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Big Brother 16 – Nicole Could Make History This Week


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When Zach won the power of veto, I spoke of chances each eligible houseguest had of going on the block.  I gave Nicole a super low chance if Christine is kept in the dark about Nicole’s backdoor plan, and increased the chance quite a bit should Christine learn. Well, the latter happened.

Last night, Christine told Victoria she was going to be the replacement nominee but not to worry because Donny was the target.  Victoria ran to Derrick upset about it, who told her he was going to try and get Nicole put up instead (I haven’t quite figured out Derrick’s allegiance to Victoria yet, but it appears to be pretty strong). Most of the guys started telling Christine about Nicole’s backdoor option that involved Christine which was pretty much manipulated by the guys in the first place. Christine decided Victoria is likely not a good option, and Nicole should be the target because of this.

Note – It’s both sad and impressive how the guys have played this season. They have played the girls in the house all season long, and it continues this week as they put friend against friend.  Slow clap for them…


So, Nicole will likely make history today as the first person to ever win HoH and be nominated in the same game cycle, and will continue to make history if and when she’s evicted.  Of course, this was likely supposed to happen more than once when the BB Production staff planned this twist out, but the HoH’s the season worked together all year.  The irony of this week is that it will happen with two people who have been good friends all year, and days after they went out of their way to promise they wouldn’t backdoor each other.  Although, when promises like that are made, it’s generally because the trust is gone.  People typically don’t need to make a deal with friends that they’re not going to screw one another over.. it’s just implied by the whole ‘friend’ part.

The power of veto meeting will be held this afternoon.  I will start a live feed thread shortly and carry it through the meeting.  I’m sure the fallout from Nicole being the nominee should be quite impressive and worth watching.

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  1. Comments (57)

    As hard as Zack tried to be the most hated houseguest, Christine is clearly the villain in my opinion. Here’s hoping that anyone except Jocasta comes back to the house to tear this group down.

  2. Comments (103)

    Poor little Christine will be the boy’s first target once they get the rest of the “other side” out. Doesn’t she realize that?

  3. Comments (400)

    If Nicole goes, CBS can have an even bigger “twist” by having her be the returning player further making it a historical moment for the game.

  4. Comments (682)

    If Christine puts up Nicole she lost a jury vote. These people are so concerned about having the numbers it appears they forgot about the people voting in the end. Christine doesn’t stand a chance if she’s in the final 2 with anyone in the house, especially if she breaks the “no backdoor HOH” deal.

    • Comments (332)

      I really don’t think she can look Nicole in the face and do it. So I pray Victoria is replacement. And truly that is the only way the ATeam gets any money. That is why I am surprised Derrick is saving Victoria. Well he is worse than Donny in my mind. Has ATeam even talked or are they so out with each other that they aren’t even doing the mission again? It is like Donny gave them permission to stop the team effort.

  5. Comments (103)

    What I really love is how Derrick is manipulating everyone and yet not getting any blood on his hands! I would be shocked if he does not win. Unless someone makes a gutsy smart move he is just going to roll to the end and everyone is going to crown him king! You watch. ;). Personality wise I like Nicole and Donny, but game play, evil genius etc you got to give it to Derrick. No one suspects a thing. MAYBE Donny.

    • Comments (328)

      I noticed Donny talking to Nicole in the living room and not directly say Derrick’s name but mentioned he has maybe a strong control in the house I think?!? Plus isn’t Derrick the one that really put most of this in motion as to why the big dislike towards Frankie now. I thought I had seen Derrick talking to Frankie about things for plans then Frankie following through some of those Derrick plans and NOW Frankie is the one taking the fall for most of Derrick’s ideas? I don’t have live feeds but all after dark stuff is still in my dvr, may have to go back and slowly back track this stuff. Derrick was definitely doing (what we call in my family) head down of shame while rubbing away the please don’t say my name move during last night’s CBS recapp show. Please let me know what I might be wrong or right in.

    • Comments (332)

      I think it is that little boy gone dumb look he gives. But truly someone has to realize he has never ben up. And I hope it is Victoria as replacement, she can not keep being strung along.

  6. Comments (1446)

    It’s the one thing I both and hate and don’t understand about Derrick – what is the deal with his allegiance to Victoria?? I can’t stand the girl! Does he keep her because he thinks he can win against her in the final two? I would almost like to see him drag her to the end and then have her beat him for the $5000K.

  7. Comments (83)

    Did you guys hear how Victoria admitted to zach
    That she doesn’t talk game on purpose and wants
    People to think she’s stupid so they keep her around.
    Victoria only really keeps to one person in that house and
    Surprisingly it’s Derrick? You know. Maybe she isn’t as
    Stupid as people think. How can she pick the one
    Person in the house to be on his side 100% and it
    Happens to be the best player in the house?
    Doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

  8. Comments (332)

    I think the guys like talking strategy with Nicole but then they go and twist what she said and manipulate the house. It is too classic. Frankie has to go he is beyond out of control and big headed. I love Zach now and hated him at first. Derrick has lost his luster. And Cody is a slide by guy too. Someone needs to call him out. But give it to them, they are sticking together like glue.

  9. Comments (332)

    Man I wanted Donny to get veto, but Zach has saved himself. I just hope Frankie weasel can keep his distance.

  10. Comments (1)

    Even if they get Christine to put up Nicole, I still think they should vote out Donny. Nicole still trusts (some of) the guys but Donny is on to them and if he manages to win HOH, the rest of the guys are in trouble.

    Derrick keeps Victoria close because she trusts him, is a vote who will do whatever he asks her to, and is someone that NO ONE in the house would give the $500K to in the end. So if you are against her in final 2, you’re going to win, IMO.

  11. super duper bb fan
    Comments (34)

    SB you gave some of us quite a scare. Please report when you are going to be incognito. We care about you past BB. GLAD to see your ok. Now fill us in cuz some of us dont watch live feed and BBAD was confusing last eight

  12. Comments (3)

    It is nice to FINALLY see some action in the house. It has taken so long to FINALLY see the HG piece things together. In my opinion Derrick is the only player in the house who is cunning, methodical (thinking through the pros and con’s of who should and shouldn’t go up on the block), and planting seeds of doubt. If Caleb didn’t remind Derrick about the numbers game as well strategically picking the “best” HG for jury to secure votes for finally I don’t know who else is a good choice to win. He is the only HG who has not revealed his true occupation and you see him using his tactile skills in the way he is playing the game. Frankie panicked under stress therefore revealing his cards way too soon which will then be passed to the jury members. In terms of Victoria she is the biggest FLOATER, then again she is also an extra vote a strategic plan for majority vote. I guess that is a good use of a floater.

  13. Comments (412)

    I’ve been MIA this week. CBS keeps screwing me over. I wasn’t able to watch the double eviction episode until it came on TVGN Friday night at 10 because I live in Texas and stupid football had to play, then I stayed up till 1am hoping it would come on after but it never did in my area. Then on Sunday, stupid golf came on and big brother didn’t come on till 9 and this new tv show I’ve been watching, Reckless, didn’t play. Whatever. CBS needs to get their $#!t together!
    Anyway, I’m really glad about everything that happened this week other than a few events.
    It would have been more entertaining to see him just purposely messing up Frankie’s chains.
    Because Caleb sucks.
    Which is major bull because Christine was suppose to have her back.

    • Comments (412)

      Only people I like right now:
      It hard to deny the fact that Derrick is running this game. But I would love to see it blow up in his face.

      If Nicole goes this week, I hope her or Hayden come back in the game with a vengeance.

      • Comments (412)

        I forgot about Victoria. Imagine that. Even though I always forget about her, I kind of like her and want to see her prove to everyone she’s smarter than she really is, but that’s probably not going to happen.

      • Comments (328)

        Hey next time QueenB when Thursday night football or something that may interfere with BB my channel 21 will then air the show. I am in TX too. For the DE show channel 21 or TV 21 aired here in the part of TX I am at. But last night it came on at 9 in place of Reckless. Hope this helps for next time.

      • Comments (412)

        Oh, wow. Thanks. I didn’t even think to check. I feel like an idiot.

    • Comments (7)

      Christine has Christines back. Until she’s the only girl left and the guys say Bye-Bye Christine thanks for all your help…. Anyhow. Keep in mind. Nicole still has a chance. When there are 3 Jury members i’m sure they’ll have that battle of the 3 and one will come back in the house. Nicole Hayden and Jocasta I think Nicole’ll be the winner of whatever it is. Return. And hopefully lighten up some of these people.

  14. Comments (1799)

    Derrick is Definetly looking at who he who he wants to be standing next too in the end Most HG don’t respect the game or lack of game that Victoria has played It is fascinating to watch how he strokes people into feuds with other house guest Once more this double standard that I must evict you because you try to Backdoor me When in reality everyone has been a part of a plan to Backdoor each other Cody must wake up quick as it is plain that he is no longer Derrick chose for number 2
    Perhaps a better twist will be to return 2 jury members and have them be safe for the first week back in that would turn the house
    So as of now Christen will nom Nichole spit venom about turnabout because Nichole tried to Backdoor her when in fact it was Derrick and Frankie’s idea along with Zach So Nichole goes And who ever is HoH next week nom Christine

    • Comments (1276)

      I was thinking the same thing. I would LOVE it if the “most twisted” season actually had a twist we haven’t seen before, like bringing two of the evicted houseguests. I could even see doing something like the comp from last year, where everyone plays, but, making it to where the first 3 or 4 people who get out, are sent to the jury house.

  15. Comments (138)

    This isn’t about guys versus girls. The real story of this season is ugly people against not-ugly people. If Nicole leaves this week followed by Cody, we’ll be left with is the ugliest possible combination of houseguests that started the season.

  16. Comments (92)

    As usual I’m right. But this time I wish I wasn’t. I was hoping they get rid of the Communist Donny. And all you Donny lovers out there who saved him none other than my Princess Victoria. So for all of the Victoria haters you all should appreciate her. Now to Dan the Man, my good friend calling me a sad troll. I’m not sad. I’m quite happy. Being a conservative, I did real well as an investor. I’m set for life and so are my children who all have trusts and set for life. I traveled the world and can tell you one thing, America is the greatest nation on planet earth. When Donny didn’t want to follow what America wanted he is a traitor and he should move back to his Mother Russia for his handout. If fact he looks a little bit like Rasputin. Out of all the players who ever played BB he is the worst. Wake up people. Frankie could be the best player. How can you not love him.

    • Comments (328)

      Ha! Donny reminds me of the Duck Dynasty fellas! AND POOP, I just fell into your little trap. Darn it….

    • Comments (1276)

      That’s right, he is such a communist. Isn’t anyone who doesn’t agree with America’s vote (or in other words, with what you think) a damn Commi?
      I don’t believe for one minute that you are anything more than a sad little man, with nothing better to do but go make posts to try to piss people off. You arrogance is why Most of the world thinks so little of America. Not because of what America is supposed to be, but what people like you make it.
      And can we please stop with the lie that you have been a fan since the first season? If you have been, then you are just plain stupid, for not knowing more about the game. Only someone who hasn’t watched much if any BB would think that someone can win the Fan Favorite and the Grand Prize.
      So if your life is so great, and everyone on here, and for that matter, everyone in this world is so beneath you, then why don’t you spend a little more time at your George W temple, and less time just being a jerk.

      • super duper bb fan
        Comments (34)

        You go girl! Preach!

      • super duper bb fan
        Comments (34)

        That crumbsnatching ghetto goblin is gonna get hers.

      • Comments (61)

        Donny is BuffaloBill’s favorite player. He’s just being satirical about it. Think of him as a Stephen Colbert for our forums. He’s probably a very progressive, liberal guy from the pacific northwest. He even voted for Obama…twice. In fact I think he studied Czarist Russian history and literature at University of Oregon. Very sharp guy. He just likes spinning these funny yarns for us.

  17. super duper bb fan
    Comments (34)

    So i see that beak nose bi%ch christine put nicole up ? Wow!

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