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Big Brother 16 – Nomination and BOB Spoilers


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Going to make this brief because it is storming out  hard here, so not sure how long I’ll have power. Battle of the block is going on, but here are the current nominations..

Donny – Caleb + Victoria
Nicole – Zach + Jocasta

I will post updates when the BoB is over, assuming I have power.


Caleb and Victoria won the competition. Sounds like they had to accept punishments in order to do so.

Caleb has to shave his head
Caleb and Victoria on slop for 2 weeks and have to wear Adam and Eve outfit.
They also have to be tied together for 48 hours

Live Feed Updates:

  • 4:50pm – Nicole, Christine, Derrick, Caleb and Cody chatting in the HoH room.  It’s going to be a long week listening how Caleb had to shave his head (he hasn’t done it yet, but will. That’s all he’s been talking about. We get it, you got a punishment)
  • 7:25pm – Caleb and Victoria are in their outfits!
  • Sorry about the delays. Father’s birthday today, so spent a lot of it playing video games with him. Father-son video game time.  🙂

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  1. Comments (1)

    Under Jocasta’s name, what does the “td” mean that is associated with the word “Nomin”?

  2. Comments (191)

    However it works out I would like to see Zach voted out for being a jerk. If not back door Frankie and keep Caleb

    • Comments (1)

      Zach needs to go!!

    • Comments (3)

      I laugh at Zach, he is the only thing amusing this season. He might be a joke but I think it is all an act and game play

    • Comments (152)

      No way…Zach is the only excitement in the house. He will go soon enough but for now, let him keep the house lively. Everyone else is too worried about “Getting blood on their hands”. Zach is too good to let go this early in the game. He is pure entertainment!

    • Comments (224)

      Zach is playing for 2nd place, and a smart BB player would consider keeping him around as an insurance policy for winning it all if they make the final 2. They shouldn’t vote out the disliked guy just to make themselves temporarily more comfortable.

  3. Comments (1)

    I really hope Nicole will stay HOH this week. Donny might back up with the BD plan because of the crappy #TeamAmerica. Power Player like Frankie needs to go. So tired already of all his antics and acting as the leader of the house/alliance! Not to mention how rude and nasty he is with his language and actions.

    My Dream Scenario:
    Caleb/Victoria won BOB, dethrone Donny (so he can play for DE), so Nicole stays HOH. I wish Frankie can’t play & win veto so he can be the replacement nominee. Hopefully Zach & Frankie are the final nominees by Thursday to add more drama.

    • Comments (16)

      But without them the season will be soooooo boring. They are the only reason the show is entertaining at all right now. If even one of them gets voted off it will be hard to stay awake through an episode

    • Comments (266)

      You have to admit that Frankie is entertaining. He makes me laugh out loud than any other houseguest. Do I want him to be in the final two? Not really. But my prediction is that he wins it all.

      • Comments (49)

        Entertaining, yes…..but that is how it is edited. Heck, Caleb’s obssession was entertaining the way they edited it. Everone loves a train wreck. I’m sure they will be able to ramp up the DR sessions of others once Frankie leaves. I would love to see more Donnyisms or Nicoleisms or let Hayden wow us with his antics.

      • Comments (266)

        I wish they would highlight more of Hayden’s cooky personality instead of the thing he has with Nicole. You’re right, they do edit personalities a ton.

      • Comments (233)

        I like Hayden, too. And Nicole, but mainly because that’s the cutest, funniest accent!

      • Comments (1)

        More Donny? Yes. More Nichole? No thanks. But please not at the sense of Frankie! I guess I am one of the few that actually like him… and Zach, too. But if I have to lose one, I’d rather keep Frankie. Donny, Frankie, and Derrick are my faves this season. By a long shot.

      • Comments (3)

        I think Big Brother wants him to win

    • Comments (152)

      I am with Sam….keep Zach…he keeps us entertained!

    • Comments (469)

      I just now finished watch last nights BBAD – I know i’m slow but remember i’m old so give me a break lol – so after watching I was left with two strong impressions after Nicole-Donny and Hayden extended strategy session 1. I was very pleasantly suprised by Hayden’s informed and intelligent suggestions and even more suprised by his mature and concise explainations – I honestly did not see this in him – and I was so proud of him for his loyalty to Nicole – if you remember when Devin was evicted and the Bomb S. brought him to the HOH room and according to Hayden they pressured him into joining – he told us that they may think he’s a member but he has already got an alliance and that’s where he will stay – the alliance of Nicole and Christine (of course we know where Christine went) – but he has remained loyal to Nicole and has been a man of his word – and an aside – the B.S. forcing Hayden into their alliance could very easily be the dog that comes back and bites them in the ass – sure hope so. 2. For the first time in this game I experienced disappointment in Donny – he showed weakness in this meeting – afraid to put certain people up because they might come after him – Donny you dear lovely man THEY ARE ALREADY AFTER YOU AND AREN’T SHY ABOUT IT – never thoght these words would come out of my mouth when speaking of Donny – “grow a pair son” – his reluctance to put up Frankie may stem from his loyalty to TA – but first of all he has to know they have selectively excluded him in much of the TA brainstorming and they sure haven’t been concerned about keeping you because of your being a member of TA. I still believe he is an intelligent man and a student of the game – he needs to get alone – put the pieces together – count the HGs – crunch the numbers -it is now or never to mount an offensive – he has the numbers – he has very capable partners (Hayden showed him this in no uncertain terms) – Nicole she is stepping up her game – Jocasta – tho she is weak in comps she is deeply loyal to him (Donny) thus a guaranteed vote – Hayden seems to think he and Cody are thick – i’m not sure if Cody is with Hayden or Derrick – I would have to trust Hayden on that one – Although i’m fed up with Christine – if she can been convinced that her days are numbered with the B.S. – and Nicole can shame her (if that’s possible) by confronting her on her blatant lies to her – this could change everything – so Donny please throw off you white cape and show some rightous indignation – after all they are trying to beat you and your lovely lady and your family out of finacial well being.

  4. Comments (76)

    Please Please Backdoor Fakey .first I Want Caleb to make it to the jury house , & be all alone for a week & realize he is not the king & go all delusinal on the other jury members as they come in ..I don’t want to see Fakey on the jury

  5. Comments (120)

    Caleb and Victoria won BOB.

    • Comments (49)

      Good! Now Donny gets to play HOH comp in the double eviction next week.

      • Comments (1288)

        True but it will most likely be a quick carnival type comp and so really a crapshoot. We could end up with Jocasta or Victoria as the first HoH, that would be a hoot.

        The second HoH will most likely be an endurance and Caleb will be Slop diminished if he is still around.

        With the DE it means this was probably the last BoB and we will see the rules revert to the expected format of one HoH.

      • Comments (332)

        Donny may be replacement nominee, Nicole might put him up to insure Zach goes home and the boys may keep their jerk around.

    • Comments (2)

      Please forgive my ignorance but what does BOB stand for? Thanks!

  6. Comments (644)

    They say Caleb has to shave his head and is on slop for 2 weeks. Caleb and Victoria have to be chained to one another. Christine is on slop for two weeks. Hopefully veto is used and they backdoor Frankie since they have the votes to evict him.

    • Comments (198)

      One can only hope and pray for that.

      • Comments (198)

        Is it Thursday yet?

      • Comments (644)

        Connie, Thursday is going to be great. Can’t wait to see Frankie backdoored and evicted. They have the votes now, if they don’t do it maybe he’ll make it to the final 2. It’s time for Nicole to shine and do this. But first someone has to win the veto and use it.

      • Comments (198)

        I an so happy about the outcome so far I wish it was Thursday and /Frankie is gone. Then Donny wins HOH again.

      • Comments (1288)

        Not quite there yet. Frankie might be drawn to play in POV and if he wins I bet he will take Zach down. This presents a problem with who would be the renom. Hopefully Nicole sticks to her promise not to put Donny up. Perhaps she would see the light and put Christine up.

      • Comments (426)

        I thought she wanted to backdoor Caleb and just wasn’t telling people that so the word didn’t spread. So if Frankie did win POV and take Zach off, why wouldn’t she put up Caleb? Or have I missed something?

      • Comments (2)

        Caleb was nominated and won BOTB. Thus, he is safe for this week unless some crazy twist ensues.

      • Comments (1288)

        What alroko said. With the DE he may go out next Thursday but it won’t be from the first eviction.

      • Comments (426)

        Oh, OK. Thanks! I didn’t realize the BOB winners couldn’t go up.

      • Comments (95)

        Question: Lets just say that Frankie wins POV and decides to use it on Zach. Can Nicole then replace Zach with Frankie? Just curious…

        This Thursday will FINALLY be interesting!

      • Comments (401)

        To sixxn….no, if Frankie wins the POV he is also safe even if he uses it Iphone someone on the block

      • Comments (469)

        Derrick would be the best game move – but probably won’t happen unless Hayden sees this and guides Nicole.

      • Comments (412)

        I have a question… if a person wins the power of veto and takes someone off the block, could the HOH nominate the person who used the veto on someone else?

      • Comments (412)

        Lol nvm I just noticed someone else asked the same question.

    • Comments (528)

      It’s funny how you guys think Frankie is going anywhere.

      • Comments (1288)

        It is not a done deal but it is definitely a possibility. If Hayden gets to play POV and wins he will take Victoria down (securing her vote to evict Frankie) and Frankie will be up next to Zach.

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – this is the best scenario – and with Hayden stepping up his game it is a strong probability – even all the no shirt guys have admitted Hayden is by far the best athlete in the house – and I believe he has purposely been laying back until now – I can see him kicking butt from here on out – he seems to have stepped up his game in all areas – look what he did for Vic – “draw house choice and i’ll pull you off the block” it seems he was ready to make a statement and it is showing – and don’t forget once again he kept his word. By God the nice guys have a real chance to take this thing.

    • Comments (469)

      Lilly – you and many of the ladies have voiced concern for Amber about Calebs obsession – and rightfully so – think about this please – Caleb has already voiced interest in Victoria since Ambers exit – now she will be in a bikini – tethered to Caleb for 2 days – that means eating- sleeping together – working out shower arrangements – potty arrangements and so forth – at least Amber could somewhat distance herself from him. Just a thought.

  7. Comments (12)

    I wonder what Zack has to say now. He needs to go. He even said he didn’t even care.

    • Comments (528)

      AKA exactly the kind of person you want to be sitting next to in the final two.

      Do you people even watch this show?

      • Comments (1288)

        Victoria/Jocasta would be a better F2 opponent than Zach.

      • Comments (120)

        You can knock of Victoria, because she just added another win to her list. 2 BOB’s won, and 1 POV. Zach’s won 1 HOH, and that’s it.

      • Comments (1288)

        She did not win the POV – it was given to her by default. Her first BoB win was more due to PowPow sucking than anything Victoria did. We will have to see how much input she had in this win.

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – I am contradicting myself a bit here – but does it matter how she won – the point is she won – whether it be skill – whining – begging – dumb luck – she is still in the gams – just saying – and i’m not sure but she may lead BB16 in block appearances

      • Comments (426)

        In my opinion, does it matter? Not at all. She is a throw away, a puppet, being used until they can’t use her any more, and then they will throw her away. Wins only really count when the jury is deciding who deserves to win the game based on ‘game play’. And they all have witnessed first hand that her wins have all been by default, having more to do with the other players, not herself.

      • Comments (1288)

        Well yes, but despite the other HGs pouring honey in her ears saying that she is a “competition beast” and all, when she is not around the consensus is that her little victories are tainted and won’t count for anything in a F2 argument for getting the win. She is this season’s GinaMarie and Spencer all rolled up into one.

        My desire for chaotic situations has me hoping the first HoH of the DE is some carnival type roll of the dice and she gets an actual HoH win – her or Jocasta. There would be much gnashing of teeth inside and outside the house. Hilarity would surely ensue.

      • Comments (426)

        Thinking your ‘Well yes but’ should be a yes and…. I think we are on the same page there Dandaman.
        It might be funny if Jo or Vic won HOH in DE if either one had a game playing brain cell, but Vic would do whatever Derrick told her to do and Jo would probably do whatever anybody that got to her first (since there is little time) told her to do.

      • Comments (95)

        Somewhere out there, I bet buffalobill is about to crap himself watching Victoria in a bikini.

        Probably in Vegas gathering his “winnings” since she and Caleb won BOB.

      • Comments (1288)

        Colby – My “yes,but” was directed towards JR’s comment. Since we posted only 6 mins apart – and I do tend to type, erase and re-type my answers – I did not see your comment before I submitted mine.

  8. Comments (487)

    Did Zach throw the BOB?

  9. Comments (36)

    I like Zach and Frankie and as a pp said they are the only entertaining people in the house. Plus they don’t annoy the tar outta me (Nicole). I wanted Caleb gone this week but since that’s not gonna happen unless it happens at DE then I’d want Christine out. I don’t think Nicole is going to do that though. She may be suspicious but I don’t think she will outright betray her. I hope Frankie and Zach manipulate Nicole (and the house) into wasting her HOH on Joke-asta.

    • Comments (469)

      I think Frankie and Zach have lost credibility with Nicole – and she will not be manipulated by them – and Hayden has emerged as a force in the game (my belief) – and he will swat the pests away from her

      • Comments (1276)

        Hayden is a super strong player. He hasn’t needed to win comps yet, but I’d be willing to be when he does need it, he will. He’s way smarter than anyone gives him credit for. He has said that he would lay low and let his goofy happy go lucky side show, then play hard when needed. I think he’s playing a great game.

  10. Comments (23)

    I don’t want Frankie or Zach to leave. They are good entertainment. And, “production” knows that. However, it would be hilarious if Frankie decided to reveal that his sister is a big famous star and the houseguests said, “You’re sister is WHO now? Ariana who? She’s a singer? Oh. Okay, that’s nice. Never heard of her.”

    Jocasta and/or Caleb and/or Victoria can leave this week.

    Oh, I like the new format of nominations in which the pictures just show up on the screen. None of this pulling keys around the table and “so-and-so, you are safe” crap. That was too overly dramatic. This is nice: short and to the point.

  11. Comments (2)

    Zach or Frankie are not going anywhere unless someone wins the POV and uses it on Jocasta. The Detonators are running this house and they have the votes.

  12. Comments (23)

    p.s. Stevebeans, your site is great, as are your blogs. I don’t know what your English teacher will say about your writing, but I’m very impressed. In this age of twitter and typo-ridden Facebook, your site is clean and easy to read. I visit every day!

  13. Comments (1288)

    With the upcoming DE I wonder if BB will skip Have-nots this week? With Caleb/Victoria getting 2 weeks slop they have said there will be 6 on slop but no mention of who or why.

  14. Comments (143)

    Am I the only one wondering why they didn’t put up four boys like:
    -derrick and frankie//cody vs
    -caleb and zach?

    What is the point of winning if you are going to put up your own players?

    • Comments (3)

      Why is the whole house scared of the boys?

    • Comments (1288)

      Because of the BoB twist. Say you have Derrick/Cody versus Caleb/Zach, one of those pairs is going to win BoB and have immunity. Brains over brawn so lets say Derrick/Cody win BoB and we are left with Zach/Caleb on the block. If either wins POV and comes down you could then put Frankie up, but what if he wins POV and saves Zach? Who do you put up then?

      Now look at the fallout of those noms. You have pushed all those players together under adversity. You have drawn a line in the sand saying that Donny and Nicole are coming for them. No matter what 4 of those will be around next week and the HoH has a good chance of falling to them. It would then be an easy decision for them to put Donny and Nicole up.

      What we have now is a fog of disinformation. Nicole wants to work with Hayden/Derrick/Colby – no way to do that if she went with the 4 guys nom plan. Donny would really like to solidify with Derrick/Frankie (Cody would have been Donny’s BD target)- no way to do that if he went with the 4 guys nom plan. Derrick and Cody have spoken of how they may only get one chance at taking out Frankie – he has to go for either of them to succeed in the game. So the nominations by Donny and Nicole are perfect.

      They have found a crack in the Detonators and it will grow. Jocasta and Victoria are not anyone’s “own players”. They are the Queens of Pawn. They can be nominated and easily taken off with only a miniscule chance they will ever get a chance at retribution. Donny and Nicole were put up and now they have their chance at payback.

      These nominations give Nicole and Donny the most flexibility to react to the unknowns – who is going to win what. They want to take out a power player, this is just how you have to do it with the dual HoH format.

  15. Comments (843)

    On jokesters when things get slow in the house one of the people posting starts putting hilarious things about the fish!

    • Comments (1288)

      Did you catch Caleb’s whining about the shaved head penalty. Now he is saying he has a tattoo he can’t show. He says it is an Iron Cross with something discriminatory or defamatory written with it.

      • Comments (383)

        Would that be a klan tattoo?

      • Comments (1288)

        Conversation makes me think it might be anti-Muslim.

      • Comments (383)

        Just as bad. What a tool.

      • Comments (343)

        Not close as bad at all. Anything concerning the KKK is bad, period. But, the world is in a war against Muslim extremists. The problem is, some Muslims do not support that extremism, so having an anti-Muslim tattoo is not totally accurate. He can say he hates Muslim extremists all he wants, but don’t lump them in with good Muslims. Even good Muslims fear and are killed by Muslim extremists.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think you mean MOST muslins do not support extemists.

      • Comments (1276)

        oops, muslims, sory for the typo

      • Comments (383)

        Jimbo, you are what is wrong with ‘murica. Muslims are NOT terrorists you ignorant a-hole!

      • Comments (76)

        Surprise, Surprise .They will have him wear one of his scarves to cover it …Good call production & he is chained to Victoria …interesting

      • Comments (1288)

        Didn’t Devin have some tattoo he kept covered? Perhaps that can charge Caleb to have the guys from Bad Ink stop by and fix

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – tape and/or gauze could solve that problem.

  16. Comments (198)

    stevebeans please please post a pic of Caleb with his head shaved. Thank you in advance.

  17. Comments (76)

    FYI I looked up pics of present day Iron crosses often used by skinheads ‘ one had the swaztika on it another Hitlers birthday 88

  18. Comments (343)

    I wrote 15 posts after week two decision by house to keep Zach over Pao. I said it was a dumb house move to not keep helpless Pao over ruthless Zach. I said people in the house would live to regret keeping Zach around. So, who, if you were in the house, would you fear more now — Zach or Pao?! For TV purposes, Zach is more drama. For the houseguests — they get an F on that decision, as I predicted.

    • Comments (130)

      I’m all for the decision to keep Zach. He adds entertainment and aggression to a game filled with submissive lambs. Pao was easily a lamb.

      As much as the house may dislike Zach being around, they are all handling him really well. Nobody is fighting with him directly and they all let his remarks go in and out of their heads.

      • Comments (1276)

        Very true. He’s a nut, and could fly off the handle at any time, which could hurt anyones game. However, he would be a great one to be up against in the end. He thinks he’s playing Evel Dicks game, which is an insult to Evel, but he’s really just being a jerk. No one would vote for him in the end. I think even Jocasta could beat him in the end, even if she wins nothing… at least she wasn’t flat out rude and hateful. What’s worse is he’s doing it because he thinks it’s funny.

  19. Comments (644)

    BBAD just started and the first scene is of Frankie laying in bed next to Nicole. That makes me mad. Frankie go away. I hope they backdoor him.

  20. Comments (120)

    So, Nicole was all about backdooring Frankie before the BOB comp. Now that she’s still HOH, she says that she second guesses herself because she doesn’t want “more blood on her hands.” Are you kidding me? I hope Nicole isn’t as weak as she sounds. She needs to put up Frankie next to Zach.

  21. Comments (469)

    Question – anybody – has Frankie ever slept anywhere but the HOH room – he always seems to weasel his way in there – its as if he believes it was made for him and anyone else is an interloper – kick his ass downstairs and let him “rough it” – Have not would be wonderful for him this week – but then BB would probably make the HV diet salmon or tuna for the week.

  22. Comments (64)

    New alliance just formed: QUAD SQUAD.

    Nicole, Hayden, Cody and Derrick.

    This seems to be the most stable alliance so far.

    Each player brings a strength. I like it.

    Christine has been frozen out, and I don’t think she’s aware of it. She is getting a taste of her own medicine, because of what she did to Amber.

    • Comments (469)

      That alliance is definatly strong – and it gives Nicole and Hayden a fighting chance to win – again – I hate to say it but Donny seems to have left himself behind – if this indeed is a new alliance I believe Frankies chances of eviction have just gone through the roof – get rid of the “power” – Zach will be a lost pup – and Caleb will scratch the rest of his hair out trying to figure out what the hell just happened – and as for Christine – Karma is a bitch.

    • Comments (224)

      Oh, they need to come up with a better name than that!

    • Comments (412)

      I’m glad Nicole is leaving Christine out. She’s the WORST!

    • Comments (1276)

      For the life of me, I can not figure out why so many people hate Christine. She had been playing a good game. The problem she had was not covering her bases with Nicole and Hayden, like she was with the boys. She gets along with everyone (except sometimes zach).
      And, how is it that “She” did Amber wrong? Granted, I think Caleb should have been gone before Amber, but for the guys, getting Amber out was smart, she could win comps and could have rallied some people against the power in the house. Amber wasn’t part of the new alliance Christine was in, so Christine did Amber no worse than Frankie, Caleb, Derrick, heck even Zach. The difference is, I think Frankie and Zach did Amber way worse by trying to stir the pot so badly to make it miserable for her.
      Is christine worse just because she’s a girl? Or because she told them about Amber wanting to team up against the boys? Because, correct me if I’m wrong, but Wasn’t Amber one of the ones that ratted out Joey for wanting to do the same thing? Turn about is fair play.

  23. Comments (832)

    What is wrong with Frankie’s hands?

    • Comments (426)

      He supposedly has some neurological disorder that bothers him if he is not completely comfortable. Personally think it’s a BS sob story because BB would not risk a law suit by subjecting anyone to conditions that they couldn’t tolerate. And I’m pretty sure that is in all of their contracts.

      • Comments (1288)

        Frankie said it was circulatory issue and he has a prescription for it so it clearly is a preexisting condition. It has nothing to do with comfort and everything to do with the capillary system closing down blood flow to his extremities.

    • Comments (469)

      I could take a guess – but there are ladies present.

      • Comments (692)

        What is that supposed to mean??

      • Comments (1288)

        Some people think Frankie is possessed by Zuul and the Ghostbusters need to be called in for an exorcism.

      • Comments (332)

        I am married, I got it, in his drawers, so to speak. Poor Nicole she was so embarrassed by him talking about it. Frankie is such a drama queen saying, “yeah, they will make exceptions for ME!” Always this and that for him.

  24. Comments (469)

    My gosh – every time I think I see something evolving I am thrown a curve ball – well i’ll go with this one for a while – I guess this is what Hayden was refering to “trusting Cody” – and remember poor Caleb still hasn’t figured out the Bomb S. disband weeks ago – and it seems the hit men are still alive and well – if these are the final 4 it could be good TV.

  25. Comments (875)

    Well I’m watching BBAD, and you can already see the divide in the BB House. Derrick, Cody, Nicole, and Hayden have all spent long gaming sessions in the HOH room with Nicole. And strangely Christine, she is Nic’s bestie in the house is absent, Frankie, Zack do not spend much time in the HOH Room either. Then you have Victoria, Caleb, Jocasta, & Donny who are neutral, who do come up the HOH but don’t spend a lot of time in there with Nicole.

    Is just me, or just how many Alliances have been made this season with so dumb names?! It seems like the HG this season all live to have an Alliance so that they can name it, to outdo past BB Seasons! As Zack would say…Sick!

  26. Comments (875)

    I am watch BBAD, and you can see the divide in the house already. Derrick, Cody, and Hayden spend lot a game talk time in Nicole’s HOH Room. Christine, who is Nicole’s bestie in the house is strangely absent, Zack, and Frankie are seldom seen in the HOH also. Then there are the folks that are neutral – Donny, Jocasta, Victoria, and Caleb.

  27. Comments (875)

    Caleb sure has stopped talking about Amber! But I bet he wishes it was him & Amber walking around as Adam and Eve?!

  28. Comments (843)

    If Frankie wins POV and takes Zach off, I hope Nicole puts up Christine.

    • Comments (332)

      OK, do you not get that Christine is a friend of Nicole and in an alliance with her and Hayden. She is not going up this week.

      • Comments (1288)

        Trilogy (Hayden/Nicole/Christine) is pretty much dead in the water. Nicole and Hayden have joined Derrick and Cody in the QuadSquad and a lot of what they discussed was about Christine’s unreliability and how they could not let her know anything about backdooring Frankie.

        If Nicole honors her promise to Donny this week that neither of them would backdoor the other (made before BoB when they did not know who was going to stay HoH) she may be caught with few options.

  29. Comments (412)


    • Comments (332)

      I loved Caleb so embarrassed in his vines. You would have thought he would strut around. He is just to vain, Derrick had to assure him that by the finale his hair would grow long enough to do something with it for pictures. Zach would have been too funny in that outfit. Lucky for Jacosta.

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