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Big Brother 16 Nomination Episode Recap


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House ‘bffs’ Zach and Frankie were able to seize power last Thursday night, and that power instantly went to Zach’s head. Unlike the rest of the house, Zach is playing a very reckless game, and has admitted multiple times he doesn’t care if he stays or goes. Note to production: We need more Zach’s and less Victoria’s.

Before I begin on the game aspect, I have to touch on the creepy aspect of the episode. It was once again featuring Caleb and his insanely awkward crush on Amber. As a live feed watcher, I would really like to say CBS edits things together to make Caleb look worse than he is, but they don’t. Caleb is 100% batshit crazy when it comes to Amber, and it has completely destroyed his game this season. It’s both entertaining and painful to watch as Caleb continues to try and win over Amber, while she avoids him as best she can. At some points while watching the feeds, I simply can’t take it when they talk, so I watch something else. “Beastmode Cowboy” is going to go home and be humiliated by the way he played this game.

Back to the Zach Attack and his insane power trip. Almost immediately, Zach approached Christine and asked her to take one for the team and throw the BoB competition this week. This made Zach have a huge ‘Zach Attack’ on the fact that Christine doesn’t do anything for the alliance and is dead weight.  He wanted her out and has still been pushing for her since that time.  What Zach failed to realize is that earlier in the episode, Christine is the one who approached the boys on Amber’s plan to start going after them. She has been a big time spy for them with the girls, yet nobody came to her defense about that when he flipped out.

Derrick and Frankie saw this as an opportunity to instigate something during the nomination ceremony to attempt and complete Team America’s mission of stirring the pot and causing a fight at either the Nom or PoV meeting.  Both of them encouraged Zach to go off on Nicole and Christine, and that’s exactly what he did – sort of.

During the nomination ceremony, Frankie nominated the safe choices (Jocasta and Victoria) and Zach went after Christine and Nicole. After nominations, he gave a speech about Christine being as big of a floater as Jenn Arroyo, but then went off on Nicole about being a super fan and called her a fruit loop dingus. I don’t claim to be an expert on insults or zings, but I still can’t really figure out what Zach was talking about there. Nicole couldn’t either as she began to laugh hysterically (a coping method she later admitted to) before crying about it.

The battle of the block was a wedding themed competition.  Players had to stack layers of a fake cake on top of each other before climbing up and standing on it together. This quickly became a one sided competition as Jocasta and Victoria looked like they were playing blindfolded next to the teamwork of Nicole and Christine. Zach’s nominees flew through the competition and won with ease, which allowed Frankie to remain the sole HoH of the weak and Zach to re-enter the regular houseguest pool.

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  1. Comments (22)

    I LOVE YOU ZACK thank you for actually making BB16 interesting

  2. Comments (1799)

    Just how much time does Derrick spend in the HoH room? He all seems to be their Is it me or did Frankie miss crying tears on cue class He has the weeping but no tears Can Nichole be any more clueless what has to happen for you to see Christine can’t be trusted

    • Comments (610)

      I noticed that too, especially after I saw it brought up on a few previous posts over the weekend. He sounds like he’s really crying, yet there aren’t any tears. What’s up with that?!

  3. Comments (875)

    Frankie looks exactly like his Grandpa…

    • Comments (692)

      Yes, he does!! his sister, Ariana, had been posting pictures of their grandfather on her Instagram account and it surprised me how very very much Frankie looked like him. she was posting pictures before he died while he was in hospital. she has posted several pictures since he died also.

  4. Comments (22)

    When is the veto ceremony? I wanna know who they are going to replace

    • Comments (120)

      Veto ceremony is tomorrow: Hayden is taking off Victoria and Amber will be the replacement nominee.

      • Comments (22)

        Why not Caleb? Their chances are going to run out to get him out. Caleb has a real chance of winning HOH next week and is stupid enough to put up his own alliance bc they got his wanna be gf out.

  5. Comments (644)

    I feel really bad for Amber tomorrow. She has no clue of what’s awaiting her. I’m watching BBAD right now and Caleb is still talking about her. He is clearly obsessed with her. And he bores me. He should be the one that’s going to be backdored. Hopefully Donny wins the game, but it’s unlikely since he doesn’t have any support. Christine said to Victoria Donny is creepy. If you always judge a book by its cover then she is creepy too.

  6. Comments (76)

    I’m sure this is old news to most of you , for anyone who hasn’t didn ‘t see this write up regarding the Caleb/Amber situation , I like how Ambers family see’s it.Ambers brother in law wrote it ..was tired of people blaming Amber for leading that Mess on
    Check out the tweet from Cole , Caleb’s brother..he later deleted it

    • Comments (7)

      Yeah it does look crazy now but in the beginning she gave him mixed signals for sure. He should wise up and leave her alone but she could also cut back with the sweet talk, half hearted rejections that she smiles while saying, and her topless/naked talk… She definitely wants him in her back pocket and knows what she is doing..

      Not saying censor yourself But don’t go out of your way to make it worse.

      There is a way she could reject him firmly and still be allies if that’s what she choose to do.

      • Comments (274)

        Ummm, no

      • Comments (7)

        Ok, one example:

        So if a guy was really into you, you would tell stories of being topless etc then be like OMG this guy just doesn’t get it that I don’t like him?

      • Comments (1799)

        No means no This might be a game but Caleb must understand she shows no interest in him Where it gets scary is the DR conversation with him calling her HIS women talking about being mad that Cody is talking or touching her First she is going to Cody She us allowing Cody to touch her Things she does not do with him Yet he still uses those positive words This is why many people feel he has taken this past a try for a showmance to creepy stalker

      • Comments (610)

        I’m sure all the HGs go thru psychological tests before they’re cleared to be on the show. But now with all this Caleb/Amber drama, is there a psychologist on set or on call to evaluate Caleb’s behavior? It’s not funny anymore and he seems to be unraveling. (this is way different than Gina Marie’s obsession with Nick last year).

    • Comments (34)

      Thank you for the link. I was very angry watching the guys egg Caleb on, telling him Amber should show him more respect & she’s making a fool out of him, ect. Frankie especially dissapointed me. All this to save their own butts when she is voted out. The poor girl is between a rock & a hard place.

    • Comments (274)

      Thanks for the link. I read it a while back but never saw the tweet his brother sent but later deleted. People who defend him scare me because they too have the mentality that everything is to go there way. It’s everyone else’s fault. Even Wil Hauser who does his bb parodies knows it is creepy and has ‘Caleb throwing her tied up in the back of a trunk’ & even plays it out where Caleb and her first discuss how he likes her and she said no, she doesn’t like him and how he has been acting ever since.
      It really says a lot of someone if they have to blame their victims. Caleb is even getting worse if that were possible. All he blabbers on about is Amber. He will self evict and they’ll need a restraining order. This boy is ill. No joking, he is and this behavior will be used in her court case to keep him away. He needs serious help.

  7. Comments (76)

    Messed up my sentence , but sure you got what I was saying .
    The link is far more interesting than anything I could add

  8. Comments (469)

    I also read the link NR put up – and have read comments from this site – I too have written about caleb’s obsession – and have verbally agreed with other’s posts – but as I sit here a question came to mind – Since the debacle of BB15 with the many inapropriate remaks (too many to count) – CBS seems to be very careful of any repeat happening and I am sure is keeping a close eye on this “situation” – if Amber feels threatened-harassed or uncomfortable I have to believe she would inform BB of this – even more to the point if CBS felt in any way uncomfortable about this I have to believe they would immediately step in to correct it via advising and counseling the parties involved up to and including expulsion – I must admit from what I can see – CBS episodes and BBAD – if Amber was my daughter I would be concerned – but with the apparent lack of CBS intervention (we certainly don’t know whether that has happened or not – and if it has nothing has changed) are we as FANS feeding off of each other and as a result – making more out of it than is actually there. I certainly invite your comments.

  9. Comments (5)

    I don’t like either Caleb or Amber. That needs to be clear. Nor am I letting gender influence me. I just read Amber’s brother-in-law’s vlog defending Amber due to the opinions of viewers starting to turn on her under the guise of society needing to blame the victim. In this situation of Big Brother, well it’s ridiculous. The vlog is nothing but damage control of a person and her families reputation. Everyone’s action have consequences and there are right ways to handle situations and wrong ways. Amber and Caleb are both wrong.SURPRISE! The door swings both ways. In the real world Caleb would need a restraining order put on him. BUT America has watched Amber let this drag out and yes send mixed signals. Agreeing on going on a date with a person who has let you know exactly what they want from you is wrong no matter what the reason is. And Amber decided too because he ate a pickle. Think about that. Now Caleb has been put in a position he’s getting somewhere. Another thing I find interesting is Amber has a cruel streak that viewers are starting to pick up on. This has gone on for weeks. Amber is able to talk terrible about Caleb behind his back yet can’t sit with him and tell him to stop or she’s going to production. ]]. She flirts purposely with others in front of Caleb. And then does just enough to string Caleb along with a little attention here and there. And now the obsessed delusional is turning into the victim. Amber is all about manipulation instead of confrontation. She has self esteem issues and is trying to have 2 guys giving her attention and going nuts for her to make her feel she has value. No one, including, Amber, has directly told Caleb he doesn’t stand a chance. Amber has a right to say no. But Amber is slowly pulling off a band that makes it hurt more and just when it can be ripped off all the way she puts it back on with a little rub for good measure.She is stringing him along and trying to get Cody to do her dirty work of messing with Caleb.

  10. Comments (1288)

    SB, you may have something to write about today – we may have an implosion event … or Nicole may keep playing really stupid. In a nutshell Hayden realized he had a lot of secrets from Nicole which when they came out would leave her very upset and hurt. So he spilled the beans about the nominations and BoB including that all the BS guys and Hayden knew what was coming including Zach’s speech. She was gobsmacked to say the least.

    She has lost some trust in Hayden but he did come to her first with the info so he will probably be forgiven. Will she and Christine flip the vote and save Amber to hang on to a target for fighting the guys? Donny himself admits Jocasta is not good in challenges and he might accept cutting her loose to build an opposing force. Times like this I hate being a daysleeper.

    • Comments (60)

      That would be perfect, cut a floater loose and keep Amber be let them think they have all the votes to send her home. Detonate the detonators right in their face

  11. Comments (98)

    In the beginning Amber tried telling Caleb she was not interested in hooking up with him but wanted an alliance. She has made attempts to let him down easy but he doesn’t get it. On the outside he’s probably use of women not saying no to him.

    • Comments (60)

      Beastmode cowboy – thats hilarious more like annoying mode. He is all talk and most of that is so he can hear himself talk. Everything his says he does the just the opposite

  12. Comments (1799)

    They can flip a vote Donny ,Hyden,Nichole , Caleb, Victoria vote to eliminate Jocasta to put a scare into the detonators lets get some drama but no come the vote it will be 9-0 with Amber gone and the other people just waiting to be pick off

  13. Comments (83)

    Omg, in reference to Howlermouse, man, you
    Hit the nail right on the head. If it was a very serious situation where Amber
    Really felt threatened, one word to Caleb about her going to production or
    Possibly someone else going to production to get Caleb immediately evicted,
    I’m sure he’d stop and get the message VERY clear.
    And if he didn’t, then he’d be gone. PLUS I agree with amber keeping
    Caleb in her back pocket. If she really didn’t like the persuasion and the attention fe Caleb,
    I’m sure people would understand in the house without her putting
    A target on her back. So many people in the house don’t talk to one another or talk
    Very littler so why can’t she do the same? Why, because she wants best of both worlds and wants guys
    Fighting for her. And if someone called me “sweety” and gave me big smiles, I would be confused
    As well. Just don’t talk to him. Avoid him. And if the other houseguest would be more caring, they can
    All have a house meeting or get the guys to really sit down with Caleb and tell him
    Honestly what’s going on, how she feels and how this probably will go down in the real world.
    Everyone in that house can help diffuse and delete this issue but no one is taking the first real serious step.
    Having a crush on someone makes you do stupid things and act weird and yeah, kinda be come obsessive,
    However, it usually doesn’t last long and being in that house doesn’t make it less obvious. Just my opinion. I don’t want
    Caleb or Amber to look bad.

  14. Comments (843)

    Team America challenge wasn’t completed at the nomination ceremony because two people didn’t argue. Now production is telling them that it will be completed if Zach goes off for 20 seconds or more and that it doesn’t have to be two people arguing. That will be the same thing that happened at the nomination ceremony—-do they just change rules midway? OK with me since I want Donny to get as much money as possible.

  15. Comments (60)

    Really what they need to do is vote out jocasta,then get Vitoria back on the block next week and vote her out then Christine. After they are all gone at least you will have players with some real fight when it comes to comps.

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