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Big Brother 16 – Live Blogging Devin’s Power Trip

July 8, 2014 | 28 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans


It’s Veto day in the Big Brother house, and Devin has his last real chance to flex the power he was given last Thursday night.  Combine that with an angry Paola and possibly an angry Zach, this week – or even this day – could get interesting very fast.


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  • 10:30am – Devin approached Paola while she was in the shower to give her a little lecture.  Sound was tough to hear, but she is clearly upset and he threatens her not to act like that today.
  • 10:47am – Paola goes outside to retell the story to Brittany. Paola told Devin not to tell her what to do, she wasn’t going to campaign against her (Britt). The house is getting really, really tired of Devin.  Paola leaves and says “Just FYI, if I explode, it’s because of him” (I hope she does, we need drama!)
  • 11:06am – Devin in the HoH room practicing his PoV speech to Brittany. It sounds like he is going to definitely remove her from the block. He is also going to tell Zach that he (Zach) clearly doesn’t want to be there, and would rather be back in FL playing golf, so he is going to be the replacement nominee.
  • 11:30am – Things are quiet for now as people prepare for the PoV meeting.  I can’t wait for this.
  • 2:20pm – Feeds were down, they’re now back!  Updates:
  • Zach apparently called out Frankie during the PoV meeting, now the house doesn’t trust him (according to Frankie)
  • Amber said it was a crazy PoV meeting with like 5 different people going at it.
  • PoV Update – Zach replaced Brittany on the block
  • Derrick tells Frankie that Zach regrets calling out Frankie. He didn’t mean it. He was seeing red during his speech.
  • 1:35pm – Zach and Frankie are outside. Zach apologizes to Frankie for calling him out.
  • Amber, Cody and Hayden join the conversation. Zach is super paranoid about who spoke with Devin.
  • Zach feels Devin is stupid because Paola would have gone home anyway. Now, instead of it happening quietly, he pissed off Zach and worked up the house.
  • 1:45pm – Zach exposes the bomb squad to Hayden. This is going to be fun.
  • 1:54pm – Frankie tells Christine and Amber about Zach blowing up the bomb squad.
  • 2:01pm – Hayden with a group of people in the bathroom telling them Amber indeed had a part in it this week. She was there when Devin/Caleb told Hayden and Nicole about how they’re safe and Paola throwing competition (Paola denies throwing it).
  • 2:02pm – Derrick outside with Cody and Amber. He said they made a deal from day 1 to not put another member on the block, unless it was absolutely needed. He understands why Zach is upset.
  • 2:20pm – A lot of retells going on right now.  Nice time to take a quick dinner break. Will update shortly.
  • 3:06pm – Paola starts chatting with Zach outside, first retelling the story about Devin in the morning, but then it gets a bit heated…
  • Paola mentions Zach going home, and he replies like he has no intention of going home this week.  That starts off the tension. Zach is confident he is staying this week, and Paola asks why.
    At 3:10 it gets loud (crank up the feeds and flashback, seriously).
    Zach: “Pao, trust me, you don’t want to start with me”
    Pao: “You think I’m scared of you?  Even if I leave this week, you or Devin will go next week”
    Pao: “Don’t fucking threaten me that you’re going to say something bad about me on Thursday.  You mope around like Ooohhohhohhh. You’re a dickhead”
    misc yelling
    Pao: “You think I threw that competition”
    Zach: “YES. You didn’t even wear your glasses. Hayden had to tell her to get them”
    This argument is going back and forth too much to type. Just one of many arguments that will happen this week.
  • 3:30pm – Back from dinner. It appears Christine told Nicole about the bomb squad. Looking back for anything in the past hour
  • 3:45pm – Devin in the HoH room with Frankie and Hayden. He (Devin) is trying to do some damage control for all the stuff that happened today.
  • Devin is working Hayden into the ‘Bomb Squad’ (the alliance that won’t die).  Meanwhile, Zach and Paola are chatting calmly now.
  • 4:20pm – Frankie, Derrick, Hayden and Christine talking about Devin’s plea upstairs. Hayden feels forced into joining the Bomb Squad.
  • Taking a little break from the action, be sure to join the feeds below to catch up on all the excitement today.  I will be back later tonight to recap or live blog depending on the house situation.





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