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Big Brother 16 – Live Feed Updates Featuring Nicole!


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That was certainly a nail biting finish to the rent-a-player competition. If you missed the episode tonight, Nicole, Hayden, Jocasta and newly evicted Zach played a competition to re-enter the house. They had to slide a disc on a spinning platform and the person with the most discs at the end won. Jocasta actually had a lead at one point, but on the last disc, it finished as a tie and Nicole had the closer disc to the middle of the spinning thing and won her re-entry into the game.  Unless she or Donny win HoH, I don’t expect it to last very long, but at least now Donny has someone he can actually trust to work with him – even if just for a week.

I know a lot of people wanted Zach to return, and he is a great personality, but I honestly believe he would have just fell right into the Frankie trap and even nominated Donny to ‘prove’ his loyalty should he have won HoH. Nicole or Hayden re-entering the game is the best chance Donny has at anything, so let’s see if it goes anywhere (can you tell I’m rooting for Donny?)


  • 7:30pm – Feeds just return and Derrick is sitting in the living room, likely figuring a way out of this twist.
  • He then pulls Caleb, Cody, and Frankie into the fire room and tells them not to go in a room alone with Nicole. He doesn’t want anyone having a one-on-one with her to form side deals (and possibly learning more truth).
  • Frankie still thinks Donny should go home before Nicole.
  • Derrick asks why Christine handed Cody a heart before the eviction. He said “She’s not helping her zingbot at all”
  • Derrick keeps hammering home the point, and then Victoria entered the room and she was given the rundown. Meanwhile, Caleb keeps sneaking around the house to listen to Donny/Nicole
  • Now Christine receives the coaching
  • Grabbed a screenshot of the final board, since some think Jocasta won. Nicole indeed was closer to center.
  • 8:12pm – Frankie just talking about his sister – again. Others sitting around waiting for HoH competition.
  • 8:28pm – The house talking about the various reactions Jocasta made each round.  I guess she was in a panic the longer the game went on. They all were. When I re-watched it, Nicole’s face looked like my teenage face the first time I saw a girl naked.  That had to be the hardest competition in the game to date.  Win and you’re in, lose and you’re out of the game for good.
  • They said the people in the jury house watched 42 movies together!  Now that’s a house I want to live in for a summer.
  • 8:45pm – Feeds down, I think it’s HoH time
  • 9:50pm – HoH competition still underway
  • 10:00pm – BBAD starts, results are in…..
  • Cody won the HoH. Bad news for Donny and Nicole
  • The whole house, minus Nicole and Donny are in the fire room celebrating the victory.
  • Donny to Nicole “At least I got a friend. You don’t know how lonely I’ve been”
  • It was the competition where they had to know the dates of certain events. Nicole said she didn’t even know what day they are in. Ugh.
  • 10:22pm – They are talking about Pandora’s Box and of course Frankie has to mention Ariana freaking Grande.  Stop name dropping. Nobody cares.  I think Victoria is the only one who really knows who she is in that house.
  • Hayden ran into Ariana Grande on the way out during his eviction and said ‘Hey, you’re super famous’ and she apparently gave him the stink eye.
  • Frankie and Nicole talking about the lack of endurance competitions this season. Frankie’s words – “It’s a joke”… my thoughts exactly.
  • 11:00pm – A bit late for me. Final rundown… Donny or Nicole is screwed. Derrick is still in control. Frankie is still talking about his sister, and the house got about 68% less entertaining the second Zach left it.


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  1. Comments (412)

    I really hope Nicole gets other HGs to see Derrick is the mastermind.

    • Comments (644)

      It’s incredible how Derrick tells these guys not to talk to Nicole when they’re alone with her. What he is telling them is that he doesn’t trust them. That should ring a bell with Caleb who is all about trust. Let’s see what these puppets do. I can’t wait. Hopefully Donny wins HOH, or Nicole. I would like for Frankie and Derrick to be nominated for eviction, then we’ll see the Detonators/Bomb Squad explode.

    • Comments (178)

      But really, who could Nicole convince that Derrick is the mastermind and controlling the house? Frankie? Nope, Frankie is still in Derrick’s pocket, unfortunately. Christine? That witch talks out of both sides of her mouth; but she’s very loyal to Cody and Derrick. Victoria? Again, another Derrick slave. I don’t know who Nicole really could get on her side at this point, apart from Donny; but I think Donny is still trying to use the “lay low and stay” tactic. He may continue to stay on what he determines to be the stronger side (the men).

      • Comments (469)

        Anita – Donny’s reluctance to step up and let er rip is the one thing that worries me – I read quotes on another site that Nicole told Donny that she will be going after Derrick and Caleb – Donny’s reply – If I make it to the jury house next week I will tell everyone Derrick can’t win – Frankie deserves it with his 4 HOH wins – C’mon Donny – ya think maybe you or Nicole deserve to win it – my gosh son you have a pretty impressive record yourself and what is Nicoles record 3 HOH’s – couple of BOB’s – a juror return and maybe 1 or 2 more – she is the one that initiated the original shake up and it is still going on – Donny if you are resigned to go to the jury house – see if you can give Nicole a leg up before you do.

      • Comments (224)

        Should BoB wins really count, considering at least 1 person was usually trying to throw it?

  2. Comments (2)

    Soooooo glad Jocasta didn’t win!

  3. Comments (487)

    Derrick is telling everyone that they have to get Donny or Nicole out next week. If they don’t win HOH they both better go up. Derrick is really pissed that Nicole is back in the game. He and Cody are telling everyone that they better not get caught in a private conversation with Nicole or Cody is going to call them out. Looks like Derrick and Cody are letting everyone know who’s running the house. But I wonder if the others are paying attention.

    • Comments (1443)

      Actually I think they all know and realize that Derrick is the leader and they don’t care. They have the numbers and as long as they do that’s all that matters to them. They all just hope they will be the in the final 3 with derrick

      • Comments (487)

        Well if I was in the house playing for 500K I would care. Why play for 2nd or 3rd? Knock off the king. Knock off Derrick and the game is then wide open.

      • Comments (1443)

        That’s how anyone with half a brain Sioux feel but then these lemmings have less than half a brain

      • Comments (875)

        Its like they are all playing for Derrick to win the grand prize, and for the rest of the HG to come in 2nd?! This is sooo puzzling to me, they all want to play for Derrick to win BB!!!

    • Comments (14)


  4. Comments (10)

    Hope Nicole will let go of her get Christine out vendetta and target the big threats. Derrick and Cody.

    • Comments (178)

      Davis, the problem is I don’t think Christine views Derrick (and certainly not Cody) as the “big” threats. I think if she won HOH she would still be targeting Frankie or Christine. It’s a pity Hayden didn’t make it back into the house; because Hayden had wised up as to who was doing all the controlling. If Hayden came back into the house and won HOH, he would have put Derrick and Cody on the block. Cody is really insignificant in that house. He’s just holding on to Derrick for dear life and hoping that Derrick can carry him all the way thorugh to the final two.

      • Comments (469)

        Anita – I am not sure if the jurors saw each other this week or they were sequestered – if they had contact Hayden would have primed Nicole on the threats in the house – I watched Jeff’s post eviction interview with Hayden and hayden had it figured out – thanks a great deal to Donny – He stated that Derrick and Cody would be his #1 targets followed closely by Frankie and Christine – it looked very much like Nic. and Hay’s. final hug Hay. was talking to her also. Now who can Donny and Nicole pick up to help them>

      • Comments (1443)

        I’m sure Hayden told her all that in jury. Plus did you notice when Nichole won that Hayden hugged her along time and it was obvious he was giving her advice. I know these HG are stupid and sheep but I would think it would still bother them that someone giving them orders not to be alone with nichole

    • Comments (682)

      She needs to get Cody out so Christine can see again. Nicole wins HOH, puts up Frankie and Cody with Christine as a backdoor option. That way if Christine wins Veto who would she take off? Either way put up Derrick.

  5. Comments (19)

    I think Nicole is gonna go after Christine for sure. She really needs to open her eyes and see that Derrick and Frankie are the biggest threats. Christine is simply going to latch on to whomever is in power.

    And for Derrick to pull everybody aside and say “don’t talk to Nicole”… wtf? Does that not sound shady to any of them?

  6. Comments (1)

    I don’t get it… Derrick is playing a good game, but is he really that good, or is everyone else just idiots?

  7. Comments (332)

    Yeah, MY GIRL returned. I am so excited for Donny, please let one of them win HOH and put some of these guys in the hot seat. I am just afraid Victoria will be sneaky again and slide.

  8. Comments (178)

    I would really love to see the game turned totally on its head. Big Brother can “arrange” for either Donny or Nicole to win the next HOH and, as so many people would love to see, put Derrick on the block. The problem is that no matter who Derrick is put up against, he’s almost guaranteed to be saved by the house. Apparently, the sheep in that house are still too clueless to figure out he’s been calling all the shots. I think Nicole is still targeting Frankie and Donny would also target him if he became HOH although he might be talked into thinking he’s only putting Frankie up as a pawn. I hope I don’t have to watch Christine come crawling over to Nicole and asking for them to be friends again. I think Christine is just a false, backstabbing person. I want her out of hte house and then I want Drrick out. Detonators are sticking to each other now, so I don’t see that happening anytime soon. The next two targets (for the Detonators) will be Donny and Nicole, unfortunately, unless Big Brother pulls some strings.

  9. Comments (644)

    I’m so upset about how Derrick and his lap dog (Cody) are talking crap about Nicole now. But I’m glad that she finally said she’s going after Derrick and Cody, that’s probably because of all the talks she had in the jury house with Hayden. Either her or Donny have to win HOH this week. My first choice is for them to get Derrick out.

    • Comments (1276)

      I think they have been planting the seeds to make Nicole look bad since she left. I saw multiple conversations where they kept talking about convo’s they all had with Nicole, calling her a huge liar. Basically trying to control no one trusting her if they saw her in jury or back in the game. grrr

    • Comments (178)

      Lilly, are you watching Nicole say she’s going after Derrick and Cody if she wins HOH on live feed? If she really feels that way, I’m glad the talks with Hayden paid off. Now, let’s just hope Nicole or Donny manage to win HOH.

      • Comments (644)

        Anita, I read on Joker’s tonight she said she was going after Derrick and Cody. But let’s see if she follows thru. I don’t want her to go after Christine, getting Derrick out first is super important.

      • Comments (469)

        Anita – did you notice the HG’s as they watched the comp. were clearly pulling for Jocasta – at the end Frankie stood up with a big smile and clapping and said Jocasta won – then someone else said no Nicole won – go back and check the faces of the HG’s when it was confirmed she won – especially Derricks.

  10. Comments (54)

    Ugh!…really BB? that was the best you could come up with for a re-entry comp?!?
    I was really rooting for Zach…..would have even been happy with Hayden.
    Nicole is barely a couple notches above jokeasta…zzzz

  11. Comments (37)

    Derrick seems to be a little rattled that Nicole is back in the house. Maybe he is paranoid that the time she spent in jury gave her time to realize he is the puppet master of the house. I hope sooooooo bad that either she or Donny win HOH and puts him where he belongs…. the jury house.

    • Comments (1443)

      Nichole is by far the smartest one

    • Comments (722)

      Derrick needs to win 3rd place. He deserves to get shut out at the very last minute and have that rug yanked out beneath him. I know that would p*ss me off royally!!

      Of course hes paranoid. All it took was Donny figuring it out. Now with Nicole, hey these 2 could flip the house with big noms and actually take out the trash!!

  12. Comments (1276)

    Hey Stevebeans, will the comp be on BBAD???

  13. Comments (138)

    I want Donny or Nicole to win HoH, but I don’t want to read all the inevitable conspiracy theories if and when they do.

  14. Comments (469)

    Derrick’s history of paranoia is rearing it’s ugly head – and for him to be barking orders to the group may just piss some people off (I say may cause who can tell with this bunch of light weights). As has been stated Donny has it figured out – he just has to bow his neck and go for broke with Nicole – they can’t make them any madder than they already are or put a bigger target on their back than is there now – if he and Nicole go “balls to the Wall” I believe Derrick will implode and the Dets. will blow up like a cheap balloon. You will see the two sides of the alliance break ranks and feed on each other. They must publicly air all of the lies and deceit that has been going on between the two factions.

  15. Comments (27)

    I’m so glad Nicole is back but in order for her to be safe, she or Donny need to win HoH
    Mr.robo cop here is barking orders to not talk to Nicole, who does he think he is ? GOD ?
    Of coarse these puppets are absorbing it like it’s candy. People get a clue, Derrick WILL win, if you continue doing what he says.
    Now i’m hoping for a big brother rig, where either Nicole or Donny win cause there the only ones who have a sense about them.

  16. Comments (682)

    I’m getting frustrated with all the fish tonight. Amazing to me that this is the first time I caught myself saying “Penalty Nom” for who ever is causing the fish. Tonight it seems to be Cody with the stupid singing. Usually it’s Frankie.

  17. Comments (174)

    Derrick says to Christine let me help you stir your slop so you don’t hurt yourself before your comp. Christine says my comp. So Derrick already plotting to get Christine to win so she can put up Nicole.

    • Comments (722)

      So.. Derrick doesnt think that HE can win?
      Thats what I take from his statement…

      • Comments (487)

        Derrick doesn’t want to be HOH. He would rather control the HOH and the vote until he gets to F5. Then he will suddenly become alpha dog and start to win comps. I am hoping he outsmarts himself and gets backdoored next week.

      • Comments (469)

        He hasn’t shown any comp skills up till now – but I think he is still trying to get others to do his dirty work – may be a big mistake at this stage of the game.

    • Comments (27)

      Derrick is fruit loop dingus, of coarse he is after Nicole cause she is probably the 2nd to only one who isn’t afraid to put him on the block where he belongs.

  18. Comments (722)

    Im excited to see what happens…
    Lotta interesting theories here, guys…

    My (new) dream for the week..
    Nicole.. HOH
    Donny.. POV
    Derrick and Cody.. noms

    My other dream is for a double evic!

  19. Comments (487)

    Looks like HOH has started\

  20. Comments (487)

    I really don’t like the way Cody and Frankie were making fun of Jocasta and her Christianity because she was praying during the competition. That was wrong.

  21. Comments (174)

    They are going to say they didn’t mean those things how they sound and they are not normal like that. They will say it was for game and to make good TV. We all know by now their true personality are showing through.

  22. Comments (174)

    Just curious on other peoples opinion, how long do they think thing this people can last doing a endurance competition. Most have been pretty lazy during there time in the house. I am thinking 90 minutes max.

  23. Comments (248)

    Not very long. This a lazy house. Though would like to see some endurance competitions. Not sure why with this bunch.

  24. Comments (8)

    I think if Donny or Nicole do not win HOH, the only card that Donny has to pull that may change peoples minds is… telling everyone Derrick has been in a secret alliance “team america”. That’s the only thing that Donny could say that would make people think.

    • Comments (644)

      But can Donny say he is in Team America with the others? Would they lose the money they have made already if he tells? If there’s no penalty I would go for it and spill the beans.

      • Comments (8)

        I thought when they first introduced team america Julie said that, they could choose to keep the alliance a secret or not. But I’m not sure, but Donny really has no other moves.

  25. Comments (266)

    Jocasta’s game face… Haha, looked like she was trying to scare off a bulldog with her quivering lips. SMH.

  26. Comments (248)

    This waiting is taking for ever.

  27. Comments (1446)

    Damn Cody won HOH.

  28. Comments (487)

    Cody won HOH. Ugh

  29. Comments (1)

    I keep refreshing hoping it’s a glitch. :/

  30. Comments (248)

    No No No Not good.

  31. Comments (1)


  32. Comments (15)

    Cody winning sucks. I just hope that some of Derricks brain washed allies realize that they can’t all win. At some point they have got to play for themselves, but it looks like they will follow him to the end. I don’t mind Derrick winning, he actually deserves it. But I would love to see a separate side of the house from and fight against him. I watched the convo between Christine and Donny live yesterday, and made so many real points to her (even though he doesn’t really know) Donny was point on. He asked her atleast 5 times to not tell anyone else and to just think about what he was offering. She swore to him she wouldn’t tell. And not 10 minutes later she cuddled to Cody telling him everything. I wish CBS was showing her more for the villain that she actually is.

  33. Comments (13)

    Of course another member of Detonator or whatever the alliance is called won HOH.. here goes Donny and Nicole on the block, looks like we’ll be seeing one of them going home next Thursday…. (assuming it’ll be Donny, unless he wins POV) either way one of them are going to sent packing. ughhhh !

  34. Comments (692)

    If cody won HOH that means the two nominees most likely will be Nicole and Donny. Ugh, we can sleep through the rest of the season. Derrick is in control!
    Cody will do whatever he says. either Donny or Nicole will go home next week.

  35. Comments (37)

    I ‘m glad I am not Derrick ‘s wife. He probably controls her every move, too.

  36. Comments (266)

    Too bad the jury house comp wasn’t a physical one. If it was, Hayden would have won and returned, and probably would’ve won the HOH. Gahhh… No use thinking about the could-haves. Cody winning sucks and we get to listen to him trash talk Donny all week while is pet monkey Christine says “he’s pissing me oooffff…”

    • Comments (266)

      Just read stevebeans update that the HOH comp was one about questions and dates, not endurance. So I take back what i said. Geez where’s the physical comps at this year?!?


  37. Comments (10)

    Frankie has got to be the biggest bitch in BB history. according to Jokers he said this
    “Chris: Donny’s fans are going to be so pissed. Frankie: I think it’s ridiculous that Donny thinks he has any. NT.”

    Of course then you go to Donny’s page on this site and see the thumbs up and laugh at Frankie’s idiocy.

    But seriously all he does is name drop his sister and insult people who are much better then him, somebody get this dumb diva out already.

    • Comments (1446)

      Mango also said that “Nicole just needs to shut the [email protected]$k up this week.”
      Why doesn’t he just stfu? He can’t even close his mouth when he eats!
      Everyone left besides Nic and Donny are such a-holes!
      I may have to quit watching- can you just see Christine as “queen of the HOH room” this week?

  38. Comments (1)

    these people cant see that derrick is law enforcement,millitary or some type of security? really! so obious with the verbage he uses. as well as his tactics. it’s frankly an unfair advantge for derrick in this game. his job outside the house is to blend in and gather intel. to easy for him to play these people. i dont blame him for using his training to his advantage. i blame cbs for letting him play. it simply isint on the level. might as well not watch for two weeks and h…ope derrick gets third place. otherwise he wins it all. the next two weeks are to predictable. so much for expect the unexpected.

  39. Comments (13)

    A conversation that just happened :

    Christine: Donny’s fans are going to be so pissed. Frankie: I think it’s ridiculous that Donny thinks he has any.

    Frankie is so disgusting and an idiot. What has he done that has gained him any fans? Backstab his alliance the second he got the chance, then lied, then came out as the brother of a famous star who he has incessantly talked about each day since – if not talking about himself, and backstabbed his best friend and showmance because it was convenient?

    If he was a real BB fan, he would know that these attributes do not a fan favorite make, and that BB fans usually don’t care about your famous sister (Elissa Slater as the exception). I can’t wait until he comes back until the real world and sees what fans really think. Then again, he’s so delusional he probably wouldn’t care.

  40. Comments (692)

    does anybody have a clue what the HOH competition was?

  41. Comments (21)

    Frankie gets away with molesting, sexually harassing Zack & its ok? Why because he is gay? The double standards really smell nasty, c’mon be real people. Please someone just plant the seed to get Frankie aka frankfurter the rapist out. Donny has to win veto & threaten Derrick to ruin his game so to keep Nicole safe and fanky fasturbate out.

    • Comments (1446)

      Now Mango is comparing his sister to Madonna.
      And telling Nicole everything she wrote to him in his HOH letter…like how she’s opening the VMA’s – on CBS…
      Excuse me while I wretch.

      • Comments (37)

        Me too! I had not even heard of his sister before bb16. Madonna is an icon… Ariana a child star. And you know what happens to most of those.

  42. Comments (1)

    I’m hoping big brother hides a special veto that Donny or Nicole finds then both of them are saved!

  43. Comments (692)

    Stevebeans, I hope your mom is doing okay. When will you know more about what’s going on with her?

  44. Comments (372)

    Does anyone remember when the diamond veto comp was….before or after the regular veto comp …that might be the only hope for Donny and Nicole to both stay another week.

  45. Comments (17)

    1st steve I’m praying for your LoL I cannot stand christine,I’ve got great name for her.hagatha!!! Frankie you queen of all queens stf up!! Zingbot didn’t get it across to him about liven in her shadow.I also never head of her before bb.she’s a tween star.won’t last.&cody winning hoh makes me so tired of derrick runnen show id welcome deven the devil back.can’t wait till have to vote each other off.knowen them they gladly go for he’s way controling his wife.he could be way nasty it shows!!bad cop LoL

  46. Comments (426)

    I think about the only scenario that might save Donny and Nichole this week would be if they try to backdoor Donny, but he wins veto and uses it on Nichole.

  47. Comments (875)

    Really, really unfair that CBS gave an HOH Competition regarding events, & dates, when the returning HG has been out of the BB House for a whole week?!

    Derrick is cool as a cucumber now though, since his lap dog Cody has won HOH, but for awhile there you could see that Derrick was really PO’ed, & sweating bullets when he 1st saw that Nicole had returned to the house. Derrick is a control freak, its “Obey My Orders, or Be Punished!”

    Nicole & Donny will just have to win the veto, because it doesn’t pay to talk to those people, they are Derrick’s Zombies.

  48. Comments (469)

    After the HOH comp and they are all in the FR celebrating – I believe Derrick was saying that Cody beat Donny by just a second or two – did I hear that correctly?

  49. Comments (13)

    Seriously Cody won?!?! Great another week of predictable noms. Why would they allow a jury member to come back and not give them immunity?!? This season sucks. And Derrick showed his true colors last night, total douche.

  50. Comments (343)

    Yeah, Derrick’s hard to like. He plays a good game….but he’s boring as hell and unappealing in just about every way. And who is Frankie to rip Donny? Donny is just a sweet guy, period. Why — because he’s southern? Has a beard? Not a fake LA or NY type wannabe?

  51. Comments (23)

    I thought in the past when a jury member returned to the house they got a buy week where they couldn’t be nominated. Does anyone else remember this?

  52. Comments (57)

    big brother has offically jumped the shark. its not expect the un expected. it predict the predictiable. not watching anymore

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