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Big Brother 16 – Live Eviction Thread Week 4


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Yikes, close one. We were out meeting the JP for our wedding, and next thing I know it’s 8:30 and I’m in a panic mode to rush home and get my live thread started!

Quick plugs:

Ok, 2 minutes to go before Big Brother, have to get this published!

  • I think I do too many bullet lists
  • 6:05pm – Post POV highlights. Will likely show Brittany’s horrible campaign attempts, but first we see Cody kicking himself in the butt (not literally – that was a few days ago) for lying.  Well done, Cody.
  • Brittany making her push to Caleb saying “She doesn’t care what she has to do to stay”… should have thought of that prior to the PoV.  Give Cody some kisses, cuddle up… why not? $500k, I’d do it.
  • 6:11pm – Showing clips of Frankie’s announcement.  Sad stuff.  I can’t even talk about it because I tear up a bit.  So very sad.
    (note: Caleb was absent from the group hug because he was sleeping.  He later woke up and showed quite a bit of sympathy toward Frankie)
  • 6:18pm – Julie talks to the house. Offers Frankie condolences.  She then asks Caleb why he chose the money over veto. ‘he had stuff at home’
  • Julie tells the house about the havenots. The four havenots are the laziest in the game.
  • HNs: Nicole, Caleb, Christine, Derrick
  • If any become HoH, they will no longer be have not.
  • 6:20pm – Pushing the Hayden/Nicole showmance on us.  Snoozer.
  • Kids comment “Hayden is weird, he is always trying to make sex with Nicole”


Jocasta – Brittany
Nicole – Brittany
Hayden – Brittany
Amber – Brittany
Derrick – Brittany
Caleb – Brittany
Christine – Brittany
Victoria – Brittany
Zach – Brittany
Frankie – Brittany

Shocker – unanimous vote. Brittany is evicted whatever-0

Head of Household

Music challenge. Short country challenge describing a competition.

Hayden vs Christine – Christine wins
Donny vs Jocasta – Donny wins
Frankie vs Caleb – Frankie wins
Amber vs Victoria – Amber wins
Donny vs Derrick – Derrick wins
Zach vs Nicole – Zach wins  (all detonators left)
Amber vs Christine – Christine wins
Frankie vs Derrick – Derrick throws it to Frankie.. Frankie is first HoH
Zach vs Christine – Zach wins second HoH

Zach and Frankie are the new HoH

New Team America challenge:

Have two houseguests to have an argument at either nomination or veto meeting.

Check back for more updates

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  2. Comments (120)

    I’m so tired of these people going back on their word. Amber said to Brittany that she would vote for her to stay no matter what, and she just voted for Brittany to be evicted. Geez, why don’t these people see that the true threats to their games are the ones who vote with the majority, because those are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    • Comments (528)

      Like Brittany said, they’re weak players. They’re clearly incapable of seeing past their own noses and they’ll be picked off one-by-one as a result. And the rest of us will shrug and yawn because we saw it a mile away because these producers are crap at finding interesting contestants and that’s why we’re bored out of our skulls.

  3. Comments (1)

    They get rid of a weak player like Brittany and keep a strong player like Donny???

    • Comments (469)

      Patrick – I agree with your reasoning – my problem was 2 of my favorite players were up there – but Donny is my choice to win the game – so I unhappily was glad to see Donny stay.

  4. Comments (528)

    Yep. Brittany just made me mom-cry :’)

  5. Comments (5)

    I think it I was mean spirited to keep Brit thinking she had a chance to stay and watching the HG giggle about making sure she was still in the dark. I like when they allow the obvious evicted person to enjoy their last days in the house.

  6. Comments (43)

    That was nice that Brittany’s kids were their. And plus with a soccer ball.

  7. Comments (528)

    Well, everyone called the Frankie win. Obvious. Thank BB for that one.

    Also, can I add: MOST ANNOYING COMP EVER.

    • Comments (692)

      I am so sorry for frankies loss but having the HOH competition thrown to him and the fact that Derrick even asked him if he wanted to see his grandfather’s picture and then not even trying to win over Frankie was so staged and ridiculous that it’s sad. I agree that CBS should have given him a picture of his grandfather before competition. I did not want to believe that CBS would so blatantly play favorites. I am beginning to think I should join the folks who are fed up with this season and I’m about ready to stop watching completely.

  8. Comments (120)

    Really, Derrick throwing the HOH comp to Frankie? I mean I know they’re in an alliance and everything, but things like that irritate me.

    • Comments (469)

      From strictly a game perspective Derrick made an excellent move (I am not a Derrick fan) – the house was in a somber mood for Frankie and Derrick stole some of Frankies “sympathy” thunder without Frankie even realizing it – and in this critical week he can sit back – eat slop – and stay completely out of the lime light – it pains me to give Derrick these props – but I must give credit where it is due.

  9. Comments (1799)

    Why not throw it he Derrick will tell both who to put up But will they go to Backdoor Caleb on the block Jocosta , Victoria , Hyden , Nichole they can’t put Amber up again

  10. Comments (1799)

    What did Britney say to Jocasta As she left she said say nothing while hugging Jocosta

  11. Comments (274)

    O OOOH kay I am so totally hating on Derrick now. Errrrrr
    Christine, you look like a crow-sorry but your horrible attitude and jealousy makes your face eerily similar to the wicked witch of the west. Green and all. H A H A H A H A

    • Comments (274)

      Christine to Amber “I’m going to get you my pretty”

    • Comments (151)

      I didnt know she was jealous. I have been trying to find ways to dislike her besides that she is boring and a floater. Who is she jealous of? And what kinda stuff does she say that they dont show! Lol im intrigued!

      • Comments (274)

        Oh yeah she is so uber jealous of Amber. She mocks how she looks, criticises her, and is always trying to get the guys attention via sexual innuendos & pumping herself up.
        Her and Victoria sat and went on and on for a long time as well as Nicole, saying all kinds of things about how insecure Amber is and she’s not that pretty, she has major issues blah blah blah.
        I don’t care if you’re blind, Amber is an amazingly beautiful woman. This girl just can’t handle it, or the fact that Amber doesn’t prance around like Victoria or Jesse from last season (at least in the beginning).

      • Comments (151)

        Wow really ? I need those live feeds. It is too bad we as women choose to be jealous of each other. We could do so much more. The only time women get along is either when they are against a sexist man, or when they talk shit about a pretty girl. Amber isnt any prettier than any of them, everyone is different and equally pretty in my eyes. Does amber ever say bad jelli things about the other girls?

    • Comments (692)

      that is so funny, I have thought the same thing, that she reminds me of the Wicked Witch. I don’t like to criticize the way other people look or make fun of them but ……….she really does look like the character.

      • Comments (274)

        I know, I hate doing it but she seriously is this way. Her attitude put me over. My kids really think she looks like her too! I doubt she would have had the resemblance if she wasn’t jealous.

  12. Comments (198)

    Well the sad news for Frankie has change the house. He should have never been able to stay. As Derrick put it FAMILY COMES FIRST!!!!!

  13. Comments (98)

    The only good thing about this season is Donny.I thought Derrick & Frankie were good choices in the beginning for TA. What a mistake.

    • Comments (151)

      That is why team america is the worst. America voted for blue hair girl without even knowing anything about her. You cant base your opinion of someone on 4 edited eps of a reality tv show. Stupid cbs for forcing this upon America! Didnt they already do something like team america on evel dick’s season. Lol ive seen too many reality shows to remember

  14. Comments (1)

    This season is a snoozefest. No wonder Caleb sleeps so much.

  15. Comments (832)

    Hoping Zach will win BOB – never thought I’d say that! Being in power combined with being somewhat of a wild card could prove entertaining. Good Lord knows we need some entertainment!

  16. Comments (45)

    Well the ta challenge sounds exciting

    • Comments (274)

      I have issues with it. I GUARANTEE the one person will most definitely be Zach-he is easily irritated and riled up. Now who will they pit him against? Ummm, hmmmm, Caleb? I’m going to guess it will be Victoria though.

      • Comments (1288)

        Latest talk is have Zach nominate Christine/Nicole and heartily insult them with nomination reasons. A double-barrel approach with the thought one of them will fire back at Zach and even better if both do.

  17. Comments (1799)

    Zach as HoH can be interesting Watch Derrick move all the HoH around

  18. Comments (198)

    Caleb is already making threats about nom’s. He told Frankie there is BOB and POV so be careful who you put up. It they put him(caleb/ Hayden up there is gonna be trouble.

  19. Comments (644)

    Ok, since 2 of the Detonators won the HOH the nominees are going to be: Amber, Donny, Jocasta and Victoria. Then if one of the nominees wins the veto they’ll nominate Caleb. This is so predictable and boring.

    • Comments (151)

      Remember last season though. It was great in the beginning but turned kinda boring. It is still great I love coming home to watch bb. Give it 2 to 3 more weeks and they will start turning on each other. Patience!

    • Comments (1799)

      Can’t see them chancing putting Amber up again they might loose her How often is she going to be a pawn while Christine sits there never being put up Frankie or Christine will always be on Zach hip ready to run and report any problems back to Derrick

  20. Comments (15)

    Is this next week even worth watching?

    • Comments (151)

      Every time bb is on it is worth watching!

      • Comments (15)

        I agree Rachel, I will still watch. But I’m just so tired of the same thing happening week after week. Zach, Cody, Frankie or Derrick it’s watching the same week over and over. I’m ready for some sort of a game re-set or anything to change!

  21. Comments (174)

    I have watch BB since the first season, but this year i am finding it so boring. So far the only thing they have been good at is helping me fall asleep during show. I think next year BB should pick 5 super fans and let them pick who makes the show. I believe it super fans would be able to at least get someone on people on there worth watching.

  22. Comments (1799)

    As numbers get down more of the detonator will need to go up on the block

  23. Comments (644)

    It’s funny how Frankie wants Zach to nominate Donny and Zach doesn’t want to, and Frankie says he doesn’t want to either. Then Zach is telling Christine that he wants to nominate her and for her to throw the competition, that she’s going to be safe, but Christine says there’s no way she’s going to throw it if she is nominated, because you never know. She refuses to be nominated. By this time she should realize that she is the least important member of the Detonators.

  24. Comments (14)

    Christine is so protected by the detonators and yet does nothing to contribute to the game. Her and Victoria are horrible to watch. nd LEAVE. I think the final two will be Derrick and Donny.

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