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I completely forgot to mention it in my post last night, but the veto meeting happened yesterday instead of today.  The person controlling the feeds seems to have thrown in the towel on the season and just decided to show the meeting  (starting at 12:02pm).  To recap the meeting briefly.. both Cody and Victoria showed the fight they had all season, and it got really fierce!  Cody told Frankie not to use the veto because he didn’t want to see Derrick or Caleb replace him, and Victoria just said she expects Frankie to not use the veto so didn’t bother trying.


Yes.  When the Big Brother season started, each person had a 6% chance at winning half a million dollars.  When this week began, those remaining in the house now have a 20% chance and that will increase to 25%, 33% and then 50% (not including variables like who the jury would actually vote for).  Despite the odds being so high, Cody fell on his sword and Victoria.. well, Victoria just played Victoria’s game.  It’s absolutely mind blowing. I wonder if Cody will thank the house, and apologize for being in their way of the victory when they do eventually vote him out.


Way to fight, bro!

Ok, on to the feeds for today…

  • 9:00am – The house is sleeping.  Barring any random luxury competition, I don’t expect this to change for awhile.
  • 12:50pm – Derrick sitting in the living room staring at his hands.  I can’t make this stuff up.
  • 4:00pm – Wow, 3rd update today. Not a good sign.  Anyway, Cody has been feeling the heat a little and Derrick has been trying to reassure him that he’s safe.
  • 6:00pm – Most are outside speculating on the upcoming schedule while playing pool.  No scheming, no planning, nothing.
  • 6:50pm – Caleb and Derrick are playing pool and having a dumb argument about the game.  Victoria made this weird screeching sound and freaked out my cat.
  • 7:00pm – Caleb thinks eviction Wed, Thur and final 3 over the weekend.   Little does he realize he still has over 2 weeks.
  • Caleb said at this stage of the game, campaigning won’t really do anything.  Hey Caleb, that’s been the theme all freakin season.  Big Brother 16 – The season of accepting defeat
  • Frankie is now rationalizing their sleep schedule. “When people get out of work, we’re awake”…  Yes, and you’re also awake when most people are sleeping, so they can’t watch you at night either.  When the east coast sleeps, that’s typically been the time when most of the strategy has happened.
  • Frankie – Maybe the reason there won’t be a show on Thursday is BECAUSE of football.  Bingo.  Derrick – We promoted that game, it’s on Sept 11th (they’re slowly piecing it together)
  • Frankie was just told that Tuesday is the veto show, Wed is the live show.  Frankie also realized they play the next HoH around 5:36, which is when the clock is set to expire.  They still think the eviction is happening as normal, and the button twist will take place after it and before HoH

Check back for more updates


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  1. Avatar

    If someone would go back to my last 2 posts on earlier thread I’m curious to see what everyone thinks.

    • Avatar

      I’m sure they keep the props for the competitions from year to year and don’t want the expenditure for new ones. They could use the same props and change the competitions though. I agree they need punishments for being called out, talking back to production, leaving food out. They need to get plastic tubs to keep food in. That would help with the ant problem. Go back to comps for Have Not even though I think it’s a huge waste of money buying food they know isn’t going to be eaten. Need LOTS more punishments! Have an outdoor lockdown, production goes through and takes everything on the floor, food left out, and they have to ‘earn’ it back.

      • Jannie

        They have too much damn food in that house! Have you seen them in the Storage Room?? The counters are packed with enough food for 20 people.

        So tired of watching them eat 24/7.
        Make them EARN their food! (I had a whole post about a month ago about how to tighten up that house and get them off of their lazy butts).

      • Avatar

        I think they should get rid of slop. Go back to p & g. That really is punishment when it’s all you can eat and is good nourishment. Do food comps like they used to and that’s all food you get. Not fair for hoh to pick have nots. Have competition or random draw or last 2 or 3 in a competition instead of some stupid costume.

      • Avatar

        I’m not completely sure but I think they got rid of the PB&J because so many people have allergies to nuts.

    • Avatar

      I agree. For every time they get called out give them a lock down in a padded room with a toilet nothing else. Add up all the infractions every week and lock them in. See how long they keep it up. Give them more time for everytime they have to go to fish. People do pay for the live feeds I don’t think it’s far we lose because of them.

      1) singing 30 min
      2) talking back 20 min
      3) leaving food out 15 min
      4) talking about production 30 min ect……

      • Avatar

        Yes I’m so tired of them being disrespectful I was things more in line of a demerit system where after so many penalty nom. I think after the first person sat on the block that it would stop it dead in it’s tracks

      • Avatar

        I like your idea even better.

      • Jannie

        Victoria got called out 4 times last night on BBAD – she just kept ignoring them until she got the “SHUT IT DOWN!” message.
        Even Cody was telling her to knock it off.

        And how does she know so much about previous seasons of BB?? In her bio it says that she has never watched BB U.S. edition – she has only watched BB Israel.

      • Avatar

        Yeah, I’m not even sure if she heard Productin saying it because she just kept talking over their announcement.

        I started having a Helen reaction while she was talking.

      • Avatar

        Because of the way Victoria has played I’ve often wondered if she knew more about the game. Or maybe if all of a sudden she was going to just throw down and start winning comps and then I’ll just shake my head and just think ” nah no way”. I do know I have heard her and Caleb parrot back what they’ve heard and turn around and tell someone else but say it like they’ve had an original thought. So I don’t know.

      • Avatar

        Before they enter the house they are sequestered in hotel rooms for a while. They give them DVDs of previous seasons to watch.

      • danmtruth

        Good points all Thanks Sandra for the thread. Hate to keep going back to this .Yet it seems in line with what your talking about. In the Canadian,Australian and British version the house guest must compleat task to earn food. One year they had live chickens for eggs and a small garden to take care of. This pampered group would not know how to handle these simple task .
        The casting of the last few years lead to a high school mentality. Production is looking for that showmance to spice things up. House guest came in with the idea to gain edit time what they need to do Zach playing the wild frat boy who never grew up Frankie the over the top flambouyent gay guy. Derrick undercover 21 jump street That’s why when faced with an honest Gentalman like Doony they were dumb founded.

      • Avatar

        I agree about having them work for food. BB did have chickens the first season but they were more pets than anything and they’ve had a garden too on Jeff and Jordan season but same thing. Production needs to go back to what made this show great originally because each season gets worse than the one before Allison Grodner needs to perk up and read these blogs and listen to what fans are wanting.

      • Avatar

        They even had no clock on bb at one time years ago and had to tell time with a potatoe.

      • Avatar

        You are too kind. Get the room for singing but 4th time lose a vote. Ignore call to DR 2nd time lose a vote. If your HOH you loose next weeks vote. Even talk about throwing a comp you’re on the block even if your HOH. Start giving them some tough love and they’ll have to start playing the game.

  2. Avatar

    I missed the Sunday episode, I was watching “Utopia”, Then i missed the live feeds i was watching “Naked & Afraid”.
    To TVGN – I will forgo the feeds you show being live if they would be interesting. I realize this maybe a hard request but Im sure you can make that happen through editing.

  3. Lulu

    I thought the reason the veto meeting was shown to the live feeds was because it is not going to matter anyway. Can’t wait until Wednesday!

  4. Avatar

    Yeah what does it matter it all gets changed WED 😉

  5. Avatar

    it is really sad that you missed last nights episode of BB you missed Jeff and Jordan that was the highlight unless you count them showing Frankie holding the dog and crying PLEASE end this season and put us out of our misery!

    • danmtruth

      Was it me or did Frankie shed more tears in this show than when given the news about his grandfather ?

      • Avatar

        You’re right, but the tears for Jeff and Jordan were fake for the camera. Even during the moment when the total focus should have been on Jordan and Jeff, they kept panning to Frankie, disgusting little twerp.

      • Avatar

        I’ve got last nights episode taped but haven’t watched it yet but I love Jeff and Jordan. So I will watch it later. On the subject of Frankie he seems to always be “” turned on “”.. He’s so annoying. I honestly don’t understand how he thinks this is going to make him a star. He’s just ridiculous.

      • Avatar

        Turning a romantic, special and private moment like a marriage proposal into a televised publicity stunt is okay in your eyes and Frankie is the disgusting little twerp. Once again, true to form, you people slay me. P.S. your vile bile aimed at Frankie seems excessive. What about him really bothers you? Be honest.

      • Avatar

        I am perfectly honest. If your even remotely suggesting what I think you are your just as bad. Have you heard me say that I hate Frankie? No and you won’t I don’t keep that word in my vocabulary nor the one I think your suggesting I am. If you read what I wrote then you know my answer. Anyone on live tv or otherwise that talks the way Frankie has about Victorias virginity is vile and I really don’t care if you agree. Now don’t go away mad… Just go away

      • Avatar

        What an idiot troller you are she does not like Frankie at all and has good reason not only that but in 16 years I can’t think of any player who has been more or as much disliked as Frankie in all forums I read I have found two people who like Frankie-you are one of them. Also look at all the polls everywhere and franki is least favorite person. There is a reason for that because he I’d disgusting, cares only about himself, respects no one else, has no character and using a famous sister to win him the game by bribing other guests with what he can do for him, has said he’s never been around normal ppl like HG. Go play in the traffic

      • Avatar

        And if Jeff and Jordan wanted to get engaged on TV then to them it was romantic. What they think about their engagement is what counts not what you think. They met and fell in love on bb. Getting engaged there was symbolic and romantic to Jeff!!

      • Avatar

        Yea Trudy!! I just watched last nights show and it was so good. I’m taking a break com BBAD right now. All I can say about so far us Victoria, Victoria. She’s too naive for BB bless her heart

      • Avatar

        ofcourseudo — quit trying to make us all into homophobes. Most of us DID like Frankie at first. And all uf us knew he was gay. So freaking what? He’s raunchy, he’s vulgar, he’s fake. We don’t like those qualities. We don’t like his personality. STFU.

      • Jannie

        I think he was over Grandpa’s death weeks ago.

      • Avatar

        I think he was over grandpa 5 min later.

      • Avatar

        This conversation about some ones personal feelings is ruder and cruder than anything yet done or said by the HG’s. Bless your loving hearts. What kind of person thinks this way. Once again, you people slay me.

      • Avatar

        What are you 12? Shhh the adults are talking now

  6. ShoeLover

    Had a busy weekend, fun visiting son and enjoyed the football game, SIC’EM BEARS!

    Watching dvr and playing catch up. Wondering who Caleb is loyal to, Derrick and Cody, or Mango?
    I noticed Caleb sort of squirming during BBAD when the boys were discussing how important the last veto comp is if they want to get mango out. Just wonder if he is actually loyal to mango or just loyal period and it makes him uncomfortable talking about losing one of his bomb squad memebers. What do yall think??

    • Jannie

      I’m thinking he does not want to be the one to kick Mango out because he wants the “fame connection” to Ariana and doesn’t want Mango mad at him.
      Is it possible that he threw the last HOH (seeds and shovels) to give it to Mango??
      Maybe, maybe not. Caleb could just have easily won and gotten Victoria out.

      Why oh, why did Caleb tell Mango about the backdoor plan last week – it’s all he thinks about now.

    • Avatar

      I think if Frankie wins he will be loyal to him but if Cody or Derrick win he’s going to swing that way. I think all Caleb can think about is the money so whatever will get him closer the fasted is what he’ll do.

  7. Avatar

    I must of missed something interesting. What
    Are the houseguests being punished or should be
    Punished for? And what disrespectful thing happened
    During the veto competition?

  8. Avatar

    Worst cast EVER. I’ve watched every the season, and I wish somebody said like Rachel did: ” ALL floaters OUT!”

  9. Avatar

    Thinking about the “Button” twist and something all of us have missed – as the HG’s are speculating on what it could be on WEDNESDAY night they believe it will be POV night since all season it has been – they are not aware the nights have changed to Tue./Wed. (this is why POV comp. moved up a day) – so when they find out Wed. “POV night” is really Eviction night they will be thrown into a tailspin – it could get very interesting and paranoia inducing – hope we can see the HG’s reaction when they are told by production to dress for live eviction broadcast on Wed.

    • Jannie

      I think they may be starting to think that the eviction is Weds.

      These people are so dense. The played a comp about football(and went on a reward) so they should know that CBS has Thursday night football. Has no one figured that out yet??

      And I laugh every time one of them says, “Gee, Derrick has been in the DR for a long time!” It happens all the time. But they are too dumb to put 2+2 together.

      • Avatar

        They think we’d will be live show also and Thursday still live eviction because pov was done day earlier

      • Avatar

        Please talk English. I have no idea wtf you are trying to say. “we’d will”. Shame on you.

      • Avatar

        Get a life. Ever heard of typos. It was supposed to be wed but auto correct put in we’d. If it bothers you ignore it. Pretty bad when you are reading ppls postings and looking for spelling mistakes. Do u have nothing better to do? Sad life. Instead of having interesting interactions with others you go looking for spelling tests. Go read act testing booklet and correct those questions.

      • Avatar

        Why do you come to this site and read the comments if you are only going to be mean to everyone? Surely there is something better you can be doing with your time.
        (Please feel free to correct my grammar or any typos and leave everyone else alone.)

  10. Avatar

    We all know that the decision to use the veto is made long before the meeting so it really is a waste of time to ask someone to use it on them but they should go through the motions and act like they are playing the game. The sad part is I believe Victoria really doesn’t care if she goes home. Derrick has convinced her she won.

  11. Avatar


  12. AIO_7

    CAPTION, Derrick thinking……**Gee. I wonder what my cop buddies will think of me enjoying Mango fondling me**

  13. g8trgirl

    I want to know the secret to Cody’s hair. All last night on BBAD Victoria sat there running her hands through his hair. What is the big attraction to this guy’s hair??

  14. Avatar

    Snooze fest is the word for this season, so sad, BB can be such a great exciting show.. most of the houseguest are nice people, but they really need some excitement, they claimed the most twisted summer ever, but I have seen more excitement in previous seasons…. much more…. CBS needs to wake up.. if it continues to bore the viewers then there may be no more BB at all. Get Frankie out, now there is excitement …. big moves people!!!! All the wrong people are in Jury, Zach, Nicole, Hayden, people not afraid to make big moves.. they should not allow Frankie to play in HOH this week, that would be great…. rewind or not, keep him out of the HOH comp! Talk about his jaw dropping!!!!!!

    • Avatar

      Snoozefest is right! All across the internet, the live feed updaters have nothing to report about. There’s nothing to say because there’s nothing actually happening!

  15. danmtruth

    I just wish we had an easier way to watch the other BB shows Now I just watch the ones available on YouTube . The language might be hard to follow at times. Even the UK and Aus versions the English slang is funny to follow Give it a try

  16. Avatar

    So sick of production cameras always on Frankie and his poses. Frankie plays up to the camera, no doubt about it. At 31 isn’t he too old to be acting like a teenbopper. He is so so annoying and wish he would just go home. I have many gay friends and none of them act like Frankie does.

  17. Avatar

    I’m not sure why everyone loves Jeff and Jordan.
    I mean I love Jordan and think she’s really sweet
    But the last time they were on BB my impression
    Of Jeff was that he’s a big time asshole especially
    To women. At times I thought Jordan was taken back
    By his behaviour. I dunno. Sny

  18. Avatar

    Ok Franko
    It so almost 5:00 PM Eastern time
    Are you home from work?
    How was the doctors?
    How are you feeling?

    You don’t have to answer/ or go into detail . (That’s what I tell my sons) Just check in so we know you are o.k.

    Rest up……all my love,

  19. danmtruth

    He was a very aggressive player. Than again at that time many of the players did not just sit like lumps. Waiting to get voted out like these guest. So there was more confrontation. That’s why it was more fun to identify and pull for one player over another . Yes Jeff did not shy away from fights and often started them to try and break up some alliance Can’t remember him just attacking the women .Jeff and a women Chimmia I think clash

  20. Avatar

    I’ve been busy for a few days… I missed the bad rape joke. What a poop. I hope he doesn’t win. That was just mean.

  21. Avatar

    they need to cast better next year. maybe more aggress players both male and female. not like they don’t have security 24 hr. keep ppl from taking over hoh room unless they are hoh.. different games, or at lease mix up the order of the games. add more ppl in the house and have more double evic.

    • Avatar

      Make it so only the HOH can sleep in HOH room. Assign beds (someone had this idea don’t remember who, sorry) but I like it. I think they should just replace Allison G she has no imagination left.

      • Avatar

        Yes, they can assign beds. Maybe all girls in one room and the guys in the other room, or just assign them at random. And the HOH should be used only by whoever won the HOH comp.
        I still can’t believe how Christine won HOH and she was so afraid that Mango was going to ask her to sleep up there with her, that she slept downstairs and let Mango take over her room. Maybe that has never happened before. What a wimp! Victoria wouldn’t even do that.

      • Avatar

        Derrick is the only one I think that slept alone wasn’t he? All I could think was man I would go home because I would tell him to get up outa my bed. He thinks he’s entitled. But they let him get away with it so

      • Avatar

        Didn’t it use to be that as ppl came in house they chose their bed and kept it? As other ppl came in house beds became less desirable. Whe someone went home another could get their bed. Also what’s with the sleeping bags? I don’t remember but have not noticed anyone washing sheets. I remember sheets being washed last year from Elissa and Helen and them talking about how nasty Amanda and mcraes sheets were. And McRae seldom taking shower

      • Avatar

        They have always washed their own sheets until this year but they also made them clean house. It does seem like I remember Jacosta saying something to someone about the sheets being clean. Amber always washed all the clothes. Hell maybe they’ve been dirty since. Ewe

      • Avatar

        I just saw Cody on bbad washing his sheets and fire room comforter

    • Avatar

      I think CBS was gun shy after the uproar last year. They found the biggest bunch of wimps. The women were a big dissapointment. The men act like this is summer camp & girls are still “icky” & there isn’t $500k at the end. If Cody still thinks he is safe, he’s not as smart as he thinks he is.
      On Survivor, they always cast A-type personalities. Why not do the same for Big Brother.

  22. Avatar

    How come Caleb and Cody “like” each other so much, when it seems they were “competing” for Amber, who seemed to prefer Cody? Or did they just play her and then back stab her? Did Christine swoop in after or was she competing with Amber? I didn’t watch earlier episodes.

    • Avatar

      Cody really liked Amber when Caleb did. Like Caleb he liked her a whole lot more than she liked him she really liked Cody as friend. Cody stabbed her because alliance decided to get her out. Cody not loyal to his friends at all will not admit now how much he liked her but he said at one time he wanted Caleb out because he really liked Amber and Caleb getting so jealous when Amber with Cody.

  23. Avatar

    Part of the rewind twist should be to not allow Frankie to play for HOH this week!!

  24. Sweet Bee

    He’ll still be able to compete for POV.

  25. Avatar

    Yes I didn’t think of that FLD, maybe the twist could keep him from playing both…lol.. would be nice! Thank you and have a great day! 🙂

  26. Avatar

    I’ve been trying to get a good look at Frankie’s feet all season. He keeps saying he is a professional dancer. They have really jacked up feet and I haven’t seen anything remotely like that with Frankie.

    • Avatar

      He said on bio he majored in biology, dance and theater (triple major which I have never heard of) plus said he had all As. I never heard of college he attended meant to look it up but forgot the name.

      • Avatar

        I had a triple major, too. But all were academic fields. Did it in 4 years. It does happen but it’s not very common.

      • Avatar

        Wow. I am impressed. Of course theater and dance would not take that much studying but would take lots of your time

      • Avatar

        Theater majors have to study and memorize the complete works of Shakespeare and many other classic theater pieces. Dance majors have to study the complete history of classical and contemporary dance. Frankie’s vocabulary and communication skills are just not that sophisticated and do not show any signs of such a cultural education.

      • Avatar

        It’s small college in Pennsylvania private. Cost over $50,000 a year. No out of state tuition cause it’s private

  27. Avatar

    I just have one more rant for the day and I’m done. I don’t know what caused BB to stop having BBAD on show time but I don’t like it. I liked having it there because most game talking doesn’t occur until after midnight. They also were on for 3 hrs every night and when there would be endurance comp sometimes that would carry over. I miss it. Okay I’m done.

  28. Avatar

    On etsy.com you can order T shirts for each HG. Donny’s says fear the beard, Zach’s is Zach attack. They are $15 each.

  29. Avatar

    I think I typed in t shirts for bb house guests. They have one for the detonators, the bomb squad, and one for freaky Frankie also—- GAG

  30. Avatar

    The HG got a message on tv said 48hrs until live show. Here is part of the message.

    They say the live show will begin at 5 pm on Wed, and whatever happens with the button will happen at 5:36. Everyone is excited and scared.

    The HG have decide that because the push the button they have speed up the game. They believe there is a eviction on Weds and Thursday and final on Sunday. Our they in for a surprise on Weds.

  31. Avatar

    I just saw on CBS.com
    That team America won or complete 7 missions!
    That’s 35 k for Derrick plus the 5 k for holler
    40 k this guy has…….
    I. Don’t like this BB 16
    Bring back Zach


  32. Avatar

    Hi everyone. Stevebeans comments on this post are very funny. I just wanted to comment on some of the first posts here about how the HG are so disrespectful when they are talking about production such as the way Victoria was talking the other night. Victoria made a few comments about receiving money while in the house and made it sound as if they get paid even if they aren’t winners. If this is true then why wouldn’t production dock them money every time they talk about or do things they shouldn’t do. Also, maybe it would help if they got penalized in a competition before it begins if they do something they know they shouldn’t. While watching this season of BB you realize what a pigsty the house appears to be in and the fact that Jeff said the house stunk when he and Jordan entered should embarrass everyone in that house. If this is how they live in the BB house then I would hate to see their homes outside of the house.

  33. Avatar

    Seriously who is the little mouth running around calling themselves ofcourseyoudo? That sounds like a spoiled teenage age name.

  34. Avatar

    Wow, what love!!! You have made my day!!!
    I had my echocardiogram this morning, it took longer than usual because the tech had to keep stopping because of this severe cough I have. she said it would probably be 2 weeks before I would know any results, which is normal, I guess.
    I went in and did some office work and was supposed to do an orientation with a new employee but there was some confusion and she will not be there till tomorrow. if I had known that I could have just come home from the doctors office.
    I’m not able to work very much, all I’m able to do these days is take care of doing training classes for all new employees and some office work because I can do that sitting down. If I’m on my feet for any length of time I get extremely weak.
    at the moment everybody in the house where I live has got some kind of virus or cold which is very dangerous for me with a bad heart and I’ve caught it. when I got home from work I was running a fever 101, my normal body temperature is 97. so needless to say I’m feeling like crap, still having trouble breathing, coughing way too much, and can’t get to sleep because of the coughing, I only slept I told about 3 hours last night. I haven’t even really felt like checking the blog today till just now.

    thank you again for all who have asked where I was and havs sent good thoughts and prayers my way and who continually bless me!!

    I KNOW, I KNOW……….ALL THIS IS WAY OFF TOPIC. If I have offended any of the regulars who post comments on here, I apologize!

    • Avatar

      Get to feeling better. Not speaking for everyone on here, but I look forward to your posts, which are always entertaining. One reason it stinks is all the fish Frankie cooks every day and the house never gets aired out, the sliding doors are always closed,(trying to give them some teeny weeny bit of credit, not that they deserve all that much.)

      • Avatar

        in years past they showed people doing laundry, ironing clothes, really cleaning the house while they talked. all these people seem to do is sit around and eat or lay in bed and eat or even sitting in the bathroom and eat which I find disgusting. They do nothing. Its very very rare you see anybody doing any kind of cleaning but that seems to be normal for a LOT of young people these days. My niece has two teenage daughters whose rooms look much like the bedrooms in the BB house. They are soooo nasty.

      • Avatar

        Can’t these hgs think and clean at the same time. The house is a mess and these are all adults, not teenages.

      • ShoeLover

        Take care Mr Franko, and rest, rest, rest! Lots of fluids when you can handle them and hopefully you were prescribed some cough sryup to help control your cough or make it more productive. Praying for no infection from the nasty cold virus and that you get well soon!!!

    • danmtruth

      Not offended at all Just happy you took the time to answer after a rough day

    • Avatar

      Don’t apologize. Just take care of yourself and feel better soon.

    • Avatar

      franko, I’m so sorry you’re so sick. I will be praying for you. Even though we don’t know you we feel like we do. We are a BB family made possible by Stevebeans. God bless you 🙂

    • Avatar

      Never apologize for being human. I’m so sorry you feel so bad. You rest up and feel better now hear and don’t work with fever gotta take care of yourself.

    • Avatar

      I don’t care if it is off topics ,
      Kick me off,

      My love for Zach is off tocip , but I will keep posting!

      So glad you. Posted!

    • Avatar

      Franko, Please take of yourself. Hope you get well soon. Will pray for you.

  35. Avatar

    NOW….ON TOPIC, I really don’t have a lot to say on topic tonight.
    last night, I thought it was hilarious when Jeff and Jordan walked through the house and one of the first things that Jeff noticed was that the house stunk and commented on how messy and dirty the house is.

    • Avatar

      All I can say is if I were in that house I wouldn’t be able to live with all that mess. I probably would develop a compulsive obsession and start to clean everything in site including other peoples laundry. In the fire room where Derrick and Victoria are talking in BBAD you can see the shelf behind Victoria’s head and it’s filled with dust and dirt. Ugh!!!

    • Avatar

      I were there, I would be cleaning all day!

      • Avatar

        Remember Elissa last year cleaning all the time and talking about how nasty they were. She wouldn’t even sleep in certain beds and didn’t even want to go in Amanda and mcraes room

  36. danmtruth

    And they have been living in the filth so long there response was “What smell.”

    Now way off topic just finish watching BB Australia 2014 on you tube. It looks like a fun start to the show . Now they delivered on some great twist And it was just the first show ! Go give it a watch

  37. Avatar
    super duper bb fan

    I have question that has been on my mind for quite some time. Has anybody thought about the frankie and ariana connection? My theory is that frankie made a deal with cbs to put up comps that he was strong at. Why else would we all be questioning the comps on a daily basis? I would go so far as to say frankie knew and practiced these comps before bb started. Think about it for a minute. Frankie is all about the fame. Family ornot, why would he do ANYTHING to keep hiim in his sisters shadow? What do you ppl think?

    • Avatar

      I thought it awfully funny how Frankie has said all season he was great as puzzles that last two were puzzles and he won. I think production planned for Frankie to at least make final two and has helped him along.

      • Avatar
        super duper bb fan

        I just find it weird that he seems to breeze thru these comps. Maybe he is really that good, but after reading that the majority of the ppl in the audience during an eviction day was his family? Just makes me wonder about things between mango and cbs.

    • Avatar

      Anything to do with his hands or cold and he us out. But nope, they got all puzzles Frankie can do! Since Andy won, they want Frankie to win. At this point I want Victoria. Derrick has lied all the way through.

      • Avatar

        I think Frankie exaggerates his disease. Do u notice he never mentions name of disease? I am nurse and know disease that affects circulation in hands but Frankie never mentions name of what he has. Or has someone heard him say and I have missed it ?

  38. Avatar

    after the reset. anyone win the hoh and pov but frankie/mango. i just want him out of the house and hopefully boos from the audience like christine. he needs a wake up call that he is not the “mega star” he thinks he is. the guy just bugs me. after that derrick and caleb either/or wins and i guess im good with it. although we all know derrick has litteraly ran the whole game. would like to see caleb win at th.ais point. unlikely though. anyone but frankie!

  39. ClaireBear

    While I hate Frankie, and love a conspiracy theory as much as the next person, I would like to point one thing out. I’ve seen a few comments that Ariana’s label is tied to CBS. Her label’s (Republic Records) parent company is Universal. Universal is tied in with NBC, not CBS.

    • Jannie

      But Nickelodeon and CBS are both controlled by Viacom.

      When Frankie entered the house, his sister was contracted to Nickelodeon.

      There’s the tie-in, not the record label.

      • Jannie

        But with that being said…

        I think it helped Mango get on BB, but I don’t believe the conspiracies that the fix is for him to win, or that comps are set up for him.

      • ClaireBear

        Ah yeah, I suppose that makes sense. My only thing is they cancelled the show, so I’m sure the talks to cancel it when he entered were well under way. But I agree, I’m sure it helped his siter was Ariana, but yeah…I don’t think it’s fixed for him to win.

      • Jannie

        I have a 12 yr old who watched “Sam and Cat.” It actually wasn’t a bad show.
        I think it got cancelled because of some issues with the girl who played Sam, nothing to do with Ariana.

        In the long run, it will probably turn out better for her and her singing career.

      • leafhopper

        my 12 yo doesn’t like to watch “Sam & Cat” any more (re-runs) bc Cat reminds her of Frankie. She watches BB with me. All of her friends at school watch BB also, and they are as into it as we are with the predictions and conspiracy theories. They feel the same way about his sister – so i don’t think he is doing her ANY favors by his actions in the house. They (I am only speaking of the 12 yo’s that I know) have no intention of watching her show or buying her albums. If his intent was to help his sister with her career, I think we can mark this attempt as a complete FAILURE!

      • Jannie

        My 12 yr old watches BB also, but doesn’t really care that Ariana and Mango are siblings. Wouldn’t be buying her albums either way.
        Personally don’t think anyone should be judged by the actions of their siblings.

      • Avatar

        I don’t think Frankie came into house to help sister. Frankie will help no one but himself. He came in house to further his career and using his sisters fame to do it. Does anyone know if Frankie was one of HG that cbs asked to be HG? I am pretty sure he is.

  40. Avatar

    thumbs up if after the reset frankie/mango gets booted. then hopefully boos from the audience. the guy needs a wake up call.

  41. Avatar

    most predictiable bb in 16 years. disappointing.

  42. Avatar

    hmmmm, it seems the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree… (Frankie & his sister = diva)


  43. Sweet Bee

    As much as I can’t stand Frankie, I don’t think anyone in that house can beat him at these comps. Is it just me or does it seem like every comp is something Frankie seems to be very good at. The other hg really screwed themselves keeping him around.

    • Avatar

      Caleb shouldn’t have sat on the ground, if he had just played badly the ball would have just kept falling off. Plus that comp seemed like it was easier for one person to play alone than for two people to play together, because with one person playing, that person could feel where the ball was headed at all times and react faster.

      • Avatar

        I think Zach had something to do with Frankie’s win too. He and Donny were doing great and way ahead then suddenly Zach started messing up. Zach loves Frankie and was trying to help him.

      • Avatar

        Barbi, Caleb said he was going to mess up the comp. so Frankie couldn’t win but production didn’t let him.

  44. Avatar

    Is it just me, or does anyone else notice how much the HG eat Fish? In fact they have Salmon almost everyday. CBS must be making the dough, because Salmon is very expensive to feeding 16 reality HG everyday.

    • Avatar

      That’s all Frankie eats is fish.

      • Avatar

        Frankie is the only one who cooks and he likes fish, so they eat fish. Others are either too lazy to do anything or don’t know how.

      • ShoeLover

        Fish is a very healthy protein to eat. Plus the good fats and iron all the other stuff are loaded in it. But yeppers, it isn’t cheap, even when you can buy it like tuna in a fool bag, very expensive also. $2 more than starkist.

      • Avatar

        It’s because franki eats fish says he doesn’t eat meat nor does Victoria but Frankie ate burgers when they brought them take out. Victoria ate grilled cheese I believe. Derrick has grilled steak and chicken on grill but Frankie seems to be the only one who cooks and it’s fish

    • Avatar

      It’s because of Mango’s “medical condition.’ He can’ eat slop; he gets extra blankets if he’s in the “have not” room; and he gets fresh fish every day. I wouldn’t be surprised if his contract calls for one camera to be on him at all times. CBS is really desperate to keep Mango happy so his sister keeps doing CBS things (like singing at football games, etc.).

  45. Avatar

    The smell may be the fish they are eating. Frankie is the only cook and all he will fix is fish. Caleb asked for chicken and Frankie said no. Haven’t seen hamburgers or hot dogs or roast beef or turkey, Just Fish!

  46. Avatar

    My husband asks every week, do they not make them clean?

  47. Avatar

    I think by now they just want OUT! Like Nicole said the jury house is refreshing.

  48. Avatar

    I had to laugh last night when Caleb was talking about how he hated people smacking and eating with their mouth open. He went off on Frankie when they were having their family meal. LOL Caleb may not shower or brush his teeth, but he does have good table manners. I couldn’t stand to eat at a table with Frankie.

    • Avatar

      Goodmorning Steve, everyone. So Caleb said something to Frankie about table manners huh? It’s about time someone did. If nothing else us southerns are taught manners and respect for our elders. My parents had us so locked down that if people came visiting we were dressed nice and sat in the corner quietly. We only supposed to speak if spoken to. I also remember that if someone offered us a nickle ( yes I’m old that was a lot of money back then. ) we would look at our parents first if they gave us alite nod we could take it. If not we had to decline politely.

      • ShoeLover

        My mom’s famous words, “Girls, never leave the house without hairspray, lip gloss and stockings on. And son, please don’t leave the house looking like a ragamuffin! Comb your hair and you better say yes ma’am, yes sir and no ma’am, no sir!! There will be trouble if I hear any different!”


      • Avatar

        All that plus it wasn’t only parents that enforced the rules. Neighbors would rat you out too and didn’t think twice about admonishing you! LOL Today, if you say something to parents about how their child has acted, all hell breaks loose, with you on the receiving end.

  49. Avatar

    Well last night on BBAD Derrick and Victoria talked and a plan was hatched for today although I’m not sure if Victoria can pull it off. If so tho it might throw Frankie off the scent of getting Derrick out. They decided (and when I say they I mean Derrick )to act like he told Victoria that he was voting for Cody to stay in the game, over her, and that she would act upset and mad about it. She’s supposed to tell Frankie that Derrick was supposed to have her back and that she’s mad and won’t be getting her jury vote, and the joke is on him because Nichole, Hayden,Jacosta, Zach won’t vote for either because he got them out of the game. Last part was supposed to have come from Nicole herself before she left the house for the second time. Now all of this is supposed to be because Frankie is afraid Derrick will walk away with all those votes in jury so he wants to send Derrick home before F2. Frankie is scared that Derrick could beat him in F2. ( continued)

    • Jannie

      And then they went on to call Nicole one of the biggest liars in the house.

      As they are making plans to make up a lie about Nicole.

      My feelings on these players change daily, but as of right now, I would almost like to see Cody and Caleb in the end – don’t care who wins the $500K.

      Victoria’s dependence on Derrick (said “what should I do?” a dozen times) is downright sickening. And his willingness to take advantage of that is even worse.

      I hope their little plan blows up in their faces. Don’t think Victoria can pull it, or anything, off w/o Derrick holding her hand.

      And I’m sure Derrick’s wife is thrilled that Derrick told Victoria that she may have to go on their family cruise.

      • Avatar

        Do we think anyone would believe anything anyone else says at this point? Oh yeah- forgot who was plaing in game. Disappointed to hear Victoria talk about Nichole being a liar when she and Donny did not go around spreading lies and told very few lies but were on the other end of the lies. Wonder what Christine will think of herself when she finds out everything ppl told her Nichole said about her was never said. Most of those rumors came from Derrick and Frankie but they all made up things she never said

  50. Avatar

    Which I honestly think he could. Now I know there are some of you that don’t like his gameplay or the word manipulation but Derrick slowly unleashed this plan and made Victoria believe that it was her plan. He had her smiling at the thought that she was going to jury and would have this terrific plan against Frankie who put her on the block and wants her out. With all this planning to culminate into her standing up with the jury ( I don’t think she realizes she has to go home ) and saying I hope you like second place Frankie. Now true enough if it worked it would be masterful on his part. Derrick has talked her into being happy about leaving. Blows my mind. Now all of this might be for naught as they would act like they made up if ( actually when) she doesn’t go home this week. But this whole plan also hinges on if Victoria can play the part and I have my doubts. But he was truly masterful getting her to believe it was her plan. What do y’all think?

  51. Avatar

    Please go back and read the beginning of this on other page. Great plan but I’m alittle doubtful. We’ll see. Derrick put it into motion last night. But I’m really curious what everyone else thinks. Especially you Trudy because I’ve sensed you aren’t his favorite fan when it comes to his gameplay.

    • Avatar

      You know I don’t think much of Derrick cause I think his competition has been pitiful. But this season he has been the one I have to admit has managed to talk others into doing what he wanted. I don’t think that’s been a hard task this year and think he was aided by large numbers in alliance. In another year I don’t think he gets anywhere. But these ppl are so stupid ans so scared to make a move-including Derrick. When he talks and try’s to get someone to go his way if they don’t want to he has given up too easily. You know that if he had kept after Caleb last week Frankie would be gone now as everyone in house was for Frankie going. But Derrick got scared and backed off. My feelings for Derrick would have changed if Frankie had gone because getting him out would have been big move. There have been no big moves in the house this year and that’s why we r all bored. They have picked off all weak players and stronger players only because there was not another alliance to protect them. Numbers did it all everyone was too scared to go against all those numbers. Saying that. I would say the best two are probably Derrick and Frankie. Frankie should not be there now. Don’t know how jury would vote between two of them now. Jury likes Derrick more cause he spent time kissing their ass for jury votes but not sure that would get him their votes. As much as ppl don’t like Frankie he has won comps and managed to stay when everyone has been against him and wanted him out including all of America. I think jury has to give him lots of points for that. GET FRANKIE OUTCAUSE IF HE STAYS THINK HE DESERVES THE WIN. One other thing. I think his sister will hurt him in jury votes not help him and Derrick having family might help him. Not fair either way but jury are just humans like us.

      • Avatar

        I agree with the majority of your comments. I asked you specifically because I knew how you felt about Derrick. Since you don’t have feeds or watch BBAD I think it’s probably hard for you to see how crazy these HGs are. Derrick can talk them into anything.

      • Avatar

        I do watch bbad. Saw it last year for first time we don’t get show time so never saw it before last year

      • Avatar

        Also forgot to say I agree Derrick can talk them to almost anything when he tries (got scared for himself and backed away from Caleb getting Frankie out last week but he would have been able to do it) good players have to sometimes take big chances and Derrick backed out getting franki out. It wasn’t even that big of a chance he was taking as everyone in house wanted franki out. But think about this— do you think he would have been able to control Donny Hayden and Nichole that way?? I don’t think so. Even jacosta -she didn’t really play the game but she saw what Derrick was doing. He didn’t fool her.

  52. Avatar

    With the rewind for the week, does TA lose the 5g’s for their task, providing that they accomplished it?

    • Avatar

      If your asking if TA will lose 5k because of the rewind which I think you are the answer is no. TA missions are separate from the other part of the game. Although if I’m not mistaken they had to be up until 6:00am to win and I heard talk on BBAD that Victoria went to sleep at 4:00. So I guess we’ll see , they’ve gave them the money before even when they didn’t adhere to the rules.

      • Avatar

        I hope not. Not to thrilled with the TA thing anyway.

      • Avatar

        You know they didn’t start that mouse thing til around 3 and only went to 6. These ppl stay up that late every night. This was no mission without guidelines of some sort. I don’t get live feeds so all I know is by reading timelines on sites of what went on neither or them said anything about anyone sleeping. But I have read on this forum Victoria slept and also read Caleb did. In polls I’ve read the majority did not even vote I did not. If I had voted it would have been for the other mission cause it would have been impossible. That one had specific guidelines. This one said keep everyone up all night looking for mouse. To m that means start looking for mouse around 11 or 12 and then you have to actively look all night. That’s not what happened. But I think they asked in DR. Not starting til after 3 was nothing at all to do plus with so short guidelines none of those who get live feeds would be up watching at that time. You go 24 hours like other mission or even 12 hours we get to see at least some of it live

  53. Avatar

    It’s nice too see someone else up as early as I am Peggy.

  54. Avatar

    I would like to know after BB is done, did all the men in the house like Frankie always hugging and touching them? Or did they just put up with it. Frankie is always making some bodily contact with the men of the BB house. He’s like a little kid running and hopping around in his tiny shorts…and he is 31 years and looks it.

    • Avatar

      I thought he was like 37 or something like that.

    • Avatar

      Don’t you know relatives of Cody, Caleb and Derrick are going to have lots to say about the behavior they let Frankie get away with. They are going to be so surprised. I was seriously thinking zach and Cody were really gay. And Caleb is the one that surprises me the most. I don’t go with that “after last year ppl might think they are homophobic”. Straight guys do not let gays touch them that way. I can understand hugs but nothing else. And no sleeping in same bed. Am I that old fashioned?? To think this?

      • Avatar

        I don’t think it’s going to be that big a deal for Cody, Caleb and Derrick. Straight guys who are comfortable and secure with their sexuality really don’t care about how a little flirting looks and you have to be really comfortable and secure with a lot of things to let yourself be put under this level of scrutiny 24/7. Their families know better anyway so it’s still not an issue. I do think that Frankie went too far and there were a lot of times when you could see that the guys were VERY uncomfortable with his behavior – but they were on TV and did not want to do or say anything that might make them look homophobic. I think Zach is an amazing and open minded person and that Frankie took advantage of that. His comments (especially in the DR) that Zach should just come out already were really,really offensive. I think Zach is straight but, if it turns out that he’s gay or bi or whatever that’s for him to say not for Frankie to announce/speculate or whatever it was he thinks he’s doing. Frankie is just a horrible human being and people like him literally give the whole gay/lesbian community a bad name.

      • Avatar

        1000000 percent

        Thank you!!!!!!

  55. Avatar

    Maybe all of Derricks hugging kissing and carrying victoria over his shoulder will payoff she was having trouble last nite figuring how she was going to sleep without Derrick. He told her it would only be for 2 days. They might have to revise their plan after wed nite rewind

    • Avatar

      If I were Derrick’s wife I would have divorce papers ready for him and have him served right in front of everyone at CBS.

      • Avatar

        Really? You’re talking about divorcing a man you have a child with just because he got too close with a female? No kisses, no sexual contact, certainly no sexual intercourse. Yea, if I was his wife, his touching with Victoria would be a bit out of my comfort zone but he hasn’t seen her in over 2 months. People get lonely when they have no contact with their significant other for 2 months and might seek some physical contact. But he’s certainly not cheating. You sound ridiculous.

  56. Avatar

    I think before we cast to many boos at Christine people need to see videos on YouTube from bb16 of Derrick and Victoria. Look up. Derrick Levasseur and Victoria Rafaeli Christine/Cody have nothing on Derrick/victoria. Must be tough being married to a contestant

    • Jannie

      RosieO –
      Every time I mentioned anything inappropriate between those those two, I would get shot down and told that Cody and Christine were much worse.

      While I don’t doubt the friendship, he IS 10 yrs older and is using her for her vote.

      And it wouldn’t sit right with me if I was his wife.

    • Avatar

      From what I could see the main reason for the boo’s was that she’s been called out repeatedly by the other HG’s (and Zing-Bot) for how her thing with Cody looks and she still would not stop. There are tons of clips of her looking and acting exactly like a jealous girlfriend when he paid attention to any of the other girls. She is also just a mean person who has nothing nice to say about anyone. Derrick and Victoria are close and maybe closer than they should be, but they are not doing anything to the point where they are being told that it looks bad by the other HG’s like she was. She knew it looked bad and did it anyway. Derrick and Victoria are keeping as clear a boundary as it’s possible to have on a show like this.

  57. Avatar

    Your updates are awesome even when there may be nothing to say! I follow this site more than the actual show. Sad.

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