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Big Brother 16 – Late Veto Competition


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It’s going to be another late veto competition today (I can watch Game of Thrones!), so people have mostly been lounging around waiting for the competition. One thing I’ve noticed is a lot of people are moping around about Frankie’s sudden celebrity status.  I have a suggestion for them..

Get over it.

Seriously. I’m already done with the whimpering and whining. Every time you turn on the feeds today, someone is talking about how many followers Frankie has and how hard it’s going to be to get him out. Why?  His followers don’t help him in competitions. His followers don’t vote on Thursday nights. His sister has no impact on the game. If anything, the house should simply band together and get Frankie out the next time he’s not HoH. It’s that simple. He exposed himself as a huge target because of the potential to win any fan voted reward, so vote him out and be done with it.

It’s 5:30pm and no sign of veto yet. There is still plenty of time, but the competition will at least be an hour+ when it starts, so it’s a good time to spend Saturday night hanging with some friends or hanging with your no friends (if you’re me).  I will update this thread and post it to facebook and twitter when the veto results are in.

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  1. Comments (5)

    Frankie is a no talent clown. He is living off his sisters reputation. All he has been doing is mugging for the camera the whole season. Get over it and vote this jerk out.

  2. Comments (1446)

    Best line of the night on BBAD last night was Caleb upon hearing that Frankie’s sister was a famous pop star.
    “Is she single?” “Is she looking for a boyfriend?”

    Ramp up your security, Ariana – the BoastMode Cowboy has you in his sights!

  3. Comments (6)

    If they vote him out now though, it’ll be him vs. Donny for America’s favorite house guest (assuming Donny doesn’t make F2 which I doubt he will with him and Nicole being outcasts).

  4. Comments (120)

    Just as Derrick stated, if it’s Victoria/Zach on the block, things will get interesting. I would put my money on Victoria staying, because if she’s evicted then that will show a betrayal in Christine’s eyes. Everyone has already stated that Zach is not stable, and he may just do whatever he wants. He’s on the outs.

    • Comments (37)

      I do not agree with that. Everyone was saying Zach was unstable when he was on the block with Jocasta. In the end, they decided to keep him for the numbers. I think Zach may be around for awhile.

      • Comments (120)

        You’re overlooking the fact that Jocasta was not aligned with anyone on Derrick’s side. It was an easier choice then.

        Victoria is on Derrick’s side, he’s becoming more committed to having her be in an alliance with him and some of the guys, and he knows his side will always have her vote.

        Zach is also a vote for Derrick’s side, but he’s already exploded the alliance, and now he’s going to tell Donny about all of the other alliances he was a part of. Donny will tell Nicole, who will tell Christine/Cody who will then tell Derrick and Zach will definitely be going home.

      • Comments (1288)

        Zach has already told Nicole directly, starting with the Bomb Squad and all the little permutations since. Nicole told Christine she knew and the news went back around to Frankie and Derrick. They would not mind Zach going but they think Donny is more dangerous. Donny will go if it stays the same but if it is Zach/Victoria, then the surething suckerfish will stay.

      • Comments (120)

        I completely agree. Although I am a Victoria fan (I chose her day 1), I wish that she could play her own game. It is getting her far though, being one of Derrick’s minions. If you remember correctly, Andy was one of Amanda’s minions, and he won. I don’t think Victoria will come in first place though (maybe second).

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – there are things that Zach has failed to tell Nicole (at least I have not seen it) – he has not exposed Derrick and Cody to her – she is still tenativly trusting Derrick and moreso Cody – as I read Morty’s updates Nicole and Christine are about to go To Cody and ask him to join them – it is easy for us to see the web of lies Derrick is casting – being in the house i’m sure not so much

      • Comments (1288)

        I am pretty sure Zach’s spiel included his Detonators alliance and his F3 with Derrick and Cody. I say this because Zach just had the same convo with Victoria and Victoria is in tears over Derrick’s betrayal. “I just want to punch him in the face” – that girl is feisty. Nicole told her to play it cool but I don’t think Victoria is capable of keeping this inside and away from Derrick’s notice.

  5. Comments (21)

    Derrick is smart..he will take this opportunity & take Frankie to the end b/c he knows from the way everyone is talking that nobody will give Frankie the money. Any smart player would do that

    • Comments (1288)

      They won’t give the money to Victoria either and there is much less chance Victoria will turn on him and backstab him before the end. Derrick will definitely take the suckerfish over the scorpion – she is his sure thing.

  6. Comments (5)

    Donny deserves to be America’s favourite because he’s genuine and honest unlike Frankie who just came to the house to be more famous just because of his sister reputation. And the people “fans” of big brother will probably vote for him to be America’s favorite. Those “fans” don’t even know the show an dare just fake big brother fans just because of Frankie. Frankie doesn’t even know how to play the game.. nor knows who are the best players who ever played big brother.

    • Comments (875)

      Donny was always alone in the game, all he had was Jocasta, and we all know that she was not a good competitor! I hope in some way shape, or form, that Donny will find a way to stay in the BB House.

  7. Comments (1288)

    Good thoughts for Donny … here they go.

  8. Comments (83)

    Anyone know if Donny is Christine’s target?

    • Comments (469)

      from all I have read – no – it is Zach – unless of course Frankie flips her – then it would be Nicole – Frankie’s ego has been fractured by Nicole and he is determined to “crush” her

  9. Comments (843)

    Christine doesn’t know who her target is! She plays up to whoever is in power that particular week. Frankie has taken over the HOH room again. He is such a maggot.

  10. Comments (1276)

    You are spot on as usual Stevebeans! It really doesn’t make any since that they are saying it will be hard to get Frankie out. How does his “status” effect their votes? It doesn’t. Plus, they had already compared him to Elissa, so why not use that to help them in their thought process? Elissa was a target from the first week or so because everyone found out she was Rachel’s sister. Rachel, who yes had won, but there is a HUGE difference in a one time 500,000 (which I don’t have a clue what it would be after taxes, probably closer to 250,000, and some who has the potential to be a big pop star.
    Frankie for sure is using his sisters fame to his advantage in and out of the house, a good portion of his “followers” are probably following him because of her.
    I have to say, from his resume he has done a lot of shows, even a few of his own. No doubt his winnings (if he gets any) will not go to building schools, but after looking him up, well, here you go “He co-founded the non-profit arts organization “Broadway in South Africa”, travelling to South Africa to work with disadvantaged youth. Grande also helped buildOn to build a school in a rural village in Malawi, and in 2014 buildOn honored him for his efforts with its Global Impact Award.”
    So he has done good with his “fame”, but in no way does that mean he should win. However, it does remind me that even people who will play a very dirty BB game, even using his half-sisters fame and poor grandfathers death for sympathy, can still do good/great things in the real world. Even as a long time BB fan, it’s hard to remember at times, that they are all just playing a game, and trying to win the prize, but whatever means neccessary. Sometimes you get your hands dirty in the process. I just personally prefer people who do not try to use sympathy or being flat out mean and hateful, and use tactics more like Derrick’s (or Dan G’s) jedi mind control. I think Derrick might have a little of Dan G’s “fog” as Brittany H would have called it working for him.

  11. Comments (88)

    they should make an all power player season or at least all winner Season.

  12. Comments (88)

    Zac is one of my favorite players but I feel like he tries too hard to be a Dan or a evil dick but I feel like it comes off corny and a little fake.

  13. Comments (644)

    I have been watching some videos from Wil, who was in a previous season. It’s at If you have time watch them, they are really funny.
    And I agree with you Steve, I don’t know why the HGs are so afraid of Frankie being famous or having a famous sister. They are the ones who control who goes or who stays. Next time they have the chance just evict him.

    • Comments (61)

      Wil is the best! BB needs more personalities like him. Too bad he didn’t make it further that year

      • Comments (88)

        they need more personality period!

      • Comments (644)

        I forgot to say that the videos are about the current BB season (he also has last season’s), so you’ll see most of the houseguests impersonated by Wil. If you are feeling kind of sad today, these short videos will make you laugh.

  14. Comments (1288)

    I wonder if they will drag out some analog of either the Diamond Power of Veto or the Coup d’état. Both were seen as being too powerful when they were introduced but they are clearly willing to change major rules (2 HoH format).

    I am surprised they have kept the BotB beyond the DE. It can only have 2 or 3 weeks left before there won’t be enough HGs to do it.

  15. Comments (91)

    Everyone is playing hard except Victoria. They need to get rid of the floater before anyone else. I think it will be more energy than it’s worth for Derrick to keep her. If he is thinking about final 2, there’s others in the house that won’t get jury votes.
    I have really liked this season a lot. There’s plenty of people playing hard, unlike last year with Amanda holding Mccray hostage and bleating out orders from their bed. ugh.
    sooo glad there are real players this year.
    I am wishing for visit from zingbot, pandora’s box,diamond power of veto or coup d’etat.

    • Comments (120)

      I’m really tired of people saying Victoria isn’t playing, playing hard enough, etc. It’s just a constant repeat. She’s trying to play the game, maybe not to your standards, but she is.

  16. Comments (1288)

    Ratfarts, Zach looks to have won the POV.

  17. Comments (182)

    Yea Zack’s got it. Bye Donny

  18. Comments (343)

    Why does any houseguest care that he has a famous sister? Big deal — vote him out. His sister doesn’t vote, nor do his YouTube fans. They sound stupid worrying about it. On Survivor this year they an elite basketball player. Guess what — that got him voted out quicker!

  19. Comments (18)

    ZACK ATTACK wins power of veto

  20. Comments (61)

    Donny is f***ed. All of the worst possible things that could have happened to his game have happened the last two days. He won’t make it back from Jury either. This game is Derrick’s to win.

  21. Comments (1288)

    Christine will almost certainly put Victoria up and send Donny out. If she decides to go with backdooring Nicole it will leave both her original noms in the house and playing for HoH next week – taht would make her shake in her shoes. Putting the suckerfish on the block comes at little risk when she stays.

  22. Comments (4)

    I have a question, I’ve asked it a few times but no one has answered yet so hopefully someone does!

    If someone wins the battle of the block, does that give them immunity for the rest of the week?

    Like for example, since Frankie won the battle of the block, Christine couldn’t backdoor him even if she wanted to?

    I don’t remember hearing anything about this rule. Thank you to anyone who answers this!!!

  23. Comments (412)


    • Comments (61)

      Yep. And that poisonous snake Christine will put a pawn up and send Donny packing.

      • Comments (1288)

        If she can withstand the full court press from the guys. Nicole has the problem of talking to everyone about way to much. She has spoken quite a bit with Victoria who will keep it confidential … well from everyone except that nice Derrick who is talking game with only her. Donny has been very judicious with his views and seems less threatening – at least for now. That can change at any moment or after any DR. They also noted Nicole wins HoHs, Donny wins POVs.

  24. Comments (266)

    Derrick needs to go.
    The End.

    • Comments (266)

      So do the Purrrfect Arch and Relacore commercials.

      (I usually fast forward through commercials on BBAD but if I decide to have it on in the background while I do things around the house… they make me hurdle over couches and my kitchen table just to get to my remote).

      • Comments (383)

        What about Stephen Dorff and those ridiculous e-cigs? I love how they take the manliest coolest actor they could find and try to show how cool their product is. Sorry Stephen, even YOU look like a douche smoking those things.

    • Comments (1288)

      I need to win the Lotto – but I don’t think either is happening anytime soon.

  25. Comments (469)

    I would like to say something here – I have been reading this site and others plus watching reg. shows and BBad – I have paid special attention to Donny – and what I see raises a major concern for him – you can see his decline both physicaly and emotionaly – he has withdrawn into himself more and seperated himself From HG’s and the game – as he was talking to Nicole today he said he really needs to leave or he may be arrested (let your imagination work on that one) – he also told her he quit his job to come on the show — he is quickly falling into depression – he had a dream of what this show was like (he loved it)and since entering the house one by one his dreams have been shattered – he has had to live with immature kids – listen to their petty arguements and complaints and watch them lie – mock and make personal attacks on each other – as he talked to Nicole he laid out exactly what was happening in the house – who was running the house and who was screwing who – and by God he hit the nail on the head every single time – Nicole said why haven’t you said something and he said he was all alone and nobody would listen- (remember he lost his best friend – Jocasta (go ahead say what you will about her but name one person she screwed) – a mature woman who he could share thoughts – feelings and life experiences with – folks this goes beyond “game” – I forsee people telling me screw Donny – he is a grown man – he knew what it was before he agreed to play -my answer to you is – no he didn’t – he is a decent – caring – kind man and in his wildest dreams he had no idea that people could act like this and do this to one another for a “stipend” – having said this I ask you to think about this as you view the remainder of the game – decide who is left in the house that is decent – and honest and deserving of winning this season – as for Donny – in his present state I believe his exit would be a blessing for him (he can rejoin Jocasta) and a huge lose for the house

    • Comments (644)

      I love Donny, hopefully he will stay.

    • Comments (266)

      Thank you for sharing john ruth. It is really too bad when this show becomes taxing on players. Sadly, the majority of houseguests needs to be controversial, immature, backstabbing, and outright rude in order for this show to keep surviving another season. But then each season, time and time again, it seems BB fans always pull for the one or two players who ARE genuine, good-hearted people. I think it’s human nature to feel sympathy toward the underdog and we thrive to watch them succeed.

      • Comments (469)

        Stemmie – while what you say is true – my concerns for Donny go far past rooting for the nice guy – underdog – while all I have are snippets of film and written feeds – I am seriously concerned for his well being – he shows many of the markers of total fatigue and lethergy which could easily lead to a breakdown.

      • Comments (266)

        I acknowledge that for sure. Don’t you think production would have to step in at some point?

    • Comments (1288)

      I do wonder if him going out this week might be best for his game. He does seem taxed and stressed, clearly unhappy with the hand he has been dealt. A week or two in the clean air of jury house or sequester might allow him to rejuvenate himself. I would hope he would rediscover his competitive spirit and come back with a vengeance.

      This does bring up the question of if there is any contact between those evicted so far. Going to normal jury there is but with the chance of return they may be keeping them apart. If they are not separated he will most likely give Hayden the same speech he gave Nicole about the power structure in the house. Probably with the addition of exploring the best ways to attack it. If Hayden listens he could re-enter with quite a leg-up.

    • Comments (110)

      You do have me curious with the whole getting arrested part. But I love Donny and he and Nicole have been my favorites from the start. I really wanted him to stay but not if it will be bad for him and hurt him. I have always felt he had a lot of wisdom and knew what was going on and kept waiting for him to speak up and yeah if you think about it who does he have to talk to? Its just the whole format of the show and it bugs me. Stick a bunch of young people in and 1 or 2 older people and of course the older people will feel left out.I like watching the older people far more. I would be annoyed by the exact same things, being 44 I have little patience for such immaturity. He is handling it well but of course it will wear him down.

      • Comments (469)

        QB – Donny just through that out as a statement – much like saying i’m gonna kill that kid – I think he was just venting his whole displeasure with all the immature crap that is going on around him – which shows his “glass is plumb full”

  26. Comments (644)

    I can’t figure out Zach’s game play/plans. He made up with Frankie and they looked to be best friends again. But now he is talking to Victoria and telling her about how he is in an alliance with Cody, Derrick, Frankie, and Christine. He also said he had a final two alliance with Derrick and Cody and another one with Christine and Frankie, and another one with just him and Frankie. And he is telling her everything. Someone please explain why is he saying all the truth? Especially to Victoria????

    • Comments (1288)

      Captain Chaos strikes again. Zach is aware all those people tried to get him evicted last week at one point or another. He sees the close ties between Victoria and Derrick and this will make for some very difficult conversations for Derrick. #Zachattack

      • Comments (266)

        Definitely Derricks turn to get some heat. Couldn’t stand listening to Derrick say how horrible Frankie is for lying… Umm just wait until they all find out all his lies and backstabbing moves. Not a Derrick fan.

      • Comments (1288)

        “I just want to punch him in the face”
        – Victoria about Derrick, O.M.G.

  27. Comments (469)

    OK – it is time to go on record and say – there is no doubt in my mind that CBS and the BB staff are totally manipulating this game – Can’t believe I even care since this is so trivial campared to what is happening to our country and the world – but since I am here I will say it – and much of this has already been said in bits and pieces by many people here – look at the season and the way the feeds are sent to us – how many have said this has been the Frankie show – how many have pointed out the special treatment he has recieved – how many have scratched there head and wondered how some info is picked up by certain HG’s – and then realized it was immediately after a DR session with the very person who disclosed the “info” (some of you commented on this) – why did it take so long to set up the BOB set – HG’s even commented that construction was taking an inordinate amount of time – it was even delayed on a ruse that they couldn’t play until they cleaned the kitchen (never heard that one in 16 seasons) – then – they enter the back yard and would you believe it – the comp was specifically designed to make it easier for one to play than two – wonder why???? – if not the star of the show would be exiting the building – (seems the HG’s screwed themselves by divulging this “twist” to early and BB caught wind of it) – why was Frankie spending so much time being paged to the DR room before the BOB comp – could it be they were calaberating on the “confession” script – and yes it was a script – he repeated it almost verbatim to the ladies in the LR – that does not happen (and I may be wrong about this but didn’t Frankie say a number of times in the fire room with the guys “let’s keep all this in this room” so he steps out and immediately gathers the ladies and insists that they gather NOW in the LR- and why did Frankie threaten to have Zach escorted out of the room if he didn’t shut up – remember Zach said you can’t do that and he shouted back in a childish tone of voice – ‘oh yes I can” as he turned and looked into a camera – Zach says what are they going to do put me in handcuffs – Frankie – if necessary — i’ve run out of breath – give this some thought – i’m sure you can think of many other examples —— food for thought – at least one person brought up the possibility that somehow CBS may be invested in Ariana and this is 3 solid months of PR at no additional expense – Frankie is sure doing his level best to keep her name front and center since the infamous “confession”

  28. Comments (1)

    Derrick has played this game perfectly so far. He is the head of the snake in this house and Cody is the body. Frankie and Christine are his tail and he has manipulated them into doing all his dirty work without getting any blood on his hands. Derrick has directed every hoh how to move forward to his advantage. He sits back and watches quietly as his tail gets all the players to turn on each other and stays out of the mix. Zach telling Victoria how he has been using her is the first time he has been outed but it is too late and he will be sitting at the end with Cody.

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