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Big Brother 16 – Nomination Spoilers


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In a surprise to absolutely nobody, including the two nominated players, Cody made a bold move this week and nominated the two powerhouse players of the Big Brother 16 season: Donny and Nicole.  Look, it had to be done.  Cody has Derrick’s game to worry about, and the one person who could put a wrench into Derrick’s complete house control is Donny.  It’s not even the Team America aspect, but just that Donny appears to be the only one to figure out who is controlling things.  Not like it was tough to see, anyone with half a brain could have figured that out, but when you look at Derrick’s alliance of Cody, Caleb, Christine and Frankie, you may find a whole brain combined.

It’s really hard to tell if Derrick is a master manipulator, or he just found the mentally weakest players in the house and stuck to them because of control.  I think it’s unfair to call the players dumb, but mentally weak is certainly a better way to describe them all. Christine may be smart, but she has googly eyes for Cody. Frankie may be smart, but he’s more obsessed with fame.  Caleb could potentially be a little smart, but his loyalty takes over any smart moves.  Finally, Cody may be smart… but he’s not.

So while it’s a pretty stupid move on Cody’s part to put up two players who could have been used later in the game as votes, he decided to do Derrick’s bidding and is quickly screwing himself out of ANY chance at $500k. If I were a betting man, I would have eliminated Cody from finals contention weeks ago, but this week seals the deal.  He’d have to make it to the f2 with Victoria for ANY shot at winning.

Hopefully Derrick takes Cody out to dinner and pays for it with his winnings.

Not sure I will be live feeding tonight. May take the night off, but had to make this post to let you know who was on the block (if you weren’t already aware).

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  1. Comments (4)

    Big Brother you bore me….better throw some kind of twist in there, it’s too predictable!

  2. Comments (37)

    I am hoping there is a twist where not only Donnie and Nicole are taken off the block, but that they also get to pick who replaces them.

    • Comments (21)

      Donny & Nicole deserve a twist since Donny had Christine sabotage his last comp, and Nicole was thrown back into the game without even 1 week’s protection (to be fair it should be 2 weeks for a returning player).

  3. Comments (240)

    It’s been a one man show & his minions from the start. CBS should change format up so that it discourages whatever the house wants all season. Get brains in there so it doesn’t look like a leader is chosen from the beginning to win. Maybe the conspiracy theories would stop if “the game” didn’t seem so fixed. What the heck did Victoria do to make them think she would be a good cast member? Her blank stares are so creepy. Knock knock, whose there? NOBODY. This show has lost the excitement it use to have. Change the formula, guests, & think out the twists. This year was disappointing yet again. It got lazy. Why bother making it what the show once was. People will still watch & it’s not like they are trying to win awards for creative writing.

    • Comments (19)

      DITTO and DITTO

    • Comments (53)

      Lol. “Knock knock…..who’s there? Nobody……….”
      SO true.
      She just creepily sits there with that weird mask of thick make up.
      When she does Speak there is a weird aspect to it: its painfully slow and even her declarative statements sound oddly like a question.
      “I went to the bathroom…….? And then……….I washed my hands……you know…….??”
      Not to be mean but she needs to lose the intense RED lipstick too.
      its not helping her. Shes the kind of girl who you look at her face and you know exactly what her father looks like

      • Comments (692)

        Be careful, buffalobill will come after you for talking bout his princess!

      • Comments (722)

        I think shes from Isreal. I think English is her second language. I could be wrong but thats what I thought I read.
        Otherwise, im not sure why she speaks so hesitantly

      • Comments (1276)

        I am no sure what Victoria’s background is, but I think it for sure comes into the way she speaks. I don’t love her, but the way she talks is not one of the reasons.

      • Comments (1276)

        sorry, keyboard acting wonky, that should have said I am NOT sure.

  4. Comments (1799)

    Is Mr.derrick Burns that paranoid or is he just messing with the other players As he keeps up with this idea that Donny is some geniuses ? it got Caleb to jump in with all his conspiracy theory’s Special forces because the way he folds his clothes Just crazy

  5. Comments (57)

    I’ve said before, the twist was ruined when they let two players win their way off of the block. Had they kept the game going with 4 nominees on the block, alliances would have shifted and split the whole season.

    • Comments (843)

      They could have had the double HOH with the HOH who nominated the two losing nominees going on the block with them. 3 choices to vote out. Maybe they wouldn’t have put up the weakest players. I think, if Frankie wins the next HOH, he will try to backdoor Derrick. Caleb is so star struck, he will do whatever Frankie tells him. Christine will follow Cody and Cody is ‘in love’ with Frankie too.

  6. Comments (682)

    OK, I’m going to try again. Here is my hope this week.

    Donny or Nicole win POV and take themselves off the block.
    Cody get a brain.
    Cody puts up Frankie or Christine as replacement nom.
    Derrick, Victoria and Nicole/Donny vote to evict the replacement nom.
    I really hope CBS does something to save this season. If not, please remind me not to buy the live feeds next year. Maybe it’s better when you don’t have all the info.

    • Comments (843)

      You do get a completely different view of the HG if you just watch the show and don’t hear/see all the scheming and back stabbing or read the sites.

      • Comments (92)

        That’s what I have been doing wrong. I just watsch the show. Thanks Mouse you are the best and smart like Donny

    • Comments (644)

      Rita, Cody already said to Derrick today that he would like to backdoor Frankie this week. But Derrick shut the idea down. And since Derrick is the boss of Cody, nothing will happen.

      • Comments (692)

        So, once again Cody is proving but he has no balls and cannot think for himself. He will do whatever Derrick says do. how very very sad because I really really liked Cody at the beginning of the season, it’s sad that he can’t think for himself.

      • Comments (469)

        Nor does he have the balls to pit Donny in a headlock – the 42 year old man would kick his pretty boy a** if he was forced to.

  7. Comments (1)

    This season has been so boring and predictable, that I find it difficult to watch the show. No one seems to care who they really end up with at the end. Of course they may want Victoria with them at the end as she never wins any comps. And her social game is not good. Derrick is no fool and a great manipulator. At this point he should win, but not sure he can? CBS please change something this week to turn this house!! Make it interesting.

  8. Comments (692)

    Stevebeans, hope your mom is doing ok. Please let us know!!

    Too bad Cody STILL has no balls just like when he was HOH last time. I guess that really is stuffing in those pix of him in a jock. There’s NO WAY what’s showing in those pix is really him OR maybe that’s where his brain is stored thus the empty head…on his shoulders, I mean. Lol

  9. Comments (1799)

    Derrick keeps distracting the minions with this talk about Donny Pay no attention to the man behind the screen ! Derrick claiming someone is not who they say they are
    Need a big twist Pandora’s box or something

  10. Comments (487)

    I have some songs BB Production could play to wake these lemmings up in the morning and drive Derrick crazy at the same time:
    I Shot the Sheriff
    Bad Boys
    I Fought the Law
    Sound of da Police
    Southern Justice
    The Theme from CSI or NCIS or Law and Order

    That should shake the snake up a little bit.

    • Comments (692)

      I doubt these HGs would get it. The only one who would get is Donny.

      • Comments (487)

        Frankie would get it. I just wonder if he would realize that it was about Derrick. Caleb would get it too, but shake it off as BB Production just messing with them.

      • Comments (426)

        I think whack-a do Caleb would decide ‘Donny used to be military, but is now a cop’.

      • Comments (92)

        Again. Totallly agree. Why don’t these HG’s get it like Donny. Donny we love you. We want you to win. You are the best, most honest player in the history of the game. I wish Franko Columbo was there to protect and comfort you. I know I would. Go Donny, I love you.

    • Comments (92)

      I wish they play the AC/DC song Big Balls – I’m ever upper class society. God’s gift to ballroom noriety. I always fill my ballroom. The event is never small. The social pages say I’ve got the biggest balls of all. This song is perfect for Donny and Franko Columbo who I bet have big balls. Unlike Cody.

  11. Comments (722)

    Thanks for the update SB. Hope things are ok.
    Rest up and relax tonight..
    We’ll still be here tomorrow..

    Maybe youll have good news tomorrow…from both BB and your own house…

  12. Comments (130)

    Let’s compare the seasons where Dan and Will won, considerably the two top players. Weren’t we bored by those seasons because they made everything so predictable. Season 14 was extremely boring for me once Frank/Boogie left the house. Ian winning was shocking, but for the most part, the season was a yawn.

    My point is, the best players make it all look so predictable and boring.

  13. Comments (19)

    is it just me or does Big Brother get worse every year? I had not missed an episode one until this year, I watch Thursday night and can predict the next two shows. Not been wrong yet. Give us a reason to watch, put me on the edge of my seat, CBS you are going to run out of viewers if you don’t pluck your head out of your ass and care about what the viewers are trying to tell you.

  14. Comments (83)

    Other than wining the veto, what could Donny
    Do to possibly ensure his safety?

    • Comments (332)

      At the veto get an off the block pass. You get free calls from home and money etc while playing. Travel troll come up with a good markting twist for bb, they cant seem to get this game going.

  15. Comments (682)

    Cody – Wake up and “snort” the roses. He said if Donny wins Veto he wants to put up Frankie. Derrick is talking him out of it.

    Note to any future HGs. Avoid tunnel vision. When you feel safe… You’re not!

    • Comments (21)

      Do you think Derrick and Frankie have an F2 deal? …(which both will likely break when it gets to the end)..They did talk a lot when they were both HOH and Frankie remembers Derrick giving him HOH when his grandfather died.

  16. Comments (78)

    What happened to the “most twisted summer ever”? I feel like they’ve pretty much done the same thing they’ve done every summer: Have a theme that lasts for half the show (2 HOHs, coaches, partners, etc.), Do a Double Eviction, and then one jury member comes back. I want an ACTUAL twist, one that could shake up the house and give the underdogs a fighting chance!

  17. Comments (7)

    Once Donny is voted off, I am done. The only reason I’m still viewing this mindless dribble……heck I don’t know why I am. Hoping for a production miracle for sweet Donny, I guess.

  18. Comments (130)

    You all squawk how it’s rigged and yet you want production to come up with something to save Donny?!

    • Comments (266)

      Lol my thought exactly!! Jeez people!! Make up your mind! Wait, I’m probably one of those people. 😉

    • Comments (92)

      Listen Smouse this game is fixed. I wish Cody would have the balls like Franko Columbo. If. Donny doesn’t win because he has balls like Franko Columbo the game is fixed.

    • Comments (21)

      We all know many seasons were fixed to a point it was very obvious. In this case they put Nicole back in the house with no protection, not even 1 week (which I think they did give to Judd last year)…and Christine sabotaged Donny in his last contest that has to be against the rules, but nothing has been done about it. They did not let Caleb sabotage Frankie when he was winning. Yes the playing field should be leveled…

      • Comments (1276)

        You are right about that Terrie. Why couldn’t Caleb pull the chains to mess Frankie up, but Christine could hand the other players her bones? This is kind of BS, I can’t believe I didn’t think about that during the comp. Thanks Terrie.

  19. Comments (2)

    Big Brother has turned into a bunch of sheeple, locked up in a house together.

  20. Comments (92)

    I hope Donny and Nicole get off the Block. They are just good people and only good people should win this game. Frankie is a bad man. Derrick is a bad man. They borh lie. My mommy told me not to ever lie. Victoria is a floater. Anyone who disagrees is a Christinia, Mouse and Franko Columbo is a troll and should drive off a cliff, crawl underneath because they are a troll. I want to be a good man like Christinia, Mickey mouse and Franko Columbo. They are the best and know this game so welll. Cody is a bad man. If Donny doesn’t win I’m going to stop watching BB and blogging. Donny is my world. Christinia, mouse and Franko Columbo you are the best and your blogs are so good and enjoyable to read. I know all of you are very successful because like Donny you are good people. Until next time my good friends.

    • Comments (692)

      There’s no Columbo on my name.
      Have a great day!

      • Comments (92)

        It was a complimate to one of the greatest body builders and best friend to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both of these guys had giant balls like Donny and you.

      • Comments (692)

        What’s a complimate? lol

      • Comments (692)

        Btw, his name is Franco Columbu.

      • Comments (92)

        Franko Columbo thanks for the correction in spelling. I meant compliment. My secretary tends to type to fast. Next mistake I will fire her. Then again I want to be a good person like Donny. I’ll give her two more tries then she’s gone. Franko Columbo you would make a good secretary. Go Donny we love you.

      • Comments (692)

        Hope you have a great time in the sanctimonious, self righteous, self absorbed, delusional world you live in. You remind me of a modern-day Archie Bunker.
        have a great weekend!

      • Comments (92)

        Franko Columbo don’t be mean. I think you are the best, like Donny. Donny is not mean and that’s why everyone loves him. Thanks for wishing me a nice weekend. Thinking about going to Vegas. Love playing Baccarat.

      • Comments (722)

        Archie Bunker was entertaining.
        Buffalobill is a boring know nothing jerk.
        Carroll Oconnor is rolling in his grave Franko!

      • Comments (843)

        PLEASE don’t feed the TROLL!

    • Comments (1276)

      hey buffalo, why don’t you spend more time playing with that “girlfriend” or yours and all of those piles of money? seems like it would be more entertaining for you.
      but if you are going to keep bringing my name in to posts that i haven’t even commented on, could you at least go by the all so clever spelling you said I should have, you know as a servant of evil, Satintina? You are the one who started bringing up who’s evil, you are the one that said Christ shouldn’t be in my name. You are a pitiful excuse of a human, and a waste of time and air. Again, if you were funny, clever, or even somewhat smart, like a Steven Colber, Bill Marher, or John Stewart, then your posts and rants would be worth our time, however, again, sadly (which seems to be a theme for you) you are not, and never will be.

      • Comments (1276)

        sorry, that should be Colbert

      • Comments (92)

        Christina after coming back from Bora Bora I realize I hurt you and for that I appologize. You are a good person like Donny and I wish Cody had the balls you have. My love for Donny has grown as strong as yours. I hope he wins. You are the best and I love your posts. Keep up the good work. Got to get going. Taking my lady to the Bellagio in Vegas. Will post back. When I get their. Forever yours.

      • Comments (1443)

        Your English is atrocious. You don’t know the difference between to and too or there and their. Did you even go to high school?

      • Comments (1276)

        You are such a pathetic liar. News flash, people with any education, class and money for that matter, don’t feel the need to post and brag about it. And as Trudy pointed out, actually know the difference between too/to and their/there, and so on. No one believes the crap you are spreading around.
        I’m sure you week off of here was either because you couldn’t pay your phone bill, or a short stint in jail for stalking that “girlfriend” that you claim to have, for possibly some type of fraud… we’ll never know, nor will any of us, or possibly anyone ever care, to be honest.
        Trolls really do belong under the bridge, not banging on a keyboard from their Mommy’s basement. Please go play with others of your kind, no one here wants any of what you are selling.

      • Comments (692)

        Hey Christina, guess what? We both have jumped in and are feeding the troll. He’s an idiot. Who believes anything he says, NOBODY. I actually feel sorry for any woman who would be with him.

      • Comments (1443)

        I’m sure there is no woman with him. He has no life that’s why he goes against what most ppl think. For the attention. We all need to just ignore him. Does this every year. Last year it was his Jewish princess Amanda. Shows his character

      • Comments (1276)

        Thank you so much Trudy!!!!! I couldn’t remember if that was him, last year he was all over me and Sadie for that matter, and a few others. This year I get that special place in his little cold heart again.
        I’m pretty sure his girlfriend is either paid, doesn’t exist at all, or requires a pump to get blown up to her proper size.
        And you are right franko, we are. It’s just so hard not to dish it back out to him. I’ll try to put up my 50 foot stick I’ve been poking him with. I doubt he’ll go away, but unless I see attachs on other posters, I’ll try my best, everyone knows strays will never go away if you keep feeding them, even more so for the rabid ones.

  21. Comments (2)

    Now, if this was the twistiest summer ever, the returning HG would have had 2 weeks of immunity AND have been able to grant the same for a HG of choice. Now that would have shaken up the house and made things exciting.

  22. Comments (332)

    I will treasure this picture that is adorable. I love nicole. And yes cody is stupid but I hope he gets a twist when one of these gets pov.

    • Comments (92)

      Karen. Totally agrree. Had my staff print the photo and they are going to frame it in an Austin Photo frame. It is going in the main foyer. Donny and Nicole, especially Donny, are two of the nicest and honest people anyone would ever know. Thanks for the nice comment Karen. I’m just hoping for a miracle that they both stay and that stupid Cody leaves next week.

  23. Comments (1)

    What if who ever won power of veto this time got to remove 2 nominees if they chose to? Huge motivation factor for Nicole and Donnie. And the rest of the HGs would be sweating bullets until the comp was won! Announce it early. Let the sweating begin. LoL

  24. Comments (3)

    It’s just strange how Frankie won the veto when Caleb sat out the game. Sounds to me that BB production staff somehow fixed that by letting Frankie win. They didn’t want Frankie out yet. He should have been gone and that changed the whole game back to Derrick, probably for the $500,000.

  25. Comments (487)

    I read on another site that the ever so classy (snark) Christine is planning to tell Donny that she hates him in his good bye video. Somehow I think Christine believes this will help her get a vote in the jury house if she were by some miracle make F2. This person, for lack of a better word, is an example of a worthless flesh. Oh yeah and I don’t like her, didn’t like her from the 1st night she entered the house. Way to smiley. Anyone that smiles and laughs that much is IMO is always full of it.

  26. Comments (16)

    Christine just digs her hole deeper and deeper. Leave her alone she’ll bury herself soon enough. All her rants about hating Donny just show everyone how stupid, rude, self centered, lying,cheating have I left anything out? She really is. Now CBS you want an entertaining show. Film Christine going home and explains her actions to hubby and film all the others reactions as they watch the show now that’s worth watching. God bless you Donny America needs more Donny’s

  27. Comments (843)

    If they would get Derrick voted out, Victoria would self evict. So want Donny to win POV today.

  28. Comments (843)

    As much as I dislike some of the HG, the game is not rigged. Since the 1950’s when the show Twenty-One was caught doing that, there have been strict rules. I don’t think they are willing to pay a huge fine and spend time in prison just to favor one player winning. Sometimes the good guy/woman just doesn’t win. That’s life.

    • Comments (59)

      Just because there are laws and rules doesn’t mean people don’t break them. People still murder, steal, kidnap, rape and there are laws against it and punishments for breaking those laws.

      So don’t tell me just because there is a law against it it’s not possible.

    • Comments (45)

      Yea but I believe production does twist things. For example Frankie wouldn’t have won the wedding cake BOTB by himself.

    • Comments (487)

      BB Production also let Frankie get away with telling Zach BEFORE the nominations that he was going to use the POV on Caleb and put him up. Frankie should have been expelled from the house, but of course it was conveniently ignored. If BB Production wants better television Frankie should have been ejected and the game would have become more entertaining very quickly.

    • Comments (1443)

      Rules are for game shows not reality tv. Can there be any doubt that HG are influenced in DR? If that was not true we would see DR sessions. I would say influencing is a form of rigging. And we know we r being fooled. What about Christine saying she’d see zach in 10 min when he left the house and when they forgot to turn off mic and we heard HG say they had to act surprised when doorbell rang for jury to come in. And what can’t HG talk about production?? Because they don’t want us or other HG to know what they r being told in DR.

  29. Comments (266)

    I’m beginning to think Cody and Christine are a match and deserve each other. Sadly they’d probably have offspring and honestly I wouldn’t want to share this earth with people like those two.

    Did you all see Christine bash Donny last night? Ugh makes me sick.
    “I HATE him so much…”
    “He’s a little WUSSY”
    “I’m going to destrooooy him in my goodbye message”
    “Eff Donny. I hate him sooo much”

    And then thinking of her interview in the beginning, “I’m just going into the house being myself and loving on people. I love to love people! I think we all need to love people like God loves us!”

    Christine you are just as big of a douche as Cody.

    • Comments (487)

      And she’s still complaining about Julie calling her out on National TV for trying to throw the comp. Like loyal BB watchers couldn’t see what she was doing or how not happy she was after Donny saved himself. Poor, poor Christine has delusions of greatness that are only in her little mind.

    • Comments (1276)

      In past seasons the houseguests have at least been smart enough not to be so tacky and hateful in the goodbye messsages, once people went to Jury. Sure, sometimes they would say, you had to go, for my game, and such, but these people amaze me.
      I don’t think any of them even think they have a chance at the 500K, or they would worry about jury votes.

      • Comments (487)

        I really hated Victoria’s message to Zach on Thursday night. But it looks like Amber is going to bring Zach a pink hat on finale night and present it to him as a gift from America. And Victoria said that Amber was fake. Victoria is the fake with the extensions and clips that are causing her scalp to bleed and sucking up to another woman’s husband. At least Derrick ain’t taking the bait. I am willing to bet that Victoria is Amanda’s cousin. Tacky is as Tacky does.

  30. Comments (1799)

    Christine hates that Donny never lash out at her for throwing there comp. looking at Donny is a symbol of how low she stoop to win If you knew any of these people before the game how much of your opinion of them would change That excuse of I’m just playing a game to win rings hollow to me This game is bring out the true character of some people Christine is showing she values money over personal integrity When Caleb threw the comp at least he told Mango Frankie he was and why Christine as the rat she is said nothing went behind his back and laugh about it before hand Like the old joke says we know your a whore now we’re just figuring out a price The rat Christine sells her self cheep

  31. Comments (6)

    I find it interesting that many of the people who love Donny harshly bash Derrick (and the other houseguests). You’re doing exactly what you are accusing those houseguests of doing. If you were in the house, America wouldn’t like you very much. LOL. I think Donny is a wonderful person, but I don’t think he deserves to win BB. Americas Favorite – yes. But Derrick is playing an amazing game and deserves the win. Also, talking about production interference; did anyone see Donny find even one bone that did not fit during the BofB? Seemed kind of fishy to me. So just saying, we’re never happy unless our favorite in his charge. Me; I’m a happy camper because I like Derrick. 🙂

    • Comments (266)

      Donny doesn’t deserve to be bullied on. I’m not perfect, I’ve got faults, I’m not saying everyone would love me in the house. I’m saying I sure as hell wouldn’t be a silent bully in the house like Cody and Christine.

    • Comments (1)

      I absolutely love Donny, but also think Derrick has played a fantastic game. If Derrick wins, it is well deserved. Just wanted to mention that Donny did find a bone that did not fit, he gave it to Christina and she gave it to Caleb! Karma!! lol

    • Comments (1443)

      If Donnie goes all the way he would deserve to win. Derrick has had allies and Donny has had none. You really can’t compare the two because of that. People like Donny because he has shown character and has played a clean game dispite all odds against him. They don’t like the others because they have not played a clean game and don’t show much integrity or character. It did it for me for sure with Derrick when he got so upset when he heard that if Donny won hoh he would use M&Ms to pick those who went on block. Derrick lost his temper and showed his real character. That was it for me. That’s exactly what he did and then gets livid when Donny JOKES about doing same thing??

  32. Comments (6)

    Is in charge. 🙂

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