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Big Brother 16 – Will Something Happen Today- Live Feed Updates

July 22, 2014 | 79 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans



It’s another fine day in the Big Brother house.  The sun is shining, Donny is doing his morning routine, Victoria is roaming around and the rest of the house is sleeping. We are in the 48 hour window between the PoV meeting and the live show. Tuesday and Wednesday are usually the days when reality sets in that the Big Brother week is around 95% complete. Barring any random twists, the only thing left to do is for the house to enter the diary room and cast their vote.  The only thing Donny and Brittany can do is to spend this next 48 hours campaigning to still be in the house by Friday morning.

Brittany has plenty of ammunition to work with, but I don’t think she’ll even come close to finding or using it. The reality is, for many people, Donny is the person who should go home this week, but that’s a damn tough sell. It’s like trying to campaign against Santa Claus. One of the main things Brittany can say is this.. if you’re in the final 2 with Donny, who will win?  If America is given any power, who do you think will benefit? She can also work out a deal with Cody for safety, especially considering Donny is not thrilled with him going back on his word of putting Caleb up over him.

Not that I want to see Donny go home over Brittany, but I am hoping for any excitement on the feeds this week.  Devin rolled over. Paola did nothing. Joey just made people feel awkward. Will Brittany pull off a miracle, or even try?  My guess is she’s just going to play the sympathy card that worked so well on Devin, but it won’t work on the rest of the house.

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Enough rambling, some plugs and feeds..

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Here are the feed updates:

  • 10:30am – Donny chatting with Jocasta in the bathroom.  He is telling her of the conversation with Cody. He was told the only reason he went up is because he’s such a likable person, nobody would vote for him over Brittany (ie a pawn). He is asking Jocasta if she buys it.  She confirmed the likable line she heard from Caleb.
  • 11:20am – Cody is relaxing on the couch outside, Brittany is getting ready to get some sun.  I guess she should take advantage of her summer vacation while it lasts.
  • 11:50am – Brittany chatting with Victoria in the beehive. Britt believes Cody doesn’t want her gone and he only put her up because he had nobody else.
    Brittany is putting 2 and 2 together and said she realizes there is a big group of people working together and they’re just going to get picked off one by one. People like Derrick are friendly with them, but when it comes to votes, they all stick together.
  • Victoria just feels if she is put up again, she’ll take herself down via botb or veto. Great strategy, win competitions all the way out. Worked great for Devin.
  • 12:45pm – Brittany now making her pitch to Nicole. She is talking about how weak of a player she is, but also pulling the kid card and just want to get to the jury for her kids (shocker)
  • 12:58pm – It’s Derrick’s turn to listen in on Brittany.  She is giving a pretty weak campaign push and everyone has shown very little interest so far.
  • 3:11pm – A bunch of people outside talking about hotdogs. Victoria and Brittany inside making food.
  • 6:30pm – Cody talking with Jocasta in the HoH room about how Caleb is eventually going to go after him.  I just got back from dinner, I will flashback to see if anything else interesting happened.
  • Meanwhile, Caleb is downstairs talking to Brittany giving her false hope. He said him and Amber are on Britt’s side, but I don’t think he really has the power to speak for Amber.  Surprisingly, Caleb is giving Brittany actual advice and not just humoring her like the other people have been doing.
  • Brittany is going on and on about how she fought too hard to go out the door before some of the floaters. Hey Britt, floaters stay in the game for quite some time.  Look at Mr Bacon Adam. Being a good player isn’t about playing as hard as you can every single week, it’s about playing as hard as you can when you need, and otherwise play a solid social game.
  • 7:04pm – Brittany is now working Hayden.  “I’m not a threat compared to Donny” just moments after bragging about how she finished the soccer kicks because she wanted to prove how competitive she is.
  • 8:16pm – Some of the houseguests are dressing up tonight.

check back for more updates

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