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Big Brother 16 – Live Eviction Thread


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Alright folks, it’s time! Time for someone (Amber) to walk out the door, and time for another pair of HoH’s who will do pretty much opposite of what was intended of them this season.  I’m going to take a wild guess that when production came up with this twist, they didn’t expect each HoH to work together picking the players. Every week, the HoH twins sit up in the room and discuss which 4 nominees are going up, and by whom. If that isn’t enough, they’ll approach someone from one of the teams and tell them to throw the BoB competition – Yes, exactly like it was drawn up in production.

Why is it that every season’s major twist is a complete failure? Ever since I started blogging this show…

BB13 – Random teams versus best friend former houseguests. Golden Keys. Scrapped after 3 evictions.
BB14 – Mentors with teams. In the blink of an eye, Dan was down to like 1 member of his team and they had to vote on entering the game before he was gone. Another twist scrapped by week 3 (3 evictions as well, but one was on the first night of the show.. poor Jodi)
BB15 – MVP. Possibly the most chance at success… if they didn’t cast Rachel’s sister.  After 3 evictions and 3 Elissa MVP’s, the show changed to America voting for the third nominee for an additional 3 weeks.
BB16 – Dual HoH’s that have lasted longer than any other twist, but still sucked and didn’t even remotely add the drama it was supposed to.

But hey, at least blogging it has been fun, and if you like my stuff, follow me on twitter or facebook!

If you want to join the feeds to see Caleb’s reaction to Amber being booted, sign up here for free!

Ok, time for the updates

  • 5:30pm – Just did this post!  Next update in 30 minutes when the show starts
  • 6:00pm – Julie “Caleb calls himself a hopeless romantic, but his relationship with Amber is just hopeless”
  • 6:10pm – Highlights showing the week of Caleb’s brain exploding.
  • 6:15pm – Christine tells Frankie and Derrick that Caleb is now Amber’s target.  This was Christine’s attempt at keeping Amber, but it helped seal her exit. Well done.
  • 6:20pm – Julie talks to the house. Offers condolences for his grandfather. She then turns to Zach for his outburst during the nomination and veto. He then channels ‘Dr. Wil’ by saying he hates everyone.
  • Highlights Team America’s mission to vote against the majority of the house.
  • Donny rejects the idea of the mission and the rest of Team America were not thrilled about it.
  • 6:40pm – Amber leaves very graceful in her talk with Julie.

Votes (after speeches)

Amber – Shoutouts to people. She loves everyone (Caleb takes it serious).
Jocasta – Lord is good, lord is great. Shoutouts.  I would love to stay.

Hayden – Amber
Victoria – The fakest of them all, Amber
Donny – Amber (sorry America about the mission – too risky)
Derrick – Amber (sorry, we tried)
Zach – Amber
Caleb – Amber
Christine – Amber
Cody – Amber
Nicole – Amber

HoH memory competition….

Round 1 out – none
Round 2 out – Jocasta
Round 3 out – none
Round 4 out – none
Round 5 out – none
Round 6 out – Christine, Derrick, Victoria out
Round 7 out – none
Round 8 out – none
Round 9 out – none
Round 10 out – none
Round 11 out – Cody out
Round 12 out – none

Zach, Nicole, Donny, Hayden, Caleb remain – commercial break
Note – I was going to add Zach to my prediction thread. I removed him last minute. Surprised about Caleb so far.

Apparently this competition is going to carry over and finish shortly.  I’ll start a new thread with the winners.

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  1. Comments (182)

    Amber put a bit target on her back when she tried to form a gal alliance against the very alliance she said she was also part of, even though she didn’t know that she was no longer part of it. Trying to play double-agent can get you evicted. To blame it all on a guy is so very typical

  2. Comments (120)

    Christine needs to realize that the Detonator’s are not benefiting her at all. Frankie used what Christine told him and Derrick as a reason to vote Amber out, which is the opposite of what Christine wanted.

    Frankie’s a rat, and he deserves to be out next. He can actually win competitions, and he has connections all over the house. Caleb is just plain stupid. He may have the ability to win comps, but he never pulls through (he stupidly gave up POV for $5000). Hayden was spot on when he said Frankie needs to go next.

    • Comments (16)

      He deserves to win (or at least be in the final 2). He is playing smart.

      • Comments (120)

        Of course if he were in the final 2 against someone weak he should win, and the HG’s need to come to that realization. Caleb won’t get anyone’s votes to win in a final 2, and he’s not as strong of a competitor as he lets on.

      • Comments (16)

        I meant Frankie should be in the final 2 not Caleb.

      • Comments (120)

        I know that, that’s why I said the other HG’s should realize that Caleb isn’t as much of a threat as Frankie is.

  3. Comments (487)

    Double Eviction next week. Yeah!!!! Now we will see if that alliance holds up.

  4. Comments (64)

    Amber would have been a casualty of the boy alliance, regardless. They were grasping at straws to find reasons to put her up. First, it was part of America’s Team, or whatever that is. Then, they stirred up meathead cowboy.

    Christine realized the error of her ways, by putting up Amber (and ratting her out)…because she probably realized that the boys have a LOT of power and have a real major bromance in that house.

    Anyway, Amber seemed extremely likable when talking to Julie. A true southern belle. Definitely too classy to brawl and get dirty in BB house.

  5. Comments (1)

    Frankie needs to go. caleb needs to go. I hope zack or Donnie win this entire thing.

  6. Comments (2)

    I wanna see the hot cowboy Caleb win. Now that his girl is out the door, it’s time for him to step up his game.

  7. Comments (487)

    I just looked at the banner at the top of the page is it looks like Donny and Nicole won HOH! With Double Eviction coming next week, things will get interesting really quick. (I hope)

  8. Comments (7)

    *insert feminist comment by jill*

  9. Comments (343)

    Never compare Zach to the brilliant evil Dr Will, who was the greatest reality player in the history of all reality TV. He lost his entire alliance (that was fill of douches), had to survive on his own, purposely never won a challenge, and proceeded to be a jerk to everyone in the house up until the very end, where he brilliantly told everyone off in the final two ceremony and didn’t kiss anyone’s ass ever — AND STILL WON! The best of ALL time. Zach? Please.

  10. Comments (528)

    Just the fact that Amber thought Donnie or Zach were anywhere close to “running the game” tells you how screwed up their perspective is in that house. It makes some of the crazy decisions they make more justifiable in that they can’t see what we see…sometimes we forget that.

    • Comments (469)

      Sadie – I also heard her say Donny – but I believe she mis-spoke don’t you – she had to have meant Derrick (or possibly Frankie) – if you remember she told Frankie “you set all this up – you made it happen” – and when she was evicted she walked around the other side of the table to avoid Frankie and refused to let him hug her – in fact the only person she hugged was JO – others tried but she didn’t return it.

  11. Comments (207)

    They need to make the dethroned HOH and his 2 nominees be have nots and I personally for extra drama make the dethroned HOH an automatic 3rd nominee.

    • Comments (469)

      I don’t hate that idea at all – good idea Kristine – the HG’s have bastardized the game – each year it gets worse and as you so aptly pointed out there should be consequences for this – or it will continue to get worse.

      • Comments (1)

        thanks John. I liked the 2 HOH’s idea but since they got rid of Have/Have Not competition in favor of Battle of the Block they’re missing a punishment component and having 3 nominees one of which is an automatic nominee would be an interesting twist.

  12. Comments (610)

    I thought it was kind of bizarre that after Amber was evicted, there was a commercial for a new CBS show coming this fall…it’s titled Stalker. (insert Caleb’s photo, right?!)

  13. Comments (110)

    I think Amber got a raw deal. She did handle it all with such class and I admire that. I could not have done that. I wouldn’t have hugged them and I’d have told them off. I also would have blown up the alliances throwing out all information known. She wanted to prove her loyalty but she had nothing to prove to those people. The most annoying thing was Caleb to the end believing he didn’t mess up her game and Zachs stupid comments every time someone leaves.

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