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Big Brother 16 – When Will The Girls Start Playing?


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This is a pretty pivotal week in the Big Brother house, and it’s one of those situations that could set the tone for the rest of the season.  As I mentioned yesterday, Victoria won the PoV, and unless anything big happens, Brittany will be walking out the door. That will leave the house with 7 guys and 5 girls. Not a huge difference, but when you dig deeper, it gets pretty bad. Christine and Amber have been completely in the pocket of the guys, so that leaves 3 girls. Out of those 3 girls, you have:

Victoria – Close with Brittany who will be gone
Jocasta – Close with Donny who is one of the guys on the outside
Nicole – Close with Christine who is part of the main alliance


If the girls want to prevent a situation where Amber and Christine are up against 5 guys, a move has to be made, and made quick. This is possibly the best week for the girls to flip the script a little and change things up. Amber needs to immediately cut ties with Caleb (for both game and personal reasons), and she needs to secretly get a few people who would be willing to vote him out. When she has that, Cody has to be convinced that Caleb will target him asap, so he should nominate him and get him out – this week.

Unfortunately, early talk is putting Donny up as a pawn and everyone voting out Brittany, but if Amber and Christine let that happen, they’re basically guaranteeing $500k to either Derrick, Cody, Frankie, or Zach and maybe Caleb.

The veto meeting isn’t until tomorrow, so they have a solid 24 hours to get their stuff together and actually play the game. Otherwise, they’ll just end up in the category of alliance floaters. People who are loyal to an alliance, but don’t actually do anything. They let their alliance members do all the dirty work and they’re just a number. That said, it worked for Andy last season, and a lesser extent Ian the season before… so maybe they can just float into the finals and be the best of the worst.

Who do you think Cody should renominate tomorrow?

I’m hoping today should be a relatively busy day on the feeds, so I’ll have a live feed thread going as soon as I can.

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  1. Comments (843)

    Cody should put up Derrick or Caleb. Derrick would be the best one to get out to make the alliance fall apart because he’s the one holding them together and telling them who to put up. The rest will fall apart with him gone.

  2. Comments (843)

    Not a Brittany fan, but this punishment is too much. Both of her feet are so swollen she is wearing Donny’s shoes. It wouldn’t be so bad if they would allow the other HG to help retrieve balls. Whoever came up with this idea is a sadist. 2400 goals in 24 hours equals 100 goals per hour—that’s with no breaks at all in a 24 hr. period—AND if she makes every goal.

  3. Comments (624)

    I think with the girls, they see how the initiatior/leader of any alliance can become a popular target very quickly (Devin, Derrick,…). I’m suretheir general thought is play nice with everyone and float along a bit longer before they make a move. Worked quite well with GinaMarie last year.

  4. Comments (13)

    I think Cody will do the right thing and put up the Beast Mode Cowboy.

  5. Comments (10)

    Totally agree, however, I have very little faith in the ability of either Nicole or Christine to see how close they are to be fish food. Aside from that, Nicole has worn out her welcome with me. She has shown herself to be a catty, superficial, spoiled brat. She actually had the nerve to be upset last night that nobody felt bad for her that she had this cute little unitard while Britt is basically up all night fighting for her life and it’s probably futile. The talk between her and Christine about the other females is just horrid. I think they both have forgotten they are in this to win money and think it’s a sorority social. Amber is just to weak to go against the guys or cut Caleb out of the mix. I fear that this is becoming the most boring BB I have ever watched because of how predictable these mindless drones have let it become. The best thing they (the minority) could have done was to keep Devin last week and they failed. Now, the best things the ladies can do is ban together….and they won’t. Shaking my head and I may actually stop watching. Too predictable. Too boring. I’ve enjoyed watching Britt and Donny talking while she kicks more than the other mean girl chatter and garbage from Caleb. Somebody DO SOMETHING! ARRGHHH!

    • Comments (624)

      Nicole thinks she is another sweet-as-pie Jordan. That’s what she thinks. meh

      • Comments (692)

        A Jordon she is NOT!!! I’ve seen NO traits of Jordon in her thus far. Jordon is genuinely. NICE person.

        To me she LOOKS like Aaron(?) from last year.

      • Comments (469)

        I still see Nicole as a nice person – yes a few little snippets here and there – but everyone has them (remember they are all locked in a small area with strangers – and tempers and unwise words will come out from time to time). — And as far as Nicole versus Jordon ( who doesn’t love Jordon) – Jordon had Jeff (possibly the smartest player ever) to nuture her-guide her-and protect her (sometimes from herself) – all Nicole has is a back stabbing “friend”. I admitted I was wrong about Christine but I still believe Nicole is smarter than you give her credit for – but only time will tell.

    • Comments (412)

      I can’t stand Christine. But what has Nicole done? I’m not keeping up as closely as usual because I feel as though these house guest are predictable and honestly not so entertaining. I just waiting to be surprised.

  6. Comments (43)

    I think Cody should put up Caleb. Caleb is not part of the “Detonators”, can easily win HOH next week, so it might be a good play by Cody. Would not put a lot ( if any ) blood on his hands. To evict Caleb instead of Brittany would then put Cody as a favorable person in a lot of HG’s minds and take him farther in the game.

    • Comments (624)

      Backdooring Caleb would not get much blood on Cody’s hands. Even amongst his allies, Caleb is distancing himself more and more each day. Being a muscly guy with tattoos in the house is dime a dozen.

    • Comments (224)

      Any of them could easily win HOH next week. Most of the competitions are not ones that require physical strength, which is the only kind Caleb would have an advantage with.

  7. Comments (624)

    and can someone tell Zach and Hayden to put a shirt on? yuck

  8. Comments (162)

    Caleb definitely needs to go up. And Derrick next week or we r going to see the others picked off one by one. Cody should save Brittany.

  9. Comments (412)

    It would be much more exciting if they got ‘Caleb the Crazy’ out.

  10. Comments (843)

    Don’t like Christine’s snarky comments about Brittany. No, I don’t care for Brittany but I’ve gone from like to dislike to contempt for Christine. Get off your butt and do something Christine before targeting someone else.

    • stillstandingpam
      Comments (15)

      I don’t really mind britt but totally agree about Christine. she’s really terrible. this has got to be the weakest group of women ever.

  11. Comments (22)

    Uh, those girls don’t know HOW to play the game. Other than Amber, they’re just not that bright. And that makes it boring to watch.

  12. Comments (343)

    They should have retained Devin, and maybe even Pao, and told them they’d only be saved if they worked with them. Too late…ship sailed with Devin.

  13. Comments (110)

    Amber’s biggest problem is knowing who to trust I think. She is on to something with the idea of an alliance (finally) but telling Christine who she thinks she can trust is all wrong. And I really don’t like Christine at all. Silly girl.

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