title.look how they treated Elissa cuz Rachel won. And they were spoiled rich girls. They could care less that they ere the only ones playing the game .

  21. Comments (332)

    Please read the America’s challenge for it to work, Nicole, Victoria or Cody have to be the pon and get sent out too.

    • Comments (1288)

      Oh…you mean pawn. The TA mission is just about impossible now and there is no reason to plan until they know the veto comp outcome. But if it is used Nicole and Cody would never agree to being a pawn as Caleb did. It might be an interesting test of Derrick’s influence if he could get Victoria to agree to going up but there is no way he would let his little suckerfish get voted out.

  22. Comments (1288)

    Did anyone notice the change in the Veto draw during the DE? I seem to remember them just using a bag to draw out of before and during the DE they drew chips from a box with a built in stand. Perhaps this is due to the HGs saying in a previous draw they saw the chip on Top and made sure to grab it.

  23. Comments (332)

    I am just tired of the planning and scheming of this group. They just need to play the game. And darn it keep your mouth shut even for BB production to hear anything.

  24. Comments (1288)

    Veto draw time … I hope if Nicole plays and wins she would save Donny. She might not since she knows Donny voted for her rather than Hayden, stupid move though if she doesn’t – even if not actively working with her Donny is another outsider target.

  25. Comments (88)

    I know I’m going to get negative feed back I don’t think Donny Will win. He’s too nice easily pushed around and they are just keeping him till they don’t need him. I like him but he doesn’t even have alliance.

    • Comments (1276)

      I think you are right that he won’t make it. Not because he’s not playing the game, shoot, what is it 3 veto wins so far? But he isn’t willing to lie to everyone, so he’s avoiding any alliances. BB is about the comps and the social game, so he really doesn’t stand a chance unless he starts working with someone.
      But, even if he gets to the end, I can’t imagine any one of them taking him to the final 2, it would be hard to beat someone that everyone loves in the votes.

      • Comments (88)

        if I was gambling man my money would be Derrick not a fan but he gas played a hell of a game

      • Comments (1)

        Sorry, but I just had to repeat what you said: he “gas” played a hell of a game. He’s farting all the time. It’s stinky. LOL

      • Comments (88)

        Yea I meant has. been blogging on my phone all day. Notice a lot of my postings today have typos.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think you are right jesus6789. Derrick is managing to control pretty much the house, and not having to be mean to anyone to do it. The funny part is, when ANYone talks about using that good old back door, Derrick’s name is NEVER brought up.

      • Comments (875)

        Donny just told Nicole that Derrick has manipulated the whole season, and if he would have said anything earlier, he would have been long gone from the House. Donny told Nicole this because he said he knows his game is done. 🙁

  26. Comments (182)

    A miraculous win with Caleb-resistances, a possible CBS connection with one of Frankie’s sister’s music label. We need to see if unfairness can be manipulated by production on this BofB

    A no hiding staged-declaration of Ariana by her brother on live T.V., where i reckon to guess most like I, never even heard of either one of them.

    Ticket sales and ratings booster, anyone. The word is that she will be bigger then Britney. I see this as bringing her more mainstream. I ain’t complaining, I see a clever promotion of one of their own.

    So we got a little commercial. I don’t think Frankie will win it all, he will be out soon.

  27. Comments (22)

    Seriously Frankie is completely using his sister to get somewhere in the game. People do u not understand that he has been lying to you all the entire time. Hes a piece of crap. Protecting his sister? Really. Using your sister is more like it you loser.

    • Comments (1276)

      LOL, he actually said he was “protecting his sister”? That is just amazing that he would even attempt to say it. Again, I had NEVER heard of the girl until he relentlessly talked about her and not wanting the houseguests to know she was his brother. Sure, protect her name from 15 other houseguests, but talk about her every single chance he got in the DR. Too funny.

    • Comments (34)

      He’s now using his sister to save his butt. I had more respect for him when he was keeping it a secret. Now he just looks like a fame whore. Plus we all knew he was DYING to tell them eventually.

  28. Comments (22)

    This story is already SO boring. So his sister is some questionably talented wannabe who appeals to children under 12. So what? And why should this make HIM any different? I hope to hell Donny wins POV and Frankie the magnificent is the replacement and then shown the door. I’d rather have Zach at this point.

    • Comments (22)

      Wait.. he won the BOTB. Does that mean he and country boy fool are safe even from re-nomination?

      • Comments (1276)

        Yep, Frankie and Caleb are safe. The only possible replacements are Nicole, Cody, Derrick and Victoria. I hope Christine puts up Victoria, and doesn’t do Nicole wrong.

      • Comments (843)

        Christina has lied to Nicole this entire time. I don’t see her trying to protect her now. Derrick and Frankie will tell her what to do in case Zach or Donny win POV.

      • Comments (1288)

        While alone this morning Christine was mumbling about Frankie annoying her and wondering how she could distance herself from him. She seems to be leaning toward wanting a Cody/Derrick/christine/Nicole finish.

    • Comments (875)

      I personally believe that Frankie has done “more” harm to is Sister’s career than good, by spilling the bean that he is her Brother?!

  29. Comments (27)

    Wow, Frankie finally revealed his big secret, that he Ariana Grandes big brother . While the guys aren’t impressed, the girls are eating him up.
    I personally think that whenever there is a celebrity sibling on big brother, they always have advantages in competitions.
    Big Brother is always up to something to make the game more complicated.
    They wanted Frankie gone, so they made sure that didn’t happen.

    • Comments (1288)

      Not at all, to his face Victoria is all “oh wow” and without Frankie around the little suckerfish was in tears because this news is so unfair to Derrick’s game. Seriously.

      • Comments (27)

        Derek probably will have a hard time getting Frankie out now that the secret is out but people shouldn’t be favoring people based on there social standing, so what he has a famous sister, it should be based on there own game

  30. Comments (843)

    Hearing snippets about production telling them to act certain ways from Zach and every time they cut to fish so I can’t get the whole thing. BB needs to quit trying to rig the game in favor of certain players.

    • Comments (875)

      Right now on Jokers Nicole, Zack, and Donny are saying that the BOB was STAGED! So the DR is running the game along with Derrick! I believe that BB wants Derrick, Frankie, and Cody as the F3.

  31. Comments (875)

    Poor Donny…telling Nicole that he knows his game is done 🙁 ! At least he has told Nicole who is behind the manipulation in the house, Derrick with Cody riding his coattails.

    I can’t stand Derrick, but Donny told Nicole she should have nominated /derrick & Victoria during her last HOH, and that the BOB, allows derrick & Vic to manipulate the outcome of the competitions.

    Right now Zach, Donny, & Nicole are in the HN room, If these 3 get by this week….Game ON!

    One last thing, who else believes that Christine’s Husband sent her a shirt like Donny’s as a private message??? I do, to play the game with him, Donny!!!

  32. Comments (843)

    My grandkids are 11, 13, 15, and 16—-none of them have heard of Ariana.
    I want Donny to win America’s Favorite and watch the look on Frankie’s face!

    • Comments (1288)

      That happening would immediately tell Frankie and Donny that they have misread what America wanted and if Donny is America’s fave they are probably America’s blaggards.

    • Comments (692)

      I want Donny to win America’s favorite! I certainly plan to vote for him! I hope he wins by a landslide!! I hope Julie makes a big deal out of it!

  33. Comments (1288)

    If it is a message it seems totally lost on her.

    Donny is definitely feeling the pressure, noting how the jury house is probably more comfortable than the BB house right now. I hope he finds his mojo before the POV. A win there and the guarantee of a shot at the next HoH would re-energize him. Production seems to have thrown Frankie a bone with that BotB comp, let’s see if they come up with something right in Donny’s wheelhouse for the POV.

  34. Comments (21)

    First of all, I just want to clear the air for those of us CANADIANS who may or may not be offended that we are not not allowed to vote for anything, CANADIAN viewers make up probably 30% of the viewers that watch Big Brother, therefore, it is quite unfair we are not allowed to vote for the fan favorite. Also, most of us Canadians HAVE NOT heard of Ariana Grande. Just saying…. She may be somebody in the USA but as Americans, please remember us Canadians are your neighbors to the North and we do count too and for a popstar to be as HUGE as some of you say she is, don’t you think most of us over here would have heard of her? She’s a non entity over here, I guarantee you that. A nobody who thinks she’s somebody because she’s popular in ONE country. Frankie is not only riding her coattails in the house, but outside as well. Nobody cares about Frankie Grande. The USA may know who he is, but noone else does and Americans are not the only Big Brother viewers.

    A little side note in case anyone from production happens to read this, if Canadians aren’t allowed to vote, don’t broadcast on Canadian tv, expecting Canadian viewers. If you want our 30% of your viewers, we should have just as much of a say as everyone else does.

    Secondly, for people to say Frankie has charisma is just laughable. It’s a joke. You call dishonesty, misrepresentation, phoneyness and narcisism charisma? You may want to check the definition again on Google…. Just saying…. I have a homosexual sibling, I also have a homosexual cousin and a homosexual uncle, as well as many homosexual friends (sorry for using the word Homosexual so much, I didn’t want to offend anyone by constantly using the word Gay, trying to be politically correct.), none of whom find Frankie’s overly flamboyant behavior flattering to the LGBT community or that the LGBT community is being represented well. I personally find him prancing around and acting like a fairy ( sorry ), offensive and not easy to watch or tolerate. People are entitled to their own opinions but anyone who would vote him as a fan favorite, to represent the kind of person America likes or enjoys, needs their head checked. Fan Favorite is about picking someone who yes plays the game wellm but should also be someone who is likeable for their personality, someone who maybe actually has some morals and integrity, both of which Frankie is lacking. Elissa was related to Rachel who is well known, but Rachel was well known for playing the game. Even casting someone like Frankie who is attached to someone who is, according to some of you, “mega famous”, isn’t really right. It comes across as though his sister somehow used her pull or influence to convince casting to cast him. That shows just how easily production can be bought and if they can be bought that easily for casting, chances are good that they can also be bought to predetermine the outcome of the show. It’s just another reason added to my list of reasons not to watch Big Brother next season.

    Lastly, I just want to say how amazed I am at the lack of sense and rationale of some of the players and those viewers who constantly talk them up. Derrick isn’t exactly a man of integrity either as he is the second puppet master trying to control his puppets. Frankie being the first puppet master. Almost every season the biggest liar wins the game, and I guess to get ahead you have to lie and manipulate. Derrick and Frankie have those skills mastered to a t. For once, I would like to see someone win because of their integrity, honesty and character and because they played as themself, not some devious, dishonest, manipulative, egomaniacal, diabolical sociopath a lot of people seem to secretly worship. People wonder why there is so many character issues with the youth of today, this show is a perfect example as well as the people encouraging this behavior by promoting it and supporting it. As much as people make fun of Victoria, she is just being herself and one of the only people left in that house who doesn’t go around plotting or manipulating or stringing the puppets along. Donny is one of the only other players to stay true to who he is and sadly enough, neither of them will win. Reason: They aren’t willing to sell their soul for some cash. Once Donny and Victoria are gone, who cares who wins? The rest are all liars who will do anything for some money.

    Big Brother, just when I thought you couldn’t go any lower after last season, you’ve yet again, hit a new low. Good job for promoting sociopathic behavior. You should be proud that you’re teaching our youth, that all that matters is money and to compromise who you are to get it. High five.

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  36. super duper bb fan
    Comments (34)

    It is almost 9 pm and golf is still on. SB …..keep us posted cuz I am done wanting

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