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Big Brother 16 – Night Shift Feeds


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I had a good feeling about tonight, so I decided to do some night blogging instead of sleeping. Well, I’ll sleep eventually, but the night before elimination and the house isn’t 100%, I had to watch the feeds.

Watch along with me

  • 10:00pm – Christine is talking to her boyfriend Cody in the beehive room. Christine is upset because Donny told Cody Christine wanted to nominate him.
  • The meeting breaks up and Derrick gets a meeting with Cody.  Derrick is saying he wants to blow things up tonight.  It could be fun, folks!
  • Derrick is starting to think they should keep Zach. They (detonators) have the numbers if they add Caleb as a number, and it would be cannibalizing their alliance if they vote him out.
  • Derrick heads to DR, Cody finds Christine and tells her that they need to talk (with Frankie and Derrick) about keeping Zach
  • 10:10pm – After sitting in the HN room alone for a bit, Cody re-joins Christine to say he’s still concerned he heard she was trying to get him and Derrick on the block.
  • Cody is spilling everything Nicole said to him. So much for the Rationale
  • Cody thinks Donny is the mastermind behind it all because they’re up together every morning (him and nicole)
  • Christine knew something was up by the way she was being treated this week.   Note, Cody is doing all of this on his own.  He and Derrick were supposed to chat with her and Frankie but I guess he couldn’t hold it in while Derrick was in the DR
  • 10:23pm – Frankie joins in the conversation.
  • Cody retells everything he told Christine about Nicole and Hayden.
  • Frankie counts the votes and with Caleb on board, Zach can stay.
  • 10:30pm – Derrick joins to discuss the situation. Cody lets him know he already told them (Christine/Frankie) everything
  • Derrick to group “Are we done playing the games?  They’re trying to pick us off one by one”
  • Cody is still convinced Donny is a super genius and the mastermind behind it all
  • Derrick left and the three remain clearing the air on what has been happening the past few weeks. Bad news for Nicole and Hayden… and Donny apparently.
  • 10:40pm – Cody is still pretty livid. He wants them surprised tomorrow.
  • 10:53pm – Derrick re-joins the group and tells them Nicole’s heart is pounding out of her chest. She knows something is up.
  • The group may put Nicole/Hayden on the block with Donny as the replacement nom (or any combo of those three)
  • Derrick – America, you got what you wanted. No unanimous vote this week (did the DR tell him?)
  • 11:06pm – Caleb joins in the havenot room and the group is telling him Nicole/Hayden are playing them all.
  • Update – They want to put Hayden/Donny up with Nicole as a replacement

Ok, my cat is pacing around the living room. He is always restless at night until I go to bed, so I think it’s time to call it a night.  Recap in the morning.

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  1. Comments (328)

    Why Cody Why?!?!?! Spilling the beans to Christine! WHY WHY WHY?????

    • Comments (92)

      Yessssssssss my Jewish Prince is staying and its possible the communist Donny will be leaving on the double eviction. Zach Atackkkkkkk.

    • Comments (492)

      Good!!! Get Christine OUT with JOCasta
      I like Zach

      • Comments (152)

        YAY! Zach stays and Jacosta goes! Now….Christine has to go! They have to see she is playing both sides.

      • Comments (138)

        What? Zach staying this week = Christine staying and Donny, Nicole or Hayden being gone next week.

    • Comments (644)

      Just when the game was going to get interesting by evicting Zach, we are going to get more of the same. I feel so bad now for Donny, Nicole and Hayden, they are really nice and their plan was great. Well, back to boring…………

      • Comments (644)

        If Hayden Nicole or Donny win HOH they should put up Derrick and Frankie, that would be so good! I hope they realize Cody and Derrick are not on their side after Zach is not evicted. If they don’t then there’s something wrong.

      • Comments (1446)

        Nicole can’t play in the first HOH, so that leaves only Hayden, Donny or Victoria(maybe)to win and get ride of a detonator. If there was ever a time I would want Victoria to win, it is tonight, so there will not be enough time for Derrick to get in her ear before nominations. Victoria has said she doesn’t trust Frankie or Christine – I would LOVE either one of them to head out the door.

      • Comments (224)

        Oh, Derrick won’t leave her side for a second if she wins HoH. They usually get at least a couple of minutes to make a nomination.

  2. Comments (120)

    Right now, Derrick wants for Zach to stay, and he’s getting Cody on board. Derrick wants to expose Nicole for her original BD plan, and to draw the line with her. As of right now, Cody is talking to Christine telling her that Nicole/Hayden are playing everyone and they need to go.

    I’m honestly really surprised by the change of heart in Derrick. I’m never one to really say that DR changes the game, but it’s so odd Derrick was convincing people to vote Zach out, and now all of a sudden he’s going to tell everyone to keep Zach.

    BB16 is just really irritating, IMO.

    • Comments (469)

      A couple of updates ago I called this – I said I’ll believe zach will leave when I see him walk out the door – I mentioned in the same post that Derrick has one huge flaw – his paranoia causes him to make snap irrational decisions – if this new turn of events happens that will be the reason – Cody is proving to be as bad or worse than both Chris. or Zach – and it is absolutely mind blowing that these 5 brainiacs still are convinced that Donny is some sort of brain surgeon or rocket scientist – once again if this new change happens and Zach stays – Nicole-Hayden-Donny-Victoria and Jocasta are toast unless they see the writting on the wall – join forces and go into the comps. with a vengence – they need to throw caution to the wind (damn the torpedos – full speed ahead). If this doesn’t happen I will enjoy watching the 5 weasels rip each other to shreds. One more thing Hayden should do is get Caleb aside and tell him everything that “his alliance” has done to him – especially about lying to him about Amber – and somehow convince him of the truth – it could put the ball back in their court. If Zach stays it will be a chore for me to continue to watch the rest of the season.

      • Comments (875)

        I had a feeling too john ruth, because we have seen this broken record of repeats from these HG over & over, these past 6 weeks.

        I want Derrick gone pronto, so everybody can play their OWN GAME, all he does is lead the other HG around by their noses.

      • Comments (1288)

        Don’t the Rolling Stones have some song about wanting?

      • Comments (1288)

        If Hayden could take Jocasta to confirm what she knows about the plans he would not doubt her word. They would also need Victoria’s vote and if Derrick is exposed as the major player he is she might become disheartened with him. With Donny’s vote that would push the vote to Nicole and Zach would walk.

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – I will say again – I believe your scenario of a house meeting is right on – I am sitting here thinking – please let Nicole and Hayden unearth the betrayal in time – this would be the defining moment of the season – and kick start the REAL GAME.

      • Comments (1288)

        mello-one voiced it first but I was thinking it. I am planning on cashing in for my 4-week House Pass from CBS after I get off work at 6. I am hoping I have timed it right to get the meat of the season before the house is so depopulated the feeds become less likely to be interesting.

        Plus I will get to Flashback for the nekkid female stuff. See if I can find Victoria changing when she thought she was off camera because no one else was around.

      • Comments (469)

        Correct me if i’m wrong – first I know Derrick has filled Vics head with so much BS she seems to trust him – BUT doesn’t she also have a strong trust in Hayden since he kept his word and saved her by removing her from the block (Hayden could possibly get her aside and remind her of his loyaly and faithfulness to her – and – WHAT HAS DERRICK DONE BUT SPEW BULLSHIT YOUR WAY.

      • Comments (1288)

        That is definitely an exploit. Derrick has downplayed his role in the house to Victoria repeatedly. Exposing him as a mover and shaker would clearly go against what he has told her. Hayden could do that and then Nicole needs to become her besty immediately.

      • Comments (832)

        You’re spot on jr. I knew a Hayden, Nicole, Cody & Derrick alliance was too good to be true. I’m hoping Derrick’s irrational & paranoid side catch up with him. I’m afraid Caleb’s loyality to “his” alliance will be the downfall of Hayden, Nicole & Donny. Caleb needs to jump ship & get into an alliance with Nic & Hayden, but don’t think that will happen.

  3. Comments (66)

    Ugh! I am so mad at Cody! And Christine irritates me so much, trying to play like SHE is the one being crossed by Nicole. She has such a lady-boner for Cody, it’s embarrassing. I had a feeling they shouldn’t have spilled their plan to Christine, and what do you knows he ran to his fugly GF and repeated all of it.

    • Comments (328)

      From what I have seen and heard a lot of this all started from Christine’s lies to Nicole about her own alliance members. All escalating to this now. Nicole discussing her worries to first Hayden, then Cody then Derrick. Now with Derrick’s paranoia, the crazy guys are back with their fingers on the detonator button…. Darn

      • Comments (875)

        The fact is, Zack is about the “ONLY” HG that is currently in the house that is entertaining. The DR/PRODUCTION is giving the HG directions to Keep Zack…ugh.

        I personally can not stomach Frankie, & Zack, and I’m over Derrick, & Weak A$$ Cody!

      • Comments (492)

        I like Zach..but Frankie can go…go go… I hope Zach votes Frankie out!

      • Comments (832)

        That would be sweet if Zach would vote out Frankie. Someone needs to fill Zach in on how all his boys were going to vote him out.

  4. Comments (57)

    I like the move. Not because I want Zack to stay but because maybe it will finally draw a clear line in the sand to the other houseguests about the Detonators and get some actual gameplay going on from the other side of the house.

    • Comments (426)

      True. It might perk things up. I guess it is just that I don’t like or want to see most of the Detonators get to the end.

    • Comments (875)

      What line in the Sand?!?! Derrick the DEMINATOR, has controlled this whole season?! Only ONE Dude has been evicted this Season, that is sad!
      The other side consist of Donny, Hayden, and Nicole…They are out numbered by Derrick’s side in numbers: Caleb, Zack, Frankie, Christine, Cody, Victoria, and Derrick!

      This is such a freakin Joke, the other side ain’t got nothing!

  5. Comments (426)

    OMG. Derrick is becoming all over the place in his paranoia, and getting worse every day. I was a fan of his in the beginning, but now think they need to wise up and get rid of him. I really hope that he won’t be able to flip the vote at this point, but I won’t hold my breath.

    • Comments (14)


      • Comments (152)

        I totally agree. if Donny or Hayden win, then we will have good game. But if one of the Detonators win, then they will just send another good player packing! I like Derrick and I like Cody. Can’t stand Christine, Victoria or Frankie. Keep Zach! It is just a crazy year with no loyalty!
        The worst part is the tattle tails! They are terrible! They can’t wait to get information and run to another person!

  6. Comments (328)

    Derrick is gonna return back from DR with a huge “What just happened” expression !!!

    • Comments (426)

      That didn’t happen. Why did you think that?

      • Comments (328)

        Just a thought since his meetings are somewhat specific to what he wants to discuss, plus he wanted them the detonator to talk together. My assumption was maybe just maybe Derrick would have an ah-ha moment after his DR session and come to his senses that maybe he is making a mistake. SO… with Cody spilling the beans without Derrick, he could have had the “What just happened” expression because he wasn’t there for the big reveal that Cody spilled the beans. I also thought he might return and just go with the flow too, but was hoping it would have been the other. I guess that’s why I felt the way I felt…

      • Comments (875)

        I hope Nicole gets wind of the Flip, so she can call a House Meeting, and bust this thing wide open on Christine, Cody, & Derrick.

        Christine, with her big nose is lying, she did tell Nicole to put up Cody & Derrick, because that is what Frankie wanted! If Donny gets evicted on Thursday during the DE I am gonna be PO’ed!

      • Comments (1288)

        YES, that would be epic. This is a drawback to Doony’s early schedule. He is paying attention to house dynamics and would see the shift. I bet he could pull some Jedi magic with just a few words in the right place. Perhaps in the morning he’ll get a chance to stir the pot.

      • Comments (644)

        If the Detonators win HOH, Donny is going home. How sad.

  7. Comments (182)

    BB, getting interesting, never could understand why they would evict Zack now, big bad move for the Detonators at this point, they would be shifting power to Nic, Hay, Don, Jo. And be behind the 8 ball

  8. Comments (1288)

    And so the worm has turned. Considering they outed the Detonators to everyone (have they gotten around to telling Zach they did that yet?) this may greatly impact where Victoria’s loyalty falls. Derrick has fed Victoria a steady line of “I am not talking game with anyone but you” and this may expose to her that he has been peeing in her ear and telling her it is raining. Caleb is so oblivious he won’t see that he was on the outside, heck he is still running the Bomb Squad after all.

    With the end of the double HoH the Detonators will be vulnerable. If Hayden or Donny wins the first HoH there will be plenty of targets to nominate. Even if one Detonator off the block wins POV and protects one of them there will be another available to replace them. This guarantees one will go home.

    Of course if the Detonators return to form and win, it will be probably be Donny / Nicole on the block and Hayden / Victoria as possible replacements. However the paranoia has set in and the second HoH plans are anybodies guess. If they find they are in jury I would expect the implosion to restart.

    This does seem to be a sudden shift in the wind, perhaps DR is responsible because production thinks Zach is better TV than Jocasta. I cannot disagree with them but I dislike cooking the game that way. Then again Hayden has been spreading different stories around and that may have set off Derricks paranoia. The hard part is they started rowing one way and now shifting direction could leave them on the rocks.

    • Comments (875)

      Something happened during the “Half Way Party” for BB in the backyard, because Zack found out that he was going home, and questioned Nicole after the party…via Jokers. Nicole told Zack that he would not be going home, (not telling him the truth) but then DOMINATOR DERRICK has since flipped the house….Zack is staying!!!

      I’m totally sick & tired of Derrick, and these stupid group of people, who he leads around by the nose!

    • Comments (266)

      Hahahah… Peeing in her ear and telling her it’s raining. This is good.

  9. Comments (88)

    what? Frankie is/was on board with getting Zach out. Last thing I heard from those two they were declaring there love for other. missed a couple episodes. I want Zach to stay just because I picked him to root for out the gate. He’s the first out there crazy person that doesn’t make me want to jump through my TV and punch them the face. Anyways I’m confused has Frankie told everyone/anyone who he’s sister is?

    • Comments (1288)

      Yes, Frankie finally went along when he sensed the house shifting. Christine helped that along. All of them outed the Detonators to Hayden and Nicole as an alliance Zach tried to put together a couple of nights ago. Frankie, Christine, Derrick and Colby said they played along but didn’t really mean it. They were covering for anything Zach might say on the way out. That is how serious they were about voting him out.

      I don’t think anything has been said about Frankie’s sister.

    • Comments (332)

      Well I think Derrick got upset hearing Zach tried an alliance without him in it. And he heard them say in the hoh he is fourth to go on their list. So he is trying to regroup the group as it is dissolving. Because if you are disloyal to one, Zach, than the others run free not knowing their place in line to go. To many leaders he has to get them back to follow.

  10. Comments (875)

    I freaking knew this was going to happen before the vote to evict occurred on Thursday…Derrick’s TOTAL DOMINATION to flip the house again!!! This Dude needs to go, and it beyond obvious that he is the one running the BB House, but NO ONE has ever said, “I’m putting Derrick OTB?!”

    Nicole & Donny messed up, they should have put 4 guys OTB instead of Jocasta, & Victoria, they totally missed an opportunity, that might not happen again

    • Comments (1288)

      4 guys on the block would not have created the entertaining chaos we now have. You might send one home but the others would be united and directly coming at Donny/Nicole. Now while they still may exit this week targeting Donny / Nicole / Hayden, major paranoia has been released and will not be quieted.

      The Detonators are fractured and those cracks will grow – most likely by the end of the DE’s 2nd HoH a week from Thursday. Zach will question how close he came to actually going. Victoria, welcome to the game little girl, may start to question Derrick. Donny if he somehow survives will be suspected of being the world president of Mensa.

    • Comments (120)

      Well it looks like Nicole and Donny, “not wanting to get blood” on their hands has backfired. This could have been a game-changing decision for Donny and Nicole. Maybe the HG will now realize that they need to stop being wimps and nominate their true competition.

      • Comments (1288)

        Do you not see the game HAS changed due to this decision? The Detonators were a rock solid alliance. Everyone feared they were going to walk their way through until the end. Now they are exposed and in disarray. The poison is in their blood and they will never be the same.

        There is more scrambling in the house tonight than all the previous Wednesday nights put together. Always before it was one person busy with everyone else chilling. Now it is like an anthill has been kicked over.

      • Comments (120)

        Sorry, I used the wrong word after game. I meant game-ending, because that’s what it may turn out to be for Donny, Nicole, and Hayden.

      • Comments (1288)

        True, but that is always a risk – they almost got away with it. And there is still 18 hours until the vote – Victoria and Caleb are the weak sisters of the plan. They have been told plenty of lies and when those come out who will they blame?

        And with the 2 HoH format ending we will begin to see direct attacks. Donny said he had planned strategy for a single HoH this week and had to think about it because it was still Double HoH. Now if that is not a lie he probably had a direct attack planned. I know what he has told others but I do not believe he has trusted anyone enough to reveal his true intentions.

        Think how happy it will be if Donny wins first HoH and Hayden wins the second. Only downside is Victoria will still be around after the dust clears.

      • Comments (469)

        Yes I see it – I have commented on it several times – and who held the hypodermic needle and injected the poison – none other than nurse Nicole – problem – sadly Nicole and Hayden were sucked into the Derrick votex and it could prove their undoing – You brought up a possible salvation for them which I agree with 100% and I believe could turn things back around – a house meeting – they have plenty of data to lay out to the house and would involve deception and betrayal each one to the other – this could open the real “Pandora’s Box” – the catch is as you pointed out – will they discover the betrayal before the eviction ceremony (one possibilty is – Christine hates Zach with a passion and wants him gone – could this be the straw that turns her to leave the Det’s and opens her eyes to her limited value to the “guys”) Only time will tell (sadly not much left).

      • Comments (1288)

        Yes, if Donny’s nominations had stood they probably would have let go of Caleb easier than Zach, With no Detonator in danger they would have stayed undercover and prepared for next week.

        The question is would Donny have been able to engineer a backdoor plan that would have got Christine to play the POV. She certainly would have been carrying her Zach animosity and if she saved Victoria he could have doublecrossed her and put up someone else.

  11. Comments (240)

    Seems to be the same as all previous weeks. People talk about making a move, shaking things up but in the end everyone votes the way they are told. Even if it goes against their “game”. That is if they had any game at all. Depending on the second person voted out the season seems predictable who the winner will be. I realize it’s harder playing the game inside the house than from the couch but come on, it’s all so very predictable. Maybe it’s time for CBS to give BB a break until they can figure out how to make it fresh & edge of your seat interesting. The twists are lame & boring. Every year we are promised the biggest twists and they either do not effect that outcome therefore don’t matter or they don’t have a twist at all. Remember when Rachael got voted out and they brought her back (for a short time as a punishment? She walked in that door, said I am back bitches and everyone in the BB house & at home had to pick their jaw off the floor. These days people seem to know inside the house the recipe to the game. It’s always back door and that person usually finds out & knows they are going home. When was the last time something original happened? BB needs more leaders less followers. More older people. Put the token older person in the house and you know they’ll be gone early. Please excuse the rant it’s just that BB IMO is the same episode over & over.

    • Comments (644)

      I think they find it easier to evict a mean threat (Devin) than a nice one (Derrick). But that’s how the cookie crumbles this season. So boring……… Maybe they’ll start self evicting because they don’t want “any blood on their hands.” I’m tired of that phrase.

  12. Comments (3)

    Praise Jesus!!! Jocasta will go home!!! For all of you complaining about how boring this season is. Imagine a Jocasta, Victoria, Nicole and Hayden final 4. Oh my god. Jocasta doesn’t play the game and cries like a crazy person whenever someone does something nice for her. Looking at Hayden’s lopsided lips and hearing Nicole’s voice for another 6 weeks would be brutal!!! An Victoria…enough said. She is just an awful player. Awful casting by whoever gave her the green light. Zach keeps it entertaining. And it would be nice to see an alliance work out. Rooting for the detonators.

  13. Comments (1288)

    Bumped from prev thread … if anyone wants to see all the Comic covers they are here:

  14. Comments (332)

    I think they just laid low till end of week and told Nicole what she wanted to hear. Hayden will find out through Victoria and he will tell Nicole and today will be epic!

    • Comments (1288)

      They would not have outed the Detonators the way they did if they never intended to vote out Zach. They have just changed their minds … never a good thing in BB. Choose a course and full steam ahead, change directions and you might crack the keel.

  15. Comments (426)

    Do we know why Derrick suddenly flipped? Was it something that happened at the party? (Zack finding out he was going?) Or maybe Derrick knows he has control of most of the players and is trying to make this boring game interesting (in his mind and with the direction of BB production). He has known all along that Zack is a number for him. Was this his plan all along this week, flipping the house at the last minute for TV?
    Just kinda thinking out loud……………..

  16. Comments (266)

    I wonder if Derricks paranoia runs in his real life too… Can you imagine?

    Derrick’s wife: “I just got back from the store.”
    Derrick: “So you’ve been cheating on me?!?!?”

    Derrick’s fellow cop employee: “Dude I just busted a kid for stealing a candy bar.”
    Derrick: “No way man. That kid was smuggling drugs. ”

    This guy needs to get a grip.

    • Comments (1288)

      Derrick’s paranoia is clearly a construct of the game and isolation. Trying to read too much into someone’s outside personality from their game personality is foolish. The pressures and motivations are entirely different.

      He has done well until now, but fatigue has set in and his game has slipped this week. On the upside for him he is not really a target for anyone yet … except maybe Donny, I have suspicions about that.

      • Comments (266)

        Lighten up, Dan! I was being more sarcastic than anything. Of course I’m not trying to read his outside personality.

      • Comments (266)

        You can’t tell me that Aaryns in-house personality was driven by her BIg Brother paranoia and isolation. Peoples true colors and personalities definitely shine regardless of the game. But seriosly, my comment was supposed to be funny, not degrading Derrick as a person! If you see that as being foolish I will take my humor elsewhere.

      • Comments (1288)

        Oh don’t go off. Yes, Aaryns personal beliefs were exposed on the show and had nothing to do with the game effects. They screen out the violent but who would have thought a poster girl for the KKK would dare go on TV and expose herself to America? Didn’t her parent’s teach her better?

        But while people’s behavior and words are shown, we see none of the motivation. That is all I am saying.

      • Comments (644)

        Amanda and Gina Marie were worse than Aaryn but somehow Aaryn got all the blame.

      • Comments (1288)

        No worries, let’s just say that has been tried before – I’m the sensitive type. This does show no matter how experienced someone is in deception, maintaining it in the house is extremely difficult. Derrick has himself spread thin and it is starting to show. However he has backup plans for his backup plans and may yet land on his feet out of this kerfuffle.

      • Comments (1288)

        They need a former CIA agent next year.

      • Comments (644)

        They could also have 16 undercover people from CIA, FBI, police, without all of them knowing. That would be funny to watch.

      • Comments (18)

        Derrick is a paranoid mess with very little reasoning skills. So many times Cody makes more sense than Derrick. Derrick is just better at making his case and convincing people that he is right. But many times he is wrong and everyone else is right.

      • Comments (1288)

        He is having to treat with so many people on different levels. He has to talk game on one level with Christine, Cody or Frankie, but another level for Nicole, Hayden, Caleb or Zach and another for Victoria or Jocasta. He is really connected throughout the house, more subtly than Frankie, and all the different levels see him differently. When they start comparing notes Derrick’s job becomes much harder. Half way in I think he is fatigued. He needs a Dan style 24 hour isolation punishment to reset himself.

      • Comments (1)

        Derrick is a Cop, and has that gift that ALL Policemen have, “to persuade.”

      • Comments (469)

        a persons behavior is a product of their own life style – if you are honest and trusting you will see others as honest and trustworthy – if you are deceitful and manipulative you will see others as deceitful and manipulative – this is where Derrick finds himself – I of course no nothing of his life outside the BB house but in BB has has chosen a path to take and that path is dictating his perception and response to others. if you observe Donny – he is slow to pick up on others deceitfullness because he is an inherently trusting person (very good for life – not so much in BB

      • Comments (266)

        Agree and wisely said, John Ruth.

      • Comments (1288)

        What makes you think Donny does not pick up on deceitfulness? He called Derrick and Frankie out in the storage room about how they never talked game plans with him even though they were all TA weeks ago. He has kept his cards close to his chest with those two, and has instead entrusted more to Hayden and Nicole – a more trustworthy duo in my opinion.

        I do not think he has shared his real game with anyone outside of DR. If Donny wins the first HoH, I say Derrick or Frankie will end up his target. There is a sharp intelligence behind that beard with a good dose of common sense, self-awareness and the greatest amount of life experiences. I wish we could see all his DR sessions.

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – never said Donny does not pick up on deceitfulness – I said he is slower to do so since he is an inherently honest and trusting person – this can be seen in the way he sits quietly and observes and listens- and yes you nearly quoted me word for word from a few weeks ago that there is a keen intelligence behind that beard – given Donny’s nature he begins by saying -I trust you prove me wrong – where as Derrick says – you are a liar prove me wrong – the big difference in these 2 mindsets is Donny’s is slow – methodical and fact based – whereas Derricks is quick – irrational and paranoia based – — so as I said earlier a persons behavior is the product of their lifestyle – there is a term in psychology “the Halo Effect” – how a person is initially perceived – and that perception is not easily reversed – if it is positive – by nature you tend to give someone the benefit of the doubt thus the reversal process is slower – if it is negative – by nature you tend to quickly say – aha I knew it – you are who I thought you are – thus this is even more difficult to reverse because everything is seen in a negative light.

      • Comments (332)

        Oh I don’t think he trusts any if them. And he has said they play folly. I just think he is more osprey a loner because of hi s job type. But he talked game with Nicole and Hayden.

      • Comments (1288)

        Ah, but did he talk his game or did he talk the game he thought they wanted to hear? The people he connected with the closest are unfortunately on the weaker end of the competition scale. If Derrick and Frankie had extended TA to a F3 deal from the beginning AND honored it by keeping Donny informed yet playing the same as he had they would have been unstoppable.

        As part of the game I bet he would have kept Frankie and Donny completely informed on how things were being viewed from outside the Bomb Squad et al. Frankie and Donny could have always pointed to more important targets than good ‘ol Donny and Donny would be there if the power fell outside the big alliance and influenced the target away from Derrick or Frankie. They would have whipsawed the house down to the F3. That would be a dream season.

  17. Comments (492)

    So is my kid ….Zach staying?

    • Comments (1288)

      Probably, but you never know.

      • Comments (492)

        Thanks…. Jocasta needs to go

      • Comments (1288)

        Nope, wouldn’t be good for the good guys game. The dissolving BombSquad needs some adversity. Besides I bet it is start of the jury so Zach woulna be totally gone – just mostly gone. And I bet there will be a return entry twist – so he’d have that going for him. I’d even vote for him to return as long as Donny wasn’t another choice.

    • Comments (332)

      Well it maybe 4 to 4 and Caleb I and Victoria are a swing hotel.

      • Comments (1288)

        Yeppers. I was reviewing yesterday and Derrick spent a lot of time painting Zach as a monster to Victoria and how Derrick had to defend her. Of course Zach must go.

        Now this morning how will he say”…um…Victoria…you know what I said about Zach? Well it really wasn’t that bad, he really adores you and could you pretty please vote out Jocasta?” That’s a tough sell now that Victoria has shown awareness above amoeba level.

      • Comments (644)

        Victoria would be completely naive if she believes Derrick now when he tells her to vote Jocasta out instead of Zach.

  18. Comments (316)

    Yeah this season is getting really boring!! I want Jocasta to go because she doesn’t bring anything to the show. Zach at least tries. He won’t win anyway. I would like to see Hayden, Nicole,Donny and maybe even Victoria go to the end while getting out some of the big boys.

  19. Comments (21)

    Think I called this 3 days ago & everyone told me I was crazy..

  20. Comments (12)

    is Christine on board with keeping Zach? last I checked she hated him and wanted him out more then anything

  21. Comments (29)

    Zack attack better stay!!!!! the show will be boring without him…. Jacosta will be gone sooner or later anyway.. They also need to break up Nicole and hyden..

  22. Comments (1799)

    Swing votes are Caleb and his eve Victoria It is amazing how quickly these people forget how quickly there alliance friends flip on them Can’t Caleb see the way they played him to get Amber out Or Victoria see the pile of BS coming out of Derrick mouth Early on Derrick used group think to control the house Putting out this is how everyone is voting Who are you to go against the house wishes This kept everyone voting as a group Now he is using what is best for our alliance At the begging of the week Zach was portrayed as a loose cannon who was doing more harm to the alliance / detonator game he had to go Derrick trying to stay out in front thinking they did not have the votes to keep Zach Reading Hayden , Donny, Christine Victoria wanted him gone That’s when he offered himself and Cody as a voting block to Nichole & Hayden The old Chicago never back a looser way Then his paranoia sets in as he sees people shifting Derrick needs to judge quickly and sneek to the font of the line to look like it was his plan all along to keep Zach
    I must admit Victoria does have me thinking she is either a idiot genius letting others think she has no game and is no threat all the while listening and staying a swing vote so people keep coming to try to sway her Or she is just an idiot who is a shallow self absorbed air head who loves the attention of any man The truth is some where in between
    The best for Nichole now is for Victoria and Caleb to know that with all the alliances that Derrick has formed in the last 2 weeks they have never been a part of any of them In Derrick mind they are top 5 and no better Nichole will need a tie vote to oust Zach
    Once more she has allied with a snake in Derrick and she found out too late that Christine can not be trusted

    • Comments (332)

      No one trusts Caleb so they won’t go to him. And Victoria is not smart at all. She just is glad she is not up. She is dangerous as a floating player. You don’t need her vote if you already have enough votes.

  23. Comments (332)

    Ok, if Caleb who is on the outside now can switch the vote than the alliance is weak. Derrick is losing his touch with his group. The point was to get a strong player in the alliance out and blame it on another outsider. Get with the program people. Zach has to go sometime why not now while you can blame it on Nicole who is not in the alliance. They are losing focus. The name of the game is to better your position in the alliance, with Zach out, you step up a notch.

  24. Comments (332)

    Also, Hayden is a strong player and if they go against him, they will pay when he aligns with Donny for sure. Right now Hayden appears to be riding along like Derrick.

  25. Comments (332)

    They have to use Nicole as she keeps being HOH and winning. Now this week she can not so her safety will be a risk.

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