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Big Brother 16 – Will Nicole Receive Another Chance?


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Where to begin?  Well, megaphone man was back last night while Caleb, Derrick and Frankie were in the back yard. Flashback to 7:38pm if you’d like to hear him, but he very clearly said “Frankie is destroying you all in the diary room”.  When he began talking, Derrick started herding the crew inside before they were locked in, but they heard it.. they had to have. I’m pretty sure I heard a ‘sigh’ come from Frankie shortly after he went inside and shut the door.

I know Frankie is not the most liked person in the house (in fact, he’s the least liked after the Victoria comments), but fans have to respect the game a bit.  Despite his comments, Frankie is and was playing a pretty solid game, and if he went home because of something he said in a place that was supposed to be private, that sucks.  It sucks because if it happened to Frankie, it can easily happen to a liked player. That said, if I ever played BB or Survivor, there is 0 chance I’d disclose brilliant plans to the camera crew.  There is no way I could trust my game in the hands of random people who could spill it to some girl in a bikini for a chance at a phone number.

That brings us to today, the PoV meeting. What was expected to be a slam dunk week of Victoria replacing Christine and Nicole walking out the door could get a whole lot more complex if the guys go through with their backdoor plan.  This is the last week they can backdoor a player (everyone will play the POV next week), and the “waste your HoH week” is playing out as Derrick, Caleb and Cody discuss replacing Christine with Frankie and sending him to jury.  I’m not sure if megaphone man had an impact on this, or just the fact that the season is drawing to a close and there are not many more ‘next weeks’ left. The guys know Frankie can and possibly will get one of them out should he win HoH, and they need to get him out before that happens.

What happens at the power of veto meeting today will help set the course for the rest of the season.

Should Frankie be allowed to remain, Caleb passed up his chance to get the biggest threat out of the house, and that will likely bite him in the ass down the line. Why? Because it always bites people in the ass. As a Big Brother fan, this is the time to get Frankie out. If Caleb does indeed pass on this opportunity, he will deserve to finish 3rd or 4th or wherever he may finish.  Should Caleb pull the trigger, not only will he help secure a comfortable spot moving forward, but he’ll probably be considered a Big Brother hero after the recent Frankie-Victoria events.

The guys were supposed to meet during the wake-up call to go over the plan one more time, but at this point I’d probably give it about a 67% chance of actually happening. I’d like to give it a higher chance, but this has been the season of no moves, so not making a move seems almost more likely than not. The only reason I put the number that high is because I want to believe there is a set of balls somewhere between the group of Derrick, Caleb and Cody.

I will be creating a live feed thread shortly, but until then, have a great Labor day!

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  1. Comments (1799)

    This is Caleb’s big test Can he put it together and understand that if he does not get Frankie now Frankie will cut him next

    • Comments (130)

      If Frankie stayed and won, wouldn’t he go after Cody/Victoria, maybe even Christine next? I still think Frankie believes that Caleb is still extremely loyal to him.

      • Comments (9)

        I agree. From what I see, Caleb putting out Frankie would not be good for his game. Derrick and Cody will te credit with Nicole for saving her and Caleb would be left with no one who would actually take him to f2. If Frankie won the next HOH, I’m not sold that he would go after Victoria, maybe use her as a pawn, but I think he would ultimately want Cody out next, then Christine/Victoria, then f3 with Derrick and Caleb. Derrick wants Final 3 as him, Cody and Victoria, and he’s greedy (I say this because he’s pretty much got a solid end game agreement with everyone left in the house), so I think he’s willing to put Frankie out to appease Cody/Vic. I do find it a little odd though. Has he not considered the fact that team America would end if there’s no longer enough members to constitute a “team”? he’s so money hungry, I would expect him to want the possibility of 5-10k more.

      • Comments (130)

        Why do you think Derrick is money hungry? He only went after the $5K after seeing how behind he was in the comp.

      • Comments (1)

        I think Derrick is awesome and smart to let the others fight over and do the dirty work

  2. Comments (130)

    Think about it, if they backdoor Frankie, there will be 3 girls and 3 guys left! Who would have thought halfway through the season with only 2-3 girls left that a female had a chance to win this game!!

    And if Nicole, Christine, or…. umm.. that other girl actually win HOH, they could outnumber the guys for once. Is anyone excited that there’s a better chance that a girl can win this season?!

  3. Comments (57)

    Should his comments impact the game? No. As a human being, would you want to keep someone around capable of thinking like that? I wouldn’t. I’d also be thinking that’s a couple of times megaphone man called out Frankie, plus the overwhelming no from Team America… If I were the other players, Frankie would be a massive target this week.

  4. Comments (2)

    Here is my thing. Derrick and Cody stop being chicken and tell Caleb you want Frankie out. Also Calwb has no cowboy in him when it comes to taking out one of the guys does he? Frankie ia not beong evicted TODAY. So since he is not 100% sure who to vote out, still get Frankie on that block and you know for sure one of them will go. Dont waste this hoh. Tell Frankie the house is split and he is doung what the house wants. Another idea is tell Framkie to make sure Nicole goes he had to put up one of the guys. Stop being afraid. Stop leaving it up to the girls in the house to make big moves.

  5. Comments (1446)

    Dream scenario:

    Caleb kicks Mango to the jury house Thursday, Nicole wins HOH and sends Christine out right behind him in the double evict.

    Couldn’t believe the way Mango was trashing Donny last night – saying that he did nothing to contribute to America’s Team. Really Mango?? If you had followed Donny’s plan to save him, rather than put on your stupid play, you would all be $5K richer!

  6. Comments (843)

    Much as we wish and hope, the only one who has attempted to make big moves this season is Nicole. They’ve gone after the weaker players and floaters and patted themselves on the back all the way about what big gamers they are. Caleb won’t put up Frankie and Nicole will go out the door.

  7. Comments (3)

    Hi Steve, thank you for keeping us all updated with your blog. I was wondering if you get paid for all the advertisement that is on your home page?

  8. Comments (25)

    If Caleb decides to backdoor Frankie there is know way he will be able to keep it from Frankie. He is already acting different towards him, and remember last time Frankie was supposed to go Caleb wouldn’t look him in the eye and started his “rant” before the competition started. I believe once Frankie knows what is up he will start throwing his sister and the fact that he is playing for charity around.

  9. Comments (198)

    Is Frankie starting to look old used up or is it me?

    • Comments (487)

      Frankie has always looked old to me. At 31 he looks 40, I hate to see what he looks like at 50. By then he will be past botox and on to plastic surgery in attempts to look younger. His lifestyle (and I don’t mean because he’s gay) will ruin him and his so-called career.

    • Comments (383)

      yeah he looks like crap. Why is he orange? Is he using some kind of fake tanner? Or is that his natural color?

  10. Comments (18)

    guess you didnt find the balls on Caleb !! 🙁

  11. Comments (1)

    Oh how I wish Nicole would be able to stay in the BB house for another week!But as always Derrick has his claws into ever HG’s in the house and he not about let Nicole mess up his game!Because you forget that Derrick made a final 2 deal with Victoria, but wait oh that’s right Derrick also made a final 2 deal with his bf Cody! They call themselves the Hit Men!Lol! If Nicole is to stay and win the HOH she can put up two pawns and the winner of the POV can take one down and she can back door Frankie just as long has he doesn’t play in the VETO comp!

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