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Big Brother 16 – Nomination Results, Live Feeds


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It’s nomination day in the HoH house and we get to watch Derrick blowing smoke up the butt of Donny all day. It is kind of frustrating to watch, but I know it’s part of the game. Derrick is not playing for Donny. He is not playing for Frankie. He is not playing for America. Derrick is playing for himself and his family, just like everyone else in the house. The difference between Derrick and the rest of the house is that he’s simply doing it better right now.

I’m sitting here listening to the conversation between Derrick/Frankie and Donny and I’m really shocked at how passive Donny is acting. He clearly knows Derrick is pissing on him while telling him it’s raining, but he’s not doing a whole lot about it.  When Derrick tried to explain the ‘awful’ situation about Donny not being on the block and someone winning veto, Donny simply said if he were HoH, he wouldn’t put them up (Frankie/Derrick). What he meant was.. just tell them NO. You’re the HoH. You’re not putting up Donny.

Of course Donny can’t actually say that because he knows he’s alone and has to tiptoe around the obvious, but it’s frustrating to watch nonetheless.


  • 11:20am – Feeds down for nominations
  • 11:50am – Feeds return. Like expected, Derrick nominated Donny and Christine. Frankie nominated Caleb and Cody
  • 2:00pm – Derrick is telling Frankie about Team America mission. They are told to steal the items and start a neighborhood watch.
  • The house is either sleeping or waiting for the BoB competition
  • 2:30pm – Caleb is in the living room talking about how awesome he is at dealing with haunted houses.
  • 5:20pm – Still no BotB competition, but Donny is slowly putting the pieces together that Derrick is playing him. He’s questioning Cody about the color of the skittles drawn. Donny is going to know full well Derrick didn’t care if he left, but he won’t be able to do anything about it (imo) unless he wins PoV or BotB.
  • Zach to the DR room, houseguests get excited that Botb could be soon.
  • 5:39pm – Zach “Get ready for the battle of the block!  Get dressed and meet me in the back yard”..  go take the next hour or two off now. I’ll update FB/Twitter when the comp is over
  • 7:00pm  – Competition still going on
  • 7:30pmDonny and Christine won the Botb!!
  • Christine apparently didn’t really do anything to help the competition. Sounds like she tried to throw it and Donny did it on his own. To be fair, she could have just sucked. We’ll have to wait for confirmation, but I doubt she really tried hard.
  • Donny is laying in bed, alone, with a tear going down his face. This is the look of someone who is completely relieved yet also completely alone. Well done, Donny. Well done. He probably won’t win it all, but damn it will be great if he does.
  • 7:45pm – Christine is bothered she won while talking to Zach. Caleb enters the room and he had to ask her “Would you rather be in your spot or his spot?”.  This is pretty good news overall because Victoria will likely go to jury and be the 4th competitor.  This greatly increases the chances of Hayden or Nicole re-entering.
  • Frankie and Derrick are up in the HoH room talking about how Donny doesn’t really trust them now. Derrick claims they have wanted to work with Donny since the Team America twist and he hasn’t been willing to.
  • Frankie is already expecting to put up Victoria should the option present itself.
  • Derrick and Frankie talking about hearing clapping when Donny won. Derrick knows about the show, people root for the underdog and Donny is the underdog
  • While in the shower, Caleb said they’re clearly designing these competitions to allow single people to win now (with all the throwing).  They (Der/Frank) also talked about the twist and said it probably would have been better if the HoH’s noms winning kept HoH. People would have put up strong vs strong
  • 8:05pm – Donny talking about midnight. He may stay up so he can eat a pop tart when he’s off havenot. This is a damn good week for Donny fans.
  • Derrick is up in the HoH room talking with Christine. She is upset because Donny clearly knows she threw it so she’s going to be a big target for him
  • Caleb joins in and talks about how much of a beast he is. Caleb,  you lost like almost every competition you’ve been. You’re losing you’re right to call yourself a ‘beast’. Donny is ‘Beast Mode Beard'”
  • Derrick to Christine – “Donny doesn’t hate you. He’s a good guy. He just doesn’t trust you, and rightfully so. You’ve been in an alliance all season”
  • 8:30pm – Feeds down for some reason
  • 8:40pm – Feeds return. Veto players picked already. Victoria, Christine and Donny picked to play with Caleb, Cody and Frankie.
  • My guess is Zingbot will come in tomorrow afternoon (maybe morning/overnight?) and they’ll head right into the PoV competition which is why they picked so soon.
  • Donny – “That zingbot could come through that door any moment now”.  Derrick “They won’t do that on TV” (BBAD coming on soon).  Derrick cracking jokes about the zingbot and how they’ll probably have to pretend to understand the jokes and then be re-told them later.. or the guys helmet falls off.  I guess OTEV had some sound problems as well.
  • 9:00pm – BBAD on, so I’m going to let them take over my shift while I get some food.

Check back for more.

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  1. Comments (1446)

    Derrick nominated Donny – what a POS.

    And Victoria skates again. He will tell them all that he wants to backdoor her, but it won’t happen.

    Derrick wants to take Victoria to the end – he’s even playing dirty w/his own alliance.

    But…it’s a game for $500K – it’s all about what you are willing to do to get it.

    • Comments (2)

      Yep, you are correct. I’m not even sure why I’m watching, as it really seems as though Derrick is skating toward the victory. I’ve never seen one person so easily manipulate everyone in that house before. He’s either the best player of all time, or the rest of the house are the worst players of all time.

      • Comments (3)

        I was thinking that too Frostty. Don’t get me wrong, Derrick is playing a good game…but I really think his success has been the lack of competition mentally. There has been other players in past seasons who have been just as smart and malipulative as Derrick. But they didn’t get as far or they weren’t as successful as he has been because they had people stand up and fight back.

        I’m not a huge fan on a personal level, but he has played a great game this season. But I don’t think he would be nearly as successful if there was a Jeff, Rachel, Dan, Will, Dannie, Evil Dick, Etc., in the house with him. All it takes is one strong player to call him out and draw lines in the sand…and any one of those players would have seen the manipulation and called him on it.

      • Comments (1443)

        I think the biggest problem this year has been the dual hoh. To be hoh they had to put up weakest so they couldn’t go for strong players they wanted to get out. Plus the fact that they made that large alliance so soon. Because of numbers they had control before others knew ppl well enough to start alliance. Devin had to go cause he was nuts and going against alliance. They have ruled because of numbers not brains. Nichole, Hayden and Donnie have brains and figured lots that was going on but it did not matter cause they had no numbers. The reason it’s so boring is because there are no big moves everyone playing it safe. Nichole made biggest move in game!!! Just did her no good. And Christine just lucked into the numbers when devin went nutty. And Victoria is also going with numbers. Everyone can say each move before it happens!! Boring!! Even when jury member comes in unless they win hoh they will be out right away because of numbers!! Might get slightly interesting when few more go and they have to start eating one another but too late to change interest in game to me. All the ones I like are gone except Donnie. I could care less about the others. I don’t want any of them to win!!

    • Comments (4)

      Very happy to find out that Donny is safe after winning the BotB. Is anyone else curious to find out if Christine will be divorced shortly after the end of this season? Maybe I’m the only one… or maybe they have a marriage that swings that way?

  2. Comments (644)

    BB this season should be more like “Expect the expected.”

  3. Comments (21)

    What I’m most pissed about BB is that they always seem to give super powers or favorable treatment/unfair advantages to guests i really don’t like but seem to do the opposite to the ones i do. I mean i like Donny but he seems to be getting the short end of the stick with the competitions that are hard for him.

    On the contrary, look at the past advantages. Rachel had Brendan come back in the house, she also had the Pandora box’s twist enter the game just as about the time she was about to be evicted (the duo twist came back and made her safe). On top of that, the challenge to win the veto and secure her safety was a competition which she had already won and dominated in, giving her a straight path to win.

    Jeff didn’t win but he was given so much power. Like the time he was able to switch one or both houseguests who were on the block just minutes before eviction. I mean what the hell is that.

    Dick had an obvious help because just when he was about to be evicted, the America challenge was to save him.

    This year for Frankie, the only competition that is easier by one player in the BoftB was given to him just when his partner threw it.

    The guy from the brigade who had to veto that could have been used whenever he wanted, even after he was voted out.

    There are countless others but they don’t seem to come to mind.

    Just to say i think this game is not fair.

    • Comments (332)

      I think it is a scripted TV Show and production already determined the winner and paid these people to play the way it is scripted.

      • Comments (162)

        I agree, it seem to be played out that way

      • Comments (875)

        I totally agree that BB is scripted, and has gotten worse since Allison Grodner signed onto the Show. Its more than obvious that season, after season Allison Grodner has her “favorites” that she wants to win.

        doesn’t any one find it ironic that when Frankie spilled the beans about his famous Sister, it was the same week that there was a big spread on Ari in the Sunday edition of Parade, and in People Magazine?!?! And most letters to HOH’s do not have the information that was in Frankie’s letter from home, i.e., Ari is the 1st act at the VMA’s!

        Also if Big Brother cast another Cop, on another season of BB, we might as well forget it, and just give that HG the money?! Cops are specialist at getting info out of you, while saying they are your friend & just want to help you, plus they all have the gift of persuasion!!! Policeman cast as a BB House Guest = Game Over!

  4. Comments (1)

    Why wasn’t Victoria nominated?

    • Comments (487)

      Because Derrick is protecting her. His plan is to take Victoria or Cody to F2. Last night he talked to Frankie about BD Victoria but I don’t think that will happen.

    • Comments (332)

      According to Derrick and what he told everyone, we want someone to come off the block and then she will go up. Only the last veto the people have had to save themselves and she has never gone up. So Derrick has told Victoria, I will keep you safe and not nominate you. It is being two faced. Saying one think to individuals and manipulating the group.

      • Comments (1288)

        It is called playing the GAME. Derrick has had Victoria on a strict mushroom treatment this season – keep her in the dark and feed her total bullshiat. Caleb is much the same but he gets to see a little of the light while still being fed total bullshiat.

        Derrick never tells anyone outright what to do. Watch, he keeps the discussion going until they suggest what he wants and he then brings it to a conclusion at that point. He often says “It is your decision to make” and “I will support your decision” to appear compliant and loyal on the surface.

        Deeper down the person talking to Derrick is looking for his agreement and approval, those phrases do not provide that. That is withheld until the person suggests what Derrick wants and Derrick never said it out loud first. Sheer genius and most likely inspired by police interrogation techniques.

        Any ripping out and devouring of souls is completely incidental.

      • Comments (15)

        I bet that ain’t the only mushroom he’s feeding her!!!

      • Comments (1288)

        Ummm, that is not what I said – she is the mushroom. You will need to try harder for your double-ententes.

      • Comments (15)

        Sorry but I’m glad Donny won!!!!!!

      • Comments (1288)

        Absolutely. If there is to be a worthy winner they have to have played the game and faced great obstacles. Derrick and Frankie have played great games but their obstacles have been few. Donny has faced great obstacles but hasn’t always played a great game. This is a two-fer, Donny conquers and the game of Frankie/Derrick has become more difficult and pressure filled. May the best player win.

      • Comments (469)

        Dan – there you go again – double-ententes – with all of your education and life experiences you claim you surely must have meant double entendres – speaking of which – it would be far less disigenuous of you if you posted under only one “handle”.

      • Comments (1288)

        The English formulation is a corruption of the authentic French expression à double entente, I am a sucker for authenticity. And I do only post under one handle. Sometimes the formatting changes depending on whether I am posting while logged in to my WordPress account or if I am posting with my name and email filled in by Firefox. One reads DanDaMan and the other says Dandaman. Those two are I and I alone, paranoia – it will destroy ya.

        And more delusions. I have said you don’t know about those about me, I have claimed no exalted level or special vision like you. I let other posters decide for themselves, I am what I put on the page. This is an open forum, if they think I am blowing smoke up their azz they will say.

        This is a big problem for Donny’s game. All it takes for evil to flourish is for men of good character do nothing{paraphrased}. Donny should have fought Frankie and Derrick from the instant he knew they were gaming him, week 3 or 4. But Donny did nothing to very little.

        See I am a good community member. I can even bring your off-topic grammar Nazi harassment into a game related post.

      • Comments (843)

        Entente is French for an agreement between two parties. Entendres is a double meaning, usually sexual in definition.

  5. Comments (138)

    So if Donny wins BotB Christine’s also safe for the week. That blows. I guess I have to root for Donny to lose BotB and win POV because I hate Christine more than I like Donny.

    • Comments (332)

      I am excited, I hope Cody or Caleb leave, the do do birds have to know the game cant go always as they desire.

      • Comments (1443)

        Christine won’t last much longer when Donnie goes next will be Victoria or Christine and the one that stays will go the next week

      • Comments (1288)

        Not if Derrick has anything to do about it. Victoria is a precious natural resource that Derrick has groomed and cultivated all season. He wants her sitting next to him in the final 2 for the guaranteed $500k win. She also means Derrick always has 2 votes, as long as she is sleeping beauty she is the second safest person in the house. Even if she doesn’t know it.

        Now she may wake up, that would ruin Derrick’s plan and then she would go. It may be happening, in a precious moment today she corrected Derrick. Derrick was talking about how Frankie has won 4 HoHs and he has only won 2. Victoria correctly pointed out it was really 3 to 3 because Derrick threw one HoH to Frankie. Derrick didn’t say anything but there was a flash of displeasure in his manner.

  6. Comments (20)

    I would love to see Donnie and Christine win BOTB Dethrone Derrick. One of the boy win the Veto take themselves off and frankie puts up Derrick hehe

    • Comments (487)

      Based on the conversation last night Derrick is probably going to convince Christine to throw the BOTB so that he is dethroned. He doesn’t want America to Donny being voted out because of him. He’s looking as a vote for him for 500K.

      • Comments (95)

        OK..I know Derrick is a smooth talker and all, but how can these people seriously not see that he is manipulating everyone? You know Victoria will crap a brick when she ends get getting the boot. But, heck, with the way things are going now, he’ll probably convince her that her getting voted out is really the best thing for the game. Jeez…WTF man?

      • Comments (1443)

        The deal was that the one who went up with Donnie had to throw competition. So Christine will throw it

      • Comments (875)

        Common folks never see when the forest for the trees when a Cop is manipulating them…

      • Comments (843)

        Too late! America already knows what a POS douche bag Derrick is.

    • Comments (1288)

      I do not believe Frankie would target Derrick, nor Derrick target Frankie because they are each others most stable alliance member. The move on Frankie started apart from Derrick and he really had to bend to the will of the house. They want to thin the alliance a little bit before the knives come out. I think Zach is the most likely target if necessary followed by Caleb then Cody. Christine would be before all of those if she is not safe with a BotB win.

    • Comments (178)

      That would be a best case scenario if one of the two people on the block won the POV and took themself off, with Frankie putting Derrick up as a nominee. I just don’t see that happening, however. If Derrick was placed up as a “pawn”, he would still not be voted out because the hosue would vote out Caleb or Cody before voting out Derrick. I can’t believe they haven’t actually caught wise to Derrick’s manipulations yet. They’re just willing to go along with him. As I said from week one this season, the hosue if filled with sheep. Baaaaaa

      • Comments (178)

        Please execute the typos. I definitely know how to spell “house”.

      • Comments (383)

        HAHAHAHA Anita… looks like you are a victim of autocorrect. Pretty sure you meant “excuse”. Autocorrect is a b*tch, isn’t it? 🙂

      • Comments (1288)

        Off with their heads!!!! Wasn’t their a RedQueen on this forum last year? Old timers help me out.

      • Comments (1288)

        Derrick is definitely tap dancing through a minefield and right now he is certainly channeling his inner Fred Astaire. #ZachAttack is the X factor, his talks with Nicole and Victoria took quite a few hairs off Derricks head and made the tune a double time. With Victoria the only non-alliance target available I am betting Derrick is working towards a #ZachSmack.

    • Comments (13)

      Donny and Christine did win BOB !!! so Donny is definitely safe this week!

      • Comments (383)

        What?? OMG Awesome! I love Donny. Hate Christine. Hate Frankie. Hope one of them is the next one out. GO DONNY!!!

  7. Comments (1)

    Worst BB ever

  8. Comments (1)

    This season has become sooo predictable…I already know, Donny will leave next week…then Victoria or Christine will leave the following week, after that the reentered houseguest will be re- evicted….soo predictable and boring!

    • Comments (487)

      Julie announced last night that the returning HG will come next week. Along with the end of the double HOH.

      • Comments (875)

        Yaaasssss?! The newly evicted HG, along with Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, and the remaining HG will play in an HOH. The formerly evicted HG will play to get back into the BB House.

    • Comments (332)

      It is not the predictability. This is the first year we have had constant game play with a group this large. Usually it is one on one or only a leader but this group is like to kumbaya

      • Comments (1446)

        Frankie, Caleb and Zach will leave before Victoria and Christine, if Cody and Derrick have their way. I’m starting to think that they want the final 4 to be Derrick, Victoria, Cody and Christine.

      • Comments (644)

        Jannie, either I read it or I watched it on BBAD, but that’s exactly what Derrick and Cody said, they want to be final 4 with Victoria and Christine.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think they may have over corrected the mess that was last years cast. I think production really went out of their way to find nice people and very likable people, to make up for the horrible things the cast last year were saying.
        In doing so, they ended up with a few like Derrick, who are able to work the house and mold it into what he wants, with a lot of Sheep.
        They got rid of any other possible Alphas at the beginning, they got out Joey first, the Devin (who I wanted to go sooooo bad) and even Brittany. Joey and Brittany were probably the two girls that could have rallied the females to work together. Brilliant on Derrick’s part, anyone who could or would have seen that he runs that house is gone now.
        But it looks like once again, we are going to have a Man win Big Brother.

      • Comments (178)

        Brittany received a raw deal. She was targeted from the beginning for two reasons: (1) she was bright and quickly picked up on what was going on in the house; and (2) she was not willing to swoon over any of the men in the house. Brittany would have made an excellent competitor. I was sad to see her pushed out so soon.

      • Comments (383)

        I totally agree. I think Brittany and Amber got screwed. Hope they get another chance someday.

      • Comments (1288)

        It was a backwards compliment. Brittany was a strong woman who could not be controlled or influenced by Derrick or Frankie. That made her dangerous, she was the core a girls alliance could have formed around. What is wrong about getting your biggest concerns out of the game first?

        Brittany dithered over the change in game format. She saw the danger and yet did nothing to fight it until she was already a dead woman walking. Just like Donny but the guys saw her as the bigger threat. Donny has at least so far won the comps he has needed to continue the game. I do hope during the breakup he gets a chance to actually play the game more than just the comps.

    • Comments (1443)

      I just said the very same thing you did. You are absolutely right.

    • Comments (13)

      Donny is actually safe this week, it might be Victoria who might end up as the 4th jury member .

  9. Comments (412)

    I’m truly stuck this week, while I truly dislike Christine, however, I really love Donny. So, while I want Donny safe, I don’t want Christine safe. So here’s how I’m hoping this week plays out: Donny/ Christine lose the BotB ‘dethroneing’ Derrick. Donny wins POV, taking himself off the block, leaving Christine, Frankie nominates Victoria.
    Cody & Derrick have a final 3 deal, but Cody thinks it will be Christine, and Derrick wants it to be Victoria. We will see those two[Cody& Derrick] finally butting heads. I think it will ultimately end with Christine being evicted. Then Nicole beats Christine at the competition and comes back in the game.
    That is what I want to happen. Fingers crossed.

  10. Comments (27)

    Does the phrase ‘jump the shark’ start coming to mind?

  11. Comments (644)

    After being evicted when asked who she would take to the final two Nicole said in an interview:
    “I would pick someone who deserves to be in the final two, like Derrick. I don’t think I’d win over him but I’d still take him.”
    If it’s like that then I don’t want her back. She is so blind. She is even saying she wouldn’t win over him. Hello Nicole, what’s wrong with you?????!!!!!

    • Comments (1288)

      Why not say what is right with Derrick’s game? Derrick is giving a masterclass on how to play BB. This is like watching a pitcher going for a perfect game, Derrick is through 5 innings having faced only 15 batters. While some find this boring (why are you watching then?) I am on the edge of my seat. Will Derrick do it?

      Frankie also has a good game going but he has walked one or two batters but is still in the running for a no-hitter. No one else even qualifies to be pursuing a shut-out.

      • Comments (1276)

        Very true DanDaMan. Derrick is an artist when it comes to painting the path for these houseguests to follow. He doesn’t strong arm, or get nasty, he just leads them into his way of thinking. Leaving no one upset or hurt by what he’s saying, they all actually think he’s letting them choose, when he’s actually the shepard leading his little sheep to constant unanomous votes.
        I wish he would have backed Nicole, and pushed to keep her, I really think she would have gone after Frankie, then Caleb/Zach and Christine. It would have gotten half of their alliance out. I’m still just crossing my fingers that they find some way to get at least 2 evicted houseguests back in the house. If they do another DE it could work.

      • Comments (1288)

        I would love that to be a “TWIST”, we all suspect they lie to us – how about they tell a big one. I was reminded earlier of Season2 when Dr Will won, the game was so different. At the start of the season America was going to vote the winner so they never had a jury house. They switched plans mid-season and decided the evicted house guests would decide, even though they had been home and watching everything. It was crazy, Dr Will performed miracles against unexpected obstacles.

        Now the standrd format has been gone over and over. The competitions throw a randomness factor in but the group dynamics have been thoroughly gamed out. That is why the switch to two HoHs and BotB was so huge. Now did BB game out how the changes would work? Probably not – they made the assumption that the players would jump for the chance to backdoor a HoH winner.

        They forgot player survival instinct. It is better to offer a limited safety if you might expect that same safety in return. Much like “the will of the house” and unanimous votes it became an unwritten rule – thou shall offer safety for safety in return. Up until now every HoH honored that pledge. Christine now bears the mark of Cain and anyone would feel justified to backdoor her because she did it first.

        So the strategy is different, that is why this may be my favorite season. All the players have had to think on their feet. Some took the ball and ran, others paused and fell behind.

  12. Comments (182)

    Derrick is a master, he orchestrates the eviction attempt, and then ‘blows smoke up their butts’ aka ‘Prepping for Jury Votes’ Like I said ‘Master’

    But country boy Donny, has finally caught on, that those ‘friendly talks, where really info gathering sessions’ Again Derrick is a Master.

    I am actually starting to feel for Donny, but he always has that girlfriend ‘pretty’ waiting for him. But I guess that trailer park will have to do still.

    I wouldn’t mind him winning now, maybe, I keep thinking he is hiding something in that beard.

    • Comments (1288)

      Donny is currently gathering info about the Skittles drawing and inconsistencies in people’s stories are coming out. What he will do when he finds out that was cooked will be interesting. If he becomes convinced he is the actual target I wonder if he will throw away his $15k in TA winnings to blow up Frankie and Derrick’s game? It probably would be beneath him but it would be good TV. He will most likely find some other way and then dare them to throw away their TA winnings.

      • Comments (182)

        I don’t think it matters what Donny discovers, like SB said there really isn’t anything he can do about it unless he wins BoB or POV.

        Looks like Donny’s possum stew is cooked. The boys have him in check, and mate is coming.

      • Comments (224)

        Did they complete a 3rd challenge yet? I thought TA only completed 2 so far.

      • Comments (1288)

        No, I was wrong, 2 successes and 3 failures. Uh … I am assuming they can complete this weeks mission. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

      • Comments (27)

        how would he ‘throw away the $15k? and why? Production didn’t tell them they would take it away for any reason,did they?

      • Comments (1288)

        They forfeit all TA winnings if they out the alliance to other players.

      • Comments (426)

        But he could still blow up Derricks game without blowing up the TA.

      • Comments (1288)

        Absolutely. His word on a lot of contested issues would carry a lot of weight.

      • Comments (1288)

        Whoops, and it would be only $10k currently.

      • Comments (1276)

        I’m sure you are right, but I was so certain that they said that they can tell the houseguests about TA or not, that it was totally up to them. I didn’t get when I heard that why they would tell anyone, other then to cover their butts if someone was onto them, but I swear I didn’t think they would loose their winnings???? Then again, that might be what I get for working way too much, not sleeping enough, and trying to keep up with BB this summer. I think next year I need a vaca around this time. lol

      • Comments (1288)

        This game is 24/7, no way one person gets it all. Even having the feeds I get more info still looking at multiple sources. This forum is a good place to start.

      • Comments (492)

        So, TA get to keep the money only if no other HG find out?

      • Comments (843)

        Christina, the option to tell other HG was what I remembered too

  13. Comments (95)

    I know its a game, and they didn’t know eachother before hand, but I still have to say that they make me sick. All of them, except Donny. It broke my heart to see him cry last night talking about how they ignore him. He is too good of a person to be in this game, so I’ll be glad when he does leave so he doesn’t have to put up with their backstabbing and lying anymore. If its so easy for them to do it in the house, it’s got to be easy to do on the outside as well. I guess that speaks volumes for Donny. He just cant seem to get dirty and nasty like them. Good man.

    • Comments (644)

      I saw Donny saying on BBAD that he quit his job to be on BB. He said he lost 200 sick days. It shows he never calls in sick! He really gave up a lot to be on BB. Hopefully someone will see that he is a great person and will give him a good job when he gets out.

      • Comments (644)

        I just got this crazy idea about what Donny could say after being evicted. He could say that he was a part of team America together with Derrick and Frankie, and quickly say something to prove to them that he is not lying.

      • Comments (95)

        OMG Lilly, that makes me even sadder for Donny! OK..I know everyone probably thinks I am naïve for feeling this way because it is a game, but I cant help it! Trust me, I am ALOT like Donny, I cant lie to save my life. And while I love watching the show, I could never and would never want to be on it. I’d be the first one out probably, AND I don’t have thick enough skin!

        I truly hope he wins fan favorite so that way at least he’ll have some money to get by until he can find another job. Bless his heart. I just want to hug him!

      • Comments (644)

        I feel so sad for Donny too. Especially when he cries and says no one includes him in the talks. That he just sits alone many times. Here’s a hug for Donny and a hug for you SixxnBerlin. 🙂

      • Comments (95)

        Thanks Lilly! 🙂

        Yeah, it breaks my heart seeing Donny alone all the time eating his cereal alone and no one talking to him. Poor thing. It’s OK though, it just shows what a good person he is.

      • Comments (383)

        Just think how happy he will be after the show ends and he sees all of the people on the interwebz talking about how much they love him! He’s a good man. A sweet man. America loves him. Honestly, he’s the reason I decided to watch this season. He is so much smarter and sweeter than I thought he would be. The world needs more like him.

      • Comments (469)

        Jenny-Lilly and Sixx – I couldn’t agree more – he is just a down to earth genuine guy – and I hope as someone has suggested that some employer sees this show and offers him an even better job – I know if I were looking for an employee i would not hesitate hiring this honest-honorable-depenable-incorruptable man – he would be a valuable asset to any body.

      • Comments (1288)

        Hopefully Donny finds a decent publicist. His genuine nature would make him a valuable spokesman. I could see him in a LawnBoy commercial or how about if McCulloch Chainsaws brought back their old campaign and Donny did commercials with a computer generated beaver?

        Donny does have a Duck Dynasty appeal without being the actual Duck Dynasty guys. Hopefully production tells him to not shave the beard. As it doesn’t effect game play maybe some of the media insiders will give him some good advice.

        And even if Donny doesn’t want the big celebrity life some large local lawn care service would pay plenty to put Donny’s picture on the side of their trucks and have Donny working as a salesman.

      • Comments (1288)

        If any TA member outs the alliance to others in the game they forfeit all TA winnings. Having given up his job I think Donny will want the $15k more than revenge.

      • Comments (1288)

        And I was wrong, it is only $10k currently.

    • Comments (135)

      Sixx, you’re exactly right. Even though I find Big Brother interesting to watch, I acknowledge that it rewards the worst in people. The person I like never wins, because they don’t have it in them to lie and backstab.

    • Comments (1443)

      They have excluded him in everything from the beginning except Nichole Hayden jacosta. Can you imagine how lonely that house is for him? He watches them play pool and they have never invited him. These are not nice people. This is a game but these ppl are like this outside the house. That’s why he was so close to jacosta. They talked and walked etc. they were not in alliance but they were company for one another. He is miserable in that house because he’s all alone. Heck. He reads cereal boxes ect for something to do nobody includes him in anything but Nichole Hayden jacosta. What kind of ppl act like that with someone they r living with who is the nicest kindest person in the house. The age difference has really hurt him and I blame bb for this. Probably expected him to get evicted fast and never expected America to like him so much

      • Comments (95)

        Amen Trudy! Damn, reading your summary of Donny’s miserable life in that house makes me want to hug him even more, and tell him that we all know he’s an awesome, genuine nice guy, and the rest of the house are liar meanies!

  14. Comments (412)

    Earlier today Derrick was making a big deal about Frankie winning four HOH competitions. Victoria quickly corrects him saying Derrick and Frankie have both won 3 because Derrick threw that one HOH to Frankie.

    To everyone who thinks Victoria is so stupid:
    She’s aligned herself with this season’s mastermind
    And now other than Donny, I think she’s the only one who is seeing him for what he really is, [the mastermind? the instigator? the deceiver?] Whichever one he’s trying to be portrayed as. Derrick referred to Victoria as his secret weapon, maybe she’ll help him self destruct.

    • Comments (95)

      I don’t necessarily think she’s stupid, I just can’t understand why she (or anyone) has seen how manipulative he is. Trust me when I say this, I sincerely hope she goes to the end with him if he is in the final two. And, I hope she helps him self destruct. I want people to see him for what he is, and see that ALL were played by him. I don’t like Frankie either, but it made me sick when he was telling everyone who his sister was all that crap, and Cody said that everyone in the house was who they say they are, and Derrick just stood there and agreed. He’s lying too!

      • Comments (1443)

        They have excluded him in everything from the beginning except Nichole Hayden jacosta. Can you imagine how lonely that house is for him? He watches them play pool and they have never invited him. These are not nice people. This is a game but these ppl are like this outside the house. That’s why he was so close to jacosta. They talked and walked etc. they were not in alliance but they were company for one another. He is miserable in that house because he’s all alone. Heck. He reads cereal boxes ect for something to do nobody includes him in anything but Nichole Hayden jacosta. What kind of ppl act like that with someone they r living with who is the nicest kindest person in the house. The age difference has really hurt him and I blame bb for this. Probably expected him to get evicted fast and never expected America to like him so much

      • Comments (1443)

        She is smart enough to pick the winning side

      • Comments (1288)

        No, the winning side was smart enough to pick her.

  15. Comments (130)

    Think they’ll ever be a Celebrity BB? Would any of them be good players? Then Julie Chen could go into the house and see what its really like.

  16. Comments (343)

    After these last HOHs, Ive lost interest. Too predictable. Donnie’s gone. Wow…exciting TV. Maybe it will come back, but this season has been pretty lame. An overall lack of hot girls (especially now) and predictable play with everyone scared to challenge Derricks Army has made it unappealing visually and strategically. Oh, and having to watch Frankie act like his sister is Rihanna and he’s a “media mogul” has been puke inducing.

    • Comments (343)

      Frankie thinks he’s Perez Hilton.

      • Comments (383)

        Good one, jimbo! Frankie is a legend in his own mind. I really did like him at the beginning but now… he’s just annoying. I loved how Julie tried to get Victoria to gush about Ariana whats-her-face and didn’t get the response she wanted. Priceless. Dear Frankie, you’re not that interesting. Your Cockney or whatever it’s supposed to be accent sucks. You look like a lizard. Please go away.

  17. Comments (644)

    I haven’t watched all the BB seasons. I’d like to know if anyone could tell me if there has been anyone that has lied as well as Derrick while pretending to be so nice and at the same time stabbing someone in the back. Could he be considered the best? (I don’t mean in entertainment but in strategy). I’m just curious. I didn’t watch Dr. Will, Boogey, or Dan Gheesling, and people always bring their names up so I’d like to know if you consider that if as of now Derrick is a better player than them or than other greats that have played the game. Derrick is just so smooth, but hopefully he won’t win!

    • Comments (1443)

      He doesn’t come anywhere near them. They took out strong players Derrick has picked out ppl who don’t have the numbers. If he had sent home a strong player in his alliance of half the house I would have respect but he’s picked off the weakest to keep himself safe

      • Comments (1288)

        Devin was weak? Amber was weak? Brittany was weak? Hayden was weak? He has taken out strong players who did not have the numbers, not just weak ones. And all 4 of those thought they were is some level of alliance with Derrick. Derrick if he wins could be the best player ever. Hate the game, don’t hate the player.

      • Comments (343)

        Dr Will had no alliance (Boogie etc were voted out early), he was on his own and never kissed ass even though they were out. Never won HOH, and told the house off in his final two speech — and still won. I like Derrick, but let’s see what happens in the next 6 weeks when he has to go against Zach, Frankie, Cody, Caleb, etc. Picking off Jocasta and Pao is hardly noteworthy and not comparable to Dr. Will.

      • Comments (224)

        Agreed. Derrick is good, but well, no one is ever going to be as good as Dr. Will for exactly the reasons you listed.

      • Comments (1288)

        Dr Will also won what, season 2? The game has changed leaps and bounds. It was barely known about compared to the following it has in season 16. Dr Will’s game would not fly in the current version. It would be like having a race between a Porsche 550 Spyder and a Ferrari Enzo ZXX Evolution. Both are fast cars for their time but no real match.

      • Comments (1276)

        Granted we’ll have to wait and see if Derrick makes it to the end, but I have to agree with DanDaMan here. Dan was a genious when it came to the “mist” he could cast out, leaving all of his victims lost and confussed in the fog, and often appoligizing to him for catching him in something.
        Personally, I think that Derrick is doing as great of a job as Dan. And while Dr. Will totally rocked, I just don’t think he could pull of the win so easily in the latter part of BB History.
        Evel Dick was great at being a bull in a China shop! He basically forced his ideas on the houseguests and they either caved under the pressure or did his bidding. With he and Dani there, he was able to work with his daughter, who he has such a fractured relationship with, and the other strong members of the house. Even with his Evel ways, he still came out on top.
        So unlike Dick, who won, he won’t have near as many people just plain pissed off in the jury house that want nothing less than to give him money. If Derrick was going to the finals against ANYONE in the house right now, I believe the only one he would have a hard time beating would be Donny.

      • Comments (1288)

        It is very hard to recreate a masterpiece, much easier to create a new one. Even with Donny, Derrick would appeal to the BB fan in each HG and that they vote for the better player over personal feelings. Derrick has been more central and active than Donny. So far his strategy has neutralized Donny, not the other way around.

        Derrick will have to have an Et tu Brute? moment or he wins.

      • Comments (343)

        Those are horrible analogies. Doesn’t matter if it was season 2 or season 50. When you do it with no alliance all on your own, without ever winning HOH, and, every week, being the manipulator just enough to save yourself from eviction — it is what it is. It’s not dated strategy. It’s just strategy that he used, and he worked it like a pro. No reason someone can’t try it today. Zach someone is, but he has nowhere near the charm and, frankly, intelligence to pull it off.

      • Comments (343)

        *somewhat not someone! TYPO!

      • Comments (343)

        One last point, danda. Derrick has 6 or 7 people to beat yet. He’s only in the conversation if he WINS it. Long ways away. And, this is just a social game … not a technological battle of 1950 Ferraris VS 2014 Ferraris. If you know how manipulate people, you will win. That was what Dr. Will did, and that was why his year was so interesting. Give me any reason why it wouldn’t fly today, as you say? He chose not to win HOHs to not be a threat, or anger anyone by “putting them up.” He had no alliance, so he used that he was a non-dangerous competitor and hated (he was the original annoyer) to get people to worry about OTHER players instead of him. He knew how to talk people into going after threats, not him. You could still do that today…but Will couldn’t do it if he played again (like in all-stars), because THEN people are onto you. You can’t do it twice when you’ve won before that way.

      • Comments (1288)

        Dr Will would be dead meat because of how the concept of “floaters” has been developed as the game has changed in format over the years. These days if you do not win comps and don’t get in an alliance and don’t “make big moves” you are a floater. A floater is an object of derision in the house and an easy target for those playing in the modern style. I blame Rachel for this.

        Thank goodness Donny is at least winning comps. BB16 is vastly different from BB2.

  18. Comments (162)

    Donny would of stayed true to Derrick and Frankie they the whole game if they would of just stayed true to him. I’m hoping Donny wins both BOB and Power of Veto and shakes up their little plans.i want to see Donny, Zach and Nicole make the final three. Even tho Derrick needs the money for his family he has treated Donny like crap to many times. For all the other ones they deserve nothing..

    • Comments (492)

      Yep. ..I will vote for those 3 too for final 3. Because Zach is in the mix.

    • Comments (1288)

      Donny should have forced the alliance on them through TeamAmerica. He allowed them to shut him out. Why did they do that? Because Derrick and Frankie know they cannot control Donny they way they control the others left in the house. That makes him dangerous to their game. So they have instead isolated him and made him barely relevant to the game. It sucks for Donny but it is not personal, it is the GAME.

      As soon as Donny discovered how they were keeping him at arms length he should have seen the inevitable outcome of doing nothing. Because someone is a fan of the show does not mean they are suited for playing the game. In the same way just because someone is good at playing the game does not mean they are some sort of demon spawn hellbent on destroying peoples souls outside of the house.

      • Comments (469)

        Anyone is capable of being deceptive in a given situation – but to live under the same roof 24/7 for weeks on end and continuously and consistantly lie 24/7 and use peoples goodness and honesty as tools against them and then huddle up with with others of the same ilk and laugh about it – boast about it and ridicule their prey – is hellish at worst and dispicable at best – and indeed shows what truely dwells inside of them.

      • Comments (1288)

        Is it phrenology? Do you have one of those fancy 3D TVs that you are using to measure the bumps on their heads so you can tell the deepest, darkest secrets in their souls? Because you proclaim plenty but fall woefully short on any supporting evidence. “Ohhhh, Frankie is an entertainer promoting himself on YouTube – he must be a demon, it is all about HIM”. Mighty fine police work there Lou.

        All players lie, some better than others. This is a game, that is the way it is designed. Behaviors are exhibited that are not appropriate in the outside world but that is no proof they are done in the real world. It says nothing about the players outside of them playing the game. Now is it possible they are truly evil? Yes, however it can not be declared as certain by the facts in evidence.

      • Comments (469)

        Just keep talking – your immaturity is hanging out.

      • Comments (1288)

        As is your prejudice.

      • Comments (383)

        Seriously, guys. This is a blog about a stupid TV show. Life is short. The world is a mess. Count your blessings. I don’t know who started it and I don’t care. Maybe if you met in real life you’d be BFF’s. Maybe not. But come on, we’re all humans, right? Life’s a lot more fun if you give others the benefit of the doubt. Please play nice. Thanks.

      • Comments (469)

        Jenny – you are absolutely right – thank you- I am officially hanging up my gloves – you are an excellent intermediary and a gentle voice of reason – thank you again

      • Comments (1288)

        Jenny, as I said elsewhere all it take for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing. I have a zero tolerance policy for prejudiced statements. I leave j r alone outside of those. He is the one to pound the spelling and grammar Nazi drums.

        But I will not stand by and allow him to heap calumny on players because of some “feeling” that he has or that only he is perceptive enough to see. I ask for proof and reasoning and he has none. If he stops with them I am happy to ignore him.

      • Comments (383)

        I also have zero tolerance for prejudice/racism/homophobia/xenophobia. I don’t know what John Ruth said that you found offensive. I sincerely hope he isn’t a Nazi or a racist or any other type of human who puts people into categories and hates for no good reason. A while back I said being anti-Muslim was just as bad as being anti-Semite and someone said I was wrong because “the world is at war with extremist Muslims”. That made me both sad and furious. Hating anybody for their ethnicity or religion is just plain stupid. Our world is made up of all sorts of interesting and beautiful cultures, and the vast majority of religions are about peace and caring for others. There are extremists in every group who hate anyone that doesn’t believe what they believe. It’s heartbreaking. Can we start over now and assume that John Ruth is NOT a racist, just for now? Let’s move on, and see what he has to say from now on. If he does show himself to be a racist, we will show him the error of his ways. Honestly, please, we’re all humans. Let’s be civil. Prove to ourselves that we are open-minded, mature adults.

      • Comments (1288)

        Also very nice going with the archaic spelling of truely, truly is so trendy.

      • Comments (469)

        I just love archaic – kind of like entente.

      • Comments (1288)

        I place a higher value on authenticity. People differ.

    • Comments (27)

      I don’t understand how someone can be say derrick has treated people badly and still be for Zach, who has treated people very badly. But we all have our different ways of looking at things. I think Derrick deserves to win, and unlike Frankie and Zach, he hasn’t made people feel bad on purpose just for fun or just to prove he can.

      • Comments (492)

        Oh Rose, You just don’t see how Zach is just a kid . Derrick and Frankie are both in their 30’s!!!!!
        I love Zach , as a kid, and he is doing his best , with what he has lived.

    • Comments (50)

      That’s exactly who I would love to see in the top three as well!! My 3 faves 🙂

    • Comments (1443)

      Derrick has a good job. It’s not like he’s an unemployed groundskeeper. Probably makes more than anyone else in house.

      • Comments (1288)

        True, he is a sergeant and I think a 9 year veteran of the force so he is making well above starting pay in a profession with a strong union. Then again the cost of living in RI is not exactly on the economy level.

        Then again, who knows [planting tongue firmly in cheek] perhaps he is a dirty cop with a huge slush fund of stolen drug money and mafia kickbacks, I’m just saying cause he plays the game so well telling lies and misleading innocent bystanders

        Nah, that’s just silly talk. I bet he would even be a great neighbor…couldn’t get him to like my Rays though…lousy Red Sox fan…maybe he is…

  19. Comments (83)

    Ok, I really feel sorry for Donny as well. I’m rooting for him to win. In saying that, Donny hasn’t really made an effort to try and get in an alliance with the guys. Being distant wasn’t the way for him to go about in this game. He should of talked more with Derrick and tried to form and alliance with him. I know shutting his mouth was his only weapon but I mean, I don’t think they would of totally 100% excluded him. I just think Donny could of tried harder. They used Christine for her brains. Why couldn’t they use Donny for his brains? Christine is better in comps than Donny. He’s old. I don’t know. Anyone share my opinion?

    • Comments (1288)

      In a TA get together Donny should have told Frankie and Derrick he knew they were running the house and he wanted in. He should have put himself forward as the mole outside the alliance while Derrick and Frankie could have run things from inside. The alliance would always find a more worthy target than poor ol’ Donny thanks to Frankie and Derrick. Cody’s and Christine’s blatant paranoia about Donny could have been handled with derision and humor. “That guy … he is old and all alone … you have got to be kidding, dingus is way more dangerous”

      If the HoH power fell outside the alliance, Donny would be able to help sway the target away from Derrick and Frankie. “No Nicole and Hayden … Caleb and Cody are running things over there, them and Christine”. Also this would have allowed Derrick and Frankie to test the loyalty of alliance members by comparing their side of a conversation with Donny’s version.

      I also hope for circumstances beneficial to Donny’s game. Him winning over Victoria having sent Derrick out at #3 would be my dream finish. All the detonators in the jury, oh sweet schadenfreude. It is just a game after all.

      ****Please note the above views do not mean the author enjoys hearing of others troubles in real life. This is a game, there is a difference.****

    • Comments (1443)

      They used Christine cause she got in alliance by accident and they kept her for information and she’s a number. That’s all

  20. Comments (875)

    Donny better try his little heart out to win the BOB, and not take “ANY” of his fellow HG word that they are Back Dooring Victoria!

    I personally don’t like any of the HG that are left in the house, except Donny, who is really a “dead man walking” unless he wins. Plus how the remaining HG in the house treat Donny is a shame…Don’t they all realize that one day they will be “older” also?!

    • Comments (1288)

      I think Donny can clearly see the trap around him and knows his need to win BotB. I think he will be watching Christine closely for signs of throwing it and try not to rely on her if it is not absolutely necessary.

      He really needs the security of knowing he is in the next HoH comp. He has to think carefully before accepting exclusion from that as a punishment in the comp, but it would be better that than losing the BotB. Currently I do not think they are planning on making him a have-not but that could change.

  21. Comments (372)

    Der is a trained pro in deception …Donny BEST WISHES >>BOBwinner please

  22. Comments (843)

    Christine is already pretending to be ‘sick’ so she will have an excuse for losing.

  23. Comments (174)

    Donny and Christine win Battle of the Block. So Frankie is HOH. Let the games begin. Should be fireworks this week. Way to go Donny.

  24. Comments (1)


  25. Comments (843)

    Thank you! Thank you! Donny wins BOB. This is going to be hilarious. Donny can still play in HOH next week. Christine is in hot water too since she was supposed to lose. Made my day.

  26. Comments (843)

    If POV is used, Frankie’s only choices for replacement are Zach, Derrick, and Victoria. Wonder who Derrick will push for?

    • Comments (487)

      Derrick is going to push to BD Victoria. Now Victoria needs to play in the POV and win to really ruin both Derrick’s and Frankie’s plan.

      • Comments (1288)

        I disagree, Derrick will probably push for the veto to be not used [that way he cannot be backdoored] and they will say goodbye to Boast Mode Cowpie. If it is won by either on the block players Zach will probably get the axe. His random style has caused issues for the smooth games of Derrick and Frankie.

  27. Comments (372)

    WTG Don ….He B a safemodeplowboy

  28. Comments (174)

    I was laughing. I said if you want him out, you don’t put him up and give him a chance to win BOB or POV. Derrick definitely didn’t learn anything when they tried it with Frankie and he won BOB.

  29. Comments (487)

    Well, Donny comes through again! Now Derrick has to decide does he let Cody get voted out if Cody doesn’t win the POV or does he go through with BD of Victoria. Frank must really be pissed. He can’t vote Donny out again. Well the best laid plans…..

  30. Comments (426)

    Yeah Donnie! Sounds like it was in total darkness, something having to do with finding bones and them fitting somewhere, and the other houseguests could not see it happening. Frankie did say something about Christine not finding any, so she may have actually tried to throw it. Great job Donnie!

  31. Comments (644)

    I’m happy Donny won!!! Can’t wait to see what happened that the plan to throw the competition didn’t happen. Maybe it was like when Caleb wanted to throw the competition with Frankie but just one person could win it. So now Victoria is being evicted. It would be nice if Donny played in veto and didn’t use it so Caleb or Cody could be evicted. Donny has to know that he is the target. If he doesn’t win POV next time he could be gone. But miracles happen and he is still in the house.

  32. Comments (426)

    I hope Donnie gets picked to play Veto and wins.

    • Comments (1443)

      And leaves nominations alone!!!

      • Comments (426)

        I would have to think that through. Great if he left it the same because one the guys will leave. But Frankie wants Vic up, so if he did use it, and Frankie puts her up, it would totally screw up Derricks game plan (which I would love to see happen). Of course there is always the chance that Derrick would somehow use his ‘magic dust’ and convince them to put up Zach. So back to scenario one. Either way it is a win/win for Donnie.

      • Comments (1288)

        Very true about Zach but it would not totally screw up Derrick’s game. Victoria is a pawn before she is a winning token and often pawns go bye-bye. Derrick will fight it but not expose his game over it. If she goes up and out Derrick will curse the BotB outcome to her and say how hard he fought to keep her there. He has worked so hard just for them. She goes out the door still convinced Derrick was her knight in shining armor, it was the house and luck of the game that knocked her out and she is a vote for Derrick in the finale.

        Derrick would then defer to backup plan 1, Cody. He is proving to have quite the mangina, he has been all over the place and not very successful. Derrick is like a Pony Express rider, when one horse falters you jump to another.

        This would accelerate the need for Derrick to start targeting the serious competition, Frankie or one of his minions would probably move to the top of Derrick’s hitlist. He might even try co-opting Donny by coming clean to him since Donny has not indiscriminately run his mouth. He has battled quietly and not burnt any bridges with Derrick. Donny may be so tired of playing with the dummies he might accept that deal with the devil.

      • Comments (469)

        correct Trudy.

  33. Comments (174)

    Now Donny will be in the house when the evicted house guest comes back. Now I hope its Haydan and they team up.

  34. Comments (1288)

    Derrick will work hard to protect Victoria. He may keep saying she is the target but that might change depending on who wins veto. If she somehow wins, Derrick will never have to say a word to save her and he will make sure she puts it away and does not use it. Adios Biggest Meatiest Conceitedest

    If it goes to someone else Derrick will “wonder” if there isn’t a better idea and as soon as someone mentions Zach Derrick will be behind it as the best idea since sliced bread.

    • Comments (487)

      Frankie told Derrick that if he wins the POV he will use it on Caleb and put Vic up. Derrick told him it would be a waste of the HOH and volunteered to go up next to Cody. Frankie is going to protect Caleb.

      • Comments (1288)

        And Derrick wants to protect Victoria, maybe they will agree on letting Cody go. What does he bring besides being close to Christine?

      • Comments (487)


      • Comments (1443)

        I can’t believe there is anyway in hell Derrick would ever volunteer to go up on block. No way Jose!!

      • Comments (1288)

        He said it but probably didn’t really mean it. If anyone would have considered it Derrick would have let himself be easily talked out of it. But now he can truthfully say to Victoria “I would have even gone on the block to save you, I offered”.

  35. Comments (50)

    SOO happy Donny won!!!!!! It breaks my heart to see him cry though and feel so alone in the house. Wish I could give him a giant hug!!

    • Comments (426)

      Love Donnie to death, but truth be told a lot of his alone time is because he goes to bed and gets up earlier, while the others stay up half the night (or all night) and sleep most of the day away. BBAD probably has a lot to do with that. He probably should have tried staying up a little later, and getting up a little later to have more interaction time with them.

      • Comments (1288)

        Donny does have the time change to deal with being from the east coast. Good point about BBAD, Donny should have ajusted his schedule to at least be up for that. It is over either at 11 or 12 pst. Unfortunately earlier in the game there were some other players who provided enough morning interaction that Donny did not notice the looming issue. The morning people ended up being poorer players than the night owls. I blame Jocasta.

      • Comments (487)

        Why blame Jocasta for Donny’s sleeping habits? He’s a grown man. Donny doesn’t have anything in common with those in the house and prefers to isolate himself from them. That’s on him. His decision, his game play.

      • Comments (1288)

        The “I blame X” meme is one of my standard play tools. Yes it was Donny’s choice to gravitate to the morning group, it was only that Jocasta – identified as an annoying player and poor choice of ally – seemed to be Donny’s closest morning crew buddy.

      • Comments (61)

        That’s a good point, but Frankie, Derrick and Cody are east coasters too. Plus, it’s been over 5 weeks, he should have been able to adjust to that by now.

  36. Comments (487)

    Caleb is telling Chris he thinks that BB production was helping Donny win the BOTB by telling him what to do. Last week BB production was accused of designing a BOTB comp that one person could win by themselves. Paranoia, Paranoia. Love It. Now the Derrick and Frankie have something to worry about. Both of their games are about to blow up! Rooting for Victoria to win the POV or Donny to win and not use it.

  37. Comments (162)

    To me is should have been automatic that Donny, Frankie and Derrick would work together because they are Team America. We as Team America would want them to work together until it was done to the three of them and they have no choice and I believe Donny feels the same way. There are a lot more that should go before any of TA.. Come on guys get it together

    • Comments (487)

      Derrick and Frankie are still holding it against Donny for not wanting to complete that one mission. So they don’t care about TA anymore except for the money. If they break up TA so what, as far as they were concerned Donny would be gone. Now Christine is upset that Donny knows she tried to throw the competition and Victoria ‘knows’ that Derrick has her back. Zach doesn’t seem to care if he gets BD and Cody’s worst fear has come to pass. Cody was very worried about being on the block if their plan failed. He was right to worry.

  38. Comments (10)

    OMG! Donny (without help, thank you nasty Christine who only knows how to grope and feel up all the other male houseguests…yuck…) winning BOB has restored my faith. I may actually begin watching again rather than just reading the updates from Big Brother Junkies! Yay! Please, please, Donny keep going. Get Frankie and Derrick OUT . That is his only chance. Let the core group of parasites start eating one another! I just wish Nicole and Brittney had survived to this point so they could ALL turn on these vultures!

  39. Comments (98)

    I’m loving it Donnie takes down BMC!

  40. Comments (174)

    I am having a senior moment and can’t remember if after POV competition, can they put Donnie up or is he safe the whole week from everything. TY

  41. Comments (1288)

    Here is an interesting thought. Say Caleb ends up going through whatever combination of events takes place. He becomes the fourth jury member competing for the return. If it is endurance he would be the fave and coming back to the house where the Bomb Squad just stabbed him in the back. Yes, Caleb is out-of-date on the alliance status.

    However Donny could definitely use a Raging Bull in the house that has almost no one but Donny. Caleb probably wouldn’t blame Victoria either. That could be an interesting threesome.

    All apologies to Hayden and Nicole fans but their stupidity led to their evictions once already. Are they the best weapons for Donny? Caleb has shown skill in both physical and some mental comps. An Angry Caleb would be much more of a threat to Derrick and Frankie. Now his reliability to remain angry is suspect but no moreso than Hayden’s or Nicole’s.

    • Comments (644)

      If Caleb leaves and comes back and he aligns with Donny, they are both going to be evicted, it all comes down to numbers, unless they win veto every time. And I don’t think Victoria would leave Derrick to go with Caleb and Donny.

    • Comments (426)

      I agree with most of what you said, but don’t think Caleb will ever be a ‘fave’ in anything.

      • Comments (1288)

        By fave I mean favorite as in having the best odds, not a favorable opinion. Which houseguest will people make the most fun of? Caleb is that fave. Which HG is most conceited? Caleb is the fave there.

  42. Comments (644)

    Donny and Victoria are playing in veto!!! Yes!!! Hopefully one of them will win.

    • Comments (487)

      I hope Victoria wins and ruins Frankie’s plan by not using the veto or using it on Cody. And we all know that Victoria does whatever Derrick tells the lemming, I mean, Victoria to do.

  43. Comments (120)

    Zach confirmed that the POV is

  44. Comments (120)

    Zach confirmed the POV is TONIGHT. It was told to Frankie by DR.

  45. Comments (412)

    Donny is the man! Go Donny! Show these young bucks how it’s done!

  46. Comments (182)

    Caleb, is single-handedly destroying Rap Music, what’s funny is that I think he believes he has talent

  47. Comments (469)

    When the alliance was deciding who would go last week -Caleb was all for Nicole to go because in his words – “there is no way Donny beats me in a comp. – well guess what – who is sitting on the block.

  48. Comments (15)

    Donny, Nicole and Hayden are the only ones that have made their way in this game without doing away with their dignity. I hope Donny wins the POV and keeps the Nominations the same and that Derrick follows Caleb or Cody out the door next week and then Frankie is evicted next. Caleb, Victoria, nor Jacosta deserve to be in the jury house over Amber ( and she was not my favorite but she played a better game than them).

  49. Comments (111)

    Does anyone see what’s happening with this “The Purge” stuff in real life in Louisville omg

  50. Comments (174)

    Derrick is telling Victoria that people in the game will play for themselves and not help others. He forgot to mention he is one of those people.

  51. Comments (1288)

    One last thought before I end my first weekend day early and get to head to bed before the sun comes up, the Team America challenge may just mean curtains for Zach [sorry mom, nothing personal just a consideration I have had]. By hiding the items and leaving a taunting note on the bathroom mirror they are announcing to the house there is a saboteur.

    It has been discussed before, Derrick has even encouraged the speculations. Why? Because so far all have suspected a single person as the mole. Zach has even been identified as the most likely suspect by numerous HGs because of his random and grandiose actions. Now we know that is just Zach being Zach {with some helpful encouragement from TA} but the house does not. Hell, given how random Zach is he may confess just for the attention, then try claiming innocence but good luck with that.

    With a known secret agent in the house suspicion will run high and I can imagine Derrick saying to Caleb “Zach that f*cker…making a big deal over you taking a little cash over the veto … he has been making money every week with this crazy shiat he has pulled off … they pay a guy $5k to $10k for each one … getting put on th block and escaping, starting all those arguments, talking to everyone, those funny speeches, starting all those fake alliances … every one of those was a cash register ringing caching caching caching … he may have earned $25k to $30k so far … that’s more than America’s Favorite gets …” Now tell me Caleb wouldn’t lap that up, he would run to Cody and Christine and present the reasoning as his own{he is conceited that way}.

    Before you know it the house is confronting Frankie and saying we want the saboteur out! That puts Frankie in a very delicate position. Like trying to take out Frankie, the house can pressure the HoH. He might resist but he has said he wants this week to be a majority decision, he endorsed the skittle draw plan, he has surrendered his HoH decisions to the group and if the group says Zach goes will Frankie take the heat for saying no? The house watch could even be organized to keep Zach under observation so he cannot complete any more missions. The TA mission is then complete and Frankie can console imself about losing Zach with another $5k in the bank. A little sweet to help Derrick’s brand of medicine go down.

    Zach is in trouble if Donny or Victoria don’t win the Veto, they might not use it. The other four would all bend to a “lynch the saboteur lining his pockets” plan.

  52. Comments (1288)

    OK so I lied, had to check over the feeds before turning in and God Bless Donny. He flat out told Zach that he will vote to keep him in a back door attempt even if it goes against the house and I feel he truly means it. Donny would be lining up a jury vote when he does that, and it won’t worsen his situation with the majority. He is in win or die mode until the split-up and the numbers start changing. Donny is even pitching an outsiders alliance to Zach. Too little, too late? Most likely but it is game play. There just aren’t two more votes for Donny to put his with.

    Zach is still working Frankie. They even discussed the possibility of actually working with Donny. He is certainly of better character than the backstabbers they are currently aligned with LOL.

    Another highlight, Christine wondering “Does America hate us?” Then there was a disturbance in the force, as if 6 million minds cried out “YES” at the same time. It also seems not only did Christine not help Donny, she was apparently called out by production and told she could not assist the other team. It may have been something about her giving Caleb a piece or Caleb taking it. So in reality Donny won against 3 opponents, too bad they won’t give Christine a penalty nomination.

    And just after 2 Caleb told Derrick he would support evicting Zach over Victoria, Derrick’s reply in a nutshell – great idea, what a Beast Mode Cowboy move – just feeding the ego. Lastly I just realized this means Frankie will be sidelined for the next HoH … if Caleb is evicted that could open the field up quite a bit.

  53. Comments (332)

    Man I hope Donny wins it and doesn’t play it and one of these two guys goes out! But I will take Victoria.

  54. Comments (332)

    I also hope Donny is first single hoh and puts up Derrick and says we are even now too!

  55. Comments (95)

    Yes, SB, “Fear the Beard”! Donny is my new hero, and I love him SO effin’ much right now!! He has proven before that he deserves to be in this competition, and this just solidified it. He may not win the whole thing, but this should teach all those young uns a thing or two about being judgmental a$$ wipes to him. “The Only Thing We Have to Fear is BEARD Itself”!! 😉

  56. Comments (83)

    That would be amazing if Donny, zach and Frankie
    Made a final 3 and actually STICK to it. Also,
    I think they should evict Cody this week. He’s the
    Ultimate floater and just how he acts with Christine
    , who supposedly is the next to go, should make Caleb and
    Derrick vote for him to go. Derrick has a better
    Chance at winning against Caleb than Cody because
    Caleb is too conceited and no one likes to feed into that.

  57. Comments (1799)

    Hate to say Victoria is either playing a smart game .Or every thing is falling for her . Production must have kept this alliance between her and Derrick hidden Maybe Derrick did not come out and call it that .Yet he has cultivated it to his own advantage .Keeping her around as a fall back option if Cody gets taken out .Or he needs to sacrifice Cody to shield himself It amazes me to see the house guest keep trying to justify there action to themselves . I read some where someone called BB Sumer camp for psychopaths. The best ones Frankie, Zach,Derrick use people without a second thought. Many of the others keep trying to justify there action . Either claiming it’s just part of the game. Or that the target did something to wrong them and it’s justified. It would be crushing to many of the HG to see what America thinks of them. Look at the vote totals here. Click on a players profile and see the number of thumbs up or downs . I am sure most players would not expect the results

    • Comments (91)

      nah. Victoria is not playing a “smart” game. Derrick only groomed her to sit safely in his back pocket. I don’t even thinks she knows that she is in his back pocket.
      Most of this season has seen her timid or blubbering in fear.
      The only thing I ever saw was recent, when Derrick told her he’d like them to be final 2. and her reaction was just jump on it in agreement like someone drowning.
      Victoria is the ultimate floater. I don’t like floaters in this game. They aren’t interesting to watch and are just another vote with the house so who can honestly care?

    • Comments (332)

      I think Derrick did the same with all the females. Because Brittney alluded to it.

  58. Comments (1)

    This is Frankie’s chance to flip the house completely. Frankie should talk to Christine and point out that they are bottom 2 of thei alliance of 6. Then approach Donny and Victoria to see of they want to align against the rest of the Detonators. Then if either Cody or Caleb come off the block, Frankie can nominate Derrick and vote him out.

  59. Comments (18)

    Hey guys…a couple of thoughts.

    The reason for the skittles pick was actually because Zack didn’t feel comfortable throwing the BOB with Donny. Detonaters should debate this? How is that any different than Christine not wanting to throw a comp?

    Secondly whoever goes out this week gets to compete to come back into the house…so if a detonater goes he could just come back…dont think Victoria could beat Nicole or Hayden. Detonaters might benefit again?

  60. Comments (91)

    According to Joker’s Updates, at 3:21am, stupid paranoid Victoria climbs in bed with Derrick and whispers about how to keep her off the block and Derrick keeping her safe “like last week”.
    Man, I really hope Donny was lying awake in the dark and heard every word.
    I really really hope that floater Victoria floats out the door this week.

  61. Comments (492)

    I hope Zach wins. POV , they back door Derrick .. Then Zach and , Donny are are final 2.
    I can dream, right?

  62. Comments (332)

    I hope Frankie is smart and puts up Derrick against Cody but my guess is it will be Caleb and Victoria and Caleb will go and Victoria will stay. They are too stupid for their own good. And the dumb pawn story will work this week and didn’t last week.

  63. Comments (492)

    I can go with that, Caleb can go. Because, I think Caleb is strong and in the end can bet out Zach in an endurance
    Sad to say.

  64. Comments (61)

    So Frankie gets caught writing clues down with a makeup pen after the zombie broadcast, and conveniently wins HOH. And now I’m hearing that Christina was trying to help Caleb?? How do these things go unchecked?

  65. Comments (412)

    Nicole is my favorite girl from this season but I would way rather Hayden go back into the game. Nicole said she would take Derrick to the end because he deserves it. Umm… does she even want to win? Hayden is smart, strong, and would go after these ‘detonators’.

    Good job Donny! I love you & hope you make it to the end!

  66. Comments (61)

    I’m reading that the Detonators are pissed about someone yelling “Go Donny” after the BotB comp. They’re insinuating that it was someone in production. Oh well! Who cares who’s rooting for who. They’ve had it their way the whole game. And since they’re so smart, they should be able to win, right? It’s about time they have some discomfort.

    For an alliance that big going against one guy, they sure are whiny. It’s like the Seahawks crying foul because someone yelled “Go Browns!”. Fans don’t win the game, players do. Deal with it!


  67. Comments (1799)

    The production has been allowing a lot to go on. Each house guest has a handler in the production crew. They are ask questions in the DR that seem to lead to shaping game play the slop chalenge and cold room were infective . Seeing that some guest were exempt or just spent there time in the HoH room. One of the things they did in the Aussie version was to split the house . Installed a wall dividing the house physically . No pool access small beds ,poor bathroom. The have nots could not eat till after all the haves had eaten. The have nots did the other house guest laundry . This put some teeth to not wanting to be a have not . Add to that it will make communicating much harder. You can only talk in the open to the other side .
    Once more calling this the most twisted season ever is an insult The big double HoH has been a bust Mainly because of the first 8 person alliance that survived its one loss . The infighting that left Devin alone was the first chance for drama. Yet the other half of the house never picked up on it . I did like the cold shoulder Amber gave her alliance as she was backstabed Yet she claims honor in not blowing up the alliance By then Victoria was in Derrick back pocket and the unanimous votes just rolled on
    So now let’s watch the real game play with Donny being safe no thanks to Christine who is also safe If someone wins POV and removes a nom Who does Frankie put up? Can Derrick save his pet Victoria . We might get some drama

  68. Comments (13)

    Could the U.S. please pick up some of the better game rules / punishments they have in Australia an the UK for example during the day no sleeping or they feed loud noise into the house and they have to earn a food alcohol,tobacco allowance if they fail they get a pound a day per person win they get 15 please watch them on YouTube I love them because of the nonstop chaos I also like how they let us hear both sides of the diary room conversation between big brother and houseguests I love our big brother I’m worried this season will turn some new fans away time for the house to wake up and earn a quarter million dollars to play not nap I’m sick of it sorry guys I am just frustrated to pay to watch nap time

    • Comments (1288)

      Right on. Why not play up the “have to take punishments to win BotB” idea? Or the punishment for being the losing HoH? Those have been used infrequently and haphazardly. And yes, access to more DR interaction would avoid a lot of the “DR running things” suspicions. This season at least had one big format change, perhaps in the future they will spruce the game up even more.

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