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Big Brother 16 – I Don’t Know How To Handle This Week



Last night during the live show, Julie introduced the latest twist to the season, and I’m confused by it.  The havenot room was turned into an empty room with a button, and the house was not told what happens when you hit the button except for vague clues around the room (game written backwards on the wall).  What happens is that the week will progress as normal, but on Wednesday night (the next live show), Julie will say hi to the house and then tell them this entire week was for nothing.

Frankie (who won HoH) will be stripped of his title, the nominees will be safe and they will play for a brand new HoH. Assuming they pushed the little gold button in that room.

Before the HoH competition, they were allowed into the room but the button was covered in the plastic box. This gave them a little time to think about what it could mean, and seemed apprehensive about pushing it.  The feeds went down for the competition, and as soon as they were up, the house ran into the room again to find the button uncovered and available to push (You can watch this at 10:23 if you’d like).  After about a minute of discussion, they circled around the button and all pressed it at once (for fear of something like the person pressing gets booted – or rewarded). The TV screen in the room popped up a countdown clock that ended at 5pm Wed (the time of the live show).


So that’s it… this week is nothing. I think this twist would have been extremely cool about 3 weeks ago, but with the final 5 the way it is, it doesn’t really seem to matter much. The only way this twist becomes exciting is if there becomes a rift in the house leading up to Wednesday night.  Judging from the course of the season, however, what really will happen is Victoria will be on the block with someone. Everyone will be expecting Victoria to go home and nothing will change.  Frankie will probably end up winning HoH again, put up the same nominees and the (likely) boring week will just be repeated.

The funny part is, Victoria shouldn’t be going home. The person sitting next to her will probably be in jeopardy, but the big question will be whether or not they’ll realize it.  Christine knew it during the double eviction.  If Caleb is sitting there next to Victoria, will he be smart enough to realize he’s not safe?  If so, this twist could turn out fun with that person literally playing for their Big Brother life when they’re given a second chance on Wednesday night.  However, if they think they’re safe, well.. they probably deserve to go home anyway.

Nominations are today, they’re not going to matter at all.  Veto competition will be tomorrow, that won’t matter as well.  The only semi-important thing will happen during the PoV meeting and that is to see who the house puts up next to Victoria. Then it will be a guessing game whether or not they figure everything out.

Live thread in a little bit!  Sorry such a weird recap of last night, I am just not sure what to think of all this!


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    Smouse (130 comments)

    Imagine for a minute that Victoria gets nominated and WINS the Veto. That would mean a huge eviction decision. Then Wednesday comes and they get to reset… That would be so funny!!

    After last nights show, I must say we are witnessing brilliance in game play with Derrick. I’ve watched since Season 2 and although I have a major soft spot for Dan and Will, I think Derrick is just plain better. Especially if he goes the entire season without even being nominated. He’s made this season predictable, calculated, and rendered every BB twist as pointless. Watch and learn future House guests, this guy is the best player in BB history.

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      BouKharma (38 comments)

      I would love to see Victoria win Veto and pull herself off the block… That would be so funny… I predict it will be Cody and Victoria nomiated and then if Victoria wins Veto, the backstabbing will begin…. I think Frankie will put up Derrick and when the reset happens, wow if Derrick or Cody win it would be a good week…. Can Caleb play HOH if they rewind because he didn’t get to play the last HOH?

      • Avatar
        BouKharma (38 comments)

        Ok I found out ALL HG get to play for HOH, according to Julie…

        JULIE CHEN: Basically if the rewind button gets pushed, the two nominees next week come off the block and we immediately rewind the game one week. That means all house guests play for HOH all over again…. So there could likely be a new HOH, two new nominees, a new POV winner and then who knows who gets bounced from the house next.

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        BBLove (220 comments)

        It has the potential to be interesting.

      • Avatar

        So true.

        I just started a pretty long response, but there are still so many ifs that can happen to change the outcome.

        It is too bsd that it is only getting this interesting with two and a half weeks to play.

      • Avatar

        Why does Derrick get to play in the HOH he was the outgoing HOH so shouldn’t get to right?

    • Avatar
      mindyboo (379 comments)

      I don’t know if I agree. I didn’t start watching until season 6. In all stars Will was on the block and told everyone “I hate you all. Vote me out.” and no one voted against him. That is mighty brazen. I would probably like Derrick better if he would quit being an ostrich and get his head out of the sand once in a while.

    • Jannie

      Yes, Derrick is one of the best BB manipulators ever, But I wouldn’t say he is one of the best PLAYERS ever, simply because he has always done what is safe.
      Nicole said it best last night – MAKE BIG MOVES!! No way is he better than Dan or Will. “Dan’s funeral,” to me, is still the most brilliant thing I have ever seen on BB.

      Because of the control Derrick has had, the season was boring. He picked off anyone who may have “enlightened” the others to his plan. And let’s face it, I think my dog could manipulate Caleb, Cody and Victoria.

      And, unfairly, Derrick has been trained in the art of manipulation and information gathering. I bet he’s a heck of a cop.

      • Avatar
        Smouse (130 comments)

        Jannie, every season has easily manipulated people in it. The brilliance is Derrick got rid of all of the tough minded people early, leaving him with the nest of baby birds eating out of his mouth.

        I agree that Will/Boogie are a better team than Derrick/Cody though. The thing that pushed Derrick up so high is that he can explain his movements every step of the way. We didn’t always see that with Will or Dan.

      • Jannie

        That’s why I think his police training and experience gave him an unfair advantage. If he had gone into the house saying he was a cop, things may be different.

      • Avatar
        BBLove (220 comments)

        Yes. I actually think DERRICK is so sneaky…he may be the best. Maybe even better than Dan because these players won’t see it until they’re out and watching recordings of the season.


      • Avatar
        Smouse (130 comments)

        All jobs have different skill sets that could be used in the BB house.

        Season 4 – Jack was a former FBI agent. He sucked.
        Season 6 – James was in Loss Prevention. He sucked.

      • Jannie

        Smouse, you know that players in Season 16 have a much bigger advantage in knowledge of the game than player from Season 4 or 6. Same goes for Survivor.
        And maybe Jack and James sucked at their jobs. I said yesterday that Derrick must be one heck of a cop.

        I know most cops could make someone admit to something they didn’t do – it’s training.

        Tell me about some other jobs that have the same manipulative abilities and interrogation skills as law enforcement. They are the best – that’s why they are cops.

        As I said before – the game would have probably been different if Derrick had gone into the game saying he was a police sgt.

      • Avatar
        Trip2TheRift (1 comments)

        The biggest advantage for Derrick this season has been the Battle of the block. It kept all the power on 1 side of the house as even when a non Bomb Squad member made HOH they couldn’t pick off 1 of their members forcing any fractures in the alliance. I will say this for Derrick he has been great at befriending every “doomed” player after the decision to evict them has already been made giving himself all the jury votes.

      • Avatar

        Psychologists, teachers, parents, politicians, analysts, doctors/nurses, and engineers (probably more, these are just off the top of my head). All have knowledge, skills, and abilities to read people and behavior, modify behavior, detect inconsistencies, draw out and manipulate information, adapt to changing environments, ect. All things that Derrick has been running this game by doing. All things a lot of the other players COULD have been doing but just haven’t.

        You’re right, the game probably would be different if they knew he was a police officer, but it really shouldn’t be. He does not have an unfair advantage, though other houseguests would probably believe that he did.

      • Avatar

        There are a lot of occupations though with the exact same skill set. Should we only allow contestants that are right out of college without much job or life experience? I think that would be more boring.

      • Jannie

        So Derrick heard the boos for Christine and the house has speculated that it’s because of her relationship with Cody.

        Does anyone think that Derrick is at all concerned about how his relationship with Victoria looks??

        It’s almost worse because he should know better. He is a 31 yr old professional with not only a wife, but a child. Christine and her husband are 22 yr olds who got married too young.

        And with Ch/Cody it seemed mutual. With Der/Vic he took full advantage of the crush she has on him. I think she may be messed up for awhile when this is over.

      • Avatar

        I watch the live feeds all of the time and I don’t see the relationship between Derrick and Victoria to be inappropriate at all. If Derrick was my husband, I would not be worried in the least. Christine, on the other hand, acted in a way that is not acceptable for a married woman to act. Period.

      • Jannie

        I guess I wouldn’t want my husband using another female’s emotions when he knows she has a crush on him – even in BB. I have heard him tell Victoria, even last night as he put her on the block, that he loves her.
        And I also wouldn’t want my husband getting a piggy back ride and numerous hugs daily from another female, even in the BB house. Or telling her, without my permission, that she could come and stay at our house and that our family was going to visit her in Florida in December. And Derrick and Victoria did lay in the hammock(more than once) and elsewhere rubbing each other, just not nearly as much as Cody/Christine.

        Many married people have played the game before and didn’t have to be anything more than flirtatious. Christine and Derrick both crossed a line…yes Christine was worse.

        Different folks just have different standards, I guess.

      • Avatar

        Derrick and Victoria seem to have more of a big brother/little sister type relationship going on than a flirtatious relationship like Cody and Christine.

      • Jannie

        Except that Victoria is infatuated with her brother…

      • Avatar

        I haven’t been on this blog in a while, and I return to see the same post from you every time. Just like this season, “expect the expected.” Everyone in the house sees that it’s not a romantic relationship. Most people outside of the house see it’s not a romantic relationship. She doesn’t melt over his looks like Christine would. She’s said he’s like a brother to her – most people say it’s like a brother/sister relationship. You just have a hatred for Victoria – it’s obvious. I’m just stating the truth.

      • Jannie

        If you haven’t been on for awhile, then how do you know my posts are the same every time??

        Go back and read them – and then you will see that I talk about Derrick and Mango WAY more than Victoria.
        The only thing that’s obvious is that you are her sister or mother.

    • Avatar
      Smouse (130 comments)

      To add to my argument, I honestly think Derrick could win 3 out of 4 contest in the house. He just chooses to use his other skills to play. More impressive.

      • Jannie

        I have always been blown away be Derrick’s ability to control the others. I think he deserves the money. I’m just saying he went in there with skills and experience the others didn’t have. Well, Donny had them, but poor Donny didn’t have the social skills.

        Not sure about 3/4 in the comps. We will never know. I think he threw a few, but Mango and Christine were also comp beasts

        I just like a game where the best players are there at the end. Not the best player and his drooling idiotic morons that he dragged to the end.

        If it were Derrick, Donny, Nicole, Christine, Boastmode, and Mango at the end it would be good. A nice mix of good physical and mental players. I get why Derrick did what he did and if that’s the easiest way to the money, God bless him. I have just never been a fan of the whole “under the radar” strategy. Throwing one como after another is not admirable(to me).

      • Avatar
        Boater boy (2 comments)

        Mango….. I always have a great laugh when he’s called MANGO.

    • danmtruth

      I must disagree. My point is those other players had much tougher house guest to deal with. Derrick had a group of sheep . Even Mango his biggest openet never try to make a move on him . So with no one to out smart . Where’s the competition

      • Jannie

        I agree. Derrick was smart enough to evict anyone(Nicole/Donny/Hayden) who even came close to figuring out his plan. If there had been some smarter people in the house things would have been different. Donny and Nicole TRIED to tell the others, but they were too stupid to make a move.

        Although I can’t stand Mango, I do think he secretly has Derrick figured out. He just goes along because he knows if he squawks, Derrick will cut his head off, too.

    • Avatar
      Alice (7 comments)

      I do believe that Derrick has great gameplay but I just cannot compare him to Dan or Will. Both Dan & Will were highly entertaining & you never knew what to expect. Where Derrick is boring & highly predictable

      • Avatar

        Yes, I think Derrick has more of a need for America’s approval than Dr Will and Dan did and that’s why he’s not nearly as entertaining. He’s just as strategic but not as creative.

    • Avatar
      Judy (10 comments)

      I agree that Derrick is a good player. However, look who he has been up against, not the brain trust for sure. I’d love to see him pitted against some really strong player that give him tit for tat. Pretty much these losers have been drinking the kool aid. He has been masterful but really they aren’t too much of a challenge

  2. Avatar
    Blacklight (9 comments)

    The reason this season sucks is because they put a couple of good players in with a bunch of idiots which ultimately leads to a season like this where it becomes too predictable and the good players just march the idiots around all season. They should just stop the show Wed night and hand the money to Derrick he’s about the only person I care to see win now and the only person who probably deserves it and will win at the end.

  3. Avatar
    Canadian Redhead (11 comments)

    All I can say is too little, too late. If they would have done this a few weeks ago the season may have been partially saved. We may have cared that Donny or Nicole were safe for a week. At the very least we would have enjoyed watching those smug, stupid faces fall as they realized their game was messed up a bit. But now, who really gives a hoot?

    • Avatar

      I agree this so should of been brought up while Donny and Nic where still there, they would of made a move for sure. It would of been great to see. I will agree Der has played a pretty good game. His cop abilities have really come into play in this game and not to ever be on the block and none of them really saying anything about it blows my mind.

    • Avatar
      Smouse (130 comments)

      I think CBS heard all the complaints on it not being as “twisted” as they preached. Yeah, its a little too late, but has the potential to be fun/game changing.

      • Jannie

        I think you are right. I’m a little confused by it, too.

        But if it helps get Mango out this week, I’m all for it!

        Now he’s got Ariana’s music up in the HOH room. Boastmode thinks he’s getting a date w/her. It’s funny, but it also could make Boastmode tight w/Mango. Could spell trouble for Derrick’s master plan.

      • kneeless
        kneeless (1724 comments)

        It is too late in the game for this twist. I think the only way it has potential to stir things up is if by some weird twist of fate, Vic wins HOH in the rewind. But since she’s not been a good competitor, I doubt that will change this late in the game.

      • Avatar

        yes, this twist would have been much better when Donny & Nicole were still in the house. It will be quite entertaining when Frankie “loses” everything in the reset, but he will probably turn around and win HOH again, so no big deal there.

      • Avatar
        Smouse (130 comments)

        Even Chicken George one a HOH. IT can happen for VIC

  4. Avatar

    ^ Victoria, who hasn’t won anything ends up final 2 with Derrick, who hasn’t been nominated once, I will agree that Derrick is the best to ever play Big Brother!!! I still have A soft spot for Caleb an and would love to see him make a big move before it’s all over with.

  5. Avatar
    franko (692 comments)

    off topic, to those who asked on the previous blog, I just want to say hello. I did leave comments on that blog to you guys who asked about me. thank you for the concern!! there are just so many comments on that blog now it will be hard to go back through and see if you saw them and answered me but I will shortly.

    ON TOPIC: I kind of like the twist of the reset button especially since Frankie won HOH. I hope that Wednesday he gets booted of the show to a huge round of boos that far exceeds what Christine heard. 🙂

  6. Avatar

    This has been one of the worst BB seasons imo. No one made any big moves, most of the houseguests were completely inept at playing game, all they did was stick with the group the entire season.

    • Avatar
      BBLove (220 comments)

      I agree.

      I kept waiting and waiting for those big moves.

      The show’s format needs to be revamped.

      Maybe teams? Or pairs? Or individual games during the week?

      Or maybe they should live in separate houses? Like split the house in two or something? I dunno.

      What are the differences between US and Canada/UK? Many of you say those versions are better than the US. How so?

      • Avatar
        bbfan15 (137 comments)

        For one, that I am aware of, BB Canada the people on the outside vote for them to stay in or out. So they all have to be the favorite player in order to stay in the game. That is all I know, I do not know anything about the comps or how else it might be played.

  7. Avatar

    I missed last nights episode.. My husband HAD to watch football. I do have a question and Im not sure if I missed this before or not. Is Big Brother switching to Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday nights now? With Wednesday being eviction? Thank you to anyone who can answer this for me 🙂

  8. g8trgirl
    g8trgirl (1008 comments)

    One thing that has disappointed me thus season is that the HG’s know what the “big” reveal is each week. They knew about the DE, they knew about the endurance challenge. What makes you think someone in production won’t blab about this latest twist?

  9. Avatar

    Victoria was dressed like Bella Goth during the eviction. It must have been in tribute to the release of Sims 4.

  10. Avatar
    BBLove (220 comments)

    Derrick played a brilliant game. It may be boring for us viewers, but he wrangled a large group of people in, while under the radar, and NEVER to have been on the block, for THIS LONG. He even managed to keep his profession on the hush hush and he managed to do those America’s Player challenges.

    I’ve accused him of being smug in previous posts, but I must say, his strategy, as for his own individual gameplay, has been great. I am rooting for him at this point.

    • Avatar
      Smouse (130 comments)

      I equate Derrick to the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl. They were just so much better than the rest, dominance is boring to watch sometimes. I appreciate it in the BB house though.

      • Avatar
        BBLove (220 comments)

        If they had another ALL STARS, Derrick is the only one I’d want to see return. And maybe Donny.

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  12. Avatar
    Rocco (69 comments)

    yes, Tina, you are right

  13. Avatar
    Lucky s (6 comments)

    Yes, Derrick played a good game but I blame him for the dullest season so far. The unanimous voting just makes for poor television.

    • Avatar
      bbfan15 (137 comments)

      totally with you Lucky S. Derrick has made this season one of the worst. I do not know how people keep comparing him to DR. Wil/Dan. They at least made the season interesting. They actually had to get out of sticky situations. Derrick has not done much of anything, besides talk everybody into doing the dirty work.

  14. Mugz

    I also think the button is too little too late, however, I think CBS has finally realized that their fans aren’t happy, viewership has probably gone down, and I’m sure they realize that America hates Frankie and wants him out of that house. Perhaps they introduced this as a way of possibly getting Frankie out, so America will be happy and start watching again?

  15. Mugz

    Also, Stevebeans, I want to thank you for recapping the important aspects of the show — DirecTv is in some contract dispute with my local CBS channel so they’ve cut it off (hopefully temporarily) and I’ve missed my BB since Labor Day 🙁

  16. Avatar
    BBLove (220 comments)

    Wouldn’t it be funny if Victoria made final two? Did absolutely NADA all summer…let everyone strategize and win comps…while she played with her hair and dabbed on red lipstick?

    O.m.g. That would be pure hilarity if she WON.

    It would fit this season: boring season = boring winner.

  17. Avatar
    TangoTango (152 comments)

    The twist would have been better ealier in the season, but I am ALL for it. Shake things up a little maybe. Take the HOH from Frankie….give it to who he put on block….and hopefully…he will be gone. I know it sounds mean, and I see others feel the same way…but I hope his Boos are louder and meaner than Christines. Of course, he will say it’s because America isn’t ready for a gay man! WHATEVER.

    So, will the entire week be replayed in a single night, just like DE? Or will it take the whole week to replay all the decisions?

    • Avatar

      I take it that Julie said start over meaning a whole new week – this is where the extra week comes in this season IMO

      • Avatar
        TangoTango (152 comments)

        Thanks John Ruth! Needed that cleared up!

      • Avatar

        I got the impression that next Wed after the HGs are told it’s a reset, that it will be much like a double elimination, with everyone playing a rush HOH, POV, and then eviction. I don’t know if that’s true, but just the impression I got from Julie’s explanation. I guess we’ll all find out together come next Wed night!

      • Avatar
        bbfan15 (137 comments)

        That is how i took it, so the extra week thing I am unclear of. They are still evicting someone next week, it will just be very fast played like a double elimination. type of game play.

  18. Avatar

    I hope that Frankie gets hit in the head with a huge non response to his eviction. No Boos No Applause just walk out that door and sit on that chair and talk to Julie. Otherwise, #TeamVictoria!

  19. Avatar
    Sandra FTSM (1137 comments)

    I think I’m alittle alone on this but I love the reset button. Frankie blames Cody for talk about him being possibly being backdoored last week. Most certainly on BBAD Cody has let it be known that he wants Frankie out of the house so this weeks noms will be Victoria and Cody and I don’t think Cody will will take it too well especially if he doesn’t win pov and talk goes to Cody being evicted. Which he would presumably find out about because Caleb or Derrick ( probably Caleb. ) will spill the beans. Derrick already has the button almost figured out knowing that it means the game will be altered so he might campaign for Cody. So as far as I’m concerned let the games finally begin. Can’t wait to see if Frankie’s open mouth fake smile can remain plastered on his face after Julie announces his HOH was a dream. Lol

  20. Avatar

    I think the best thing that can happen this week, is Victoria parting the Dead Sea, and getting the resetted hoh.

    She obviously wont go after Derrick. But out of the other three, I think she likes Caleb the most.

    She would put up Cody/Frankie, and Frankie would have to win veto, or leave, being the second hoh this year to be evicted in the same week.

    • Avatar
      bbfan15 (137 comments)

      CBS needs to stop giving VETO comps and HOH comps to Frankie. They knew he was good at puzzles and he whipped through that like nothing. Wonder how much of his cut out areas where bigger to get the ball through easier. IM JUST SAYING!!

  21. Avatar

    The guys told Derrick he has to tell Victoria before the eviction she is going home. I hope he does before they reveal the twist. Would be interesting what should would do.

    • Avatar

      Now THAT is funny !

      The stress between then, and the completion of the new hoh is going to be high !

    • Avatar
      TangoTango (152 comments)

      Well if he has his way she won’t be going anyway! So whoever sits next to her will feel the burn! He is going to keep his little pocket player close by!

    • Avatar
      bbfan15 (137 comments)

      I do not think Derrick has any plans on telling Vic she is going home. They guys may think she is going home, but if Derrick has anything to say or do about this, he will not be sending her home. He wants her in his final 2 so he can beat her in the end. This is where the game finally gets good with only 2.5 weeks left. JUST SAD CBS!

  22. Avatar

    Has anyone heard anything else about the photo that Derrick got? I read on another website that it was a photo of Derrick and his daughter, either w him in his uniform or his daughter wearing his police hat. I really don’t think his daughter wearing a police hat would have caused him to freak out like that, he could of just said his friend was a cop. Also didn’t Cody see it? Is he talking about it to the other HG? I really want to know what had him so freaked out.

    • Renee

      I asked about it on the previous very long comment section and fruit loop dingus quoted the whole scenario that she found from another site. I found it on another site as well. No mention of what the picture was, but Cody definitely saw it. It went to fish, came back, Cody has blank stare and look of concern, and then Cody is questioned in private by Frankie about what the picture was. The site does not say what Cody’s answer was to Frankie. There are pictures of the live feeds as it happened.

    • Avatar
      bbfan15 (137 comments)

      Totally missed that, must have been on BBAD? Can you clarify what was going on and how did he get this photo? Was it for him winning the HOH for the brief moment he had it and received this in his basket?

      • Renee

        Big Brother tells Derrick to go to the storage room. Derrick goes in and finds his HOH basket. Cody joins him and grabs his HOH photo. Cody asks who’s that? Cody asks who’s that? Your brother? Derrick says no, no. Cody asks why would I say that’s your brother. That’s your daughter with who? Derrick says hold on one second I am trying to think about something. I almost want to.. damn. Cody asks what? Derrick says not the best picture to show. (Possibly a photo of Derrick in his police uniform with his daughter Tenley?) Big Brother blocks the feeds. When they come back Derrick says I’ll tell you, I’ll explain. Cody brings out Derrick’s basket. Derrick comes out of the diary room. Frankie asks are you getting a new photo? Derrick says yeah. Derrick then reads is HOH letter from his father Tim.

        I got that from another site.
        The others ask him what it was about and Derrick just says it wasn’t a good picture. Victoria and Frankie assume it was blurry.

      • Renee

        This last comment is credited to fruit loop dingus, cut and paste from a previous answer she gave me. She got it from another site (the last paragraphe says “I” got this from another site).

  23. danmtruth

    To make the twist better let them vote . This makes everyone shows there cards. Than after the rewind players will have a better idea where they stand
    Before people crown Derrick as this supper player. Remember who he was up against . Not a threat in site .

  24. Avatar
    Peggy (453 comments)

    At this point, anything to get Frankie out so we don’t have to listen or watch all of his sexual comments and touching 24/7. Know gays who don’t even act like this with their partners. On BBAD, Cody seemed to be missing his Christine. Poor Donny with her in the jury house!

  25. Avatar
    Paula Ivie (4 comments)

    Could someone explain why Dan’s funeral was such a brilliant move. I am a new BB fan and still trying to grasp the whole concept of BB. Thank you in advance.

  26. Avatar
    Barbi (14 comments)

    Maybe they will let them vote first, give them the results, and then go ahhh not so fast… that would be hysterical.

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  28. Avatar

    How many HoH’s and POV’s has Frankie won? Plus he won 2 BOTB tight

  29. Avatar

    This was a good time for Frankie to win HOH, then he will lose it and who he chose to sit next to Victoria, will come a gunning. Odds of Frankie winning again is 3 to 1, Victoria don’t count unless it is a pure luck game, which would show the producers sense a humor to give Victoria a chance to take over the house.

    I think Frankie has a very good shot of giving Julie that hug Wednesday night.

  30. Avatar
    blondie (18 comments)

    I think the button is a huge thing ….Imagine whoever Frankie puts up next to Victoria is gonna be PISSED !!!they should have enough sense to know theyre going home..then BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Julie announces the rewind !! Frankie loses his reign of Hoh IT will be sweet !! hopefully Frankie doesnt win Hoh !

  31. Avatar
    Kathy (19 comments)

    I hope Frankie continues his cocky attitude, pushes the button and rewinds the week of his HOH then loses the second chance and gets evicted.

  32. Avatar

    This season has been the most boring season in the history of big brother give me doctor will at least he would of made big moves

  33. Sweet Bee

    I was not for this twist because I didn’t think Frankie would have won HOH and it was going to be another chance for Frankie to be saved. But Frankie won HOH and I can not wait to see the look on his over animated face when he finds out he is screwed. I’m glad Christine is gone and I have wanted her out since the beginning, but for some reason I wasn’t satisfied when she left. I realized at that moment that I want Frankie out more than anyone else. Can’t stand Frankie.

    • Renee

      I agree, if Frankie would have been booted out, the pairs would have been Derrick/Victoria and Cody/Christine with Caleb out there still thinking he’s running the bomb squad. Derrick still had final 2’s with Cody and Caleb so Christine still would have been at risk. There would have been a lot more scrambling around possibly.

  34. Avatar
    chuckster (7 comments)

    the problem with this ‘reset’ week is that Frankie was HoH……and you had to think he was going to try and get to Derrick…..now he loses that opportunity. Stupid week.

  35. Rita

    Ha Ha! 4:28 Am Cam 3. Victoria farting. Made me laugh.

  36. Avatar
    a2dg (25 comments)

    For those comparing derrick to Dan STOP IT, you’re degrading BB even more…..
    Pay attention to this season, derrick has NOT make a move…. his game has fallen in his lap….hiding behind aliances all season lomg

    If i was to compare derrick to compare derrick with a bb player it would be Enzo Miau Miau from the brigade….. and i bet u derrick will have the same fate, like enzo derrick is hiding behind his loyal cowboy and his pretty boy side kick….. “orchestrating” everything…. where in reality the only thing his doing different from everyone else is keeping victoria in his pocket…. other tha. That he will have the same fate as enzo…… I AM 100% SURE……

    he will make to the final 3
    But be kicked
    Im betting final 2…. frankie and caleb!!

    • Renee

      I agree with you, he is no Dan!!! But believe it or not, Dan himself is impressed with him. Check it out on Twitter. Dan Gheesling (the real Dan Gheesling) is on Twitter complimenting Derrick’s game moves.

    • Avatar
      Sandra FTSM (1137 comments)

      a2dg I disagree with your comment about comparing Derrick to Dan. Derrick didn’t get to where he is by resting on his laurels. He’s won 3,hoh’s He’s plotted and planned all season to get to this point. I bet Dan if asked would say Derrick has played a great game. The difference between the two: Derrick has done what Dan wanted to do but couldn’t. He wanted to sit back and manipulate people too and did but not to the heights that Derrick has been able to. So in a way your right there is no comparison Derrick was better and he made it look so easy everyone else looks dumb.

      • Avatar
        a2dg (25 comments)

        Only because derrick is playing against bad players, and hiding behind his two soldiers…. all he is doing is keeping cody and caleb in check, victoria in his back pocket and frankie in the dark……
        Dan had made so many moves on people that was against him, dan came back from being out many times… he got blood in his hands….. he was fun to watch….

        dont get me wrong im not sour, i see where derrick deserves to win….. but hes not close to dan…. more like enzo to me

  37. Avatar

    If they do the double HOH next year, they need to have the HOH who nominated the losing nominees go up on the block too. Maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to put up weak players. I know they thought that making the HOH who nominated the winning team step down and be eligible for a back door, that they had a great plan. I don’t think they thought about them working together. Last year was disgusting. This year is just boring.

  38. jimbo
    jimbo (450 comments)

    It was SO obvious that Derrick did not want to push the button. Why? Because he doesn’t want to change anything about the game — it has been going his way, why would he?

  39. Avatar

    Plus he already has $20,ooo.
    Why would he want to lose that!

    I wouldn’t hit the. Button.

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