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Big Brother 16 – Friday Feeds, Pointless Nominations



Be prepared for a lot of this the next 3 weeks

As I pointed out in my previous post, the new twist button was pressed last night, so that means everything that happens this week will be for nothing.  On a side note, I am being told all houseguests will play for HoH, so a rewind isn’t completely accurate. This twist should have basically rewound the week, but if Derrick is allowed to play in the next HoH, then the twist is just allowing Derrick the chance to win back to back HoH’s. Again, this would have been great during say Zach’s week, but I am not very excited about the twist yet.

(Personal stuff, skip if uninterested) Seeing as the house is still sleeping – shocker – I can ramble a little. I don’t know if I wrote it here or replied to a comment, but for those wondering, my mother finally received her surgery date set for the 29th and my father is still left in the dark except for that one phone call he received last week. He won’t find anything out until the 8th.  Is it always this slow?  I know many of you have had doctor experiences around the country, but I was always under the impression they rushed this sort of thing along. Is that just in the movies?


Anyway, I guess it’s a good thing for the slow week ahead. I have to work ahead for school to prepare for my wedding! Only 8 more days. <nervous>

If you’d like to follow my personal facebook stuff, I have the info on my contact page. I’ll post wedding pictures and stuff!

Ok, enough of me.. updates…

  • 12:30pm – Everyone is still sleeping.
  • 2:00pm – Feeds have been down for about 30 minutes now.  I suspect the Jeff and Jordan appearance and possibly nominations
  • 2:30pm – Feeds are back, and apparently nothing happened?
  • 3:00pm – Caleb is telling this long story about his childhood and how he was whoop’d by his father. I will say one thing, Caleb has a lot of stories and most are pretty interesting…. even if they’re probably made up.
  • 4:50pm – Feeds returned about 15 minutes ago (they were down again, I forgot to mention). Jeff and Jordan finally did make their appearance, and the above photo shows why.  Congrats to the pair!
  • PS – I’m sure we won’t hear about how Frankie got to hang out with Jeff and Jordan every 15 minutes for the next few weeks.

While the feeds have been up and down, I am strangely fascinated by the little battle between Christine’s Husband, Tim and Dick+GinaMarie on twitter.  Regarding GM, apparently Christine said something (probably true) about how awful GinaMarie is while in the house.  GinaMarie wasn’t a big fan of being called out by a terrible person for being a terrible person, so she’s been linking stuff on twitter/instagram laughing at Christine’s exit.  As far as Dick and Tim, I think Dick was likely calling out Christine and Tim made a joke about how Dick won’t be coming over for dinner.  Dick replied something like “you should worry about working on your marriage first”.

My opinion (because I know you all care) – GM and Christine are both terrible players and obnoxious people.  Despite making it further in the game, I’d say GinaMarie is one of the worst players I’ve ever seen, and she only made it that far because she was an annoying version of Victoria.  She was given a gift of $50k because she’s a terrible player and person… so sometimes being awful pays off.  (I hate putting GM and Victoria together because the only thing they have in common is how bad they are at BB. Victoria actually seems like a decent person)

Dick? Well, he gives everyone shit.  I still don’t know how I feel about him.  On one hand, he had one of the more entertaining seasons, but on the other, he bailed out on BB13 turning a promising season into a mediocre season.  It’s annoying how bad he needs attention, but at the same time, a lot of the stuff he says to gain attention happens to be true.   He’s a mixed bag.

Follow along their twitter for entertainment.  Back to the feeds….

  • 5:25pm – Still waiting for the nominations (which mean nothing anyway)
  • 7:55pm – Feeds were down, now they’re back.  Nominations are in.  Victoria and Cody attack  (had to make it rhyme)
  • 9:15pm – The guys spent the night cleaning up the house. This is what the season has boiled down to?

Check back for more!


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  1. Avatar

    WoW Stevebeans! you are quite busy! I pray many blessing for you and your beloved. As well, may your classes go smoothly with straight A’s!
    As for the doctor stuff, it always seem to go much slower when you are in the middle of it. So hang in there! I pray healing for both parents!

    • Avatar

      Steve, I know someone who was scheduled for suspected lung Cancer surgery 4 weeks after she was told. I hope the best for your parents; will be praying for them. Congratulations on your wedding!

      • Avatar

        Steve, Love your writings about BB, Sorry about your families health problems. Being in Canada with “health care” Ive known two people with suspected brain tumors and they were told they would have to wait a year plus for their MRI. they went to a province with a two tiered system and paid for the tests. I myself was waiting for a couple of procedures and had to wait over a year for both of them.

      • stevebeans

        Thanks for the replies guys. 4 weeks, wow! Lung cancer seems like one you don’t mess around with at all.

  2. Sweet Bee

    Frankie is going to nominate Victoria and Cody. No big shocker here.

    • Avatar

      You are right….no brainer!

    • Avatar

      I think if Frankie was smart he would nominate Victoria and Caleb or even Derrick. Cody is pointless.

      • Jannie

        I do think that Mango has Derrick figured out, but he’s scared of the power Derrick has over the others. He is disgusting, but he is a smart player.
        He knows he can’t play in the next HOH so he will take the easy way out and do what Derrick wants – which at this point may be to get Cody or Caleb out.

    • Avatar

      reset button is about a month late. with it down to 5 it doesnt make much of a differance now. would have been way more effictive if it had been in play earlier. the whole season has been to predictable. imagine if the rceset was there for zach or donny! would have changed the whole makeup of the game. instead the the predictable all votes one way. like nichole said” time to stop playing big baby and start playing big brother” to late for that now. the control has been one sided the whole summer. makes for boring t.v. would have been interesting if the reset was there as donny and crew was figuring out derrick. but by time they did it was to late. could have been a good old fasion war of sides of the house and the breakaway people would have had to make moves. so to sum it up. to late cbs.

  3. Avatar

    It’s not for nothing. To Frankie haters, this is golden.

    This week forces Frankie to expose his hand and sets the stage for retribution on Wednesday. IF his nominees turn out to be the HOH winner after the rewind, zankie will be reunited next wednesday~!

    • Avatar

      I SO want to see Frankie get flipped out of HOH and onto the block this week! It was fun to see Christine get blind-sided last night. And as cocky as she was, she’s got nothing on Frankie! I felt bad for her when she got booed last night. Not sure I’ll have any sympathy for him when he gets the same treatment. He’s just not a nice human being.

  4. Avatar

    Hi Steve. I am praying for you, your parents and their doctors. Thanks for keeping us updated! Can’t wait to read about your big day!!!

  5. Avatar

    Stevebeans, best wishes for you and alllll your family. You have many people praying for you and yours!!!!!

    • Avatar

      Glad to hear you are back, franko! Miss your comments when you are gone!

      • Avatar

        Tango Tango,
        Thank you so much!!
        I appreciate your kind words. I have been blown away by outpouring of kindness from folks on this blog today!! AMAZING how kind people I don’t even know can be. There are great people on this blog!!

  6. Avatar

    Derek wouldn’t be the one to win back to back HOH’s bc Frankie is HOH right now ?? FRANKIE would be the one to win back to back. Derek would’ve been able to compete even in a regular week with no rewind?

    • Avatar

      Yeah. Although I wish it would rewind to the beginning of the last double eviction when Caleb was HoH so they can backdoor Frankie instead of eliminating Nicole.

      • Avatar

        Really this would have been a very big twist if done before or after zack left. Too late for this to really do anything. Will only be big move if Frankie does not win hoh or pov. Then he goes home!!!

    • Avatar

      I think since we know Frankie’s HOH will be wiped out, SB means that Derrick could have two real HOH’s in a row should he win on Wednesday. Frankie wouldn’t have two in a row because this one isn’t going to be “real.”

  7. Jannie

    The last line of your thread says it all…12:30 PM and the HG’s are all sleeping.

    I know we have discussed this before, but they are all so lazy!! House is a pigsty, they all eat whatever they want whenever they want(except for Have Nots and even the slop seems tasty this year with everything they can now mix into it.). There is no structure and they have everything they could ever need.

    Put some structure in there!! They can bring in 5 items, no more. No make-up, hair dye, tweezers, curlers or other distractions. BB provides shampoo, soap, TP, towels etc.
    Make them earn their food with comps the way they used to do.
    Blast the music at 8 AM and make them get up.
    BB should assign bedroom schedule every week – no more Mango sleeping in the HOH room every night.

    That house is going to need a good maid service and exterminator after this season 🙂

  8. Avatar

    Frankie will definitely go with Victoria and Cody cause Caleb is his sidekick but, Cody and Victoria are both Derricks final 2 choices. Interesting to see how Derrick will manipulate this one.

    • Jannie


      Although I’m starting to think that Mango may also want to take Victoria to the end for an easy win.

      Hmmm…who does Mango want to molest more after this week?? My guess is Cody, the easy target.

      • Avatar

        I think you, among others, need to calm down with the usuage of the word ‘molest’. You’re accusing Frankie of molestation? Come on. Instead it should be referred to as inappropriate touching… whatever. Molestation is not a term to be thrown around, even if Frankie is going overboard with the touching. It’s not molesting.

        I’ve never commented before, and I love reading steve’s blog and all your comments, but seriously. I hope you’re 15 because you are sure talking like it with your choice of words. Something for you to ponder.

      • Avatar

        ok, have him grab your genitals when you want nothing like that, then what will you call it? And it has been done. documented by those who transcribe the feeds.

      • Avatar

        Now you’re wanting me to be molested? Wow. How mature.

      • Avatar

        I did not read anything like that into blueblind’s response. I think you may need some help learning to read.

      • Avatar

        from Webster

        verb \mə-ˈlest\

        : to harm (someone) through sexual contact : to touch (someone) in a sexual and improper way

        : to bother or annoy (someone or something)

      • Avatar

        Jeez no wonder I don’t post onto blogs. Someone wants Frankie to molest me, someone wants me to get glasses, and someone thinks I don’t own a dictionary. I’m so flattered you’re all giving me this attention after I was trying to express a valid concern that Jannie could possibly be offending people by throwing around the word molest (and she was in that context), but I will no longer participate in your little game here.

      • Avatar

        Hey guys. Lets all chill out. Lets not read too much into posts.

        No one wants anyone molested.

        Don’t quit posting.

      • Jannie

        William – thanks for your post.
        I did not say SEXUAL molesting. I know the difference. And I am well over 15.
        The dictionary is right – molest means “to bother or annoy.”

        Thanks damamma.

        Now let’s all get serious – Big Brother (apparently) is nothing to joke around about.

      • Avatar

        Well, I think you need to realize that this is a place for people to share their thoughts and feelings on things, as they see it. You are welcome to voice a different viewpoint, but nobody is here for an English or Grammar lesson based on your views. Keep in mind that nobody likes or cares to interact with, or be insulted by, a ‘know-it-all’.
        Something for you to ponder.

      • Avatar

        Better a “know it all” than a “know nothing”. There has been a strain of homophobia running through most of the comments about Frankie this season. I mean who describes someone as “prancing” unless there is something more going on, A lot of “straight” people prefer homosexuals to be non-sexual. Frankie has pent up sexual desires and that freaks some people out. Oh well, Rome was not built in a day.

      • Jannie

        He is creating a stereotype that is not good for the LGBTCommunity, which I support wholeheartedly.
        My gay friends are embarrassed by Mango’s behavior!!

      • Avatar

        A LOT OF US IN THE GAY COMMUNITY are embarrassed by the behavior of freaky Frankie. he is one of the most phony people I’ve ever seen and certainly not a good representative of the entire gay community.

      • Avatar

        williams, I think I understand what you are trying to say here. For someone who has been truly molested by a predator, I can see how it might sound like people are minimizing their trauma by using that word to describe Frankie’s behavior. I am sure none of us would trivialize the impact that abuse has on its victims. Obviously this is a sensitive issue for you, but your response was a little overboard. Listen to Willie, you are welcome here. Just please remember we’re all just people, most of us mean no offense, please don’t jump to the conclusion that you are being insulted. We’re all learning to give each other the benefit of the doubt and calmly discuss things that might be offensive. Again, stay with us, please share your thoughts. 🙂

      • Avatar

        Thanks Jenny. I am new this season and have strong views, and everyone accepted me.. I’m paying it forward.

      • Avatar

        I think that post by Jenny was intended for Williams, not for you Willie 🙂

      • Avatar

        actually it was for both of them 🙂

      • Avatar

        I think that is an appropriate word for what he is doing. Those morons are too afraid to speak up for fear of being branded homophobes. He is seriously disgusting and sick in the head.

    • Avatar

      I think if Vic up with anyone but Frankie she goes home

  9. Avatar

    This whole season has been about not rocking the boat in the house, and because it’s gone this way the whole time up until now, once the boat IS rocked (Which it will) that will stir up some drama.

    Victoria will go up with someone, and let’s just say Victoria wins the veto, or more so, someone wins (Like Derrick) and takes Victoria off, leaving Caleb and Cody to sit up there.

    Well this whole scheme is to simply let the waters explode, and have those waters open come the refresh. People will have hard feelings, people will feel like their time was up because certain people they thought they could trust was going to send them out the door. (Honestly I hope they do the voting and everything and just before they walk out, Julie drops the bomb on them.)

    I think this button is meant to play with their emotions and make someone slip up. It’s certainly a twist that would have made better waves early on (Like during a Donny or even Zach elimination) but honestly, this season in perticular, it’s not as big as the other seasons. There isn’t a house divided, there aren’t two powerful sides hitting each other, it’s just been one group dwindling down the numbers and people just hoping they’re not next.

    • Jannie

      This twist would have been SO much better a month ago!

      CBS probably threw this in last minute when they realized it really wasn’t “the most twisted summer ever.” I doubt is was planned any earlier than last week.

      • Avatar

        Jannie, I agree, even 2 weeks ago woulda flipped the house. Now its just down the few and everyone thinks they will win but nobody but Derrick is doing anything as to alliances. Derrick will again say we must keep Victoria or even say she is a target put her up and vote the others off. Frankie shoulda had the guts to use his POV take down Christine forcing Derrick to put up another person. Ahhhh so much potential for game changing moves have been lost. Even Christine could have made a great move but just complained and went along and kept stabbing her alternative alliance in the back, Nicole 2x. She deserved to get booed and I hope Nicole just laughed in her face. Victoria does not care if she wins, she just wants to go to the end collect the 50K buy her a new BMW and hang with her friends…she stupid but not so stupid she actually thinks she can win.

      • Avatar

        I wonder if the producers realized that if the button was pushed early the whole week is a waste of time. BB has officially “jumped the shark”.

  10. Avatar

    I want to see in the Jury House! I miss all them more than the people still left in the house! Would love to be a fly on the wall when Christine walked in! OH lawd!

  11. Avatar

    Just finished watching last nights episode ….I don’t know if anyone else commented on what Fakie was wearing, except for the tightness of his shorts ….but seeing him in RED shoes a WHITE shirt …and Blue hotpants he had really irritated me ….after the FU America comment he made ….how patriotic of him…PPFFFTTT the only thing worse if he had on a flag tie ….I just might have blown a gasket

    • Avatar

      The man dresses like a toddler. Those shoes are just ridiculous. He’s such an attention whore. I dressed weird to get attention when I was going through a rebellious stage… but I was 15. I have moved on.

      • Avatar

        I know it was to suck up for the last TA epic fail …Derrick had on a flag hoodie … every time I see Fakie now I get annoyed …
        Please let the button twist get him out

      • Avatar

        His half sister needs to buy him a wardrobe. I wish he would have gotten the dino suit.

      • Avatar

        I agree, he needs some better clothes. It looks like he’s wearing Arianna’s hand me downs!! Surely she could buy him NEW clothes that fit. Lol

    • Avatar

      As bad as those shorts were, that was nothing compared to the teeny-tiny underpants he was walking around in on BBAD. Speaking of dressing like a toddler — they looked like the stuff my 3 year old neighbor kid runs around in. And I think they were the same size too. Then he took a shower and came out in a towel wrapped as low as possible around his hips to show off as much of his creepy orange old-man body as he could without his junk being seen. GROSS. Put some damn clothes on, Mango!

  12. Avatar



    derrick wanted to get donny out “because donny was a threat”…. when donny was a side alliance………….. dan would so reconize that and not touch team america, he said that in one of his twit

    derrick has tried to get frankie out, how many times has he failed???? last week he had the chance to “manipulate” the cowboy to do it, but guess what didnt happen, instead he goes for nicole who again said she wasnt gonna go after him…. and made it look like that was a good move for him

    let me remind you, DAN got daniele to put up shane her showmance….. and derrick cant make the easiest thing to get his loyal cowboy to put up a huge targte?????

    derrick biggest move, get ridd of christine “because the house wanted”!!!!

    please, all derrick is doing is watching what he says to people and hiding behind cody and caleb….. miau miau 2.0

    • Avatar

      Your correct Dan would run rings around Derrick and had him out quickly. There just are not any deep thinkers in this season, they all play for the moment, only Derrick looks 2-3-4 moves deep and builds alliances and sub alliances. The others sleep, eat and tell stories…their BB days are about to come abruptly to an end just like Christine and they will be angry but it will be their own faults…

      • Jannie

        100% correct a2dg!

        It’s a matter of opinion, and Derrick IS good, but he’s no Dan.

      • Jannie

        I guess I see Dan as so much better because he actually had people in the house in Season 10 who wanted to really play the game and make moves. Not a bunch of young, immature, easily lead sheep(with the exception of Donny).
        And Dan wasn’t afraid to win comps and make the big moves. I don’t like Derrick’s strategy of not winning comps.I hope it comes back to bite him. He’ll have to take Victoria to the end – yeah – two people who have maybe two or three wins between them.

    • Avatar

      Cody could have made a few great moves and wanted to and Derrick talked him out of it.

    • Avatar

      Derrick’s better at flying under the radar but I think overall, Dan played better than Derrick in both his seasons

    • Avatar

      Love the miau miau 2.0! I really did like Enzo as a person. Not so much with Derrick. I do have to say that no one will ever take the spot of Dr. Delicious Will in mt heart.

  13. Avatar

    I wonder what Plan B was on the slim chance that nobody pushed the button?

  14. Avatar

    Maybe the Big Button Rewind the Whole Week includes bringing back Christine and Nicole. And then redo the whole DE night.

    now THAT would be some fun.

  15. Avatar

    a2dg you can say Dan is better until the cows come home but that doesn’t make it true. Derrick has got to where he is with subtle manipulation all season and he’s never been nominated because of it. Dan was and his game play just didn’t have the finesse that Derricks has had all season. He’s won comps and gently steered every hoh just about to put up who he wanted. He’s not riding or hiding behind anyone because he’s convinced everyone he’s their friend and has the alliances best interest at heart. Talk about hiding seriously come on that would be Cody and Frankie. Don’t get me wrong I loved Donny but even he will give it up to Derrick on finale night. Who’s bed is Caleb in right now? Talk about hiding

    • Avatar

      Derrick not only has not been on the block but when has he ever been considered as a nominee? Normally that should be a huge target generator. Everyone in the house likes him, how did that work out for Judd last season? When Caleb took money in that POV it generated negative feelings for him, has anyone questioned Derrick taking the $5k? Derrick has positioned himself perfectly in every situation. CBS should have the Godfather theme playing when showing Derrick.

      • Avatar

        Hear hear DanDaMan I so agree. Has anyone ever came close to Derricks game play this year. No. Now what would be great is if Will and Boogie came back with Dan and Derrick in the house opposing them. Not going to happen but a girl can dream. Oh and just because, throw Jeff back in there shirtless in case I should even think about getting bored. Now that’s a season BB.

      • g8trgirl

        I would take the entire summer off from work and watch the feeds 24/7 for that. Maybe throw a little girl power in there though, like Janelle? And of course Donny and Chicken George for the entertainment value.

      • Avatar

        Yes yes and yes!

    • Avatar

      Only season I can think of that didn’t have alliances working against one another. Derrick skated by cause he had no competition to worry about

    • Avatar

      Derrick’s biggest mistake has been not being able to get rid of the fiercest competitor in the house.

      Frankie is smart, physically fit, and has played a great social game.

      Frankie also assasinated Zach. Maybe there were discussions with Caleb, Cody, and Derrick first, it doesn’t matter.

      Frankie had the balls to pull the trigger on an alliance member.

      So far, until now, there was a choice between an alliance member or non member, the three guys have chosen not to get blood on their hands.

      Now, without the reset button, Derrick faces the possibility of a backdoor.

      He must be nervous of this, and must be regretting that Frankie is still there.

      Derrick has played an amazing game, but Frankie is the albatross in the room.

  16. Avatar

    steve beans, don’t be too nervous on your wedding day because I, for one, would like details on the dress, flowers, venue, and cake! Prayers for a beautiful wedding and complete healing for your parents.

  17. Avatar

    I am just confused one something, why does everyone keep calling Frankie, “Mango”?

  18. Lulu

    Stevebeans, unfortunately, unless you are bleeding all over the place or in cardiac arrest, our healthcare system seems to run in slow motion. Praying for you and yours. Glad you have the love and support you need through all of this.

  19. Avatar

    Stevebeans, you and your family are in my prayers.

  20. Avatar

    libbi ever watch sat.nite live.the skinny guy humping everything in sight.name mango. (Have blank mind what real name is.haha).This most boring season ever.&watched all from beginning.everyone go with house.ya Caleb say he make big moves.bs.wish had this button way sooner.big deal now, almost over.want mango go next!!!.All prayers to your family steve.best part of bit bro.reading your recaps.sooo happy Christine got booed.said didn’t care America hates her.bet she does now.hope jury house ignore her way she did them.gross, fugly,**££#×€*

  21. Avatar

    That is the thing about Caleb, which wild stories are real or which is mixed in with Walter Mitty imagination.

    But that in itself is interesting, that Caleb would wax eloquent but fading in and out of non-fiction.
    I guess exaggerating his life experiences a bit, so it seems.

  22. Avatar

    Just saw a picture on Morty’s of the 5 HGs in the backyard with Jeff on one knee proposing to Jordan. There’s other people too.

  23. jimbo

    Im not really sure Caleb would lie/embellish about being whipped by his father. I believe him…it’s funny, but Im kind of rooting for him recently. He’s atleast a loyal dude, if not a good gameplayer. His so-called stalking was BS, as he obviously likes many women, even ones that he just sees picture of. If only he didn’t have Grande-fame-fever. Actually, if you are a Frankie hater, you should be happy — he MAY lose his HOH status. How is that bad?

  24. danmtruth

    Derrick just let the house make the nominations. They started off with 8 out of 16 people in the bomb squad Derrick just sat back the first 3 weeks seeing what happend. Devin made the big move by bring in Amber and Christine .Derrick just sat in the shadows . For the next few weeks Derrick flotated with the group Made his deal with Cody and started his secert relationship with Victoria All the time staying in the back ground . Derrick and Cody started to work together. Now you had the whole Caleb and Amber thing You had Zach doing his best jackass . This is when Derrick would target 2 players Have the HoH put one up save the other one for a Backdoor . Only if the house agree Aslong as Cody ,Victoria or himself weren’t up and the target he did not care who went . He never had anyone with a differant agenda . All the people have F4or 2 deals so the house did not care who went when. Look at all the unanimios votes Derrick had no compationion. Look back Dan had to battel others in the house He had to truly manipulate people . Simple put Derrick has no one coming after him . While Dan had to fight ever week for his exsistance in the house

    • Avatar

      Yea but it’s Dan’s fault that he always had people coming after him and he had to fight. He aligned with the wrong people early on and it almost came back to bite him. Dan put himself in a position to get evicted in the very first week and then was just fortunate that they decided to keep him. Derrick never did that because he knows how to make people trust him better than Dan did.

    • Avatar

      Danmtruth again I disagree about Derricks game play. Derrick has played these house guests like a fiddle. That takes skill. To have played everyone of them and not get nominated out of revenge alone is amazing. Has it been a boring summer for us die hard BB fans? You betcha but who on this blog given the chance to play like Derrick and give yourself an almost absolute win would say no I would want to battle and make people want to get me out. Really? No Dan battled because he wasn’t as good as Derrick at manipulating the others not because the other HGs are stupid or any other of the miriad of excuses people have come up with today. I’ve said it all day his gameplay has been excellent. Give the guy his due, I’m not crazy about him either I’m team Donny all the way but I’ve got to give it to him his strategy worked.

    • Avatar

      Dan didn’t have to fight every week. FRANK had to fight 4-5 weeks of that season while Dan slunk in the corner.

  25. Avatar

    Awww….Congrats to Jeff & Jordan!

  26. Avatar

    Steve Beans, you’re 100% correct about your assessment of Gina Marie, & Victoria…Both do not deserve 2nd, but Vic will most likely get it also, just like GM.

    Only problem is that a lot of us as avid viewers of Big Brother, think that the “best BB Player” should face the best in the F2, but it hardly ever works out that way any longer.

    • Avatar

      I don’t get it cause Dr. Will won 0 competitions in 2 seasons and he’s regarded as a BB god.

      I assume y’all are basing your assessment of Victoria on her competition wins, which she’s won 3.

      Victoria isn’t a floater, she’s managed to really only have a strategic alliance with one other person, who happened to be the ring leader of the house (Derrick). Floaters can’t pick a side or person to be with, while it’s obvious Victoria has. She’s never swayed from him and has voted 10 times in a row with the majority of the house. If she’s a able to pull out a few wins now, her game will come full circle and might win BB16.

      • Avatar

        Because Will would go up on the block and somehow always manage to come out on top. Even after insulting other houseguests in his speeches.

      • Avatar

        A floater is someone who has no game. Which is Victoria.

        Sure she has done the I will stick with a strong playet thing. But that us Derrick’s choice to allow that.

        She is such a floater, she isn’t even allowed to think for herself. She is told what is happening. She is so clued out as to what goes on, that Caleb actually told her the other night after Christine left, that Christine through him a bone in the botb. How long ago was that that they tried to kill Donny that botb. She would hsve been told to vote Donny out, and not even knowing how they got rid of him.

  27. Avatar

    I always thought the goal of this game was to get as far as you could. So, whenever people would make it to F2, I would consider them better players than the rest of the people in their season. Why? Because they got farther than anyone else – which is the goal of this game. So, I would consider Victoria a better player (even if it’s just by coincidence) than people like Nicole, Christine, and Donny. She has this weak woman persona (naturally or by choice, who knows?) and she was able to bond with the leader in the house (although she probably didn’t know he was the leader). However, she was able to make it further in the game than people like Christine (6th), Nicole (7th), and Donny (8th). So to me, and what I think the goal of this game is supposed to be (to get as far as you can, get to F2) these people in the final 5 are better players than the rest of the house. Same goes with all the F2’s of the season’s past. Could someone please explain to me how if someone places in 7th, how are they a better player than someone who ends up placing in 2nd – or winning? I just don’t understand.

    • Avatar

      It is the difference between the players that drove the game and those that were driven by the game. Victoria has been carried along by the flow and her actions have had very little to do with it. Derrick started grooming her early and directing her game. Only recently has she shown any initiative and it is much to late to do anything other than ruin her chances of being a “sure win” token to be carried to the final.

      The goal of the game is to win. Anything else is losing. 2nd gets $50k but it is still a losing position and if you don’t win you might as well have gone out earlier. That is why players other than winners are not judged by when they were eliminated but rather by the quality of their game..

    • Avatar

      Victoria never made any decisions on her own. Never did anything on her own. Did what everyone else did. That’s floater

      • Avatar

        Wrong. Derrick didn’t win two BOTBs and a veto for Victoria.
        Victoria doesn’t have to do anything by herself, look where she’s at now. Derricks in an alliance with her because he needs her vote, and in turn, she gets safety. She only made an alliance with Derrick and no one else.
        She isn’t a floater.

      • Avatar

        Victoria would have been gone week 2 when she told the house “this is like summer camp”, people were seriously pissed over that attitude. Derrick saved her and got the target moved to Paola.

  28. Avatar

    Please somebody comment if you think the hoh room is being abusied by the other hg and the sloppy and filthy these people live

    • danmtruth

      Stacy these house guest have abused ever part of the game . Unlimited food supply . The have not was a joke One season on the BB Aus . As the guest enter they chose a key . Two doors your key opend one. Per chance One door went to a house of luxuries The other to the bad side of the house No food they only ate after every one on the other side ate.They had to do the others laundry Every week the have nots changed Also the other side had to compleate task to gain food. Just cut down on players laying around doing nothing all the time
      As you said in the past the HoH was only for the HoH .If they wanted to share they could but people did not hang their ALL day

    • Avatar

      I haven’t seen the house this gross ever.
      You can tell it’s a lot of children that live there, kids who usually have mom and dad to pick up for them (Cody, Vic, Mango)..

    • Avatar

      Also, the Mango taking over the HoH deal.. Heck no!
      If he didn’t win HoH, he needs to be with the rest of the losers (they lost the comp, so that makes them losers for the week).. in the Have Not room or in one of the downstairs bedrooms.. but not hogging the HoH as if it’s his personal boudoir..

      • Jannie

        “Personal boudoir”
        That fits Mango perfectly!
        I also hate that he thought he was “too good” to be a have not – Especially because the house accommodated his wish.

      • Avatar

        He seems to think it is his room and whoever wins HOH gets to hang out in there with him. And he gets baskets of goodies from their families for sharing the room.

      • Avatar

        Mango said that out of all the days he has been in he house, he hasn’t slept in the HOH room 18 days. I can’t believe he keeps count of that!

  29. Avatar

    I disagree that these nominations are pointless. Feelings will be hurt, strategy will be exposed and player’s priorities will be readjusted the second time around. They are a step that needs to be taken on the path to the showdown between Derrick and Frankie/Caleb/Cody about having the show memorialize their “Brigade” moment of telling Victoria what is really happening in the game. Aligning with the fame-whores is about to cost Derrick some sleep.

  30. Avatar

    Hi Steve. Just wanted to congratulate you on the upcoming wedding. I’m also going through some serious medical issues with my mother as well so you’re not alone. I’ve followed big brother junkies for a few years now and have to say, its more entertaining than big brother at times. Keep up the good work. Hope all works out for you bro. Many blessings to you and your family.

  31. jimbo

    Well, I have an opinion on Evil Dick. And, mind you, Im a Dr Will/Russell Hantz supporter, so I don’t get easily turned off by “jerks.” I think Dick was a despicable human being, and can’t believe how this verbal abuser (and not in a Dr Will funny type of way) got so loved on BB, by CBS, and, apparently, America. I watched since the second season, but stopped watching, period, Evil Dick’s season, and then stayed away for the next 3 seasons completely because I hated how CBS embraced this loser.

  32. Avatar

    So noms are in and as expected it is Victoria and Cody. I do hope Derrick wins the POV as it will give him a strong temptation. If he removes Victoria from the block, Caleb is the only replacement. It would then be Derrick and Victoria voting to evict. Guaranteeing Boast Mode goes while protecting his mascot would be a win-win situation.

    Frankie would acquiesce because he can always say he could do nothing about it which is totally true. Cody would be on-board as it means he gets to stay and the F4 Hoh would be between Derrick, Cody and [lol]Victoria. Cody would love those odds.

    So Derrick and Victoria would be all ready to vote out Caleb – who will know he is the target – and the rewind will then hit. That would make this twist monumental.

    • Jannie

      Derrick has thrown all the comps thus far…
      I even think he tried to throw the last HOH he won and got it by accident.

      Is Derrick finally ready to try and start winning and make a move??

      I would like to see Boastmode win, take Cody down and it would be Derrick and Victoria on the block.

      It’s the only scenario where Derrick would be forced to get rid of Victoria.

      It’s a given that Derrick is going to win, but I would rather BM or Cody get the $50K – not Victoria.

      But then the rewind will change everything…

      • Avatar

        How does he have 3 HoH wins if he has thrown all the comps? Because Donny read his message multiple times with some differences there was mass confusion on that question and given Derrick’s memory I believe he got it right. If he was planning on throwing that he would have not done it in the first round. He would have gotten a couple right and then dropped like he did in the Defusing the Bomb POV comp. He wants to be nonthreatening but not unworthy [like Victoria]. Derrick has won a couple and has also turned throwing a couple to advantage – he gained much good credit on throwing to Frankie in connection with his grandfather passing and he collected $5k that no one has thought to mention again – while we still hear about Caleb taking the $5k over the veto.

        You are right about Caleb winning and taking Cody down [to secure his loyalty forward]. They could tell Derrick “hey you won’t have to vote out Victoria this way” or “now you can say you survived a week on the block – it helps your game”, Derrick would hate that but have to swallow it. I don’t think they would vote out Derrick though, all feel that they win against Derrick in a F2.

        However if they send Victoria out this week, they will have sealed a jury win for Derrick if he is in the F2. Donny knows who the power of the house is and will vote Derrick over everyone including Frankie. Donny’s wisdom which has been flowing through the jury house for some time now will carry much weight with Jocasta, Hayden and Nicole. All of them will be OK voting for Derrick to win. That is 4 and Victoria will make 5, that is all it takes to win.

        Of course Derrick has to get there first and this twist may make that difficult. If a move is made it could cut either way and then be reversed – that’s a great twist effect. I am OK with Victoria getting the Gina Marie trophy, as SB points out she is a much nicer person on the whole.

      • Avatar

        You are forgetting one thing – Derrick has already figured out what the button twist is and he will not expose himself this week – the others are clueless.

      • Avatar

        Derrick suspects it will have some negative effects, not just a positive luxury reward as Caleb thinks, but he readily admits they do not know what it will do. He knows the importance of winning this POV because of the numbers left. He wants Victoria to go further and Frankie/Caleb/Cody do not. Given the chance he will have to consider rolling the dice.

      • Jannie

        Thanks Dandaman, you made me think.
        I now want Victoria to remain on the block with Cody, BM, or Mango.
        Derrick’s game will be exposed if he has to make “Sophie’s Choice.”
        Is it finally time for Derrick to “get blood on his hands??”

      • Avatar

        Come on people keep up. Derrick has won comps!

    • Avatar

      A huge ironic twist would be if Frankie wins pov again.

      He is tight with Caleb, and knows Vic is useless.

      He also asked Caleb the other day ” is there a veto during the final four ?” And Caleb confirmed yes.

      So Frankie’s thought may be for a power move this week, and if he goes on the block next week, win veto and be ready for the final three.

      So, digest all of that. If Frankie wins pov this week, a power move would be for him to take Vic off the Block, and put up and evict Derrick. Tell Caleb that it is the only chance to win, and they will have a final three with Vic.

      Caleb will have such a hardon for this idea, as he would think it will help him secure contacts with Frankie after the show.

  33. Avatar

    Here is a question. Since the week will be re-set, does that mean that the TA task won’t count and they won’t get the $5K even if they do pull it off?
    IMO it should.

    • Avatar

      Hmmm, good question. The TA missions are outside the actual game [meaning HoH-Nomination-Veto-Eviction] and perhaps that is all that is being rewound. The mission should be outside that as only Derrick and Frankie are actively playing for the prize.

      I also believe that Donny is still Team America even while he is sitting in the jury house as long as he is keeping their secret. Perhaps Frankie and Derrick can send him a private DR update on how TA is doing as long as it only deals with the TA mission. That way just as the rest of the jury gets a weekly update when they see each players eviction DVD, Donny would get the TA update – and the money of course.

  34. Avatar

    thumbs up if frankie is annoying. and with the reset he will get nominated unless he wins hoh again. unlikely.and gets evicted.likely. yay!!! cant wait to hear all the boos like cristine got.that was great! mango thinks he is loved. the look on his face when he finds out he isint will be priceless. (:

  35. Avatar

    I want Victoria to win, but none are going to take her.

    Can Frankie chew with his damn mouth closed. Why I have hear him masticating.

  36. Avatar

    My favorite thing about BB16 is the wall tile in the downstairs bathroom.

  37. Avatar

    Anyone watch Jeff’s exit interview with Christine?


    Just starting it myself, hope he doesn’t hold anything back. The players have been asked about the boos in DR, he had best ask her.

  38. Avatar

    As much as i want Victoria to win. This reset button will not matter.
    They’ll still evict Victoria next in any scenario and shes so happy about it.

    So I wanna know how any of these “Jamokes” will get the jury to pick them

  39. Avatar

    Hey LiveFeeders, we have an exciting new game-changing vote make – yippppee!!!!!

    It seems the house will be getting a pet for a day and we get to choose between a dog or a bunny. Currently dog is running away with it at 80% vs 20% but I am hoping the bunny makes a comeback. They had Christine in the house for 70 days, do they need one more?

    Also TA mission is in – it is the Rodent Scare challenge. Tonight or tomorrow, keep whole house up until 6 am. Cakewalk.

  40. Avatar

    Julie Chen corrected herself about the rewind button. All the HG’s who played in the last HOH competition will play in another HOH comp (so Derrick is not allowed to play).

  41. danmtruth

    G first I was excited about the reset. With out them voting to show who would be voted out . It is meaneingless . They will all say it was what the house wanted crap. Unless either Derrick votes to keep Victoria . Over a bomb squad member . Or if Victoria wins POV to force Frankie to nominate another bomb squad member . Without the cover of you were just a pawn . Than it could be Derrick and Cody on the block. With Victoria and Caleb both voting to save Derrick . Without the vote there is no drama . Every thing gets rewind if Derrick or Cody win Vuctoria goes on the block . The only question do they stick with the we don’t want to give Frankie a chance to save himself . And nominate Caleb in Hope of winnig POV and Backdoor Frankie or Caleb ?
    Personal note on Frankie . I agree with the person who said how much he is hurting the LGBComunity. He is just perpetrating the old stereotype . Gay men are sexual predators . Always looking for sex . Trying to turn straight men gay. Insted of having this gay caricature why not someone like a Michel Sam . A gay man most people would walk bye never knowing he was gay . Even Andy from last year was no where as bad as Frankie . He was able to show that an outwardly gay person can interact with straight people on the same level .

    • Avatar

      Frankie is the tiebreaker.

      If Vic wins veto, why would he keep Derrick ?

      *Boot out Derrick.
      *Cody thankful. In debt for final three with Frankie and Vic.
      *Tell Caleb that he wants Cody out.
      *Vic would be sad, but she will still be in the house, and doubtful she will win hoh.

      Frankie would be smelling roses. Why keep Derrick ?

      • Avatar

        Because Frankie (as well as Caleb and Cody) think they win over Derrick in a F2, Derrick has been reinforcing that belief. Frankie is less sure about winning over Cody.

    • Avatar

      danmtruth, I have to say that you hit the nail on the head with your comment about Frankie! Years ago I had very close friends who did not know that I was gay. I was in my twenties and struggling with my sexuality. my friends had children ranging from 2 years old to 18 years old. when they found out that I was gay the mother asked me to please not come to their house anymore and not contact them and especially not to see her children because she did not want them around gay people. She was very specific and that she thought any gay person would try to influence them and “turn them gay”. it hurt my feelings so badly that it took years to get over that. the one person in her family that made me feel better about that situation with her 18 year old son. when he found out what his mom had done and said to me, he came to my house to let me know how very much he love me as a big brother and how very wrong he thought his mom was.
      YEARS went by before I ever saw that mother again but I did run into her one day a few years ago and it was all she could do to look me in the face when I saw her. She very very humbly apologised for her words and her actions. she has learned much over the years and I honestly believe she was sincere.

      FRANKIE acts the way SOME people take all gay people act. He IS NOT in any way a good representation of the gay community, I said before he is an embarrassment!

      • Avatar

        Sorry you had to go through that. I strongly believe that it isn’t a choice but you are made that way by God. Being born gay is no different than being born straight, born with a physical or mental impairment, we are born the way God wants us to be born for his whole plan for us while on this part of our life.

      • Avatar

        Clearly Frankie does not represent all gays but he does represent a segment of the gay community. I have attended many Pride parades, Fantasy Fest in Key West and been in San Francisco on a steamy summer night, Frankie would be lost in any of those crowds. Andy on last season was a non-flamboyant gay, so they are showing a variety.

      • Avatar

        Oh that’s terrible Franko.
        You didn’t deserve that..

      • Jannie

        Luckily times are changing! And changing fast!!

      • Avatar

        First I want to say so sorry you had to go through that . Some people are very ignorant.
        You are a very brave and strong man.
        You are a good example for others. Your restraint not say anything back to her was remarkable.
        May God bless you even more.


  42. Avatar

    Goodmorning everyone! I just read that Julie has now stated that she made a mistake and only those people that played inThursday nights Hoh can play on Wednesday nights show. Essentially Derrick can’t play. Also SteveBeans you made mention that Evil Dick had bailed on season 13 I think. I thought he left because of a family emergency? I’d appreciate someone telling me what happened. Also if Evil Dick has any followers and you’d like to see him he will be on VH1s Couples Therapy I think starting next week. I read what your going thru Steve on a personal level and yes the wheels of the medical society turn slowly but once started it will get hectic so take a breather now it will speed up. God bless to you and mother and father and enjoy the wedding it’ll be great!!

  43. Avatar

    Stevebeans gratz on the wed…

    Can u please let us know what u thinking comparing derrick to dan or will…..
    I love your point of views

  44. Avatar

    From jokers: They all went to bed in the FR last night. Caleb, Cody, and Frankie in one bed. Apparently, Frankie started rubbing Caleb’s behind and Caleb forcefully removed it. Frankie says, “Oh, I didn’t even realize I was rubbing you.” Caleb got up and went to another room to sleep.

  45. Avatar

    I don’t think the re set button will do anything.
    Whoever wins HOH will but up the same people and vote out who the house wants out.
    (Victoria will not win HOH) so we are back to the same thing.

    If I were Derrick I wouldn’t have wanted to push the button either, he has $20,000 and wants to keep everything the same.

  46. danmtruth

    All Derrick knows is the button push won’t be good. He does not know what will happen . He just knows it will hurt his game

  47. Avatar

    Derrick can’t play in the rewind HOH competition, which is actually good for him since he can play in the next one. Frankie will put up the same people. Caleb will not put up Frankie or Derrick–unless Frankie sees an opportunity to get Derrick out and convinces him to put Derrick up. Cody won’t put up Derrick. Victoria….well if pigs could fly.

  48. Avatar

    I dont know – just saying – but this group of house guests seem like they are having a pajama party – no maturity amongst them – save Derrick or Donny – or some of the older ones – never saw a season like this – but then I never watched BBAD before either – so maybe all the men in the house sleep together at night – and all the women do whatever all the women do in the house – has it always been this way – with the groping and touchy feely things going on – anyone know???

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