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Big Brother 16 – Could Be A Fun Friday Ahead


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Slight delay in the recap today, had to get my marriage license this morning. It’s getting real!

Ok, so what a wild 15 or so hours in the Big Brother house. People are finally playing the game, and all these alliances everyone had with each other are now biting them in the ass.  From what I gather, things mostly went to shit shortly after the live episode when Christine tried to play the innocent card yet again. She’s had multiple secret alliances this season, but is still trying to be friends and allies with Nicole. It’s hard to juggle all of that, so Christine did what Christine does best – she started throwing people under the bus to make herself look better.


I’ll try my best to summarize while still making sense.

By Christine playing innocent and pretending she was influenced into the double eviction events, Nicole became furious at Cody and eventually told him she can’t trust him any more. When Caleb told Zach that stuff Nicole said to him was true, Cody jumped in to confirm it  (7:59pm). Cody tells Zach that Frankie/Christine were pushing for a Zach/Cody nomination.

Zach was hit with information overload and blew up at Nicole (not in a bad way) in the beehive room.  He let it all out.  Turn on the feeds to around 1:30am to see Zach confess everything to Nicole and say he wants to work with her. She was very apprehensive at first, but eventually came around and told him about her ‘Rationale’ alliance (that didn’t include him). Shortly after the eviction meeting, he was basically taunting Nicole and kind of being a dick, but hours later he is telling her a poem and spilling his guts.  Amazing what a few hours in the Big Brother house can do.

The big news of the night was when Caleb learned about Nicole being told to lie to him about Amber. This is around 3:15ish, and Caleb was not happy at all about being played. He volunteered to go on the block with Frankie and during the battle of the block competition, he plans on sitting down and saying “have fun. You did this to yourself, homeslice”. This will guarantee they lose and remain on the block.  Should Frankie win PoV and pull himself off, an option would be to put Christine on the block (despite her and Nicole’s agreement not to backdoor each other this week).

I don’t think I remotely did this justice to how crazy the night was, but I think today will be just as nuts.  Be sure to stick around for my live feed thread because nominations + botb fallout should be pretty good.   I am heading out for a few hours tonight, but I am going to get a coffee on the way home and try to stay up as late as I can to give you all the overnight stuff.

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  1. Comments (332)

    Yeah, double eviction is usually a blindside. I am not sure what Caleb will do if he finds out Derrick slid him out of the Detinator alliance. But excited he is working with Nicole. I do home he loses and doesn’t win. But if he is working with Frankie Nicole could be out too. So she has to truly be careful.

  2. Comments (332)

    I hope Zach is not able to sway Nicole, she needs to not trust him, he is an alone player he is not loyal at all. When he gets out, he needs a dog to make him more loyal.

  3. Comments (266)

    I would pay money to watch Caleb sit down during botb and tell Frankie “good luck home slice”
    Ok maybe I wouldn’t pay money. But it’d be a moment that could help redeem the terribly boring season thus far.

    • Comments (158)


      • Comments (1092)

        Thus far works perfectly well.

      • Comments (266)

        Kevin are you correcting my grammar? There are plenty other opportunities to boast your grammar skills to people who don’t know the correct usage of “their” “there” and “they’re” or “to” “too” and two”.

        Btw I like the saying that goes, if people don’t ask for your advice, don’t give it, unless of course you are trying to be a jackass.

      • Comments (469)

        Stemmie – at the risk of being labeled grammar police – your use of the word thus is absolutely correct.

      • Comments (266)

        Haha, much appreciated, john ruth*. I’ll give you a ‘pass’ on that one since you were just backing me up.

        * ‘john ruth’ is not capitalized in the above sentence due to the fact that it is a username and the author did not intend to capitalize his/her title, therefore does not follow the proper noun rule.

      • Comments (469)

        correct again oh wise one!!!

      • Comments (383)

        I thought he was saying “this.” as in… this is a thing that is awesome.
        I’ve seen and used it on facebook as a single word comment.
        Like, I found this amazing story or hilarious thing, and I post the link to it with just the word “This.” as the comment. Or someone responds with “this.”
        I don’t think he was correcting grammar… I took it as kind of an “amen, bro!”

  4. Comments (1446)

    Hooray!! It’s finally getting crazy in the house!!
    Caleb knows the truth about Amber’s eviction – would love to see him “sit out” the BOB and leave Frankie hanging.
    Will Derrick get any of the blame for this??
    Cody, Frankie and Derrick need to know what it’s like to be on the block!

  5. Comments (21)

    I would like to see an alliance of Caleb, Nicole, Donny and Victoria. It’s like 4 people who don’t have anything in common except a mutual hatred towards the other side.

    If it becomes those 4 against Zach, Cody, Christine, Frankie and Derrick, all that needs to happen is for them to evict 2 of them. At which point, if Hayden returns, it will become a 5 vs 3 were the detonators are the remaining 3.

    That would be awesome.

  6. Comments (120)

    Yay! This could go pretty well today. Nicole is thinking about giving Victoria, “a break for the week” and nominating Frankie with Caleb. It would be so great to see Frankie/Caleb vs. Donny/Derrick.

    Please Nicole, don’t waste your HOH!

  7. Comments (492)

    In a you tube video .. Zach mentioned that he liked Nicole, but wasn’t going to make any moves towards her, because she likes Hayden. I think that was nice of Zach. How is Donny feeling?

    • Comments (692)

      But Zach already has a girlfriend in the house. Why would he want to make a move on Nicole?? That would really tick off his Frankie. I doubt he’d ever be having celebratory intercourse with her. He needs to stick with Frankie, so to speak,, when it comes to romance.

      • Comments (17)

        Did you see Frankie’s face on bbad while zach was telling Nicole the poem?

      • Comments (1092)

        Did not see that.

        Details please !

      • Comments (17)

        He looked like he was going to throw up! He did his fake smile that slowly turned to a scowl. It was so funny!

      • Comments (1092)

        Thanks, Sara.

        I cannot wait for him to leave. When he gets evicted, and if it is a complete surprise, he will be crying like a baby.

        He plays a good game, but he just doesnt look like he can handle the pressure when things go against him.

      • Comments (17)

        You’re welcome dear 🙂 I cannot wait either! Him, Christine, Caleb, and zach are my top four to leave. I love Nicole and Derrick is actually playing the game.

  8. Comments (21)

    Just love that Hay is going to run the jury house!

  9. Comments (37)

    I love Christine! She is so sexy and willing to do anything she is told. She would be the prefect slut and very low maintenance. Not like all of the prissy bitches in the house. My girl Christine can take it all and beg for more. I bet her husband pimps her out and then bats clean-up. I would turn them both out

  10. Comments (120)

    It’s Donny/Zach (Christine) vs. Caleb/Frankie (Nicole)

  11. Comments (42)

    If caleb is going to throw away BotB why did Nicole nominate him?? Doesnt make sense

    • Comments (120)

      If he throws BOB, then Nicole will remain in power, which is good for her BD plan.

      • Comments (42)

        oh ok. got ya!

      • Comments (383)

        yeah I keep getting that one backwards too

      • Comments (469)

        Nicole is not attempting a backdoor plan – she is going straight ahead and removing Frankie from the House – the only contingency plan mentioned is if Frankie wins POV and takes himself off the block she will put up Christine.

      • Comments (692)

        Ohhhhh, this dual HOH thing is so confusing. I hate it. I had to think hard to remember how the Battle of the block works. It’s just too confusing! Thank you 4 getting my mind straight! It’s much appreciated!!

  12. Comments (644)

    Congratulations on getting your marriage license Steve!

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