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Big Brother 16 Live Eviction Thread

brittany-sadThe wait is finally over. The first live eviction show of the Big Brother 16 season is here, and it should be pretty uneventful. As I posted in my prediction thread, it should be an obvious exit, but the biggest excitement will be the HoH competition. I am also super curious how the Team America twist will work when Joey is evicted. My guess, they’ll just cut it to two and speed up the process.

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Ok, that’s out of the way, it’s time to get the show started!

(note: apparently we’re having thunderstorms, so if I stop updating, send a rescue squad)


  • 6:00pm – Stupid storms made the Boston Pops take over CBS.  Had to scurry to find the new channel. Found it, all good.
  • 6:05pm – Anyone notice how they blurred Joey’s butt while laying by the pool? Apparently you’re not allowed to have a full figured butt on TV.
  • 6:10pm – The highlights showed the whole Alex flashback. Yikes.
  • 6:17pm – Now it’s time to show the awkward Amber/Caleb weirdness.  I am loving the way CBS edited it with the sound effects.  Ouch
  • 6:20pm – Time for the live eviction. Julie allows the two to speak to the house.

Here are the votes:

  • Devin – Joey
  • Derrick – Joey
  • Frankie – Joey
  • Cody – Joey
  • Zach – Joey
  • Brittany – Joey
  • Nicole – Joey
  • Christine – Joey
  • Victoria – Joey
  • Jocasta – Joey
  • Hayden – Joey
  • Amber – Joey
  • Donny – Joey

Like I said, Joey has been eliminated in a unanimous decision 13-0

  • 6:30pm – Joey tells Julie people in the house needed to have some balls.
  • 6:35pm – It looks like they’re going to keep the Team America twist going, as we’re going to vote for 2 more (in addition to the other one?)  Will everyone be part of Team America?

Head of Household competition.  Girls compete against each other, guys compete against each other.

Amber completely destroyed the other girls. It was a balance beam competition and she flew through the challenge.

Time for the boys to complete. Everyone but Caleb competing.

Hayden was destroying everyone but fell at the last minute. Cody wins 2nd HoH. Devin almost won.

  • 6:54pm – Cody won the second HoH, but they are reviewing the film because there could be something wrong. In addition, Donny is the 2nd (1st) member of Team America!
  • 6:57pm – Cody is NOT the HoH.  His foot his the ground before he hit the button.  Devin is the new temporary HoH!

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  1. Comments (13)

    I feel like since this is a “twisted season”.. They might sequester her so that her and some others could be possibly voted back in a later episode.

  2. Comments (182)

    Ms. ‘I am a feminist liberal woman’ who thought she was smarter then any conservatives that might be in the House, is shown how her all talk rant is typical which comes from ‘Lefties’

    • stillstandingpam
      Comments (15)

      joey made a big strategic mistake – trying to make an alliance too soon and with too many people. has nothing to do with being liberal or conservative. never got the impression she thought she was smarter than anyone else. I do get that impression from caleb and devin. and at this point it might be true becuz they have managed to scare every one into following their lead. that might change when they realize 8 is just too many. my 2 cents.

  3. Comments (4)

    What is the Alex flashback?

  4. Comments (103)

    Is Team America going to be the kiss of death in the game? Isn’t Donnie already a target? Lol. I really dislike Devin I find him very annoying and as HoH I have a feeling he is going to be unbearable this week. Ah well.

  5. Comments (39)

    Is it just me or is this BB off to a very slow start. Kind of boring so far. And now Donny gets the Team America kiss of death which pretty much guarantees he’s out next week.

  6. Comments (191)

    Anyone but Devin!!!!!

  7. Comments (843)

    Nightmares do come true! Devin as HOH. Amber better have some sleeping buddies up there.

  8. Comments (2)

    Anyone else’s live feeds acting up or is it just me. I just ordered live feeds but it keeps showing repeats of old footage.

  9. Comments (2)

    Anyone else’s live feeds messing up or is it just me? I just purchased the live feeds but it keeps showing repeats of old footage.

  10. Comments (1)

    is there something I missed? Why was Devin named HOH? Why wasn’t there a do over of the competition when the foul was noticed? or at least something along those lines not someone just being awarded it… it’s like a fighter being given the belt without really fighting for it… sigh

  11. Comments (110)

    I watched carefully and did not see them blurr Joey’s butt. Sometimes I think the Thursday show should be longer so they can show more. A lot of people don’t read spoilers or watch the feed so they miss out on a whole lot of stuff.

  12. Comments (316)

    Julie kept messing up her words. Did anyone else notice that?

  13. Comments (1288)

    And the die is cast, nominations just hours after HoH – yikes. Hopefully the Battle of the Block will be less team oriented to throw a monkeywrench in the plans of those trying to cook the competition.

    That last one would have been very easy for a single person to throw the game of both. They need something like where the comp is done out of sight of the others to make the outcome unsure until all are done and the results revealed or maybe something where just the highest score wins so even if one player tanks it the other could still win for both.

    Devin’s ham-handedness is going over like the proverbial lead balloon, the house is humoring him for now but if the chance comes he will go and probably with a unanimous vote – he should like that at least.

  14. Comments (843)

    Caleb and Devin will try to pressure Amber into putting up whoever they say. Hoping Devin’s nominees lose and he gets back doored!

    • Comments (1288)

      If I am reading things right Amber nominated Hayden and Nicole while Devin nominated Brittany and Paolo. They expect the strong team of Hayden?Nicole to win the block battle putting Amber out of the HoH and letting Devin target Brittany. Won’t have long to await the outcome, the comp seems to be on.

      • Comments (843)

        If Amber’s nominees win the BOB, doesn’t she stay as HOH?

      • Comments (22)

        The opposite (I think). If her nominees win the BOB, she loses her HOH. Meaning Devon keeps HOH – Booo! Man, I hope he gets backdoored and then Caleb gets kicked out next. They are the worst!

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