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Big Brother 16 – HoH Results


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After a long and grueling competition, and their first endurance challenge since day 1, two people emerged victorious from the competition. No, one of them isn’t Victoria.. in fact, she was so far behind it would have taken her about 8 hours to fill the bucket.

Frankie and Christine were neck and neck for quite some time, at least I thought they were because the camera crew forgot about Caleb for what seemed like 20 minutes or more.  Nicole also jumped out early but fell back and faded away toward the end of the competition.  I was certain Christine was going to win, and then the crew remembered Caleb was also playing the game and put a camera on his jug. It was nearly full and he was already reaching in to reach for his ball.  It took him another few trips, but in the end, Caleb won the head of household like he said he would do if endurance.  He dropped to the ground and complained about his knee, and the cameras have been off since. I’ll update this thread if I see anything more about his injury.

In other news, Derrick fell out quick and unlike Victoria he recognized it so he went for the reward. About 20 minutes before Caleb won HoH, Derrick pulled out the ball for a $5k reward and a punishment of being shouted at for the rest of the season.

I will stay awake for a bit to check on Caleb, so keep checking back and I’ll update this thread when the feeds return.

  • 10:00pm – Feeds are back, Caleb is laying on the couch with a wrapped knee and ice.  Cody asked why Caleb drank from his scoop (with the colored water) instead of regular drink. Caleb doesn’t know, army stuff kicked in.

Ok, people are recovering, so I am going to head to bed. Was a long day.

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  1. Comments (412)

    I guess Caleb winning is better than Christine or Mango winning.
    Hopefully those are his noms. Unlikely though.

    • Comments (1446)

      Not looking forward to Mango and Christine playing nursemaid to the injured Caleb until nominations are announced.

      We’re going to see a lot of a$$ kissing and ego stroking…and a lot more bragging by Caleb this week.

      • Comments (832)

        I realize Caleb was injured but boy is he playing it up & loving all the attention he’s getting!

    • Comments (492)

      Thanks Franko…. A mom can dream……lol
      Nufff said….hahaha…ahhhh

  2. Comments (57)

    frankie aka mango. you are the most annying person in bb history. just about all the public is irritated with you and i will love the look on your face when you find out noone likes you. just go away and talk about your sister to the wall at home by yourself.

  3. Comments (25)

    Can’t stand Frankie.

    • Comments (70)

      Be specific please. What exactly is it about Frankie you don’t like?

      • Comments (57)

        just about everything. just about everyone feels the same way. he says he is a sosial media mogul. laughable. his voice, his fakeness, his untallanted chatacters. just about everything. and clerly most feel the same way. read the posts on all the bb websites. just go away frankie.

      • Comments (66)

        You must be new here. I feel like its common knowledge why Frankie is disliked.

      • Comments (34)


      • super duper bb fan
        Comments (34)

        I am not sure if this person even watches bb16. No true fan of the game would ever ask that question. IJS

      • Comments (21)

        I feel like I have to watch him molest the other house guests consistently. He has absolutely no true loyalty and is very arrogant to top things off. I think he is just tooo narcissistic …

  4. Comments (6)

    I wish we could see the expression on Frankie’s face when Mr. Publicity-Hog finds out that Donny gets to be on B&B!

  5. Comments (412)

    I’m glad we got to see how Christine’s husband and family feel about her behavior. Her husband is goofy looking, but he has good sense of humor.

  6. Comments (57)

    thumbs up if frankie is annoying.

  7. Comments (332)

    Boring week, Nicole will leave AGAIN. Caleb has no game!

    • Comments (14)

      Let’s hope Nicole wins Veto. That would be great!

    • Comments (832)

      Caleb has game – Derrick’s game!

      • Comments (1288)

        What do you mean Derrick’s game? BoastMode is the founder and leader of THE BombSquad. The biggest and best BB alliance EVAR. They have controlled the game from week one by executing the brilliant game strategy spearheaded by BoastMode himself. BoastMode has won HoHs, taken people out and gone up on the block to protect the BombSquad. Any resemblance to a game beneficial to and run by Derrick is completely coincidental.

      • Comments (1092)

        In addition to that, when the rest of the squad wanted to vote out Zach before the numbers were net in their favor, it was Cowboy that said it would be a mistake.

        The guy is playing the game like a military exercise. Maybe he should have been part of Team America.

      • super duper bb fan
        Comments (34)


  8. super duper bb fan
    Comments (34)

    Welp…now that Caleb won. It’s a pretty sure bet Derrick (Caleb) will put up Nicole and Christine. And to make matters worse. We have the exclusive pleasure of watching beastmode cowboy talk about how badass he was during the comp.

  9. Comments (30)

    I’ve seen Mango’s sister trolling the comments of various unrelated posts in my news feeds over the past several days…..looking for ‘likes’. Never heard of HER, & frankly ( pun intended ) don’t ever want to hear of HIM again.

  10. Comments (66)

    I love how obviously irritated Frankie is that America clearly loves Donny. He just kept repeating “they’re obviously obsessed. Obviously obsessed. He’s going to win favorite. They’re obsessed. America probably voted for mental comps so he could win. America is obsessed with him!” Yeah, wake up Frankie. You are neither as fabulous nor popular as you believe yourself to be. I want to hug Julie for telling him specifically that it was an OVERWHELMING no. That was the best moment for me.

    • Comments (57)

      well said (:

    • Comments (832)

      He’s a sore loser! I think we’re getting our first taste of the “real” Frankie. Like you said, ClaireBear, on he keeps talking about how obsessed America is with Donny & then he says, “what did Donny do?” It’s not that he did anything but be the kind person he is. He was never fake, never compromized his values & was nice to everyone. The majority of these kids are self-absorbed, entitled brats! I guess there’s no question how I feel! Go Nicole!

      • Comments (66)

        Yes! I noticed him flipping out saying what did he do? What’s so special about him? There’s got to something! It’s not so much what he did, but what he didn’t do, Frankie. He didn’t come across as an over the top stereo type that loves pawing on every straight male in the house, he didn’t feel he had to be the loudest one in the room, and he didn’t become the most obnoxious houseguest.

    • Comments (1288)

      It is a tasty bit of BB schadenfreude watching Frankie eat his liver over America’s rejection. I saw this coming and was aghast people considered throwing this message away just to give Donny an extra $5k. I wish Julie had given the actual vote percentages.

      • Comments (1092)

        If she did that though, somebody would have figured out it was some kind of hidden message.

      • Comments (1288)

        Christine was sniffing around that idea anyway last night, she noticed how odd the question exchange was between Julie and Frankie. Frankie said yeah and immediately changed the subject. That is why I have no issue with Donny having waived off that one TA mission, just proposing the mission alerted the house to something strange going on – it was sketchy.

      • Comments (19)

        I really REALLY wish Donny would have outed TA on his way out the door. I realize he didn’t because he wanted to leave with his head held high…. but still. Imagine the shake up in the house if all the other hg’s new that Derrick and Frankie have been getting extra money to manipulate them.

      • Comments (722)

        Hey cook!
        Donny doesnt come across as so petty.
        If it were me, I probably would have put my foot in my mouth and dug my own grave “telling everyone about themselves”..

        Donny probably wasnt concerned with the Hgs anyways.. and is probably relieved to be away from them and their nasty talk and behavior. Probably felt like getting out of jail

  11. Comments (17)

    Clairebear,I feel exactly the same way!! So dusgusted see him all made up(gross)&knowing america hated the play&he knows were pissed!I wish there was a rule no throwing comps.that’s just wrong.cody didn’t win fair.&wow mango needs go this week.mabey the girls get him to change his mind.he does seem like he might!that would be great see mangos face going out the door!

  12. Comments (1799)

    So nom might be Nichole &Victoria Now let’s see Derrick work his magic to keep Victoria safe He will explain that Nichole is the target Or Caleb might go bold and nom Christine but this brain trust might try the old back door on Christine Not knowing of the double eviction No one will see that coming
    Tonight was one of the few times we have seen the family’s Despite Christine’s husbands YouTube videos It seems all is not well in that family Hard to explain the “strong” Christian values with what she has been doing I do believe Derrick was moved by his home message An added benefit is it also help soften the other players when they go to jury It gives them a nice picture of who Derrick is playing for Mango is looking very old without the blond hair he is loosing that youthful appeal Lets see how much time he spends in Caleb bed
    Funny how none of the detonators trust each other when two go talking by them selves All the others start looking to check out who is pairing off Now the fun starts

    • Comments (1288)

      Looks like the magic has already happened. Caleb is concerned about Christine winning POV and saving Nicole, so he is talking about putting up Christine as a PAWN. LOL. Christine will be squealing like a stuck pig when she hears that idea, sometimes pawns go home bwahahahaha. He will console her by saying if Nicole wins POV they will just put up Victoria and vote her out, cross their hearts and pinkie swear even.

      Caleb is way to starstruck to go after Frankie but Mr Showbiz may get targeted in the DE next week. The house has had some gripe sessions about Frankie and his slovenly habits – spraying toenail clippings around, poorly washed dishes, etc.

      Derrick will probably get away with taking the $5k, even easily when everyone just saw a picture of Derrick’s daughter. But the 5K Hollas may be a real albatross. The first week should be easy but if BB gets really annoying with it during sleep hours the resentment will grow by leaps and bounds. Each holla will remind all that Derrick is $5k richer no matter the justification.

      • Comments (38)

        Was thinking the same thing and I also wondered this: what if some of the “hollas” contain secret messages? That would also start even more paranoia in the house. This might be Derrick’s downfall.

  13. Comments (17)

    Sorry,meant girls change change calebs on a frankie rant.haha

  14. Comments (37)

    I love that the TA mission was such an epic failure! Stew on that one awhile Mr. Broadway!

  15. Comments (692)

    I don’t wish any bad thing to happen to Frankie but I hope when big brother is over and he gets to see all the shows and see exactly how America felt about him that it is a wake up call call for him before he gets any older. He is extremely self centered and egotistical but I have a feeling it comes from a sense of
    insecurity. it’s kind of sad actually to the point that maybe we should just feel sorry for him. I do not want to see him when nor do I want to see him come in second place and I certainly don’t want to see him voted America’s favorite.

  16. Comments (120)

    America must have been torn. I wish Donny and Derrick could have been paid and not Frankie. But it also sent the msg that America would have preferred Donny staying as a TA mission. Donny’s ‘devin’ in the play was hilarious too.

  17. Comments (1446)

    Seriously, I get that Caleb injured himself, but everyone else(with the exception of Cody)was in that competition, too. Everyone is sore, but it looks like Beast Mode is really a big old baby. He is relishing laying on the couch with all of the power. It’s going to be a long week listening to him droll on and on with all of the HG’s attending to his every need.

  18. Comments (34)

    I’m curious about something. Was it caleb or cody that said that their brother would call them out on their nom choices during their 1st hoh win?

  19. Comments (34)

    On BBAD, Derrick just realized how bad he messed up not saving Donny. He just apologized to America for letting us down. Meanwhile FAKIE (mango) is bitter that he lost the mission and is certain that Donny will never win fan fav. He is delusional

  20. Comments (1)

    Everyone will do whatever Derrick says! (with the exception of Nicole). Great looking cast but dumb as dirt!! Cody could have controlled the house (well Christine–Nicole–Donny–Victoria) and blew his chance to man up.

  21. Comments (426)

    Derrick telling America (camera) something along the lines of ‘sorry we let you guys down. I don’t know what to say. We get the message loud & clear. We tried the best we could, but our best wasn’t good enough.’
    Sorry Derrick, but your BS may work on the captive audience you have in the house, but please stop thinking America is stupid enough to fall for your crap. We know better. It’s insulting.

  22. super duper bb fan
    Comments (34)

    Let the paranoia BEGIN!!

  23. Comments (3)

    I was watching BBAD tonight. Is it just me or is it weird Frankie talks about how hot his sister is all of the time?

    I hope that BB tells them Team America is over with since they voted one member out. That will serve them right and put a smile on my face.

  24. Comments (832)

    OMG, Christine really is stupid! OK, we all know that, but she put on this act of being upset because of Zingbot & she’s continued her “stroking” Cody. Did everyone catch it on BBAD tonight when just she & Cody were alone in the kitchen talking, which led to a hug, which led her to tell Cody, “I love you.” It didn’t appear to be in a fun, playful way. She’s got some splaining to do!

    • Comments (692)

      What did Cody say to her when she said she loved him??

      Who slept in HOH bed last week with Cody??

      • Comments (832)

        If I remember correctly, he didn’t say anything & kept hugging her. I kept rewinding to make sure I heard her correctly! Even if their relationship is purely plutonic she has to realize how bad it looks & how inappropriate.

      • Comments (692)

        She’s CLUELESS!! after seeing last night show, I’m not sure she has a marriage to go home to. I know her husband has tried to be supportive but I think you may have reached his limit. Even her own mother and father seem to be totally disgusted by their daughter’s actions with Cody

      • Comments (722)

        And Codys dad basically said that Christine isnt Codys type…he could do better

      • Comments (2)

        Cody did NOT say “I love you” back to Christine. He said she was doing a great job. It looks like Cody may be trying to let her down easy before he throws her under the bus and cuts her loose. His sister said it best that Cody will flirt with a PLANT on the show to get ahead in the game. Christine is the BIG loser on BB this year. She will probably leave with very little money, an unhappy family, a shaky marriage, a flabbergasted preacher/wife, and a questionable reputation in the real world that she will have to try and salvage for a long time.

      • Comments (2826)

        There was nothing to “salvage” to begin with.

  25. Comments (38)

    This has to be the worst season ever. Sorry to say it but this show has been predictable since week 2 or 3. Maybe next season they’ll pick contestants that think for themselves and aren’t afraid of confrontation. With no Zach and now Underdog Donny gone I don’t know if I can watch it anymore. The only good part of tonight’s show was seeing Mangos’face when she said no about the TA mission. Rant over. ✌

  26. Comments (92)

    My analysis of most people on this blog – YOU ARE CRAZY. Ok we are sad, I am too, that Donny is gone. But did he really have game? Yes lovable guy, but the people who usually win this game have some type of social game, don’t go to be at midnight. You have to do things you might not like, but you do them. Like having a boss you can’t stand but you pretend they are great. Donny will get his job back, America loves him because they relate to him, he is going to be a guest on the Bold and Beautiful. That being said this is a TV show. I read how his Sister doesn’t like him because she didn’t mention him when she won an award. Did anyone think she might have been nervous when she won? When they showed his family, looked to me she was happy to say hi to him. Yet if you read this blog one would think Frankie’s sister hates him. When they showed Donny’s family who was there? Only his brother. Taking the logic of the people on yhis blog, his family didn’t even say hi. Where was his girlfriend? There must be trouble in that family. Of course not. They probably didn’t want to go on TV. We know Donny’s parents don’t watch the show. That’s OK. They have different taste. Nicole is really not good at the game. The best is Derrick, followed by Cody, who seems to have a nice family and Caleb, who is good at comps, his social game improved when Amber left, but is not that great at lying. Frankie is good at Comps and he is great at lying, which you have to do to get far in this game. Look at the game and get over it. I love the people who always say I’m not going to watch the game again and they are the first to come back. Just freaking crazy.

  27. Comments (12)

    I was starting to forget that Frankie’s sister is Arianna because he can’t stop commenting on her looks. It’s like “Dude that’s your sister.” What brother comments on their sisters beauty as much as Frankie does. Not sure if anyone else notice’s that or not. Gimme a break already.

    • Comments (832)

      Yup, if he’s not talking about himself or drawing attention to himself he’s asking the guys if his sister isn’t the hottest thing! He’s an attention whore!

    • Comments (722)

      His sister is cute, pretty, has a great body..
      But shes only 21 and looks arent forever.
      Live that Hollyweird fast life for awhile, pop out a few kids.. and she’ll look just like Mango when shes his age (35, 36.. at least)

  28. Comments (12)

    I miss Donny also. Hope he can win America’s Favorite Player.

  29. Comments (487)

    I can’t wait until that talentless hack (Frankie) finds out that #1: Donny is loved by America because he is a great guy with values, integrity and honesty and #2 Donny will be appearing on The Bold and The Beautiful. Frankie thinks that America loves Donny because he’s somebody. Yes Frankie Donny is somebody…a grown-a$$ MAN not a self loving jerk like you.

  30. Comments (11)

    Alright Caleb,Or should I say all know that ur gonna listen to derrick n he’s going to suggest oh! wait,he’s gonna tell u who to put up.we all know it’s gonna be Nicole n Victoria. Wouldn’t it be kewl n wonderful if Caleb gets to open Pandora’s box n it says the 2 hg on the block r safe n then he has to nominate 2 different other a fan it would be a great moment in BB HISTORY!He could then put up frankie n Christine.listen up BB.u could make us (fans) feel important but we all know it won’t happen but We can always dream.

  31. Comments (332)

    So Victoria skates on nominations again. Tired of her.

    • super duper bb fan
      Comments (34)

      I guess vic’s mom is watching the alter part of bb16. Cuz i would never tell my daughter that i was proud of her no gaming ass! The only reason ppl r not talking about her and derrick. Is because. Of what’s going on with cody and Christine

  32. Comments (492)

    Twist………. Eliminate. 2. Thursday. Okay

    Then bring back Donny and Zach in the pandora box. CBS can do anything…..right?

    • Comments (692)

      mom–We can hope. I doubt anybody will be brought back again this season, there’s been no hint of that. BUT–we can hope. Nuff said.
      obviously CBS does not listen to the viewers.
      Ok, now, nuff said. Lol

      • Comments (492)

        Thanks Franko…. A mom can dream……lol
        Nufff said….hahaha…ahhhh

      • Comments (692)

        Ahhhh, are you finally admitting that you REALLLLLY are Zach’s mom?? Lol.
        If you are… have a great son, nutty, but great. Love his acceptance of others and the fact he REALLY, HONESTLY cared about Frankie and didn’t care what anybody else thought. Good kid!!

        Nuff said!! 🙂

      • Comments (492)


        You are too funny!

        A mom can dream, not “The” mom. Sorry to mislead you.
        I do have a son similar to Zach, but Zach is not my son. Sorry to disappoint you.
        But you can dream too…… Ahhh…. Nufff said. Tee hee


      • Comments (692)

        mom– I was just teasing you. Zach is nutty at times but overall I think a great kid with a BIG heart. I miss him!! HIS parents should be proud of him unlike Christine’s parents. HE IS A GOOOOD KID!! SHE IS A SKANK.

      • Comments (722)

        Dont ruin my fantasy of you being Zachs mom.
        I really thought I had an inside track.

        I liked Zach since when he talked about that black eye he got. I hated him leaving even more than Donny because he had a real chance at winning.

        I know theyll bring him back for all stars. Him and Donny. It will be a better cast of adults who arent as petty and immature.

        I cant wait til they show his entrance into Jury.

      • Comments (492)

        I sure hope so!!!
        Zach will come out on top whatever he does!
        He has a good love of family. He loves his mom, and little brother, which is genuine. He has a good head on his shoulders.
        I sure hope CBS does something for him!
        I love my Zach!
        Sure , I can play along, Zach is my good kid, ( wink, wink).

      • Comments (722)

        Wink indeed.

  33. Comments (1288)

    Hopefully Nicole wins POV so she has a restful week and is ready for the HoH comp during the DE episode. If that happens they will probably cut Christine loose. Then if Nicole can win the HoH we could end up seeing the last of Frankie.

    His slovenly habits are making him a target for the displeasure of the house. I bet Donny would be tickled pink to see them arrive in a one-two surprise gift fashion. And then Frankie would get to stew for 4 weeks knowing Donny has a guest shot on B&B while Frankie has a bad rep and no shot at America’s fave.

    • Comments (692)

      Dan, I love that scenario!I just hope that Danny gets a good week of rest and enjoyment of the good people that are in the jury house before he has to start dealing with the creeps that are left in the BB house as they fall in one by one

  34. Comments (692)

    Oh, wow, arianna Grande performs on the Today show this morning!!! I’m sooooo excited!! NOT!!
    Think I will just go back to sleep.

    • Comments (57)

      mango. keep talking about your sister. the more you do the more people dont like her too. she must be hoping you get out of that house before you ruin her gig.

  35. Comments (843)

    And freaky franky gets his HOH room back. LOL

  36. Comments (13)

    Frankie and Caleb will just die when they learn Donny will be on B&B since they both believe America is in love with them. the look on their faces will be priceless!!!!!! LOVE IT

  37. Comments (59)

    off topic. just saw this tweet from McCrae of bb15 trying to trick ariana grande fans to vote NO on that mission. funny tactic

    CALLING ALL @ArianaGrande AND @FrankieJGrande FANS…. VOTE NO @CBSBigBrother AND GET FRANKIE SOME MONEY #BB16 #ArianaGrande #frankiegrande

  38. Comments (1799)

    Caleb did not hurt himself in the game He hurt himself patting himself on his back So the mutual ego masturbation between boastmode cowboy and Mango Frankie go on full swing Mango doing a one man(?) show ? Boastmode just wants to be so famous he makes money just with his name ? Isn’t delusional talk like that enough to get you committed
    I must admit I am looking forward to watching Christine when she is given the news she will be a pawn Nails on a chalk board whinnying as she complains how unfair Even if Nichole doesn’t win POV The boys might git tired of Christine and vote her out

  39. Comments (130)

    Sorry blog feed, I will not be paying attention to you today. For all the “I’m not watching now that Donny is gone” comments are too much.

    • Comments (692)

      Smouse- I’m sad Donny is gone but I want to watch and see the feeding frenzie that is about to begin!! this is about to become a great game, maybe. I’m actually glad that Donny is away from these immature people

      • Comments (722)

        Now the real show starts!

        Evictions to be served this week:
        Christine &Mango

    • Comments (266)

      Smouse I hear ya. Except all the Frankie bashing is too much for me… I’m reading the same thing over and over. I don’t like Frankie either but wow!

      • Comments (130)

        It’s funny, when I scan the comments, I skip any of them that start off:

        “worst season EVER…”
        “So predictable….”
        “Now that X player is gone, I’m not watching anymore…”

        We all think we know he’s going to win, but it ain’t over till its over. And at the end of the day….I stay captivated because of the 15+ seasons that unpredictable stuff happens.

      • Comments (266)

        I just heard Caleb’s voice when you said ‘At the end of the day…’

        Hah. But I agree.

      • Comments (832)

        I too am tired of all the ‘I’m not watching anymore…’ Folks, it’s a trainwreck, how can you not watch!

  40. Comments (18)

    I was so happy to see how frantic Frankie got when he heard all the applause for Donny !! yeah dumbass america does love him !!!! he’s an honest decent person …….lookng forward to seeing what happens now . I hope Caleb surprises us …been listening to him on BBAD and it seems like he is actually thinking about his own game maybe he’ll surprise us ?!?!?

  41. Comments (19)

    Remember ‘back in the day’ (lol) when they used to keep us updated and what was going on in the jury house? We’d get to see so-and-so walk in, all the jury peeps go “ohh noooo!” and then hear them all complain about how they got screwed…. I miss that.

  42. Comments (92)

    Sorry to see Donny go. The family videos were very interesting. My take. Cody seems to have a very grounded family. There appears to be plenty of love. Derrick seems to have a nice wife and child and it looks like he is playing rhe game for them. Donny, only his brother. From previous show, I don’t think the rest of family watches big brother. Surprise not to see his girlfriend. Similar to Donny, only one person, her mother who seem to care for her. Nicole, I can’t even remember, almost like her game. Zach should have been back. Nicole’s game is horrible. Frankie seem to have a happy family with is grandmother and sister. The worst for at least Christine was her family. They seem very nice, especially her husband. Even her parents did not like her antics and she better let them know it is part of her game the way she coddles Cody. I hope it is Derrick and Cody at the end. I think they were the best players this year.

  43. Comments (118)

    Frankie years from now on his death bed: Why Donny America? You were supposed to like meeeeeeeeeee!

  44. Comments (843)

    I’ve never watched Bold and Beautiful. How do you find out when Donny is going to be on? Also hope Julie invites Donny to be a guest on her show.

  45. Comments (379)

    I wonder if Donny’s guest spot on the bold and beautiful will have him somehow being set up with the town hootch Brook? And does anyone know whatever happened to Frank from season 14?

  46. Comments (843)

    I just emailed CBS and suggested Donny do guest spots on NCIS, NCIS New Orleans, and The Big Bang Theory.

  47. Comments (92)

    This game is Derrick’s and Cody’s to lose. Cody knock out the fan favorite. Fans might not like it but he was smart enough to realize no one was going to beat Donny. Donny should have never folded in the POV game. Nicole and Donny basically gave that game to Cody. Unless Nicole wins POV she is the next to go, Derrick and Cody will make sure of that. Then the game begins once she is gone. Zach would have made the game more interesting if he came back. Nicole’s game sucks.

  48. Comments (6)

    Memo to Frankie
    Yes, we America are so OBSESS with him.
    Frankie what did Donny do? Pretty much played the game to day 71 with only a little help from the rest of the house. Good luck Donny hope you get a lot of request for appearances and someone comes up with a realty show for you

  49. Comments (91)

    Victoria is the worst waste of space contestant ever. Her biggest move this season was passing out in the bathroom. Her only game strategy is breathing. That’s beyond lame.
    She can’t be an extra vote for anyone if she’s passed out.

  50. Comments (1)

    Can’t stand Frankie all he does is talking about his sister. He is promoting her. Derrick needs to go away.

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