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Big Brother 16 – Give This House Some Beer Report

amber-cody-hugThe one thing I feared about Aaryn, GinaMarie and the other people from Big Brother 15 was the casting for Big Brother 16. I think everyone expected ‘safer’ selections, but I think they went a bit too far in the other direction. Sure, it’s hard to really know how people will be once they actually enter the house. I doubt they expected Aaryn to be the most controversial houseguest from BB15. They probably expected Paola to have more fight, Devin to not be so terrible, and many others to stir the pot a lot more than they have. Based on the pre-season interviews, I expected Christine to be a female Richard Hatch and roam around butt naked all the time – yet she’s the second most conservative girl in the house (behind the minister). I was certain Joey was going to make it far in the game and possibly be another Amanda, and Donny was going to be more Spencer and not so much the nicest person to ever walk in the house.

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What they need to do is start giving more alcohol at night! That’s one thing we haven’t really seen a whole lot of, and it could be partially the reason to blame for all the tame behavior. I think now would be a good time to do it. Brittany is growing extremely frustrated by being on the block most of the season, Caleb is growing more and more jealous over Cody/Amber, and … well, that’s about the extent of the drama going on in the house right now. Perhaps a drunk night could cause some new stuff.

Oh well, we’ll take what we can get. Even slow Big Brother is better than no Big Brother.

I expect Brittany to do some campaigning this week, but I don’t think it’s going to work like it did with Devin. Sitting next to Donny, there is about a 97% chance of her walking out the door this Thursday night and missing her first real shot at winning HoH (assuming they do an endurance challenge, which is long overdue).  When she leaves, you can pretty much expect Donny, Jocasta and Victoria to be the next 3 gone (in no specific order) barring a miracle from a floater. Nicole will follow shortly after, and that will leave us with 2 girls remaining in the house. The ironic part is that’s what Joey was trying to prevent early on, but the girls in the house are the ones who ratted her out.  How does the saying go?  “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it” … That is Big Brother 16 in the nutshell so far.

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  1. Comments (198)

    I am wondering if HG’s are asking for any alcohol. I think you are right if BB would give them some more often it would make for some good entertainment.

    • Comments (692)

      I would love to see the house get some alcohol. Have they not had any so far? What would the oh so sanctimonious jacosta do if they gave the house alcohol? Would she partake?

      • Comments (274)

        Welllll if she did there’s nothing wrong with it. Ministers can drink silly, the Bible only says ya can’t be a drunk 😀

      • Comments (2826)

        Drinking is not the question for me; but would Jocasta partake if offered a doobie?

      • Comments (383)

        lol… maybe they should move the set to Colorado. THAT would be interesting.

      • Comments (469)

        Jenny – anywhere would be better than the present location – it seems to be at the end of an LAX runway and on top of the worlds largest ant farm.

      • Comments (692)

        Jill, I know it’s alright for a Christian to drink because the bible does not say you cannot drink it only says that you shouldnt drink in excess and get drunk. I just can’t imagine that Jacosta would drink anything at all.

    • Comments (400)

      I was thinking that Frankie had made a comment early in the season that he was in recovery. Maybe they are not giving them alcohol for that reason.

  2. Comments (68)

    I admit that it is a boring season so far, but i have high hopes for it. BB15 had all the best players gone early one because of the MVP twist, this created a bunch of misfits to gain control in a situation where they weren’t meant to have control.

    This year all power players have the power and they are using it wisely. It is boring but I’m pretty sure it will pick up soon.

    As for the alcohol, i admit it will create drama, but what does that say about us as viewers that we get pleasure from watching people argue while intoxicated?

  3. Comments (191)

    Two of the girls need to be co-HOH this week and nominate all men if they want any chance of being there at the end. If they just sit around they will be picked off one by one.

  4. Comments (162)

    If they would give them some alcohol before Brittany leaves it might get exciting. Maybe she would stand up to some of these people since she is leaving anyways.

  5. Comments (332)

    Frankie is like over animated to make up for the lot. Zach was rather quiet or asleep but awake last night. He usually keeps me entertained. He is like a bee going from flower girl to flower girl and then back with the bees. Dereck drove me nuts with Victoria lying right to her face. But truly she is like an awful player, Brittney at least has spunk. But I don’t want Donny gone so out she goes because they let Victoria have the veto for rewards.

  6. Comments (332)

    Nicole is becoming complacent She knows something untrustworthy is going on so she has shut down totally and it might be the two weeks of costume penalty. I think the food competitions added fun so BB that FUN is lacking this year. I like Battle of the Block but they are somewhat obvious as to who the four next outs are but at least it gives you a few weeks to change your status like Zach did.

  7. Comments (332)

    I think the Americas challenge should be stepped up like, steal one article from every houseguest and bring it to the diary room. Or switch the coffee sugar to salt or something. And by the way BB, to get rid of ants sprinkle salt and sugar and the ants will carry it back to the nest and die. Or please give them ant hotels. This ant deal is getting to be ridiculous on the feeds.

    • Comments (692)

      I don’t watch the live feeds. I’ve heard others mention the ants. What is the deal with the ants? Apparently would help if they wash the dishes on a regular basis!

      • Comments (610)

        There has been an ant problem for at least 2 previous seasons. It could easily be due to HGs not keeping things clean on a regular basis (dishes, spilled foods and beverages, etc). I wonder if some of the outdoor competitions that involve food might be a contributing factor. I think last year the ants even made it up to the HOH room.

  8. Comments (60)

    The whole cast is strange. Its to scripted and their all very weak and predictable
    Big Brother 16 Staring

    Amber as Wonder Woman
    Brittany as Wilma Flinstone
    Caleb as jealous staker following every move Wonder Woman and her man slave do
    Christine as the informent (rats on everyone else)
    Cody as Wonder Woman’s man slave
    Hayden as Gilligan
    Jocasta as Her eminance
    Nicole as Sweet Pauly Purebread (from Underdog)
    Victoria as Spoiled Prom Queen
    Zach as recovering adict of Prozach
    Derrick as Steve Magaret
    Frankie as the joker(before he painted his face)
    Donny as Clarke Kent(with a beard)
    Devin as the Rock (after labottomey)
    Poala as Jersey girl (nasally voice)
    Joey as the first one throw over board
    Then there is the mis guided Adventure of the Team America roaming the house with out a clue

  9. Comments (110)

    It’s just frustrating. The way the girls looked at Joey about an alliance made it clear to see what was going to happen. If I was Joey I would sit at the reunion at the end and tell them off for playing so dumb and not listening to her. If it was Survivor Jeff would probably comment on it.

    • Comments (875)

      EXACTLY! It amazes me that all the BB hG literally FREAK OUT at someone saying “lets have a Girl Alliance,” But NO ONE bats an eyelash when there is an all Boys Alliance?!?! These Women on the show literally go along with the Boy Alliance!

      I beg to differ with you Steve on giving these people Liquor, they were given Beer & Wine last week…And absolutely “NOTHING” happened…These HG suck big time!! They can’t see who is the Puppet Master, and they ALL Rat each other out, except the Boy Alliance…This is all repeat of the Brigade!

  10. Comments (610)

    come on HGs, let’s see a good blindside! Stir things up and make this season interesting.

  11. Comments (332)

    In the past America’s challenges have been funny or game changing. This year mark these two as EASY! I think sometime late at night Americas team should take all the clothes and pile them. And people get like a 4am wake up call to come down and get their things and it keeps ringing until all the clothes are gone. And then the whole next day, no one admit to doing it and everyone gets suspicious and points fingers at everyone. Now that is LIVE FEEDS!

    • Comments (843)

      That would be funny Karen. Brittany and Victoria would go ballistic! Especially if they hid the makeup. LOL Guys and Christine wouldn’t care. Except Frankie. I think he has more makeup than the girls!

  12. Comments (412)

    Is it Thursday yet? I can’t wait for this show to get interesting.

  13. Comments (21)

    That’s what i liked about Big Brother Canada…They give a lot more booze! Sometimes you wondered if they actualy had anything else in the house.

    • Comments (50)

      Exactly!! And the secret challenges were way more entertaining on BB Canada.

    • Comments (274)

      Some of the other big brothers are straight up cray cray.
      Sweden = porn
      Canada came (pun intended) a close second to Sweden so far this year. .. .Steven and Kimberly having a Brendan and Rachel sequel.
      Then a few years ago there was that teen big brother when the girl freaked because she did it but regretted because her mum would kill her.
      Really though Sweden ‘beats’ all of the big brothers with their ‘laid’ back approach.

      • Comments (692)

        I would love to know more about Big Brother in other countries. I don’t have a computer to get on to see anything but I can use my phone. can I google it and find it? I know that probably sounds like the stupid question to most of you.

  14. Comments (843)

    This week Derrick told Cody not to put Caleb up because it was way too early and would ruin their game. Now they are talking about back dooring Caleb next week. They had a perfect shot this week. Pathetic.

    • Comments (21)

      They had a perfect shot last week too!

    • Comments (274)

      I am suspicious. ..why did the guys automatically change their minds concerning getting Caleb out? Reminds me of the season with Rachel, miraculously she stayed. The only reason would be due to the only drama going on. Caleb is by far the only drama going on now, so of course he’d stay; ie production.

      • Comments (383)

        I really hope that’s not it… but wouldn’t be surprised if it is. That 2nd season with Rachel is why I quit watching the show. I was so pissed at how she ended up winning when she should have been out of the house. And then they had her sister in the house? Really?
        This year I’m watching to see how far Donny goes. Really don’t care what the rest of them do.

    • Comments (469)

      mouse – as I said before – Derrick is a legend in his own mind – I don’t see him near as smart as others do – or especially as he does- he relishes taking a dominant seat and grant audience to his subserviants – then so dominates the conversation that no one else can get a word in edgewise – if they attempt to he immediately interupts them – and continues with his all knowing blather – I think he has told way to many people way to many lies – it will eventually catch up to him – Donny already sees this and is just waiting his turn to act on it.

  15. Comments (13)

    Ask and you shall receive. Beer is served tonight 🙂

  16. Comments (3)

    Caleb has been drinking Redds Apple Ale this season.

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